Car rental App

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User Reviews for Car rental App

4.71 out of 5
32.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Tedge01
The best value by far
I found this site when my trip to England had to be extended due to a family illness. I had already spent a fortune renting cars from London Heathrow, through a well know booking site. After a bit of research I found Rentalcars and saved so much money. I have rented with them a few times now and I always compare with other sites. Rentalcars are always the best value and all of the cars that I have had have not been budget basics. Beyond happy with this site and will always use them in the future. Thank you Rentalcars.
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6 years ago, ToddPBrown
This is a HORRIBLE company
I rarely write reviews. I hardly ever return anything to a store. I just learn lessons and move along. However, every so often a company will deserve solid praise - or another company will warrant a warning to those approaching them after me. Please take heed from my experience, as well as others who have written here before me. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR VACATION MONEY. I paid for 3 weeks rental for my trip to Sweden many months ahead of time. When I got to the Hertz counter, I ended up spending nearly an hour there. And I was the only one there! Short version: they had only a record of my paying for half of the total owed, when I prepaid 100% months ahead of time. Back and forth between the guy at the counter and his superiors in another location - with the guy reading to his superior from my iPhone conformation page. Final verdict: I owed an additional $275 dollars. Half of this was a change to leave the car in a different location from pickup. I already paid this additional fee when booking. Coming here after the fact I see my experience is not an isolated incident. I WILL BE GOING FAR OUT OF MY WAY TO WARN AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS SNAFU COMPANY!!!
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5 years ago, Promiceus
Bad piece of software from scam company
These guys are thieves to begin with. They bite into your money like rabid bulldog and would never let go no matter what. My last booking with them is a perfect example of their ‘strategy’: * First, they told me they are willing to help me but they cannot refund or modify booking since pick-up time was over. I wonder should I’ve arrive a day earlier to check if everything will be OK by the time of booking?:) * Next session with support they could bot modify the booking because it was not ocer yet. * Then they just tried to ignore me several times until I’ve changed the subject of question. * Then they just tried to refuse the refund. * Last step, they refund me 0 but took a cancelation fee which miraculously was equal the amount I’ve payed. Liars and thieves that’s it. Oh, the software is also helplessly stupid. If you’re in the help chat and operator asks you to double-check booking or do search or anything out of chat window, the chat window is closed, you’re transferred to next operator and start explaining from the beginning and so on in the loop. But, it helps them say ‘time is over’ which happened to me. It basically is a useless piece if software that inside acts like a browser window. I had to run them both side by side to avoid being kicked out of chat, so I’ve seen that. Avoid at all costs!
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6 years ago, Jess Stoon
Misleading. Cars advertised not in stock
After placing my first ever “booking” with this company through this app today, i called the rental car office to confirm rental and find out about hours. i was told they had no cars in stock this afternoon, depsite the app advertising several cars available for today’s date. i am glad that i did not drive all the way there (rental office) before finding this out. I thought it may be the fault of Avis/Budget and their inventory not being updated, but after seeing another possible rental available at an Enterprise location, i called their location to confirm availability; i received the same response “sorry, no we do not have any cars in stock today, but we have a pickup truck!” There were again multiple different classes of cars advertised on this app as being available for pickup this afternoon at a specific time. i sincerely hope that this app is not a means of obtaining personal information of individuals under false pretenses and having that informarion used for any orher purpose. Can anyone refer me to whether the company is authorized to sell the personal info submitted into its app/website to third parties? I certainly hope this is not the case, as i do no recall accepting any such agreement when placing a “reservation”. Wonder how their app store score is so high?
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3 weeks ago, TenorioRX
Worst third party car rental service
This is the worst third party car rental to book with. Car company would not release car that was booked because of uncovered fees that the app did not show. Tried calling company while problem was happening (closer to midnight), but unsuccessful in reaching someone without going through so much of their automatic customer service. Priority was trying to get another last minute car rental at the airport and figured to call the next day (had 3 other adults and 3 children to worry about). Next day the call consisted of a lot of back and forth with customer service and a long process of filling out a claim just for them to deny it. Not only did I lose the deposit of the booking for whatever reason, but I had to spend triple amount of money at the airport for another car rental. NEVER AGAIN!
