Rome2Rio: Trip Planner

4.7 (883)
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Rome2rio Pty Ltd
Last update
2 months ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rome2Rio: Trip Planner

4.67 out of 5
883 Ratings
5 years ago, Meimejs
Helped me so much
The first time i needed to use this app was when my sister was born. I got out of work early and everyone in my family was at the hospital waiting to see my sister for the first time. I had no car and nobody could pick me up, and I had never navigated the subways or buses on my own before. Somehow I found this app and was able to make a two and half hour trip through different methods of public transportation to get from my work in NY to the hospital in NJ where my sister was born. I surprised everyone when I got there, and would not have been able to see my sister for the first time with everyone else if it wasn’t for this app. It’s been 3 years since then, and I still use this app religiously. It’s the fastest and most reliable way to find ways to use public transportation to get where I need to be, whether its a job or class or a friend’s apartment. I wish everyone knew about this app who needs it. It’s so helpful.
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5 years ago, katerw-93
This is my first ever app review, but I felt it my civic duty to sing its praises: I’d be lost in Europe begging on some corner with a crumpled up map in my hands and tears running down my face if it weren’t for this app. I live to travel, but I consider myself “directionally challenged,” and the idea of doing a bunch of research on the best way to get from point A to point B would be unimaginably frustrating. Rome2rio takes the stress out of traveling, and I recommend this app to people ALL the time! Yes, it helps you find the best route to get from country to country or city to city, but you can also narrow it down and put in an address or attraction. I can finally travel solo confidently with this app. It hasn’t let me down yet! I’d follow it to the ends of the earth and back. How this app isn’t more widely known or reviewed is beyond me, every traveler should have it.
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7 years ago, Keep your drivers happy
Better than any travel site
I always wanted a way to see options for travel beyond flights. Maybe a train takes longer, but maybe you don't care and it's cheaper. Maybe a mountain bus ride in an economically developing country is scary and you'd like to experience it anyway. This app lays out great options for travel based on price. You don't have to search endlessly for different forms of travel that are independent of one another all the while trying to find linking times and places. This app saves you time, money, and shows you how you can be adventurous without a travel guide. I've had this idea for an app or website before, but they have done it so much better than I imagined!!
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6 years ago, TSeanScott
On the fly, great app!
This app has been on my phone for some time. I use it occasionally but never realized it’s full potential until recently. My wife and I were sitting in Lisbon Portugal after I had planned out a trip with specific itinerary. Sitting there in a square, we could see the Christ the King statue overlooking the city but far away across the water. I had researched that Uber or public transit was the only way. I had a passing thought of Rome2Rio and opened up the app. To my surprise I had a detailed route including a ferry I hadn’t thought of before. The ferry was 10 min and the walking to and from wasn’t much. On the fly we picked up and made it there when it wasn’t in our plans. Great app!
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5 years ago, Jelnesia
Great app to find your way with train, bus, or car
I stumbled on this app by googling what was the nearest train station to the military gate and this came up. If you put in where you going from where you want to depart it’ll tell you how much time it’ll take to get to your destination via different modes of travel (train, car, taxi, and bus) as well as how much it cold cost so you can estimate how much money you need to pull out. If you want to take the train or bus it’ll tell you which bus or trains to get on and where to transfer at and so forth. For my second time in Korea, this app is a great tool to have. I use it in conjunction with the Subway Korea app.
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5 years ago, Bunny331
Download this app to help navigate best routes all over Spain
My first time visiting Spain. I used Rome2rio app to help navigate how and where to go. This app is amazing. It showed me different routes of transportation from train, to bus, ride share, driving. I really liked that it gave a recommendation too which is best route. Most times we needed train ride. We just click ticket image at bottom of app and all the pricing and departure times are available. All e-tickets are sent to email. I had a complication and emailed the company. The response to my questions and complaint are handled very promptly and so professionally. Highly recommend this app.
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7 years ago, Pseudonified
An essential resource for any traveler!
Rome2Rio is one of my favorite resources when I'm looking to travel. Definitely an essential if you have a more complex itinerary or if you're traveling to a smaller city and want a simplified outline of your options. The app works great – I just wish there was a feature that allowed you to sign into your account *inside* the app, so that we don't have to access to mobile site in order to do so. I use this service on both my phone and computer, so it would be nice to be able to save my searches via my account in the app rather than through Safari. Otherwise, I have never run into any technical bugs or annoyances, and I have no complaints!
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1 year ago, TType
Amazing transportation app - one suggestion
I’ve used Rio when in large cities to navigate public transportation (New York & Paris so far), and have not needed to reference the public transportation maps. Only suggestion - I have been hesitant to get on a bus on the street not knowing if they require exact change, or, can I use a credit card? Especially when I don’t speak the language. The app is fabulous already, but adding payment type would really assist ease-of-use for those of us not wanting to possibly make an embarrassing scene (confirming the ugly American perception).
