Royal Air Maroc

1.8 (46)
292.6 MB
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Current version
Royal Air Maroc
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Royal Air Maroc

1.83 out of 5
46 Ratings
7 months ago, Wikifeed
Worst airline and app
Overall experience is poor. You can do little more than book a ticket and check-in. App feels like a web app rather than a native iOS app.
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1 year ago, Brett The Tennessee Vol
I Like It
I did not have the app when I first visited Morocco. Yet it looks good largely overall to me by far now. And like Morocco was a wonderful place to go to. The only sucky thing was having to go home early. It was due to a family emergency here actually. Turned out to be in fact just a real false alarm. Greatly now I tell you family is dead wait at times. They can be incompetent quite and tiresome. Hopefully next time I do not waste time and cash.
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4 weeks ago, Ciaga1
Poorest poor
I wish I could give no star. This airline is the by far the worst ever existed… nothing works right here.. they do what they want you choose to travel with them.. cancel flight anytime plus long hours wait with no compensating. Ow talking about your baggage, don’t look for it but probably on your next return flight you may get it and broken… seems anybody can work there when need of help..
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1 year ago, Bonesgrady
Garbage app for a garbage airline
RAM is pure refuse, not an airline but a person-bothering organization. They do not adhere to their own stated policies and instead choose to make your travel as difficult as possible. Flights not on time. The app is like the website - full of issues. Looks like something not mobile ready from 10 years ago.
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6 months ago, NY_AMP
Worst airline and app
Whatever you do , do not book this airline , their app is trash , services is trash and talk about getting ur luggage is another thing . No body works for this company because when you call , there’s no agent or whoever you get to speak with clearly has no knowledge of anything.
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8 months ago, marocian
Need a lot of work
I can’t update my information ( change my password or contact info)
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6 months ago, Adam barber shop
Beside everything we need to support morocco airline. , my country. . My people.
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7 months ago, donotliketheapp
Stupid check-in process
When check in, they ask you about your destination addythat I didn’t nave so I don’t know, because I joined a tour and who knows where we are going to stay.
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Hire a new software developer
Get a new and better app with spot-on customer service and start everything from scratch. my advice take this app down.
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5 months ago, @youb89
Stay away
Punctuality is poor, customer service is lacking, and prices are high. Communication regarding delays or issues is inadequate, resulting in a frustrating experience for passengers.
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1 year ago, fouzi abdellah
I will never travel with them again
Bad customer service stupid service they lost my bag they never call me … be careful with this airline
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3 weeks ago, Ajfvhfv
Meriam at JFK
I had a bad experience today with Mariam at JFK, hiring new people they don’t know what they doing, They can’t handle a normal check in, I cancelled never again.
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9 months ago, Minovich
Useless app
This app is very slow and unresponsive, nothing but problems
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11 months ago, nadiir2
Terrible airline
I will never fly with this company they terrifying and terrible service
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1 year ago, Anima/Animus
Doesn’t work!
Terrible app, terrible airline :(
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5 years ago, Bellamnarvaez
I’m giving 1 star because I can’t submit a review with no stars. Our flight from Casablanca to Lisbon was scheduled to depart today at 12:35 and we didn’t leave the airport until 18:00. There was no communication from anyone from the airline company. They left the poor door attends there all day handling extremely upset customer. They had no answers and not one manager, supervisor or person of authority come to talk to us. We were held hostages at the airport not knowing if and when we would be able to continue on to our destination. It would’ve been bette rir they had told us form the very beginning that there was an issue and we wound be leaving until 6pm. I actually would’ve enjoyed getting out to see a little bit of Casablanca. The plan was finally ready for boarding, and luckily it was a very short flight because there was no air conditioner and we were all miserable but happy to finally be going to our destination. The sad reality is that my flight back is with them. We will see how that goes.
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5 years ago, "Tight"
36 bags lost on 1 flight.
Immediately, the flight is delayed. Once in the plane, staff allowed passengers to smoke cigarettes for the hour we waited on the tarmac. After finally landing in Portugal, the ~majority~ of passengers on the flight found that their bags were missing. The count we were given by the guys on the ground was “at least 36”. This is a great explanation for why many of the app’s most important features: online check-in, baggage locator, simply don’t work and yield a very general error message. Don’t fly Air Maroc if you can avoid it.
