Rue La La - Shop Top Fashion

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Rue La La
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12 months ago
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User Reviews for Rue La La - Shop Top Fashion

4.86 out of 5
124.6K Ratings
7 years ago, Jg432222
Rue la LOVE IT
I usually buy online directly from the company or vendor but then I found Rue La La. Sometimes it may be kitchen gadgets, then a few hours later shoes, but there is always something new on Rue la la with a FABULOUS price. I also adore the client services department. If you have any problems, questions, changes, returns, whatever they will be there to help you. Also, they try and keep you with the SAME customer service person you usually work with. It's like having a friend there to help you whenever you have a problem, question, etc. It's a VERY comforting feeling to know he's going to answer the phone when I call. You do have to be careful about sizing for clothes. Some of the brands are new for me and their sizes run differently. Rue la la usually has a size chart available with the measurements but I have placed orders that were WAY to small or big for me. So I typically avoid the clothes brands I'm not familiar with. Even though Rue la la would take them back I end up giving them away instead. I always do the one time shipping for the year too. It can be anywhere from $30-$60 depending on when you find it but it is totally worth it! I could go on and on but you could be shopping instead. 😘;) Happy Hunting and may you RUE La Love it too!
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5 years ago, Little Miss Di
What I Like About Shopping At “Rue La La”
The reason that I like shopping at (Rue La La), is the beautiful fashions, handbags, shoes and household items and the excellent prices that the company has on all their items from fashions, handbags, shoes and household items. An, I also like that the company offers their customers that shopping on online the opportunities to places the items that you want and find to place them in the (bag), to hold for a while to give their customers the opportunity to come back late to purchases the items that you find and want until you get the money to purchases your items that you find and want for yourself. I really think that’s a good idea that the company came up with for their customers. An, I would like to take the time to say (thank you), to the company for making it convenes for customers like me the opportunity to get the beautiful items that you find to come back later when you get the money to purchase your items when you get paid. Thanks Again!!! Sincerely, D.L.B..
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2 years ago, Dare_K
Worst Customer Service
A few years ago, I had an issue with not receiving a package from Rue La La, in the tracking it said the package was damaged and would not be delivered, contact customer service to resolve the issue. So I contacted customer service and dealt with the least friendly person I ever encountered, told me that the tracking still said it was on its way. I told them to expand the tracking and read what I read, they did then said oh, well we have to wait 6 weeks to credit you. After being a loyal Rue La La customer for years, I was so frustrated, I stopped shopping with them. Over the years I started ordering occasionally. But never again, I just placed an order fro their deal of the day and received a rocking chair that did not fit together, contacted customer service they offered to send me a label to send back, then they would credit me. I explained that I wasn’t looking for a credit, I wanted the item and would like the correct pieces to be sent. The arrangements for a replacement item that came damaged and had the same pieces that still didn’t fit. I’ve contacted customer serve 2 X in the last week and have yet to hear from them. Deleting the App and will never shop from them again.
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6 years ago, A. Gabrielle promised of God
❤️ Rue LaLa 👓🎒👠👗
I love the rule Lah-Lah app. It keeps me posted on upcoming events so that I don’t have to miss out on anything! Whether it be a one hour sale, a 16 hour sale-I never have to miss it because of the Rue Lala app! I think it’s great and I think the Rue La La site itself is great. I’m able to buy nice things at an affordable price. Oh, and I must not forget to mention the free shipping after you pay shipping once. I’m able to have free shipping for 30 days after paying for shipping once which you don’t have with other retailers and other sites. And I’m also offered the option of choosing to have unlimited free shipping for one set fee as well. This is also great! I plan on being a loyal customer to Rue Lala because I have never been disappointed with any item I received. Thanks Rue LaLa. You get five stars from me.
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6 years ago, Sm1200
mixed results with Rue La La
I’ve had some great purchases with Rue La La, but they also really mess up sometimes. For example, I just received a coat with an ink tag still attached and their only response is that they will allow a return, but they can’t remove it. What a pain. As if it doesn’t consume my time. On another occasion, their website made an error and sold me two of something and the item was final sale. They did accept a return but only after accusing me of an error even though it was clearly a web error. On another occasion, a shirt I ordered that appeared white in a photo was light pink. I returned it with a complaint that they needed to update the description, and then they kept emailing me asking me to purchase the item again without updating the color on the description. So someone else probably dealt with an avoidable error. They’ve also sold me things they didn’t actually turn out to have in stock. At least they are good about returns. Just realize that you are gambling a bit and can be inconvenienced, but they have never ripped me off. I wish they would pull it together though. They clearly have some major organizational issues.
