Roadtrippers - Trip Planner

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User Reviews for Roadtrippers - Trip Planner

4.64 out of 5
59.4K Ratings
3 days ago, CCrox101
Love RoadTrippers App!
Love Roadtrippers; was introduced to RoadTrippers at the start of our FullTime RV life and toured the US, driving 13,000 miles from east coast all the way to Pacific NW! I used RT with every stop, read all reviews and looked at all photos, used Waze mapping THROUGH ROADTRIPPERS and loved how organized it kept me! I still look at it almost daily even though we have slowed down with our travels. I like that it routes us, gives accurate drive times, kept us from low bridges, shares links for reservations! I love the RoadTrippers app! You'll see distance and approximate time of arrival, features of our stops and an overall map view, which I love! RoadTrippers made a software change about a year ago that altered the way I used the app. They now allow you to put in a date, but it reroutes you. I do NOT WANT MY ROUTE altered so adding the date messed up my map. I am creating a coffee table book of our adventures and like to have the date included in this app for reference, but I have to put it in the notes section because I do not want my map rerouted for shortest distances. Sometimes we had to go places to meet up with family and therefore our map may not have been the shortest route.
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3 months ago, Looking at Google
Good app, not great
This is a really good app. Definitely recommend it. Mostly an easy way to put a trip together, plan stops, construct a map. I would give it 5 stars except for a few very frustrating things that drag this app down. And could easily be fixed. I do understand that maybe it’s user error, but … When you are on a trip, you open the trip and it goes to your current location in Map View. However, when you open the List View for that trip, why doesn’t it go to your current location instead of starting from day one and you have to scroll all the way down until you find what you’re looking for. The way dates are managed is a complete nightmare. Changing the dates of an entire trip is such a hassle. And you cannot plan a trip without dates as once you add your first date, the app puts every single waypoint on a separate date!! Who thought that was a good idea?! You can add things that are not on the map already, but you can only add an address, you cannot label the address as to what it is. There are a lot of things that are not included on the map that I would like to add to my trips. And label with a name. This app is not a standalone app. You need other sources to complete the picture. Especially because there is a blue line indicating your route that completely covers up the highway numbers. Highway numbers are essential to trip planning. Also, can you update the gas pricing? It’s no where near accurate. And organize the trips into past and upcoming/future?
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7 years ago, Skeeterinoo00oo0
Never have I ever...
Never have I ever felt it necessary to review an app, be it good or bad. However, this app is so incredible that I felt obligated to tell everyone. I've told all my friends to download it and I'm telling all you strangers to download it. It's SOOOO helpful. I did a road trip from CT to TN to TX to Nola to NC back to CT.. and I used it everyday for the entire trip. It offers so many things to do... everything from museums to abandoned houses that make for fun photo ops. If you're someone trying to take funny pictures of random side of the road things this is your app. The only thing I wish is that there was a way to like mark things off the list that you've completed. BUT.... it really added to the fun of the trip and the ease of the trip. Everything I needed was in this one app. It is trustworthy and never steered me wrong. Pun intended.... you can trust the "navigation" button and whatever address is provided. Just be sure to read the reviews of each location before going there. Just because it's on the app doesn't mean it's everything you're thinking it'll be, so read the reviews. If you're going on a road trip.. USE THIS APP. It will really add to your trip. Thank you for existing.
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9 months ago, Nuluk
The most troublesome travel app.
As we travel using this app we must re-enter cookie preferences each time the app opened. We must re-enter our vehicle information (all of it) each time we opened the app. I tried contacting the company but it allowed no contact info other than e-mail and their response time may be days later which by then we were many hundreds of miles further into the trip and when there was a response it was a friendly response but there was no help at all. No one could ever tell me why I must re-enter all the information as though it’s the first time using the app. There was no help. Just friendly responses. They had no phone number to call for technical assistance. No help at all. Just lip service by email. It became very frustrating. I couldn’t trust that the map was taking us on roads that allowed clearance for our vehicle. I quit using the app during our first trip. I tried again on our next trip. Same problems. Same Customer Service system. I informed them that their app was a real waste of money. They could care less. As my membership grew close to the end I sent an email asking for confirmation to my request NOT TO RENEW. I never got a response. I tried contacting them today and haven’t gotten a response. Note: I initially joined the Roadpass Pro membership based on an ad by Jason Esperson. I used to watch his videos. Now I have nothing to do with TOGO RV.
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6 years ago, Sue an avid card maker
Not 100% intuitive, but once you get the hang of it...
It took me a while poking around all the icons and symbols on the app to actually create my first trip, but once I got the hang of it, I found it was exactly what I hoped for. I wanted a mapping program which clearly showed distances and drive times. It is easy to edit ( and once I read other reviews, I found how to move stops to other positions in the lineup - it just takes a firm press. Then shift it to the proper place). The tool where you can find local attractions, restaurants, hotels and campgrounds is WONDERFUL ! Again, that was tricky to figure out, (go to the map view, zoom in to the stop you are researching, then tap in the search bar on the top of the screen. A window will pop up where you can choose which category of attraction you are searching for. “X” what you want, go back to the map and you’ll be able to scroll thru the choices close to your stop. We haven’t taken our trip yet so I haven’t tried the navigation feature, but I figure I have several other online options on that tool once we hit the road. So far so good! Thank you Roadtrippers!
