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User Reviews for REVOLVE

4.94 out of 5
112.5K Ratings
4 years ago, TinyMKS
revolve is life.
Ever since I started shopping from revolve (first in 2009, then I started regularly in January 2014 - so about 6 1/2 years now - they’re basically my ONLY shopping destination. Not only do they carry all the best boutique labels/designs, but you absolutely cannot beat the organization of this app/site, nor can you beat their customer service. As long as it’s during normal business hours, you can always chat with an online representative - and every time, without fail, they’ve been able to assist me with the help I need in record time. Everyone is polite, and different program levels (depending on how much you spend in 12 months, you can be a VIP if you spend over $2k a year) get you different perks. As a longtime VIP, I’m constantly able to shop new arrivals before the entire public can see them, able to triple my points for purchases (which go toward revolve reward credits, etc). I check this app several times a day. Oh, and another one of their best features - free two day priority shipping, and free returns as well (unlike some companies that actually make you pay a fee out of your refund for shipping back/them to restock. Ugh, just trashy. They could all use a lesson from revolve!).
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3 years ago, sallysavings
If I Could Choose Only ONE App to Shop for Myself!
Revolve is my FAVORITE app and if I could shop from only one app, this would be it! They have great sales so I try to wait until receive a notification of an upcoming sale, but because I can use my Afterpay account, I’ll occasionally go ahead and pay full price if it’s something I absolutely love and don’t want to chance it not being available in my size during a sale, but they have SO MUCH to choose from for everything I could possibly want or need that I rarely have to look anywhere else. And my husband knows that whenever he’s trying to decide on a gift for me he only needs to buy me a gift card for Revolve and he’ll have one happy wife! It used to be Sephora but on Revolve I can usually find anything I’d have looked on Sephora for and I’m not limited to just makeup here!! Definitely sign up for the notifications because they have wonderful sales!
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5 years ago, thatnicknameiataken
Favorite online store
Revolve is my favorite place to shop online because they sell really stylish and edgy clothes that are hard to find elsewhere. So many other stores have bland and boring options. They have an amazing denim section. I appreciate that the models’ heights and measurements are listed in the Size and Fit info because it helps me gauge how pieces will fit me, which is hard to do as a petite person. I also like the variety of shipping options and the ease of returning pieces that don’t fit. I just returned a beautiful pair of jeans that didn’t fit by dropping them off at a Happy Returns location down the street and it was super easy. I wish Revolve had a brick and mortar location near me so I could try things on before buying. Other than that, my only negative comment is that they should stop the ridiculous air brushing on the models— although I do get a laugh out of finding a model with extra armpits 😆
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5 years ago, Pineapplella
Go to for items I can’t find anywhere else
Great app and easy to navigate. Love the fast shipping and great deals. It could use some love in the review department. It’s quite confusing because the selections contradict what the review says.... for example it will have selected that it runs big for an item and then the person will write runs small in the same review. It gets a little confusing especially if the reviewer did not write something with the stars or if it says “runs big” but the reviewer meant it runs small? I put 5 stars for the app because it really is easy to navigate, photos are clear and most of the time true to color for an item. I’m not body shaming at the least but it would be nice to switch it up body type because we are not all 5’10. I would like to see what these “ankle” jeans look like on someone 5’5. Thanks for listening, REVOLVE!
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10 months ago, BKO003
Love Revolve but the latest app update got rid of all my favorites!
I love shopping on Revolve and have had great customer service experiences with them in the past, and the app has been pretty good so far minus a few instances where it lags. I had quite a few favorites saved that I like to keep tabs on to see if anything goes on sale or for purchasing later for upcoming occasions, but today’s update (which includes a revamped favoriting/bookmarking system) deleted all of them. It’s a nuisance because I don’t want to have to sort through thousands of dresses to find that one dress I had saved & planned on buying for a wedding in September, as an example. Maybe they could’ve found a better way to transfer that data so it wouldn’t get lost & they wouldn’t risk losing out on those potential sales, as some people might not want to go back and sort through their enormous catalogue of products.
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5 months ago, Ambernicole12578
Love revolve!
I appreciate that as an online store that the return policy is so great. I am able to purchase a few items to try on and return what I don’t need without any headache. Because there is no storefront this is a number one priority for me. And with the happy returns option and free shipping both ways, it makes me always opt for revolve over other shops without the same policy. Additionally- the stuff is so cute and tons of brands. I love the variety. Last but not least, the customer service is awesome. I had a pair of pants for a few months, past return window, ended up finally wearing them and they ripped before I left my house due to fabric quality. I emailed my concerns to revolve and they offered me a store credit for the pants and I thought that was so nice. Highly recommend this site
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1 year ago, djwhelan
Saved my marriage – seriously!
