Ride Freebee

4.8 (21K)
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Current version
BeeFree, LLC
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1 month ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ride Freebee

4.76 out of 5
21K Ratings
1 month ago, Aizhalee
I LOVE FreeBee. Helps me save so much money when it comes to transportation. Very beneficial for those who can’t get behind the wheels due to medical conditions. Helped me so much today with my routine of going to local laundromats and made me save so much money without the need of Uber / Lyft. The ride is cool it has a trunk and 2 back seats inside the car too. Nice air conditioning, music and nice driver who was very friendly, patient and polite. . Cons: it does take a while though, the wait is usually 25-50 minutes for me so I usually call the Freebee ride ahead of time as I am getting ready so things don’t run late.
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12 months ago, olg333
The Bus system!!!
I been for over 2 months now with out a car. Had a accident and the parts were not to be found. I have my own business. I moved across the 3 counties. Trains metro mover and even try Beeline. Which I may add that is very inhuman, because they divide the classes., never again. Now comes along the busses route some are very good, but some routes are horrible. They spend the time wasting gas and running empty because they’re taking brakes or just going into the garage mode. They treat the passengers very bad because most of them are old and confused. If I had time in my hands I would liked to speak with who Managemen. Thank you for allowing me to bent . I appreciate your service, let people know and get more involved with business. , Advertizing get out there and make things happen!!! Olga Lidia García A great full citizen!!!
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8 months ago, ChristinaDurand
Issue with Freebee
I’ve been taking freebee since April 2023 and honestly it was great, I was able to go to school, go to work, go to internships, go to all my important activities without worries thanks to freebee, till today when I called my freebee and they cancelled the ride on me because I wasn’t 18 years old, and I find it very unfair for us people under 18 to not be able to use freebee when we as well have jobs to go to, and other activities, not all of us have parents to take us or do we have any secure rides to go to places and if I was 18, I’d be working on getting a full-time job to get a car and not have to worry about how to get to places. I understand the age requirement is 18+ but you’d be able to help the community a lot more if it was 16+ as employment is also available to 16+ people.
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2 years ago, Cailola
Everything takes too long
It takes forever for them to confirm your ride sometimes. I had to flag a driver down to get a ride and he informed me that if I was waiting for so long it’s because they remove you from the pickup queue after 30 minutes. Which is ridiculous because the app will have you waiting for a confirmed driver but won’t tell you that they removed you from the queue after 30 minutes. It takes forever for the app to log me in. I’ve opened the app several times recently and it logs me out every time . It’s annoying cause it takes forever for the app to log in. I usually end up having to call an Uber or Lyft because the app is unreliable 80% of the time.
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6 years ago, AlyssaMaryKay
You’re better off using the Metrorail or Uber/Lyft to get around (or if you have a car... that too) I downloaded the app to help save some money on transportation or when I’m broke and need a way home from work, this was perfect. But more often than not, I’m left waiting 30-40min for anyone to accept my request... twice now I’ve had to walk 4mi to get home from work. When I reached out to see if it was an app issue I didn’t get a response until a couple days later and all they had to say was “looks like you were able to get a ride over the weekend” instead of addressing the issue... or apologizing... or answering my questions... I’m writing this review as I’ve been “in the queue” for 45min :) :) :) :) :) :)
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3 months ago, cats96forever
I had one specific driver on Bay Harbour Islands named Karla who did her job horribly and clearly had favoritism within clients who tipped her when you are not supposed to tip freebee drivers. She also was VERY distracted on her phone while driving, almost got me and several guests into accidents and did her errands while ON THE JOB. She was doing laundry while in the middle of one of the rides I was one when I had elsewhere to be. I don’t recommend this app at all if you needed to commute from Bay Harbour to Bal Harbour especially when there’s no other choice when you cannot park for free and or have a daily flat rate (max being 3 hours unfortunately) in those areas. I submitted multiple complaints to this app and NOTHING has been done about this.
