Rite Aid Pharmacy

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Rite Aid
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for Rite Aid Pharmacy

4.61 out of 5
80.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Suezachmady
Stress free
I want to thank everyone that has ever helped us and for example I have an extremely sick child he’s vented and we have 1,000$ of dollars a month and everything is Al way put together and ready for us. they personally talk to me about how new prescriptions work and what to watch out for all medications he takes so we can be as careful as possible with different doctors writing scripts they make sure that they all can be taken together and will advise me if there is a problem with one . So yes i would like to thank them all for everything they have done for the past 20 years for are son. Sometimes scripts are not right and they will do his immediately and if there is a problem they call me so I can get it done before they close which has been one thing that helps tremendously. I just wanna give a shoutout to all my amazing people at the Plymouth Rite aid that have been in are corner from the beginning and also they make sure iam always set in the overdose spray for your nose because I would be scared without it they always make sure I have one in date so thank you for everything , love the Crowley family’s family.❤️
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2 years ago, LSchoenhut1
I am finding this site and Rite Aid, difficult to maneuver. I appreciate shortages in staffing, but it is still difficult. I have been trying to get my meds delivered for days. I received one notice they attempted delivery, but there was no one home ( two people were home) I was told three times the meds were delivered, only to discover they were still at the store. I had a Door Dasher there to pick them up, and they were told that they had been delivered. They have not. In the next few days I was told delivery was impossible over the weekend. I sent a friend to pick up my meds and they refused to release them. I changed to Rite Aide, because my insurance company insisted. It’s been 5 days and I still do not have my medication. Today I am told they don’t even have my prescription, it’s at another location. The other location said they don’t have my insurance information. I am getting no where fast. I don’t understand how they can tell me they tried to deliver it last week, but now it does not even exist. Long story short I sent a friend to pick up the meds, not only did they have them, they have had them since 1/27. I have gone 5 days without medication, simply because no one answering the phone, could be bothered to check and see if the prescription was ready. Trust me I try to be sympathetic to the plight of the situation. But a lot of this difficulty seems to stem from no one just taking a moment to listen to me and see if what I said was true. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Rianneacey
Ran out of important meds because of awful app
I ordered refills through the app the other day for 7 medications that I would run out of within the next week (my meds are almost always ready within 1-2 days). The app confirmed that my refill requests had been processed successfully. The app never shows me any info about pending refills, so I was completely unaware that there had been some sort of issue with the app. Two days after submitting the request, there was only 1 med listed in the app for pickup. At this point I’m running extremely low on the other meds, so I called the pharmacy to see what is taking so long. Turns out that out of the 7 refills I requested, 1 was ready, 1 was awaiting refills from the doctor (which is fine), and they didn’t receive any refill requests for the other 5. If the app showed status updates for pending refills, I would have caught this issue sooner. Now I’m out of 3 meds and am feeling the effects. The technician I spoke with over the phone regarding this had no problems putting through those 5 refills, so it was 100% an issue with the app. Rite aid, please don’t fail me like the last 4 pharmacies I’ve dealt with. I’m chronically ill and take a ton of medication. I’m really tired of pharmacies having these inexcusable errors and putting me in dangerous medical situations. Maybe you should drop all of your other app features and focus on fixing the pharmacy feature so your patients don’t die... Just a thought.
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9 months ago, Wynterloren
Works well except..
I like the app, does what it needs to do. However there is no way to check the status of a prescription refill. I submitted a refill request and added a pick up time, and it said the request was sent and will be ready on the time indicated.. but there is no way to return later on to view the refill request or the status of any refills placed. The app still shows I have a refill available for this month, so did the refill go through or not? No way to know unless I call the pharmacy directly. There is a section that says “ready for pick up” but it never lists anything even when I do have a prescription ready for pick up. I go through this every month because I can’t take the chance the refill request did not go through.