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3 years ago, devlin mccoy
Great scenic pretty navigation
This app is great I love how this app is different than all other navigation apps I like the set up I like how you can navigate where you want to go if you are a person who wants the longest or prettiest way that can be a quickest way do this app but sometimes it can tell you a way that is super duper long a lot longer and slower and it wastes your time so shorter distances are better it is a great app for different types of vehicles more than google maps has and this app is helpful very helpful if you have a person who lives inside the city downtown very helpful for that
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6 years ago, Just Wandering Around
Difference maker
While traveling around Europe this Spring, we were paying outrageous prices for packaged tours until a fellow traveler suggested this App. It gave us the confidence to use public transportation and to know when taxi drivers were trying to put one over on us (like not using the meter in Athens). I would compare it from time to time with Google Maps mass transit option and this App was always more accurate. No doubt this app saved us money but more importantly it opened up opportunities that we would have passed over because we were unsure how.
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5 years ago, Allthenames r taken
Love the app but... is not showing me flights anymore
This was the best app to plan my trips and help u find the cheapest ways to go around as well, is my first to go app, really love it but today had a little problem, was just looking around to see prices and it showed me pretty good prices like always but when I tried to go to the plane tkts link for all of them is showing me “no plane tkts found. sorry” while using the information they gave me I could booked tkts on the side I hope it all goes back to normal
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5 years ago, TKeen05
Great resource
We travel several times a year and often find ourselves off the beaten path so having Rome2Rio is invaluable. Just type in your point of origin and destination and several options (drive, transit, air) appear with routes and estimated costs along with links to the airplane, train, bus etc. I’m on a forum with fellow travelers and whenever someone poses the question about how to get from A to B many respond with Rome2Rio. It is our GO TO app when we are looking for travel options.
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1 year ago, JonH2O
Knows most all schedules
Impressed it knows much of the bus and ferry schedules but not all options are provided. It leaves out toll bridge costs in the estimate for driving around or the multiple options for walking on a ferry / taking a car on the ferry, so only one option is available on the other side: the bus route and not driving. There are also various different ferries to take and those options aren't given for comparison, either because it is inefficient or unknown; I don’t know.
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7 years ago, Tough_Mom
Super helpful, best travel app!!!
Rome2rio is a super helpful app and a favorite. It made planning our upcoming tour of the Balkans a breeze. The app provides distances between point A to B, travel time, and various transportation options. It also includes links to almost everything you need to complete your travel plans which include local car hire, guides, hotel, etc. It gave us confidence to travel independently vs. joining a guided tour. A big thank you to the app developer(s)!
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4 years ago, sarahtravelz
I wish I could route to several locations
I remember using the website Rome to Rio years ago and I was able to add all my stops on my trip and see my whole route laid out on the map. It doesn’t appear to be possible anymore. At least not on a mobile device or the app. I love the Rome to Rio app for finding estimates of transportation prices, and routes to get between place. It is a great app and I recommend to anyone who does a lot of traveling. Dear app developers, Can you please make it so I can route out my entire trip and see it on the map? Like add multiple destinations? There is not a single app in the App Store that allows me to do this. One app lets you add up to 7 destinations in a route, but it’s mediocre and I need to be able to add unlimited stops (I am going to travel long term). Please update the app to include this feature! It would be a perfect 5 stars if I could do this. I’m seriously begging you haha
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7 years ago, Spigot Lips
Super helpful
We're planning a trip and trying to maintain a budget. This app has helped us explore different travel options and allows us to see cost, time spent traveling, and methods of travel all on one easy to read page. The map provides enough detail to explore other travel options to nearby cities-either to branch out or stay within a certain budget.
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5 years ago, Co9412
Was my favorite traveling logistics app but now.....
This app use to be my go to app for best traveling options but $omething has changed. it looks like they sold out and are only featuring sponsors or advertisers. Tried to help out a friend by showing them a route, I take monthly, on the app and my route isn’t even an option!! Come to find out this bus company did not advertise so it’s no longer offered as an option. The routing is the least expensive, the fastest (after flying) and the most reliable public option. And it’s not anywhere on the website or app as an option. In my eyes, BIG FAIL Rome2rio!! Sad to have to delete what WAS such an amazing tool.
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6 years ago, travellover2013
with a few minimal errors this site helped me navigate through 16 countries, on 3 continents in 84 days last winter. it found flights on airlines that neither i nor my travel agent were able to find on conventional travel sites or Sabre. it was able to do things that made my life much easier. this is a no brainer for useful info. other sites say no flights found. without this i have no idea how i would have made it from point a to point b in norway to finland and in Sri Lanka. just amazing and when reaching out to ask some questions they even asked me for some info to help them make sure this site/ app was perfect. great app, great support team and great idea for the most useful app anywhere.