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2 years ago, JSHSDVAJAKDV
Very unreliable
I want to start out with a thank u to Julie and Jewell from palmetto bay they are the drivers i really trust and rely on (THEY ACTUALLY DO THEIR JOB). I know freebee is free that’s the point but some drivers don’t take us into consideration. I’m a student at a middle school and have been late MANY TIMES bc of a driver. My parents can’t take me to school so i rely on freebee. I waited for almost 2 hours for my driver to get to me and already missed 2 classes. And i recently noticed that it’s a certain driver that is always taking very long not to mention with other freebee drivers ETA is usually 10-20 min on a mid day but with this certain driver his ETA is always 1 hour or longer. I love freebee it’s helped me a lot but some of their drivers rlly need to be put in check
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5 years ago, The Life of Nate Shaw
I had to find the driver
1. Waited for 20 minutes, which would be understandable if it was a busy time of day or if there was some other explanation for the delay. After all, it is a free service. 2. Finally decided to walk. 3. Found a Freebee, empty as a stadium in the 5th quarter of a football game. 4. Driver was ducking down and talking on phone. Asked her if she’d take me to my destination and she didn’t stop talking on the phone to answer. She nodded. 5. I got in and saw my name on her screen. 6. The soundtrack for the ride home was the driver making housing arrangements. My perception after 6-8 Freebee rides is that the drivers have not been made aware by management that though the passengers don’t pay upon boarding, we do “pay” by patronizing the businesses that advertise on the app or on the vehicles proper. I don’t want to be bowed down to. That’s not what this post is about. I want you to know that if you’re going to make a service available to the public, then it should be performed within the basic rules of business, and common courtesy. Please make these changes, since I think Freebee can be a benefit to this community.
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7 years ago, Elizabethmessages
Freebee, The Best Transportation in Miami!
This guys are amazing! I use Freebee a lot for my guest at the hotel WPH. Very reliable transportation, professional, friendly and cool. Every single guest comes back to us and give us an amazing feedback in how much they enjoy riding the the Freebee. They take you everywhere in the beach and the best part of all, is free! You just Tip the driver. The review that is posted here makes me mad, because maybe they ask for Freebee in a busy weekend or holiday. Of course is going to take few minutes for them to arrive to you. What else do you expect for Free? Common don’t be cheap. I bet you didn’t even tip the guy. This is like Ubber that you ask for the service and you wait to be pick up. The difference is the Ubber you have to pay and with Freebee you don’t. I strongly recommend FreeBee. I Love Freebee! Thank You Freebee for helping us with our guest at Washington Park Hotel. <3
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2 years ago, 33129
Poor expectation management & not a very good app
Regularly logs you out and won’t remember your login info, but the bigger issue is the poor management of expectations. The map is completely wrong and unreliable, and you will never have any clue when or even if to expect your Freebee to arrive unless your driver decides to finally answer your text requesting an update. Even so, I’ve only had one driver respond honestly and tell me that they would be at least an hour. If I still have to take an Uber in order to arrive anywhere in a timely manner, then this isn’t worth my tax dollars. This is a nice service in theory, but in practice, none of it works.
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7 months ago, Bargain Billie
Better than other ride sharing apps because it’s free?
Freebee is the perfect deal! My city pays for the service with tax dollars contributed by citizens that include Taxi, Uber and Lyft drivers. They take that revenue and give away rides, taking cash out if the hands of the drivers that are trying to make money in the same locations. This is brilliant. I would love to see an app paid for by restaurant owners that gives free food away to former restaurant patrons. Keep the free services coming!
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3 years ago, Freebee Fan
Freebee’s Fantastic App and 5 star Service!
This user friendly Freebee mobile app gives an individual the ability to request an eco-friendly, on demand, free ride AND it also allows you the opportunity to see where all of the city’s great local businesses are in the “Places to Bee” section in the app! The Freebee mobile App is a one stop shop for anyone that is looking to get back out and support your favorite local businesses! Amazing!
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5 years ago, Zanny A
Love Freebee
I love Freebee! I enjoyed using it in Islamorada this winter and told everyone I know about it. I even helped my less tech savvy friends download the app or put the phone number in their phone book! The drivers were friendly and professional and seemed to enjoy their job. People just need to realize that this is a Freebee, not a taxi service and not expect immediate service. I hope they are back in Islamorada for the next tourist season.