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5 years ago, GeoRockGirl
Subscription Required Now?!
I’ve used this app a handful of times when going on long road trips.. maybe two to three times a year. When it was free, it was awesome. I just logged in to plan a trip for my in-laws when they visit CA and drive up the coast.. but sadly found that the app now requires, not just a one-time payment, but a monthly or yearly subscription?! I get that developers need to make money, but this is a bit ridiculous. There is no reason to pay a yearly subscription if I’m only going to use it once or twice. Nor does it make sense to sign up for a month.. then remember to cancel.. then sign up again when I want to use it again.. then cancel. What a hassle. It also prevents me from helping friends and family plan out trips when they visit, because most would be hard pressed to buy an app let alone subscribe to one. I fully understand this is my opinion, and there are others that obviously love the app and (luckily) travel enough to find the new required cost negligible. While I enjoyed the app during trip planning (mind you, I still used google maps or Waze with addresses from Roadtrippers entered in), it’s not enough for me to subscribe when I can use google maps and a little bit of research to build my own map for free and have high quality and accurate navigation.
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5 years ago, DaynaR-H
Love the roadtrippers app
I’m planning a 9 day cross country trip from Washington state to Florida. I was trying at first to plan our trip on my own using different maps online trying to calculate how long it would take from place to place and then looking up each state to see what cool things we could see. With the hopes we wouldn’t miss anything. After waisting a lot of time and paper I came across this web sight. Which made my trip planing a breeze even figuring out where we would stay along the way. The trip I at one time was dreading I now can’t wait to take. After using the free version on roadtrippers, and finding just how useful it was I did decide to up grade to plus. I am so glad I did all the features are well worth it. Roadtrippers works great on both a computer and through an app on your phone. Also the Nav setting works with whatever system you regularly use. I use Waze and it’s attached. I just can’t say enough good things. If you have a trip coming up this is the app to use.
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3 weeks ago, MusicLover235
Feeling disappointed
I wish I could give Roadtrippers more stars because I love it! I use it several times a year. I’ve added a lot of reviews and photos on places that didn’t have anything. However, I’m really disappointed that they have changed the number of “waypoints” or places that you can add to trips without paying $30 a year for premium. It makes sense, but it is way too much. Still their app is the best for planning a road trip with multiple points and finding obscure places to visit on the way. Now the free version is basically unusable for road trips. Hopefully this price point will change, because I will not pay for it as is. Update May 2024: I have used the app for my one annual three week roadtrip for years. And have been paying yearly for it as well. Unfortunately the app has changed it price point again and is nearly unusable without upgrading the plan again. There’s nothing else like it and it really is a great app, but I’m so frustrated. The subscription auto renewed recently and I had to pay for the higher plan to be able to use it. Need to see about the possibility of getting refunded for the previous charge. Hoping for the best!
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5 years ago, hah4237
Good while it lasted
I’ve been using Roadtrippers for years and learned today that if I want continue using this app I’ll have to subscribe?? Like really. This must have happened within the past two months because I just used it in March or April to plan a long road trip with no restrictions. I used to love this app to find waypoints and points of interest on my cross country road trips, just to see what’s along the way or if there were interesting places close to the route. I liked the gas and distance feature. All good items for someone who loves to plan and map out logistics. I’m an intense trip planner, and use this app as a starting point to do further research on google and TripAdvisor. I’ve come to really love this app. And upon opening today any future trip I try to plan I can only have 5 waypoints. They say 7 but the starting and ending point of your trip each count. So in reality you only have “5” free waypoints. I usually have 10+. For a price of $30 a year this app isn’t worth it for the infrequency of the trips I take or even if I would be a more frequent traveler. And with everyone else wanting a subscription, I’ll just delete this because there are services like Google, and TripAdvisor I’ll just use now in the future. I loved having all of them, I’d pay $1-$3 a month to keep, but now your just a waste of space in my phone.
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5 years ago, ECPeterson
Poor routing system
I try to use Roadtrippers to plan motorcycle rides and I don’t always want to use the shortest most efficient route after all it’s about the ride. There is no way to select what route you want to take other than plot through towns and most small towns the program does not recognize. It is extremely frustrating when you are trying to plan a route that a group is going to ride that covers hundreds even thousands of miles. The share feature is nice as it makes it easy to distribute the map, but when it doesn’t follow the proper route people get lost because they follow the line and not the written notes. I would be happy to improve my rating if the would allow me to drop pins or pick the route that I want to use between cities. Or even give me the ability to do both so I can drop pins for rally points on the map. These are just a couple of features that would make this software much better and more user friendly. Also expand the map search feature so that it picks everything up that’s on the map there are many small towns that you search for and it has no clue where they are, but it will pick up a town in another country by the same name.
