Rover—Dog Sitters & Walkers

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User Reviews for Rover—Dog Sitters & Walkers

4.89 out of 5
441.9K Ratings
2 years ago, julie_kat
Great service, terrible app
I’m both a dog sitter and owner and this is such a great service BUT the app is terrible. 1) When I make changes to my sitter profile and click Done, the changes are not saved. 2) I just found out that when you select “Depends” for “Friendly with Dogs?“, it doesn’t show up on your dog profile at all for pet sitters! So frustrating as this is such important information! 3) There is no way to update your profile name and there is no way to set more than 1 dog owner. So only 1 dog owner’s name is shown. When the other owner is talking to pet sitters, they have no idea who is talking to them and you have go keep signing your name. Moreover, when I created my pet sitter profile (my husband created our dog owner profile) the app took my husband’s name automatically for the pet sitter profile and didn’t let me enter my own! 4) The icon on the top left that you click to switch between “Past/Archived” and “Pending/Upcoming” doesn’t make any sense! I have never seen that in any other app. I’m an experienced app user and I worked for an app for 5 years and it took me a while to figure out how to find messages with our past dog sitter. Even after I learned that you have to click on that icon to switch to “Past/Archived” messages I still forget how to do it because it is just not intuitive. You should just have one inbox and let people Archive what they want.
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2 years ago, B0iler Up
Great Idea and Service
Love that I found this!! I have a senior handicapped dog that I can no longer leave home by herself. Rover has been amazing to find high quality/trustworthy people to care for her and give me peace of mind that she’s in good hands. My only issues/recommendations are with the app itself: 1. There’s no way to cancel a request when it’s pending (please change this!!) 2. More options for care. For example, if my husband and I want to go out to dinner and I want to drop my dog off at someone’s home, it’s only a brief (maybe 1-2 hr?) visit but it’s a specific time (e.g. 6 or 7 pm). Right now I have to select the option to drop-off, then select the dinner times and have found it very difficult to find someone for something like this (and also not pay for a full day of care). Would be great if there were already sitters available and able to do brief care during early evening/dinner hours specifically. The current option is more for day-care (and the boarding option isn’t what I’m looking for as it’s only a brief drop off). Another is weddings and dog-sitting at a hotel for a wedding or special event. Spoke with a few sitters that said they had to get creative with this (and also ensure they were compensated properly).
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2 years ago, hunnybeest
distancing myself from this app
as someone who works for Rover, during a sit where a dog turned out to be aggressive, they had very little support for me as a sitter. I essentially had to stay through the sit with an aggressive animal. at the end of the stay I was even chastised for something the owners lied about, that I cleared up with Rover multiple times. I was also sent an article on “dealing with separation anxiety in dogs” which honestly I’d rather they have spat in my face, considering they were just puppeting the owners’ false narrative back to me, that their dog was somehow a victim and that the snarling/barking/charging/growling /nipping was justified. I know how to deal with anxious dogs, and this dog was aggressive, so nothing in the article was helpful or anything I hadn’t already been trying. I got a grand total of $50 to compensate for the genuine traumatic effect that sit has had on me. I haven’t been doing as many sits lately and get anxiety leading up to them now. I’m literally up at 4 am right now thinking back to the sit. I wanted to leave and make the owners return but was afraid of being penalized for the owners’ lies and carelessness. from what I’ve read from other sitters, you’ll be penalized for leaving a dangerous sit, or even acting in self defense if an animal attacks you. I feel unsafe now knowing that if anything happens, Rover will not have my back, and may even ban my account for the actions of the owners or animal.
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5 years ago, Apeelvis
Need a better way to filter
Here are my thoughts. We use Rover or try to use rover while we travel with our dog. 50% of the time we end up using a professional boarding location as opposed to a rover person. Here’s why. Many if not most of the rover hosts are doing this to earn extra money. Which sounds great and all but there are draw backs. Typically we will have to contact 6 to 10 hosts in order to find one that is available. Why is it that people have themselves lists on the app if they are not available. Even ubuer has the option to turn availability on and off. There is nothing more frustrating then reading through the profile finding the perfect fit for our dog then reaching out only to have them say ....”Sorry I’m not available”. This happens over and over and over. Again this just happened so we are going with a local professional boarding business. Another filter option Rover needs to add is filter by hosts that accept un-neutered males. We have a large bread mastiff. It is recommended to wait until a minimum of 18 months to neuter in order to limit joint and growth problems. So again when you read through all the profiles and find the perfect host only to have the app tell you they don’t accept unfixed males when you try to contact them. Why not filter those profiles out before out base on our dog’s profile? Or make it a filter option. Anyway rover is a neat concept but only 50/50 in usefulness.
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1 year ago, Z03_R
Stole my money
Hey everyone, for starters. This app probably is amazing,However. I have recently turned 18 and graduated from Highschool. I have my permit with no photo id and will be getting my license hopefully next month. However, when signing up to be a walker it ask you a few questions about yourself and has you put in your card information. It then has you “sign your name” on a few things and then ask you pay $30 so they can do a background check on you(application fee) It gives no other information. A day later I went on to check just incase and the next step was to set up the rest of my services but nothing could be posted untill I gave proper ID. Which is what I thought all the questions and asking for my bank info and getting a background check was for? Anyways I called support and asked if my permit would work(w no photo) or my school id. The guy said no and to go get my permit with a photo. I then asked for a refund and he told me again to get an Id with a photo then they can process it and start letting me use the app. I hung up not wanting to argue and thought oh thats just what i will do but then thought to myself they made me pay $30 just to tell me after i needed something that cost more money just to post my services. So if you are 18 and don’t have a drivers license yet, do you not Use this app tell you do. Now I’m just waiting for support to get back to me to see if they will actually give me a refund
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4 years ago, CoulCarlee
I get paid to hang out with pets!
My friend told me about this app and I decided to give it a try as a side job. I was a little skeptical when I had to pay for a background check. However after being a pet sitter for over a year and starting my little enterprise, this has really turned out to be a worthwhile investment. I love how I can modify my rates, create a profile with my own pictures, and write my own bio. Plus, everyone I have sat for have been extremely friendly and grateful that their fur babies were taken care of. If you love pets and don’t mind waking up early when the dog wants a walk, this is for you! And if you are a pet owner looking for a trustworthy app, this is the app for you! Plus the app is constantly updated to be even more detailed and convenient, such as video calls in place of meet and greets during the pandemic, and modifying a booking after it’s been confirmed. My only issue was that one time a false account contacted me about sitting their puppy. The person with the same name contacted me twice with different dog pictures on both profiles. Thankfully I did not meet up with this person and reported it. But I wish Rover would require a picture of the owner, or at least a picture of their pet, because now when I receive requests with photoshopped photos, or requests without photos, I sometimes feel skeptical about sitters’ safety.
