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User Reviews for Rocketmiles

4.81 out of 5
7.9K Ratings
5 years ago, 12dgskebtv
MUCH improved mobile app!
I LOVE earning Alaska Airlines miles using this app; qualifies me for free flights much faster. Most of the bugs fixed. Only major bug left, in my opinion, is the one that lists a hotel/room as "available" while you're searching, and yet unavailable when you're confirming your booking. Another unfortunate annoyance, however, is when you have a legitimate confirmation, arrived at the hotel, and a hotel doesn’t have a room for you. It’s rare, but it has happened to me twice in the 5 or so years I’ve used the app. Most recently November 2019.
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6 years ago, HotspotPee
Questionable Business Practices
couple of weeks ago, I used Rocket Miles for the first time. They charged my credit card immediately for the reservation but apparently didn’t forward my payment information to the hotel. When I arrived to the hotel, I was again charged the room. Later on I discovered that Rocket Miles did not send my payment information to the hotel. As a result, I ended up paying for the room twice! For the next two weeks, I spent countless amount of time with customer service representatives who are based in ghost lan and are awful communicators. They lacked simple problem solving skills (I.e simply process a refund request). Instead, I kept getting the typical scripted answer “we assure you we working on this issue and as soon as we hear from our partner we will refund your money”. Up to the time of writing this review, I still haven’t received my refund and Rocket Miles continues to give me fake promises. Their business practices are questionable and probably should be investigated. Also, customers are promised frequent flyer miles and/or points but they could take up to FOUR weeks to process, of course they don’t tell you that upfront. The hotel rates are much higher than the average market price. In comparison to other sites, your better off booking with the hotel directly or using other competitors.
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6 years ago, BaldLars
Love the idea ... has some bugs
I love the idea of this, but the app has some minor bugs ... I selected the hotel I wanted, gave my payment information and hit submit which resulted in an error message. There was no explanation of what the error was. Then I got an email from my credit card company saying they approved the charge. Unfortunately, the reservation wasn’t completed, so I had to redo the reservation process hoping I won’t be double billed ... I did contact customer service and they were of little help. As a side note, after my trip the hotel “accidentally” gave me a copy of the receipt and I now know Rocketmiles got about $20 for every night I booked ... I paid about $149 a night (extra $40 for extra miles) and the hotel charged Rocketmiles $79 a night. Now I don’t really have a problem with this since I got 10,000 miles, but if the money side of things is more important to you, then this program is probably not for you. The clerk told me if I had called them directly and asked for the best rate, there is a good chance I could have gotten a better deal, instead of $109 a night, I could have gotten the room for $95. Of course this depends on season and occupancy status.
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1 year ago, Clymths
Steer Clear!!!
It’s all been very frustrating… don’t go offf of the stars in the App Store, Google Rocketmiles before you commit. The reviews outside of the App Store tell a different story. If I could give this app a negative star count, I would. Customer support is pointless and prices are highly inflated compared to booking straight from the hotel. Use caution when booking. The majority of the bookings are non-refundable and the company will not work with you, regardless of the circumstances. I write this after using the app multiple times. The first few bookings went great, after that, it was all down hill. I have had to fight with them for being double charged, the Rocketmiles side, when checking into the hotels, have been declined and I have had to purchase the hotel separately, which also took hours to deal with, and customer service, although they are very nice for the most part, the majority of the operators are unwilling to help. Getting help usually takes several phone calls to get to a person who cares.
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6 years ago, Funkdugly
You legit get miles but they are shysters
Do your own diligence when booking. For example, I had to deal with a double charge on my booking ( both Rocketmiles and the hotel I booked through the Rocketmiles app charged me for the night stay) that took over a month to “resolve.” I spent at least 3 hours on the phone (not including the hours of frustration) because of multiple promises from the agents that I spoke with that it would be “fall away” from my credit card bill. In the end they almost refunded the double charge but decide to keep $20 of what they actually need to pay back. Why $20? I emailed and asked them, no answer but I filed a claim with my credit card company and out of frustration they credited me the $20 that they owed. I didn’t get anything for free or an apology, instead they refused to pay back the money they double charged me and wasted my time. Use the app but buyer beware, it could be a long day.