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10 months ago, Truthful Rider
Staff is rude and selective*
My car had recently went down so I tried Freebee locally. The staff is demeaning and treats you poorly. They bad mouth and argue over people who don’t and who cannot tip. They avoid picking these people up. One day I was stuck in a ride share that took over 20 minutes! I don’t believe this is a ride share and I was uncomfortable. A guy in the car voiced his concerns and Catherine told him to shut up and not complain! I’m right next to downtown. I am in customer service and cannot imagine treating people this way. If you are looking for an eye roll or to be unaccommodated, jump on board.
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5 years ago, LjBettencourtm
Rude driver !
First time using it I loved it, the driver SUPER nice. Second time I had to wait for 1 hour to get a response I was exhausted with the stroller and my 2 babies (3 and 4 years old) and when finally the driver arrives after we are settled in the car he starts to argue that my daughter does not have 3 years calling me a liar and he made us get out of the car in the middle of the street my kids crying super tired worn out and we had to walk home! Haven’t seen anyone as rude as him and do not feel like riding this anytime soon ! TERRIBLE experience the one star goes to my first ride. Plus the app does not have anywhere you can complain so that they can improve or solve this unacceptable issues
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1 year ago, asrc chyy
Freebee is such an awesome service!
I learned about it his free ride service at the marina in downtown Fort Pierce. We used it several times throughout our stay. Would love to see it go as far as West Marine in the futur. As a boater, that would help a lot. Cars were brand new, both drivers, Brian and Catherine were extremely helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend it!
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3 months ago, Paloma lucia rafaela Helena
This is for Alice
Alice is such a great driver and I think that she has helped me and my other friends to realize something very important in life. She was great and really kind. She is a person that for me and I think for others u can look up to her. I learned a lot from her and the heart that she has is very kind. Thank you so much and we are sorry. ❤️🙏
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2 years ago, un_a
App needs improvement
Service is great, but certain improvements can be made to the app. For instance, when a request is placed and you’re not constantly staring at the screen (which could take very long sometimes) your request gets selected and you’re not alerted. This then leads to your request being canceled and you having to go through the whole process again. Also, FIU needs more freebee drivers to reduce the wait time :)
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5 years ago, May Versace live on!!
Excellent Service!!
I have to tell you that we have used Freebee 10 times during our stay in South Beach and have had a great experience each time! We get to pick out our favorite music, enjoy the open air vehicles and the nicest drivers! We have waited a maximum of 10 minutes but most of the time it’s a 5 minute wait. Wish we had this in Orange County, California!
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5 years ago, Adry333
Terrible service
Unfortunately the idea is great, but now you only see your request, it doesn’t show how long you have been waiting before any driver decides to answer (before you could see it), there is no contact with the service provider, etc. It is a shame that, at least in Key Biscayne, the service is terrible.
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2 years ago, Pinecrest Resident
Never shows up- unreliable
I have tried this app so many times and have yet to use it. When I try to communicate to driver they don’t respond or very very slow to respond and don’t give me much to go on. I once was so upset I waited over an hour for one I tracked the guy down and he was just sitting in his car at a parking lot not doing anything. When I confronted him he said something must have been wrong with the app. You are better off getting an Uber. Waste of taxpayer dollars. I’m deleting this app and complaining to my city.
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2 months ago, J diddles U
Pretty great service
I just started using this last week. It’s been easy to request rides but sometimes the app is a little buggy (it times out and then you have to re enter the info). I would also like to be able to see where I’m going as I’m on the ride similar to Uber or Lyft. Would love if the service areas are extended to midtown and brickell.
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2 years ago, Scootercat4
Fast and Friendly Service
Love this service! The drivers are friendly and we didn’t have to wait long for a ride. They keep you updated too with chat function. What a great way to travel on vacation so you don’t have to worry about parking or walking everywhere.
