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Riu Hotels & Resorts
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User Reviews for RIU Hotels & Resorts

4.48 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
12 months ago, Angie's Gadgits
RIU Palace Las Americas
This hotel will not disappoint. We had nothing but Great customer service. I lost something when we first checked in and the fella was looking for me over 30 minutes and gave it to me. Then my hubby put his wallet under in the beach towels while we went swimming. It started raining and the towels were soaked. Me not thinking asked for new towels with his wallet tucked into the still folded wet towels. After about 10 minutes Hubby realized he didn’t get his wallet. I frantically went to the towel place to ask if anyone seen his wallet and they hadn’t. So a sweet young lady and I both pulled out all the dirty towels and it wasn’t there. I looked at the last two towels. As I was walking away in tears the young lady was screaming it was stuck in the fold of the last towel I just lightly moved. So my experience with this hotel holds up to the highest of integrity and honesty of their employees. I will forever recommend this hotel to anyone!!! Forever Greatful… Angie Spradley
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12 months ago, Patricia Gayle
Loved Riu palace, tropical Bay in Negril, Jamaica
Stayed at the tropical Bay June 6 through the 15, 2023 was our six time there, 4 to 6 women usually traveling, can’t say enough about this resort very clean, beautiful beautiful beach the food was excellent. I feel like it has improved from the last years management really seems to work with you, especially Claudia she is very friendly always stops by our table to say hello. jerk chicken hot very good. Great drinks at the upstairs bar. Loved Lisa and Katie. The rooms were kept very tidy. No mold no smell. Very pleasant stay will definitely return.
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2 months ago, AHG822
Very disappointed
This is our second time here in two years and this location has really changed so much. We stayed here June 2022 and enjoyed it. I wouldn’t say it’s a 5 star hotel but it was A good 4/5 the last time we were here. Although it is still clean, it is nothing like it was. Our coffee pot was not cleaned and emptied each day. The room was barely mopped. It seemed like the bare minimum was done. The beds full/queen beds are not fit for two people. My husband and I are not large people and we barely were able to fit on the bed together. The food was absolutely terrible. The selection two years ago was so much better. Now it’s just gross, so greasy and it’s the same thing everyday. I was so disappointed. This is the first time I have ever been to Mexico and disappointed in the fresh fruit. All the fruit was not ripe. I have never seen so many apples in a Mexican resort. This is a tropical paradise, where are the tropical fruits?? Apples?? As far as entertainment, probably the worst I have seen. Riu, you can do so much better.
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7 months ago, 795415
Worked once
I put my information in, it wouldn’t pick me up due to my mom being the name on the booking. After adding her as a second person, it showed me the confirmation one time. I forgot to screenshot it to show her due to the RIU website not pulling up our confirmation even though we received multiple confirmation emails, but not the one containing info for check in that’s supposed to be sent 2 weeks in advance. I tried entering in the information multiple ways, but only get an error now, unless I plug in wrong info. It then tells me there’s no booking… at least it worked one time I guess.. would love to be able to access it again. But stupidly deleted the account thinking I could create one with her as the primary. Now it won’t because she’s listed on mine. I have no idea how long it will be until I receive a confirmation for the cancellation, and attempt to create one for her.. it just said “well send you cancellation soon”…
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8 months ago, buttafly tunes
Frustration booking multiple rooms😡
The website and app will not let you book two different room types on one reservation nor will it let you book two separate reservations for the same time period. I often travel with family and make the reservations for the group (2-4 rooms). It’s not enough rooms for group sales but extremely difficult for individual bookings so I end up spending lots of time on the phone with representatives that border on rude but mostly just want to rush you off the phone. I enjoy staying at Riu resorts around the world but I don’t enjoy the process when I’m booking for more than just myself. An updated more internationally friendly website and app are desperately needed as well as customer service training for representatives.
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2 years ago, Smithtie
Satisfied customer and unsatisfied customer
On our last full day of our stay which was August 26 we had played all the games they had in the hot sun which we had over 48 RIU dollars which add up to 8600 when I bid for the RIU shirt for 6400 I wasn’t sure how many I had I was still counting somebody else bid for more only to get the shirt he let her go to her room to get what she had when she got back she only had 24 dollars he still gave it to her saying she had it he forgot he had the mic in his hand saying she didn’t have enough but she said you our friend can you give it to us and later she was telling everybody they got it for 2400 hot and bothered
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1 year ago, Al345209877
Worst company ever!!