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2 years ago, Addie_31
Amazing concept, but a couple things about the app…
Rover has helped me find so many families to sit for and is a life saver for a lot of people who are looking for sitters for their own fur balls! Just a couple things I would ask for improvement… So all the sitters using the app have to get background checks before even being able to book with anyone but then owners don’t have to? Because of this, just anybody can reach out to you, so I’ve had to block several weirdos/scammers🙃 (It’s typically noticeable if you look around at their request and search for red flags—a big one being when they only use a single letter as their first name instead of an actual name and then including little to no info about their pets/request way out of range/include WEIRD photos where it should be of their pets, etc.) Another thing: it would be great if photos and videos could send faster and with better quality!! Especially videos! It takes SO LONG for them to send, and sometimes they never go through, so I almost always have to send them directly to the owner’s cell rather than through the app because it lags (even with great wifi or data service)! Other than that, the concept is great and has helped me find so much clientele! I basically use Rover on a daily basis :) Just stay safe, and never accept anything that doesn’t feel or look right to you!
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4 years ago, annoyed KCAD student
Good service, but it could be more user friendly
I have been a dog walker and pet sitter on Rover for a couple of months now. I’ve gotten connected with many people in my neighborhood and make good money doing it. My only issue with the app is that it’s not the most user friendly for those trying to book services. For example, I had a woman asking me to check in on her pets over 4th of July weekend. She has 3 dogs and a cat and wanted me to check on them once on the 3rd, three times on the 4th, and once on the 5th. The first issue with that is that is that she would have had to create at least 2 separate bookings because the app doesn’t allow users to choose a different amount of visits for different days. My second issue was that the app should have charged her my holiday rate (x3 days), the additional dog rate (x2, because she had two additional dogs) (x3 days), and then one additional cat rate (which is $0 in my case, cats are easy). Instead the app tried to charge her for 9 total visits and the holiday rate for each of her pets which brought her total to over $700 which is wayyyyyy over what her actual total should have been. Luckily we caught this before going through with our booking. I’ve had several other instances similar to this, but this was the most extreme. The app needs to update its UI so this issue doesn’t occur.
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1 year ago, islandgirl93
Pretty great all around
I started using rover when I moved states to find someone to care for my pups when we’re gone. The app made it easy to find people close to us and sitter profiles make it easy to find someone you think is the best match and contact them. As I sitter Rover has been great at helping me build my business. Im a nursing student and I’ve been able to build a flexible business that I enjoy that brings in enough income to support my family. The app makes it easy to see what is on my schedule daily and communicate with my clients. There are a few things they could do to make it easier for me to modify my clients bookings as needed. My biggest complaint is how ridiculous the fees are for both pet parents and pet sitters. I understand they have to make money too and as the middle man they absolutely deserve their cut. They also provide rover support, vet help and other things that protect both the sitter and pets. But taking 20% of the sitters income from every service PLUS adding 3-5% in rover fees to pet parents service total is insane. Seems a little greedy if you ask me and that not how you keep sitters and pet parents to continue using the app for the their services.
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3 days ago, FluffyCleffy3
Good app, poor customer service.
I started using Rover as a way to make money over the summer while hanging out with animals. I really like having total control over my profile and my rates. Almost all of my experiences with people on the app have been great except for one. The dogs were fine but it was the owner I was having issues with. She asked me to drive her dog to various appointments which was not part of our initial agreement. After I dropped her dog off for weekend care at the ER, I expressed my discomfort with picking him up early in case his condition worsened and he would need to go back. She ghosted me and wrote me a nasty review that is inaccurate and omitted details in favor of making me look bad. In reality, I had done nothing wrong. I contacted Rover support to explain the situation and asked them to remove the review. They told me no, and that I would just have to reply to her instead. They even added that I was “the core foundation of Rover and without me, this platform wouldn’t grow”. I have little interest in doing business for an app that does not care about its sitters. My advice if you decide to use this app is to do everything you can to avoid getting a negative review, because it will be on your profile forever. There is no point in trying to contact support, they will not help.
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2 years ago, Dez Gabrielle
Not worth the gig if you're trying to have your money instantly...
Like all other gigs, at least the one I've done, after your service is completed you get paid instantly. Well with Rover they hold your funds for 72hrs your first service and 48 after that and then release your funds which is understandable as they want to give the pet owners time to leave a review and/or report any issues they had. My problem comes in when sometimes I get paid 2 days after services as their policy states, but all of a sudden now I have been waiting almost a week for this most recent payment for a booking that gave me a 5 star rating with a $35 tip!!!! My problem with Rover is playing with people's hard earned money. It's a huge set back to not get paid within the timeframe you always get paid, especially being an adult with responsibilities. Do better Rover. I will be contacting support again tomorrow because at this point give me my money so I can cancel my upcoming bookings and deactivate my sitter account. I love animals so much, but business is business at the end of the day and I need my money within the timeframe the policy states, within the timeframe I always get paid. I'm not abiding by all the Rover rules anymore when Rover doesn't even follow their own. I'll start my own pet business from scratch where I get paid my full 100% as well cuz y'all don't even deserve the 20% y'all take out of our earnings. In summary, doing business with Rover is bad business.
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2 years ago, Macy Zimmerman
Needs better availability ranges!
I love the concept of this app and it’s awesome to be able to have a small side income as I’m trying to pay off some student loans. My main issue is the fact that the ranges for my availability are way too broad. I think it would be smart to allow walkers to give their exact availability times for each day. I work different hours for each day of the week, and although it’s consistent week to week, it doesn’t align with the app’s current setup. If I’m working until noon on Monday and then until 6 Tuesday, I can’t really set up my dog walking schedule to align with that (as the ranges are 6-11, 11-3 and 3-10. If I get off work at 6 on a Tuesday I can’t say my range is 3-10 because it’s really only 6-10 and if I get off at noon on Monday I can’t say my range is 11-3 because I’m not available until after 12. See the problem?) It would be awesome for those with full time jobs looking for a side income to be able to put their exact availability instead of choosing between three very broad ranges. I’ve seen message boards everywhere asking for this so I’m hoping the developers actually take this to heart! They’d have a lot more business if we were confident in our availability and didn’t have to cancel certain services that don’t make it in the actual availability window of a sitter or walker.