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3 years ago, Camaro67@
You need to do better
In the spring of 2020 the Kmart in Walnutport Pennsylvania shut its doors permanently, its pharmacy patients (myself included) were transferred to the Rite Aid store in the same town. Since that time almost every interaction I have had with the pharmacy department at the Walnutport Rite Aid has been wrought with problems. The medication isn’t in stock, the directions concerning the medications in my rite aid file aren’t followed, the automated text alert says it’s filled only to find upon arrival that it has not been. The medication in question is Zubsolv which is an opioid addiction management drug. The circumstances surrounding my having to take this drug stem from injuries I received in Iraq, but it seems that the pharmacist at this particular store has no time for we addicts trying to fix our lives. I have exhausted all other options in trying to resolve this with this email being the last. I will be speaking to an attorney as I feel I’ve been discriminated against for simply trying to do the right thing and not abuse any medications. Should there be no legal recourse for me I will take to social media. I’m not writing this to demand anything of your corporation I’m simply informing you of what’s going to happen with the hopes that next time your staff will reserve judgment. Sincerely, Lucas Bowers
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1 year ago, Jessie_11
More frequent updates
I am happy that the server is now up and running, and we should no longer receive the message “The server failed to communicate with us. Please try again in a few seconds.” Thank you! However, there are a few other issues that require attention: 1. The app is not providing any visual notifications, which makes it difficult to know when medications are due for a refill or ready for pickup. Unless I manually open the app, I cannot view any recent refill or pickup information. 2. Recently, I had some medications sent to the pharmacy, but the app does not provide any updates on the status of the delivery. As a result, I am left clueless about which medications are available for pickup. Every time I stand in front of the pharmacy pickup counter, I am uncertain about which medications I will receive. This lack of information is frustrating, and it would be great to receive more guidance. 3. The app does not display any new medications unless I pick them up, after which they appear in my history. 4. Managing the History list could be improved. Instead of having an endless list of repeatable medications, a drop-down menu with options would be much easier to use. 5. I have faith in your team and believe that you can step up your game and create an amazing app that truly satisfies your customers. Thank you for the last update, but we would appreciate more frequent updates in the future.
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4 years ago, billy'n'holly
Good for Rx’s, but painful navigation
The app was obviously coded offshore, since usability for seniors (thin fonts, tiny icons, confusing navigation) were not taken into account, nor does the app get good overall testing. Also several places in the app consistently give “service not available” errors if choosing several options on the same screen, though backing out & choosing the same option will immediately work. Sorting coupons either ascending or descending will produce a different number of results. The English text & display isn’t so great, with either text running off a button, or tapping a store phone # gives “Do you want make call?” Otherwise refills are relatively painless (as long as refills remain), and the ad/coupons section is appreciated ... though Marketing occasionally runs amok, so to get to coupons, you literally have to scroll to the bottom of 4 screens of non-coupon ads to click “coupons” again on a tiny button.😁
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7 months ago, SoUknow
Pharmacy app has some major flaws
Apparently, you cannot see your prescriptions until you have at least one prescription for a particular medication in your hand to enter specific information into the app. Really? How am I supposed to know when my prescription is ready if it is the first time using the app? When I open the app, it asks for my information. After I spend the time entering all required information, the app tells me to call the store!! Grrr! None of my other pharmacy apps have this ridiculous functionality. Another issue is that it is impossible to cancel an appointment for an immunization shot in the mobile app. I scheduled an appointment for a flu shot and an RSV shot but I am unable to keep that appointment and there is nowhere in the app that will allow me to cancel the appointment! Again, I will have to call the store. What is the point of having the app, when you have to call the store and wait on hold forever? So far, 2 major issues, and I’ve only had the app for 24 hours. I am not a stranger to mobile apps, or to working with millions of online apps. I am a software test engineer and I do this for a living. This app fails miserably. Lastly, the chat bot and search functionality are basically useless. Ask the chat bot how to cancel an appointment — answer: “I don’t understand”. Search for the words “cancel” or “cancellation” and 2,542 store items appear in the list. Maybe it’s time to reevaluate your mobile app development team?
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3 years ago, Rachel with iPhone
Doesn’t work
I have had this app for a few years now and I have never been able to get it to work for me. Anytime I try to use it for pharmacy needs it sends me to a page to fill out with my name address, DOB, phone number etc then takes me to a page where I have to confirm questions which in the past I answered correctly, which I know because its my account information and it told me it wasn’t able to confirm. Now when it takes me to the question page it won’t load any of the answer choices so you can’t even see the answers, you can’t select an answer because when you click an answer (even though you can’t see the answer your trying to choose)the bubble doesn’t fill, when I try to select my DOB on the previous page it only will allow me to select Today’s date until I type it in. And I still haven't been able to gain access to any of my medications through this app. Absolutely pointless app to have, at least for me, so I’m deleting the app until the issue is resolved, literally just taking up space on my screen at this point.
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7 years ago, Coolman398
good when working
When it’s working, this app can be great. I can easily fill my prescriptions with a few clicks of a button. I can also see all the deals going on at rite aid. It’s simple and good for those who remember that they need to refill their prescription when in class or a place where you can’t call the pharmacy. For some reason, sometimes this app won’t work and refill your prescription. It says it did, but it actually doesn’t. I thought I had ordered a refill on my prescription (that had refills remaining). It said it had on the screen afterwards, but I never got a notification that it was ready for pick up. I tried again the next day, and same thing happened. When I went to rite aid, they had to fill it and I had to wait a few minutes. It was then when I got the notification that my rx was ready for pick up. So, if it worked all the time, it would be amazing.
