Revel: All-Electric Rides

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Revel Transit Inc.
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1 month ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Revel: All-Electric Rides

4.78 out of 5
40.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Ganja Burner
Greatest thing that saved my day!!!
I was in Miami for workcation, after I checked out of the hotel, my flight was at 10:05pm, so I had a whole day to kill without transportation, luckily I stumbled upon the Revel Scooter a few days before and downloaded the app, I didn’t know the existence of this service, since I live in Los Angeles, so I signed up, you need to upload your drivers license, selfie shot and answer numerous safety and liability questions, you gotta answer correctly on all answers, you keep taking the test until you answer them all correctly, once you pass, you will be forced to watch a how to ride video, I used to ride a 600cc motorcycle, so I don’t need instructions, once you enter your credit card number, your account will be active. The night before my departure day, I tried to use the app, but it said “System is closed in your area” I didn’t know the service shuts down at 8pm, but if you have a day pass, you get to ride beyond 8pm until your 12hrs are up, there are 2 helmets, hair nets and sanitizing wipes in there, you gotta choose the right scooter, first one I rented only had 37% battery and 2 mile radius, however the second one I rented for the Day Pass had 98% battery and a 20 mile radius, so I got to spend my last day riding around Miami and got to see and experience some of the attractions in the city. Couldn’t have done it without Revel, truly it’s the best shared transportation of today.
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1 year ago, 新疆烧烤进行
Driver said better than Uber and Lyft
I don’t even know how this company profits based on all the discounts they give out. I chatted with Revel drivers before and they told me that they got paid hourly and that the money was way better than Uber and Lyft (who allegedly take away 60% of the fee paid by customers from the drivers). This means that there’s a smaller likelihood that the drivers take detours to get a higher pay. Also, because their wage isn’t completely dependent on how many orders they take but the hours they work, they are less “moody” than usual rideshare drivers (which I totally understand). For example, some Uber drivers are so in a rush (to do more orders) that if you take an extra few minutes to get into the car they get upset and give you a low rating (again, I blame the platform mechanism). With Revel drivers, I don’t worry about that. Because they get treated better by the company, they all seem pretty chill from my experience so far, and everyone’s happy. Also, the cars being electric takes off some guilt on my part for not taking public transport. I hope this lasts.
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4 years ago, MROD11
Fix your app
Seriously. Since you updated it this week, two days in a row I’ve somehow been able to ride a scooter even though it doesn’t show I’m riding it in your app. Then I have to call you guys to shut off the bike when I’ve reached my destination. This is not a “WiFi connectivity” issue. The bottom line is your app now has a new flaw that allows me to rent a bike without you apparently knowing about it. And then I have to call you, wait on hold for customer service, and then ask you to turn off the bike so no one steals it. That’s ridiculous. I’m a longtime customer and use your bikes daily for my commute, but that’s over now. What’s even more frustrating is your deflection and lack of responsibility. No apology from either customer service representative. Today the woman essentially blamed me for having WiFi issues, which is ridiculous and untrue. Also, you don’t see it as a sound business decision to maybe credit the ride? It’s only $3 but it would’ve at least acknowledged that, as I told the rep today, having to call you to deal with this issue made me late to a meeting. Honestly, given the weird customer service vibes, the lack of responsibility, and the fact that this has happened twice in a row, I’m reluctant to use your app again. Please retrain your customer-facing staff and please update your app. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Nei Baon
Loved riding around NYC in a glass-roofed Tesla
Four of us just spent five days in Manhattan. It was brutally hot so walking a lot was not appealing plus we weren't savvy on using public transportation so we used Uber for our first ride. Then we saw the noticeable light blue Tesla with the name Revel on the side. We were thrilled (big Tesla lovers) to find out we could use Revel to get around the city. It has an app just like Uber. A big difference (other than the Tesla thing) is that all the vehicles are owned by Revel. The drivers are paid, with benefits, and get all of their tips. They have a crew that charges and cleans them at the end of the day and makes sure they're properly maintained. Oh! The BEST part is the glass roofs. They all have total glass roofs that make it so much easier to see the sights. We were constantly looking up at the buildings. And the cost was comparable and even a bit less than Uber. The only times we used Uber or a taxi after that was when we needed more capacity. We just wish it was available in other cities, too!