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4 weeks ago, I hate Rover
Don’t get your hopes up
On Rover, pet owners can request a sitter and if the sitter accepts, the pet owner has 3 days to accept it again even though they already requested you. I’ve had multiple owners never accept after requesting me and then letting the 3 days expire before cancelling on me. It is unfortunate that Rover allows pet owners to cancel on sitters even multiple days after booking just because they did not accept it after they already asked you to petsit by requesting you. I’ve lost out on jobs where I’d make hundreds of dollars after an owner decided after 5 days that they actually were going to choose someone else. I’m the one left at a loss here. Rover allows owners to cancel on sitters right before a job is supposed to start without any penalty as long as they don’t accept the job. Requesting a sitter should be a binding agreement after the sitter approves. I will rearrange my plans for owners who end up cancelling on me. This is very annoying because owners are not able to post jobs and allow sitters to claim them. Sitters have to wait until someone selects them. If no one chooses them, then they will have zero clients. I’ve had this app for a month now and I haven’t even made the money back that I paid for the mandatory background check. I have had zero successful jobs and that’s not because of anything on my part. I always accept job offers and respond quickly just for them to be able to find someone else.
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9 months ago, maddstermaddie
Pretty good
App works pretty well, but sometimes can be quite glitchy. Bare spots on the map on the walk route card, even with location always on for the app. Sometimes Rover card fails to send for a long time even when all my other apps are working (so it’s a Rover issue not connectivity issue). The worst thing is that they take 20% of your pay in an already kinda low paying job. I get 20% or even more for the first job, because they help you find the client, but 20% each time is such a ripoff. The client is staying with me because of me, not because of Rover, and I have my own insurance so it’s not doing me any services. In fact the jobs I take outside of Rover are less work - texting my clients photos and updates is easier than dealing with the app. Rover needs to lower the cut they take after the first job with a new client to 5% or less. ALSO - Pet owners that want to hire someone on Rover should also have background checks or at least reviews available for sitters to see. Sitters get background checks but owners don’t and it can be dangerous entering a total stranger’s home. I don’t take any overnight jobs on Rover because I feel like that would beincredibly unsafe. And also because 20% of a house sitting fee is huuuuge and makes the job not even worth it.
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4 years ago, I'm going to live
Good app but the company needs work
I love the concept of the app! It’s a great way to connect owners to qualified sitters in the area. However I believe River needs to do more to ensure the safety of the sitters. They have a rover guarantee that will cover vet care and expenses if a dog is injured during a stay but offer no such protections for sitters. I understand that watching dogs is a risk but the fact that owners and dogs aren’t subject to background checks or vaccination requirements is a bit annoying. I got bit in the face while playing with a dog and ended up having to get stitches and have permanent scaring. Rover covered absolutely nothing and the only way to get the owner to pay was to take them to civil court and sue, which I decided against out of fear of lowering my Rover reputation due to a bad review from them in retribution. After the fact I found out that this wasn’t the first time the dog had expressed aggressive behavior during play and had bit his owner a few time prior to this incident. This was not relayed to me during the meet and greet when I asked if the dog had any aggressive tendencies or toy possessiveness. I followed all steps of the Rover policy prior to and during the booking and feel that I should have had some protections against this incident. It’s crazy that the dogs expenses can be covered but not the sitters.
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1 year ago, DAllenbaugh
I’ve had a great experience being a dog sitter on Rover. My only complaint is that 20% fee they take is pretty high and that app has major glitches when I try to send videos to my customers. Also it’s really annoying to keep receiving emails when i give my number to the customer. Sometimes the person who requested the sitting isn’t the one meeting with me but their spouse instead, so i forward my number for easier communication. Overall is you’re willing to work and have enough space to host multiple clients like me you’ll be making a really good amount of money. I made sure to put my cancellation for 2 days prior. I’ve had too many people be disrespectful towards my time and try to cancel last minute because they found someone cheaper or their friend told them last minute they can watch their pets. People have to understand that i reserved this time for their pet and them canceling last minute messes my schedule up when i could have booked with someone who would have followed through. So i appreciate rover still paying us sitters a little even if we have a cancellation . I do this part time and I’ve watched my monthly earnings go from $900 a month and I’m about to have my biggest month yet that will be $4000.
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12 months ago, Astylz
Great app but needs some improvements
This app has been great for a side business while I have been off work and wanting something to do. I love animals so this was perfect. I’ve met a lot of new people, fur-babies and made good money. However, there is room for improvement. First off, they need to require that pet parents fully fill out their profile. It is so hard to determine if a stay is going to be a good fit when half or more of the info is blank and then the sitter gets penalized for denying the stay if they’re available. 2nd, you should be able to choose your mileage range per job category. The app lumps the range for everything. A house sitting job further away is worth it, but a dog walk is not, based on their fees, for me anyway. So, as a sitter I should be able to choose how far I want to go for each category. I also had a horrible experience with pet owners saying their dogs were cat friendly then literally they walked in my door, attacked my cat and almost killed him. Rover did kindly cover most of the costs. But, they don’t cover costs for injuries to the sitter or damage to the house. I had injuries but didn’t want to have to pay out of pocket. I also wish this app had an easier way to request reviews, other than having to message the pet owner every time requesting one.
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3 years ago, Becky GgggGg
Read if you plan to sit. Great app BUT could have some qualifications for the doggy’s
I’ve been a sitter on rover for over two months and have had many different dogs with different personalities. However some owners have no decency when it comes to leaving their unbehaved dog with people. I believe rover is a great app for people to find sitters and sitters to sit but there was a person who left their dog with me and the dog, chewed my pillows, is impossible to walk and sprints max speed dragged his two owners and my mother, constantly barks for long periods of time with no reason he’ll have food, water, and has been let out but will continue to bark. The bark isn’t quiet it’s a loud screeching deep bark. They left me a crate incase he misbehaved, I didn’t plan on using it for punishment for him personally I wanted him to like to sleep in his crate and be comfortable. However after he chewed the pillows and kept barking I put him in the crate. Nothing changed he still continued to bark. Myneighborhors complained. I just feel as though if you leave your dog with someone, even a professional, make sure it’s wel trained so it’s not a inconvenience for the sitter tending with other dogs.
