2.5 (124)
54 MB
Age rating
Current version
Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for rideRTC

2.46 out of 5
124 Ratings
2 years ago, Jenkins9999
Went full circle on the Customer Support
I thought something was fishy when the customer service representative said that she was transferring me to her manager and then that representative said the same thing. This process repeated four times until they transferred me back to the original rep who took my call. They couldn’t help me get my money back but they at least were able to reinstate my student discount so I’ll give ‘em a star for that!
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7 years ago, FoxShepard
Good app
UPDATED REVIEW: I'm going to assume the issue regarding having to repeatedly activate longer passes has been fixed as stated in the version notes for the last update (can't verify this since I'm no longer in Vegas), and I'm increasing my rating from 3 stars to 4. I used this app a lot to buy passes and never had any issues. Loved the convenience of showing or scanning the pass on my phone when boarding the bus. I think the app still has some room to grow, but this is more high-tech than a lot of cities' bus systems. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I like being able to buy a pass through the mobile app and just have to show it on my phone to the driver when I board a bus, but there's one part of the design that's just makes absolutely no sense. I bought a 15-day residential pass and found that the pass wouldn't stay in an active state -- I had to activate the pass every time I boarded a bus (even multiple times in one day). I called RTC customer service thinking there must be a problem with the app, but the rep checked with someone who told her that the app is working as designed. That's a really bad (and inexplicable) design. Once you activate your pass, it should stay active for the entire length of the pass.
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5 months ago, kleverkim623
I’ve used this app for years and it’s pretty easy to use and convenient but I have one MaJOR issue with it. If I buy, for example, a 15 day pass but don’t active it, why does it expire in 15 days anyways??? What is the point in even having the option to activate a bus pass if the expiration is set?? I bought the pass ahead of time thinking “oh I can buy it and when I activate it THEN it’ll expire in 15 days”. No unfortunately it doesn’t work like that and it’s stupid. So I just wasted money on a 15 day pass for it to only be activated for 2 days before it expired. 🙃 Take away the activation feature it’s useless OR don’t expire my inactivated passes!!!!
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11 months ago, Average Worker23
Can no longer buy residential passes
I’ve been using this app to buy bus passes for years with little to no issues but they recently made it so u have to travel to the Bonneville Transit center just to get a residential pass which defeats the purpose of the app because I don’t have a car and need the bus to get to and from work etc. On the app it says u can buy the pass and it was just working fine a couple of days ago but I ended up having to call customer service just for them to tell me u can’t buy them online anymore, next time they should give a warning before doing this or just remove the residential option all together so people don’t almost miss work like I did
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6 months ago, luna alr
It’s ok, but not ideal for tourist
I used this app to ride the bus around Vegas strip. I was with one other adult and child. There are a few issues with this app using tap to go functionality- you have to first load money onto the app, so you may end up loading more money than you will use. Second, you can’t buy multiple trips with the same device at one time which meant the other adult needed to set up their own payment on their phone and the kid who had no phone I couldn’t pay for at all with my phone if I used it for myself so we resorted to cash for him.
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6 years ago, rach777777777
5 stars to 2
Your update is horrible. Before I was able to just type in a bus number and get the schedule for that line . Now I have to scroll to the street I want to go to just to figure out the bus schedule. I don’t always want a schedule for right at the moment . I like to plan my day in advance. Horrible . If it wasn’t for the buses showing up on time for the most part and me using my pass through this app I would not be using it .
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4 years ago, Lucille VP
Very convenient but
They should get rid of the expiration date before you activate the pass. Some people like to buy their passes early because money may be a problem. I paid for 15 day pass but I’m only getting 10 days and when you call they won’t do anything about it.
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4 years ago, moe67854
needs work
i love this app and it makes it easier to get passes instead of only 24hr ones. but, CAN YOU PLEASE GIVE US MORE SWITCHES. what if my phones dies but i can log into a friends ? what if i use two friends ? i just don’t understand why we only have three switches but i’m paying for it so i should be able to do whatever i please! i’m very angry about this, i’ve lost my phone before and couldn’t use the pass i bought on another phone.
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2 years ago, nyasnipe
Fix app non wifi issue
The app works well when running on wifi and data but I recall it working regardless of having internet service some buses do not have wifi running and when I am without data I still need to be able to use my ticket. The app stays stuck on a blue screen unless connected to a wifi source please fix this!
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3 years ago, BrockRL
Horrible service!