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6 years ago, BWDaigle
Pretty good, just a few issues
I have used this app twice and will be taking my third hotel stay with them this weekend. They seem legitimate. The cost of the rooms is similar to the hotel’s list price, unless you sign up for the “boost” and pay more to get more miles. You likely can get a better deal on the same room elsewhere, but this is about getting the miles. And the miles are real. They have been posted to my account within days of my stays. I did have one issue where the payment was not received by the hotel and I was charged twice. I called Rocket Miles customer service and they fixed the issue immediately. In fact, they asked to speak to the hotel desk clerk and fixed the problem right there and the charges were coming off my card as I was leaving the hotel. My big issue with them is their receipts. The receipt shows the “average” nightly room rate and “taxed and fees.” These do not add up right. If you stay in one hotel for two nights shouldn’t the total be an even number? If three nights, shouldn’t it be a multiple of three? If the nightly rate changed, shouldn’t the receipt reflect that? Makes it pretty difficult to fill out an expense reports when all you have is one “taxes and fees,” rather than the usual 3 separate taxes.
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6 years ago, FlightAttitude
Great App Except...
I’m a dedicated user of this app and travel 2-3 weeks each month, so it’s perfect for me. However, every week, without hesitation, the app will tell me that there was error. It’ll put a hold on my card for the amount to be charged, but then I’m stuck without a reservation. I’ll repeat the steps of trying to reserve a room and usually on the 3rd or 4th try it’ll actually get me the reservation approved. But then I’ll have a hold for 24hrs for multiple room reservations. I think the app should work the other way around. Reserve the room, get the confirmation first, and then charge my card. This way I don’t have multiple pending charges worth $400-$500 held against my card until they drop off.
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6 years ago, joesabino43
Good old BAIT & SWITCH
I don’t not recommend using this company. I received dozens of emails soliciting my business. I was promised 4000 bonus miles for my first booking. I finally decided to give them a chance and sure enough, after making my first reservation, I was informed that the bonus miles for my first reservation doesn’t apply to this reservation (maybe they ment the first reservation after the first reservation). After attempting to telephone them, there was no answer and I was prompted to leave a message and emailing them, I called again and after 35 minutes on hold, Cherry told me that the first time bonus miles promotion had expired. I informed her that ever email I received from them mentioned this first time booking bonus of 4,000 miles. I asked to speak to a superior but Efrain has yet to return my call. Beware of this company and there BAIT & SWITCH TATICS!!!!!
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6 years ago, Turki alrasheedi
Doubtful and unreliabl
I've had a mileage problem a few weeks ago and it has not been resolved. They told me that the mileage had been published in my account two months ago but I did not get anything .. Customer service is very bad .. Promised me false promises .. Doubtful and unreliable .. They do not have customer service solve your problem
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6 years ago, Leann85869
Cancelled day of reservation
I made a reservation weeks before my trip and after I arrived in the new city Rocketmiles emailed me and said my reservation for tonight was cancelled and the only other hotel they could give me was 2 hours away since the hotels in this city are in a very high demand. Ended up having no hotel and forced to stay with a friend. Overall terrible experience with the Rocketmiles team and they didn’t do much to fix the problem they created for me. Wouldn’t recommend the app or the company Rocketmiles. They still haven’t corrected their wrong. The only thing they did was issue a full refund (obviously since they didn’t have a hotel for me to stay in) and they think this was enough remedy.
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4 months ago, jcnjcnjohn
ok, not great
Fast enough functionality which is convenient vs a desktop login, but a few annoying flaws: app constantly requires signing in again aka doesn't remain logged in after closing app; after viewing a property, pressing back to results page often requires an entire reload which is slow and annoying; the sliders on the filters screen are HORRIBLE and make the frame's page scroll around instead - fix the sensitivity
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5 days ago, imak3bigboinois3
Booked first trip
Booked first trip with them. Zero issues. Miles were awarded like two days after I checked out of the hotel. Customer service answered questions I had about my hotel stay. Will book again The app is extremely buggy. Failed log in. Failed connections and searches. Needs to be updated and fixed. Use the website
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6 years ago, DJelten
Rocket Miles is the only way to go!