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1 month ago, Lonewolf82007
My meds are no longer being auto filled...
And ive asked the Somersworth NH pharmacy to make sure any of meds ready to be filled were auto filled and notify me by text... most of mine i now have to call when i see them getting low... and the latest thing is, when i get a text telling me the meds are ready and a link to prepay, the links when i enter my last name and date of birth do nothing and I cannot prepay any more... and the app when i enter my name and dob gives an error message saying i need to resign in even tho at the top of the page it has my name and I am already signed in... Rite Aid was a great pharmacy before covid... I see a steady decline in the last 2-3 years... the drive through either never works, (somersworth NH store!) or they have a sign up saying due to lack of help please come inside.. the drive thru was great for me as an elderly person in winter... now thats gone... I am going to end up taking my business to CVS or Walgreens it is unfortunate... I really enjoyed the location... the store feels less friendly nowadays...
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2 years ago, download covid photo
Rxs not done in time
I have tried this app, I have tried the respond to text messages, and I have tried calling. I have one medication that is considered controlled ( not a C2 or Med of abuse.. not even a bento) and the pharmacist will not fill it at the correct time. It is a 30 day supply, and for some reason the pharmacy does not take into account that some months are 31 days long For this reason, my Rx is always late. I have 5 other meds they fill on time with no issues but I have waited days for this one prescription before. Also, no one calls to tell you the medication is out of stock, or the are waiting for an order, or just call the patient to ask if a substitute from a different manufacturer was ok since I was already waiting 3 days for them to fill it
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4 years ago, AllBG
Stopped working properly
Trying to refill a script should be easy, but the app seizes up after entering the password. Tapping on return, the keyboard stays up and covers the confirm button. Not being able to sign in make it totally useless. It worked 2 weeks ago but even the update didn’t fix it. Also, my local Rite Aid has delivery but there is no function to switch from pick up to delivery. You have to go in or call to set it up. With auto refills it defaults to pickup Why? Considering those at high risk for Covid should stay at home, this would be a great feature to offer. Also, credit card info would be more secure... My local just writes it down on a piece of paper. The first time I did that, my card # was stolen that same day. I used it for nothing else that day. So, Rite Aid needs to join us here in 2020. Put it into your database and link with app to offer choice in how to get your meds. Honestly, the website works better and that’s saying a lot since that also runs slow and bugs out from time to time. Maybe a rebuild from scratch is in order.
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1 year ago, Anoplius
Really? Again?
Yet another worthless app. So tired of installing and trying apps made by young urban “kids” who can’t think outside their little insular city-centric worlds. I live in the country, as many others do, 25 miles from the city. I have no cell reception. My Rite-Aide phone is a LANDLINE. Yes, junior, many people still use them. I tried to register my account and the ONLY option given was “send text to”… to my LANDLINE. I can’t receive texts to a landline. I had entered my email address as well during sign up, but was given no option to receive the confirmation through email. Nor a call to my landline instead of text. I would not be designing apps like this if I were still working in tech. So I can’t sign up (with yet another app, this one this time), I can’t register. What a wonderful tidy little world you must live in where you’re constantly connected, “everyone” has a cell phone, everything is digital, and all your appliances are “smart.” I don’t live that way and many people outside of cities don’t. App deleted.
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6 years ago, ipodluvbaby
Good app, some issues
Use this app for coupons, shopping & mostly prescription management. One thing I really think you should consider is when you use the app to submit a refill request for a prescription it still shows up under “ready to refill” until it’s been filled. This confuses me (and I’m young with only 2 prescriptions filled monthly!) because if my prescription isn’t ready in a reasonable time I question whether the request went through or not, or even if I thought I sent the request but forgot. It should say “refill requested” or “awaiting refill” as soon as it’s sent to the pharmacy. This way you know for sure it was sent and the pharmacy is maybe just busy. Regardless, it should not still show up under refills if it’s been requested.
