2.5 (176)
98.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Port Authority NY/NJ
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for RidePATH

2.49 out of 5
176 Ratings
2 years ago, Reshma71
Unnecessarily annoying
1. You can’t add more than two favorite stations which is just silly. Since you can’t add more stations, this shouldn’t be the default view. 2. When no scheduled rides are loading, there’s no explanation for it. And it’s not a glitch, it’s the day. When I changed the date of travel, a schedule populated. If the train ain’t running, it should just say so explicitly. 3. Why can’t I purchase rides through the app? It’s 2022…the meta verse exists. Surely a tap and go option isn’t rocket science. 4. Prioritize information better. Why is the trip planner on the landing page alllll the way at the bottom, where it’s not readily visible. That should be at the top where the survey prompt is…I’m not doing the survey. It’s too annoying.
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5 years ago, Corylovesgolf11
Been waiting 6 years for a ‘real time’ feature for Path scheduling. Was incredibly frustrating in the past, especially on weekends, to plan your day around a train departure and then miss it because it came 5 min early and then have to wait up to 30 for the next one. Just the real time option on this app inspires 5 stars from me. Other options are also appreciated, like the saved favorites, though you should be able to save more than one favorite route and then scroll through them quickly whenever wanted.
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5 years ago, Old NYer
Often misleading
The app is quite visually helpful, but it appears to only show scheduled departures. So, where the app says the next train to leave the WTC is a Hoboken train, all too often a Newark train comes in after the Hoboken train, but leaves before the Hoboken train, and vice versa. This is annoying because the trains leave from different platforms, and since PATH does not provide announcements about which train is actually leaving first, this app ends up providing frustration for those passengers who only want to go to Exchange Place. This occurs at least once or twice a week. The app also does not take into account trains that are taken out of service late in the rush hour. So while there may be a 10:12 train leaving on the Newark platform, when it arrives and is marked “no passengers,” you may or may not have time to get to the Hoboken platform and the train that is sitting there, ready to leave. Until PATH IT improves its software to be more accurate, I recommend not bothering to download it, remove it if you already have it, or ignore its information for now, or at least take that information with a large grain of salt. Maybe this app will be useful in some future version.
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5 years ago, nik.hth
Introduce Tap-and-Pay link NYC metro
It would be great if you can Introduce a feature to add a smartlink card in PATH app, use the tap and pay/swipe/access the entrance gates at PATH stations. You already have an example very nearby in 14th street metro stations for 4,5,6 lines, where you can add a Mastercard or AMEX card to your mobile wallet like Apple or Google Pay and get through the entrance gates without even needing to buy a metro/PATH/smartlink card and all the hassle around loading and reloading path/smartlink cards and standing in lines when u got to catch a train on a busy day or hour. Please think and improve the application.
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3 years ago, Angiebrite
Don’t make me choose!
I work unusual hours. I frequent more than two stations depending on the time of day. Let me pick 3 or 4 favorite stations! Don’t limit me, 2 favorites is not enough for some folks. I use this app a lot to help me commute efficiently, just offering some helpful feedback to make it better.
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6 years ago, MalcomJ201
App is as useful as the escalator at Grove Street
Claim: pushes real-time alerts and travel info when you arrive at the station. Reality: pushes the published timetable. Actual arrival/departure times and info about delays are NOT sent. For instance, service was delayed this morning and yesterday, yet the app did not send that info when I arrived at the station either day. Claim: Includes maps of the PATH system. Reality: The maps are tiny and unreadable on a phone and you cannot scroll/zoom. Claim: This is a useful new tool for PATH commuters. Reality: it looks like a high school kid’s coding project and you still need to follow PATHtrain on twitter to get delay alerts. The only positive thing I can say is that getting the scheduled departure times sent to your phone beats watching the departure times scroll sllllowwwwwllllyyyyy across the bottom of a PATHvision screen.
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2 years ago, Sandipan's Apple Devices
Good app but has areas to imrove
The app is good. I check the Schedule and take train or walk to station based on that. Never had any issues except one or two occasions over the weekend, due to track maintenance.