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5 months ago, G.Richie
Today was my first ride and it was an excellent experience. Both drivers up and back were very pleasant and helpful. I will definitely share my experience with others and ride again. Thank you for helping our community. ❤️
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Great, but needs improvements... 😕
I find the app great and it is a great method of transportation, though, it has some disadvantages . Most of the drivers take too much time in accepting the request (30-60 minutes sometimes) which is really annoying. Some drivers also will accept but never come and just go to random places by themselves. The cars are nice, some drivers are nice but it needs improvement.
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1 year ago, Hxxisap
I’ve been waiting for my freebee for about 40 minutes. It is unacceptable that it takes this long. The drivers are extremely irresponsible too. I see freebees parked around all the time not doing anything meanwhile there’s people waiting for their services.
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2 years ago, mdsatty
Coolest car and best driver!
I tried the Freebee for the first time today. My experience was outstanding. The pick up was within three or four minutes on a really cool Tesla with a wonderful driver (Sally). I am sold on this service. It’s fantastic! Thank you Palmetto Bay for making this available in our community.
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3 months ago, Ecrace
Amazing experience!
We spend every winter in the Keys and we love the Freebee and think every town should have one and Shelia who has been our driver multiple times is amazing! Shelia is very professional and kind to our kids, amazing experience because of her!
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1 year ago, Gta iv rocks2213
Please change Coconut Grove to what it was
Freebee pre-COVID was probably the best thing for a Coconut Grove resident, you could get around the grove freely and just tipping the driver. Now it’s atrocious and it’s clear it’s only helpful for tourists. It’s a great app but please change it back to what it was. I’m sure this issue has to do with the city and not the company, but I can’t rate it higher than 3 because for my location is horrible.
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2 years ago, Heavii Hitter
Rude Driver Matrecia
I never took this ride, if you review my request compare it to the pickup & drop of the ride details they do not match. Driver made it seem like they picked me up but instead canceled the ride on me. I simply asked the driver for an estimated time of arrival after waiting for approximately 10-15 minutes. Driver responded very rude and proceeded to cancel the ride. I am extremely disappointed with how this driver handled the situation and would like necessary actions to be taken in order to prevent this from happening again.
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10 months ago, pdrule
So happy with Freebee
Thank you so much City of Kissimmee for providing the Freebee. I work at the courthouse and take the train in from Orlando every day. Having Freebee when it’s really hot out, or raining, makes getting from the train to work, and back again, SO much easier. Thank you.
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11 months ago, cwilliams88
First Ride Great
But every subsequent request after that driver doesn’t even bother responding one word to any messages sent. I can see the value in the service and am thankful for it but long wait times and driving AWAY from where I am when you’re only 2 minutes away is a turn off. C-
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5 years ago, BurnMamaBurn
Trouble opening app
Freebee is the best! But I can’t seem to Open the app so this stinks because I can’t request a ride. I tried deleting and downloading but it isn’t working. My phone has no other issue downloading other apps
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5 years ago, Justletmesendmyreview
90% useless
I love the concept and what the app is trying to do but it’d be cool if it actually worked. It’s only worked 2/15 times that I try to get a ride. Most times I won’t be connected to a driver and sometimes the app won’t even open at all. Some drivers are really ignorant, one of them asked me to change my route to make it a more convenient ride for him and then cancelled my ride because he complicated it. Again, love the concept, but it just isn’t working.
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7 years ago, 574269536$9
Great App! Tipping is an issue..
I love this app. I think it is extremely convenient and although it can take some time to get picked up, it's a free ride so I figure it's worth it. My issue is that I barely ever vary cash on me, let alone small bills, so there are many times that I cannot tip my driver, even though I would very much like to. There should be a way to tip with a card.
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10 months ago, Santo Pierce
Low down terrible.
This app is only ideal for people that wake up at five in the morning ready to be first person on the app at 8 AM and then have an appointment time to be somewhere at 12 PM. You will wait in the queue for 25+ minutes then wait an additional 25+ minutes for the vehicle to arrive to you. It is the most inconvenient nightmare; That proves once again you do you end up spending way more for free stuff then you do for paying out right for things.
