Route: Package Tracker

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Route App LLC
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2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Route: Package Tracker

4.83 out of 5
429.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Loq1
Replaced Slice with Route
I’d used Slice for many years and it improved nicely, but slowly it degraded over time until it was mostly useless. The hunt for a new tracking app began and I tried a few and narrowed it down to this app Route and one other called Shop which is better suited to a phone than a tablet. This app beat them all out and is almost perfect. I can see the location of my packages on a map, copy the tracking number, mark a package as delivered, and submit feedback easily in app for each shipment individually. Pretty good I thought, but not perfect… yet. The dev seems to be making improvements which is better than an app that turns into abandonware. For this reason I’ll submit my own thoughts on what I feel is missing that could make me love this app more than I once did Slice. What is missing is the ability to add your own tracking information when there are mishaps in shipping and new numbers issued. If and when an image for the item being shipped is not correct it would also be nice to be able to browse for and add the right or a better image. I would love to be able to add notes to shipments as well for future reference and flagging certain shipments as important or even being able to pin them to the top would be great. I appreciate the hard work you’ve already put into this app and wish you continuing success with it. Thanks for reading my input!
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3 years ago, sinrise
Nice idea. Poor execution.
TL/DR: Most of the time it’s easier and more convenient to just check order status on the site you ordered from and/or bookmark/leave the tracking tab open. I live in a rural area so I end up ordering a lot of packages and being rural, delivery dates are an estimate at best. The idea of Route is a good one. Centralize tracking data and make it more convenient to check a tracking status. Unfortunately the app is cluttered with a bunch of partner stuff with shopping or something? I can’t be bothered to mess with it. I really just want to see where my packages are. Most of the time, it says “waiting for tracking data” when the tracking data is readily available. Shipper tracking APIs are not rocket science so it’s unclear why it can’t seem to update in a timely manner. It also can’t seem to figure out when something has been delivered. I feel like I’m providing more data TO Route than it is retrieving from readily available sources. After a few years of tons of improvements except the main thing, I’m just sick of hoping they will ever fix it and I just deleted it.
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3 years ago, forgetitnow.
Unless you are ordering a lot this seems like a pretty pointless/intrusive app to me.
I recently ordered a couple records online and to my surprise got an email for the shipping telling me to download this app. No thanks, I just want the link in the email I can open up to take me to USPS.. you know.. the people who are actually in possession of my package? Only the link in the email doesn’t work if you just click the “prefer to track online” it brings up a broken webpage with no information on it regarding the package. Fine, I’ll download the freakin app so I can see how much longer I have to wait for my package. Now, first thing it wants is to link up with my email? No, I don’t want an app having access to all of my email. Luckily there is a manual “add package/delivery” button thing, cool go to look for the required tracking number in my emails from this dumb app/the online store NONE OF THEM CONTAIN MY TRACKING NUMBER, only a “route” number that apparently is only for when something goes wrong with my package?? What the heck is with this stupid pointless app?? What was wrong with having a link that led you straight to carries page with the actual information? Will actively avoid places that use this stupid thing. Unless you are ordering multiple things from multiple different places and can’t be bothered to look at them individually and also don’t mind having some weird third party having access to the email you use for online shopping, then don’t bother with this app.
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3 years ago, JT Home Tunes
Download Page Clearly States It’s Data Mining
USELESS and worthless to the consumer as a tracking app, but very worthwhile for an app developer to collect all your data and sell it. Starting from user age 4 and up! I recently ordered something that required I use Route to insure a package ($1.15 added to order price-what a deal right?). I then got a few emails from Route about my order having shipped but was PROVIDED NO TRACKING NUMBER. The email said to click on the Route Link or the provided Carrier Link to see tracking number. Guess what? The carrier link wouldn’t work. You have to use the Route link and download the app which wasn’t something I wanted to do because it wanted to link up to my email etc etc. That’s when I got the ‘okay Route is a tracking app for all MY info’, not where my package is. But what really did me in was when I received a broken item and Route emailed and ASKED ME for the carrier and tracking number because “THEY COULDN'T FIND IT”. A TRACKING APP THAT NEEDS ME TO GIVE THEM THE CARRIER AND TRACKING NUMBER. So after hunting down the number I gave it to them and they declined the claim as “out of timeframe”. No explanation of what the timeframe is/was but eventually I found the answer after clicking and clicking and clicking around their site. Even the vendor was baffled by Route’s customer service so hopefully they go back to using Shop which in my experience has been near flawless in tracking.
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3 years ago, 0hw0w
I wish I knew about this app sooner
I never thought it was something I wanted to have, but once I downloaded it and added my orders by tracking number, I was surprised by how helpful and handy it is view the location and status of all my orders from different merchants at once. No longer do I constantly have to open separate emails to see individual statuses. Now, I open the app and see it all in one place. I like the GPS feature that displays the last logged locations of each package on the world map with highlighted routes. The only complaint I have is that I cannot link my email because the app requires it to be a Gmail account. This app could be five stars if they let me use my Outlook email. That was one of the things that turned me off in this app. Also, many of my packages do not have extra details like some other orders, such as an ETA and current location from the beginning. This makes this app useless with some orders. Im not sure if this is something Route can control, however. Sometimes the ETA only updates on the day of delivery. I would like to know that when I add the order, not just last minute. Overall, great app and I hope more merchants start integrating this tool. Very helpful.