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4 years ago, SpeedwayRN
App VS Service.
The app needs improvement. It does not always let you park where you been parking for 6 weeks. Connection errors. They say you have to have you WiFi turned off on your phone but that does not make any difference. Now the scooters....they are heavily abused. They are put into service with low tire pressures, bent forks, missing mirrors, missing passenger foot pegs, broken or missing phone holders. You can count on the plastics being all rashed up. You can count on brake levers being bent. You can count on the mirrors being adjusted so there is no possible way you can adjust the mirrors to see behind you if you have any mirrors. Control pods spin around on the bars. Often lacking hair nets in the trunk to prevent head lice. I have literally seen the trucks servicing the bikes at night. All they do is swap the batteries out and move on. No tire checks. No function checks. The steering head bearings are crap even on the ones with lower mileage. They really should have tapered roller bearings instead of ball bearings in the steering neck. In general you are renting a scooter that has been beat all to hell and no maintenance done. If it’s rideable it’s in service. Even if you have to point the bars left or right to go straight. The good news is it is cheaper than Uber...
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2 years ago, No Cap Ever
An Increasingly Bad Deal
Tl;dr: The service is getting worse (fleet maintenance, availability), and the price is going up. Suggest considering alternatives, because they’re failing in their mission statement to “make it easy to go electric.” I’ve been a frequent rider since this January, and to keep customers they offer a discount program based on how many rides you take a month. The mopeds themselves are fun to ride when they have all the parts they’re supposed to (about 1/2-2/3 of the time) and fairly accessible. However, the deal gets worse every month. Revel keeps raising their rate, and next month they’re slashing their discount for frequent riders from 20% to 15%. EVs are relatively simple to maintain, and of course they can dodge high gas prices, so this appears to be pure profiteering just in time for the summer. Their fleet is aging; many scooters have over 4000 miles on them, and are increasingly missing essentials like mirrors, functioning phone holders, and even helmets with visors that are fully attached. The service is passable and convenient enough that I’ve relied on it to get to work. I’ve been happy to fork over hundreds to this company since 2020, but it looks like I’ll be sweating it out on a bike next month. I won’t tolerate further price gouging from a company whose mission statement is to “make it easy to go electric.”
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2 years ago, Gaztherat
Sketchy business practices.
The service itself is fantastic. Being able to grab a scooter when I need has been great. However, I noticed that every time I ended my ride, my receipt would show an extra minute. I started taking note every ride and lo and behold, every ride it was happening. I alerted Revel giving them the benefit of the doubt that there was some issue with the app. But the customer service reps who messaged me back gave me every excuse under the sun(contradicting themselves too) and gaslighting me in the process. Sure, a 50 cent charge isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But for people who use the app regularly, that can add up quickly. And the fact that they have been super shady about it instead of perhaps listening to my concerns, they continue to just dig their heels in deeper, probably thinking nobody else will notice. I would have less of an issue if they were the least bit honest. But they have not been. And yes I have been saving and documenting every interaction. I used to be really excited about this company being in my area and I would LOVE to continue to use them. But I don’t appreciate their dishonesty and manipulative CS tactics. So, use this if you want. But just expect those rates to add up.
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4 years ago, Aaronmb7
Great product, horrible customer service.
I’ve spent probably over $1000 with Revel over the last year. Their system occasionally double charges for rides. In the past I just ignored it but a few months ago I reported the charge on my card for $5.72. Revel revoked my account. I called and talked to a manager who was absolutely incredibly rude. She said my account is revoked until I reverse the charge on my card. I sent my bank statements proving the charge and it got lost in the mix. I called again and received no help. A third time I talked to the manager and she was equally as unpleasant. For real Revel? I was an early adopter and a frequent rider and you treat me like this. Pathetic. Show your customers some loyalty. If I report a charge it’s because it’s real. Don’t always assume your system is working fine. I was double charged at least 4 other times but chose to ignore it so I didn’t have to deal with the hassle. You need to rethink your policy about account revocations and consider a new support manager. The actual support team was great. The manager was either having a bad day or just terrible at her job. Please fix this and treat customers better. You have a good thing going. Don’t ruin it with poor hires.