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1 year ago, K M-H HR
Caters to owners with little protection for sitters
I love this company overall but it’s really kind of outlandish that sitters must pay for their own background check, but the owners don’t have to do so. Owners can request an overnight stay without filling out any information about their pet(s). Rover does not have a way for sitters to communicate about their experiences when sitting for someone. So if an owner is rude or lies about their pet, or if an animal is aggressive or destructive, the sitter has to figure that out on their own and deal with it, when another sitter may have already had the same experience. If owners can rate sitters (which has an impact on bookings), sitter should absolutely be able to rate owners and their pets. One of the meet and greets I did recently was alarming. The owner ended up telling me all these terrible stories about sitters in my area and why they didn’t work out. Two of the sitters they listed were sitters I’ve used for my own pets and they’ve been exceptional! That owner continues to contact me about upcoming dates when I am already sitting other pets through rover. Why does the app show them that I’m available when I’m not? I also think owners should have to disclose if they smoke, if they’re asking someone to come into their home. I’m happy giving them their 20% cut if I felt protected in any way, but I don’t.
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2 years ago, JoshuaMarquez0205
So on my dogs profile I put that he doesn’t not get along with cats or other small dogs! When I booked with them I made sure I put all that information on my dogs profile! Along with the filters for having a fenced yard and no pets in the home! When we had dropped off my dogs the person in charge said she had puppies I told her do you want us to have our meet them first and she said no, I can have my husband do it later with me. I asked her if she had any training in greeting dogs together she told me yes. On top of that lie she said nothing about having a cat in the home. I told her my dog is a Alfa dog and does not get along with cats or small dogs that we have to make sure they get along. But she said she would have them separate. The following afternoon I get a phone call saying my dog attacked her cat! I told her you never told me you had a cat nor did it say it on your profile. I have screen shot I sent them of her lying about having any other pets in the home! And also showed them screenshots of my dogs profile showing he does not get along with cats. But they didn’t care that the person watching my dogs lied to make money! They closed my account and probably still has her lies up! Watch out for who watches your dogs on this app! Clearly they don’t care about safety or the fact that she lied! No matter what precautions you take for your pet their is always away for people to lie!!!!
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6 months ago, Jb.216
Used to be Better
I’m a sitter and have been on the platform since 2016. It used to be a great way to connect with clients. Unfortunately, I would say the app has gotten worse with time. There’s not as many rules for clients. They don’t even have to fully fill out their profile with all the pet info, leaving sitters to ask basic questions to see if it’s a good fit. I mostly do housesitting so I can’t take multiple clients at once. But sometimes clients reach out to me without actually needing care for the dates listed which drops my booking score. Since Rover encourages them to reach out to multiple sitters at once it happens quite a bit. However, due to the star sitter program, if your booking rate isn’t high enough you don’t receive a star sitter badge. Since this program was implemented , I’ve seen a drastic change in my profile views and bookings. This is disappointing since nothing on my end has changed and I always strive to give my clients the best experience. I have numerous 5 star reviews and I am a good sitter. Unfortunately, I am being penalized for not taking each and every job no matter what. I don’t believe this is safe and shouldn’t be encouraged by Rover. I am putting more time and energy into my private business. I hope rover takes these concerns seriously as it harms their business on both ends.
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2 years ago, fix the issues!!!!!!!
Needs improvement
As a new sitter I feel we need more options to customize the pets we sit. 1) We should be able to enter the dogs weight instead of letting us choose up to 15lbs for small dogs, then the next option is up to 40lbs. I’m able to sit for dogs up to 25-30lbs but I don’t have that option…frustrating. I don’t want to miss out on dogs that are 20 lbs but I don’t want a 40lb dog. 2) I should be able to customize the dog size for dog daycare to dog boarding. If I have an older but small dog I’m sitting, I don’t want a 40lb dog in daycare. I wish we could adjust based on the day based off the dogs we are currently caring for. The calendar could also be updated, would be great if we could link Rover to our personal calendars. I also would love if it would show a full calendar with all the dogs we’re sitting and M&G’s. That way it would make it a lot easier to see who we are sitting on which day and would make it easier to see compatibility issues before accepting a new booking. Rover should also send owners notices to update their dog profiles. So many times it says the dog is 15 lbs but then the dog comes over for a M&G and it’s 50+ lbs because when the owner created the profile their dog was a puppy.
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3 years ago, sbryng
Exceptionally mediocre
This app is so lacking in information that if you use their services very often, you absolutely can’t get by with just the app. You have to go on the website. Even on the website the information you can get is next to useless. Example #1: you can’t view your upcoming services on the app. You must log into the website to double check that your future services are booked. #2: you have to contact multiple walkers to get service instead of being able to post what you want. Imagine need a sitter for a week & having to contact literally a dozen walkers to find someone instead of being able to post your job & get responses. That’s how this mediocre app works. Also: you can’t view your dog walks in real time. This is terrible because if you end up with a dud dog walker, it’s very hard to discover this. By sheer accident I once discovered that my walker was just taking my dog down the street to the park & sitting on a bench for an hour while my bored dog got zero exercise. The app sure didn’t help me discover that. The report card almost never accurately shows the route of your dog’s walk. Basically, Rover needs to go check out the Wag app & do a serious overhaul. If Wag had walkers in my new neighborhood I’d be using that. If you have the option to use Wag! it’s a hundred times better.
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6 years ago, Marylisab
Waste of money
I am currently waiting to start my full time job in August and I was looking for a part time job to make some income until then. I heard of this app from a friend and gave it a shot. Upon filling out all my information I realized that I had to pay $25 for a background check. I thought this over and I determined that the background check was important and reassuring to future clients. I paid the $25 even though it was a lot to me, considering I don’t have a job right now. I thought that I would earn the money back with time, but so far it’s been over a month and I don’t have a single message from a potential client. I am very disappointed because I was so incredibly excited to have something fun to do for a month and I was going to have the opportunity to meet cute animals. I am also disappointed because I did everything right, I posted good photos of me with animals, I had friends and past clients post amazing and heart warming testimonials about me, and I even chose to keep my rates distinctively lower than other rates I saw offered. I will keep the app on my phone, because it is well designed and the goal of the app is good, but I just can’t recommend this app to everyone. It was a waste of money (that I didn’t have) and there’s no way I’m ever going to get my money back, unless by miracle a potential client messages me. Thanks for reading :(
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3 years ago, vikki jase
Great App and really provides an opportunity to have money
This app is amazing! I would not have clients or even be able to have a business if it was not for a roller. This app is amazing and I definitely recommend it to everyone. I am able to have a repeat clients and make a good amount of money just using this app. This app has provided me with supplemental income and also long-standing clients that want to repeatedly use my services no matter what. This app works really well and it really makes it great to stay in communication with clients. The only thing I wish the app did have is that when you go to the calendar to do your availability I do wish that the app would also show your upcoming bookings like if you have three clients booked for a few days and then you got somebody coming a new it should show all of your bookings and showing what you have in the calendar so when you look at the calendar you see three bookings for Monday and then on Wednesday gonna get just dog for example and then two we’re leaving on Friday like it should show the bookings like that that would really take the app up a notch.