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2 years ago, freebee-rvwer
Waste of Public Money
In my humble opinion Freebee is a bad idea, it has a shady business model, and is a excuse for not investing in decent and functional public transportation. The drivers do whatever they want, picking and choosing whoever they want (and rejecting they want), and most of the times are willing to picking you up only if you promise a very good tip. Many friends of mine are also aware of the existing scheme because—like me—they were victims of the same unjustified, abusive waiting time. A shame.
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3 years ago, Ash85071502
Left my pregnant wife in 95° heat while we watched other pickups happen and ANTWON didn’t cancel until 50 minutes later. Had to uber. What an unprofessional, inconsiderate employee. After several texts he never even answered us back, and were beyond understanding and sympathetic to the fact that things occur and cause delay! Gut feeling he caused his own delays, instead of taking his job seriously. The freebie is not his own personal whip to pickup friends and leave those waiting for pickup.
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1 year ago, Miamisail
Terrible service
Requested service at 10:29 today and after waiting for 1 1/2 hours the app cancelled my request, tried to make another request and I was notify after 20 minutes that they were too busy and would not be able to pick me up for another 45 to 60 minutes, I will be in front of the Village of Palmetto Bay council next time your service renewal is discussed. And this will be the last time I try to use it.
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6 years ago, espressomac
Endless download loop
The app asks me to download the latest version. Doesn't let me do anything until I do. The App Store only lets me download the latest version compatible with my iOS version. But that version is the one demanding I download the latest version. Please fix this.
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1 year ago, Baldywaldy01
Quick way to get around
We took the Freebee back and forth from the Sunrise Resort to Buoys and had fantastic service. It arrived quick and our drivers were very nice. Cheap (a tip) and easy to use.
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2 months ago, Bsbgirl84
They a good cab service
But they make you wait forever and when it goes down then it go back up and you wait forever. I put on ride list very fast in the morning but they still make me wait. Sometimes I have to go anywhere important but they still take long
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1 year ago, NeydieR
Need More Info
This was my first time using Freebee. I never got the chance to enjoy my Freebee ride because no one came to pick me up. There may have been a lot of volume of rides requests at the time of my request. I wish there was some indication on the app of how long it would take for the pick-up. Next time I will ask with more advance time. Can you make an appointment in advance for a pickup? Can I contact the service by phone?
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2 years ago, acsrv
Free bee changes ages
I Understand why they canceled free bee because of the kids that prank free bees into wasting there time I have respect for free bee they have a lot of work to do but it’s not fair for me and other good kids that appreciate and respect free bee so they should give us one more chance I almost missed my date at mall because of it Free bee please give us a chance
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5 years ago, needuniqueusernames
When it’s not busy
The app itself is ok and the idea is great. BUT the service and logistics need help. There are of course not enough of these to go around and don’t have a carpool option but why are the users meant to suffer from poor planning? If the driver accepts, it needs to update the wait time so you’re not stuck waiting for 25 minutes.
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2 years ago, frank fertter
Great service
Wow just happened to see these little cars zipping around . Great way to go up and down the beach area . ALOT cheaper then parking . Rides are free they operate on tips . Their app is easy to use and the drivers are prompt
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2 years ago, Ruthline A.
Barely ever works
I go to the common areas to get picked up and still never get my request picked up by any of the drivers, despite seeing all the empty freebies drive around 👎🏽
Show more
5 years ago, Wil8y
Great app!
This service is great for those distances that are too long to walk. What I don’t like as much is the destination tool since it doesn’t let you pin-point it on the map, and have to know the address.
Show more
6 years ago, isaacd123
A+ app and experience
I was at the swim show and forgot something at my hotel. Not only did Julian tell me to hop in with no problem, he also waited outside the hotel for me and took me back! Would definitely recommend
Show more
6 years ago, rockingerry
My first horrible experience since using freebee for years
Unfortunately your driver Mitch can’t follow gps directions and to top it all, has a horrible attitude about it. Shame. Never had a problem with freebee before.
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