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4 years ago, Ydowns
Don’t use - go with the reliable names (kayak, orbit, etc)
This was my first time with this app and it was horrible. I have booked cars with Many other travel apps and never been denied the rental due to an Artificial time window. With varying travel times one expects that there would be delays on pick ups but not these folks. When delayed in my pick up time they pointed to a note at the bottom of the terms and conditions that states if you aren’t there at the reserved time then it is deemed a “no show” and the voucher won’t be honored. I have NEVER had that experience with any other app or rental company and I did “show” on the date in question albeit not at the exact time. They offered to charge my again for the same rental I already paid for! Gee- thanks/no thanks. Go with the names you can trust. This is a sham. I will never use again. Deleting this app.
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2 years ago, interior designer in Dubai
Scam app !! Beware !
They took the whole amount and I never got a car ! I booked a car for 10 days for my stay Riyadh, I booked it in the morning I arrived on the same day in the evening the car wasn’t ready it took me two hours to figure out what’s going on, after finding the car I submitted my debit card they refused it and refused to give a partial refund or charge penalty fees at least ! I never got refunded and the car rental vendor did not receive a single penny !! I’ve been renting from different apps around this region this has never happened to me ever. I will make sure to contact consumer rights in this region to ban them from serving anyone ! This has to stop ! I’ve read lots of reviews and this has happened to a lot of people ! I hope everyone does the same as app has to be banned !
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4 years ago, Is anybody there???
Reference number
Asks for reference number. When you don’t know what it is, they offer to retrieve an email it to you. 1.) if it’s been retrieved why email it to me? 2.) they don’t really email it to you. So you go back and forth trying to find it. Spam? Updates? Primary? Nope none of them. It never comes. So what’s the point? Do you want me to rent a car from your service or not? Apparently not.
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3 years ago, borrent
Don’t use
Used this app 3 times this year to rent cars during my travels. 1st time everything went well. 2nd time there wasn’t a car waiting for me at the airport. I received email from Rentalcars while I was in flight that there was no reservation. 3rd time I rented a car for 4 weeks but returned it after 2 weeks of rental because of changes in my traveling plans. I was told bu Hertz that they can’t return my money for two weeks bacause reservation was through Rentalcars and that I need to contact them for refund. When i contacted Rentalcars they just told me that it is in their Terms & Conditions that they do not give refunds for unused days. If i rented a car directly from Hertz I would get a refund. I will never use this app again.
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2 years ago, Mahmoud Firdous
No follow up
No follow up on your side for your costmors. I book car rental from thrifty DTW . They charged me $200 as deposit and they told me it would be on hold and it was withdrawn from my credit card bank. Plus their treatment was bad beyond than I can describe. I returned the car to them as planed with full tank, no damage and even very low mileage I used on it. I have contacted them to refund the deposit amount of $200 back to my credit card and until now no refund was returned . This was my very first time I deal with you and this what I got. There is a lot of negative comments by other coustmors who been ripped off by them. So please look after this issue and act accordingly. I wait for your respond. Thank you Mahmoud Firdous
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5 years ago, Goodmami
Cannot view voucher without network support
The app is fine in general but, importantly, it did not allow me to view the rental voucher without a network connection (I was sure to access the voucher in the app before I left home). I was traveling internationally and did not have a mobile data plan at my destination, so the rental agent had to search for the reservation through their system. In the end there was no reason to download the app as it failed to accomplish the one thing I installed it for. It would be even better would be if we could add the voucher to Apple Wallet and not use the Rentalcars app for redemption at all.