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4 years ago, MansonsMom
Pretty good. Would like small improvements
I have been using rover for over a year now. I’ve used about 10-15 different dog sitters and I’ve had a 95% success rate. I have had mostly awesome experiences and 2 bad ones (sitter wasn’t home when I dropped off or picked up and didn’t answer calls) :( but if that’s the worse thing, not too bad. My one suggestion to this app would be to develop a block function. A way for me to block certain sitters from coming up in my future searches. Sometimes a sitter tells you they won’t watch your dog, or if you have a bad experience (like them no showing up) ... it would be nice if they didn’t keep showing up in your searches. If they added this feature the app would be nearly perfect in my opinion. It is a bit annoying for me to try and remember which sitters had already told me no in the past or had some other reason for not being able to watch my dog. Then I end up having a weird conversation with them all over again. That being said - I can’t speak for all areas and sitters (because I’ve heard horror stories) ... but I’ve tried many sitters in So. Cal. (SGV) and I keep coming back for more because the good far outweighs the couple unreliable people out there.
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6 years ago, RonaldsLady
Waste of Time & Money
If you’re looking to throw away thousands of dollars while you take a small trip here and there, this may work for you. I’m sitting here baffled by the prices. Even at $50 a night (which I thought was reasonable) you get gouged for additional dogs. That $50 becomes $50 per night plus $20-50 per night for additional dogs plus there are fees for hair, age, weight, playing, walking, etc.. Even for people who don’t even allow dogs in their home but only to stay on their farm. Why would I pay someone over a grand for a weekend trip? That’s absolutely absurd and not even competitive! There are local kennels that won’t charge that much with actual professionals and medical teams on staff. I downloaded this app hoping I could find someone who would make my babies feel at home while I was away and instead I find a bunch of people who don’t have jobs who want to charge money as if they are dog whispering gurus. It’s insane. Rover should keep these people in check. If they are actual certified professionals who open up their homes and charge a bit more, ok understandable. BUT don’t act as if a stay at home mom with 5 kids is someone I should throw a grand to because I need to leave for a weekend. Thankfully I have some good connections and will be flying out an actual professional and paying less than $400 to cover airfare, food and payment. Get your stuff together Rover and start getting people.
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4 years ago, True Stable Genius
No protection for the dog sitters
I like overall design and functionality of the app. But one thing I do like to point out: Rover doesn’t seem to care about dog sitters’ safety or interests. For example, they only do background checks for dog sitters but there is no check on dog owners. Although most dog owners are very nice and polite, sometimes there’re rude or skeptical people. Another thing is that Rover only allows dog owners to review dog sitters but not the other way around. Despite most dogs I have sat are well trained, some dogs are not. Meet and greet normally is not enough to tell if the owner is telling the truth. If the dog peed and pooped all over your house or did something aggressive or dangerous, except for leaving a note for yourself and Rover, there’s no way you can share it with other fellow dog sitters. So dog owners don’t have any consequences if they lie or their dogs create damages. Other dog sitters just have to go through it again. Rover should allow dog sitters to see reviews from other dog sitters so that dog owners will have consequences if they lie. If a dog is badly trained, dog sitters can make informed decisions to either reject it or charge extra. I complained about these issues but every time Rover just said they will record the suggestions and nothing happens afterwards. I guess they just don’t want to hurt the business
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2 months ago, Emily Smet
A money hungry company.
This company is beyond ridiculous. I signed up almost 2 years ago now as a sitter. Recently, I decided to start my own business, Lou’s Critter Care in Green Bay, WI. And for repeat customers I do indeed pull them off Rover, as it’s easier and saves us both money. Rover still gets their money up until that point. I, among many others don’t read the fine print on apps, nor do I retain rules and regulations 2 years down the line. My account was suspended for this. Reasonably so, I broke the rules. Where I have a HUGE issue is the fact that there was ZERO warning prior to my entire account being taken down. No emails notifying me I was in violation, no pop ups on the app saying I was pending suspension, nothing. I’m just logged out on a random Tuesday. I had a scheduled meet and greet for 20 minutes before finding my account gone. So that client was essentially ghosted. If I had been in the middle of a booking that pet would have been entirely stranded for the remainder of their booking. But they claim I can’t promote my business due to “safety”….? Hmmm…doesn’t add up, does it? They also claim I violated terms of service multiple times. Which asside from pulling MY OWN CUSTOMERS that I EARNED off the app a few times, I don’t recall any other violations, and again, was NEVER notified of ANY violations. Disrespectfully, screw this app. Look on Facebook y’all!
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2 years ago, Laurenrenee205768
Good, but could be so much better!
I am thankful for Rover, but it could definitely be better. They make it very difficult to modify dates on the day of, so if a client needs to reschedule I have to go through a whole process that ends with me emailing customer service. It’s pretty ridiculous. They also should do a better job of explaining services to potential clients. I get so many requests for the wrong service because they don’t understand the difference between doggy daycare and boarding or house sitting. Which is understandable on the customers end, but Rover should explain the services they offer. Also, I think they could do better at making profiles more accessible. I can only see a tiny thumbnail of my clients pictures, and for safety sake (like when meeting up with a new client) I would like to be able to see their whole picture. I also think it would be better if they set up a “social” aspect to the app. Make it like a social media app where I can post pictures of activities with dogs, so clients can really get a feel for what to expect when they book. Plus current clients can see their pups featured! I think it would go over really well. Especially if they’re going to charge so many fees to both the client and the walker we should at least get our moneys worth.
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3 years ago, dmarshall46
Too many dogs in one house.