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2 weeks ago, MKJCP12345
Buyer beware: “7 day free trial” is a scam & no prorated refund when you call them out on the scam
BUYER BEWARE: the “7 day free trial” is a scam & they no longer offer a prorated refund when you call them out on the scam. You must cancel 24 hours prior to the end of your 7 day trial or they charge you, and they do not send any reminder correspondence. I failed to do so because I assumed I had the full 7 days, as advertised. When you reach out to customer for a prorated refund, which they did for me in 2023, they claim to have updated their refund policies and no longer offer refunds. I only chose to try the “7-day” free trial a year later because they locked my previously planned trips and I was hoping they had improved some of the things people were complaining about in 2023… shocker, they raised the price, secretly changed their refund policies and membership tiers, and then baited customers whose trips were locked into a new 7 day trial after having fixed NOTHING and then secretly charge them 24 hours before the advertised 7-day trial was up. Talk about shady! This app is absolutely unsatisfactory and terribly hard to use. Not user friendly whatsoever. It is beyond disorganized. Please do yourself a favor and avoid at all costs! It’s not worth the money and do not get baited into the “free” trial.
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2 years ago, JJ Rider AR
Terrible trip planning app.
I do not know where others are coming from, but I have been planning road trips, 2000+ mile rv trips, extended work travel, etc for many years using many planning tools. This is by far the most worthless tool I have ever used. It does an OK job of identifying points of interest (if they’re even located properly) but the app does not provide even the most basic of needed information. Such as trip leg distances, driving radius from last overnight stay, etc. for someone who like to set a max daily travel distance, or perhaps try to plan an arrival time in order to have time and energy to sight see or have a relaxing meal this is a must. To top things off, this planner nearly cost me an entire day, or worse by locating a hotel stop on my route map - that was no where near my route. They had the correct address but the wrong city! Had I just booked the room using the app and followed the route indicated, I would have arrived at someone’s home 100 miles from where my room reservation was booked and too late to avoid a cancellation fee. No, I cannot recommend this app as a trip planning tool. It has clearly been created by folks that have never planned a trip.
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1 month ago, moimoiak
Another lost customer
Put me down as another person who used to love Roadtrippers and is now disillusioned. They introduced new tiers of membership without adequately advising users — and no, an email in October with the subject line “Your membership renewal is coming up” and no mention that features will be moved to a more expensive tier is NOT adequate notice that, when the renew date rolls around SIX MONTHS LATER, all of your trips will be locked unless you cough up another 15 bucks. Additionally, the price is way out of line with the actual functionality. For sixty bucks, I expect a desktop website that doesn’t slow to a crawl after 15 minutes of use, among other issues. And if you must pay for this app, do yourself a favor and do it through the website, not through the App Store. Roadtrippers uses the App Store as a get-out-of-jail-free card to keep from having to find solutions for customers. They cannot edit your account if you pay through the App Store, and they will not be flexible in trying to work around that issue. I used to sing Roadtrippers’ praises to everyone who asked about our summer road trips. Now I’m looking for an alternative. And replanning my entire summer road trip.
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3 years ago, Sheena Y.
15 State Road Trip!
This app is fantastic! It helped me plan and experience one of the most incredible road trips and keep it a surprise for my older sister. We had a blast in the Fall of 2020 venturing through 15 states in the Northeastern United States. I used it for countless smaller road trips and got to see some gems that I would have driven by without ever knowing they existed, all because of this app. I love traveling and I highly recommend this app. Note: I am a Google Local Guide, Level 10, so I have plenty of experience working with maps and finding attractions. However, this app provides a very unique view of sights that may be worth seeing. It’s very intuitive and easy to get started. Once you download it, simply set your starting point and destination. You’ll get to choose what to add or remove from your trip from there. I’m about to renew my premium subscription, to plan a road trip through the Florida Keys ;0)
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2 years ago, erkitten4
Almost there
I love this app, it has a huge data base, visually appealing, and almost fully functional. I have the pro version but there are still a few things I’d like to see. It would be great if you could add a start time, so the trip is planned out exactly. Some aspects of my trip are time sensitive and it would be great if I didn’t need other apps to set a timed schedule. This is especially true when crossing time zones. Also, it would be awesome if there was a weather aspect. I had an entire 5 day, 60 hr, 15 stops, trip planned with the final check being the weather, and had to replan because of ice and snow. I road trip for leisure, so I need to make sure I make it to my hike, tour, candy shop before the sun sets or the venue closes. I know adding time and weather is no easy task, but it would make this app perfect and worth every penny and maybe even more. I road trip long distance often with several stops, and it would make my life so much easier, which is why I use an app and not just a planner.
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5 years ago, sfitz66
No longer free, not worth $30
As someone who can’t really afford frequent travel, I was very excited to have the opportunity to plan a long road trip I could actually go on this summer. I was prepared to break the trip up into two legs on the app as I was aware of the 60 waypoint limit, but commencing my travel plans today I’ve discovered I have been limited to 5 waypoints per trip (starting and ending each count as one stop in your new 7 waypoint limit). If I want more I will need to pay the $30 annual subscription fee. I understand that the app needs to make money, but $30 just to use the app for one trip is simply too much for me to reason. I used to love this app, used to even recommend it to people. While some of the waypoints have the wrong address or have been closed or simply aren’t listed etc it was still super easy to use the map just to figure out what kind of stops were along the way to your destination of choice. It’s always been glitchy, but it was a fun way to collect information (definitely never used it on an actual route, though, as gps was very off). Very disappointed that greed has taken over the company. I guess I’ll be heading over to google maps from now on.