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7 years ago, Miishell
Filter and app selection
Why is it that you can filter by men and women in adult clothes, shoes, watches etc but when it comes to kids you can’t filter boys and girls??? There are by far more girls than boys clothes and shoes which is fine, stores are the same way but they have separate boy and girl departments. With two boys I have zero interest in scrolling through the tutus, dresses, pink, purple etc. GIVE ME BOY/GIRL FILTERS! Another thing I found that is insanely frustrating. There were some shoes I saw that I wanted a while back but I didn’t snag them by the time the sale was up so I missed them. I’ve had my eyes peeled for them ever since and never saw them come back. Even searched for them. I gave up and googled them today. Found them and they were on the Rue la la site!?!?!? I did a more specific search on the app and still couldn’t find them. Logged in on the website, added them to my bag, went back to my app and they were in my bag. Why doesn’t your app have everything your website does?!?!?! This is SO frustrating! FIX IT!!! You would sell more of your app had everything your website does. Why would you do this???
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3 years ago, Sismylf
Worst Customer Service
I have been trying to order an item for Christmas. Since I won’t be at my home address for Christmas I had it shipped to the address I will be. The order keeps on getting cancelled because my shipping does not match my billing address. Contacted customer service and they said there’s nothing they can do. They give “suggestions” but they cannot override the system. They either can’t place an order for you. Don’t understand at all what kind of customer service cannot place an order or fix a system issue with shipping address? They said the system will see it as a high risk purchase… what? So if I’m trying to send a gift I can’t because my billing and shipping does not match? Makes no sense whatsoever. So in order for me to place the order o have to pay the rush shipping to get before me leaving to my vacation address. Honestly, for such a great place to purchase luxury items, customized service needs to be improved.
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2 years ago, farahtout
A loyal member for 7 years
Rue Lala has changed a lot to lower customer service. I canceled my membership after 7 years being a member. First of all the quality and value of the merchandise is not as it was before. The merchandise is available on line with the same price if you look for them( sometimes even for lower price) There are not many good quality with good prices anymore. And they charge annual fee of 50 dollars that I didn’t see any value paying it. I canceled today after talking to several supervisors and realized that rue Lala has changes to lower their quality of the customer service too.
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5 years ago, C47bntf
Cancelled my order twice with no explanation or compensation!
I used to be an avid RueLaLa purchaser. Then I started traveling overseas and did not want the wait to see my orders arrive until I returned to the States. I loved what they offered and was sad to quit ordering from them. Fast forward a couple of years, I was so excited to see RueLaLa’s updated app and I ordered from them immediately as I am back in the US. They cancelled my first order with this email: “Dear Member, We wanted to get in touch with you regarding your recent order. We're sorry to tell you that the merchandise you ordered is no longer available.” What? Really? I purchased this item as a birthday gift and I had to scramble to find another present. I contacted customer service and asked if I could extend my free shipping another 30 days. They said yes but I never received the shipping credit. When I asked again, I apparently couldn’t get the same customer service agent and they had no idea what I was referring to. I let it go. Mistakes happen. I ordered again putting my poor customer service experience behind me. I purchased on July, August 6th, 2019, I received the exact same email as above. Again-NO EXPLANATION OR COMPENSATION OFFERED. 13 days after I ordered, it hadn’t left the warehouse...because they have poor inventory or relationships with their vendors. As a reference, my first order that was cancelled was on April 25, 2019. So disappointed in you RueLaLa!
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2 years ago, OGsince82
Bad customer service plus missing accessories to products
I’ve usually had a good experience with Rue la la. But this time I did not. I ordered a Gucci belt and it didn’t come with a dust bag. I chatted with customer service rep Natori on 4/17/2 at about 10am EST. I told the rep the dust bag was missing and explained that I ordered belts from them or their affiliates, and it always included the dust bag. The rep pretty much said there wasn’t anything they can do for me and that listing would state that if it would have a dust bag. But this is false because I received a belt from them in the past, listing didn’t say anything about a dust bag, but I still received one. So that there is inconsistent. At this point I’m not too upset about the missing bag, but more upset they didn’t do anything to make it right and pretty much gave me any excuse to justify their mistake. If you choose to buy from Rue la la, just know you may not get everything that should me included with the item you bought.