I booked a last minute vacation to Riviera Maya 2 days before there was a mass shooting at my daughters University—Michigan State University on February 13th. My daughter was in the building that the shooter was in. She had to shelter in place for 4.5 hours. We were supposed to go to RIU palace and I tried to move dates, get a credit, anything but RIU was unwilling to help at all. It took hours to speak to someone who spoke even marginally spoke English and told me I had no options at all and I was out 5,000 dollars. No compassion at all for the PTSD my daughter was suffering from. I have just started my campaign against this company. After this there will be no business coming from MSU. The story is all over both the parent and student support pages. All I can say is buyer beware this company is ruthless!
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10 months ago, Riu Fun
Riu Palace las Americas
I highly recommend Riu Palace Las Americas i have been there 8 times and continue to love it there. The staff there is amazing. The beach is beautiful and beautiful scenery. There are several places to eat and bars on the property. The food there is great, There is plenty of activities to do during the day and the evening. This resort is clean the staff is always making sure the property is always clean. The staff and the guest staying are very friendly. I never once had a bad trip I can’t wait to go back again soon thank you riu your the best Jayme Jones
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7 months ago, Hugo ah GOGO
I have had Great experience with Riu Palace Tropical Bay since my Honeymoon stay in June 2012, our First Anniversary 2013 , last year November for my birthday Nov. 2nd and now my 4th visit again for my 67th Birthday. Riu Palace Tropical Bay is just plain AWESOME and the staff are super nice . A lot of staff have been with Riu Palace for years which means they like the resort and love working for such a Great Hotel. I met the GM and his assistant both lovely people always up and about the property making sure that everything is on point. I LOVE NEGRIL, I love RIU PALACE TROPICAL BAY.🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲❤️❤️❤️
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3 years ago, Icurpain
Pretty pointless
I made a booking directly with Riu. I was encouraged to download the app and obtain more details about my stay. I have tried on multiple days and I can’t even access my booking. Without that, I can’t obtain information or make reservations. Unfortunately the person who completed my booking did not have answers to many of the questions I asked and while he put me on hold for extended periods of time, he was not able to get somebody to answer the phone at the resort. I leave in a few days and still have no answers. This is incredibly disappointing and I hope it is not indicative of the vacation that I am going to have. I wish there were a way to give it zero stars.
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12 months ago, eve3311971
All adults Resorts
We only stayed 5 days and I wish it was longer. We stayed at Los Cabo All adults resort we had a great time.. staff was nice and the Food was DELICIOUS.. great spread.. you can visit the other RIU which they have theme parties .. great vibe.. the only thing we didn’t get to do is spend time on the beach cause it was very breezy in May.. but the view s out there are beautiful.. I will visit again. And I will stay longer.
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12 months ago, Kaustinjr84
RIU Guanacaste
Stayed for a week the resort was nice staff was amazing and super friendly. The resort had entertainment every night for both adults and kids after midnight it gets quiet except for the sports bar. Buffets were solid a lot lof variety and menu changes daily. The beach could be a bit more welcoming and clean but from what I learned the beach is public and the hotel can not build/develop on that land but some umbrellas or cabannas would be nice. Overall solid trip definetly worth the money. I would go back again in a heart beat.
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4 months ago, Jeanecia Taylor Smith
Love RIU!
Although things are a bit different on the app then on the website, it is beneficial to just have the app ready to open and on the go. You will always be signed in and never have that hassle, but I’ve noticed how it is difficult to book a package deal through the app. I could be wrong, but I have tried to find a way to book a package deal through the app but I am only able to do so through the website as it seems.
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10 months ago, phycle
Riu Yucatan
Had a wonderful trip staying at Riu Yucatán with my daughter. The all-inclusive offers a lot of activities and the staff was exceedingly friendly and helpful! We went catamaran-ing (we are experienced) for free, and paid for a fun Jet-ski 1/2 hour. The abundance food was overwhelming- quality was ok, would love to see less variety in exchange for higher quality, also more Mexican options wanted! Overall, we had a great time and would do it all over again! ¡Muchas gracias Riu Yucatán!
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11 months ago, Juliana Leles
Excellent customer service
This is our second time in Cancun and both times we chose to stay at a RIU resort. This second time, we had a kettle issue with a room. However , Janete, a customer supervisor at RIU Cancun, solved our issue in no time. We are extremely thankful to have chosen RIU as our resort and fervent grateful for all support provided by Janete. Thank you!
