Royal Caribbean International

4.8 (715.2K)
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Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
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2 weeks ago
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17.0 or later
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User Reviews for Royal Caribbean International

4.78 out of 5
715.2K Ratings
10 months ago, O EnoryT
Making payments through the app.
I think it would be a great idea for you to update your app. When I click on my cruise, there should be an area for me to click on to pay on that particular cruise without me having to re-enter my name and reservation number since it’s already displayed in the cruise information portion that’s safe for me on your app. As with Norwegian , I click on that particular cruise and a drop-down screen or ask if I would like to make a payment or view my cruise reservation. If I click on make payment there is an additional screen that populates without me having to re-enter my cruise information. Isn’t that genius? It saves time and cuts out a step of someone having to click out of that screen and having to back write down a reservation number (that should already be there in the pop-up screen, considering it’s from that reservation that you’re making the payment from that brought you that next second screen. ) and have to enter it when it can already be there through the genius of technology. Please help us to work smarter not harder. Thank you for your time and consideration on this review. Tyrone M
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2 years ago, grumpy cruiser
Check in nightmare
We were on time for our 2:30 check in. We were directed to go to a line that had people ranging from 2:2:30 check ins. We then stood in line for 2 hours while they let people who had arrived late to go ahead of us. Why???? We had beat ourselves to get there on time. If you are late you should wait behind people who were on time. This calling people who were late to the front of the line went on for 1.5 hours. Ridiculous. Then there were people who had all kinds of exceptions that had to go ahead of us. The customers standing around me were mad and frustrated. The people wearing teal shirts were idiots and no one seemed to know what they were doing. The teal shirted idiots did not know what each were telling the customers waiting in line. I did not feel catered too. Also standing for 2hrs in the heat…no one offered water or drinks. The teal shirted idiots spoke harshly and were rude. I know we are all dealing with covid but we were asked to show proof 3 times through the check in process. Why? I even had to submit proof of vaccination days before. Why?? Get your act together Royal Caribbean. By the time I got through check in I was miserable hot sweaty and frustrated and thirsty. Cruise has not left yet so I’m hoping they can change my mind and emotions soon or part 2 to this review will be even more negative. I hope writing this review changes this process for someone. With technology it doesn’t have to be so hard.
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2 years ago, essential healthcare worker
Not fair
I made a reservation for a junior suite in March, paid for the majority of the trip but still had a balance, I had a credit card on file that was going to be charged the remaining balance as we got closer to the trip, not seeing any activity I got curious see if everything was okay just to find out my reservation was cancelled, I lost it, I can’t believe that they didn’t call me, they said they sent email reminders but I’ve checked, my spam, junk & deleted emails and didn’t find anything from them, I luckily got some help from a customer service agent and was able to reinstate my trip, I paid the remaining balance and lost my junior suite accommodation, I now have a smaller room, I feel totally ripped off, the sad part is that there was junior suites available but they wanted to charge me an additional 2k , that real scum bag customer service, I may not ever referred royal Caribbean to anyone anymore, Shane on you royal Caribbean for trying to charge me double for something I already paid for, I’m totally disgusted, what ever happened to customer service, I called about 5 times trying to get help, I don’t want a free upgrade I just want what I paid for.
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1 week ago, StaCnJC
Royal Caribbean never disappoints. We are addicted to cruising because of how awesome Royal has always treated us. We tried Carnival once with a group of friends and we quickly regretted it. Carnival employees were often rude, and Carnival “nickel and dimed” us for every little thing. And debarking with Carnival was a 2-hour long process as every customer on the entire boat was in an extremely lengthy queue. Imagine trying to get a couple thousand people off a ship through a single exit!! It was frustrating, stressful and really nonsensical. We vowed never to return. It was such a relief to be back on Royal again this weekend where every single employee is kind, the food is amazing, the talent is outstanding (far greater and far more tasteful than the talent on Carnival), and there are no additions to our bill. As a matter of fact, we were given pre-cruise credits and we ended up with post-cruise credit on our bill as well. Royal owes us money. How about that! Nothing beats Royal Caribbean!! Don’t even think of trying another company!! You won’t regret it!! Try the Allure for starters. Your mind will be blown!!
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2 years ago, KP26Ec
Good app when it works.
The Royal app is well rounded and easy to use. It allowed me to view information about the ship as well as different activities available on my sailing when I went on Odyssey of the Seas in late March 2022. However, there is one glitch that will absolutely destroy the pre-cruise experience. It starts after you book a new sailing. You open the app for the first time, only to be met with an oddly long loading time. Then, you get the regular Home Screen with the planner and the top view of the ship. However, when look closely, you see that there is no information regarding the details of your cruise. No information on the restaurant, the activities, or the venues. You don’t see any option to check in, either. Things get worse when you force the app to close. When you open the app for a second time, you are met with a “Select your Sailing” screen. You tap on your sailing, and alas, you are met with the dreaded “We’re working on the fun” pop up that has plagued many of the app’s users. You realize that the app is essentially useless, and you accept defeat, being forced to check in on your computer. Other than that it’s a pretty good app.