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6 years ago, beckyz17
Great concept but not ready for prime time
I love the idea of the program and there are some great sources that can be tapped into. However, it is difficult to use and lacks the functionality that most programs have. The GPS isn't very precise so when you zoom in, it looks like your off in the wilderness; when in map mode it crashes frequently, both the website and app navigation is poor. When I started trip, there was a place to document the trip. I've spent hours on both app and website and can't find that page again. The website was difficult to use but app is worse. App and site are too static. App won't rotate so you have to always look at it in portrait mode. Also does show trip details and map like on website. On site, you can't scroll through trip details. Map zoom feature also doesn't work well. If they hire a new programmer and fix these issues and it would be a great app.
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8 months ago, Please make a new update
Good if you’re willing to pay and will use it often
EDIT: it got worse!!! Now the free version only lets you view ONE trip! And you can only add one stop between your starting and final destination. Garbage. Disappointing. Not for the casual road tripper. 👎🏽 TLDR: functions great for showing you stops and attractions, but the free version is now useless and $40 isn’t worth it The good: - pretty much shows you all the possible attractions/stops/things you’d need and want for planning a road trip The bad: - not worth the money if you don’t road-trip often (even then, $40-$60 for an app is hard to justify) - when I used it , it still had a free option where you could add up to 7 stops, and now that’s been reduced to 3, which is practically useless - drive times were inaccurate, different from google maps by as much as 2 hours - I can’t even view my past road tips because it had more than 7 stops which is just cheap- seriously? I can’t even look at where I went? Sure, gotta get paid but that seems excessive and unnecessary. No one’s gonna do the exact same road trip twice so there’s no need to keep me from seeing it.
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1 year ago, Rolling snake
Very user friendly
I downloaded this app to plan an upcoming road trip. I found it to be very user friendly. The layout is great. Switching from itinerary to map and back is simple and a big help in planning. Being able to select sights, or hotels and and then to the itinerary in 1 click is also nice. It’s just a very easy and useful app. BUT there is one improvement I would like to see. The ability to create a range of driving distance or time for each leg of the trip, and the app automatically finds towns are cities along the route that fits that criteria. Presently I have to go back and forth from the itinerary and map trying to locate places to stop for the night that with a certain drive time that day. Just a recommendation. But overall, it’s a great app
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2 years ago, Yololord
Seems reasonable but overly challenging
Trying to to create an account with this app has been the struggle of a lifetime. I incorrectly missed a letter with my email, so it tried to send confirmation emails to a nonexistent email. There was no way to correct it. After half an hour, & a hundred confirmation emails, of trying to figure out a way to correct a simple mistake, I gave up. I was then able to set up an account with my real email, but when I downloaded the app, it assumed I was still trying to use the incorrect email. I then purchased the plus version of the app, & tried to access it on my desktop. I now cannot access the account because it says the password is incorrect, & there is no way to change it, because when I try to change the email, it says an error occurred. There is no winning in this hellscape. Who would make an app this confusing & frustrating? Every email to change the password forces you to receive another email confirming you would like to change the password, which then takes you to a Google page to actually change the password. This of course doesn’t matter because the app itself has no way of actually remembering that I changed the password. I now have two accounts because of the nonfunctional technology of the app, & neither accounts work the way they were intended. Every email sent to change a password The email expired after 24 hours, so
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4 years ago, saleen8927
Great service, but too bad they started charging
The service used to be free, but went to a subscription, which I hate. If you only occasionally do short road trips, this is not at all worth the price. If you do long road trips often, with many stops, this is worth the cost. Although the app is easy to use, I recommend planning your trip on a web browser, then just using to app while on your drive (or for small tweaks). It’s great for deciding where to stop on long trips. You can really easily see how long each leg is, what points of interest are along your route, and it’s easy to move your route to include points of interest or stops that would normally be a bit off the normal route. The only issue I had is that you can’t see where you are on the map or points of interest without data service, but it looks like there is an offline mode that might fix that - I didn’t realize that at first and will have to try it.
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1 year ago, mtork
Solid start but a ways to go.
Moving from RV Trip wizard since they only really support campgrounds since are now staying in Hotels/resorts there are some notable gaps. 1. Date mgmt. Typically we plan around getting the hardest places booked and work around those for places to stay and things to do. This app only supports arrival day, not multiple day stays and doesn’t help by showing gaps in the calendar so you have to manage the calendar separately. 2. Most information has to kept in the waypoint free text note field (eg confirmation info, how long to leave for a POI, how many days you are staying, etc) which has two problems. 2.a you cant really get a detailed route/itinerary since its all in text. Route planner shows the day of arrival but not in printed route. 2.b the collaboration idea is cool, but this text field is not shared with collaborators so you have to distribute/discuss sep. 3. No driving radius or ability to set how far you want to drive in a day. Not sure how travel time is specifically calculated and you can’t adjust for those of us that prefer to get there fast so you have to do your own calcs. Seems very conservative. The map UI and POI integration are pretty cool. Have done a reasonable job with places to stay but some smaller B&B places have to be added via their address vs name search. If you are driving a normal vehicle I haven’t found anything better so hopefully some of these other gaps get closed.
