Roche Bros.

4.7 (674)
69.1 MB
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Current version
Roche Bros. Supermarkets
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Roche Bros.

4.69 out of 5
674 Ratings
4 years ago, Jmonach22
During these tough times it was my first time using home delivery. As a manager at another business I have been quarantined to take care of my disabled children and elderly parents. I cannot say enough about the lady who picked my order Margaret L. She even called my house to ask about item replacement. I know far too well that we see more complaints than compliments. I am truly grateful for the staff at Easton Items are available and service was great. The delivery driver did a great job also following safety protocol wearing mask and staying far enough away. Thanks to all.
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2 years ago, Tedmondsjr
Please Bring Back the “Sort by Aisle” Feature!
UPDATE: changed review to 5 stars after they brought back the “Sort by Aisle” feature in the in-store shopping list. Would be a five star if the “Sort by Aisle” feature returned. Nothing better than sorting my in-store list by aisle and getting my shopping done without backtracking or asking for help locating something. Can’t understand why it was removed. Without it, the app isn’t much better than a paper list.
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4 years ago, Meadowlark23
Life Savers
The pick-up grocery program at Roche Brother’s is outstanding. The app works great, the phone assistance from the staff is great. Everyone one I have talked with on the phone has been pleasant and very helpful. The produce I have gotten has been excellent. The people who bring the bags to the car are efficient and polite. I am in a high risk category and Roche Brother’s service has made it possible for me to not have to shop in person. I cannot thank them enough for their excellent service. Thank you 👍❤️
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6 years ago, DedhamGirl
Home delivery
Can’t say enough about the home delivery from the West Roxbury store. Bobby the manager is great, communicates any questions immediately and is always upbeat. Both my delivery guys are also always great, happy, personable and upbeat, and last winter in the middle of deep snow one of them went above and beyond for me. I’m sure there are different instore ‘pickers’ but they always pay attention to my ‘notes.’ I’m only sorry I didn’t start ordering this way sooner.
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6 years ago, JGS8/3
Home Delivery
After having surgery I needed to start using a delivery service. From beginning to end the service couldn’t be any easier. With several choices for delivery dates & time. The quality is just what you would expect from Roche Bros. I plan to use this service in the future. Great experience!!
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4 years ago, Lash4222
Great with 1 suggestion
All aspects of shopping online with this app are great and the service from Roche staff was excellent. The one suggestion I have is that the app allow you to select a “next available time” option for delivery. As it stands now, the app only looks at the current and next day for openings, which are always full. If we’re home full time and are willing to accept an order any time several days out, let us get in a queue.
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6 years ago, Jo D.
Get a user interface designer!!
What did you do to this app? You took an app that made it easy to shop from the weekly flyer and made it almost impossible. It shows only a short selection of items from the weekly ad and no longer differentiates them by simple categories. This app seems to have been designed by someone who knows nothing about shopping nor app design. Clicking through multiple levels of types of food categories to get to the one item you want is ridiculous. Nothing should be more than 2 clicks away.
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4 years ago, ExSWQA
Impossible to find items from the weekly flyer
With this app, good luck finding items in the weekly flyer because they are not there. One might think that promoted items would be the easiest items to find, after all the store is promoting them, but no. Search by name, sale, or department and you will not find the item. Filter by relevance or price and still no success. The original RB app showed the flyer, click on the item to add it. Nice and easy, the way it should be.
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4 years ago, Penzinator
Exceptional customer service!
Sudbury Farm is a lifeline for us with exceptional curbside pickup. Excellent customer service from your wonderful staff as they bring out our groceries. For decades you have provided superior quality food and have continued to do so during this stressful pandemic. Keep up the good work and please stay safe. A+ all the way.
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6 years ago, Disappointr
I’ve been going online to order groceries for a few years but it doesn’t have pickup option. Added app so I could use that feature. Needless to say, I added my last item & the app crashed to a blank screen. What a waste of time. I knew it was too good to be true☹️
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5 years ago, crazykayte
What fabulous service !