Five dogs in the house is too many. Our dog was afraid of Jessie's own two big dogs, so our dog spent a lot of time in her cage. Otherwise she would growl and bark at the two large dogs. Jesse was tending three dogs in addition to her own two large dogs. We prefer our own dog to be tended by herself without other rover dogs being brought in at the same time. Next time we will request that no large dogs be in the house where are our very small dog is being tended. Our dog is a high anxiety dog with lots of fears. PS we can’t figure out why there were no openings for our dog weeks in advance. Because of that we had to schedule someone that was a half hour drive away making one hour round-trip out of our way and another hour out of our way, after we arrived home to pick up our dog. Then just a couple of days before we left there were all kinds of openings close by in our area, but we had already scheduled for six day stay to be with the sitters who are far away, so we thought we would add better stay with the schedule. We plan to stay with Rober because the because of a previous positive experience. However next time this happens, we will request a last-minute change if needed to have a sitter close by. (we do live in a very populated area.)
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5 years ago, Erihg75
Rover needs to step it up for 20%
For 20% of our earnings Rover needs to step it up. First, I would say Rover needs to fix the app, it sends messages about new features and has a clicker ”try now” that doesn't work. The other complaint is the daycare or sitting feature, the client's and I are texting and not even using the app, but you're supposed to do everything through the app, like the start of the visit, walks, pees and poops. I'm walking three dogs and im supposed to check in on an app, take picture enter how many times the went. It's a little cumbersome because I am sending pics throughout the day through rovers text in my messages. The app is not easy to use! I care for many dogs for friends and through rover, I don't need to keep track of trying to use a difficult application that should be easy for the price. Second is Rover's support sucked! Period, after it took me hours to speak with someone, not an emergency, they were no help and had a typical corporate response. I will say I have met some fun and great dogs. I'm just not sure why Rover feels they need 20% seems a bit much for the service they provide.
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5 years ago, devenkferre
Missing Queens in Fairbanks Alaska
One day into My daughters vacation and the Rover sitter has lost one of her two dogs. My daughter is beside herself...My daughter and her husband just left Alaska yesterday for a much needed military leave as her husband is deploying in September. Less than 24 hours later she got the dreaded call that her Rover dog sitter has lost one of her two dogs. It has now been an additional day and she still has not found sweet Queens and they have done very little to find her, as the rover dog watcher is more concerned with her other jobs. My daughter is now trying to find a flight back to Alaska in hopes she can find Queens before something happens to her. She was last sighted on Cushman near the freeway in Fairbanks Alaska, but the Rover Dog Sitter was too busy showing a house and didn’t respond promptly to the call. A trip where all our families were so excited to see our kids before deployment, has turned into a nightmare for all. I believe there are some great rover sitters, but make sure you fully vet them to insure if a disaster happens with your baby they will respond 😢 It feels soooo helpless to be in Utah knowing your baby is lost in Fairbanks Alaska and that there have been sighting of her, but no one is responding timely😢😢😢 When I called the emergency number yesterday they told me they would send a professional team today to assist the rover sitter in the search. That has not happened.💔
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1 month ago, MetalMona42
Terrible for pet owners
This app doesn’t allow you to modify your bookings or to cancel booking request if you accidentally submit the wrong thing. You have to wait for the sitter to delete it. Once you submit your information for your booking as a pet owner, you are completely out of control of what’s happening. then you’re expected to pay in advance, even if it’s months before for a reservation. what’s worse recently I had a sitter cancel on me with a week left to go before a booking that had been made months in advance. On top of that they have a review system that is not very flexible as an owner. You can’t update your reviews of sitters after you’ve sent it in unlike other platforms, which allow you to edit and update your review based on new information. this allows, the sitters to bully pet owners in the comments about your pets. it’s a one-sided app and they have no way of making sure that the sitters actually come and stay with your pets. My other experience with this app is that people will come say they’re gonna say at your house and charge you as if they’re an overnight sitter, but then they don’t actually stay. And you know this because you can check your ring video camera when they come in and out of your front door and you know that they’re leaving at night instead of staying.
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2 months ago, ProReviews999
Sitter cancelled at last minute before international trip
A relative alerted me to this app as we were having trouble finding someone to watch our 6 month old golden doodle when we left for a 2 week trip to the Philippines. Found a house sitter who agreed to do it for the first week. I texted to let ask if we could extend them another 10 days to cover the whole trip as a relative was no longer available to help during that time. They said no problem. I asked her to come over a few days before we left to meet the dog and see the house. She texted that morning that she was sick and didn’t want to make us sick . So I asked her to come the morning of the day we were leaving. No response. We were starting to get nervous that she want going to show up so I called her and she said she was still sick, but sounded fine on the phone. The morning of I texted to say we would wait for her as the dog has separation anxiety. No response. I tried to call and got voice mail. Then I went into the app and saw she submitted a cancellation request hours before we were leaving to the airport. We had to do a mad rush to find a replacement and almost had to cancel the trip at great expense. Would never trust this app or company again. Find someone you know and trust rather than risk your vacation or the health of your pet.
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3 years ago, JPat_10
Great Concept, App Needs Improvement
The concept behind this app is great and is SUPER useful. However, the app leaves much to be desired in terms of user interface. The menu to switch between the different inboxes is incredibly confusing. I understand the desire to see past or archived conversations but grouping it with the upcoming/pending boxes isn’t useful. Then, when messaging with sitters, there is limited functionality as only the sitter can actually modify the requests. What would be useful is allowing the clients to submit modification requests to the sitter directly if needed rather than trying to communicate it via messages. I’ve experienced several issues in communication that could’ve been avoided if this was possible. Furthermore, when a sitter makes a modification, you can view details, accept, or decline. When you confirm, it automatically changes your card without requesting confirmation. Again, something that can be a nuisance when a sitter is requesting several modifications (due to changes on both ends) and you are being charged multiple times for these transactions. All in all, I like the platform, I like the site, I probably will not be using the app until modifications are made.
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6 years ago, eliiseeee
Good for extra cash, but it’s always crashing
I’ve been using Rover for over a year now and it’s been great using the app to earn extra cash. I set my rates and my schedule with it and can talk with clients through the app. Also, I love that you can contact their customer support line to edit the booking if the client makes a last minute cancellation or date change. I’ve had great service with the customer support line every time. HOWEVER. My biggest pet peeve is that IT IS ALWAYS CRASHING. I’ve updated to the latest software, I’ve deleted and reinstalled SEVERAL times, and I’ve reset my phone. Nothing has helped. It’s super frustrating because it’s always happening while I’m walking a client. In the middle of a walk, it’ll just shut off MY ENTIRE PHONE and my phone will restart. I can’t even open the app without it crashing 3 seconds later. Or I’ll try and add a picture/pee/etc, and it’ll crash. At times when I finish a walk or check-in, it’ll shut off my phone and when I try to open the app, the walks/check-ins will sit on the page and not send and I’ll try and send and it’ll restart my phone again. I get messages from owners because they’re concerned that they haven’t received a Rover card after it’s started and I have to explain that it’s a glitch. If this could be fixed, I’d give the app 5 stars.