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2 years ago, AngeDur-ham
Think your package is insured by Route? Think again
UPDATE: Route apparently read a growing list of negative reviews and magically responded, offering to settle my claim. Too little, too late. I just hope other ppl or small businesses don’t find themselves entangled with trying get Route to honor a claim. It’s awful. It all started with the Route app being completely clueless as to the whereabouts of my shipment and went downhill from there. Hello, hello, is anyone there? Crickets. So maybe I’m talking to an AI app or maybe there is a human sending me emails? What I do know is I received ZERO help. The upshot is Route “insurance” is bogus. Rather than honor my claim… “Please know I’m here to help with this issue…because your package was marked as delivered by the shipping carrier and you did not receive it, we must consider the package to be stolen…you must file a police report...and we’ll walk your through” Spare me false comforts, please. My shipment was not stolen. The FedEx rep admits the driver mishandled and delivered my shipment to the wrong address. Now it’s lost somewhere in the FedEx system. Regardless, my Route claim is not being honored and there is zero value doing business with an incompetent, bogus package insurer. I know many systems are straining right now. I get it. But just be honest: if you provide a service at least try to resolve a problem rather than hang your customers out to dry.
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2 years ago, Stubborn Guy
What? Why?
I’m not sure why this app, who is so needing in MY PERSONAL INFO, won’t let me add details to my order while using the app. I’ve had several preorders from the same company and it looks all the same with no info added just yet. I have that particular info needed. I could easily add it, making all the orders, looking all the same which is very confusing, slide into their correct location. Again, making orders less confusing. Unfortunately, there is no way for me, as just a user of this app to add any info, other than MY PERSONAL INFO, about the actual order like, say, a tracking number?? That should seem important, it is what they do, right? It’s kinda’ all they do, right? So, I can start with tracking numbers being info I already have before this app, there is much more but, again, no way to add it. I just give this app alotta MY PERSONAL INFO with no way to add/adjust anything? I’m just on for the ride with this app, I suppose, after giving them MY PERSONAL INFO.
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2 years ago, Rexxif
This was a fail for me.
I made a purchase, online, from a vendor out of Texas. Got a confirmation of my order and a message that Route was their “new” method of tracking packages. I installed the application, then went looking. I saw my current purchase and some old ones. The only reason I gave two stars was due to a couple of purchases I made from Newegg that showed up. Looking ok so far. To my disappointment when I checked out my recent order it showed my item sitting in a shipping container somewhere near Illinois since August 2021. Route showed no delivery date, just that the order was made. I went to my vendors site to find they showed no order was made, no tracking number and my address is missing. Not able to change address either. I did get a email from the vendor providing another tracking number different from the one provided by Route. This was obviously a problem with the vendor. I then get an email from FedEx that the package was in route and a delivery date. Route knew I had an order from this online vendor but the information was bogus. Not even close to the truth. Route did not show anything about FedEx being the delivery service, no valid tracking number, no delivery date and the tracking history was way off.
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9 months ago, Kebi 530
Route feels like a scam
Klassy Network uses Route for their tracking, and the tracking option for just online without using the app and connecting email doesn’t show anything, it just doesn’t load at all or comes up blank. I don’t want to sign up my email for privacy reasons, but Route won’t show you tracking info without it. I tried using a hidden email but typing in my regular email and it still wouldn’t show where my package was. Route has insurance so if the package was “lost” during shipping, you have to make an insurance claim to get reimbursed or have new items sent to you. You have the option to ship without this insurance, but I’m guessing stuff will go missing and you’ll have to buy new. I bought with the insurance and my stuff STILL went missing, like the package arrived at my house, but the way KN shipped the package, it could easily be opened and items could be slipped out by the hole not being taped shut. So of course I had to make a claim and new items sent to me. It all seems kind of suspicious on who benefits from a claim being made, products not being delivered (when there is no proof that KN actually put the items in the package or they meant to not seal it all the way). And why does Route want my email so bad, accessing my private info?
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3 years ago, deathraylabs
needy app, gobbles down information
Purchased a product that recommended this app and service through a partnership. Route spammed me with multiple emails after the purchase (at least 5, probably more) pushing their app and service. I finally downloaded the app but it required signing up for yet another service, then wanted credentials to watch my email for tracking information. Look, regardless of whether my data is anonymized the fact of the matter is that I'm not paying Route, so they're harvesting information from me, and frankly that's creepy. I don't understand why I would give away all this information to track a package when all the major carriers already make it so simple to track packages. I encourage you to seriously consider what you're giving away in order to gain minimal benefit from "free" services like this who monetize information. I'm not a paranoid person and don't have any fear of being surveilled, but I do believe that breaking the direct link between payment and service is ultimately consumer hostile. You do pay for "free" services like this, but in an indirect way that prevents you from knowing the true value of your data and prevents you from having any agency over the use or value of that data.