I can’t even remember how I stumbled across Revolve in the first place, but once I started to buy gifts for my wife, I realized that their selection and service and style are such a good match for her. I think I am batting almost 1.000 with choices, which makes all of us happy. And if I have to make an exchange or return, the customer service team is amazing. I’d be happy with Revolve on the web, but the app takes it to another level. Many retailers have half-baked web-based apps, but Revolve has a nice interface, great alerts and favorites, and just a fun approach to exploring the selection. By the way, I finally discovered the men’s selection, so maybe I will buy something for myself one of these days!
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5 years ago, shyoo87
Your app
I think it would be so much easier if your app had an option for “outfits” so we could shop all the pieces listed in one picture . Sometimes I love the entire look, and I have to dig hours to find the shoe or the pants from the look that I liked. The second opinion, plz fix the app by not skipping the page once your phone gets locked by itself . It has happened to me many times that I am already in page 12 that I was looking at tops, and if by mistake I close the page or my phone gets locked, the entire research is gone and I have to sit down and go page by page all over again . Thank you
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6 years ago, QuestionableQueer
Addicted Revolver
I am addicted to revolve. The clothes are usually fabulous. The styling is inspiring. The models are too honey though. I am a very slim person so I can shop for clothes much better from Revolve than some people I know. However, since I shop here so much I know how the different models’ body’s look in clothes compared to mine (yeah that addicted). When I was on the Patagonia website today, I experience the best online sizing feature yet! You answer several questions about your body type and other comparisons to generate the recommended since for you based on the individual products. The way I shop, is saving everything I like in my favorites then browsing those 500+ items weekly. I wish the filters for the wishlist were better. I would like to categorize by types and fits. It would also be nice to have a “compare” feature.
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4 years ago, Anst15
When you switch to a diff app, you lose ur place on revolve
It’s super annoying that when I can’t switch back and forth between apps because I will lose my place on revolve. So for example if you’re searching through clearance and you have five different filters set, and you’re on page 52 of 158, if you switch to a different app even for a second, you come back and you will have to go back to clearance, re enter your filters, and try to scroll and find where you left off. This is super annoying I wish they would fix this. Other than that this app runs so smoothly and seamlessly.
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2 years ago, Metatron32
Too many models made up to look like sex workers!!!
I found Revolve about a year ago and I have placed about 20 orders. I’ve kept about 50% of the items I’ve ordered. I like much of the quality of items that they sell but, I am very put off by how a lot of the models are made up to look like hookers! The price point for the clothing to me speaks of a quality that I don’t associate with women who have to look like sluts in order to get by in the world. Honestly things have degraded a little bit more recently on this front visually and it has considerably put me off of this site. I hope they turn things around because I did enjoy shopping here. But if they don’t clean up their change of going from sexy to down right slutty I’ll just let this retailer go.
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6 months ago, Meow Maconi
Revolve is liking having your own personal shopper
Revolve makes it so easy to shop and match outfits together with everything! Lipstick, shoes, jewelry, the whole 9 yards! Also when if you find a better price in thirty days they will price match even through the chat! They give you enough time to decide if you like something and return it if you don’t ( unlike some places that only give you a week or even some less!). Love this online store!
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4 years ago, dmb0612
Item descriptions
I really love the Revolve App. It’s so easy to use and there are a good amount of photographs to get an accurate idea. But I feel the item descriptions can use some work. For example the length on shorts seems to be inconsistent and often inaccurate. Some descriptions show “length” as 2.5”, others will show 12” (which I imagine is the full length from waste to hem). Either way, it is not consistent. Also, it seems most models and reviews are for 5’6” 110 lb women wearing no larger than a size 26. But for those of us who still wear short shorts but are 36F with a booty to compliment, the reviews are not helpful. I hope you all are staying safe and keep on doing what you do to make us feel good :). DMB
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5 years ago, lastsecondshopper
Payment Authorization Step Fails every time and prevents ordering, hmm
When needing or wanting to ship a gift (after all it’s the season) to a different address, the payment authorization step to approve the purchase doesn’t work. I think I attempted to authorize my card 10+ times and it never worked for multiple reasons - You enter the information and the button to submit doesn’t click through (with no feedback provided to indicate) or you submit the information and it doesn’t store or confirm the auth and it asks you again and again and again. Both web and app, fails! I had to remain persistent and found that purchasing via PayPal was the only way. Might want to fix this issue because it is super frustrating.