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2 years ago, bluecrayonofwax
Nightmare shipping
You can let them know within 15 min there was an error in shipping. When I used PayPal it shifted my address to an old address that I had never used with the app before and when I informed the company they legitimately suggested I drive back to my old address and try to intercept the package or pay for mail forwarding. I attempted mail forwarding but it needed a week to go through so this also wouldn’t work. Then I was told I couldn’t cancel. I was also told if they didn’t get the package magically returned then I was still liable for the charges. When I told them the company was poorly run my account was blocked but they still removed the money form my American Express while being made fully aware it is not going to my home and now I can’t even initiate a return on the clothes that arrived from my last order that was doubled accidentally.
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2 years ago, LittleTmiz
Great shopping experience!
I really like this app — maybe a little too much! haha. No, but for real. Every time I look, I see something appealing. I’ve gotten so many memorable pieces that really felt like “me,” and get so much value from them, even though I’ve paid less than retail. It’s not “discount” as in “cheap.” Every item is very high quality, and really stands the test of time, in my experience. It just makes you feel like you are getting that much more out of it. I’ve been a RueLaLa member for over 10 years! So the least I can do is write a nice review : )
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12 months ago, Fix Jewel app
Difficult to check out
I had the most difficult time checking out. I was trying to change my credit card because the ones that you have on file no longer exist but I was not able to delete them and I had a really hard time adding the new one. Then I had a really hard time putting a different shipping address in, so I gave up. I called in for help I couldn’t get help from customer service because they didn’t know what to do. Finally, I logged in a little bit later and was able to make my purchase. I shouldn’t have to work so hard and spend so much time to give you business.
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2 months ago, AllSaints36
Unreliable and bad customer policies
Recently ordered two items to be delivered by 5/17. The items have not moved since 5/16 with no update as to when they will be delivered. The ETA still shows as 5/17 which, as of this writing, is four days ago. I contacted customer service and I have to wait until 5/27 to reach back out in case the shipper is able to deliver. I understand waiting a few days but more than a week is insane. In the meantime, they have charged my card almost $300 and I have to then contact them again, wait days for a response, to possibly get a refund. They’ve partnered with a terrible shipping co and now it seems a lot of customers are dealing with the lowest bidder repercussion. I’ve shopped many times in the past but this is my last time considering their lack of respect for the end user.
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3 years ago, hollymccool
Absolutely love
Who doesn’tWant a discount and I find that Ruehle really has the best discounts since I actually looked up most of the things that I wanted on other sites thinking that maybe they would be cheaper and yet I was wrong because this site is no doubt the best sales for its product I’m so happy I found this site I’m so happy that there are so many different items to choose from I always feel like I’m Christmas shopping but yet for myself when I go shopping on this site I’m in love and I became a member because I love it so much
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6 years ago, Hayley127
Love Rue but shipping has slowed
I have made many wonderful purchases with Rue La La for years now. The items are not a bait and switch, what you see is what you get 100% of the time. The value for many items is extraordinary! However, it’s worth three stars for using FedEx Smartpost which is an archaic method of shipping. Why make your shoppers wait an unnecessary amount of time when standard ground is so much more efficient? Maybe the price we pay for a month of free shipping with a purchase? I’d rather pay for shipping each time than deal with Smartpost. Otherwise, it’s well worth it - Rue La La is a better quality Off 5th or Nordstrom Rack minus the brick and mortar. You will love it! Just expect to wait for your fantastic finds!
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2 years ago, Anna7826
Photoshop weirdness
The app is cool but someone on their photoshop/marketing team thinks all women should have added holes in their abdomens. I really wish there was a way to upload photos to this review because I realize i sound like an unhinged loser but seriously…in almost every bikini photo they photoshop/add these crazy weird holes on the models which I think are meant to look like muscle lines and honestly but they don’t - they look like holes - and I don’t even know why it’s so upsetting they aren’t making the women look skinnier it’s just like…why? Who is sitting in a room and is like… “wait don’t publish this listing until we add an extra abdomen hole on her”. This feels like really important feedback to share publicly. K thanks.
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5 years ago, Ksoderberg34
Miserable experience
I found the interface to be clunky. I hate that you have to create an account just to see what they offer, the discounts are lame and so is the selection, everything says “last one left”. A coach purse with $15 off is not my idea of a deal. Clearly others do not share my opinion and I am glad they enjoy this site. I am not picky, but I know how to shop and I know a good deal in my sleep (because I am cheap, but within reason). This felt gimmicky but to each their own. I had to send an email to cancel my account which will take ten days. Again, feels clunky. I hate reviewing things, bad reviews always read so entitled and annoying. That my experience brought me to this low place makes me hate them more. Yes, its obnoxious and I absolutely do not care.
