RV LIFE - RV GPS & Campgrounds

4.6 (31.6K)
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Social Knowledge, LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for RV LIFE - RV GPS & Campgrounds

4.64 out of 5
31.6K Ratings
2 years ago, rambling hokie
New user
The app/planning tool has a lot of nice features. Currently, I am planning a 30 day road trip and find it very helpful. I like that I can use the web based tool on my PC and the App on my iPad and iPhone. It’s very versatile. The mapping/route planning feature gives us assurance that the roads are safe for our 40’ motor home. And, the research options make it easy to find campgrounds, points of interest, restaurants, etc. I particularly like that it shows where the campgrounds are on the map. I think it would be helpful if they color coded the campgrounds based on ratings. The calculations of mileage, time, and expense are also helpful. I used the export function to export the trip details into an EXCEL spreadsheet. Very easy. I was disappointed that the exported file did not have separate columns for gas, campsites, and food. That would really enhance the budgeting capabilities.
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9 months ago, slowe865
Planner is great. GPS 4.0 is good but needs work still
We are full-time RVers going strong for 1 year and have used this app for trip planning. We depend on this app 100% and even use the RV Safe GPS. Yes, the estimated eta is conservative and we always arrive at our destination earlier than the estimate compared to Waze, Apple, and Google estimates, but I think that’s because most safe RVers drive slower than the marked speed limit. There are settings for entering your max speed on the highways which you can experiment with. My only negatives are very minor with the GPS. In the older versions of the app, we only had one incident where we were directed down a back road that was was one way and narrow with tight turns where an adjacent main road would have been desired. Also, the new 4.0 version map display seems to have issues. I’ve had to kill the app and restart it to reset the map and remove splotches of graphical objects. In addition, the CarPlay map seems to be zoomed way in and I’d like to be able to zoom it out a bit. Overall, I love the app and will continue to use it. GPS part just needs some work still. I’m an app developer and sometimes wonder why they don’t just tap into the Waze or Google map API. I would especially appreciate the turn by turn voice from one of their engines rather than the robotic sounding one.
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1 year ago, TheEternalPanda
Ok planner. Useless GPS/Nav. Its developers never try to use the app.
The UI is horrible and I can’t explain how terrible the navigation part is. Don’t rely on it. I’ve missed so many exits and been routes into dead ends so many times I lost count. It’s also at least 2 blocks behind on your location. It’ll say something like turn left from the left two lanes, but there’s 2 or 3 exits on that side and it doesn’t say an exit number or road to follow. The map can never figure out if I’m zooming or rotating the map. Why would I rotate? This was nice at first. I paid for it. Then I routed to so many rest stops that have been closed for years apparently. There’s no way to update the app data. It’s useful for looking up some parks. The directions on the exact same route are often dead wrong. It tells you a super confusing but entirely wrong next turn OFTEN in cities, and doesn’t even label the highway you’re getting on (Ex:“275 North”) so you can self correct. Most recently I’ve noticed whenever you leave the app, it snaps back to your current location. The stupidest possible choice for a travel app. So you click on an rv park in another stage, go to their webpage to check it out, and when you come back you have to re-scroll around to find that area again because it snapped back to your current location. None of the developers have ever used this app.
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8 months ago, Kenjohn10234894
Learning Experience - A Cautionary Tale
After four years of safe RV travel to 47 of the lower 48 states and 5 Canadian Provences using Google Maps we finally had a problem with ‘Low Clearance’. In navigating the New England States we found ourselves traveling south on I-95 from CT to New Jersey. I picked the fastest route that Google suggested and found ourselves on the Hutchison Parkway in New Rochelle, NY with a 10’6” trailer and one 9’6” underpass after another. 30 minutes later we joined the big truck parade through NYC. Which leaves to Part 2 of this tale. I checked around at various truck/rv routing apps and decided that the GPS function in RV Life was easy to use and already on my phone, and better yet worked with CarPlay. Just to try it out I searched for ‘Whole Foods Market on N.Pottstown Rd’. The search provided an option which we followed down a variety of narrow, but “RV Safe” roads to an empty field. Lesson learned. Unlike Google Maps this GPS doesn’t have any idea about things like grocery stores. It had taken us to ‘N.Pottstown Rd.” But nowhere near the WF’s. I suppose of I had used a street address I may of had better results.