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6 months ago, caro_reyes
NO support!!
We recently had a terrible experience with a sitter who was not communicating with us when we needed to pick up our dog. Sitter was not responding and not answering the door at time of pick up. We called rover support multiple times. They NEVER got in contact with this sitter. They would not provide personal phone number to us (which I understand) but then provided ZERO updates about their attempts to contact. We were VERY worried about the safety and well-being of our pet. I eventually provided my personal cell phone through the app for sitter to call me. She did call and we found out she had our pet over an hour away from her home and was saying she was not returning with our pet that night (booking had ended). I personally sorted out the situation and after talking with sitter and her support people, we convinced them to bring our dog back to us (and it was late at night). Rover support the next day did not even know if our dog was returned and did NOT care. I have not been reimbursed and the sitter is still available on their app. They were not helpful in helping us find our dog. I am very disappointed with Rover and will not be using this app anymore. I recommend having the sitter’s personal phone number to ensure a clear communication line. The Rover Support does not assist timely when there is an emergency.
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3 years ago, KaylaMassacre
Great for sitters
I am a full time mom and have been sitting through Rover for almost 2 years now. I absolutely love the pets and people I’ve met. I love how the app is now that it’s updated. This app is great because of the drop-in options. Pets can get quality time with a sitter while owners are out of town. I’ve only ever had one request to walk their dog. Overall I love everything but I really debated between 3 & 4 stars. Rover really needs another option to receive payments. I’ve been using PayPal because I don’t want to wait for a check during slow times and it’s only $20. I really don’t trust PayPal though. I should be able to securely connect my bank account directly to Rover. My only other concern is fake profiles. I’ve gotten a couple that requested an outrageous amount of drop-ins with no photos and no info whatsoever of the animals. And never heard back from them. So every time I get a new request I get suspicious, because so far all my recent ones have no photos or info. Rover needs to require this info before allowing owners to book. If it weren’t for all of my regular clients I would quit using Rover altogether for both of these issues.
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5 years ago, NickDxx
Great resource
I am a hairdresser, so I don’t get out of work until 7pm which is usually the cutoff pickup times for most doggy daycares. I used this service and even made friends with some of my sitters! This app is slightly buggy (for some reason my friend who is on the sitting end of this and right near me doesn’t show up on the map for me, also, it doesn’t let you have the sitters listed by distance). But it’s such a good app. It’s great to have people who love dogs watch your pup, and have flexibility. Oh but one thing- it would be nice to be able to block sitters (probably customers as well) who don’t work out. I had someone not good and I can’t make a notation and she pops up on my rebook page, and in my search. Also- it would be nice if there were some way to work with the fact that I’m using the filter that I have a puppy, but get filtered out because he isn’t fixed. Many people say they take puppies, and I assume they would be fine since he’s too young to fix until he’s 6 months old! Normally I’d agree with that rule- but adult dogs and infant puppies not fixed are entirely different things!
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7 years ago, Dog psychoanalyst
Gives sitters the freedom to do their best
I've worked for a couple of dog walking companies, and Rover is my favorite. I get to set my own wage. If I'm getting burned out, it's easy to temporarily turn off my availability to new clients or alter my calendar. Rover is great when there is an emergency, very supportive and willing to pay for vet care. The fee they charge for providing customers to you and insurance during stays is a lot less than the other company, meaning I don't have to rip off my clients to make a good wage. The app is great. I've hardly ever had issues with it and it doesn't need to be updated constantly. I would like if the walk map was more accurate, but that is a minor concern. The big difference with Rover, is that I get to talk with customers instead of going through a middleman, which makes me more comfortable when meeting new customers, and creates less problems with gaining access to the dog. Rover also allows you to decide with the owner what times work best for both customer and walker. The one downside with Rover is that they don't have an option for giving tips, which can be frustrating when you go above and beyond for a client. Other than that, I do love Rover!
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12 months ago, Amjsej
Shame on Rover - Treat Sitters Better!
I am a student and love having dogs in my apt when I am away from my own dogs at home. So I love having the opportunity to sit dogs on Rover. I have had wonderful experiences with great dogs and most recently, terrible experiences with untrained and aggressive dogs. A few complaints I have: 1) if owners are able to see reviews of sitters from other owners, why am I (as a sitter) not able to see reviews from other sitters about dogs? Why am I forced to only "judge" a dog by a 10 minute meet and greet? Why can't I see experiences from past sitters of the dog and any tips or techniques they had for dealing with them? It just isn't fair (and please if I get a developer's response with "you don't have to accept clients if you don't think the meet and greet went well".... seriously how am I supposed to tell from a just meet and greet when the owner is only saying good things about their dogs???) Secondly, taking 20% is honestly outlandish when Rover support essentially covers nothing on behalf of the sitter. I had two huskies destroy nearly $200 of property including sentimental items and Rover won't cover a dime. Plus I only got $340 for a WEEK of sitting 2 huskies after Rover took $80 for literally nothing. Very sad and disappointing. Honestly shame on you Rover. Take better care of your sitters.
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1 year ago, 12@bless
I love rover but
I love rover. I’m a pet owner and a sitter too. I have been doing rover for a while now and is great and very convenient. My main complaint about the app is that the pet owners are choosing a wide range for pick ups/drop offs (For example: drop off from 8:00am to 3:00pm & pick up from 4:00pm to 10:00pm).this is more than 6 hours each day that I have to take care for someone’s pet without being pay. This isn’t right for sitters. Taking care of someone’s pet isn’t an easy task specially when the pets have behavior issues. Sitters charge in rover for 24 hours and if there’s extra hours the sitters should be pay according to that but unfortunately there’s some people that figure how to confuse the app choosing a wide range for drop off/pick up to avoid paying what they are supposed to. I have complained many times about this on email to a rover support because I feel that rover should limit the pick up/drop off range time to only one to two hours instead letting the pet owners pick an entire day. Please rover fix this big problem so sitters like me get compensated according to the time we care for someone’s pet.