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4 months ago, Cborgee
If I could give this app and company 0 stars I would. They have VERY unresponsive and unprofessional customer service and they do not care about their customers. It took almost a week to get in CONTACT with them regarding my phone I left in the car only for them to try and charge me to return it. When I had called my driver that night, he let his next passengers have my phone their whole trip and both the passengers and the driver were unwilling to give any kind of eta of when he could return it. They advertise as a “cheaper and more eco friendly” ride share service than Uber or Lyft but the cost difference is only by a dollar or two. I would recommend spending the extra few dollars and go with a company you know will care for their customers and has respect for them if any unfortunate situation occurs. I will not be using this service ever again and have informed everyone I know not to as well. PS: they definitely pay people to give them high ratings and advertise how great the company is……
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1 year ago, Steve 086
Stay away - Extremely shady business practices
As many users, I got free credits in December 2022 and the company said they were going to honor them. It was simply a good PR since users with credits ended up being shadowbanned. For about a month I would try to get a car every day and often many times a day. I was told 95% of the time there were no cars/drivers available because of high demand. Even when I was seeing empty cars driving around. To challenge the theory, when a non-credit user would request a ride, guess what... no more high demand. The 2 times I managed to get a car, I had to wait 20 to 30 minutes, so it was almost as if they were trying to discourage me. And I guess it worked because I’m moving on! Oh and I did I mention that $300 worth of credit just magically expired within a couple of weeks? They just decided to set an expiration date to purge the system. Thank you, guys! All this says a lot about the company. Not sure who came up with this scheme/scam but it's going to backfire
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1 year ago, churriquin
Long waiting times
If you have 20 min to waste waiting for the cars to pick u up, go ahead, The first time I used the service I had to cancel because I didn’t have time to wait for the driver “estimated time 19 min”, the second time (and last for sure) the waiting time was 17 minutes so I accepted since I just had gotten out of the train station cause the subway wasn’t moving for 20 min already (great trip back home I had). Once I accepted the trip the pick up time was 12:15 am but it just kept increasing, the final pick up time was 12:26. So you make the math. I had shopping bags, the driver didn’t open the trunk for me he just said “oh god, hope you don’t have any liquids in there” which of course I didn’t have liquids, he was worried about his car getting dirty instead of providing a good service. Btw I’m a 30 year old clean cut and fresh looking guy just to picture it. Terrible service, the radio was too loud with sports station.
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8 months ago, Revel - Is a no
Unreliable and self-center customer service.
With Revel since I began experimenting with using the car share program I have had multiple occasions where a car would be offered in a reasonable time when suddenly it cancels shifting the order to another car which far away. Customer service when approached about canceling on a day following the experience met me with the customer is accountable despite them not delivering their delivery of a car in a reasonable time from first advised in the booking. It happened so many time I felt inclined to share this experience and not over look as a one off no more. In one incident the Rebel drive took a route that made since it felt like I was in an Etch a Sketch kids toy going 30 minutes out of the way in loops. Revel said they cannot guarantee a customer is to be satisfied by the route the driver went. However, this beyond satisfaction. It was unprofessional and exploitative of my time with absolutely no accountability.
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12 months ago, IB1222
Buggy, horrible wait times, horrible customer service, and more.
I used to love revel. Their prices were amazing, and it used to be a great experience. I used to trust revel for my child to ride alone, and they no longer allow it. Other then that, they have horrible customer service. I once contacted the support, which at the time was only by email, because I booked a ride, and the wait times just got bigger, the driver was going in the wrong direction, among other things. I cancelled the ride and was greeted with a cancellation fee. I just expected to explain the situation, and hope that the customer service would help. After waiting forever for a response, they blamed it on me and refused to help. The whole thing is a bit weird with all the cars being damaged, removing nice features they had for no reason, and the app is very buggy. Everything just seems a bit unprofessional, and I would recommend you use an alternative app like Uber.
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8 months ago, Velezjc
Unreliable and slow but cheap and fun!