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3 years ago, Cassi & Leo
Trip 2021
This was our first trip on a cruise. I am a young single mother, and brought my 7year old. It was a little nerve racking going just the two of us, but we will absolutely do this again! Between the staff that had helped us, Alfredo V for our rooms, he made the experience wonderful, my son was so excited to see what he would leave him each time we came back to the room. The wait Staff, Sylvester and his assistant made each dinner amazing, they even remembered our orders and were more than gracious. Also to the staff in the breakfast buffet, Bernadette, from the Philippines, smiled and was a pleasure, she helped us as soon as we came in each morning. Also we would like to send a huge shout out to Christine, from the Philippines, who was our assistant wait staff, she made each meal worth it! Christine was so enjoyable and we wouldn’t have had a better breakfast without her!!! Thank you to all the staff, it made our first cruise a memory we will never forget, and also helped us make the easiest decision to book more cruises in the future!!!
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4 months ago, bethxnybailey
Confusing with Minimal Detail
This app is incredibly confusing when it comes to dining and accuracy. There are benefits, the aesthetics and the daily planner are well done. However, I really had an issue with My Time and Traditional Dining. It was never explained, when it was explained, it made no sense. There are two types of dining traditional (reservation) and “my time” even with my time you still need to make a reservation. However, there were times where the “reserve now” button on the dinning option did not pop up at the bottom of the page. So odd. When I nicely tried to explain this to the managers of the restaurant they were rude and loud and made a scene in front of the people we were sitting next to. We simply did not understand. We weren’t trying to take someone’s reservation. In the end I suppose it doesn’t matter because we ate at the Buffett and customer service was very nice and did hear my concerns. I just wish I didn’t have to have this unfortunate situation for my first cruise. It really was a damper on the whole trip. My suggestion is to go more in depth with the notifications before the cruise, whether that be a section in the app, or an email explaining that no matter what you choose, you need to reserve a time.
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11 months ago, Glenn’s GiGi
Wow, what a cruise!!!
Cruising is a wonderful way to see amazing ports in this world and RCI is a fantastic cruise line. Our latest cruise was on Vision of the Seas with cruise director, Clo. Clo had a very active part in the cruise. Several of the acts contained personal friends of hers and they were fabulous. If you have an opportunity to see Zoe Tyler or Kenny James, do not miss them. Their singing is unbelievable and their styles are very different. As Clo told me they are both great, just in different ways. And she was right! The dining was also exceptional, in the buffet, formal dining room, and specialty dining room, Chops. The wait staff was very attentive. Our head waiter in the formal dining room was Neptalli and his assistant was Rommel. They seemed to always be around for us. If you like steaks, be sure and visit Chops and ask for Michael. He was an extraordinary waiter. Our room steward, Puresh, was also efficient. Whatever I requested, he made sure it appeared. He also accommodated our schedule with his cleaning. By now, you can tell I really enjoy cruising on RCI and RCI gets a 5!!!
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3 months ago, njjoel
Negative experience - same with Celebrity
I am writing this review to express my dissatisfaction with the Royal Caribbean Line (RCL) App, which has significantly impacted my experience in a negative way. Despite the potential for a seamless and user-friendly digital interface, the app proves to be clumsy, awkward, and poorly laid out. Navigating through the app is far from intuitive, which makes what should be a straightforward process overly complicated and time-consuming. Moreover, the app’s performance is below acceptable standards. It frequently freezes, which not only disrupts the user experience but also causes significant inconvenience, especially when trying to access critical information or services promptly. This issue seems to be compounded by the lackluster internet service provided, which far from meets the expectations set by today’s technological standards. The slow and unreliable connection adds to the frustration, making the use of the app more torturous than pleasurable. The combination of these issues considerably detracts from the overall user experience and falls short of the high standards expected from a renowned company like Royal Caribbean. An app designed to enhance the customer’s experience should not be a source of stress or inconvenience.
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12 months ago, Dom Paul
The best thing ever in the world
I love it I think it’s gonna be great because like you guys are like the best ever like ever and I thank you for letting us do this because my brother Dominic is going to training for two years and this is a special thing for him and we’re thanking you because I love how you let us do this for a special occasion. If you don’t know that occasion that’s OK it was Dominic‘s going into you know the military obviously because I really miss him and I was crying in the car because I didn’t want him to go and I am thanking you because you guys have been so grateful for letting us come Walton going to Gatlinburg because that’s gonna be really fun with the family name, Ashlyn sprinkles and then our last is PAUL that spells Paul of course thank you for everything that you’ve done for us like everything by Simi be on the thing but who knows I love your company and I’ve been working on this I just love it because you can see all the things and I love the Reno buy a look. I love you and I love your app. See ya.
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1 year ago, Q from TX
Ship and Staff
First time in RC and I love the Allure of the Seas. The crew are amazing. Special shout-out to our Main Dining wait Eduardo and his assistant Jackie. They made our dining experience spectacular. Not only that the food were delicious but their level of service is beyond great. Their smiles and friendly attitudes made us feel welcome. Our housekeeper, Piya. She did a terrific job cleaning our room and made it look comfortable to come “home” to. She is very friendly and always talks and jokes with us every time we see her in the hallway. Shoutout to Julius from Philippines. Every time we see him at the Widjammer buffet and Sorrentos Pizza, he always says hi and talks to us. Even if we were just passing by at the promenade, if he sees us, he always acknowledges us. He’s an awesome dude! Jennelyn from the photo department is also one of the staff that we connected with. Her friendly personality and happy self don’t go unnoticed. We always talk to her whenever we run into each other. All the staff are amazing. My husband and I truly enjoyed our cruise!