I am placing my 4th order and every interaction with Roche Bros or their staff and delivery folks has been nothing but a POSITIVE experience! The app is great and functions very well ! I am retired and gave up driving in February, so this option has been a wonderful solution for my new circumstance. Thank you Roche Bros.!!!
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5 years ago, SmartypantsMcGee
Convenient ordering
Good app. Easy to use. A few times it didn’t load properly but it saved the info so no complaints, a quick exit and reentry fixes the issue. Will use to order rather than the website from now on!
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5 years ago, busytoo
This app was so easy to use. I am so thankful! The only thing it is missing is to be able to manually add your card each week instead of having it already saved. For safety purposes, I would rather manually add it each week.
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5 years ago, ebgonz
But...There needs to be better images and product descriptions. I’d live to be able to zoom in and read packaging. I love this store and the quality of the ingredients. The delivery process is outstanding! My only issue is the app feature above
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5 years ago, Balmby
Web site and delivery drivers
Both excellent. Easy site to navigate now delivery men wonderful pleasant efficient. There is no store to compare with Roche bro’s anywhere have shopped here for over 40 years thank you all and happy new year. Lillian martin
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5 years ago, GeorgeP
Recent use
Difficult actually impossible to adjust an order e.g., add item. Otherwise works fine. Not entirely sure about delivery coming in large plastic wrap. Seems wasteful and definitely awkward. Perhaps use bags for a deposit thank can be returned to store or picked up after next order.
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4 years ago, gabbretton
Excellent Service
We have been using the delivery service during Covid-19 stay at home efforts. The customer service has been top notch and we are so appreciative for the work that your team is doing! We love Roche Brothers!
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4 years ago, Davidgo235
I love Roche Brothers
I have shopped at Roche Brothers since 1960 when they were a corner store in Needham. Buddy and Pat were always so helpful. I continue now that I have order delivered and the service is still the best.
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4 years ago, mepka
Roche Bros. Home Delivery
Two summers ago I had a hip replacement and began using Roche Bros. home delivery. The service has been terrific, friendly and helpful. The produce is always fresh. Some friends get a weekly manicure. This service is my weekly treat.
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4 years ago, celiamonica
Rich brother
I have shopped at Roach brothers for many years. I have never been disappointed. Vegetables and fruit always fresh and lots to choose from. Their meat selection is the best around.
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5 years ago, Ejtaylortot
You Get What You Pay For... THE BEST!!
I have shopped Roche Bros for over 50 yrs! My family shopped there as well growing up, that is why I have continued because Roche’s has the best quality meats, bakery, deli, seafood Specialized food section, I could go on for all Departments! What I love most is the curtesy of each team member of the store. Everyone is so pleasant And helpful, I also have home delivery, I am More than happy with the accuracy of each delivery. Mary, JIMMY, the shoppers, & deli, are always The BEST!! I Love THE BEST EILEEN MUNZERT
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7 months ago, Sissybriches
Easiest app to order groceries
No problems and good customer service
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5 years ago, notthatanyonewantsmyopinion
The produce is fresher than its competitors but the delivery is less convenient. Would be better if as your as delivery window approached the site could give you a half hour window of when the driver would be there and then alert you that you are next- like Stop and Shop does.
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3 years ago, Totoro02132
Please fix date bug
Repeatedly, there is an inconsistency between the date I select for delivery and the date that is displayed in the confirmation process. For example, I just placed an order for this Wednesday, but once I placed the order the confirmation message said Tuesday. It is consistently off by 1 day.
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3 years ago, Cline26
A little frustrating
App has worked well, but I have had issues with substitutions... shopper usually checks with me.. which I appreciate.
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4 years ago, Mr. Toby Tobe
Best Online Food Shopping👏🏻👌🏻👍🏻
I was sold after my first experience. Now, this is the only way I choose to roll. So, my #1 choice is RB!!!