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4 years ago, @claudiaworldwide
With love from Mauritius
I am Claudia and originally from Germany. We travel all over the world. We have a place in the USA and we live in Mauritius, a small Island in the Indian Ocean! I love REVOLVE! I order since 2014 and you guys are the best! This is the only shop where I always find what I am looking for. Even the delivery here is super quick via Fedex! Ok I have Income taxes but especially during Covid not being able to travel, at least I can shop! Well done Revolve! You never disappoint! xoxo
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3 years ago, NakedFrozenSpaceship
App Closes if you toggle between tasks
The app has a problem when toggling between tasks or if you lock you phone, when you go back to the app it goes back to the main page. You loose your page on your browsing and your search filter resets. This is a problem when shopping through the app for size small, long sleeve tops and your on page 32 of 71 and then your mom calls. Now you have to reset your search criteria and go page by page to get back to the page you left off on.
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5 years ago, Mandy8488
Love this site!
Absolutely love everything! I ordered a number of things and was worried because you never know what your size is without trying on. Luckily I’m a small and everything fit so well! The dresses that were too short I sent back with the label they included in the box. It was so easy! They sent me emails updating that they know the return is coming. I just placed another huge order and I’m so excited to get my new dresses for my vacation coming up!
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4 years ago, callieri
I love this app. It’s simple, normally quick and never really gives me any problems. I would like though if in the favorite section of the clothes you ‘hearted’ you could separate them for each thing you are shopping for Ex: bachelorette trip, work, beach trip, weddings, bathing suits, ETC. Then when you save the hearted item it could be with the aesthetic of what you want to bring on the trip or event you are going to. Just a thought that would make it more convenient for shoppers who like to shop for specific occasion like I do!
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5 years ago, Goodgame9463;$4
Would be better with this issue fixed
When I am browsing in the app, I like to apply filters for my size, etc in order to narrow the options. Whenever I switch from the revolve app to some other app and then come back to revolve, all of my filters are wiped out and I am forced to restart my search all over again. It’s so annoying and makes me want to give up shopping through the app. I don’t have this issue with ASOS for example. Even hours later when I go back to the ASOS app, my search is on the exact same place where I left it and I can continue browsing
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3 years ago, Lovebuggie!!
Best online shopping experience
I can’t say enough good things about revolve. Their platform is user friendly and makes shopping online enjoyable. If possible, I try to shop solely on revolve. Shopping is easy and descriptions are great. It’s easy to estimate size based on the models description. More importantly, Revolve makes returns extremely easy and hassle free. This is my number one criteria with online shopping.
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2 years ago, Prom Mom 13
Quality and quick shipping
I am in the process of ordering prom dresses for my daughter and they seem to come every few days. Shes able to try them on and then go to our local FedEx and do the Happy returns for the ones that she doesn’t like. I am very happy with this easy return policy. We have 2 that we are keeping. Much easier then running around to stores
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3 years ago, breathethelight
Please, in the year of our lord 2021, please do not have your app reload if we switch apps or put our phone to sleep for .2 seconds. I put in all my filters, all my sizes, all my price preferences, color preferences and I’m scrolling along, I go to answer a text, and boom everything is reset. Incredibly frustrating. Revolve has such a varied selection, and so many pages to look through, it’s frustrating when I reload, even if I’m on page 12, I get sent right back to the beginning. I’m TELLING you I want to spend more time on your app, I want to spend more money, but you’re making it incredibly difficult.
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3 years ago, maxine3203
Love Revolve hate the app. It literally never saves your place. When you’re scrolling and lock or exit your phone you will lose you’re place and have to find it again. If you have an item open from a search and lock or leave the app the when you reopen it to the item and try to select the back button it won’t even bring you to your search it’ll bring you to the home page. It’s literally so frustrating I hate using the app and shop at Revolve a lot less because it’s so inconvenient compared to others
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6 years ago, jenniferherro
Best shopping website ever. I used to hate ordering online. After having such great experience with revolve- now I’d rather shop online than in the store. No annoying sales people, you can see all your options and go back n forth seeing what it looks like on model, comes in mail in a day or two, easy return process... and the cutest clothes. One stop shop. Thanks revolve for the new addiction ;)
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4 years ago, everything and anything worth loving
Love the store and their fast shipping tho
I like shopping through the app, they have a huge selection and I love love love their free fast shipping. However it looks like they’ve updated the app layout and there is no “back” functionality while shopping and I continue to get logged out of my account. Is this a result of a new update? Because it’s making shopping maddening - once I am on a product page I can’t back out to the search results or category page.