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3 weeks ago, KarenMathis
Great trip!
I recommend getting the extra dinner package… gormet food-Hooked seafood, Chopped steaks and I had amazing Branzino (Italian seabass), and the Zumis sushi. The stateroom was great space, comfy bed… great pillows, desk and chair that can double as a make up table, lighted mirror, great storage, bathroom works well with efficient use of space. Plenty of hot water for my shower. Bring your own shampoo. Room service was excellent. The staff is very friendly and no lack of events. I didn’t attend events as I prefer my ocean view balcony for reading and journaling, the desk for working and even had TV when I chose to hear the news. The Tv also has complete info on how to utilize venues aboard ship. I don’t drink alcohol but they do have a drink package for unlimited drinks both alcoholic or mocktails. I preferred Starbucks who’s is key for me with hot teas. Their hours are open early and open late. This was my second trip and it was a wonderful time with smooth sailing. I was so happy to get a lot of time with my daughter and grandchildren. Really fun!
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2 years ago, tkathyd
Credit card issues
I’ve been having nonstop issues with credit card. Every time I changed my credit card, it changed a different person’s credit card to mine, and they could use my credit card on their account. And sometimes they would change their card info and then I would have someone else’s card on my account. When I logged out and logged back in, it would show no card but also did not have an option to add a card. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app, and the credit card issues continued. I have no idea why this is happening, the staff tried their best to help me but they don’t know why this is happening. This is only my second time cruising with RCCL. I’ve done all the troubleshooting on my own and with guest services on the ship. They said they had never seen the issue before. The only solution was for guest services to manually enter my card at the counter and then I had to review the statement at the desk every day to ensure that the card wasn’t randomly changed and that I wasn’t charged for someone else’s bills. It was an incredible inconvenience to my experience. My friends, family, and I hesitate to cruise with RCCL again because of this major app issue.
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3 years ago, senior lives matter
Problems with scheduling dining online when you have six people
We booked as so many others two years ago our trip on Royal we are diamond members as a gift we purchased three cabins for my son and his family when the Covid hit we had to reschedule using our vouchers and I spent two hours on the phone with Victoria and rebooked our trip. That time she booked all three cabins together or so I thought and we were supposed to receive my time dining of 615 we just learned a week ago that we were not linked together and we cannot eat together unless we have a 745 evening dining both my husband and I are on medication and need to eat before a certain time called and asked to link us and we wanted to eat dinner together especially for the holiday which was the purpose of us purchasing all three cabins. Yet we were told that we were not linked and the time was gone. Very upset and wanted to let you know THIS IS WRONG. We are on Harmony of the sea with a sailing date of November 21
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8 months ago, TrudiFrank
Not the same
RCCL has lost its charm. The high cost of cruising and the nickel and diming you to death has lost its charm. It’s no longer affordable for most families or individuals they have to go into debt in order to afford a cruise. The food quality has slide downhill and if you want that lobster or a fillet that you used to get, you’re going to pay for it, the individual paid restaurants Food quality is not worth the high cost. You have to pay in order to dine. Royal Caribbean’s voyager of the seas is tired and needs to be updated for a four-day weekend cruise are no longer worth the time or money. Why bother cruising to a higher level when you just keep removing amenities and giving ones that aren’t going to be used by many that the higher levels we used to enjoy to make it worth staying with Royal. Most of it is worthless. We are being forced into buying things that normally were free. I guess after you lost money because of Covid now you’re gonna make up for it by sticking it to cruisers. You’re just not worth the high cost of doing a cruise. For what you offer. You’ve gotten worse than carnival.
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3 years ago, I’m Lew
Royal Caribbean Ships.
We have sailed on Royal Caribbean "Anthem of the Sea" five times over the last 7 years. It's home Port is "Cape Liberty" Bayonne, NJ. We always have goods days on board no matter where you are and what the weather is. Their basic food plan is great for variety and quality. We always buy 1 or 2 premium dinning which costs a little more but I love their " Chef's Table" dinning. Space is limited to 20 guests. It's a wine & food pairing experience. The ships chef greets you and explains all 5 courses. The wine experience is similar and is explained why a different particular wine is served with each course. Definitely a class act. We live within an hour's drive from our home to Bayonne. We hire a car & driver so we do not touch our luggage from our home all the way to find them in our spacious cabin when we enter it. There is long term covered & secure parking. For us it's the least stressful vacation we have ever experienced. Peace.
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1 year ago, BobCin5859
The App has lots of potential if RCL would use their investment
The app has potential to be much more useful before boarding if the data was regularly and timely provided and updated. For example, we are taking a multi family vacation on Odyssey of the Seas’s Transatlantic cruise. We all bought Dining packages and want to coordinate our specialty restaurant nights. The selection of which nights to schedule is largely driven by the Main Dining Room menus. The app provides the means for RCL to post this information. However they don’t regularly or timely post it. Consequently we have to spend time after boarding going through the “meeting” to choose the nights vice spending time at the pool bar starting our vacations. RCL can use the app they invested in and often seek feedback about to maximize utility for the guests. Also, the same thought applies to special events and venues reservations. The means are there because I was able to schedule my “Book” theater time, but so far nothing else is posted with less than 25 days before the cruise. Better use can be made of the tool purchased.