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8 months ago, Driver 12345678@
They always treat our babies like their own
I’ve been using this service for several years now. First when I had a roommate with a dog way too excited and super hostile with its love and affection like from a loving place but like basically wanted to straight up make out with you… and now that I have my own baby… an adult fat cross eyed bow legged cat. I’ve used everything from boarding to walking when I was out of town to drop in visits through this service … all has been spectacular! At the end of the day, our home is really our pets home and we are just their sugar mommies and daddies, but even more it’s where they feel safe and loved in their territory. A hotel, a daycare… it’s just not the same and not appropriate in many cases. The only issue I’ve ever had is moving… it’s somewhat messed up my account showing my location to me for service but was showing the rover person my old location. I’m not sure why it didn’t link easily, but something to be mindful if you move often or are a rover agent, to make sure your location is correct.
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10 months ago, itsamecj
Love the convenience but not the service fee
First off, I’ll say how much I really love brother is convenience when trying to find clients in my neighborhood. I have had many wonderful experiences on the app, and it is so straightforward and easy to use. It tracks your GPS on walks, it has all the right buttons to track events during the walk, and keeps you and your client safe by not sure and confidential information with potential customers. I will also say that I dislike how rover charge is a 20% service fee for every service I provide, and takes it from the overall amount I would be receiving. I completely understand the app, needing to make income to keep it improved an awesome for its users, but I do find it frustrating that I have to charge clients, but I feel like is outrageously high number, just to get a living wage with the service fee tax. I do this is a full-time job, and as much as I love it, it is frustrating to see how much is taken out of each service i do. Overall, I think rovers a great app, and is a wonderful way to make money if you love taking care of animals, and want a calm work environment where are you are your own boss.
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6 years ago, KingbrunoIII
To all the dog owners out there, DO NOT USE ROVER! I work in San Francisco and work as a GHR dog walker. For the owners that don’t know what that is, GHR stands for Guaranteed Hourly Rate, which is a program that pays $20/hour for 3 hour shifts throughout the day for eligible walkers. If you sign up for this shift, you must take all ASAP walks that come up in the app in your specific region of the city. They have a NE/NW/SE/SW region in San Francisco. This program, which started around June/July of 2017, has been a disaster for owners, because walkers like me take shifts because the money is guaranteed to us, so even if no walks come up during our 3 hour shift, we still get paid the $60 per shift. And while you may think you’ll get a regular walker for your dog on a recurring, weekly basis, no one wants to do those anymore because we can make more money doing GHR shifts, and having a recurring, weekly walk doesn’t allow you to work a shift during the time of your walk. So if I sign up to do a walk every Monday for Teddy at 12pm every Monday, I’m out $45 because I can’t do the 9:30-12:30 shift. So if you live in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, and LA where these shifts occur, that’s why no one wants to walk your dog on a regular basis. To be honest, it works very well to network and find a sitter you may like and use off the app in future sittings, but other than that it’s a no go for me
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2 months ago, jag1234-18
Unfair treatment, Unprofessional Sitter almost ruined my vacation
It was my first time using Rover for boarding. I had some reservations about the sitter before boarding, but Rover wouldn’t let me cancel or change sitters without paying a high penalty due to their very strict cancellation policy. I had to pick up my dog just 5 minutes after dropping him off because the sitter called, claiming my dog attacked her. When I arrived, the sitter said she would report the incident to Rover, adding that no other sitter would accept my dog because “sitters don’t take dogs with a biting history.” Additionally, all my dog's belongings were thrown out on the street, and my dog was tied to a fence with his prong collar incorrectly placed, which could have injured him. In a panic, I had to find another place to take my dog for a few days as I was running late to catch my flight. A couple of days after the incident, I received a notification from Rover stating that my account was banned due to my dog's behavior. To clarify, my dog is not aggressive; he has always been super friendly and social towards humans and other dogs. The sitter was completely unharmed, with no injuries or marks, and she told me she did not require any medical attention. I am extremely disappointed with how Rover handled this situation and the lack of support for pet owners.
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3 years ago, cje88
Poor customer service and client relations
I was a sitter for Rover with over 20 five star reviews and none of them negative. Every review reflected fantastic customer service and compassion towards what I do. The first time I needed their customer support it was a nightmare. I was left a 1 star review by someone who was disgruntled most likely because I suggested their dog could benefit from training because it was bullying one of my younger dogs. After they picked up their dog with all smiles, they then decided to leave me a nasty review making completely false claims unrelated to their stay. Rover only sent a few automated messages saying they wouldn’t remove the review, and never answered how it does not violate their terms when it clearly did. As a professional dog trainer and small business owner, I just don’t think I want to continue making money for a corporation who doesn’t value the people who are actually doing the work. I honestly don’t even think they read the context of my emails or the customer reviews. As a dog owner, I’ll never use Rover or again or recommend it to anyone. It would be best for anyone to find a professional boarding service or simply save money and hire a local boarder without giving rover a giant cut for no need. If the customer service is trash then what’s the point?
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5 years ago, lejg000000001
Sitter Upgrades
From the prospective of a sitter on Rover there are a few things that could be tweaked on the app to make it a lot more functional. Clients should be able to send messages that aren’t attached to a visit. We have repeat clients that will have questions about availability on certain dates for the future that maybe they aren’t ready to book yet. To be able to ask us this or any question when they aren’t ready to book they have to find an old booking and ask a question on that previous thread. As a sitter you then have to find that message in your past or archived visits. Also, there should be an inbox for any new messages. This should be whether it is on a past, archived, upcoming, or pending booking the new message(s) should all come to one place rather than having to find the booking request in the correct category. As a sitter you should be able to click on your calendar on any given day and see all the bookings you have for that day. Not just your availability. As is, you only see all bookings for the current date. You can’t look at the calendar and click on a previous or future date and see what bookings you had/have.
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8 months ago, Ashley Laser
Good, But Room to Grow
In theory this app is great to connect pet owners with folks who can help with pet sitting etc. but the lack of accountability for pet sitters can be frustrating for a dog mom like me. As an example, I booked a dog sitter for thanksgiving weeks in advance and then the person messaged me to tell me I should find a replacement because they might have COVID (which is the exact same thing that happened when I booked her last time too?). Now I’m scrambling to find someone else. Rover lists other options and the label “confirmed availability” in green for the day I need, although if these people haven’t actively been using the app or updating the calendar, you’re stuck messaging 15-20 people who either don’t respond or aren’t actually available. Also, it would be great to be able to cancel requests in your inbox for all the people with pending bookings I’ve requested who aren’t actually available so I can keep everything organized. The archiving system of the inbox is a little glitchy and confusing. Would also love to be able to add notes about people and/or save them in a folder if I want to use them in the future.
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