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2 years ago, Betobrrr
It’s a scam
Beware of this app. It’s a scam. I reserved a Mercedez GLA for my upcoming trip tomorrow (been reserved for a month). Yesterday, I went to double check the reservation and it had been bumped down from SUV PRIME category at the local rental place to a different category, one that would cost 1/3 of the price I paid. They don’t reply to emails, it’s hard to connect on the phone, and when I did, they told me my reservation was never for a Mercedez, even though I have the emails to prove. If I try to cancel they want 350 dollars as “cancellation fee.” And this is the second time this happens. So they charge you for something, they change last minute to a cheaper car, keep the money, and there’s no customer support. TOTAL SCAM.
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6 years ago, rat out employee stealing
Employees steal upon return of car rental
Returned car returned Sept 1 Ank Am airport stepped away from car two men drove off with our $700 binoculars on the passenger floor side of the car. We stepped inside the airport entrance and remembered them and went right back to these men they said sorry they didn’t see them That’s employee stealing that’s a huge customer service problem I have filed a theft report with the customer service online as after going straight to the front desk to address this issue with a manager they were not helpful or we couldn’t connect immediately by phone to any other representative operator or other for the rest of that several hour time span . Never use Avis can’t trust their employees !!!!!!
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5 years ago, Ethan Hauptli
Really bad experience
Booked online and once we were trying to pick up our car downloaded the app which had no recollection of our account. We then went to try to get to the car rental which said they dispatched a shuttle for us but took the better part of an hour to show up and once we finally got to the office stood in line for the better part of an hour and a literally Did not move a foot. We finally had to cancel over the phone while still in line, Uber back to the airport and pay over twice as much at another car rental place. I’ve been had to contest the booking fee through my credit card. Will never use this again holy crap
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6 years ago, SoFloPo
I am a resident of the United States, and after securing my rental car in another US city for a 10-day vacation, I was attempting to amend company through which I would rent. The App would not allow me, instructing me to call for assistance. After contacting their only office in the UK, I was told by the Operator that they were incapable of amending my reservation “due to federal regulations in the US”. I was then instructed to attempt the amendments through their website, not their app; again I was given an error message instructing me that amendments could only be completed via their telephone contact. I would strongly discourage anyone from using this “service” if traveling within the United States.
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6 years ago, westsidejen77
No problems, easy to use.
I booked a car rental through this app and the entire process was easy and as advertised. I was weary after reading the comments, but I took a risk anyway. I was able to find a low cost rental from a company open on Sunday in Europe (rare). I booked then immediately called the corporate line and they already had my reservation in the queue and confirmed they were open on Sunday. Overall, great experience.
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6 years ago, xilana
More precise details
The service attendant who showed me how to work the GPS was excellent . I didn’t expect my pre payment three months before pickup to be the total since I wanted GPS which I handled at pickup time , but there were taxes and other charges . These I would have liked to have seen when I made the reservation. - what I really liked was the company covered liability insurance .
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2 years ago, Saifnasser
Think Twice - Don’t download! Worst App Ever
I’ve never taken the time to write lengthy reviews. I want to make sure people know that this is the worst app that you can ever use to rent cars. Let’s start with the horrible customer service that doesn’t know anything about bookings except what’s already shown to you (i.e. confirmation or payment status). The app doesn’t provide immediate updates which seems old school when you compare it to major players like Turo, Uber, or Lyft. There are absolutely no features in the app, so it’s pretty much worthless. Think twice before doing business with them.
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1 year ago, NovemberWolff
This is a scam
Flew into Orlando and this place was no where to be found. Called ahead and they never answered. I finally got ahold of someone in the UK. They gave me the run around . I was told I could cancel and rebook with them. All they needed was to be paid again and I would get a refund from the 1st booking. No way was I falling for this. I demanded a refund and they said they would charge me $139 for cancellation fee and the rest would be refunded. I agreed knowing full well that i would never see any money returned. Contacted my credit card and they gave me the refund. Total scam so don’t fall for it.
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6 years ago, MariSim79
Payment using the app
I tried several times to pay for my booking, using the app without succes. The app tells me: thank you for your booking, but when I check back, the payment did not go through. Other than that, I am enjoying the app.