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9 months ago, 000999Kelly111222333
Cvs is better
I’ve used cvs app for years. It’s designed for Ease. Rite aid app requires so so so many steps. It’s an extremely old type of app. I’d wager you haven’t updated this app for At least 10-15 years. It’s time to get it updated. Try cvs and see how quick you can order meds and then try yours. You’ll see it’s ridiculous! No one wants to spend 10 min to Order 4 meds. Cvs can have you check EVERY med all at once, you hit refil then confirm then you exit the app. Rite aid you have to hit one item, accept it, go to another location then one more than it has you go back to all your meds and repeat that in my case dozens of time. It doesn’t even tell you which items you already requested a refill so then you have to reorder it. Can you see the issue or should I say issues?
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4 years ago, Double-LLLL
Difficult to figure out
This latest update is only built for iPhone and will not rotate on an iPad. Other ongoing issues are with trying to figure out refills. Some come up as eligible when not needed yet and others are not on the list that should be. The RX history is not very helpful since it is just everything. You need a last refilled tab that show only the last time the RX was filled and make it sortable by name. Just to have that list where the drug show once on the list would be great. The history is a mix of 30 &90 days RXs and make it difficult to know what has been when. I manage an older relatives RXs and getting them to tell us what they need is near impossible when they are used to waiting until they run out. That worked when they could just run the bottle up at any time but those days are gone. You need to make it simpler when managing for a relative
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6 years ago, GiGi & Poppy
Westhampton Beach Rite Aid
This store seems to be very much in the know about it’s customer needs. I find myself almost everyday in it. The prices are great as well as the employees. Always helpful and cheerful. The shopper needs change drastically from Season to Season as this is a resort town. The store stock fluctuates as the clientele changes while still maintaining the “year rounder” needs. I use my Plenti card or phone number to get the maximum savings. We have 14 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren. The younger ones call it the GiGi Store. They couldn’t say great grandma so I have the GiGi moniker. You now have 4 generations of this family who are hooked on Rite Aid. Sincerely, Susan T. Cozine Loyal Customer FYI: The pharmacy has now become a Walgreens, however they continue to ensure the customer needs are met as they always have.
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1 year ago, BellasChoices
East Main Street Location
Your store on East Main Street in Bridgeport Ct is simply the best! Abbey Claudia Brianna and Everyone else have always gone above and beyond to help me my family or any other person that needs it. It’s not easy working in that area but you wouldn’t know that because they treat all with respect even when they are treated badly. I’ve never not seen them work hard in all the time I have been going there! You’re lucky to have them, I’m lucky too. Store is always clean & friendly. I can shop anywhere but I CHOOSE this store even deals or bargains can’t tempt me to go elsewhere because it’s the people not the place & your people there are worth it!
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1 year ago, Toobusy9561
You broke it!
This was a great app about a month ago or so - then like all developers, you think it needs “improving so you mess with it and break it. Why? If it ain’t broke, don’t “fix” it. The recent update a week ago didn’t even fix it. Adding coupons now is a nightmare. I am logged in as clearly my name shows up at the top but yet, it won’t allow me to add coupons. It says I need a loyalty account to do that. I am a Silver Member too. So now we are just supposed to miss out on savings while the developers try to “fix” it again? Unacceptable! Just roll it back to the last working version UPDATE - developer suggested I get the latest version of the app and log out and back in. Did that. Logged out, Deleted the app and reinstalled clean, logged back in. Worked great. Then a few days later - right back to the error saying I need to be a loyalty account to use the add 2 card. So, that’s not a solution - just a temp bandaid. It needs fixed. Period.
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2 years ago, William Quintana
No in-store pickup?
I’m actually an employee at Rite Aid and I thought it was cool that we are now doing online orders, but you can only do that on the actual website? When the app claims you can do online orders and pickup in-store? On the website, there’s an obvious button to click near the top if you want to do in-store pickup or have it shipped. On the app, there is no such thing. You are forced to have it shipped to your house and make it more expensive for yourself because of shipping costs. Also, the app buffers for way too long and the layout is too hard to navigate. Also, why does it have to log me out every time I’m done using it? Every time I go into the app, it obviously knows it’s me and I can see profile, but I can’t do certain things and it tells my “session has been expired. Please login again” despite me already being logged in. So I have to LOGOUT and then LOGIN again. So many things wrong with this app. Please do better.
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4 weeks ago, doesn't work123434
No tracking
Unfortunately, Rite Aid pharmacy has to be the worst. At least it is in New York City (4046 Broadway). I place orders for refills and transfers, and they either never get transferred or refilled unless I call and wait on hold for 20-30 minutes minimum. It would be nice to be able to track my refill order or show that I placed an order since either the staff is unstaffed or simply does not care and will not follow up. There is no way to show that an order has been placed for a refill. The way to communicate with this less-than-organized pharmacy is to call, which is inefficient. If they are not going to fill a prescription, they should communicate that; the app does not offer this either. Something needs to change, either the app to communicate better with patients or patients to track orders. Or simply throw the whole pharmacy away. I am looking for better service and recommendations for a different pharmacy.