I love Rocketmiles! Easy to earn miles through referrals AND through your bookings. Last May was my first booking for two nights at the Dreams Sands Cancun. We earned 8,000 miles for 3 nights PLUS 3,000 miles total for 3 referrals. I’m on my way to my next vacation!
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7 years ago, Muzic23
Needs more details
The app is handy to use and makes it easy to book. However, they don't give you enough information. For example, they don't tell you that the resort fee is paid at the hotel instead of at booking, until you get your receipt for the "grand total". Also, it will list parking as an amenity but not tell you if it has a fee. I had to use another app to get that info.
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1 year ago, gm dnmcd 789
App Doesn’t Provide Same Deals As Website
The app doesn’t seem to provide the same deals as the website. For instance, I wasn’t able to purchase bonus miles when I tried to book my reservation via the app, but I was able to do so using the website. So having the app seems pointless to me.
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5 months ago, MPLTraveler
Fabulous program for travelers
I use Rocketmiles all the time, find them to be easy to use, and very fair priced with the additional bonus of miles which enables me to travel even more !
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3 years ago, KrlozRuben
I usually don’t leave reviews...
But idk if it’s just me; or is anyone else having problems with the app? I’m new to it. Just downloaded the app, and signed up on the site (I’ll get to that in a minute), and when I open the app it stays loading searching for rewards. It’s been loading for 20mins+! Now, about the site: I log in... on top right corner it still says “Log in”. I log in again... see where I’m going with this? Anyways... it sounded like a site/app to rank up miles. Sad.
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5 years ago, Famoozle
Easy way to earn miles
Easy to earn miles, but check around. Sometimes you can pay a lower price at a different site for the same hotel room, so you have to decide whether the miles are worth the difference in price.
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6 years ago, lmjamison
Unable to view reservations without being on a network
This app generally worked well, but my major issue with it is that you are not able to view the reservation list without being on WiFi or cellular network, problematic when traveling internationally. Having that list be cashed would greatly increase the functionality of the app.
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6 years ago, 354576
Perfect if you travel
I travel and stay an average of 3 nights a week on the road for work. I started using this and I've almost gotten $100 in gift cards and it's my second time. I won't use anything else!
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7 years ago, Atlantic Ocean
Great way to earn miles
Rocketmiles works great for earning those extra miles. Sometimes hotels aren't available in the region I'd like, which makes it a bit of an inconvenience. When available, works very well.
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4 years ago, Pandora Hermanos
Best deals on hotels
You can get the best deals on hotel after calculating for the gift card you receive. Definitely need to compare because occasionally prices are higher than other sites even after calculating the gift card.
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6 years ago, ravenowski
Love it!
Have been using rocketmiles for a few years now, and have wracked up points and free flights time and time again. We recommend to all our family/friends!
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6 years ago, Lizaner
Crazy Easy
I have earned half a flight so far from booking my hotels thru this app and I’ve only made 3 reservations!!! I should have a free flight earned by the end of the year. If ur not using this app u r missing the boat 🤨
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6 years ago, Tiffanys Dad
Pretty good
This site serves a purpose but is difficult to find a hotel. They need to allow site visitors to find hotels near another address. Business meeting, convention center, etc.
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3 years ago, Jen Beee
Great way to earn miles
A great concept to earn miles! I wish that you guys would add Delta to your list! If you add Delta, I will fully make the switch over to your site for all future bookings.
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1 year ago, SH9607
Exercise caution
Double charged me for a hotel stay. Refused to refund me, then refused to give me the American Airlines miles for both stays. Ignored requests to resolve the issue, rather than addressing the problem. Earning rewards for travel is nice, but consumers should exercise caution when using this app. It is glitchy. Even their customer support says so.
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5 years ago, Uny1228
Bait and Switch
It’s great to earn points for travel, but cannot tell you how many times I am in the process of booking with various “bonus points” offers or great rates and the offer suddenly becomes “no longer available” and they give you an offer with much lower points and/or higher hotel rates!!! Totally bait and switch here!
