Royal Jordanian Airlines

2.4 (139)
344.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Royal Jordanian Airlines
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Royal Jordanian Airlines

2.42 out of 5
139 Ratings
1 month ago, MJAbuzer
Feedback for developer and CX
Really like the new UI the app has introduced, although some feature either do not work or got deactivated. I am not able to get my apple wallet boardings anymore for some reason. As well as I cannot add my Royal Club card to apple wallet, I see the icon, press on it, but no action is taken by the app. Would appreciate a fix. Also, when looking on my bookings I would really find amazing retrieve all my books as per my frequent flyer number.
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4 weeks ago, bdndiseosmxmnx
Working but…
The new update for the RJ app. Is okay but when your flight is open for check in alert doesn’t work and unable to send you notification ?!!!? You have to login to the app to do checkin Please fix Thanks
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5 years ago, lhogins
Can’t put Royal Club number in app
I already have a Royal Club number and I can’t add it to the app. A phone number is required and you have to choose a country. The United States is not an option on the phone portion. When you get down to putting in your address, it requires your state in the USA and it requires a city. There are only about 6 choices of cities for my state and no option to type it in. This field should not be a choice but a type in. There are too many cities in a state to have them all. I also can try to upgrade my seat. Nice to have an app for my flight that I booked already but not so useful otherwise.
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6 years ago, Frequent RJ Travelorer
Needs Imptovements
Although the app has improv d over time, it still needs significant improvements and to make it more user friendly. For example, all RJ reservations that are linked to an RJ Royal Plus number should be listed under reservations/booking. Currently, the app allow to search by reservation number and last name. Developer should look into update the app to make similar to other airlines apps such as United Airlines.
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1 year ago, usa fb
I do not recommend using the app or flying with them
Bad flight at all for long and short flights and very poor services. The application also does not work very often, and the application user does not have wide options. If the traveler wants to change the flight, he has to apply for a refund, and this procedure lasts for more than a month as well, in addition to deducting large fees from the value of the ticket, although the ticket is refundable. I do not advise anyone By using this flight, especially from America to Jordan or vice versa, the business class is also not worth any additional amount. Very poor services, only the seat is a bit wide
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1 year ago, htawafsha
Very bad app and very bad customer service don’t recommend to anyone
I am a royal club member when I tried to book my ticket last week I app suggested to hold my ticket for 3 days which I did and when I tried to confirm my ticket go blank page and did not let me book my ticket when I called customer service they told me you can book it but I have to pay extra $300. They give you an offer but they did not honor their offer. I feel I am dealing with little kids. Don’t recommend this airline at all. Every time I decide to give them another chance they screwed me up. I will never look into this airline again.
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9 years ago, Masfour
This is a joke!
The app does not work every time. It keeps on crashing. I am using iPhone 6 with iOS 8. As mentioned before, it's poorly designed, you can not log in, every time you have to enter the full info. When checking online, the app does not store your boarding pass to be used at the gate! The frequent flyer section is a exact copy of the website (rendered) no specifically designed for mobile devices. It's a shame, RJ came very very late with a iOS app and it turned out to be crap. I am a frequent flyer, with at least 50 trips a year and always prefer RJ and enjoy their service, but the App is disappointing.
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9 years ago, EAH_EH
Slowness issue
The best airlines at least for me:) Great and very useful application but it needs some enhancements as it crashed many times when i used it. This problem because there is a slowness issue when press on (book my flight) and when press (search). I hope you can fix it ASAP to make it one of the best airlines applications.
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6 months ago, Husam.AbuZaid
Doesn’t work most of the time
I’ve seen bad apps, I e seen good ones. But the level of carelessness and lack of interest of customer experience in this apple exceeded all my expectations. The application is simply outdated, like at least 5 years behind every other major airlines. The last update was a year ago. The application doesn’t work most of the time, causes my phone to crash or becomes jittery. Royal Jordanian needs to consider an update to their management.
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5 years ago, abo alseem123
Great app, but one problem I noticed.
Great app but it doesn’t allow me to write the whole phone number to be notified when the plane is loading. It gives a message that only 9 numbers are allowed, which the US numbers are always 10.
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2 months ago, Donkhair
Much better version
This app is much better than the previous, although it’s still little bit slow with loading info. Also adding personal card to Apple wallet doesn’t work
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9 years ago, Abu Celine
Good start, but needs more ...
Finally, a step ahead The app is good in design and functional, but You need to put yourself in the shoes of a client to make it easier to use; or, at least, have a look at other airlines apps and see what they have; for example: When I fill a date, and find that all is booked, you can easily add an arrow to take me to the following day to check flights instead of going back to re-enter all information including the city. The point is: PLEASE make it proper to use for clients. It is a good start, all you need now is to listen Good luck
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5 years ago, sallakh
Terrible App
The app is not dynamic like any other major airline app!! It’s really a shame. A simple thing as checking flight status either by flight number or route keeps yielding errors and a message “file not found”. Till this minute I cannot check flight status. Deleted the app and re installed it and still not working. What is so difficult about fixing this issue? Let alone having a proper app! Too bad.