I love using revel. I think their alll electric fleet is cool. I think their drivers are happy. I love that the rides are cheaper by 2x sometimes! I think it’s a cool idea. However. If you want to get somewhere you have to plan to use revel at least 30 minutes in advance. (Where as Uber or Lyft is mere minutes) They just don’t have the volume to cater to a city like New York. Just today I was trying to go from brooklyn to jfk in their rideshare section of the app. I secured a driver and waited 18 minutes for them to arrive at my house (the app mentioned they were short staffed) I didn’t mind the wait since I’m used to it. However after 18 minutes the driver canceled on me! So I booked again (this was my last hope for revel ‘cause so had a flight to catch and I can’t wait 18 minutes a pop for a car) They canceled after 8 minutes. And just for giggles I booked again and was cancelled after 2 minutes. Maybe it was a bad day. Maybe I just had bad luck. But revel should at least be as good as Uber on their timing. ( hopefully with scale that will happen) Seems like gig contractors just work harder with all the competition :/ One day they’ll have more stars. But today is not that day.
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4 years ago, Kittywalk
Death trap on the road with NO personal injury insurance in California. Absolute scam.
This should not be legal at all without formal motorcycle training. It weighs at least 10 times more than the weight of a bike or an electric bike and it’s extremely fast even with a gentle throttle. I signed up for it for a quick trip to Starbucks and went through their training online and it’s impossible for me to hold up and walk the scooter. As I tried to walk it out of the parking spot then gently turn the throttle the scooter ran out with me attached to it and fell on my left leg. Now my left elbow is completely bloodied and my left leg covered with scrapes, blood, and mud. It’s unfathomable how anybody could possibly let this be littered all over the street as legal bikes without any motorcycle training or license. Their insurance adjuster called me and let me know that they have ZERO personal injury coverage in California. The POLAR OPPOSITE of what they advertised. Sue them for these death traps and consumer fraud.
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4 years ago, Roncredible
I enjoy using Revel and it’s good that you require the training to start riding again but you guys really need to come up with your own in-app or complementary GPS for roads. The existing ups apps (Google, Waze, etc.) don’t account for Revel’s road travel limitations. If you try to use bike as an option on these apps, it will assume you’re a car because of your speeds are too high. Then you did yourself getting on highways where you don’t belong. Someone is still gonna get hurt unless you devise some GPS of your own for Rebel riders to use that limits the routes to roadways with less than 40 mph. Get on it.
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4 years ago, Dlo7
Requires way too much to ride. To
First: Create your account. Link payment. Upload drivers license, watch a 4 minute video. Answer the same 21 questions 2-3 times, unlock the helmet case, put on helmet, take a picture of yourself wearing the helmet, run through another safety this time i just deleted the app lol. Helmets look disgusting even though they say they clean them. The app makes you guess which revel you’re standing next to if there are more than a few in the next to each other because there’s no scan thing like the stand up scooters. Also, don’t go over a what?😂...Just get on a Lyft or Bird scooter. Much quicker and more fun, less costly.
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3 years ago, Apple_alw
Best Customer Support Experience EVER
Rode a Revel moped after dinner with some friends, parked, and everything was great… Till the next morning when I couldn’t find my wallet and remembered I left it in the Revel helmet trunk. Text Revel support and less than 10m later they text back, told me how many people rode the moped after me, locked the moped and gave me its location for me to go check it when I had time, and already started to reach out to the people who rode after me. The way their team anticipated what to do next was BEYOND! My wallet was there, and I happily rode the moped back home!
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4 years ago, Tyler W 8084
What a Terrible Service for NYC
Anyone that lives in NYC knows how convenient a service like this could be. But what Revel fails to mention is that 75% of Manhattan doesn’t have the “service” necessary for revel to work. So if you need to go 2 miles to say Tribeca for example, they have roughly 90% of Tribeca “outside of the service area”. Same thing with Midtown and many other neighborhoods. What does that mean? It means that, despite the fact that you’re liable for parking for 24 hours (which when you consider street cleaning is insane and borderline impossible if you’re driving past 12pm on a weekday), AND they won’t let you park in 70%+ of Manhattan, meaning you then have to drive away from your location to find parking .5-1 mile away. It’s guaranteed to take longer than walking or taking a citi bike, so I highly recommend avoiding Revel.
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12 months ago, plz fix asap thx
Great in concept but has a fatal flaw
I’m done using this service - it has a flaw making it worthy of 0 stars. At first glance, it’s an environmentally friendly way to get across town when you need a quick ride and it’s pretty affordable. But in my neighborhood (and in most of NYC) there are restrictions on parking for street cleaning once a week. So even if I park a scooter in an eligible spot (obeying the street signs for street cleaning), if someone doesn’t move the scooter before the designated street cleaning time, Revel will pass that cost through to you. It’s like a horrible game of musical chairs. Your $9 ride to the grocery store is now $74 because the scooter you used 5 days ago was deemed an impediment to a street sweeper. Once I have parked (legally) and closed out of the app, my responsibility to Revel should end there. Thx
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4 years ago, EricGHA
Horrible company Don’t waste Your time!!!