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7 years ago, CoryElliston
Easy to get miles
Though only two stays I've gotten more American Airlines miles than 3 round trip flights in AA. Between this app and Hilton rewards I'll have a free vacation in no time.
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3 years ago, OneHotelAtATime
Missing upcoming reservations list
The app used to display your upcoming reservations but due to multiple software updates, this most important aspect of your hotel stay experience is missing from the app itself. The only option is to browse through your emails and search for the airport name you’re traveling into.
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2 years ago, JackzfromUS
Reservation not loading
I have been using this app for over a year. It used to be working. But recently app no longer show my reservations. I can see my reservations on PC in browser. I called their support and they ask me to re-install the app. Same issue, no reservations. Guess I have to print out my reservations
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5 years ago, Southwest Point Hog
Southwest Companion Pass for 11 hotel nights...
Half off Southwest Airlines travel for 2 when you buy hotels via Rocketmiles. As little as 11 hotel nights can earn you 110k SWA points = a SWA companion pass. Love this app!
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7 years ago, dcelder
Love the app but.....
There is some bug right now that won’t allow me to see my pending miles and gift cards. It was working earlier this week but now the screen is just blank.
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11 months ago, Neveragain7777
It’s all fine until you need to reach out to customer service. They are not capable of solving basic problems while you are traveling which clearly is very inconvenient as I ended having to pay for another hotel even though I had already prepaid my hotel with Rocketmiles.
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7 years ago, DCGemer
Great App for fast Rewards
I am glad I found this app when I did. I have plenty of business travel so I rack up the miles even faster.
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5 years ago, Ysidd
Turns worthless nights into Gold
Much better way to comp IHG nights and non-affiliated hotels than any other options I've used.
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2 years ago, TomSpan1
False advertising
I’ve been using Rocketmiles for years, and since January 2020 I have had to spend more time on the phone fighting to receive my rewards than it’s worth. On average you can spend two, three or even four hours back-and-forth to try and get the gift cards for your stays.
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4 years ago, Lizzychuuu
Not a great system
I gave up using this app to search for hotels. Every time I hit the back button after looking at a hotel, the filters I was using would be removed from my search. I had to reapply the filters every time I looked at a hotel, which got to be very tiresome after a while. Also, the Amenities filter wasn’t working at all.
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7 years ago, elalcecruiser
Great app
Concierge service is extremely helpful in resolving any issues with hotels. Great way to get rewards without needing to be tied to one chain. Really happy I found this app.
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7 years ago, TD312
Tons of miles
Great way to earn miles on your preferred airline. Up to 10,000 miles per stay and a great selection of hotels. Best app out there
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7 years ago, Beatledawg
Let be the miles, love the app!
I wish I would have discovered this app rears ago.,...easy to get great room deals and bonus miles!
Show more
7 years ago, BurnsLeavitt
Awesome service!!
Love the selections and miles. Prices could come down about 5% and everyone would still win. Thanks!!
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4 years ago, GoPro user Hunt
Great app and convenient to use
Love using the app. User friendly and fast too
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2 weeks ago, Fireman Other
Very frustrated
Site keeps crashing. Also says that “rates are no longer available” 30 Seconds after my search. Then, when I refresh my search, the rate that supposedly wasn’t available anymore is still Shown. Feels like a boat-and-switch.
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7 years ago, Tyger Cobb
You can't beat getting reward points with Southwest. I don't really know how anyone is making money but it works for me!
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5 years ago, suegun
Love rocketmiles
Who would not want extra miles when paying for lodging? Great program!
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5 years ago, workhardvacationhard
Easy miles
I love using rocketmiles when booking hotels. Such an easy way to accumulate frequent flyer miles easily.
Show more
6 years ago, mgodfrey2003
Best Room Booking App
Absolutely best booking app. Easy to use comparable prices and great customer services. Why wouldn’t everyone use this
Show more
7 years ago, MGmgmgmg3141
Very unique
I also book all my biz travel with Rocketmiles. Some SET codes or HotelTonight are occasionally cheaper, but if not the miles are awesome!
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7 years ago, Yummykins
Easy to use
Only first time using, but it was super easy. Will be using again. Plus, miles? Awesome.
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