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2 months ago, Gibbsterna
They’re holding my planned vacation hostage until I pay.
I paid for the package that allows me to plan 3 trips with 20 stops each. When I was planning my trip, I put in more then 20 stops, because I was trying to see what all my options were in terms of activities, restaurants, and hotels. I meant to remove some of the stops, but before I could, without warning, the app locked my trip and is demanding more money for me to unlock it. I spent a lot of time planning my trip. I booked my hotels, now I can’t go back and see what I did unless I pay more money! That’s so mean. I now have to plan everything out again, because I refuse to pay a ransom for my trip. I was having so much fun before this happened and I was going to recommend this app to everyone, but this experience took the wind out my sails. If I were you, I’d try and find another company, because I feel this company is a bit deceptive and unethical to lockdown my hard work without warning or a grace period….at least on my first trip so I could figure out how they’re system worked. Such a shame.
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5 years ago, tim--h
Excellent app for planning and exploring with a loose itinerary
This is the third time I have used it to go on a long Road-trips. Each time it has gotten better. I love it but it could use some improvements. I would like to search a theme to put the trip together. Civil War, revolutionary war trip I found myself looking on different websites for more information. Lots of times the things I was looking for were not on the app. I would also like to have the app track where I have been based on my photo’s location. The navigation part only lets the map stay in portrait. So I used another app to navigate. I did like how the app allowed me to get to the places I wanted to go and I really liked how it gave correct information for the places I was going when I found them. I would give it 9 out of 10 it has help me plan despite what it doesn’t have. Also there is nothing like it that is better! Thank you Roadtrippers!!
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8 months ago, Lunacita
Paid subscription but apps keep losing it
This happened two years ago when I had a subscription also. Just paid for a new annual subscription and yet almost every time I try to log back in I have to go through gymnastics fiddling about trying to get into the app again or it lets me login but forgets that I have a subscription and won’t let me access any of the plus or pro features so then it keeps losing trips that I’ve built and saved. And yet somehow it saves a few of them. And it seems to always have confusion about logging in for Roadtrippers versus road pass. Thought all of that would’ve been fixed since all my troubles with it two years ago. This app is a great idea but I have so much trouble with it. It’s really frustrating and just makes the process of trip planning a lot harder and more time-consuming than it would’ve been without it. really disappointed and I’m still locked out again. Someone from customer service. Please fix this and make this work better for me. I already sent in a Help request.
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6 years ago, Derrick Rainey
COAST 2 COAST (Part 1of2)
I’m very excited I came across the app, I will be putting it to test after this upcoming week when my fiancé and I move from Melbourne, FL to Orange County, CA. I haven’t even left yet and this app has done some pretty amazing things for me. The main reason I added the app was to help with locating gas stations. Our first stop from Melbourne, FL will be in Houston, TX where my family resides, then from Houston off we’ll go to Tucson, AZ then Orange County, CA. While pin pointing some gas stations for our trip I was able to come across a really good hotel deal that I couldn’t say no to In my college hometown of Tucson, AZ (BearDown). I think this is a really great opportunity to test out this app on our coast to coast journey and see what all it has to offer, It’s starting off pretty solid so far. When I get to my final destination it will only be right to give an honest 2nd part review of our journey and how good or bad this app worked out.
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3 years ago, Itworks7890
Wanderlust Medication
I make a point to take a good road trip every few months and through them all I’ve tried about every decent and not so decent travel app there is but this one takes the cake — at this point I don’t know what I would do without Roadtrippers. It’s taken me on 3 cross country drives, a couple 2k+ trips, and countless smaller journeys in between. Along the way, I’ve seen “world’s largest” this or that, wacky photo ops, public art installations, cool geographical features, ghost towns, scenic views, really a bit of everything! If you want to get from A to B as fast as possible, stick to a normal GPS. This is an app for adventurers and travelers, those with a lot, or even a little bit, of wanderlust in their system. If you want to get off route and see what this world has to offer, then this is the app for you.
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5 years ago, Asolomonzz
Didn’t meet my expectations
I recently use the road trippers app for a road trip on my motorcycle with a buddy of mine. Apparently it only brings up restaurants and hotels that pay to be on this app. We were in a town with restaurants and diners all around us and nothing was coming up on the app. If a road was closed and we had to reroute it put us on some roads that weren’t the best for motorcycles. There was periods for a mile or more to in Ohio where it couldn’t route us in the proper direction. It showed our location but no route to follow. Other areas it’s Ennis down roads that have been closed for years and we had to turn around and head back into a different direction and then wouldn’t reroute us. I’m feeling like the $30 for the app wasn’t well spent. The directions and the GPS worked pretty well for the most part but it seems I’ve could’ve gotten the same from Google Maps without spending a dime.
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6 years ago, huestises
Well worth it
I used this app while traveling from New York to New Mexico and back. It gave me great destinations and provided some useful information about some places I had planned on going. One of those places I found a review telling me that this wasn’t a safe neighborhood, as a single female that was a valuable information I have. I found some great places to visit as well as follow up that were goldmines! Even when I decided to change around my trip a little bit, it was easy to just press and drag a Destination to a different spot on my list. Even have websites for many of the places was valuable to be able to look up times, that was the only problem that I found, were the times on the app or different than males on the websites. Love this app and will be using it again
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5 years ago, KiddyWhompus
Nothing else compares to this app!!!
