Rest Stops Plus

4.3 (84)
11.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Allstays LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rest Stops Plus

4.3 out of 5
84 Ratings
7 years ago, 1Phrog
The location and information about the RV dump locations are very helpful
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2 years ago, The_Bendy
It helps, but on a limited scale
I recently went on a long road trip, and was looking to avoid sleeping in hotels. I wanted an app that would show me where all of the rest areas were, so that I could plan out my sleep stops in advance. This app seemed to be rated the highest amongst competing apps, so I went for it. While it is helpful to a degree, it doesn’t come even close to listing ALL rest areas. It lists only those on major 4 lane US interstates. Rest areas on 2 lane state highways are ignored. So, for me, that largely defeated the purpose of using the app as I wasn’t looking to drive unnecessarily far to find a place to sleep. But, had I relied exclusively on this app, that’s exactly what would have happened. There was more than one instance where the nearest rest area shown in my vicinity was 50+ minutes of driving. In reality, there where rest areas on state highways within 15 or 20 minutes away.
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4 years ago, Surprised MD fan
Thank you!
This app is great! With a long road trip during COVID, we’re avoiding going inside gas station stores to use the restroom. Rest stops aren’t as busy & are usually larger & airier, so there’s less COVID exposure. This app gives exact directions & updates on closures etc. When I sent an update email about one rest stop through the app, I received an response within an hour or so. Very impressed. Thank you! You may be keeping our family (with high risk people) healthy.
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2 years ago, Shinto The Mage
Very Detailed and Helpful
For anybody who finds themselves on the road for business, or even taking vacations, this app will be very helpful. It's very detailed and includes all parts of the US. I've sent it to everyone I know who are commercial drivers and have heard nothing but good things.
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1 year ago, Moose 58
Great for boondockers!
If you ever boondock, you need this app, we plan our day around the info on this app. It stays up to date on all rest area and gives all the pertinent information you may need.
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2 years ago, CWeinmann
The app is ok. It would help to be able to type in the RT # (like 75N) and have it show the stops, but you have to manually expand the screen. Also, the short view doesn’t say northbound or southbound - you have to open the location and scroll all the way down to the bottom.
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2 years ago, RNCee
Great if you only follow Interstate highways.
I love the other Alllstay apps but this one is a disappointment. with very few exceptions it only lists rest areas on the interstates and other limited access highways. There are hundreds more that are on the US routes not shown on this app.
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6 years ago, Ucancallmeray
Allstays stays great!
I have several Allstays apps that are great to have. The rest stop plus app is no exception. Nothing is perfect but have found these apps do everything I need to travel the country by RV or car. Thank Allstays!!
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1 year ago, grudhdhh
Road trips need this
Driving back and forth from FL to New England too often make this a necessity.
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2 years ago, KCthoughts
Very handy
We recently traveled from Yuma Az to Florida and have found this app very handy. Great for searching out and planning stops ahead.
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2 years ago, MutatedDutch
Missing a lot of rest areas in Canada.
This only has about 25% of the actual rest areas in Canada. Made it really difficult to plan trips to include rest areas.
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7 years ago, Epteamadv
Not Being Kept Current
I travel between Utah and San Diego. I have reported repeatedly that the four rest stops between Vegas and Barstow are closed. This has not been reflected in the app and that makes me wonder if the developer is still involved with it.
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6 years ago, JCVandegrift
Unusable for mixed compass direction routes
I know I have a mix of N and W roads ahead of me but if I enable both N and W filters all rest stops, turn outs, and welcome centers vanish. Technically the app should OR not AND the compass, or at least only allow you to select one direction at a time so you don’t disable all points of interest.
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13 years ago, jomafur
I need this app
With an RV finding a place to dump is important. This is exactly what I was looking for. I see a few complaints in the reviews, for those who wish the features are more accurate, let them know the problem areas so they can update.... I'm going to keep using it and send feed back when I can. So far it's been about 80% accurate. Frustrating at times, but I believe it will be better.