When this company first got here it sounded great. I have been with revel since it started in my city. When it came the service sucked I thought it would get better it did not. Sad it’s clear who they want using these scooters by how they move then to area where they aren’t used. My account was revoked due to me riding in the same area to long. Even with my history showing me riding the same route repeatedly. When I called everyone was not helpful and push stuff off on management who was not in the office at the times. I called 3 different times during the week and management was never in. Even The Director was rude and refused to help me. It’s showed me how unprofessional and unorganized this company is from the top down. I will definitely tell people about how bad my experience with revel was!
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5 years ago, Spondon4343
The future
I live in Brooklyn and I own a car. But this app and the scooters just makes living in this great borough even better. It’ll result in me using my car less. The app is well done and super easy to use. The scooters are easy to maneuver as well. Whoever complains about these scooters blocking their parking space has to chill. They’re parked sideways and don’t take up much space. Also this is not the same type of overkill such as citybikes for example. My issue with the bike racks on every corner in Brooklyn is much bigger than the revel mopeds. I’m all for easy and cheap mobility and this just makes a ton of sense. Way to go New York.
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5 years ago, .Gypsy.
Great service, in love with them
Using this service around 6 months, so much fun, amazing service Even sometimes taken my wife with me to explore together neighborhood. People are complaining about broken mirrors, crack on helmets, missing cell holders, look, you are basically complaining about each other, who is damaging all this items, I used to start with this guys, everything was brand new and nice. So just be just careful with scooters and items. If you not sure sure about your driving skills , revel offers you opportunity to get a free riding course , go for it.
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1 year ago, SomethingOriginal68421
Not quite there yet
I admire the approach and not having 1099 workers but the service isn’t quite ready. I only used the taxi service, not rental. I live in Manhattan and first time I tried to get a ride there were none available, this was 5 pm on a Sunday. Going from JFK back to the city they pulled a driver from LGA, took about 25 minutes to pick me up. I didn’t have a warning of that before booking. Driver wasn’t happy because their shift just ended, I get it but I had no idea and I can’t help that. We somehow hit multiple stop and go traffic at almost 1 am on a Wednesday morning - the gps was not great. I saved 15 dollars over Uber but I lost 30-40 minutes. It’s a no from me dawg. Maybe in a year or so I’ll try again.
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5 years ago, Eazy-one
Just call Uber/Lyft or buy a $800 scooter
There is no navigation options and the scooter is both too slow for certain streets and too conspicuous to be ridden on bike paths. Terrible customer service as well. Got turned around riding this (my fault) and had to get on a bike path to get back into the city. Got charged a $25 safety fee to have the account suspension removed. (Along with the $40 cost to ride and push the scooter back into the city) The account was put back on suspension (haven’t ridden it since paying the $25 fine) call in to ask what was happening with the account. “Customer Service” states that the account is suspended I ask for the $25 back then they say sure then end the call. Revel then calls back to say “yeah, the account is going to stay as is just wanted to let you know. You can call back later.”
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3 months ago, wangcomet
Late than dangerous
Order a pick up 24 hours in advance for trip to JFK. Sat in lobby waiting for 5:20 am pickup. See lots of Ubers and lifts but not my car. Texted the driver with no response. Called twice and he said I’ll get you there by 6am. I was about to call an Uber when I saw him around the corner just sitting. Called him over and off he went…speeding down the street then hitting brakes hard at the stop signs… Got on the freeway and he would race from lane to lane, tailgating while flashing his brights at anyone in front of him. I always heard about Tesla sway ( when Tesla turn fast the back end sways)now I was able to experience it. The worst part was I was not able to rate on the app unless I tipped. Needless to say….there would be no tip. Deleted the app….never again.