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11 months ago, DanielIn850
Online check in process is a nightmare
We’ve all taken a flight and checked in on line to make our journey more efficient. We wait until the check in time is “open” and then check in where we are given boarding passes or at least an order of boarding but nope …. Not with Royal Caribbean it seems. Was right on to check in at the open time but the website said “sorry we’ve encountered a Glitch… Try again later” so we went to the app… this time the message is “check in has checked out”. Called CS and the call taker’s solution was “just wait and try again”. No one in IT or CS was willing (or able) to solve this. Their canned response was “just wait and try again and if it still doesn’t work call again”. Why? My problem becomes more important the more it happens?? How about work with me to solve the problem and perhaps make a happy first traveler with your line? We are not new to sailings but certainly are to this lack of concern and assistance. Makes me worried that this is the level of care we might expect on board the ship! Maybe if we were Diamond members Royal Caribbean might care about us! Not a great start and would not make this mistake again at this point.
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2 months ago, BubaDragon
Super frustrating!
It seems this app was designed without thought to usability. This app is useless for scheduling events on larger ships, unless you plan your time to the minute weeks ahead. You will be presented with options for events that are sold out, then make you to go all the way through the process to book the event, then end with a generic error. Obviously the information about capacity is available, since Royal Caribbean guest services knows this information, but apparently the app only access it at checkout, then presents a generic “something went wrong” error. Annoying feature #2, this has a messaging feature so you can stay in touch with your party. EXCEPT, there are no push notifications. Am I really expected to have the app open and constantly monitoring the app for messages? Literally learn push notifications. Update: The developer response? “ We sincerely apologize for the issues you encountered with our app. Our team is constantly working to improve the guest experience. We have forwarded your feedback and comments to our developers so they can look into the matter promptly
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3 months ago, Tcoers
Great but could be better
I like the information on this app. Especially the events that you can put on your calendar. However, I would suggest two improvements. One, there is a chat feature between you and the other members of your party. The only problem is that you do not get notifications like you do on your normal texting apps. So someone can text me something but unless I go in there purposely to look and see if somebody texted me, I will never know. So you can go hours without knowing if someone texted you. We only use this feature to let each other know where we were because of that. Two, it would be nice if there was a map that showed your location on the cruise. I often wanted to know where we were in relation to the island or in general. That would be a nice feature. I often noticed that the Wi-Fi provided on the ship would go in and out depending on where we were on the ship. This is not good when you’re trying to communicate with somebody else.
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2 years ago, Hungry guests
Royal Caribbean going downhill
I have been on 7 Royal Caribbean cruises. I have absolutely loved everyone I have been on. From the service to the food to the entertainment on the boat. Everything has always been top notch. I’m not sure if it’s because the hit Royal Caribbean took during COVID or what but we should not have to suffer because Royal Caribbean is trying to make up for your loss. Food on this Trip has been 0.01 stars. I have yet to find anything good. You can tell everything is watered down to spread it out more. From the chicken to the steak it’s terrible. Have always loved going to the Dinning room. Definitely won’t be going back this trip unless I want good coffee. That was the only thing good there. Windjammer is absolutely an insane joke! Bacon labeled crispy bacon. Not one thing crispy about it. Eggs was so runny they dissolved in my mouth. I could go on and on and on. I have always refused to try other cruise lines but after this cruise. My next one I will be trying out Carnival. Hopefully they aren’t making their guest suffer for the loss hit from COVID. You keep this up and your loss from COVID will be nothing compared to loss of guests!
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5 years ago, Steve's Icecream
No Check-In
I’m 55 days out and received a email from Royal Caribbean letting me know I could do my check-in using the App. When I log into the App it shows my Cruise but when I click on it it tells me to come back later and I cannot view any details about the cruise nor do I have any other options except to view the cruise listing. I deleted the App and downloaded it again in case it did not update correctly since I last used it in March but that did nothing. Still can begin any check-in process so I am forced to go to my desktop and log into my online account. Hopefully this is just temporary because I used the App back in March without any problems and having my phone with me all the time allowed me to show my Set-Sail pass at the port to bypass the desk and also to view events and bookings I had arranged. I also kept track of my spending with this App. So let’s hope this is just a technical error that they can fix or unless they notified me too early for the App usage. I was able to do everything on my desktop instead for the next 2 cruises I’m going on 7/5 & 7/12.
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2 years ago, DawnJohnCCC
Unfortunately there was a lack of continuity and vagueness in the Covid protocol which lead to a very stressful experience for my family. As I am traveling alone since my husband’s death I was behind the group and last to be checked in. As we had all followed the same protocol for presail testing and they had been passed through you can only imagine my surprise when I was detained and told I could not board without being retested. I am fully vaccinated and presented a negative test taken within 48 hours of departure. Before leaving my home I had checked your site and we determined that taking the test 2 days before departure and 3 days after our flight to Amsterdam was the most prudent and within the guidelines provided by Royal Caribbean at that time. After I was detained my family was stopped and also forced to retest. My father is handicapped which made for a more stressful experience. In the future I would hope that better training and consistency will make a better experience. Thank you for reviewing my comments and taking them into consideration for future travelers. Sincerely, Dawn M Bates
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5 years ago, Flo.Rocks!