Roadtrippers was a necessity in planning our family’s road trip to Wyoming. We had planned to take our time and stop at many roadside attractions, points of interest and fun diners. I researched so many apps to create a road trip itinerary, and only this app will actually allow you to discover, schedule and plot your stops along a given route, as well as tell you how long it will take to get from each stop to the next. We planned to go from MN to WY, and we were able to create an itinerary along the way, with stops in MN, SD, MT and WY. After having no other luck in finding another app where we could create a scheduled itinerary, I gladly paid the upgrade and it was soooo worth the money. Can’t wait for our next road trip! Cannot recommend this app enough!
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5 years ago, A_Mac99
Not paying up for what was free once
Was going to use this for my upcoming Portugal trip to help collaborate plans with a friend, but as it turns out, since the last time I used this app, many features have been extremely limited. I can only do less than half what I used to be able to do free. On my last trip- I had about 27 waypoints... and now you can only have 7? That’s really lame- that’s no ‘road trip’. Needless to say, I will be retiring this app- it’s not even a necessity anyways, just a used-to-be-helpful tool. I’ll use google maps and a list, thanks. And I’ve looked at other reviews and everyone else agrees that $30 for the simple luxury of tracking your stop points is completely rediculous. To the developers who are responding to those reviews and trying to list the ‘benefits’ of paying- all of that is useless. The only great thing about this app was keeping track of stop points and collaborating with friends. Now that both of those things are nonexistent. This app is garbage. Totally not worth anything. Used to love it, now I wonder what it’s even still here for? 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ll be using the littler apps whose heads haven’t gotten too big for their users (and whose asking price isn’t completely rediculous and not worth what they think they’re worth). How is that response true? Taking functions away and making it more expensive is somehow helping it be more useful? Lol, no.
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2 years ago, Happy Camper 1397
Love this app! Have been using it since 2018
In 2018, I planned a cross-country road trip from Virginia to California and back. To make it more complicated we were going with another couple. This app allowed me to plan my destinations and easily share it with my friends so that they could add their ideas to it. After that, we talked over the phone and edited the route together. This app allows you to easily toggle stops along the way on and off so you can decide whether or not you want to go there, or easily re-route your stops by clicking on them and physically moving them like you can on an iPhone. I recently got a camper so I cannot wait to see how road pass works so that it will show me routes that will work for my camper.
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5 years ago, Meeks4532
Good while it lasted
This app is begin gimped so they can push an $80 (now $29) a year pay service for it which is absolutely ridiculous. It serves some purpose still, but it's no longer my go to. I use trip advisor, atlas obscura, and TripCase. Not sure what they were thinking trying to charge a huge annual fee when most apps charge a low one time fee to unlock features. The upgrades are not worth the asking price, believe me. 60 more waypoints and a darker map option as it stands. Otherwise, locations missing and no way to add them. No way to 'easily' route a road like you might do on a, you know, road trip.... Route 66 or blue Ridge Parkway for example. They also do not respond to emails if you have feed back or issues. I used to love this app and might have paid a one time fee to support them, but $80 is laughable and annually! Hah! What seemed ok when it was free (or would have been with a reasonable charge) comes under more serious scrutiny and doesn't hold up. Thanks for dropping waypoints to 30! Done with this app.
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2 years ago, WhatTheDogSaid
Useful tool for road tripping
Remember AAA trip-tiks? This is the iPad version. It’s a fine repository for stringing together the interesting places you hear about as you contemplate a trip. While there are recommendations within this app, it’s frankly a bit ambitious to try to duplicate the other resources of the internet. I can’t imagine looking here first for restaurants and breweries, or for getting a deal on a dog-friendly hotel. The reviews elsewhere are more current and more plentiful. Use Google Maps or Waze instead for live road closure and traffic notices. There seem to be the hooks for this to be the ultimate-everything tool, but it just can’t be with crowd-sourced alternatives. I’ll browse AllTrails for hikes, Atlas Obscura for oddities, scan the listing of National Parks and Historic Sites, and Google the places along the way. There are some good calls within here too, (such as the Largest Ball of Stamps in Lincoln, NE. Who knew?) Browse the example routes and you might pick an item here and there. Collect them and customize your trip to your taste. You have to subscribe to get more than ten stops in a tour. A one-time purchase would be friendlier. This did help make our 4600 mile jaunt a success, however. Try it for a year.
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2 years ago, Hfbrumley
I Love This App!
I love to travel. During Covid, we couldn’t leave our state, so we decided to drive our state. I looked for an app that would map out a trip for us where we could see all kinds of things. I loved that this app would point out neat things to stop and see or places to eat along the way. We could rearrange our course if we needed to or delete something when we didn’t have time. I also loved that it gives you time and distance to every stop. So helpful in planning the complete route. We saw so many things he I had no idea we’re in Kentucky because of this app. Now, I don’t go anywhere that I don’t use it. I have trips planned for the next 5 years. It is worth every penny!