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6 years ago, Tmysterygirl
Decent app but could use another feature
Overall the app works well. The one thing I would like to see added to this app are pending prescriptions. Meaning new prescriptions that may be sent in early by a physician office that can’t be filled for immediately either due to physician instruction or insurance limits. It would be so useful and could decrease calls to the pharmacist verifying if a prescription was sent in fact received. This would eliminate extra calls to the pharmacy and give that time back to the pharmacy workers for other responsibilities. I’m short it lets the app user know that yes the dr has sent in the prescription. The pharmacist received and it can filled on xx date per physician instruction or insurance limits. I’ve used other apps that currently have this feature. I think it would be beneficial for pharmacists, physicians and patients/customers.
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2 years ago, SeattleAttic
Can’t find store locator
As my sister’s caregiver, I need to be able to work efficiently. I’ve read through the reviews and it seems there are issues with filling prescriptions. I’ll leave that alone for now. I do have one complaint, and that is that I can’t find the Store Locator in the RiteAid Pharmacy app. It says in the app description that there is one but I don’t see it. I don’t want to have to download the RiteAid store app because that defeats the purpose of the pharmacy app. Two suggestions: text or in-app reminder for when to refill a prescription. And pharmacy hours so I know when I can pick up a prescription. I’ll update my review after I use it to fill a prescription and after I receive a reply re: the issues I brought up here
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1 year ago, "Ghost" AkA "Anonymous"
Rite Aid Pharmacy App Review
I only use the Rite Aid App to Manage all my Prescription Meditcations so I can only base my Review on the Rite Aid App’s Pharmacy System on the App. And the Reason I give The Rite Aid App’s Prescription Pharmacy a 5 star Rating is because of how Extremely accurate the App is when it comes to my Meditcations and when they Can be Refilled. That portion of the App is on Point and that’s why I give the Rite Aid “Pharmacy” App a 5 Star Rating due to the App being very extremely accurate. I 100% highly recommend this app, especially for pharmacy Use. Also especially for Pharmacy for your prescription medications, Only especially if you use Rite Aid pharmacy as your main Full-Time pharmacy.
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5 years ago, DACampi
Pharmacist Grand Central Horseheads, NY
I would like to send in my review of your pharmacist Nicole at your Grand Centrsl Ave., Horseheads, NY location. Let’s just say that if she ever leaves Rite Aid, I’m following her. She has to be one of the most knowledgeable pharmacists I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I can call her or stop in and she is there for me. She is very kind and understanding as well as professional. I am on multiple medications and she must have them all memorized and she double checks her answers if there is any question. I have spent thousands of dollars in your store in every area. The people are so nice. Your store manager keeps a beautiful store. Rings people out and helps in every way. I am so blessed by Nicole and all of your techs!
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3 years ago, roxxx68
The app is fine. The workers at my rite aid are rude!
The Rite Aid App works great for me. I love the texting feature! I like being able to check on what prescriptions are done and which ones are ready to pick up! The only thing that annoys me is they take forever at my store (Waynesburg, Ohio.) They are very rude most days. When I go there I feel like a burden. Other pharmacies are way quicker. I know it’s not a fast process & I am always patient but waiting 6 hours or more for a simple prescription is ridiculous.! Rite aid needs to give the pharmacy more workers or something because things would go easier & quicker & maybe the workers wouldn’t be so rude if they had a day off. Other rite aid stores have been very nice and quick!
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4 years ago, kftcty
I don’t care attitude
I had some prescriptions for 90days but I only received 30 days supply. I went back to tell them about it and they did not even care to check what was wrong, just said that is what insurance covers. I check with my doctor to make sure that the prescription is for 90 days and I went back again after 30 days and once again they gave me 30 days supply. I told them to check the prescription and that was the time they gave me 90 days supply. I had to go back to Rite Aid four times and wait for 30days to get the correct amount of medicine. If they will listen to me when I go to pick up my medicine at the first time and correct the mistake that they had made, I did not have to wait and go back again. It was a total neglect by the first person who prepared my medicine which had made me waisted my time and made me go back to them unnecessary.