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1 year ago, MGy K
Better on my phone
Way more user friendly on my DROID phone.
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2 weeks ago, KerKUtUS
Not up to date
The app is good, but does not keep current
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5 years ago, ChickLips
4-lanes only.
Does not shows roadside parks and rest areas on two-lanes state highways.
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13 years ago, Starfish98034
When you need a rest stop you need to know how far to the next one or if you need to just pull off at the next exit, whit this great app you know where you are and how far to the next rest area. There are lots of places missing in the data but the developer is working daily to update the info and add more locations. I contacted the developer regarding missing information and he updated his data emailed me and wen have communicated several times. He appreciated being fed more date so that he can improve the app. If you travel at all this is a must have app. Don't wait, just buy it!
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14 years ago, DonNissen
Fantastic App!
My wife and I used this on our weekend trip. We were driving on the Interstate when she mentioned wondering where the rest stops were and immediately were to see if there was "an app for that.". We found this great app, which definitely gave us the answers we needed. The only problem she had was trying to tell the program we only wanted northbound rest stops. We sent a quick note to the developer who responded and explained where it was. Check out the magnifying glass in the map view. We're definitely going to look at his other apps as well.
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13 years ago, Curt9988
Almost useless. Current location WAY off.
Location function puts me either in Ghana, Africa or the United Kingdom. I'm in Oklahoma. (And 5 out of 10 times you try to click the locator you activate the Information icon.) when I click on rest areas that are 50 miles from me it says that they are 6900 miles away. For $2 I expected something good, or at least something that worked, but this app is almost useless to me. *UPDATE* Works fine now. Location services for this app were turned off in iphone Settings. A message telling me this would have been helpful. Otherwise a decent app. Changing from 1 star to 3.
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14 years ago, Ricardo del Sidney
6000 Miles of Car Vacations a Year!
My wife, our cat, Kitty Kitty, and I travel 6000 miles a year in our car going on vacations! We own an iPad and an iPhone. We first started using AllStays Rest Stops and AllStays iExit both made for the iPhone. WOW, two "must have" traveling apps for the iPhone. It is reassuring to know how close or far the next rest area is! The good news is now there is Rest Stops Plus for the iPhone AND the iPad! There is no doubt, if you travel by car or truck, if you have ever hear or thought the words: "Are we there, yet?", then you must have AllStays Rest Stops Plus. If you have an iPhone, you will want both apps AllStays Rest Stops Plus and AllStays iExit. No, I am not related to anyone who developed the apps, I don't work for them, and I don't know them. What I do know is my wife and I LOVE both apps. I am not sure about Kitty Kitty? He just looks at me and meows.
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13 years ago, PaceFamFive
Needs a little more
This looks like a very good app, a nice supplement to what I've created with research for our family vacations. **Would like to see family restrooms added. This info is extremely helpful for families traveling with young children. It is also essential for those traveling with a handicapped person who needs assistance from a spouse or other family member of the opposite gender.
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12 years ago, Oscar's Mom2
Helpful App
Found this app to be useful in spotting the next rest area as well as turnouts on a trip from Spokane, WA to Amarillo, TX and down to San Antonio. It would be nice if it told the distance from one's current location to the next rest area. For the price paid, free, it's worth it.
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8 years ago, RedSatinDress
Allstate apps much better than A OK
Love this app! We drive a 36 foot bus cross country twice a year and this app is truly indispensable. Needless to say, we can't just pull into a fast food place to take a break or switch drivers. We have a number of Allstays apps and use and like them all. Have contacted the developer and he was very responsive.
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13 years ago, rbrb111
Not very useful
I was disappointed by this app. Not very searchable. Didn't display mile markers where rest area is located. Did not list rest areas in your path, which to me is the one thing I expected (if traveling down I-95 south for example I would like to see all of the rest stops in the next 100 miles. It does show what each rest area offers and organizes them by city and state.