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1 year ago, Rhenish
Awful company and app
In short: run away from this. I was in SF for the weekend and after three tries found no scooter that worked properly. I asked for a refund of my day pass, which they gave, but even after that I was able to start a scooter (I wanted to check one last time if a scooter would work). Apparently I was riding with the no-pass option, which, after talking to a representative, I realized was poorly communicated due to a mistake in the app: the “standard” prices are hidden under a caret that is facing the wrong way—i.e. hidden fine print. Really bad app user experience that cost me money. Furthermore, the company would not refund me the difference in the charges I ended up incurring, even though the app quite clearly is poorly designed.
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2 years ago, Carter B
Going Places - Revel
Simply the best idea in ride share. Beautiful, fast, zero carbon foot print fleet of teslas ✅. Professional drives that are not racing against the clock to meet some incentive or exhausted from being forced to drive 24 hours. Drivers that care about you and your safety. Drivers that are paid a good wage and offered benefits and get to keep 100% of their tips ✅. Add on top of that my trusted resource for electric scooters to zip around my neighborhood and I will have to say Revel you are going places and I can’t wait to see you succeed. You are what NYC needed.
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5 years ago, Andymon
I hate these things
Seemingly overnight a plethora of rental scooters has taken over Queens and Brooklyn. People ride them on the sidewalk, park them anywhere, frequently taking up much more room than necessary, which eliminates the very little street parking there is to begin with. They also seem to be magnets for vandalism. Despite all this they look fun and I would be willing to try one out. I even went through the process to sign up. I got all the way to the part where you wanted to charge me $19 to run my license. Listen, I get it, you don’t want just anyone riding these things, but I’m not going to pay to rent the scooter and for the check. You wanna check, that’s on you. Don’t nickel and dime me. Final conclusion...these things are trash and bring no value to the community. They should be removed immediately.
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5 years ago, stangogh
Deceitful - Takes all your info before disclosing a $19 sign up fee
I was excited about the potential of this service when I saw these scooters in my neighborhood. This could be a great alternative to car2go. I downloaded the app and went through the signup process, handing over all of my info and a photo of my id, only to arrive at the final step of registration to see there’s a $19 sign up fee. Not only if the fee excessive considering other competing services allow you to sign up for free, it’s deceitful that I gave them all of my info before being disclosed of this fee. It’s a bad sign as I wonder what other kind of fees are going to be hidden if I were to start using this. Advice to app developers: get rid of this silly fee, or be honest about it upfront.
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4 years ago, revelinbrooklyn
Amazing app and company
This is the first time I’ve ever written a review on the AppStore.. Revel is a complete life saver for me, and has completely changed the way I get around the city. I’ve been using it for a year in Brooklyn now, and can’t imagine getting around without it. The app is easy to use, there are always plenty of revels around, it’s cheaper than an Uber (and as fast or faster if stop and go traffic), and faster and more reliable than a citibike. I also feel really safe on the Revels, and appreciate the new safety training they provide, and am glad they verify that riders are wearing a helmet. Good job! Safe + super fun to ride is a good combo. I recently got a car in the city with this whole pandemic going on, but I still use revel all of the time. There’s a lot of trips where reparking my car is just too annoying, time consuming, or expensive with tickets, so I just take a revel instead. Thanks guys! Highly recommended!
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6 years ago, Arenchu
Loving it
I signed up for Revel a few days ago. I was quickly approved and was able to attend a free lesson soon thereafter. Since then, I’ve been using it everyday to speed up my commute around Williamsburg. The sign-up is $25, but I made it back with the sign up credit. It’s very convenient to get to your destination quickly without having to wait for subways or walk to and from the station. Plus the electric moped is so much fun to ride, and parking is easy to find. I can’t wait for it to expand to the rest of Brooklyn! I highly recommend this service.
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5 years ago, Jeremy Irons
Mad decent
It’s cheaper than an Uber and you get to zip around like you’re in Bermuda. The only misleading fact is with taxes or whatever it’s actually .37 cents a minute not .25. Still you can’t beat the convenience and ease. Only feedback is these bikes are super quiet and the horn is pretty wimpy. Bicycles and pedestrians don’t really hear you coming so be prepared to smash the horn button or spontaneous stop on a dime. If you are complaining about parking spots or congestion etc you are a dinosaur and are very tired. I grew up here and have been patiently waiting for this city to go bike / scooter heavy.
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6 years ago, Bkzipster
Love this service!