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2 years ago, silvaback2014
Listen to the reviews
I booked online and got the confirmation. Then 2 days later it said the payment didn’t go thru. Ok. I thought maybe I did something wrong. Did it again. It went thru. Next day I just happen to look at my booking and it said payment unsuccessful. It didn’t even let me know via email. Tried it AGAIN thru the app. Same thing. So I called. Some lady kept me on hold for about 20 minutes waiting to get authorization to take my payment. I just hung up. Just go with Expedia or Kayak. These sub sub sub companies just aren’t consistent
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6 months ago, Poppa kt
Impossible to actually use
Use apps all the time. This one you are supposed to be able to have an e-voucher for your car so you don't have to print or try and remember. I can never get the evoucher to actually come up. You're supposed to get a link in your email that you have to click on to verify. Never seems to show up or if it does, it only works once and the next time you try to log into app you'll be starting over with no success. Not intuitive, hard to use and not clear.
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1 year ago, BaroudyDaily
The prices shown on the app are not true
I booked a car four months ago and paid almost full amount 435 dollars out of 600. When I was picking the car I found additional charges of 800 dollars and another 500 dollars to be blocked on the debit card so 1300 dollars additional charges. When I couldn’t pay this amount due to limitation on single credit cards from my country, they didn’t give me the car and charged me for a cancellation fee of 170 dollars and claim they can’t return it due to “company policy”!!!! Horrible customer service
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6 years ago, GeryMBFL
Best prices
It took me a couple of tries to get a handle of how the reservations worked and, except for one or two glitches (I amended a reservation but the booking still shows up as existing, for instance) in comparing their prices with the ones I found on other travel and car hire apps, Rentalcars gave me the best price per car type, every time. This will be my go-to application for car rentals from now on.
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3 years ago, djbnyc77
A couple annoying things…
1. the search for cars to rent in the App and Website give different results, 2. the App should have detailed addresses and maps (or link to googles maps) for all locations, my last experience required a walk on a roadway to an unmarked rental office. 3. the App shows inconsistent and incorrect currency conversions…and they were different when going to the website.
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5 years ago, FABIOORNELAS
The worse experience renting a car
If you’re thinking about renting a car, do not do it with this guys. They denied my credit car twice, and then when l decided to book it directly through the local rent a car, they took my money and accepted the booking where they denied at the first attempt without any authorization from me. I’ve talk with someone, from customers service and they weren’t able to fix this issue from their system. I completely feel stolen by this rental. I’ll never gonna use this website/app again.
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5 years ago, howardshena
I paid for a car rental months before my trip. The money came out of my bank account and weeks later I found out my reservations were canceled. I checked with my bank and I was never reimbursed. I called the actual car rental in my city and they couldn’t help since I went through a third party. When I called the Rentalcars number I realize it was based out of the United Kingdom. I was not able to get anyone on the phone. I was then charged with overseas phone charges. Overall worst experience. It’s a scam! Run while you can.
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5 years ago, MFM-Wellness
Great app
I am very pleased with the mobile and website application. It is friendly and easy to use and select options. *** However I am really concerned with this company commitment towards free cancellations claims or refunds payment (since they use your credit card once you book a car. But when you cancel there is no guarantee that you get your money back.
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5 years ago, DeliveryOnly555
Does not work, beware
The app and the website are screwed up! After I doubled checked the return day and time when I made the reservation on the website, but the email with the final reservation had me returning the car 12 hrs earlier, then I went to the app to revise it and I triple checked the return before checking out and then my confirmation email said I was to return the car 8 days later! Huh? Called them and wouldn’t even honor the original price. So paying more because they would charge me a cancellation fee! It’s a scam!!!
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2 years ago, Wolfemoonshine
Product not as promised.
The last time I rented a car a month ago, the car I booked wasn’t what they gave Me when I got there even after I showed them the class of car I rented. I showed them the order. They said they don’t know why they list that SUV, they never have it. I said then that really doesn’t help Me right now. This isn’t the first time and not the same company. If I weren’t being emergently deployed, I’d never use this again ….