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2 years ago, Tootsie2kal
Best STORE & PHARMACY around
This is your small town Rite Aid. Everyone is super nice and helpful and always so pleasant! The pharmacists and staff are always professional and knowledgeable and make sure you are clear as to what and why you are taking a medicine and how and inform you of any potential side effects and/or risks. What’s even better is you can grab a cheap pair of sunglasses, make up, incidentals, seasonal items, a gift, school supplies, snacks and ALCOHOL! It is in an older building it used to be Drug Fair back in the day but it’s always clean and is well organized. Real easy to find things and if you can’t just ask someone. They are more than happy to help! Yay RITE AID🙏🏼
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5 years ago, gldd
I love this store!
I’m a local so I am in this particular Rits Aid several times a month. I can tell you that the employees are great. I have seen some ugly reviews on this store from people who came in once. Sure employees should always be helpful and friendly, but anyone can have a bad day. I especially love the pharmacists. Not only do they fill my prescriptions in a timely manner, but they also keep an eye on things for me and will recommend a substitution if something would work better than the prescription I brought in. All in all, it’s a great place to shop, especially with their wellness card, which saves me 20% on so many items.
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2 years ago, hjstok
App is useless for pharmacy needs
I transferred my prescriptions to Rite Aid last year because the pharmacy I had been using for years, Walgreens, is approved by my insurance but no longer in their pharmacy network. Network pharmacies are less expensive to use. The Rite Aid app and website are practically useless. Most of the time it wants me to re register and that often fails, there is no place to add a note for the pharmacist (there always should be!). I have requested text messages at the pharmacy (in store) but I get a mix of both. Usually text when they need something from me, but email when they tell me the Rx is ready. They usually often out of my daily maintenance medication and I have to wait days! This is just the tip of the iceberg! I don’t like CVS but will probably be trying them next month. All because of a lousy website and app. :(
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2 years ago, Trishelle74
Worthless App
This app is completely useless to me. I had downloaded it when I switched pharmacies about a year ago, so that I could easily put in for refills and check on the status of prescriptions to know when they were being filled or ready. Over this past year I have had many prescriptions filled, only one shows in my history. From last October. It does not show what I am currently taking, which was picked up at Rite Aid. It does not show any of the other medications I’m on. I have to phone in to refill because that medication does not show up. I have to call to ask if medication is ready because I don’t see it on the app. Sometimes I get a text, but the last time I did not… probably bet there was no copay. This is the worst app. CVS’s app actually worked. Why did I have to switch to Wrong Aid?!
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3 years ago, Areforps
Electronic customer prescription service worst the not having app
No pharmacy communications from store #5958 after switching from 5957 where there electronic communication was top notch! The grass isn’t alway greener - 5958 store is newer and more pleasant to shop but I spend $300+ A month for medicines you’d think the pharmacy dept 5958 would make sure I was getting all electronic messages? None! So if you care to show you’re longtime customer some heart and fix this electronic glitch or personal glitch I will continue to be a loyal patron!!! Please don’t make me switch after 15yrs. You loyal customer
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1 year ago, TheKaazz
New bugs in Rx section!
All week I have seen two meds listed in the “ready for refill” section. Every day I click through (one at a time because doing nothing at once gives an error message!) and request refills. And the pharmacy doesn’t refill them. And they never leave the “ready for refill” screen. And yes, both are due to be refilled and both have refills left so it’s not like you need to contact the doctor for a renewal. This would be a minor annoyance if I was just trying to order shoes or clothing or the like. BUT THIS IS MEDICINE!! I need these meds! This is inexcusable for a prescription med app!! (You may ask why I don’t just call the pharmacy? I’ve tried. Multiple times. On multiple days. They never answer the phone. The one time they answered they said they’d refill the Rx, but they still haven’t!!)
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6 years ago, Aud8
The app missing parts
Unfortunately this app should have more parts to it. It should allow you to know when You bonus cash will expire. Unfortunately since it does not let you know when the bonus cash expires that people will lose out on their money and that’s very unfair. If they had a way of knowing it was going to expire it will give them opportunity to use it. Not no one when your bonus cash will expire you are basically playing a guessing game and it’s not fair because life still goes on and things happen where you might not remember when you actually receive the bonus cash. I think this is something that really needs to be looked into and revamped and order to satisfy everyone that uses the app ,the coupons ,and the bonus cash. Sincerely yours Audra Johnson
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2 years ago, FFrogit
Constant problems
The only thing this site is good for is getting your refills done for the pharmacy. Whenever you try to shop or order things online it constantly says service not available. I’m only 57 years old but it’s still hard to read everything is so small in print and I can’t seem to figure out how to make the fonts bigger when you try to go back to your previous screen it totally backed you out to the home screen not just to where you were on the previous screen where you were at on the general category you were on it literally takes you back to the home screen which makes it very annoying because you have to start completely all over again this site is not worse it’s time almost they need to really work the bugs out!!!