My experience so far with Revel has been top-notch. It took me some practice, but now everything is becoming second-nature: getting the bike on and off the stand, turning, riding in traffic. I’ve lived in Brooklyn for 8 years and I felt like seeing it on a moped was a whole new experience. Customer service is friendly and gets back to you quickly even about small issues. App is simple and easy to use. I wish it would let me see the map of my whole trip, but otherwise it’s fantastic.
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3 months ago, Plzdontcloseagain
I’ve had great experiences with the drivers that rebel provides, but I will say that it’s been upsetting that for a couple of times when I requested a ride the weight has been around 18 to 15 minutes. A lot of the times when I’m requesting a ride it’s because I’m running late and when you book the ride, the app does not tell you how long the wait will be before you press request. I wish they would tell me about this before it happens because then I would have a better user experience with the app.
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3 years ago, mda2347
Deceitful company and app
Upon downloading the app, you have to fill out your credit card info in order to see what your ride options are. It was only until after I did this that I realized 1. There is a waitlist for rideshare 2. Rideshare in NY is incredibly limiting - does not operate above 72nd st, and does not have service in Brooklyn. I also cannot remove my payment info and there is no option to even edit it. Also, if you want to delete your account, you have to fill out a form in which they’ll respond to you in 45 days and they still will hold onto your personal details including payment options. Do yourself a favor and download other apps like curb (which supports taxis.)
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4 years ago, thYrd_eYe_prYing
Need better customer service
Great product, love the scooters. The app is ok too. Use it all the time. Price is reasonable especially during half prices events. Tonight however the app glitched and I couldn’t shut the bike off. No answer from support. Meter ran for 30-40 extra minutes. Got charged the whole time. Hope to have it resolved soon. But I was sad there was no help available. Granted it was 12:30am. Sat out in a dark alley way uninstalling and reinstalling the app to solve the problem. Overall I will still use, but please get better real time customer help
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4 years ago, Filmmaven 1008
Really dope way to get around
I love the convenience of Revel. There’s always a moped within a couple of blocks. More reliable finding one than Citibike (bike share) in my experience. If you haven’t ridden a moped before watch the training video a few times and take advantage of the free training. I drive a car and ride a bike around the city but driving a moped is somewhere in between. Take short trips until you get used to it. I hope they add a monthly subscription as I think I’ll be riding a lot!
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4 months ago, FrannnyyyyyFrannn
Issues with cards
Hey, First of all love revel! I have been riding non stop the past few weeks. That being said, both my friend and I have been unable to pay with our debit cards? We have been literally sending money to our apple pay just to pay for the rides and every time we try to authorize our cards it says it is unable to pre authorize? I have a master card debit and she has a visa and it’s showing the same things on both of ours, so are you guys just not taking card payments atm?
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2 months ago, Daily Newa
Don’t use their taxi service
I live in New York City and I requested a taxi ride to the airport. The person who came to pick us up drove very recklessly. They cut off other people, drove on the shoulder, and I felt very unsafe throughout the ride. The driver also missed the exit to the airport 3 times and I ended up missing my flight. Revel cost me hundreds of dollars to rebook my flight and I ended up spending my entire day at the airport. I contacted support multiple times to get help during and after the ride and no one has responded to my emails or text. I don’t trust this service and I can’t recommend it to anyone else because of the safety issues alone. Simply put, never use their taxi service.
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4 years ago, brian mcaloney
Brian mcaloney not happy again
One the brake handle right side was broken and cut my hand plus it shut of on me twice as I was driving I almost got killed in the intersection because it stalled and I couldn’t go nowhere and causing coming and almost got hit thank god I have quick reflexes that I seen it n got it back started again. Plus u don’t notice that front wheel is crooked from the handlebars the handlebars are leaning to one side and the front wheel and shot a fish and the other side you don’t notice it because when it’s parked until you get on and start driving when you got the wheel straight that it’s not straight and it’s throwing the whole ride off
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7 months ago, JPR721
Long Wait Times - Decent Service
NYC - It’s just as expensive as Uber. I find Lyft to be most expensive by a few dollars, revel sometimes a few dollars cheaper than Uber by $3-6. Revel often runs % off promos that make the rides less expensive, helpful especially for airport runs. But you can expect to wait 15-25 minutes for the car to pick you up at any given time. Sometimes it’s shorter but it seems it’s still a very small company with a small fleet of drivers for massive nyc area. Overall nicer than being in a Toyota Camry for a couple bucks less.