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1 year ago, ahmealbakkout
Mr Firas albakkour
There one word to describe this app and I’m going to spell out for you T R A S H trashhhhhh , nothing work can’t choose seat or pay for bags or even correct your personal information such as DOB and if you call them each agent has deferent information to give . I’m giving 1 star only because I can’t write any review but to be honest this app including their web doesn’t worth 0 star and you should know always there’s is delay at the airport each time you use air
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3 years ago, arab knowledge
Bad service
When choose your ticket from this air line You have to know if anything’s happened there no body will answer your call when you will trying to make a declaration about your stuff or your fly And before you taking a fly with this air line read all reviews what are people saying about it .
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3 years ago, Walega of Keep Tigers
Your website and app show that you gave up on guests already
The website was not working when I tried booking a flight from Istanbul to Casablanca, so I downloaded this app. Guess what? The app is as useless as the website. Just shows how you value guests at this mediocre airline!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Dothan headland
Boarding pass
Please this app has many major issues Can’t get to boarding pass, can’t pay for baggages. This issues have been not fixed from long time. I feel like I am just wasting my time. The only good about this app is free.
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2 years ago, topwop70
THE Worse app and much worse service.
Worse app and much worse customer service. They hardly answer the phone and when they do you’ll get a mean helpless agent. Royal air morroco canceled my flight twice and refused to refund my money back.
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1 year ago, dont take royal air maroc
Never again
This airline is the worst i have ever taken the flight got pushed from 4 am to 10 am and we had a 2 day layover in casablanca and we couldn’t bring hand luggage onboard. First and last time taking this airline.
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5 years ago, Monir El
Missing items
This’s the second time I am sending my parents with Royal Air Maroc from United State of America, and each time we find something missing from the baggages. This transportation option has many thieves. It’s not an Airline you should consider using..
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2 years ago, glasgoow79
You call this an app!!
This app is useless. Nothing works properly. Can’t retrieve boarding pass. Constantly crash. Need to do better than this. OneWorld needs to intervene so you can put together a useful app. Come on!
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5 years ago, B.E.P Rox
No Option check-in hand baggage
I wanted this to work as these apps (usually) ease the airport process. But there is NO option to indicate no baggage and in-app check-in. There goes 45 minutes of my vacation in that attempt. Scorn!
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2 years ago, Jessica 🧡
They cancel flights and you are the one who has to go after them to get your money back!
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5 years ago, Blahsheed
Not useful
Terrible. Flight status not up to date. It doesn’t save your flight info for easy lookup
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2 years ago, oudysadi
Update the app
Update it, to many problem and bug.
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2 years ago, aitaadi123A
Garbage company
I’m from Morocco and I didn’t recommend it. Garbage company. Try it then u gonna know what I’m talking about
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4 years ago, Big Boss Savage
No Communication
They kept canceling my flight. I’ve been trying to get ahold of them, but they never reply.
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3 years ago, stofsf
The worst airline in the world no costumer service they don’t answer on the phone
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2 years ago, dev0x0
Don’t download
this is the most useless airline app in the app store.
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4 years ago, drtredfghui
They took 461 dollars now keep canceling flights can’t get money back don’t deal with these thief’s
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4 years ago, travelchannelofficial
This app is useless
This app is useless. My flight from Casablanca to JFK was fine.
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5 years ago, augustini 19556
Bad app,sorry to say that but it’s the truth
I can’t do anything with this app.
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6 years ago, Salaheddino
The App is Worse than the service 👎🏻.
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4 years ago, alex19770707
Be careful every one don’t book
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5 years ago, Amine187
The worst application in this store
Biggest 0
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5 years ago, jow124456
Application manaf3a l walo plus makhdamach
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3 years ago, mmddaann
They not honest
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4 years ago, usa moro
ابشع خدمة على الاطلاق👹👹👹👹
ابشع ابشع ابشع👹👹👹👹👹👎👎👎👎👎👎👹👹👹👹👹😡😡😡
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