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10 months ago, Chilly Willy 5
Rite aid pharmacy app
I gave it a 1 because it’s useless. When I have a prescription to refill I go to the app and submit it. It responds they have it and will be ready tomorrow at 10am. Then I go looking the next day and it not there. Then I resubmit it several times. After a week I have to go in and ask then to fill it. Yes they are short help and have urgent prescriptions to fill. And. If it takes a week to fill it fine just let me know accurate information When I submit a prescription it should rise to the top of the pile in its turn and not fall off the computer and the pharmacy shelves be able to adjust lead times to reflect reality. Rite aid is a big company and has the resources to fix this issue but they don’t. All I ask is to fix it and it would be like hiring a new employee you don’t have to pay
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2 years ago, DJaneA
Terribly frustrating
Refilling meds continues to be an issue on the app and phone. I submit refills, yet they are still not received and refilled several days later. Also having issues selecting day/time to refill. There is no option to choose delivery in the app. Then whenever I try calling the pharmacy, nobody ever answers. I’ve also had refills submitted from the doctor that were still not refilled two days later. Can never get through to anyone on the phone and even trying to submit refills through the phone automated system doesn’t always work. So then I’m always forced to go in, wait in a long line, then wait some more because the refills are never ready. Then I’m late for work. This pharmacy and app is a terrible waste of time. Might have to send my prescriptions somewhere else.
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6 years ago, Appdemon
I find your app/site complicated and difficult to move around in. I don’t find it clear how a customer is supposed to obtain a coupon or shop on line. Where do we check out out and is there a “cart”. I am sure that many of your users are elderly and not computer savvy so I would suggest that perhaps you should use a focus group of elderly customers to get a better idea of what I am talking about. In fact, a separate elderly section for your elderly buyers that sets forth sale items, Rx discounts, a medicine price list and a section for coupons directed more toward the elderly buyer are just a few suggestions. I keep using the word elderly but you could set the qualifying age wherever you like. You might try using the AARP guidelines. Well, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be heard.
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6 years ago, cowboythumper
Whole family’s RX on app
I really do like this app and Rite Aid. It would be love and 5 stars hands down if I could have all of my family’s RX on this app. I am a ride or die Rite Aid person so I am hoping someone will take this seriously. For busy parents this would be so helpful. I am the one that has to manage my kids allergy, eczema and other miscellaneous meds, my meds and also all the meds from my husbands organ transplant. I would just be so helpful to have all of my family’s meds in one place to check quickly and get reminders for. Thank you for everything and especially to Donna at our local pharmacy. I could not function without her!!!! If she leaves I’ll follow her, she’s that good!!!
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2 years ago, AnekaLi
I’m on 1 trip auto refill. I receive a call every month asking if I want to participate in the 1 trip refill but I never receive my prescriptions on time. I’ve currently been waiting for a week for 2 prescriptions but still not ready. I go days without my meds & I’m tired of it! I’m about to change my prescriptions to another pharmacy. Several of my friends have already done so. You need more employees and ones that know what they’re doing! There has been such a big turnover at my location because they’re over worked and under staffed. I have literally waited in the drive thru for an hour and 45 minutes waiting to get my prescriptions! What’s going on here?????!!!! You’re getting a bad reputation. On a lighter note, Sherry & Tammy are very pleasant to deal with. Annette Higgins
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1 year ago, Dolce4356
Rite Aid Corporate calling the shots on when medication is available
So here’s the issue. It took 2 weeks for my prescription for Eliquis to be refilled because they didn’t have any in stock and the local pharmacy has no say about when medications can be reordered. The pharmacy technician informed me that those restocking decisions are now made by corporate. Eliquis is a blood thinner, prescribed to prevent blood clots in vulnerable patients such as patients with atrial fibrillation or who have deep vein thrombosis. These patient groups cannot afford to have a gap in their medication regimes. For Rite Aid Corporate to restrict local pharmacies from reordering what’s needed when it’s needed is unconscionable. I don’t care if it’s for reasons of inventory control, cash flow management or supply chain issues. Customers shouldn’t have to suffer because of company mismanagement.
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6 years ago, sportPOLO
Rite-Aid Port Jefferson Station
Mario, the pharmacist, is the best! After I moved to my current home I naturally transferred my prescriptions to the closest Rite-Aid. My experience was horrible! I made one call to Mario at Rite-Aid and he immediately took care of everything. In less than one hour Mario transferred my prescriptions and sent me a text that I could pick them up! The personal service at this pharmacy is amazing! As you approach the counter Mario always says “hello” and remembers your name! Before you even get to the counter Mario is bringing your prescriptions to you! The Port Jeff Station RITE-AID PHARMACY IS THE BEST! Thanks, Mario, for your personal commitment to all your patients.