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12 years ago, DaveWylie
Dave wylie
I use this app and think its great. Good to know this info in advance. For the second time to be writing a report I believe this app is extremely useful and helpful. I own a 40' motorhome and travel a lot during the year and wouldn't leave home without it. I think it's great.
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12 years ago, Hande64
Good Start
I haven't used this app on a trip yet, but it appears to be what I want for a traveling map. I notice there are a few errors on the maps and would like to submit corrections. Where do I send them?
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10 years ago, Rapid to Ca.
Whew... There's one
This program is a great traveling companion, especially on long drives. A must if traveling with children!! It needs to have the capability to say of the rests top is open or not. FYI: In California, due to budget deficits, most are closed!! Safe traveling!
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13 years ago, KPPhoenix
Useful - but Bad Buttons
At least it interfaces with the maps app. But the interface is unintuitive - and buttons are placed close together without regard to risk of someone hitting one button while aiming for another. Though the app is still useful, this is frustrating.
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10 years ago, Memalshep
All stay
My husband and I use this map and was able to stay in reststops all the way from southern California to Washington! Amazing savings and great information for each reststop!
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8 years ago, Bil Jones
Oops wrong App
I mistakingly purchased this App thinking I was getting the RV parks & campground App and it only has rest stops Can I upgrade this to the version that has campgrounds ?..
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8 years ago, SteveCB1
Love this app
What a great idea! Being able to see the direction of the rest stop! You have made a fantastic app even better. Thank You!!
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12 years ago, jarosenblum
Handy app!
Drove across the country with a dog and had to stop often. Very handy and easy to use. Recommended!
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12 years ago, jill2
Very helpful
Working very well for us while traveling in a 45' bus. Highly recommend.
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12 years ago, Kim@Forney TX
Rest stops
Worked really well for our trip from Dallas TX to Minneapolis MN. Glad we purchased this App
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13 years ago, forauldlangsyne
Very good app
I have five other apps by the same developer. They are all accurate and I am pleased. I drive a semi and have no room for mistakes. Thanks
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11 years ago, AngryO69
Great app!! My family has used this app a number of times while on trips. Hasn't failed us yet!!!
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9 years ago, IdyRVer
Great App for traveler
We use this on all our trips to find rest stops and the other Camp and RV to find gas, great help to traveling across the interstates and highways!!
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12 years ago, cath317c
Love it
Very helpful. Only dislike is gives both Noreen and south Would like to see only north
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13 years ago, HeloCaptain
Excellent app
Thanks for paying attention to users. I love this app now!
Show more
9 years ago, pbetlyoninde
Rest Stop Plus
Has saved my marriage!
Show more
12 years ago, ssmith01
Exit is a great app!
I use it alll the time to plan and follow my trips progress. Really helps to. Find points of intrest
Show more
12 years ago, squareve
Indispensable for touring bands
Use it a ton on tour to plan out our stops between cities.
Show more
8 years ago, Jdbuilder
This was probably the biggest waste of my money on an app ever. I would give zero stars if it would allow me. It shows zero RV dump stations in the entire state of Wisconsin!! Nothing works like the tutorial. Too bad I can't get my money back. Very frustrating.
Show more
11 years ago, dab444
Nice details
I appreciate the range of filters for types of areas.
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14 years ago, SAWildman
Sorry, but I found this almost useless on a recent 3500 mile trip. Not a very intuitive user interface and we found that it rarely gave any useful information.
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10 years ago, Debinbrier
Love this app!
I have found this app easy to use and very helpful.
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13 years ago, CommonSenseNow
Good app, very responsive developer
Buy it. No question-worth it.
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12 years ago, Judy H
No help
This would work better if you could find rest areas according to the highway number you are on, such as I-30. Most rest areas are not in a city but along the highways.
Show more
12 years ago, Alex Summitt
Great traveling with large groups of students
Love it
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