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7 years ago, Orchidgirl101
My Favorite!
I have been a customer of Rue La La for a very long time. I have watched the company grow over the years but one thing has remained the same from the very start and that is their superior customer service! I am never disappointed when I check to see which boutiques are "on" that day. Because of Rue La La, I have a wardrobe that I am proud of, a home that is more beautiful and gift giving is so incredibly easy! I was thrilled today when I made my purchase and the shipping was FREE!!!!!!!! It can't get much better than that!
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4 years ago, Cindy's Ipad
Mostly Fab
I love this site and I love their products but not happy with a gift I ordered for Halloween gift . Food item arrived broken and undesirable in 2 orders asked for a refund as they said they could NOT resend it I was told broken items need to sent back . Nothing like going to someone you sent a gift to saying can I have it back to get a store credit from Rue La La I felt like customer service could care less for a $70 Apple basket .....Mrs Prindibles will not order from you as a vendor and not sure I will order from Rue LA LA again based on this customer service which was horrible for these high quality products and vendors !!! Didn’t want cash wanted a store credit !!
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7 years ago, Collector's addiction
My Favorite Shopping Spot!!
Rue La La takes me magic-in -wonderland style through page after page of enticing goodies to add to my closet, my jewelry box, and my home! I have discovered so many new designers on Rue La La that my list of favorites has more than doubled! Great buys, lots of choices, flash sales, price point diversity (that Saturday afternoon fall hoody or that Sunday afternoon garden party dress), and an easy to use app makes for fun and simple shopping. I highly recommend the Rue La La app - you’ll be telling your friends all about about and show what a pro shopper you are!
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6 years ago, Queen Doreen
Favorite Website
Whenever I want a great gift , I go on the RueLaLa website and find something great, for a fantastic price. Something different that regular stores do not have. People love these and ask “ where did you get this? “ Their merchandise is often designer or brands we all know and love that tend to be “pricey”. However, it is offered on this site for much more reasonable cost. I have never been disappointed with items I have purchased here.
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3 years ago, 😂😂☺️☺️❤️
I was introduced to this app via Instagram. I'm annoyed because I was under the impression of you advertise on Instagram I should be able to see your website and what you're offering. Instead I'm prompted to make an account (which I will be deleting) and then guess what? I still can't look because it redirects me to the App Store. I left the Instagram app and tried on safari and still to no available. I figure I've already created an account now I might as well look; As it turns out I was not interested in the current merchandise available after all. But now I feel as though I've wasted my time and led Instagram's algorithms into believing I was interested in something I couldn't even see. Ridiculous.
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5 years ago, Never been so annoyed
Work to shop here due to poor programming
You have to filter and tap all of your sizes you want to see for every section. Then sometimes within that section say named Steals Under $50 you have to click on each subsection brand and then again filter for your size. Why they don’t give you the option to apply save my size is beyond reason. There’s a lot of sites I shop daily-weekly and this takes the most work so I do it last and oftentimes don’t get through all I’d like to see because it’s annoyingly work.
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1 year ago, Mbf123456789
Buyer Beware
I purchased a suitcase for upcoming travel. Upon using the handle to pick the suitcase up, the handle broke away from the suitcase. The screws were stripped and it could not be reattached. The case was not overloaded, in fact, it was nowhere near its capacity. This was the first and only time the item was used. Rue La La refused to return or replace the item. They stated that they do not offer any relief for ANY defective items on their website if it’s been used. It was an expensive suitcase and now it’s unusable without a handle. BUYERS BEWARE of a company that doesn’t stand by any of their products sold on its website. I was a long standing customer and as a result, I will never purchase anything from Rue La La again.
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2 months ago, delilah07
I started purchasing from Rue La and Gilt and some others way before Covid. I had a business I had children and I really did not have the time to shop per se. in the beginning, Most of these online shopping services offered really nice merchandise at discounted prices and that was absolutely fine, and if you didn’t receive it in shipping, they automatically credited your account. There were no big arguments. The reps were cordial. All this has changed tremendously and now your selections are expensive and in my opinion nothing really special. It’s a big non too beneficial change.