Great Cruise
The whole cruise was amazing. The crew went above and beyond to ensure you were taken care of. The ship was beautiful and well taken care of. The room steward (Ida) was the best ever. Our room was always clean but she was never intrusive. She always took care of it, multiple times a day, but it was always while we were out. The entertainment was always fun and there was always something to do or see! The cruise director (Elizabeth) and activities manager (Michael) kept it fun. They were always working to keep everyone entertained. The food was great. The Windjammer (buffet) was great and the waiters were very attentive. The dinning room was one of the great highlights of the trip. Our waiter (Michaelvas) was beyond exceptional. The assistant waiter (Gerard) was amazing. They both got to know us and remembered our preferences throughout the trip. They knew what you wanted before you could even ask for it. Are true believers in Royal Caribbean now and will be taking many more trips!
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5 years ago, JZ Blader
Must have if you’re a fan and traveler of RCCL
Love this app. I haven’t used it yet on the ship but I’m looking forward to it. Right now on pre-cruise and I can see almost if not all activities on board. From balloon animals to cupcake making to wine tasting to the famous quest events (adult and family!) you can review it all once you have signed in with your user information. It can show you deck plans, information on events, if it’s free or has a cost involved. Is it designed for young or adult. Most of this information use to not be available to you until you saw a daily cruise planner on board. Now you can review before you go and help you plan your trip and then once on board you can add these items to your daily planner (can not add an event to your planner until you are on board, only down side). If you are looking for anything you’re able to fine it here, I hope! I will let you know once I get back how it worked on the ship.
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6 years ago, NYYScott
Good App - Missing some features
For the most part, this app has a lot of nice features, but there are a few places that could use some improvement. Daily Planner does not include a lot of Adventure Ocean details. There were a few events which were in the paper copy, which were not listed in the app. Consider giving Adventure Ocean it’s own daily planner so people without children in the program can have a less cluttered view. On-board chat missing from app (at least on Allure of the Seas). We purchased the Wi-Fi package and use our iPhones for this, but it would be a big improvement to offer this feature in the app. Airlines offer free chat without a wi-fi purchase and the previous RoyalIQ app offered this as well. Ability to make reservations in the app ahead of your cruise. You can book reservations through the app once you’re on-board and you can book through a computer in advance, but there’s no continuity or consistency. Use your phone as your sea-pass and your room key. For those who’s phones offer this technology, it would be great to unlock your cabin through the app as well as to have the ability to make purchases. Create an ApplePay/Google Wallet equivalent to purchase chips/tokens at the casino. The casino is one of the few places where cash is used. It would be nice if you could use Apple Pay or Google Wallet (or create RoyalPay) to make these purchases.
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7 months ago, miraganda
Awesome cruise experience
Me and my husband enjoyed our cruise. Kudos to all staff who handle the KeYs as it is well handle from check in to check out. Please keep it up or enhance more the Key service. Kudos also to Main dining staffs especially to our waiter and assistant waiter; Digvijay and John, whom we called Big DJ and Lil’ Jay. This two serves above and beyond and we can feel that they serve from their heart, they do remember our name and the drinks that we like. This two also make sure that we are informed on dining schedule and info like the immigration check to ensure that we have our sea pass and passport. Both are great and deserve to go up on the next level as they showed delightful service. Kudos to Main dining room supervisors and manager for a great job. Windjammer food, quite mediocre as nothing especial on breakfast choices, but it’s fine. In our first 2 meals on windjammer we did not see anyone offer drinks however on the third and fourth day we are well service by Axl, offers and service us drink. The shows; the comedian is good and the Tenor is good too. The production mediocre. Thanks to Cruise Director for having the Appreciation to Veteran… this is a memorable one for giving time to appreciate our Veterans. Also the 80’ and 70’s party is great. Thanks to alll the staff on this events. Will see you all again in our next cruises!
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12 months ago, TerileeH
Not standalone and an detailed update
Be warned, frequently the app refers back to the web site and doesn’t even provide a link. Further there are no instructions at all, you’re on your own to figure out how to use. Update after two years: The app has improved. Still no instructions but is more user friendly so with a little time you can figure it out. But there are still major problems. Some times it just doesn't work, or hesitates for hours. Also the app frequently not show any cruises than your current cruise. If you have more cruises, they may not be available for view or update (select options). Selecting activities for update is hit or miss as the app replies frequently that something went wrong and try again later. The biggest problem is that there is a cruise magazine with far more information available called the Cruise Compass. This is the go to document for activities and shows etc. I’ve heard that Royal Caribbean may be getting rid of this magazine. Which is an unfortunate decision as their app is insufficient.
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1 year ago, Floriflee
Good app but could be better
The app is great for planning your days and keeping track of what is going on while on your cruise. I liked that you could check the menus for the different restaurants. Adding and removing activities on your calendar was super easy, as well as looking at and booking excursions. The chat feature was also nice. It would be better if you were notified that you’d received a message without actually having to be active in the app. If you don’t have the app open you do not get any sort of notification that someone has sent you a message until you go into the app again. It would also be nice to be able to search within the app. You can filter activities, but that is somewhat limited on what you can filter. It would be nice to be able to search within the activities and shore excursion lists so it’s easier to find specific activities/events you’re interested in.
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5 years ago, z3d2000
Sync My Calendar!!