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2 years ago, FIXITPLEAZZZE!
Not That Anyone Is Listening….
How do I write a Review on something I haven’t received yet??? Plus all these reviews have become a nuisance and are very frustrating on “everyone’s” sites!!! It’s hard enough navigating through these processes and then everyone wants us to rate your COMPUTERIZED MACHINE for doing a great job?? I would much rather rate a HUMAN BEING than a machine!!! Thank you!!!
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5 years ago, genn man
Genn man
I originally wrote my country is the United States of America but yet they did not come through to you. You have me as living in Italy. Secondly I was on a chat with someone they gave me a phone number for a phone call to an American number and all the sudden the chat disappeared and it was over it just seems he made things very difficult. Also it said at first you except an E voucher but now it must be printed so that will be difficult but I will get it done. Thank you
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2 years ago, GameReviewMojo
Just print - the app doesn’t always work
Imagine renting a car in another country going to open the app that was recommended to use, typing in your email and reference number, and then the app keeps throwing an error. Then imagine going online and entering your phone number to send the SMS version and the text won’t go through to your phone and you try five times. Yes I have service yes I have double checked the reference number. Yes I’ve tried many times.
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6 years ago, Bbappfan
Terrible app
I’m writing in regards to the completely terrible app that this company uses. I’ve tried several times to change my time of pick up for a car rental and every time I save it, I go back and it has completely changed the times and dates on my order from what I saved! Very frustrating and .... of course... there is no one to talk to on the phone. It directs you to their website which ironically decides not to load when you save your changes. Very frustrating. Very nerve racking. Ridiculous.
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5 days ago, Dubaiisthebest
Do not use this app
When u hire a car with this app you pay extra for protection and then when u pick car up they force you to pay 320euros for protection when u ask why they say the protection u already paid is for the app but this one is for us. And you have to pay or u loose your booking and your money, very bad costumer service when u want to complain the fraud, they never answer phone or emails For the records the rental was from record go Alicante train station
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2 years ago, screwed at BWI
Scam App - Avoid using
Our car was not available when we arrived at BWI and we were told we may be waiting 90 minutes or more if we were to get it. We cancelled our reservation with the rental car company and received our money back. However this app held on to our money and refused to issue a refund despite the cancellation. We were hung up on by three “customer service” agents and never did get our money back. Do NOT use this app, it is a scam. Book elsewhere.
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2 years ago, Cara dixon
This is the absolute worst experience I’ve had renting a car. I have been standing in line at the Atlanta airport for over an hour waiting on Dollar Car Rental. I’m not even half way to the front of the line. They have 2 people working with a line of at least 60 people. I have at least another hour here. I would cancel reservation, but I’d lose my deposit. Many people have left. This is the last time I book a car through this service!
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3 years ago, asten67
Good but needs a fix
Great app and easy to use. However when I am about to finish, it tells me the payment doesnt work and wants me to call the rental to fix, So i start again and same happens, only to find out I now have double booked, so now I have booked and paid fot two cars amd need to cancel one, which is ok but takes too many days to get a refund.
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2 years ago, Luis Ricardo De La Cruz
Used their service to book a car and was disappointed when could not get my rental. Called them to notify them and they said i would get my deposit back. I kept calling them only to get same response u will get an email with reimbursement and never get nothing back. My bank tried to investigate but they lie and say they rent me a car when i was stuck in another country carless. DO NOT MAKE MISTAKE I MADE. THEY WILL HANG UP WHEN U CALL. And you will be stuck loosing your money. Be aware!!!
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3 years ago, dildobeast
Customer service is nearly non-existent. The car I booked wasn’t even available when I went to pick it up. I called them and was on hold for an hour. I was eventually told to get a more expensive car, which was available, and the difference would be refunded to my account. It’s been four months without any word from them and no refund. I would have had better luck not booking through these people and going straight to the rental companies. Don’t use this app.