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3 years ago, Fhabekchsjskhjfnnebs
App Failed, but humans performed
UPDATE: Humans got involved and a claim was honored. Humans: 5 stars, app 1 star, average 3 stars. ORIGINAL: App didn’t have accurate information, they showed international item had not shipped, notified them that it had, they contacted me, but still didn’t update the app. When package stopped shipping progress and I tried to file a claim, READ TERMS!- international: no sooner than 20 days, but no later than 30 days, they denied claim because they stated the packaged hadn’t shipped yet, again I was able to show it had- wait isn’t that part of what your service is suppose to offer- accurate tracking? Again, I supplied proof and no response. So, I tried again to initiate a claim and they now state it is outside of the 30 day timeframe. Ah, no, all the information was supplied before 30 days, but your lack of an effective app has caused you to not have accurate tracking data to effectively deal with my claim. This service is a headache and has caused me lost time and worse, no reimbursement for the lost item. My advice, save your money and don’t purchase their protection, in my case it has been worthless.
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3 years ago, Lisa from @Bang
Thank you Route!
We have worked with Route for about two years. When we first started with Route, the representatives were patient in training the team on their services. In the beginning, the team had many questions, and every time our Route representative would take the time to meet with us via zoom. Route's responsiveness was appreciated because sometimes vendors aren't always responsive. Route is helpful because they cover the customer's order if it gets lost, stolen, or damaged per their guidelines. Since our company is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages as outlined in our Shipping Policy, the option for a customer to add Route to their purchase makes them feel secure if something were to happen to their package. Route is also helpful because if a customer files a claim about their package, Route will replace it or refund their purchase themselves so that our customer is taken care of and the company saves money."
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4 months ago, alexask
Delayed information
I’m shocked to see it’s 4.8 rating but I am glad this has worked so well for so many others. You’d think after gaining access to my entire life through privacy allowances, this app would be able to properly track most of my packages. Instead I constantly have to put in my tracking numbers and update when items are delivered. I was thinking maybe because of the pandemic it’s getting confused, but my items come from a variety of shipping sources and it’s always wrong or heavily delayed 😩. Even the filter function doesn’t seem to work properly, this is where you can choose to see all order statuses, those in transit, or those yet to ship. I hate to say this but I always end up more confused about all my pending orders and still end up getting a piece of paper and writing down my orders and their ETAs. Because I am also holding USPS accountable for being absolute trash for over a year now, I gave the app some leeway on Being unable to get up-to-date information from their shipping process.
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2 years ago, 1BigHaze
Ppl must not read what they want access too, there’s absolutely no reason for it, they’re tracking a package. SMH, they automatically choose the three things they want access to, and they make access to your emails an option you can actually choose. Why would anybody want a package tracking company to not only have access to so much personal information, but also your emails? I think the only reason they do it, because it’s even more absurd, to the three they’re already making you agree to it. To throw ppl off, it’s crazy, and they know ppl will just click, and not even be bothered to read it. I don’t know this to be a fact, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t selling your info, and that’s where they make the bull of their money. Take a minute to look at what they want you to agree to, it has absolutely nothing to do with the service they provide. It’s not necessary for them to perform the task ppl are downloading the app for. The place I made my purchase uses the USPS, which’s without question the worst carrier in the country. But I can just as easily track it through them, same goes for UPS, and FedEx, who both have shipping/tracking apps.
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2 years ago, adhdreviews
I like it! There’s just one problem…
Seriously, this is a great app, exactly what I needed to help me keep track of things BUT the one fault is that I can’t rename the orders. I have ADHD and don’t remember I even ordered something until it shows up or it’ll pop into my brain months after it doesn’t (which is why I wanted this app). That and because my current living situation for whatever reason has a lot of issues with theft / carrier related package missing situations. So when I have (sometimes multiple) things that show up on the app as UPS or FedEx and I can’t rename them, I have no idea what’s coming and it’s especially frustrating if it says something is delivered and it isn’t there / I don’t get an email and I have to figure out what it is so I can report it. Anyway I’m sure this is an easy thing to add so if y’all could get on that I’d be super appreciative.
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1 year ago, Erin B.C.
Very good app - Would like to see more options for manual entry
I’ve been using Route for about a week to track my packages after it was the only option to track the albums I ordered from the Stray Kids Shop. I can honestly say it’s one of the best package tracking apps I’ve used. With that being said, I have noticed that one of the orders I’ve made wasn’t automatically detected when I connected my email address, and I think this happened for several reasons. It was a pre-order, so there’s no tracking number I can manually enter, and I pre-ordered two of the same item at separate times, so it probably looks like a duplicate email about one singular order to the app. It picked up the second order, but I can’t find a way to add the first. I’d like to see another option for manually entering an order for tracking when it’s not automatically detected and there isn’t a tracking number associated with the order yet.