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4 years ago, :)MAM:)
App is limited
I attempted to contact the developers, but it’s impossible to provide feedback to them directly because their form doesn’t display correctly in the app on the phone. There’s a field missing that must be checked in order to send messages, and you can’t get past it. It’s impossible. There’s no email listed for contacting anyone, and no phone number either. This guide provides great information when you’re on the road, but what about planning ahead? It would be great to see the route ahead of time to be able to choose routes and plan stops along the way prior to leaving. I thought that was what this app helped with. It is nice to have all the resources in one place, don’t get me wrong. But I’d like to see future trips to plan... set a trip between dates, and plan stops along the way. That’s all. Decent app for information and storing routes, otherwise, operability is limited. Capability and forward planning is limited. I would only recommend this once in the road.
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3 weeks ago, Patriots991
Horrible example of corporate greed.
I got charged after I didn't even subscribe; my account literally reads "basic" and tells me I have to subscribe to premium. This is the second year in a row that I have had this canceled, and they charged me for a subscription, and my account still reads "basic.". I reached out, asking nicely, stating the card they charged isn't even mine anymore; it's someone who is no longer in my life, and I asked nicely to cancel this, since it will literally be marked as a scam by the credit card since I NEVER AUTHORIZED IT. They responded with, "We don't offer refunds," a horrible example of corporate greed. I hope they get what they deserve one day. I honestly don’t even mind; it’s getting refunded anyway. At the end of the day, they only hurt themselves, lost a network of customers, and are not even going to receive their 45 dollars since it was literally a scam payment! The credit card already issued a refund.
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5 years ago, 11thplanet
Was good while it lasted
Been using this app for many years, traveling the USA, trying to cover all 50 states with my kids. It’s always been glitchy, when selecting categories it would ignore my selections and show items I didn’t want to see, the map has been inaccurate and has misguided us more than once, but all in all, it was okay, 4/5 stars. However... they just reduced the number of waypoints to 7 per trip in their free app, which to me rendered it useless; I see at least 20-30 things on each trip. They are charging $30/yr if I want to add more stops. Well, I’m not going to do that, there are plenty of other ways to find stops on our trips, without the glitchy performance. Hopefully the developers realize that it’s a bad idea and it’s not going to work. I’m guessing your loyal users are mass exiting! I used to recommend this to my friends and family but now... I’m out, and will tell everyone else I’ve talked to about it to move on. Shouldn’t have ruined it....
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3 years ago, bohobonfire
Totally inaccurate local info
I just downloaded the app and just searching around me it’s showing businesses so old that they were gone before I even moved to this city 10 years ago. How useful is an app that shows you local info if all that info is false? Update in response to developer: When I say that there are closed businesses being shown - I mean easily 2/3 of the businesses it’s showing are closed, and the info for ones that are still open are painfully outdated. I did submit about five changes through the app for businesses that are closed. Even if the businesses that were closed were updated, there are still tons of new business that do exist that aren’t there, or updates to existing businesses that aren’t there. If my local area is so completely inaccurate and out of date, then I have no faith that I’ll be able to find useful information in other parts of the country using this app - and I’m definitely not going to pay to find out.
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5 years ago, kalavinka
Recent change leaves bitter taste
Roadtrippers recently severely limited its usefulness by downgrading what users are able to do unless they upgrade. This means that the many trips I have saved are not editable because they contain too many stops, known as waypoints. Previously users were able to creat 60 waypoints. This is now limited to 7 unless one upgrades. Prior to this, the site and app has decent mapping options but there are several features lacking, like the ability to easily reverse a trip. I used this as a planning tool, mostly for trips that return to the origin, and sometimes it makes sense to change a route to go in reverse. Not easily done. One has to move every waypoint manually to achieve this. Also, the accuracy and limit of locations in their database limits the ability to plan trips. Sometimes whole roads are missing so a route can’t be mapped. These limitations with the addition of being forced to upgrade means Roadtrippers is no longer useful.
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3 years ago, +Chachacha+
I want my money back
I paid for the premium version expecting to have navigation just to discover that is lacking the most basic feature - connecting with my car console (apple carplay). When many cars in the market have already this on dashboard screens and you get used to see apple maps, google maps or waze, and you have the essentials like podcasts musics and even whatsap and zoom - this app has no carplay functionality. What do they expect? That users that already have normal functionality in their cars go years back and start installing all kind of cellphones holders so you can use the navigation functionality?! The minimum you can do, if you are not able to incorporate this basic functionality that is standard in most map and navigation apps, is to allow exporting the itinerary to other navigation apps. But no. that is not available either. I WISH I COULD GET MY MONEY BACK. THIS IS WORTHLESS!!!’
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3 years ago, chetamorton
If you are directionally challenged you cannot live without this app.
I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this website and their app. I am completely directionally challenged; I learned all the states and where they are but honestly half the time I have no clue. To be able to put places in and move them around and sort them is amazing. To put a place in and then be able to find hotels right around it is amazing. To see what’s located near X or Y and have it on a map and a list that I can completely move around is amazing. Absolutel truth: I do not leave on a trip without putting everything on roadtrippers. This is one of the few websites that I happily and gladly pay for and it is worth EVERY DARN PENNY!