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3 years ago, XuToch
Keep working on it
I’m so happy you finally released an app! But it still needs a lot of your attention. First of all “Schedule” page doesn’t work. Can’t wait to see SmartLink card to have it’s electric version and be attached to this app🙈
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12 months ago, betterPropaganda
Don’t Bother with this Broken App
The schedule times are often incorrect by a wide margin, tough to use, screens often broken. Recently it’s been so broken it massively heats up my phone - seems to be the “real time” feature, which doesn’t work at all and just breaks the screen rendering the app completely broken. How’d apple approve this app? Amazed at the crap the wave through these days.
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6 years ago, Ijm8710
Important improvements:
Please let me know if you plan to implement the following (most ideas shared with the great “path schedule” app thats been the only working app on ios for years): 1) ability to easily click-in the times on front page settings to see intermediary station route and times 2) ability to see several recent station times that just expired 3) Hoboken to nj should still show the 11:31 and 11:51 PM weekday JSQ trains as next available as opposed to blank 4) ability to set favorite station to default “to Nj/Ny” scroll 5) ability to default “favorite vs to Ny/NJ” preferred tab. I’d prefer to default to one of latter as its inclusive of multiple routes Thank you
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5 years ago, FuzzyUsh
Features Don’t Work
This app should be much simpler and more intuitive to use. And to top it off, many features don’t work. For instance, when you select a route from the schedule section, the route doesn’t come up. This seems to be a glitch since this feature is highlighted on the advertisements and when you select the route it gets highlighted for a moment but then nothing happens.
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5 years ago, ihatethepath
As useful as the path was on time during PTC
The app requires an internet connection to update the schedule, so good luck using it anywhere but WTC. It currently won’t load the schedule for me, even though I’m at WTC with internet connection. It was quicker for me to view the train schedule on their website via safari, making this app useless. I wish dissapointedpig would come back and update its path app. It was a million times better.
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2 years ago, Yahweh abides
Frequent false times
This app is constantly radically imprecise. And for late night travel past midnight, this app is the height of inconvenience. Just rushed to the station to make it 2 minutes before the app says the train will arrive. The station indicates it's not set to arrive for another 26 minutes. Having happened more than a couple times before, now I erase this garbage app and just wing it.
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3 years ago, Dont Worry About Itr66
Does the bare minimum
This app does the bare minimum and tells you what time the trains come. However I would like to see this app give notifications on what stations are closed, if there are delays, and what maintenance is going on. Too many times have I gone to train station to find out it’s delayed or the station is closed. It would be good to know before hand.
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1 year ago, Truman84
Brutal app
Times are always wrong. I’m standing at the station ready to get a train that comes in 1 minute… but actually 12 mins away. Ran here from another station that’s closed but didn’t mention that on the app. Nothing is right, times are always wrong. Pointless app. Just delete it or someone should actually make it do what it’s meant to do….
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5 years ago, Ashanti_417
“Real time “ isn’t accurate
The app is fine they added a real time tab and it’s horribly inaccurate. It’s always about 5-10 minutes off which is very inconvenient.
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11 months ago, vickygoitia
Needs to improve!
For the past 2 months the weekends schedule has been inaccurate or they simply don’t show any updates about the trains schedule. It’s frustrating not having any information
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5 years ago, Westopher0
Good real time info, notifications broken
I like the real time info. But alerts don’t actually get pushed as notifications on the phone. Additionally there is no integration with smart link.
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5 years ago, Grahhg
Great tool
Use it everyday to confirm time schedule....now if only the PATH trains were also on time will even be better!
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5 years ago, SamanthaMilo45
I love this app! Straightforward. No excessive notifications. I’m always working during my commute and I’m never interrupted by notifications!
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6 years ago, /\/\/ES
Completely unreliable
Not at all accurate. Trains do not match up to the actual time the trains arrive and depart! Get it together! I have wasted so much time on the platform or waiting for the train which has made me late to everything.
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6 years ago, nwrk212
Easier schedules
Much easier to get the schedules than going to the PATH website
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6 years ago, NJ-Joe
Better PATH experience
This app has turned into my go-to app for my morning and evening commute
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5 years ago, exp(iπ)+1=0
Schedule never available. Not useful at all.
Always buffering. The schedule never appears. Only the “alerts” section works, which provides info that is never useful to me. Prefer the path schedule app by disappointedpig, which gives me the schedule at least.
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1 year ago, DAVinCHl
Terrible UX
So many great travel apps out there for this app to aspire to. User experience, layout, interface is horrible. AND you can’t buy tickets on the app - modernize to Bluetooth ticket readers. Time to rethink it folks. Make us proud.