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11 months ago, Nicks da bomb
Fantastic app
Was hesitant at first giving the app permission to use my email address but so far no known issues. Whenever you place an order the app pulls the data from your email and enters it into the route app and lets you know via alerts when a label is created, where it is currently at in real time, wether it is at the shippers warehouse or at a delivery service center somewhere, which is awesome for anticipating delivery. Currently I have 6 orders that were pulled from my email and I can tell exactly where they all are, each package on the map has a logo of the website I ordered from as a thumbnail of the package which is very helpful. This app takes away from the crappy infrastructure of utilizing tracking numbers with ups, fed-ex, dbl, etc. Overall I never write reviews, like ever, but I would highly recommend anyone and everyone downloading this app.
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3 years ago, kennyjoe28
Not really sure about this
Never downloaded a shipment tracking app that asks for access to all my info. Like route wants access to your emails, your messages, your location, and I don’t know why they need access to my messages. The shop app is easy but what I just ordered won’t let me track it this route app asks way too many questions just to get started and it’s annoying I’m just trying to click on my order abd find out where it’s at abd when it’s going to get here but I have to go through this drawn out process just to give access to everything. And I’m not doing that. So I’m out Update: ordered something again.... no information ever shows up on my orders. It sure why it automatically selects route for tracking because I’ll never get tracking until it’s already arrived. Can’t stand this app. Does anyone know a way to stop the automatic tracking with route and switch to the shop app? The shop app actually works, not sure how this app gets good reviews and 5 stars because I’ve never had any tracking info until I already get my package. Something’s gotta give
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5 months ago, kels645
Do you shop online? You NEED this
Ok. Where have you been all my life?! I am an avid online shopper. It’s become my preferred way to shop. No lines, no parking, I find what I want and buy it. It’s all very efficient. Until it’s not! I’ve had several packages go missing, who the heck knows what happened. Sometimes I cannot find or access my tracking, it can be super frustrating. Route eases ALL of those frustrations. In fact from now on I will be only shopping from stores that offer Route. Wanna know why?! I know exactly where my packages are at ALL times. No more stress! And if one of my precious packages does go missing, as long as I was able to buy Route package protection at check out, it’s the easiest, fastest, no hassle resolution process ever!!! I can file a claim with a few clicks and get a new one shipped immediately!!!! I’m obsessed with this!!!!!
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5 years ago, JET__BLACK
Do you shop online? DOWNLOAD ASAP!
Honestly, how have I lived without Route for this long? Coming from someone who literally hasn’t even stepped foot in a Target in years because I’m purely an online shopper, Route has finally put an end to my hours of combing through emails trying to find and organize my online purchases. Do you find yourself buying a lot of stuff online? Sometimes from big brands, sometimes from a boutique swim shop in Australia, or maybe even that random product you got lured into by an ad on Instagram? It isn’t always easy to keep track of the things we buy every day - that is, until I found Route. Route seriously saves me so much time. Open the app and I can visually see the status of EVERY order i make, and where it is on the map. No more worrying, no more follow ups with questionable customer service, and no more wondering. I know exactly where my items are, where they are going, and when they are arriving. This app has made my life exponentially easier already and it’s super intuitive and easy to use. Save yourself the headache of searching your inbox for the ONE email that maybe had a tracking number on it and get Route to do it for you instead. Game over 🙏🏽 now back to shopping ✅
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10 months ago, not taken nicknme
Use Shop Instead
If you prefer more information (essentially the information the app is trying to offer, all in one tracking), use Shop instead. This app doesn’t include pertinent information. It omits information that is basically the entire reason the app exists. I find myself having to go to my email/google/etc. instead of having all the information I need right on the app. For example, you can’t click on tracking and see the shipment progress. It will let you copy the tracking ID but from that point I must now go enter it into something (google, email, whatever). Thus making the app essentially null. With Shop, it does everything you would expect and need. In the end, this app may as well just be an extremely useless, handicapped version of Shop where you can only access your tracking ID numbers and a vague update on the packages status (in transit, awaiting carrier, etc.) but since you can access this information just as easily from your email, it defeats the purpose of it existing. Just use Shop.
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10 months ago, Amazon Overated
Waste of money
I would give this app zero stars, if I could. I placed one order that was shipped in 3 packages. It shows the packages all delivered(2 packages), which isn’t true. The one that says it was delivered hasn’t been yet. The package it said that wasn’t shipped, already arrived. None of the packages were what they said it would be. I will save money & won’t be using route again, because it is a scam imho. If you know the package wasn’t delivered. They will actually ask you to make a police report, even if you know it wasn’t stolen. The shipper should already have insurance on it. I paid $5 and change for nothing. The order came to just over $100. Many shippers only offer $100 insurance.. so I decided to use it, because it is glass. They charge about 5% of the items value. I wish I could get a refund for their bad service, but that won’t happen. So I am leaving this review to help others. If my last package is damaged, in any way. I will be making a claim. If they don’t pay it. I will just file a complaint with the FTC for bad business practices.