Why does this new Royal app NOT sync-up with My Calendar itineraries into it for this full functionality from all the work I did adding then this your full website version for my upcoming cruises?? I have already checked in. And did all my boarding eDocs, so why don’t you show the Ships daily itinerary items here as well. Guests want make plans to go to specialty dinners, shore excursions, signup for onboard activities times that don’t conflict, and we should see all fixed evening entertainment & shows or other daily activities that are always constant. Along with dining hours of operations...why don’t we??? It’s truly ridiculous that your Technology & Guest Experience Teams don’t have this all working correctly like with other cruise line company’s. Please fix, because as a Crown Platinum RCCL member, and owner of 2 technology companies, this is truly embarrassing, in my opinion!
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2 years ago, 124Abi456
Refund Nightmare
December 30, 2021 I cancelled a cruise with Royal Caribbean and fell under the requirements to get a future cruise credit. I was told at that time I was owed money back on to my credit card for gratuities and taxes that they were not allowed to put into a FCC. On February 3, 2022 I hadn’t received a refund of all of my money so spent 4 hours on the phone with Royal who had to contact the account and the refund departments and figured out I was in fact owed $1250 to my credit card and said they would “expedite” my refund. February 28, 2022 I get an email of a FCC for $1250, another 1.5 hour call to Royal to be told human error and they are again going to “expedite” my refund and I can call back in 2 weeks to check the status. Meanwhile I have a new cruise booked and that payment is due March 18, 2022. It has been over 2 months since I was told I was getting a refund, and still no one can tell me how much longer it will be and they are expecting me to pay by bill! I have loved Royal Caribbean for many many years and think they had a fabulous program set up during Covid, but this is unacceptable!
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5 years ago, Aidaphoney
Enchantment of the Seas. Galveston to Cozumel Aug 5-9
We have thus far had a terrible trip. First if our boarding time is 2-2:30 then why are there no staff to assist with bags? Second our balcony was old and rusted. Had to change rooms. There are several parts of the ship in need of refurbishing. Lots of rust on upper deck 10 and 9. Definitely can see the rust from the outside of the ship too. Management should be ashamed of themselves to allow such a terrible appearance. Not a good idea to dock us next to the Symphony of the Seaa because it just shows us that you have the dollars to invest and upgrade your ships. The quality of the food at dinner is not great at all. I suggest some serious refurbishment and upgrades ( water slide, indoor skating rink, bumper cars, basketball court, something), also the jacuzzi was lukewarm just to name a few. Alsi our speedboat snorkel excursion had very few fish and the lunch was terrible.
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5 years ago, Somuchfour
Works like something like this should
I was a little skeptical at first having had bad experiences with certain “apps” that don’t do more than just take you to the company's website. This app was great though! Useful, very few glitches, intuitive. I have a few suggestions if anyone at RC is reading this: (1) ability to add custom events to your calendar (eg spa treatments so that you aren’t woken up by the spa calling on the day of your treatment because you’re late), (2) speaking of, spa treatments syncing into the calendar, (3) order room service from the app, (4) make on ship calls (or messages!) from the app (guest services, stateroom attendant, etc.), (5) be able to view and purchase your photo packages from the app, (6) interguest messaging and/or calling, (7) alarms and/or notifications reminding you of your appointments or other important information. Thanks for the great app!
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5 years ago, addie GR
Best line
I traveled with this line less than a year ago and was the best experience! It was also my first time in a cruise and now I don’t want to try any other! I was also very impressed because I forgot some jewelry in my room and they were able to mail my stuff home. I would definitely recommend this line for an amazing weekend or longer than that. We did a weekend And had so much fun .... so much stuff to do on board. Far from what most people think, it’s less expensive than going on vacation out of town. Where can you go and spend less than 150 daily with hotel food, attractions, and Fly fare included? From ice skating to rock wall climbing, and many other fun activities to enjoy, there is no time to think about getting bored. So much fun that I couldn’t resist to go back and will be boarding my second cruise in a month !
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5 years ago, JustinCodes
Harmony of the Seas issues
I just got on a sailing on Harmony of the Seas and unfortunately I’ve had the app giving me bad information. It is telling me my dining room is on the wrong floor. It’s also missing some reservations even though the front desk and the cruise planner show them. My wife’s phone (while she’s logged into the same account as my phone) doesn’t show any of our reservations on day 2. And day 4,5 and 7 don’t even show on the calendar even though they do on my phone. I’ve force quit and restarted the app multiple times and the problem persists. The app may have a race condition or is locally caching bad data. I understand the app just added support for Harmony of the Seas but the data inconsistency between phones is weird. Small UI feedback: Opening the calendar is hard to do, it would be nicer to have a button to just open the full calendar instead of having to do a swipe up most of the screen. Additionally closing the calendar is a pain. Clicking the down chevron doesn’t close it, and half the time when swiping it down with my finger on the chevron I open the Notification Center on my phone so I have to mentally remember to put my finger lower. I appreciate all the Royal Caribbean development teams are doing, the app makes it nice to find upcoming events and makes making reservations easier. I just want to be able to trust the data I see and have all the correct information.
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3 months ago, andrewts875
Glitchy and Inaccurate
This is my first review of an app, but this one is bad enough to warrant it. Know that your experience with the app will have a dramatic impact on your cruise since it’s one of the only ways to understand what’s going on during your vacation. I found the navigation very confusing and it isn’t always clear what is clickable or how specific information will be organized. Good example is kids club hours which isn’t listed under activities. When I did find the information it wasn’t accurate which I reported to guest services and it is evidentially up to the ship to keep updated. The chat function was persistently glitchy with some messages not appearing for everyone in our group or being very delayed and notifications were inconsistent. When it worked it was helpful, but hard to trust. This feels like an app that was lead by the UX designers with very little input from the product or engineering orgs. For something this central to their guest’s experience it was very disappointing and I felt a step backwards from publishing the hard copy Cruise Compasses of the past. Tip: if your ship keeps the same time zone as your departure port be sure to turn off automatic updates of time zones under General -> Date & Time -> Automatic Updates. This will save you a LOT of confusion and/or missed appointments with your phone being out of sync with ship time. Disappointing that this isn’t communicated more clearly or better yet suggested by an app notification.