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2 years ago, Ro7068
My Travel Bible… but lately is incorrect
I am in London quite often and can’t get anywhere without this app. However, this week it’s been totally wrong, omitting trains, omitting buses, showing Final destinations which is not what I put in and I’ve had to resort to using Google Maps (which is always correct). I’m only taking away one star because I’m sure you’ll have this fixed soon but please do.
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5 years ago, Damjadi
The best way to travel plan
A wonderful resource that links you to local bus and train companies (if that’s how you choose to travel). Compares travel times and costs, and is the best way to figure out complex travel! How else would I have found out that the fastest and cheapest way from Kaiserslautern to London Heathrow is through Luxembourg City? I always check before I travel...
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5 years ago, Ipxfer
Great app for travelers with budget limits
Nice app indeed. One feature that would be nice is to have options to add groups of people as part of the cost calculations. For example, what would be the cost for group of two adults and two minors under 12 if riding public transportation? It will give more accurate cost and provide better decision to the app users.
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6 years ago, Chrisski287
Don’t like the update
I don’t like how with the new update you changed how you show the price of each leg of a trip. It was nice when you could view just the air travel for a trip and then you showed the price of each flight individually for a given day for a given airport. Now you just give a price range and I have to do so much more work looking up the prices myself. Now that you’ve taken that feature away, or changed it, I’ll be deleting the app. Thanks for taking away what I thought was the best part of your app, showing people what the cheapest way to travel was.
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6 years ago, Sil805
Lost. Where’s the GPS?
A year ago I went to Rome and this app was amazing, gave me turn by turn directions to my points of interest. Walking, taking the bus or taxi was easy because you could quickly see your “blue bubble” move as u walked or rode the bus, but this year while in Paris and Florence, I noticed I no longer had a blue bubble on the map showing where I was or if I was going in the right direction. I was so frustrated, because I kept going in the WRONG direction - what happened? I ultimately had to use Google Maps. I checked my gps setting and they're on. Wish I had the OLD VERSION!!! 😡
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4 years ago, 71salty
Absolutely amazing app
I used this app to get from EWR to a town in Connecticut. I had never traveled alone before, and I saw so many different options around the internet. This app made it as easy as it possibly could be, and i was able to navigate to where i needed to be with ease. Loved this app, and will absolutely use again.
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3 years ago, Kayla.09
Best tool for planning how to get to a new place
I have used this app to travel the world! It is consistently the best tool I have to travel from one place to the next. I love the variety of options it gives and how it even gives approximate prices! I am always recommending this app to fellow travelers cause I personally don’t travel without it.
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6 years ago, Rednip55
Incredibly useful in planning our trip
I am so thankful I found this amazing app. I am planning a trip for 6 and we are visiting some fairly obscure locations in Scotland. This app is like having my own personal travel guide to assist! It is so helpful to have the various options when weighing the benefits of traveling from Point A to Points B-Z!
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6 years ago, cluelessblues
Point A to Point B
Great app to see different modes of transportation that can get you from point A to point B. Your specificity level can vary from a city to a detailed address: Rome2Rio can handle it. However, I have found that its information about how frequently the train runs in Taiwan to be inaccurate. At least they provide links to the relevant transit authority so that you can verify the timetables yourself.
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6 years ago, Ground Hog Day
When you need option
When you want to see every possible way to get from one place to another USE THIS APP! It is my go to travel app if on the road in my home country, New York, Africa, Europe. If you have to get from point A to point B a must have. Do some experimenting with it and you will see why I love it!
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1 year ago, Rizzo211
Great but date chart is off
Traveling to Spain in May and was checking out some different travel options and when I went to choose a date, for example, May 27, 2023 it would populate June 27,2023. But when I choose April 27, 2023, then it populated May 27, 2023. It’s a month ahead.
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6 years ago, MusICHALA
Wish it worked all the time
I really really REALLY wish this app always worked as well as it sometimes does. It freezes my phone all the freaking time, unless I close every other app on my phone before opening it. When I take the time to do that, it’s great! What a handy way for a traveler to find routes and cost estimates! I wish it was always that great without also being inconvenient.
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7 years ago, Aunt J in HB
BEST Travel App hands down!!
This app will tell you everything you need to know in regards to traveling from Point A to Point B buy car, train, bus, taxi, etc. It even has links to choose those forms of transportation--it is fantastic! Look no further for a great app to help you navigate your trip!
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4 years ago, lyndemart
What did I do before Rome2Rio?
I had to plan a complex trip using several different means of transportation. Rome2Rio helped me figure out the best way, how each scenario would work, would cost and how much time it would take. It’s ingenious. Critical for trip planning international, domestic and local trips. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Apples&Cherries
Wish I’d used it earlier!