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2 years ago, huskiesthebest
Horrible policies worse service.
They do not reimburse shipping charges or taxes on items shipped with their guarantee. Even when the item never arrives. As soon as I resolve an issue with an item that was “shipped” by a vendor that charged me for this service I am going to delete this app. The item I was tracking with this app never showed tracking information, even after it was delivered to me 5 days ago. What good is a tracking app that never shows tracking. I should get my money back since the app never did what I paid for. I don’t like that they have access to my email and other things in my iPad. This is pretty much a useless app when tracking is easily available with the major shippers that give constant updates on the status of your packages. I usually do not give negative reviews but in this case I couldn’t sleep if I didn’t leave honest feedback that hopefully will prevent someone making the same mistake I made. If I could give a “0” I would. It is hard to understand how this app is rated as high as it is.
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1 year ago, Fierce the Dragon
Great but sometimes has a severe tracking error.
It is reliable in notifying you when your packages have either shipped or arrived at your doorstep, but if you live in a place that has a name that looks similar to another to…let’s say a robot, then it may show that your package was delivered to that town instead of your place. You won’t really know where exactly your package is if something doesn’t look right on Route’s end…at least on the map. It even makes it look like your packages have been taken for a ride near places it’s already been to before being delivered to you, or to a town in another state. Rest assured, it still goes to your door even though it makes it look like it doesn’t. Other than the tracking on the map itself, which is probably ran by a bot, everything else seems reliable. This has been my experience with this app and hopefully this bug will get fixed.
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4 years ago, pringlesonthetown
wonderful app, needs better onboarding
I discovered the app when one of my purchases prompted downloading it for the tracking info and I decided to give it a go. linked my google account to it because single sign on seemed easier than signing up by email and manually added existing purchases and then was pleasantly surprised to discover that when I made new orders they were added automatically! I love to have all my deliveries in one and it’s a really nifty app I imagine I’d continue using for years to come. Having said that, here’s some feedback on how you could make it even better: 1. Explain that route is for tracking all your purchases in one place, the way it was presented to me was that this is a place to track that one single purchase I made originally and it was annoying to download an app just for that. 2. Explain that linking the email account allows for new orders to automatically appear on the route app. 3. While you’re at it, allow linking multiple emails to a single account. Some people use multiple email addresses and others just want to organize their own and their spouse’s purchases in one place. But overall, really awesome app, thanks!!
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6 months ago, m.vegan
Not functional
I’ve tried to use this app several times to track items after ordering online. Each time, I follow the link provided by the vendor to Route app, which then finds nothing. No way to add the tracking to the app, no error message, just a blank order history. Each time I delete the app in frustration, forget about that experience, and months later I’ll try it again and then when it doesn’t work the exact same way, I remember why I had deleted it. I’m caught in an endless cycle of wanting to trust it and being betrayed. Thanks, Route. Edit: I did it again. Tried to install it to track an item from a new vendor, having long forgotten why I deleted it. It happened again. I got to a point where it wouldn’t import the tracking info and I deleted it again, then decided to write a review, realized I’d already done it because this has happened multiple times, and here I am. This app/service is one of the worst. I’m not sure how it is actually usable.
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2 years ago, Dblms
I am giving this three stars since I have not used it for very long, but so far it is much less user-friendly than a couple of other tracking apps I have been using for sometime. At least that is my experience. If I were to continue to use it and it continued to be a clunky platform requiring multiple steps to access the information I would like to receive, I would probably lower my rating to two stars. So far, I have not found a tracking app that is universally smooth and accurate, but since the functionality of this one already seems to be less than the ones I am currently using, I have already deleted it from my phone. I only download it out after making a purchase from a particular online website, otherwise I would have known nothing about it. I will stick with the ones I am using currently and perhaps research an even better one when I have the time.
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8 months ago, DJ Influenza
Don’t Buy Package Protection
This may sound like a good deal until a package is actually lost. Many times, especially with USPS, they won’t mark a package lost for over two weeks as it moves around to the wrong distribution locations. With Route’s package protection, however, this information is meaningless as they have set timetables that you have to dig through their terms to find that are supposedly based on carrier timetables. Just check all the reviews on their Better Business Bureau page to see that this is a common occurrence. Oh, and speaking of the BBB, Route has D- rating. You have to work to get a rating that bad. Not to mention that the app wants read access to your emails. You’ll just have to trust their word they (and all of their employees) would never do something nefarious with such access. They claim to have gone through an extensive audit with a “leading cyber privacy firm” to show that it’s safe, but there’s no proof of that. You’ll just have to trust them. No thanks.