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8 months ago, koko**
Restaurant in Aruba
Tried to eat at the steak house restaurant in Aruba last night. The book in the room states it opens at 6:30 until 8:00. We went down at 6:20. The attendant said they were sold out. The restaurant opens at 6:00 and they let the amount of people in that fit. Then they take reverse rations for the next sitting and shut down. She said this is how she runs her restaurant. I stated I would never come to her resort again and then she stated her managers run it this way. From speaking to others the same people eat at the restaurant all week….seems a little unfair to you patrons. 👎🏻
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12 months ago, B_InPeacemode
Kukulkan Resort - Cancun, MX
I recently stayed at the RIU Kukulkan in Cancun. It was outstanding! This was my first adult only resort and it was to relaxing. Just what I needed. Excellent suite, great service, outstanding food, exciting entertainment. On a beautiful beach. My last family trip was at the Palace Peninsula in Cancun, and that was perfect for family fun. I’m sold. Will never hesitate in booking my next trip at a RIU… maybe Jamaica?
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12 months ago, Jgf214
Riu is Great!!
Riu is my pick of all inclusive hotels. Beautiful grounds, great service, food, drinks, activities, employees are friendly and courteous, reservation agents are great. Staying at one of RIU location soon. Unfortunately I’m at the RIU Palace Costa Mujeres at this moment in the worst room with partial ocean view and a construction view. Don’t pick any rooms that start in 0101 thru 0430 it’s worst room n view ever with RIU.
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7 months ago, Preston & Tonya Butler
Gary and Latonya Butler
RIU Montego Bay owes us nothing. It was our first time being out of the country and the love that we received at the resort was amazing. Everything was great. Everyone was so helpful and we definitely had a good time. I’m glad we picked this resort and we will definitely be returning.
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7 months ago, PAII2B
Hotel Riu Palace Riviera Maya
Disappointed, clearly the Don Raphael restaurant does not even come close to Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas restaurant when it comes to selection. Furthermore, there is no bar at the plaza area. We went next door to Riu Playacar and they have three outdoor bars. I would recommend making the La Plaza at Riu Palace Riviera Maya as the outdoor bar. You really do not need two entertainment stages at this hotel.
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1 year ago, Shellz03
Nice for on resort use
Works well while on the resort, but the only big downfall is that the activities tab jumps to the upcoming hour and it won’t let you see what already happened. I was looking up 11am activities at 1058…but once 1100 hit they were all gone and only the 1200 and onward was showing. Useless in that sense. If its 1105 you can’t join or watch anymore of the 1100 activities??
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4 years ago, ErinLK77
Doesn’t work
Downloaded this in Dec 2020 and it worked for a little bit initially, but later in the day it kept saying to check the internet connection. Bummer because the hotel recommended using this for a trip next month. Update: Dec 11th - reinstalled and app is working great, thank you!!
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5 months ago, ryyftugf
This app is flat out awful. Just like their website. I made a reservation in Cancún. I cannot view my reservation on the app or the company site. Nothing works AT ALL. All I get is spinning icons or “an error has occurred”. There’s no way to contact anyone on the app or the company site about lack of functionality, only reservations. The good news is I know I have the reservation, it’s just highly annoying that in 2024, a resort company doesn’t have functional websites or apps.
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3 months ago, maastew
Riu palace Antilles Aruba
We had a wonderful time. The only issue was that one elevator wasn't working. But it didn't make a huge difference except when it was real busy. Everything else was wonderful. Will stay at Rius again
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11 months ago, Skychase2019
If you thought it was bad before the update it’s really bad now. Not intuitive, hard to find , you have to go through several steps (5) every time you close the app to get back to the hotel you’re staying. It’s confusing and not clear. I really don’t like having to use this app when I travel to RIUs. Not intuitive.
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2 years ago, Ace2529ky
Worked well during stay
I only used the app during a recent RIU stay to check restaurant hours, read menus, and submit room repair/restock requests. It worked great for all of that. Will definitely use during any future trips to a RIU.
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1 week ago, Little Half
We have been to the Rio los Americana two years in a row for a week at a time in Cancun and we absolutely love it. The hotel is very clean. The people are so nice. The food is excellent and you won’t be disappointed. We will be back next year 2025.
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12 months ago, RIU Addict
Total RIU Resorts Addict!
We simply love RIU! The staff is well trained and so helpful and knowledgeable. The grounds are beautifully kept. Rooms are well appointed and always clean. The variety of freshly prepared foods is incredible! The only thing that sometimes needs improvement is the behavior and attitude of the vacationers. It is simply so impolite to reserve a lounge chair in a good location at a pool or the beaches at a very early time in the morning and then not to show up until hours later! And then the waste of food… Thank you, RIU for simply being the best! Saskia SWIDER
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3 months ago, SGT DUP
Good but needs a few things
Over all it’s great. Just need to be able to adjust current reservations without having to cancel and make changes that way. This is now the 2 or 3rd time I’ve had to do this. Partially my fault but it would be nice to be able to modify current reservations.
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6 months ago, app could be netter
Great Experience!
My husband and I have stayed at many RIU locations and have been very pleased! We usually travel with a large group of friends and always have a great time! We have our next RIU trip booked!