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6 months ago, ufanata
Customer service
Not only site made the way that you can accidentally press the “ buy” button but it’s absolutely impossible to cancel the order . I immediately send the email with request to cancel accidental order and call the customer service right after they opened at 9 am but answer was “ your order is packed and not able to cancel it”. Feels like a fraud
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6 years ago, Kelloggsf
I have about had it with this app recently. I’m ordering items with NO ISSUES AT ALL and weeks later when the payment and shipping supposedly go through, my orders are randomly being canceled - for which rue la la staff have no explanation for! Are the items not available? Well why was I able to place my order with no issues?! I had no issues with my payment at time of purchase, so why now weeks later might there be an issue? I am getting so mad that I’m not receiving items I’m ordering and for no reason! I WANT MY ITEMS! Don’t put up an item on your app if it’s not actually available!!!!
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6 years ago, dolores carney ,Dee
Review re:rue la la
I love this ap but unfortunately most of the fashion is out of my price rang ,but I enjoy scrolling and look at the wonderful fashion you display your ap is a class act I spread the word to my high fashion girlfriends ,so keep up the good work ,also I never have trouble getting in to the ap it’s always easy I love that ,I visit your sight at least 2times a day waiting. For my big sale item ,so I thank you for your excellent fashion show Sincerely DOLORES CARNEY
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5 years ago, Awesomerhkkkj
The update is awful
There’s so much going on in this app now it’s so distracting I can’t even enjoy the experience anymore. On a more important note, WHERE DID THE COMING SOON TAB GO?!?! I’m not going to scroll through every boutique (speaking of which are no longer listed by most recent?!) just to find out what’s going on now. I don’t want a million notifications for sales I’m not interested in. I much preferred being able to see what’s coming up and add it to my calendar. I don’t need another fashion blog, the old app experience was perfect if you ask me. The new one is awful and makes me not want to use ruelala anymore.
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5 years ago, Staarblaze
Filter feature
I miss the filter by lowest to highest price feature that was removed about a year ago. In addition, it’s exhausting to search sometimes because items are sectioned ( I.e, red dresses/ black dresses/multi color dresses... I rather all on one section and i filter x size as I like fast shopping grab and go as I love all dresses. Sometimes I log off from exhaustion. I like the search feature so I can pop in my fave brand.
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6 years ago, Cohan dogan
Thank you Rue LaLa!
Rue Lala is a wonderful shopping experience. There is always something new and exciting with prices that are out of this world! This has changed the way I shop. I find myself looking in Rue Lala first before I shop anywhere else. They also have a world class customer service. Their knowledgeable staff is there help with questions, orders, returns, etc. It truly is an exceptional shopping experience. Thank you Rue LaLa!
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5 years ago, Ankonika
I have to thank to Ruelala for their seriousness toward the merchandise shipment. I have red a lot of bad reviews about the site from different people and I have to recognize that I got anxious about my orders. At the end , I have to say it , that I got all the items I had ordered and they look amazing. They are just like the pictures posted on the site and the quality is very good. Thank you again and keep it up.
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7 years ago, Food empress
Rue La La is the best !
I am an avid shopper of great products at great prices. Rue La La has never let me down. From kids' items to cashmere to designer jewelry to luxe handbags, I have been very satisfied. Only once did I need to return an item and I was able to spend the refund on something else. The only thing I'd like is a search function for when I'm looking for something specific. Not enough for me to take away the 5*****'s.
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2 years ago, Ppk kelly
trust this site to give me the best information is to the items I’m looking for at the very best price! Time and time again I have purchased things Lyst has found for me when the item has come on sale And I was able to make the purchase at a good price! Fabulous site keep up I highly recommend to everyone!!!
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7 years ago, Blues Sister
It works!!!
After wasting an hour-combined!- my husband and I were about to give up on ordering. Then the banner for the app popped up and, after an incredibly quick download, the items were found and the order placed. Now, this is only the first experience. I will be checking back after a few more orders to see if everything continues to be so peachy dandy.
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3 years ago, Speak god
All items are a fantastic deal
All items are a fantastic deal… I love getting quality for less👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Rue La La is aReputable site that has authentic high end stuff for less. Even dealing with customer service has always been a pleasure. Dear representatives are respectful, knowledgeable, and helpful. I have nothing bad to say;and if I could give them 10 stars I would.❤️
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5 years ago, SallyIvo
My main source of shopping since they opened
I can not image what it is like to go to a shopping mall or department store!! I have used this site (first for clothes, then bedding and towels and now for just about anything I need) since they first opened. The variety and quality is awesome and the Customer Service can not be beaten. Thank you Rue La La for making my life so easy!!