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2 years ago, Erinstorun
Their selling your information
Just wanted to let everyone know before you download that they are selling your information to other companies when you download their app you are signing an agreement for this so buyer beware. Also buyer beware that this is an absolute nightmare of a company! They will lose your packages, mix them up, say packages have been sent but have not been sent yet and packages that have arrived have not arrived yet and switch those two around! They will not respond to your emails except with generic information and when you ask them to please respond you will get a “we your problem was solved generic email”. Not to mention that their website is glitchy. Look elsewhere if you value your sanity. Update: after a week still no response from route on my items. I think these people have some fake reviews on here cause there’s no way this company is a five-starred company. Also there’s a bunch of complaints on the Better Business Bureau. Beware!!!
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3 years ago, cannibal_horn
Completely useless and it’s NOT FREE! It’s a SCAM!
I got scammed into using this. How did I get scammed? The company I ordered from AUTOMATICALLY ADDED $1.00 to my online order. I didn’t ask for this, USPS already provides tracking FOR FREE! But no, this retailer added $.98 to my order and didn’t tell me. Why let your retailers scam like that? What for? To get package tracking that UPS, USPS and FedEx already provide FOR FREE!! This app just checks those tracking numbers for you and emails you worthless announcements that you package arrived. A useless app in search of stupid people willing to pay more for an item just to get what all the major carriers already provide FOR FREE!! And why in the heck is this app trying to sell me something, too? TRACKING IS ALREADY FREE, I DONT NEED TO PAY $.98 JUST SO AN AP CAN TRY TO UPSELL ME ITEMS. This app and business is insulting AND will die on the vine with all the other “great free ideas” that end up costing the end user their privacy while paying for something (and no, it’s NOT old fashioned) that is already FREE.
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3 years ago, ScrewedbyRoute
They take your money and then leave you out to dry
Worthless company. Worthless app. Worthless “technology.” I ordered a couple of items and paid the extra dollar for them to be insured by route. Long story short, my package gets shipped but the courier forgot to scan the package (this was confirmed by the merchant that I purchased from) and was deemed lost in transit. I got in contact with route and get a boiler plate email asking if it had been at least 7 days since the last shipping update. Isn’t that information you already have Route? You do offer tracking in your app so how do you not know the last time my shipment was updated? I then message them directly explaining the circumstances of what happened (how the merchant said that the shipment left their facility and wasn’t scanned -deeming it lost in transit) and their response, days later, was to close my inquiry and say it’s not in their problem to cover the loss because technically the tracking system says that it hasn’t shipped. I messaged them again reminding them that it has been deemed lost by the merchant and they immediately closed my inquiry without responding. Nice. So moral of the story, don’t bother with this company they aren’t worth it. What’s worse than losing your package in the mail? Losing your package in the mail after paying someone to insure it who then decides they aren’t going to insure it anyways. I hope your company burns to the ground.
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3 years ago, sivisisme
Agile and considerate dev/design team
I really enjoyed using Route. I like most of the features and interface design of the app, making my waiting time a more enjoyable experience. But what I love the most is how responsive their dev team is. Over the last month I submitted 3 bug report and feature suggestions (wrong tracking timestamp, duplicated order/mistaking delivery orders, and malfunctioning iOS widget). And now all of them are fixed. I only submit feature suggestions or bugs for apps that I like and want to see it improve, and it’s delightful to see how the dev and design teams value their user’s feedback. You guys are doing great already and you will do even better in the future!
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3 years ago, Mr. Big Wings
Fails at its primary task
I have had things on order for more than a month with no status change. I had one item that was listed as awaiting tracking, but since I could not tell what the item was I did not know the item had been delivered several weeks before. To use the help you must write down the store you bought it from, tracking ID number and order number instead of being presented with a list of orders with other than delivered status contained within the app! The response to three completely different of my help queries was to cancel and combine them into one to which there was no answer. I gave Route several days to respond to my queries-NOTHING! One item is to be delivered this evening another tomorrow but route still shows as either “ready to ship” or “awaiting tracking.” I got the tracking from FedEx and discovered the delivery dates. That’s what I thought Route was supposed to do! I would not download this app and am planning on deleting it from my iPad.
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11 months ago, jemy143
Know your “roots”
Route is very helpful for tracking packages that I’m waiting for in the mail. I have a lot of orders from all over the place, I couldn’t do it myself. I like how it knows all of my orders without me having to do anything other than signing in once all the while I’ve been using it (like over a year already). Occasionally I get duplicate orders or errors, but it’s not Route’s fault. It mostly has to do with the place I ordered from inputting in the order twice or something on their end. Route’s customer service is great as well. I only needed to speak to someone once, and I got a timely and friendly response. I definitely recommend Route. It is so reliable and easy to read, it definitely simplifies my mail package delivery experience.