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4 months ago, DonJPagel
Needs lots of work for using on a cruise
I’m a bit shocked that this app has a 4.8. There is so much that needs help to make it a valuable app during a cruise. You use the app to take your safety briefing but it’s difficult to find the safety videos and even the email you get asking you to view the videos doesn’t take you to the videos. The chat feature is “ok” but doesn’t allow for emojis responses. Also, the chat doesn’t work when you are ashore, so you can’t communicate with your group during excursions. Yes, I had cell and data turned on. Creating your cruise calendar doesn’t allow you to invite others and you can’t create a custom appointment for say a family meeting. But, heaven forbid that you take a screenshot of a heavily watermarked pro photo before you bought it! You get a nasty warning on that! I’ve never seen that, ever! If they can figure that out, why not make the app better for your customers.
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1 year ago, dont work ever
Considering changing cruise line
This ship is too big to have the problem with short staff. The windjammer and all the food venue that come with the cruise needs major improvements with services time which changed everyday. I have been cruising with you for 20 years and this cruise was by far the worst .Can RCCL go more places other then the Caribbean or coco cay. Find new routes to travel from American we need new ports to leave from Florida is not the only one. The one you have been able to get right is the Check in process, now that moves way more smoothly then the pass, but some the specialty restaurants needs major improvement, so are too large , so food just don’t fit the venue, but I will give the Service in them great point, just need enough body to make getting your meals a little faster, because you are loosing the value of the service you use to have, thing really need to be looked at and changed, If other cruise line can do you should of doing it also .
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6 years ago, NoeCano
Allure Trip
Family vacations is always fun but this ship was amazing. The dinner staff I have to mention because from the over 20 cruises that I’ve been on , hands down, I’ve never treated above and beyond from day one. Marlon was our waiter and Francisco was our waiter manager. We had so much fun with them, great attitude and unbelievable service. Throughout the ship it’s not hit or miss on the service, everyone working is engaged and ready to help with anything . The only issue was at nextcruise trying to book our next cruise! The lady manager kept rushing the nice gentleman who was trying to help. She was horrible. We wanted to save on some of the promotions but didn’t get to because she told him we had passed the allowed time and he had other appointments to take care of. Mind you, we were trying to book 8 cabins .. but overall this ship is hands down amazing.
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10 months ago, TLCS2
My phone isn’t able to tell me I have a message on the app
I love the app! It’s great for keeping track of expenses, seeing your reservations and excursions, planning things to do onboard, and check in. Oh, and wow a safety briefing on the app instead of standing out on the deck shoulder to shoulder waiting for that last couple to get to their muster station, awesome. I just wish you didn’t have to keep checking the app over and over to see if someone in your your party has left a message. I’m not on a cruise to have my phone in my hand constantly, unless I’m using it as a camera or a book. Is there a way to have the app tell my phone to make a noise or vibrate when someone sends a message? For us marker boards on the cabin doors are just as quick as the app for for communication.
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1 year ago, What guarantee?
Poor customer service
I booked a trip two days ago. Within my 48 hours. The price dropped. I called got put on hold by four different people. I told finally when I ask to speak to someone that it’s a going going going price and it doesn’t qualify for a price adjustment when the gentleman tried to offer me some chocolate covered strawberries and I said that’s OK. He said that the from what I just gave you is off the table like you just gave me nothing sir I’ve never been treated so bad and I’ve been cruising for quite a while because of the good customer service. This is my first time on royal Caribbean and I believe this will be my last. I haven’t even had my cruise and I’m already getting treated bad and now I’m waiting for and he tells me it’s going to be 24 to 48 hours. Go figure of course they don’t have any available management. That’s what I get for trying something new. I work in customer service. At least on carnival you don’t have to ask for anybody. They take care of you. They call and make sure you’re good.
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5 months ago, Beyondheaven
Happy Customer!
I would like to express how grateful and appreciative I am for how hard your staff in every area of the ship worked to make me and others happy on our vacation. My stay with you was wonderful, and I would definitely visit Royal Caribbean again, and would recommend you to my family and friends. This time it was about twenty-five of us traveling together. I can’t stop talking about your waiters and other severs in dining room and buffet rooms of the ship. I’m saying their smiles and willingness to serve you and to make sure you’re happy is unbelievable. I met so very nice people and asking them about themselves and their families made it very personal. And I will never forget them. I loved being on your beautiful ship. Looking forward to the next time. Army Burks
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12 months ago, Amylovespizza95
Needs updates and modernization
I appreciate RCCL’s effort to go digital and reduce paper waste. This app in its current state is ok, no updates since we used in on our summer 2022 cruise. If RCCL is committed to going green, they would benefit from onboard Hackathons to engage guests, hear direct feedback from customers and have guests try to address issues with the digital communications. They should start with app improvements including: 1/ Link the app to the digital cruise compass 2/ Add filters to allow the customer to see what restaurants or shows are sold out. For example, on this ship, the North Star viewing is sold out for every day and time. But we had to click on each individual session to see if it’s available. That’s Atleast 20 different sessions that required us to manually click on them. 3/ Add ability to customize “My calendar” by typing notes and reminders. For example when meeting family and friends, it would be great to add notes and reminders
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2 weeks ago, Long 9408
Confusing using the RC app!