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1 year ago, SC to UT and back!
Great tool could be better with your help!
This is a plea to all users to start posting informative reviews. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because many reviews if existing are years old. Not all have *yelp reviews. And you can add your helpful photos! You’ll see me posting as livingbrts22. This is my second year using app. We used for two road trips out west with grandson starting from SC to Grand Canyon, Utah National Parks, MT. Rushmore, Badlands and more …over 25 states. It helps plan what’s ahead, hotels, restaurants. So useful, just stick with it. It can be frustrating searching or changing views but you get better at it. It’s actually fun! We found great stops on the route we would not have known about. Get out there and POST helpful REVIEWS. Safe travels.
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3 years ago, thevmcoach
There’s just no way I could take the trip I need to take cross country without Roadtrippers!
I am a new RVer making an ambitious cross country trip. Using Roadtrippers has allowed me to explore options, adjust and readjust my route, and get a handle on the mileage and gas costs and a lot more. The software is so easy to use on a laptop and then display on your mobile device. I’ve been able to make paper prints I can take with me in case I’m in situations where I don’t have a cell or Wi-Fi service and that’s worth everything to me as a solo driver. If you need to know where you’re going and estimate what it takes to do it, don’t hesitate to sign up for the full plus membership. It’s money well spent!
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2 years ago, Ms.Monahan
Doing trips with them for years
Very nice app, i do roadtrips every other month… been doing with a free app for a long time it was great ,so I payed and guess what…. Money well spend . Big base of stops and i use quite a few of those. only thing is the map is not always find places i want to visit and its gets a bit time consuming … but I can’t imagine doing a week or two roads plan trip without them . Did Canada trip, Virginia ,Vermont, PA, NJ,NY,Vegas,Utah (was one of the best) and a lot more so far i am around mid double digits on amount of trips ….. Absolutely Love it . actually planing a week long trip to Oregon right now ! On my opinion this as an app that’s an absolutely must have for a successful planning !
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6 years ago, simmser11
Awesome Road Trip App
I've been using this app for the past couple months planning out a Chicago to Yellowstone road trip. It is very easy to use and very functional. I've found campsites all along the route to stay at and also have marked all of the stops we're going to make at national landmarks and interesting spots, from the biggest buffalo statue to the largest prairie dog colony in the US. I really like the Note feature, it allows me to make detailed entries for each stop along the way. A great app and it's free!! I wrote the above review last year but never submitted it. Since then I've used Roadtrippers to plan trips to Rocky Mountain NP, Pictured Rocks NL, and Banff NP, Great Smokey NP just to name a few. I won't be taking any future road trips without this app.
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6 years ago, mypupmickey
It shouldn’t be this difficult!
First, it won’t put multiple destinations in the order I want. I even tried putting them in backwards order, with the final destination added first hoping it would push down each destination and put them in order. It only worked for some of them. THEN it won’t let me choose which route Example: If traveling from Bryce National Park to Yosemite, it wants me to go south, west, then north again instead of directly West. I assume it’s because the East entrance to Yosemite is closed this time of year (winter) so I added the travel dates. Still wouldn’t change routes. Google maps does this but if you change the dates in Google maps, the options will adjust. Lastly (& I haven’t even fully examined the app yet) it allows you to select what vehicle you’re driving so it can calculate fuel costs, however you can only select car OR RV. You can’t select a car pulling an RV which would greatly affect fuel usage. An hour later, I’m exhausted!
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4 years ago, KB927
This is a fantastic tool to use for any roadtrip! It made the planning a 32 day journey much easier and we were able to catch some cool places that would not have been on my radar without it. Some hidden gems are not exactly where this app shows, but with a map or GPS they are easily located. We are now using it to plan our next family trip. Printing your map before you head out is the way to go. We were able to print off a copy for our friend/family so they knew where we were on our journey which kept to worried calls at bay and one for ourselves for when GPS/WiFi were not available. This app is worth every penny if you are taking any roadtrip.
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3 weeks ago, Mattwicki
Misguided Use Case
I guess if you are just constantly planning trips this makes sense to pay for but the casual user that wants to organize a trip or two per year doesn’t make sense to buy this. The free version is absolutely crippled to the point where it’s not even worth trying. I wanted to just make a quick itinerary for a 3-4 day trip and after start and destination you can only put in one more stop. How do you expect people to even try this? I guess business is good and they don’t need new customers. Deleted it almost immediately after seeing how blocked the free version is. 7 day trial is useless too as the whole point is to plan and likely can’t even experience the app before you take the trip you planned. Back to just using notes I suppose.
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1 month ago, AgentJack
Awesome app but the price is high to access a past trip.
A few years ago, I paid for the premium version for one year for a 3 week road trip. The Price was high, but I figured it was worth it for this once in a lifetime trip with my kids. I was going through a bunch of photos from our trip the other day and I wanted to look up our itinerary. Unfortunately, now that I am not a premium member, it is locked and I would have to pay the $60 yearly fee again just to view my past itinerary. It would be nice if the maker made it so you could at least view, without editing, a past trip without having to pay the premium price again or at least let me pay for just one month of premium so I could access my data. This seems to be the new business model for a lot of apps these days unfortunately.
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