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3 years ago, vavsvshs
Awful data harvesting trash app
The google requirements are awful, the tracking service is no more advanced or up to date than the standard online usps tracking services. This company is fooling other corps. into partnership just to force a completely useless “no one asked for this” app and let’s be clear data collector onto the phones of unsuspecting victims. Why do I have to download a separate app to track my package now? This is a ridiculous and absurd rip off intentionally designed to harvest more data out of the end user and serves no other purpose and in exchange gives nothing unique or special in terms of their services. All of the info contained on this app could be got without the app and without the unnecessary data tracking. This app is literally more trouble than just giving me a post number. Complete and utter abuse of data and a rip off to the end user, actually manages to complicate the process of tracking a package.
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3 years ago, Jefbenet
Solution seeking problem, and still missing the mark.
This app is oddly reminiscent of the “Shop” app which performs…the exact same function. Which coincidentally was a function e-commerce vendors had managed for years to accomplish through email/text and carrier tracking sites/apis. Worse yet, unlike Shop and others I’ve not found a way around it. If a vendor participates in Route tracking, route becomes the sole source for tracking. If by some miracle the app manages to actually find any information on your shipment you might be lucky enough to harvest a carrier tracking number to track through carrier site/app like we all did for years with no issue. If they can’t get this working I guess I’ll have to start avoiding vendors who use Route if I need to actually track anything. So let’s review: an app I didn’t want for a service I didn’t ask for, with invasive privacy practices…oh, and it doesn’t work worth a plug nickel.
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3 years ago, PoppyTheChampagne
The path to track the order is frustrating.
After a purchase with route tracking, an automated email arrives with two separate buttons that say “track your order”. Both of these buttons lead to the App Store to download the app that is already installed, instead of directing to the app, where the tracking should populate. It’s a wildly frustrating loop that leads to nowhere, which renders the main function of the app somewhat useless. On top of this, if you are an Etsy seller and you do not regularly use Route to manage your shipments, they will hover there until you manually mark all of them delivered. I wish there were an easier, more seamless ability to click one of the buttons from the automated email to import the associated order, along with mass editing abilities to mark multiple line items as complete or to delete from the list.
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3 years ago, Squashhead
Good if connected to their service
This app advertises itself as a package tracking app, which it technically is, but it really only works better than others if the website you purchased from is using their service. If not, it asks you for the website you purchased from, then the tracking #. If you have multiple shipments from the same seller or repeat shipments, there is no way to tell them apart because it doesn’t give you any option to put a description, only the seller. I also have had consistent issues with the app not notifying me of delivered packages, and even after I open the app, it still shows as in route until I manually refresh the app. There are better all around apps out there. 1 I really like is Deliveries. Been using it for years, works great.
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4 years ago, MeNOTme
Yet another online login
Let's start with this, you can't track your package without A) downloading their app or B) creating a new login or linking a Google account to it. The USPS is crap to begin with when it comes to tracking a package, so how certain are we that the tracking info they show will be accurate? I'd much prefer UPS and FedEx to something where you aren't required to login just to see the basic tracking info. Especially since Route is a one off. I've never encountered it until the purchase I made that automatically linked it for me. It was unnecessary. I wasn't even given the tracking info to utilize the crap services that the USPS provides. Not thrilled about having an app forced on me or being forced to create an account just to track a package that would normally not require it due to the delivery service being used (whether they are good or bad). Good idea, extremely poor execution.
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11 months ago, Twight145
Bad idea
This is a horrible app that is not needed and unsafe , listen people before installing any app look below at all the data it collects on you before installing. This app tells me that in order to track a package I must use Gmail the kings of spam . Then when you get into the app it has a collection of very bad AI blogs on the inside filled with disinformation. We don’t need any of this too track a package as the old way with using the tracking from the people shipping the package works fine . Now someone has figured out how to collect more of our personal info and profit from it . The baby boomers just eat this stuff up as they will fall for anything. This is just a bad app with another back door invasion trying to get to the our private info .We again see more proof that Apple cares nothing for our protection and is scared to death of the developers by allowing this kind of Apps then supporting it with more fake reviews.
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4 years ago, Taytaydivvy
I was excited...
I think the app objective and interface are great, but poorly executed. My shipments are, in fact, moving yet the app still shows its waiting for shipping info. Multiple times now, I’ve had to mark a package as delivered when the app still shows its waiting for shipping info. I can’t see the multiple tracking numbers associated with an order or where each is at - again, “waiting for shipping info” This app has worked once, maybe twice, out of about 8 different times it’s attempted to track an order. Not a great track record thus far. I downloaded about 4 days ago. Update: I am now receiving notifications that items have been delivered, and those notifications are up to several weeks late..
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2 years ago, Noodle131
Worst shipping tracker I’ve experienced
I have been forced to use route for several different retailers and it has been deeply disappointing every single time!!! I never get any real tracking updates in fact I’ve had it be wrong about when my orders were even delivered. And while the actual shipping service appears to be different for each retailer the one thing that is consistent is if the tracking is done through Route it’s going to take even longer for me to get my order. Currently “tracking” an order that says it was shipped two days ago from an area an hour away from me, and the tracking says it’s ETA is still another week! How is that even possible?!?! Is someone walking it? Again big takeaway Route is not a helpful tracking app. I have not ever actually had accurate tracking updates. Retailers please stop forcing people to use this. At the very least allow us a choice.