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1 year ago, Ljbooboo35
terrible timing
Revel HAS to improve the accuracy of timing when a car will arrive. Every time I’ve called a car it comes 10-15 minutes later than anticipated. Majority of times in the city my main reason to call a car over other forms of transit is its speed. There are obvious perks of this service that I like, such as the cars, service, and discounts, but there is a real psychological frustration that occurs when needing to wait longer than anticipated / being faked out multiple times. Please make an effort to improve and be honest about timing.
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4 years ago, Joseph the meek
Love at first sight, ire the second
When this service first came to town, I hopped on it immediately. The mobility, fun, convenience and ease of use is what bought me on board and made me a loyal customer. I made use of this service at every opportunity I could. But recently, things have changed. The service area shrank dramatically. Finding a scooter has become a chore. Finding somewhere to park and end the ride has become a frustrating endeavor. It wasn't always like that. It's more convenient and offers more peace of mind than public transportation by far for most. I'll give credit where credit is due. But for me and my circumstances, the cons have sadly begun to outweigh the pros.
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5 years ago, bk-hayabusa
Great idea but still working out the kinks
I love this service and the option of commuting through BK without putting more cars on the road. Mostly my experiences have been good. Lately however, the scooters are densely packed around certain neighborhoods (like red Hook & LIC), leaving no scooters in areas like bedstuy/bushwick/ridgewood. Ive not been able to ride a few times because there was not a scooter within 3mi of me. Perhaps they can come up with some way to move the scooters around. I image scooters just get left in neighborhoods that are overpopulated with them. Otherwise, big fan
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11 months ago, Delaromasur
Think twice before using this service
Revel may seem as an alternative for cheaper rides but it comes with a consequence. They lack a costumer service, so if you lose something in their cars it will be almost impossible to retrieve it and you won’t be able to reach the driver. They employ people with auditive limitations so when I put the sound on my lost iPhone the driver couldn’t listen to it. It’s been a week and my phone is still at the public parking lot they rent. Everyone could claim the phone as theirs. The cost of being cheap comes with these kind of problems. I won’t use this app again and I hope they give me back my phone. So disappointed
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3 years ago, Tube Pow
Product didn’t work, poor support policy
In theory I wanted to like this product, especially as a quick, affordable method of transportation during the labor shortage and inflated Uber prices. Unfortunately the very first scooter I tried didn’t work, as engaging the throttle after turning on the vehicle did nothing. The support policy for this was to issue credits covering the cost of the ride, as if that was enough to rebuild trust after the experience. Finally, even though I reported the scooter as malfunctional through the app and support messages, the scooter was still listed as available, allowing someone else to waste their time on it. Given this, I can’t recommend this app as is.
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9 months ago, Farouk@89
Revel is so slow
Absolutely all revel drivers I’ve ever gotten apart from one always take way longer to pick you up than it should take. They drive super slow on purpose and take the long way because they’re employees and get paid hourly. They even will take the long route and literally drive around town so you’re in the car as long as possible. Once revel finds a way to stop that it’ll be better.
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5 months ago, Chino521
Too expensive
I live in Manhattan, New York City, and what I’m trying to understand is how is rebel car service more expensive than ordinary car service I thought the fact that these cars are electric and they don’t use fuel the pricing would be more different than ordinary car service that use fuel I would request a ride from Revel from Manhattan to the Bronx and it would cost roughly around over $100 or more like $120 where I will contact a car service that uses fuel and it would range around $50-$60 i’ll stick to ordinary car services that uses fuel because at this point it’s cheaper.
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4 years ago, Spring569
Canceled App
Construction was blocking my way with a Crain. The said I had to go the other way down a one way street. For a split second. And they had the 2 guide men (flag men) there directing traffic. I tried to be proactive about it and call the customer service and she said I should have waited till the construction was done. When I was guided out by the flag men. I haven’t been effected yet but still. Customer service was terrible. These were going great in NYC. Then they canceled the app. We shouldn’t be penalized bc NYC law allows riders with out motorcycle licenses and they don’t know how to ride or obey the law. That’s on the politician’s to have police enforcement. Bring back this app especially if your license says you’re more than qualified.
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