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3 years ago, Prettyinpink9999
all prescriptions gone with last update
these updates are horrendous, with the last update, lost all my history, all my rewards and all my pharmacy. I have an advanced end of life illness & depend on the pharmacy part to work seamlessly. I reinstalled, rebooted iphone 11 multiple times, now I still have no purchase history, & I can now see some previous prescriptions which all have refills, now it won't allow me to order the 5 prescriptions I need daily as it says my prescription are not refillable when up to last month - they all refilled automatically & I was notified they were done. Rite Aid programmers all should be fired. I have been calling Rite Aid to refill them directly but they show no refills. I have last month's medication bottles & I have refills on all 5. Thanks Rite Aid, this is a fiasco!!
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8 months ago, ☮️jules
Digital coupons
I clipped a coupon on my Rite Aid app today, and when I got to the check out, the coupon did not work. I showed the sales clerk the clipped coupon on my phone, and he said rite aid does not take these coupons. He said it had to be a paper coupon. So I asked him if the coupons on the app are useless, and he said yes!! I did not buy the item. I also had problems when searching for coupons. I typed “Cover Girl” in the search bar and it said there were no coupons. When I scrolled through the coupon list, there were multiple Cover Girl coupons. I then did the same thing with multiple brand names, and always got the message that there were no coupons, even though I saw them on the coupon list. Very user un-friendly.
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3 years ago, so all the nicknames are taken
Good ad functionality but bad on bonus cash
I have to log out and back in to see my bonus cash transactions which is a pain. It’s been this way forever, too. Now that bonus cash expires it’s nice to be able to see when, without having to log out and back in. I wish I could insert a photo to show you but there is an X and it says “no bonus cash transactions” when I clearly have $26, $16 of which expires in 3 days. I do like the view ad features. I don’t live close enough to a rite aid to get their ads in the mail or Sunday paper, but I can always view it here. Also, you see a preview of the following week a few days. before it starts.
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2 years ago, Dodge555
Horrible app just like their customer service
Tried to sign up through the app but it won’t let me past the script section. It says I can fill that part in later but when I tried to advance it just spits me back to fill in the script info. There is a reason I left Rite Aid years ago their customer service was garbage and the employees at my rite aid had the personality of a grumpy old person. Only reason I’m trying again is they are the only ones near me that have the eye drops my doctor wants me to use. Well between CVS not carrying a fair amount of the meds I need plus not carrying generics and rite aid just being plain horrible i long for the day of the mom and pop pharmacies. Pay someone to fix all of rite aid already or sell to someone that knows what they are doing
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2 years ago, petalpalms
Can’t even log in/create account
I’ve been a Rite Aid customer for many years but have never used the app. When I try to create an account, an error message pops up that says “multiple users found for this account information” or something like that. Thinking maybe I have created a profile and forgot to use it, I tried password/username recovery. When I input my email (the same address used when trying to create an account), an error message pops up that says “no account found” related to my email. These two things cannot both be true. Please fix this. Trying to switch to the app since Rite Aid in-person and phone customer service has taken a nosedive in the past couple years. It would help if I could even log in.
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3 years ago, Dubber76
App isn’t the problem
App is fine, although a record of what’s filled and what’s received but in process would be helpful. The big problem is the current state of Rite Aid pharmacy functioning. Prescriptions go unfilled without update or explanation. Phones are not answered. Drive through lanes are backed up for hours and walking in is useless as nothing is ever ready and the staff is overwhelmed and request that you come back later, but later is unspecified and nothing seems to happen unless you are waiting there and being a pest. It’s now been 7 days and my elderly aunts prescriptions are not yet fully filled. Elderly aunt is married to this Rite Aid and their clerks and afraid of change. Otherwise I would have moved on by now, although no guarantee that elsewhere is any better.
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2 years ago, JMH1105
Poorly designed and missing basic capabilities
It’s as if they half designed/delivered the capabilities with important features missing. One example is ordering a refill. Once you submit the refill order, there is nowhere you can go back and view it to ensure it went through. In addition the same prescription still shows in the available to refill count and screen which leads the user to believe it did not go through successfully. Also there are some features available on the website and not the app. That’s fine, but good practice is to note that somewhere so the user knows what other features are available if they wish to to the website.
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