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5 years ago, Reviews are sensored
LOVE IT!!! <3 <3 <3
Revolve is the BEST catalogue company I’ve ever dealt with. Everything about it is easy peezy! Quick free shipping and returns allows you to try things on without worrying about the hassle of return fees... Notifications let you know when things are back in stock... and I like that you can see your favorites and check to see if they’ve been marked down... the quality of the clothes are 100% Need I say more! ; )
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6 years ago, aconk29
Obsessed with REVOLVE.
When I feel this passionate about something , I definitely will do a review. Revolve offers incredibles pieces of clothing, all extremely trendy and decently priced. The brands that they have are ones that I love to buy as well! As well as skincare and accessories - they seriously have it all! I wish I could categorize my favorites but other than that - love the app as well, definitely more time spent on my phone though!!
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4 years ago, CJKSMP22
Was Better Before
So many times when looking for a dress it’s for a specific reason so it was better when there were additional categories under dresses such as casual or wedding guest or night out etc. I don’t necessarily want a specific length or sleeve type etc so it makes it difficult to find the kind of dress I want.
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2 years ago, jenesday
Amazing Customer Service!!!
Revolve has the most phenomenal customer service I have ever experienced. Their response time is so fast and they always have a solution if there is a problem with your order or delivery and take care of it right away. Also, it is so easy to exchange items of you need a different size.
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4 years ago, Red yogi
Superior Online Shopping
I literally struggle shopping at other online retailers now that I have found Revolve. They give fantastic pictures, and endless details. I love all the product measurements they provide. Nobody else gives me as much detail. I feel comfortable making large clothing purchases through this website. Shipping is fast and returns are easy!
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6 years ago, sara_hp
Constant app updates but not better!
Too many constant updates required that slows down the app from opening!!! STOP ALREADY! Still haven’t fixed the Rating Item question “about the fit”. I enter “too small” and it saves as “too big”! *FIX THAT ASAP ITS BEEN LIKE THAT FOR ALMOST A YEAR! Also...when tracking package it sends me out of app to Safari! I liked the old version when it searched on the same app. Searching thru merchandise next page is so have to keep scrolling to take u back up to top on every single page. Very time consuming! I could go on forever but those are the ones that really irritate me. Don’t request update app if it’s going to be the same old version!
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5 years ago, Robby Delaware
Text message share button does not work...
In the app, each item for sale has the usual share options (as selectable buttons) underneath it. You will see an email option, a text message option, a Facebook icon, a Twitter icon, a Pinterest icon. The text message sharing option does not seem to work/activate the pop up with a link to the clothing item. I got this to reproduce with both an iPad Mini and an iPhone. Please fix if possible. Thank you.
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3 years ago, hsimmons2021
Great App!
The app is easy to use. It automatically logs u into the app. You are easily able to mark items as your favorites and see them in your heart section. Your cart doesn’t reset in case You exit out of the app. Checkout is super easy and displays all the information properly. Would use it again!! Could be bad for my bank account 😂
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4 years ago, haleybug!(:
Missing Back Button
I love revolve & I am a frequent shopper but recently I noticed that when I click on a style to get a close up of the clothing I can’t go back to where I just was on the clothing feed? I don’t know if this is a glitch or a new update but I miss being able to navigate the app quickly! Other than that great app & great customer service!
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4 years ago, azad21
The update is horrible.
Ever since revolve’s most recent update, I have not been able to use the app anymore. I’ve been waiting everyday for a new update and there is nothing!! Since the update I haven’t bought anything on revolve bc the app is impossible. It makes me log in every single time I exit the app. I can’t search for specific lengths or anything anymore. Every time I scroll and click on an item, it doesn’t let me go back. I have to either exit the app or click on the home screen. Either way I have to start my search from the beginning. Please please fix the app!!!
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3 years ago, Hollyka1
Love the return policy, dislike the preorders
Revolve has an amazing return policy, which is a must for me when shopping online. However, it takes so much time to find what I want on the app because the majority of items are preorder with delivery dates that are months in the future. This is fine when you’re not shopping for events coming up. And I’ve found that the preorder dates are not reliable. Please fix this, or create a filter in the app for items that are ready to ship.