Based on app, bus is never on time. When you are in 105 degree heat, waiting for the bus when it says 2 minutes, the. -2, -4 then goes back to 11 minutes and it doesn’t come for 20 minutes is ridiculous! You are a transportation and logistics company …. Get it together! Tried calling to file a complaint and that was pointless as the guy on the phone gave a big huff and puff before he’s like … fine, what’s your name. HORRIBLE company and even worse service!
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4 days ago, Mx344
Had a great experience during our short trip
Was pretty easy to use and very affordable for trips around the strip and back to airport 👍🏽 the bus was always super cold and drivers were nice. App never had any hiccups during our short stay.
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2 years ago, Disappoint Ted
Great but needs work
This app is perfect. It makes life so much easier. It would be great if it didn’t kill my battery though…every time I open the pass it forces the brightness up and leaves it that way. That’s a problem. As I need power on my phone to use your app..maybe think about working on the app some more.
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3 years ago, Falcon89107
Unnecessary Wallet Access
For some reason after activating my pass and scanning it on the bus, Apple Wallet opens up. Even though it hasn't affected me negatively, it is concerning thats it's happening at all. That's pretty much all I have to say. Overall 5 stars!
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11 months ago, Jhb101
We went to Vegas for the first time, and someone suggested to get the three day pass. It took us way too long to figure out that you needed to download a different app to see the routes. This is not a user-friendly app. Next time we will just do Uber and Lyft more expensive but less of a headache and less frustration as you can’t tell where the stop are or directions to them
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4 years ago, foxxyguy
Works Great
Just downloaded this app in Vegas. Purchased a 24-hour pass without any issues. Pulled up the pass and activated it on the bus. App didn’t crash and everything worked great! I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 13.3 with no issues.
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3 years ago, marvelnash
No point to this app
I expected to find routes on this app. Nope. Those links go to the website which is useless when you don’t have WiFi. I expected to buy reduced fare passes. Nope. I can’t because it doesn’t recognize any of my valid ID numbers. What is the point of this app? I suppose one can buy passes at the regular pass, if in a pinch. But I’m deleting it. I think the Uber app which lists these buses will be more useful.
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2 years ago, KrisE222
App not working
I’ve tried so many times to uninstall and reinstall and I keep getting an error that say underlying error error SDK_200. I called rtc and they said it’s my network connection but I keep telling them that all of my other apps work just fine and so does my internet. I don’t know how to fix it but this has been a true inconvenience to my daily life
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5 years ago, ___1maria1___
New update
The app was perfectly just fine with how it was before . I wouldn't of have updated my app if I wasn't forced into updating it . It takes too long to load , and now it crashes whenever I try to open my RTC ticket. Please fix this bug as soon as possible.
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2 years ago, DJantzen
The app is great, but!
I just bought a 15 day pass that I wasn’t really going to start using until Monday. This is a heck of way to find 3 days will be for nothing. Why is it so hard to purchase a pass in advance?
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6 months ago, 2oonces
I read about senior discount. In the app I found a spot to purchase with discount. The link takes you box to enter something but I don’t know what it wants or how to enter. I opted to skip the discount and just purchase. Now it will not connect to my Google maps using an iPhone. It might be easier to drop coins in the machine when I step on the bus.
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1 year ago, MrManStuff
Unbelievable entitlement
As I write this, I’m watching my bus driver text while at a stop with the doors open, acting as if all of us aren’t trying to go somewhere. I’ve watched drivers stop the bus and get out to play on their phone in the middle of a route. It’s insane. Hard work is definitely a concept these drivers are entirely unfamiliar with.
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3 years ago, vy1099
Ride Tracker Horrible
Tracks non existent busses. Bus disappears when tracking progress.
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4 years ago, Yaszibabe
Please help
Great app but sometimes can be misleading. Example I wait for the SX B on the app it’ll say 10 mins but the SX A will show up then I’ll have to wait another 10mins or longer for the SX B. It should have times for Both SX A and SX B. Otherwise great app
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1 year ago, Jon_8ball
Stop 6688 opened closed so confuse.
So I called the number it says next stop 15 min. Website says nothing currently coming. Did see a bus earlier today but only once.
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3 years ago, @ZvchTvylor
Update: 121 North buses will have you wasting your time waiting for them. Every other day 121 South (6:30 AM) is either late or doesn’t show up until the next hour. I’m paying for $65 passes every month for unreliable drivers that make me late to work. Fix the problem!
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3 years ago, Dark Magician
You have all these other links inside the app where you have to install other app in order to work and when I do open and scan why does it always open my Apple wallet . This app needs work but hey not like they will do anything about it!