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3 years ago, Brian at the Movies
Sorry, no more
I used this app for several bookings with success. Then came the time I rented with one of the recommended companies, Fox Rental Cars, and it was a bad experience, especially regarding an early drop off. Fox could not be contacted, so I reached out to Rental Car, and they also had no way to contact Fox or assist with one of their curated choices. I see no reason to work with an agent that curates and takes a percentage from their recommendations but then can’t apply some help or pressure when one of their customers needs assistance.
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6 years ago, dmendes3301
Terrible app. I was charged 3x what they told me
I rented a car from Tangier to Marrakech for 3 days. This app said it would be $20/day all in. Less than $60 prepaid. When I drop the car off in Marrakech they charge me 130 Euros for a drop off fee!! If you page down on the purchase 4 paragraphs of small print you see there “may” be a drop off charge. To not put this front and center is a crime. We could have flown to Marrakech cheaper, especially when you count gas, tolls, parking etc. They leave this info out so they can sucker you into the purchase, with a low price. Will never use them again and you should definitely rethink doing so yourself. I am fortunate to actually be able to afford this scam, other people may not be so fortunate and then they have to come up with cash!! At the airport.
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3 years ago, Gemma561
Saved me moneyyyyyyy
Thankfully when in put my pick up & drop off times, the app suggested I change it by 3 hours to avoid paying another FULL day! Phewwww! I almost booked on another site for way more money! Ill wait 3 hours to SAVE $128
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5 years ago, whyshedothat
Rip off scam if you don’t listen you will loose the money you just paid
Book my car and got to budget and they said I can’t use the card I already prepaid the rental with for my deposit which is fine I get it they want a credit card but to not give me my money back so I can go to a different place to get a car . Never will I use them I will let everyone I know see what happen please listen and read the reviews it might save you some money I lost over 400 to his site
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6 years ago, Paul Luce
Awful, bait n switch Company
So we booked a rental car 4 months ago, a smaller compact car as I know the channel Island roads are pretty tight and narrow. We booked an automatic Corsa or similar. On arrival we were presented with a Tivoli SUV, certainly no way compact ! When questioning this saying it was supposed to be a compact we were told this was all they had in their fleet! When I called Rental Cars I was told I needed to call the sun contracted rental company myself and figure it out..really outrageous customer service....first and LAST time using this AWFUL Company
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4 years ago, Kisscop
Easiest site for booking
I don’t make a point to review rental car agencies but I have used this site and their app several times and each time, the transaction has been seamless and simple. Very good service and you actually talk to people. 4 stars!
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4 years ago, This Is Bryce
Doesn’t Accommodate.
My flight got switch due to mechanical problems so I wasn’t able to pick up my rental car to drive it to my family emergency. I simply asked if I could move the reservation to the new airport and they said they can’t and I will STILL be charged for the car that I never picked up. They said no refund will be administered either. I had a family emergency during a A PANDEMIC to where I flew to the whole other side of the county and they weren’t willing to work with me.
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5 years ago, luisahaguiara
Website doesn’t work
I’ve been going round in circles trying to find how change or cancel my booking and I still haven’t found! I guess I’m just gonna have to book it with the wrong pick up/drop off times! Ridiculous. Besides, when I sign in the app they send you an email for you to confirm your email. And that doesn’t work either! Terrible. I guess the price makes up for all this trouble
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1 year ago, chemaestro
Easy Peast
I went in to update my car details because I wanted a bigger car because my passengers are tall. Well I was able to get a bigger car for cheaper with just a few clicks. Thanks
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5 years ago, Daemoniumm
Stay away from this company!
20 minutes ago, I made a reservation to pick a vehicle in two days. I decided to cancel when I saw the outrageous amount for deposit they were requesting while the real rental company just withhold just half of what the contract asks for. I decided to cancel and now here comes the moneymaker for them. They kept the entire rent amount! No reimbursement whatsoever. After my cancellation, I decided to close my 25 minutes old account and remove the app. DON’T FALL IN THIS COMPANY’s TRAP!!!
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