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4 years ago, Wedding 60
The product is not the freshest. I have thrown out more food and it cost me money. A couple of weeks ago I bought a bag of potatoes and they were all split, bruised, and soft. I have shopped at R B for nine years and I'm tired of the bad produce. It’s also the greens, grapes, just about everything. Thank you for letting me vent.
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5 years ago, 1234678dave
easy to find what I want, easy to set up delivery or pick up
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4 years ago, m-shopper
Easy to use
Roche Brothers App is user friendly. Product availability has been good.
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5 years ago, Jannabobanna
Other stores less cost per item are offering delivery over a certain dollar amount for free. There should be similar option through here. That’s why we no longer order weekly.
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5 years ago, Suzie Jr.
First time using and this works perfectly. No changes needed. Great job! Easy to use.
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4 years ago, jrrose2
Online ordering
Thank Roche Bros for making it easy to find what I needed especially the gluten free listing
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6 years ago, DGofMA
Store good, app bad
Wanted to create a shopping list. Searched for “olive oil”. 110 choices came up. So I sorted by price, low to high. The result? The first pages don’t even show olive oil, but other products like tomato sauce that have olive oil as an ingredient. Not so helpful. Lots of extra effort required to use the app vs making a list or shopping the usual ways.
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4 years ago, Andrew5777
Grocery Delievry
Easy to use app, finding products was no problem. Delivery was prompt, produce was excellent, and driver was great.
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5 years ago, mnjcasey
Excellent service
Always on time for delivery and order is well chosen
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6 years ago, Spencersnana
First time trying this Looking forward to taking advantage of home delivery
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4 years ago, Granna Jake
Always been happy with Roche Brothers Their employees are fantastic. Service is impeccable
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6 years ago, Heidi29
Useless App
You need to work on this, as it is now it’s pretty useless.
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5 years ago, Rosemary781
Fabulous service
Roche Bro’s provides an excellent service
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4 years ago, jim9992
Doesn’t seem to work properly on iPhone
Great app, but won’t process modifying order on an iPhone 10?
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6 years ago, stopno
So convenient but pricey delivery fee
So fast and easy but delivery/shopping fee is crazy high for their services.
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6 years ago, lomeister
Used to be a great app...
...but now it’s gone downhill, just like Roche Bros. The app can never connect to the server, so I can’t see the flyer or use it to build my shopping list. If there were a decent store nearby, I wouldn’t shop at Roche Bros. anymore.
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5 years ago, 1952a
Love Roche Brothers
Delivery is excellent Products are fresh and good
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4 years ago, can't stop emails
Nice app
Very easy to use. Could not locate my preferred store.
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6 years ago, MoKnowsBos
Can’t select a store
Can’t give 0 stars Can’t select a store so I can’t use the app. I don’t like using the mobile website but its the only way for now...
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6 years ago, Joanie149
New update
Wish I hadn’t updated it. When I try to select a store it crashes. Now I can’t even use it :(
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6 years ago, pediskindoc
Roche bros
They need more selection and to honor expiration date
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6 years ago, LEHomer
Your new updated app crashes and is not useable.
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6 years ago, Sharpsteve
This app is literally useless!
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13 years ago, WebMaster123
Not ready for prime time
Just downloaded this app. I am seeing a number of malfunctions/bugs/deficiencies that so far are making it unusable. When I went to select a store it crashed. I don't see a way to log out. I don't see a way correct the name it captured for me. I expected the login credentials I entered to work on the web site but it just jeeps going back to the login page with no indication of what is going on. I tried doing the forgot password there and again it just cones back to the same page with no sign of anything having happened. I wonder if the web site part involves issues with Safari Mobile. It says it is compatible with Safari, but there could be issues with the "mobile" variant that runs on the iPhone. Overall the intent seems good but the execution is a problem.
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