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5 years ago, an1457
The greatest
I LOVE REVOLVE. Their clothes are beautiful and the quality is usually great. While their products are a bit pricey it is 100% worth every penny. Every time I try to shop from a different clothing site I am ALWAYS disappointed - Whether it be slow shipping, costly return fees, bad customer service. Revolve trumps all. Their clothing is amazing and shopping with them is made SO EASY.
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4 years ago, jshsyhebek
Love the product, hate the app and it’s contents
I like revolve a lot but they airbrush their models so much that it distorts what they actual clothing looks like. Go on Shopbop, Nordstrom, Asos, etc. their models look like real people, but what’s better is the clothes actually look like the color and fit. Overall I love the options, but it’s just disappointing that you sometimes have to hope for the best and that they “sort of” look like they are pictured. Also, what the heck is going on with the app?? It’s all screwed up and doesn’t open or work properly.
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10 months ago, dallasgrl32
Hate that I can’t click items from purchase order invoice to go directly to item
Very long time dedicated customer of 10+ years. Want to be able to open order and click item in the individual order - and go to the item. Images and items are static. No link to go to item detail page from order. Pls add. Hate having to search by product name on app specifically.
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6 years ago, KeelyUSVI
Shipping to the USVI
Recently the shipping options were changed for my location and now you no longer ship via USPS. My shipments have been taking around two to three weeks to now receive instead of the 4 days it used to take. I’m definitely not going to be able to shop your store as often as I used to.
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2 years ago, JoCJo9383
Only 30 of the 32,000 items are in size XXL
I wish designers and companies like Revolve would add more XXL sizes. I have money to burn and want pretty clothes but when I filtered the size XXL, it went from 32,000+ items to less 30 (if you count boob tape as something that comes in an XXL). I get it that designers don’t want bigger girls wearing their clothes, but even Shopbop tries to be inclusive where they can. I just hate that I can’t buy prettier things and I’m stuck shopping at retailers where I don’t love their styles. Plus size women have money, Revolve, and we want to spend it!
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3 years ago, NicHeb85
Best App Ever!
By far my favorite app! Ease of use when looking through the clothes is amazing, the fact that I can swipe through them without having to click on it to just go to that item is amazing! Revolve is my favorite website. They always have the best clothing, great shipping, great service!
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4 years ago, raylee517
Loved it all
I’ve bought tops, dresses, bottoms, shoes, beauty products from Revolve and have never been disappointed. Any returns I’ve made have been easy and painless. Customer service is very nice and responsive (only had to contact them for sales questions, never for any issue with garments/products). You can’t beat the free 2 day shipping! Love, love, love everything about Revolve.
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4 years ago, 2020redo
Pandemic 2020
I am a big Revolve shopper, I’m totally surprised during this Pandemic they do not do a full sale like everyone one else is doing now that we are all on budgets & our economy is crushed .... they advertise a percentage off but when you look at what it is the merchandise is it’s outdated & for a different season ... Shame on you Revolve
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3 years ago, KRAVMeirav
This is my favorite shopping app by far. Selection is always amazing, new, and fresh. One of a kind pieces and they make it so easy because customer service is so on point. They are always happy to help with returns and exchanges and always make the process quick and easy! Love revolve!!
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3 years ago, Helen336
Love Revolve - UX could be better
Love shopping at Revolve but I hate that if you leave the app to check your messages (or just spending one minute outside of the app) the whole thing refreshes back to the Home Screen. Sometimes I’m browsing through multiple pages and don’t want to reset filters or start all over again 😭 a 5-10 minute grace period would be nice Revolve digital product team!
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4 years ago, Bracrach
Please fix this
App is great but please don’t have the REVOLVE logo at the top right next to the < back arrow. The amount of time I waste because of this problem is stupid. I intend to click the back arrow (say I’m viewing a product) and accidentally hit REVOLVE and I have to perform my product search all over again and scroll down down down all over again. Please stop the madness, thank you.
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3 years ago, louie hello
Change quantity not a available
I accidentally put the same item into the cart two times so wanted to change the quantity to one and could not. I had to remove the item and go find it again and add it back to the cart.
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1 year ago, Masolo74
Great website
I really enjoy shopping g this site- very unique items and fair prices on some things the sale prices are pretty decent I can’t wait for my next package to arrive with goodies Customer service is amazing which it’s great you can actually talk to a person if need be
Show more
1 year ago, K_C_81
App issues
Continuously can’t access Favorites. Been going on for a month with error “unable to get favorites”. Cart showing items that were already purchased. Have to open & close app multiple times before it is fixed long enough to shop/order.
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