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2 years ago, —ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ—
Highly recommend!
Route is something I never knew I needed, until I tried it. It makes tracking my packages so much easier, as it’s all in one place. If I want to check the status of a package, instead of having to go through my email and find and place in individual tracking numbers, I just click the app and the status of every package is displayed before me. It’s also highly convenient that you don’t have to manually enter every package in, as it can link to your email and be automatically put in every time you make a purchase. It’s made online shopping so much easier, and I really recommend it.
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3 years ago, Flegend2010
In a few tweaks can be 5 stars
Initially I had a bad experience with the app, but after contacting their customer service, they realized the initial claim denial was incorrect. I wish there was a way to contact customer service through the app. The only I was able to find the customer service email was reading previous reviews and developer answers in here. Add a way to be contacted or at least the option for a claim review inside the app. I have deleted my previous negative review and the only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because I had to do the leg work looking for a way to contact the app. After speaking with Brielle (5 stars) by email, she resolved quickly and made another order. I’m waiting for the new package and hopefully will arrive with no problems this time.
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5 months ago, amandarulu
Personal experience with route app
When I ordered something off a website this Route app was automatically charged with my purchase and I didn’t mind as it was only a dollar or so and it was package coverage. However navigating the app is however just not working for me. Ive tried connecting my google email and yahoo email and neither wanna connect or if it does say connected my orders don’t show and the email will lose connection. Ive tried resetting it multiple times, even deleted my account to start all over. Nothing works. The app even started showing random purchases that I did not even placed yet said was being delivered to my address and I got scared that I was already getting hacked or something. Im not trying to blame the app but if im being charged for something that I didn’t personally get and it not work out in my favor, its just slightly disappointing.
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3 years ago, MichiMahomy9876543210
Delivery not correct
I ordered a package on September 17, and I downloaded Route to track it, and I just got the notification that it’s on my doorstep, so I check it and nothing’s there. On the app, it says it shipped it to an elementary school about 5 minutes away from me. I went to the actual website that I purchased my package from where they have the tracking number, and it says that it just left the shipment place yesterday and is going to be on my doorstep in about 3 days. I’m not entirely sure how Route and the tracking number say 2 entirely different things, but I’m going with my instinct that the tracking number is correct. The app is nice, though, to see tangibly approximately where your package is, and they have luxury brands to scroll through, as well.
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2 years ago, Fwiddy
Terrible signup flow
The signup flow is filled with dark patterns to get you to enable as many permissions as possible (including making it confusing to not directly link your Google account if you create an email-account with a gmail address). Please be more customer-friendly and improve your signup flow to include less “growth hacking” anti-features. Whoever added the confusing UI to try to coerce you to link your Google account after attempting to sign up with a gmail address (deliberately NOT selecting to link your Google account in the previous step) should be ashamed of themselves. I am surprised Apple even allows this. Please add a web client so I can use your service without giving you unnecessary data. I won’t pay for this again with the current app as it’s just a worse UX than a regular tracking link.
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2 years ago, Micah V
I ordered a package with delivery insurance through Route for an extra $1-2. They sent me an email with a “Route Order Number” but no tracking number. I downloaded Route once I realized there was no way to track the order without it. I didn’t want to give Route access to my entire email account so I opted to add the delivery manually. You can add an order by using a tracking number or allowing Route access to your email account but you can’t use the “Route Order Number”. I entered the “Route Order Number” in the tracking field and it was detected as a route order number and required a tracking number. Route is designed to be aware of what a Route number is but won’t let you access the order without handing over access to your email account. This app is predatory because it is unusable without giving up my privacy and security.
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1 year ago, ilstarwars
I never write reviews. But I had to here. Because no one should have to 1. download an app, and 2. create a login for a 3rd party tracking company (not even an actual carrier) just to know the location and status of an item that was purchased. I’m not going to name names, but to vendors working with this company, I sincerely hope you stop. Just give us the tracking number and the name of the company shipping. They all have a tracking website. Because I now have to either be forced into giving yet another company my email address and assigning a password (who knows if they sell to 3rd parties), or I can just wait for the package to arrive and hope for the best. Route, if you want to be more successful, maybe not forcing peoples hand is the way to go. Because now I actively DO NOT want to create an account.
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2 years ago, JadedLanie
No unfettered access to my email accounts.
There needs to be a way to track packages without giving unlimited access to my email account. This is a perfect set up for identification theft. There is no way to 100% guarantee that a company won’t leave you open to some someone with mal intent via hacking. I won’t do business with any company that uses Route and doesn’t have another way to track, resolve shipping issues and returns without having unfettered access to my email accounts. This was my first and last shopping trip with Very Jane as Route is there company of choice and not giving me choice in another way to track. I have used another app called Shop and they have two ways to use their app. I can fully track my purchases without giving access to my email accounts. That’s what I prefer, unfortunately I will be removing this app.
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