Have used the RC app in past years. But never have had the problems I have this time First, have had a VERY frustrating time, trying to sign in. When I was allowed in, I couldn’t move around the app. I was stuck on the calendar When trying to sign in, I was asked for my first pet’s name. When my answer ( the correct name) wasn’t the same as what you had on record. I was refused entry. I tried many times with the same answer and with the same result. No offer of help. I called a number and got the response that they would get back to me. The response I received was an email asking me to try to sign in again. When I did, it did not ask me for the pets name, but it would only allow me to see the calendar. Of course I have nothing on the calendar so that was useless. My next attempt will be to call one of the consultants that Royal Caribbean has and see if they can help me get all the information that I need to put in before we sell on July 13. So disappointing!
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1 year ago, vanessa c123
No Notifications Outside of App
Great app besides the fact that message notifications do not appear on the users lock screen or drop down tab when someone messages you. In order to see if you received a message, the user must go into the app and click into messages, where you can see if a user is online (which is helpful). One time during my cruise I did not know where my sister was, therefore I messaged her, but since she doesn’t receive any message notification unless she goes into the app, she did not see my message until 3 hours later when she checked the app (she was doing an activity and eating onboard). This can be frustrating when you want to engage in conversation quickly with a friend or family member. Carnival cruise line has the notification alert set correctly. I hope the software development team can surface this feature soon :)
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6 years ago, KTWende
Functional, But Missing Some Things
The app itself works fine, aside from the chat going down on occasion. I’m giving three stars because I felt it was missing some obvious features. It would have been nice if you could receive notifications when someone sends you a message over chat. I missed several messages because I didn’t keep this app up at all times, which seems to be the only way to know if you have a new message. Makes it hard to communicate with friends and family on board. The other things I would have expected this app to have would have been a way to add activities to your own schedule (like the guidebook app). It would be nice to be able to scroll through the things I specifically was interested in for the day and get notifications about 15 minutes before to remind me. The information provided for the debarkation process also seemed a little sparse.
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6 years ago, JulesJuliaJulJul
An OK App
Pretty limited information from what I was expecting. I was hoping to see some cruise compass/itinerary information for past, current or upcoming trips for the ship I will be sailing on. Since my reservation is entered into the App for Harmony of the Seas, it is not allowing me to simulate for Harmony of the Seas. I am able to view information for the Oasis, Allure, Enchantment, Serenade & Symphony of the Seas but not Harmony of the Seas. It would be nice to be able to see event possibilities on the ship you will be taking. It would be great to be able to look at a schedule of events for what is going on aboard the ship you will be taking later prior to arrival for your scheduled cruise. Just to get an idea of all the things to do. Understandable that each event may be different for each trip or not available at all. But being able to see some ideas, that would be awesome. Still an OK App. I was able to find a little bit of useful information.
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6 years ago, doughgirlmom
Making Some Changes
First I would like to mention about staterooms. Rooms are extremely small and not much storage space, I get it..... keep everything small do you can have more people on board. But too small! Secondly in the bathroom it would be great to have the liquid hand soap, not the bar soap. It would even be easier for the housekeeping team. Bar soap is messy. The balcony is very nice. Also for breakfast, change up the menu instead of the same ole stuff every single morning no matter where you ate, except Johnny Rockets. Or paid. Also more food choices. I’m sorry I’ve been on Carnival many times and they have the different foods. And they’re free! But I will say our evening dinner servers were the best. Ben Amor and Eddie. They made for a great dinner. But again different food choices, especially appetizers and desserts! If you ask me if I’d cruise with RC again? Maybe.......
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2 years ago, oldman14
Not Ready for Prime Time
A fair start but needs refinement. Too many minor issues to document here. An example: wife and I booked using same credit card; one cabin. Our separate apps will not consolidate our ship spending on the cruise. She was allocated some credits and expenses while I was allocated others. No way to merge the accounts into one. We, thus, have two accounts for each trip and we want one! Define user “accounts” better on the app. Our ship spending should be one consolidated number, not two separate and different numbers. Other examples: show where ship is at any given time; enable dinner and excursion reservations through the app; show comprehensive past RCC travel history for users; and many more. While not an app issue, since Celebrity and RC share a parent, merge the accounts into a single app and give customers cross credit for bookings on either. This app could be MUCH better and far more user friendly!
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2 years ago, bbuyack
Several critical things missing
This app becomes critical on the ship especially with kids. However it is missing the following: 1. Ability to text or message your kids. Kids 12 and under cannot create an account. RC is citing a US kids privacy law which is silly because kids can have accounts if parents consent and they limit interaction - they could revise it so parents can communicate with kids. Otherwise good luck communicating and finding kids under 12 on the ship. 2. Ability to call each other - in addition to the chat you should be able to call someone within the app. 3. Location - the app should know your location and allow you to share your location with your family. 4. Apple Watch Version! - this would be amazing if it worked with Apple Watch! All the features like Chat or room key could be awesome!
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