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11 months ago, skiumah22
Why is it when you have an issue with the service or want to report an incident that you have to download a separate app? That’s gives zero confidence that any feedback will get back to RTC, instead it just goes off into the ether. Clown show operation
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2 years ago, jay0762
App terrible
This app is terrible in general. will have you waiting longer than expected bus times are Never accurate. The gps system is way off says bus is down the road then all of a sudden disappears and youll be waiting 30more mins for the next one. SMH
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3 years ago, apple heaux
Watch compatibility?
I love this app, it’s so Convenient, would love it to be compatible for apple watches in case my phone dies. Then I can leave my phone at home when I go out
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5 years ago, sequintakeover
Scumbags and swindlers
I bought a 15 day pass to use later. When I activated it, it only lasted for 3 days. If I buy a 15 day pass, I should be able to activate it and use it for the duration of the 15 days regardless of when I activate it. You people are thieves and the way you run your business is unconscionable.
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2 years ago, 北京大爷。
Poor bus service & stupid drivers
Deuce drivers are all stupid idiots. One didn’t stop at a stop. Another one didn’t let you get in even there are plenty of space and even seats at the back! Also it’s never on time on Sunday!
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8 months ago, ezra1222
Locked me out
Locked me out of my account and was absolutely no help at getting me back in! I take the bus to work and do not often have cash on me as well as I need the ability to buy passes in bulk!
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2 years ago, Canons n Macs
Least effort possible by Vegas
This app horribly designed, gives no updates on the bus statuses with any kind of accuracy. It’s like they threw an app out there with some bare bones “buy here” but zero effort anywhere else.
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3 years ago, Subst1
Wanted to go from the Strip to a residential area. Couldn’t figure out which type of fare to buy. Strip? Residential? Also, the fares are too high and discourage ridership, but that’s not the app’s fault. The app’s lack of clarity, on the other hand, is.
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1 year ago, Flybyshy
There are no busses
This application fraudulently sells tickets to a nonfunctional bus system. It’s overcrowded at best but seems to be completely non-functional on a regular basis. It is almost definitely faster to just walk. And I’m writing this on a Thursday.
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7 years ago, PCMacSolutionWizard
Battery Hog
Functionally the app is very good, a reasonable learning curve, what a real hog of battery power. I really hope that something can be done to fix that.
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6 years ago, Jamrussell42
No Show Buses
Just moved to town. Downloaded the app. Bought a ticket. All seemed easy enough. Walked to the stop as directed. No bus shows. The app says another is coming in 30 min. Waited. Again no show. Walked back home with less money.
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3 years ago, Pyrosci
Don’t bother, slowest and most expensive bus ever
Better off walking than taking the bus in las vegas. Infrequent, slow, unreliable, crowded, and costs same as taxi if more than one person travelling.
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6 years ago, digitalfuture76
Broken and unusable
I have never seen an app this incomplete and broken. I didn’t know you could submit an app to the App Store that is so completely unusable. This is an embarrassment to the taxpayers of Las Vegas. As a tourist, I wouldn’t recommend using it.
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4 months ago, Knomies
Game Day GK Passes
I try to purchase 2 round trip game day tickets and your app says it is good for two one-way trips. Very confusing. I’m clearly selecting round trip and next screen says one-way. Argh!!!
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3 months ago, Ted nuts
Rtc bus
Rtc is very never on time, limit buses. Most of the time is crowded and group cannot get on. Rtc claim 15 minutes but it will take longer than 35 minutes wait
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5 years ago, diatradiamond
Zero stars
This app is useless. They locked my account through finance and wouldn’t even look at it for 5-7 days. This renders this app useless and me unable to take the bus without exact cash.
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2 weeks ago, &$$&-&2&:$:$272
Even though they have the baddest drivers in the city, they are also aggressive.
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6 years ago, Dominikki413
They blocked my account
Blocked my account won’t explain anything and not trying to help get this resolved.
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5 years ago, Shrikke
Not completely useless
But real close.
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3 years ago, Shadowv1rus
right when i’m about to hop on the bus your app crashes and i can’t access my pass, thnx
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I just bought a 7 days bus pass and I go to activated they kick me out of the app and it won't let me activate the pass
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1 year ago, snjdd s
6:20 north 103 north Decatur 2/3/23
One of your dumb buses literally passed us with people on it were at a gas station ampm
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5 years ago, yesiwritereviewssobetterbegood
I can’t even purchase tickets keep saying error !
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2 months ago, wrtujhggghkk
Application is the worst
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