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2 months ago, unsatisfied cliebt
Horrible application
I have never experienced such an incompetent work for an application as this…. It took me HOURS of trying to book a ticket and I have experienced all kinds of failures… you name it. And every time I was able to reach to the payment page, it would hang or keep spinning forever Bottoms line, it is a pathetic application and a disgrace to be in App Store and waste of time
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11 months ago, Muhannad Al Zayadi
I highly recommend
Thank you for everything. Nice and relaxing trip, greateful crew and great service. They really deserve five stars, I having flown with Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines. Note that all my flights are overseas
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7 years ago, Nader hilmi
System crashing
System crashes while signing in to personal information section Please solve
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4 years ago, Hanan Sultan
The new app is much better
The new application is much better & has the required features
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6 years ago, Whitelily112
Good but can be better
The app is really good. I just booked my ticket through it. It just needs a little improvement. Other than that it’s really user friendly.
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7 years ago, MahmoudHammouri
Thanks for the last update
After the last update, its faster & better. Great application till now :)
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2 years ago, Yaziha
Unfriendly app
Extremely unfriendly app, takes too much time to try to make a reservation. With prompt popping up to ask for repeat action again and again. Needs to be updated and more reliable. Had to delete the app.
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9 years ago, zCIO
Don't waist your time !
Buggy app works 1 out of 5 times , keeps crashing on iOS 8 the frequent flyer section is a joke (a rendering of the web version- not mobile friendly ) No login menu (you need to enter passenger details every time ) Whoever developed this app have no clue on how an airplane app should work ! التطبيق لا يعمل في معظم الأحيان. خاصة في جهاز أيفون ٥ + ٦
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1 year ago, EAbdeen
Keeps on crashing, and when it works, it takes about 60 seconds to load anything, no improvements or enhancements made and just low quality app
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7 years ago, Paper-Boy
Wallet integration please
Mobile check-in without wallet integration does not make much sense. It's 2017!
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3 years ago, alex90chicago
Worst airline ever
When you book with this airline you going to have a lot problem staring from the price to the process to the customer service ! Like you feel your lost with them ! I don’t recommend this airline!!
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4 years ago, XS-Gaya
Can it be any worse
I sometimes regret enrolling in the RJ Frequent flyer program, but their app has made me put aside my doubts and made this regret eternal. It freezes, logs you out, doesn’t login on one device while does on another... it is a true pain
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8 years ago, The Curser
Asks for personal info before allowing you to search unlike other airline apps? What if I am booking for a family member or friend? Feels like data collecting and selling apps. Does not give all options like the website?
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7 years ago, wtahabsem
Bad App
I was happy that finally there was a new update that I thought would bring this service somewhat up the ground. Unfortunately, once installed it crashed after I attempted to check my personal info!! RJ SHAPEUP, competition is killing you!
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7 years ago, Jessica Zakkak
Perfect app!
Great app. So useful and helpful! It's better than the old one!
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9 years ago, Tariqaa2001
Edit booking doesn't work
What is the point of the app if editing the booking doesn't work, i write the number and the last name, press submit and nothing happens (tried on 7 reservations)
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5 months ago, shareef777
Absolute trash of an app
I’ve been trying to check-in for an hour and it simply doesn’t work!
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3 years ago, Shadi2222
No support for US phone number/no booking
US phone numbers do not the US listed as a country when attempting to add royal membership. Also getting usr/url errors when attempting to book online.
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9 years ago, Sam.Amir
Great App
I find this app very useful to my use in booking flights. Thankyou Rj :))
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2 months ago, Laith 91
This app is TRASH
I have booked each time and I go through the steps then it says booking too soon or app errors! Just shut it down.
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8 years ago, Kamakiri1
Poor usability
Unfortunately this app really disappoints. The menus are unfriendly and you need to enter so many pieces of information to identify a booking. Typically only pnr and user id should be enough. Also app does not keep passenger information stored.
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2 years ago, ak araideh
Worst Airline ever
Worst airlines ever .. I don’t recommend anybody to travel with RJ No service, no Respect and if you have few Kg of weight they rib you off … truly disgusting The rating of the food they serve you is below zero jfk - Amman
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9 years ago, Azab.M
Best airline app
Finally downloaded one of the best airlines app ever. Very sufficient and useful
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1 year ago, oceans traveler
Please make your app accessible to voiceover users.
Please make an effort to make your app accessible to blind people who use voiceover on the iPhone, it is not hard to do.
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7 years ago, hashme1
New design .... booooo
System crashes immediately anytime you change home page Personal information tab inaccessible!!!! Lousy version
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9 years ago, Baker alfarajat
Good application, but you need to make it easer to navigate.
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7 years ago, Hamuchi
Poor app
Needs lots of improvements
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6 years ago, Bigdaddy3313
It keeps crashing
It does not work keeps crashing needs a lot of updating
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3 years ago, Badawii
The app needs more development. Can’t reset password Can’t accept your already issued FFN Slow It’s really say to see cutting corners even in apps??
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7 years ago, Argeilah
Couldn't even start searching for flights , clearly zero QA. This is not rocket science . Take an extra 20 min and test your work!!
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3 months ago, Fix autosave
Absolute trash. Very noisy disorganised with no respectful costumer service and recently it is getting more expensive
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3 years ago, hagstrj
Bad user design
The app is very bad on the UI UX. It’s worth looking at other apps and get some idea how to improve it.
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8 years ago, Fadi Amawi
After update to 9.3 it's not working at all
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4 years ago, Bahaa Awad
App issue
I am not sure till when we will see the message “it is taking longer than the usual, hang on” This message should say “it’s taking longer LIKE usual, stop using the app” Why? Fix your app please!
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2 years ago, Alighaith
Very bad
The worst flight ever
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3 years ago, Ghalia Hammouri
Great application
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9 years ago, Person12342
Stupid app
Doesn't work. Nothing surprising here.
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