This app have reduced my search time immensely. It shows the options and allows me to make an informed decision. Does the train go there? How many times does the bus stop there in a day? What bus line goes there? Should I just rent a car? Rome2rio got me the answers in one search!
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6 years ago, RossanaUSA
My go to app when traveling
Rome2rio is an amazing, easy to use app that helps me with all my travels. The wonderful feature of showing several transportation and its price is so easy. 👏👏👏 I have rented car with the best price available...... and I do check before purchasing. Excellent app, thanks.
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3 years ago, 3kids8pets
Best Travel App
MY FAVORITE go to travel app. The instant, accurate travel to and from options are absolutely amazing. From anywhere to anywhere, this app tells me ALL possible ways to get places. Recommended routes, tolls, even hotels along the way!!!
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5 years ago, courtney_072858
App I can count on
I love to travel and this is the app I can count on when planning my routes in different places. It shows several ways to go from point A to point B and connects one to the site to purchase tickets. This is highly recommended by airline travelers.
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5 years ago, @BusinessB
Haven’t used this app in forever
Haven’t used this app in forever was cleaning up my phone and going through all the trips and traveling I have done and just forgot how amazing it truly. Don’t usually leave reviews but wanted to to make sure this app stays alive and grows 🥂🛩🤞🏾
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5 years ago, isoartoo
My go to travel app when I want to know how to get “there” from “here”!
Couldn’t be more useful when traveling especially if you are just winging it and don't have set plans. It’s like having a travel agent on your phone. An indispensable app for travel junkies!
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6 years ago, ajvieira
First app I look at when planning a trip
This app is my go to wherever I want to know if my travel daydreams are possible. With all the transportation information here I’ve been able to plan and travel better than I thought I could
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7 years ago, Thankful 12345
Makes getting around easy!
This app is my go to app when traveling. It is accurate in terms of directions and cost. If you want to know your options when traveling from A to B then this is your app! And it is free to use!
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2 years ago, dadio0987654321
Maybe better in USA in future
Seems like a helpful app so far but not in the US, it has a car ride for two dollars for 22 minutes. That’s not gonna happen, most tickets for airlines I’ve researched so far don’t exist. I do like how it shows the numerous options from one point to another, so there is a growing future for this app.
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7 years ago, SlowNerveAction
This app is awesome!
This is the best for travel planning, giving you all the alternatives (plane, train, bus, ferry, car, bike) and then you can pick whichever you prefer to get all the details, prices, schedules, etc. Even smaller, out of the way places all over the world are found -awesome!
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6 years ago, Wick197905
Love it
By far the best travel app hands down. Orbitz tried to get me to fly back to Madrid from Marrakech to go to the Canary Islands which is directly off there coast. Checked Rome2rio and boom. Canary air direct flight for $135 per person. Would of never know without Rome2rio. Thank you and keep it up.
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7 years ago, Bodacea, III
Great app and great site
I use this site all the time. I particularly enjoy comparing the time and price of modes of transportation. I take at least one major trip a year. Sometimes the train is the best option but there are times when a taxi makes more sense.
Show more
7 years ago, Pnin07
Love it
Fantastic. So many good things. Helps you with planning vacations like nothing else. Shows you commute and nearby shopping options. Best way to find equidistant locations for family reunions, etc. Don't use it all the time, but love it when I do.
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5 years ago, Kesspring
I've used this website for over a year and just realized there is a phone app!!!!! :-) Yay!! It's super user friendly, accurate, and exactly what I need when I'm traveling to gauge time. What a wonderful site! Ive recommended it to a few friends already and they love it! ***Addition to my initial post... this app is still awesome! I travel to Europe and this is an essential tool for gauging distances. *** Site developers- please continue to support and keep this app relevant. I would hate to attempt to use this app and “poof” its gone :-(. Excellent app!!!! Love it!!!
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2 years ago, pinedapple
Rome2rio great but Omio is not
Rome to Rio is fine by itself but when you try to get tickets it hands off to omio. Omio pretends to be time to Rio but the interface is lousy. It takes you a while to figure out you need to get out of the Omio fake site and back to the real time to Rio interface. I wish they had not taken a freak app and coupled it to a bad one.
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5 years ago, Baba2030
Guided us thru Japan
Rome2rio was a valuable tool during our trip to Japan. We were able to plan our train travel in advance and were very confident about getting around. Would have been lost without it. Thank you!
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5 years ago, African Journeyman
Perhaps the best app on my phone
I travel the world for my work. This app may be the best app on my phone. It has been accurate on every continent, in every country and in every city I’ve visited. Remarkably accurate. Has saved me a fortune in not taking taxis in Western Europe.
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5 years ago, Stude1956
I love this app!! I spend 200 days on the road every year stabilizing and restoring rivers all over the country. I use this app EVERY DAY planning trips and trying to link together projects so I can save my clients money and reduce wear and tear on my old body. Free and fantastic!!
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