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3 years ago, sjackson69
Worst Hotel App Ever
You can’t really check in online, a message pops ups and states you don’t have the same number of people checking in. Also can’t update names online
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3 years ago, Hannonbunch5
What happened to your old app that worked
This is a horrible new app. Can’t look up hotels to book still says check internet. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I did use the app during our stay at the Riu Santa Fe the beginning of this month that part worked and must use at all restaurants for menu and to see what’s open and closed. Please fix app it really needs help
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6 months ago, Mssexyj69
User friendly
This app is so user friendly! It keeps me up in the latest on the resorts as well as tracking my points! It makes viewing other RIU properties easy!
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6 months ago, DD TN
Fantastic Vacation
I stayed at RIU Palace Antillas and I had the best time. Staff was friendly and accommodating. The food was out of this world. All the guests were friendly and having a great time. Can’t wait to go back!!!! Soon I hope 🤩
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6 months ago, AishaTay
Best Place to stay!!
Natasha and Kamola at the front desk are the best!! Very helpful from the beginning. Sharicka with housekeeping was awesome. Staff very friendly and helpful! This is our favorite place to stay. Room was nice and loved our beach view! Food was very good!
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5 months ago, normastella
Short or long stay
Perfect location. It’s not a fancy hotel but it is very clean and staff is very helpful. The rooms are small but really, how much time do you really spend in the room?
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12 months ago, Vero's Iphone
The steakhouse is amazing but there needs to be changes to the location of the restaurant. It is beyond HOT. It’s like a HOT SAUNA!!!!!! Especially when you’re having wine with your steak!! Everything else is amazing and the service is needless to say VERY GOOD!!!
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12 months ago, Alex12093
Loving, Charming place
In love with Riu hotels since the first time me and my family stayed. There is no other hotel we are staying in our future family vacations.
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12 months ago, ProfessorBrady
Improvements needed
Riu is a fantastic brand which in my opinion brands a lot of value for the price paid. However, the app does not represent the Riu brand property. This has come a long way from previous versions but is has still missed the mark on what Riu can offer
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4 weeks ago, Quentavaise
Don’t bring high price items
Went to Cano Mexico last week. Had my laptop stolen from my hotel room 15 minutes of being there. Not even two seconds of putting my belongings down to visit my friend’s room. Did a report and was told it wasn’t there problem because I didn’t put my laptop in the TINY safe. They slick with it. Be safe out here.
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1 year ago, BellCopterJockey
Activities purge after the start time.
The app is nice to see what activities are taking place at the specific resort. But after they start the activity goes away. So if you stroll into the event and want to see what it is you’re out of luck it doesn’t reflect.
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3 months ago, Benjamin998
Your app is not very good… ..
Your app is not very good… I wanted to book a room at 11:15 pm for that night and it would not give me the option to book it that same day.. it kept giving me the next day.. I had to stay at another hotel because I could not complete my reservation.. Update your system and the time zones according to hotel locations.... Thanks!
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3 months ago, Norjet24
App was straight forward. Would like to see more features in the future
Show more
2 years ago, Mattwb1
Good. Bug with Add a Beneficiary Field
Hello Rui App App is good except can add a beneficary. Seems to be bug with the Gender field. Both my wife and I tried on our apps (ios) and got same error no matter which we choose. Please test and update Gracias
Show more
1 year ago, RayrayMaymay
Underrated App
The first review that pops is a whiner. You can’t expect every app to not have a learning curve. Once you figure out the nuances of navigation, it works fine and I booked a room and applied my membership discount effortlessly.
Show more
7 months ago, CheleaBerreman
Easy access and logical
The site seems to be easy to use and logical in it setup. Few clicks is nice, the site going to what I expected.
Show more
3 years ago, eNoaM
No functionality
No functionality. Cannot look up my trip that is booked for August. Keep saying there is an error. Cannot get through to someone on phone either. Had a special request to suggest and it would be nice to be able to access some of the options the app is said to have.👎🏻
Show more
12 months ago, KilKelley
Easy to use
My wife have been traveling to RIU locations and the app comes in handy in booking and checking in to the Resorts.
Show more
2 years ago, Fender1878
Terrible App
It’s 2022, there’s no excuse to have an app this bad especially when you own tons of hotels around the world. Setting your all language to English results in a ton of fields still being in random Spanish. When you go to add a booking to your account, the date of stay field won’t activate so you can’t even do that. What a piece of junk.
Show more
2 years ago, elle.elle18
Terrible app. Can’t even look up my booking to allocate it to my account that is not populating on its own because the date field does nothing when you click inside it and it won’t let you manually type a date. Completely frustrating and worthless app.
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