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6 years ago, Misslee4jc
What finds !
I was in a long search for a specific bag and color from longchamps , without having to pay full price . I saw it on a lady while visiting Australia. She said she paid half price on AU Groupon ! My acct was from USA, so I couldn’t access it . My friend said try this site . After weeks of trying !! There it was the right size and color I wanted . Last one !! I saved over $100 ..
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3 years ago, Reyna ng Tahanan
My review of Rue La La
I like almost all the products shown online. They are in good taste, classy and has lots of choices. The best thing I found out at Rue La La is their beauty products, hair care. It works wonder. the prices are reasonable especially if you happen to like products on sale or clearance. I enjoy looking at them and end up buying which I can’t resist. I am getting hooked on with Rue La La.
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7 years ago, Mimiritalynn
My Favorite Site!
Have been shopping Rue for a long time. Excellent quality merchandise at great prices! Even when I don't need a thing, I love browsing on Rue.... I do have a problem or two, when I order nice earrings, they are never shown on a person, or a mannequin. It would really be helpful to see the earrings this way! Also almost never are there any New Balance shoes in wide widths...
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3 years ago, Oshungbemi
Poor delivery
I just knew it was too good to be true!!! I brought about $2,000 for six items for my daughter’s birthday on the 15th of December and only one arrived although all items showed a delivered status. Now my apartment building has secured drop boxes for all residents, my item was not inside the package drop box. I’ve only received one item and when I complained to their customer service department I got a big fat nothing burger never ordering anything from this site again until my issue get resolved And these words will be posted as a review
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3 years ago, ZombieB4coffee
So far,so good
I have ordered probably half a dozen times now since Christmas with zero problems. Orders always arrive about a week and a half after placement and everything has been as expected. I love that shipping is free for the next month after every order. My only complaint is that when filtering clothing by size, sometimes items shown are not actually available in my size.
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6 years ago, Ag0047
Works great!
I have given RueLaLa way too much money in the last several years. Phone, desktop, laptop and tablet all allow me to browse and buy seamlessly. I wish the search function was more robust, way too many email notifications, and sale items aren’t really that much less than normally discounted, but I love the Rue on a daily basis.
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7 years ago, Minigirl63
Shopping Happiness
I love this App,everything that anyone could possible want is here daily. What I like is the variety of items and prices and if you purchase a item you get free shipping for so many days or a month. When you receive your items they are taken care of as the shippers are purchasing there selves.
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3 months ago, Kpmiezelis
Hate the last update. Bring back BUY NOW button
Honestly I love buying stuff from Rue La La. BUT in one of the last updates, they took away the BUY NOW option. Most items, almost all, have to be added to the shopping bag. There is no option to make a list of favorites or things you are considering on buying and now that the option to BUY NOW is gone, it’s ridiculously tedious to remove most things from your cart every time you want to buy a few pieces.
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1 year ago, wverynameistaken
Like the deals, BUT hate that I can’t save my favorites. I’m someone who likes to look at all items and purchase large amounts at one time. I want to be able to save what I want and go through them and choose what I want before I purchase. I also want to be able to go back and easily buy more the next day and not have to search again through thousands of products.
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7 years ago, Sparkl8r
Way too easy...
... to spend money quickly. Love being able to filter by size (although the filters are sometimes missing or incomplete) and to hide the sold out items. Don't like a lack of photos on some things, e.g., for handbags, I'd rather have a picture of the inside than a mockup of how the bag hangs on a shadow body. Overall, though, a seamless buying experience and good customer service.
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5 years ago, Rumora has it
Best shopping website hands down
Fabulous shopping site, my favorite. I spent 10+ years as a retail buyer, now in sales with little time for shopping but know I can still keep up with the latest fashion trends. I love that I can jump on my phone, find what I'm looking for at a awesome price and have it land at my front door in less than a week! Bravo Rue LaLa!
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6 months ago, alhendulilah
Easy Shopping
I have been a customer of Rulala for almost 10 years & absolutely love it . Not only it’s easy to shop from your fingertips on your iPhone, but great prices . Even the returns are easy . Ever since I started shopping at Rulala and partner “ Gilt” , I stopped going to actual stores or mall . I save time , money , and love it . Marita Haq
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