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2 years ago, Rigel Vega
No info that trains were suspended
I entered the train station and had to hear the announcements that trains were suspended, and the app had no info about it whatsoever. The other people there were all organizing Ubers.
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3 years ago, Joeinjersey
Garbage. Typical Failure by Port Authority
First the app has to download an update every day. Next, what’s the point. The times are NEVER right. I’m sitting in a station right now righting this because I have an extra 11 minutes thanks to this app. Start firing people and get this right!!!!
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6 years ago, BenB2018
App User
Very informative on timetables, timely information on alerts, and ease of planning trip
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1 year ago, iDoug1834
Times are always wrong
Everytime I use this app the time is wrong by more than 10 minutes. It makes me miss trains by that I could have made it on time and then im forced to wait 20 minutes for the next one.
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2 years ago, Mo2109
The app in pointless. I can never find reliable information on train times. Does not provide accurate real time train timings which means if there are delays or changes they don’t reflect on the app, so it’s pointless.
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1 year ago, BgcPhilly
Used to be accurate
The app used to be helpful with accurate train times, now it’s off every time.
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5 years ago, Jong.Chef.Lim
I do not usually review but...
But... I feel like I have to review for this Path did big advertising and failed much bigger for this stupid app and whole forecasting system. App is designed unorganizedly which makes users hard to understand manual because it is difficult to recognize where is which function keys. It never forecasts accurate train arrival time or it has never connection for forecasting at all. I cannot believe I spent that my time and data for this stupid app.
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2 years ago, duolaggo
Mostly useless
Mostly useless because the trains rarely arrive at the scheduled time. 🤷🏻‍♀️ at least it’s consistently inaccurate…
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6 years ago, Bmurlas
This is going to making commenting so much easier!
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3 years ago, djole78
very poor app
I guess it is too much to expect the horrible service run by the corrupt port authority to actually have a good app. What’s the point of having the schedule/trip planner if it does not reflect the reality of a schedule!?!?
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5 years ago, tamlimb
Real time is always wrong when it matters
It always says WTC is coming before it actually comes and often makes me run when I don’t have to or wait when I should have taken an earlier one.
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5 years ago, Mazen.Official
Useless app
I came running to get in the train, then I've got surprised by knowing that the train is not coming at that time, and i still waiting while I'm writing this comment, it's been more than a 20 minutes, still no train.
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6 years ago, AppManiac32
So happy to finally have an official PATH app with real time info. Looks awesome!
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7 months ago, No workin
Not working
This app has not worked in months.
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8 months ago, Jess Li1904
App is utterly useless and broken
This app hasn’t opened and has crashed on opening since August and I’m absolutely sick and tired of it. Fix the app already!
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5 years ago, Andman818
Nothing new
Train times are still off and trains that are scheduled to come never show
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5 years ago, MT80
Not very good app
This app takes best user experience (UX) principles from the 90s. Requires multiple clicks to get transit info that other apps pull automatically. If the data feed even works. Better off using the Transit app.
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3 years ago, Goatboy65
Keeps crashing
After latest update the app has become unstable. Keeps crashing.
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5 years ago, The NY Commute
Inefficient and not useful
Not very accurate during weekdays. And on weekends, several arrival times will be shown, but they are inaccurate and you will wait 20+ minutes for a train to arrive.
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6 years ago, ld005
Not in real time. Impossible to plan a trip bc it doesn’t have “depart at/arrive by” option. Port Authority’s budget is in the billions you’d think they’d be able to come up with a better app.
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4 months ago, listener728
Waste of time, just like the service itself.
Absolute garbage. Constantly wrong. Never anticipates the schedule correctly. An embarrassment.
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5 years ago, Sparkplugs
Takes too long to refresh
Be the time it tells me when the train is coming/leaving, I’ve missed the train.
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5 years ago, Georgetakei
PATH app is a joke
The “real-time” timings for trains taken over the past week have been off by + or - 7 minutes. How is this considered “real-time”? Absolutely ridiculous.
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6 years ago, VmadCross
Stick to the unofficial “Path Schedule” app. This app doesn’t have real time schedules. So you will be lost no matter what when the train doesn’t show up as “schedule”.
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11 months ago, Dejanyc
This may be THE worst app I’ve ever used. Don’t expect to gain any insight as to what the schedule actually is, especially on the weekend.
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