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3 years ago, JB9321
Users beware RV Planner is not compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad and Safari browser
First I want to let you know that tech support was very good and I really like the web version once tech support was able to get me working on Firefox browser. First I tried my iPhone 12 because that is what I will be using in my vehicle while traveling but it didn’t work right and tech support said people do not use it on their iphone they mostly use it on a computer or iPad. So I tried my MacBook and it wouldn’t work and tech support told me it will not work on Safari browser and I will have to use Firefox. So I tried it on Firefox and it worked great and I built a trip. When I loaded the app on my iPad I can see my prebuilt trip that I built but I can’t get past the the screen that shows all my stops and the map is not showing the trip layout. I am frustrated that I have to keep going to tech support every time I try to use the app or website and told it is not compatible. I have worked as the lead on a web development team for AT&T so I can state with knowledge the development team needs to do a lot of rework! The RV Planner has great potential and could be a very awesome tool and I hope they resolve these major issues.
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2 years ago, thecrosbycrew
Great for planning; GPS frustrating
We are currently on a 4 month trip. We used RV life to plan our 31 stops- love this app for this! It’s incredibly helpful to keep all our reservation information, plans and maps in one location. Bonus for being able to share it with our family. GPS has been incredibly frustrating for us. Late navigation directions; when looking ahead at the directions, there’s no indication of N/S/E/W. (And when towing a big trailer, waiting until right before the exit to tell you which one to take just isn’t safe). Also when looking ahead at the details, sometimes there are big chunks missing (look one time and we’ll have 100 mile piece, look later and it’s not there; we know we still have it according to our total miles, but not sure where it falls in the trip) We just followed the GPS-it took us 5 miles down a long road…had us turn right, turn right, and turn left and go back down the SAME 5 miles it just brought us down. (But marked them as different roads.) Potential to be great, just not there yet.
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1 year ago, Cool Blue PA
Lots of misinformation loaded here
Surprised to see how “off” these maps are and what limited information is available. It’s difficult to do a map search and find what I’m looking for. I’d like to blame this horrible wind storm and cold front pushing through and poor cell coverage but most of the truck stops I am are simply missing, along with WalMart locations. At least in Texas, that is. If the maps are this off I can’t trust the bridge information either. The developers need some way to confirm the information on the app and then provide an easier way to for users to either change or update invalid or outdated information. I’m very disappointed with this app but I am enjoying the articles attached as the articles are useful - minus the sales leads for various products. How do I add my product line in articles? To whom do I reach out to help fix these bugs & issues? I’m happy to assist with this as the alleged information could prove useful as we leave this wretched back water neoliberal Texas for a true liberal democratic state.
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3 years ago, App less
RV Life is Killing me
This used to be among my favorite apps, but now is most frustrating. I’ve used this app extensively on our 7 month RV trip. The changes made in the last two weeks have been quite frustrating. 1) Session expires during the middle of drive to next location while using the RV Safe GPS route. This required me to login again and re-establish the route. Not good while driving a Class A motorhome on unfamiliar roads. 2) RV Life lost connection to my RV trip wizard account while I was signed in. I couldn’t get gps safe route to my next location because it didn’t recognize that I had annual account with RV trip wizard, and wouldn’t show me my planned trips. After pulling over and futzing with the app for a while, I tried signing out and then signing back in. Memory restored! I’ve been using this app every 4-5 days for the past 7 months. These are all new issues within the past 2-3 weeks. These along with other nagging issues lead me to believe that something bad is going on with the software team. I’m looking for an alternative, and will swap if I identify one.
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3 years ago, rpbvanwa
Love the program/app
I’ve been using this as a stand-alone program since the earlier version called RV Trip Wizard. I love that it safely routes us, avoiding low overpasses and allows us the choice to avoid toll roads, etc, if we want. The newer version makes things SUPER easy since Campground Reviews are now integrated into the program. That allows me to search out the best rated CGs AND go directly to their website and reserve. What a bonus as compared to using two different computers/tablets/phones to search, reserve on one platform and then add them in as a stop on the program. Now it is seamless. It isn’t free and that will turn some folks off but for me the cost is negligible and the ease of use makes it a good value to me.
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3 years ago, somedaveg
Great features, really buggy
I want to love this app so much, but bugs are getting in the way. The good news is that it’s well designed and has tons of great features that work well (when they work). Another big positive is that there seems to be way more ratings, reviews, and pictures in this app than similar ones, which is really helpful when planning. The bad news is that it’s riddled with bugs. The map will stop updating. Buttons will freeze. Stuff like downloading offline data (a paid feature) barely works (it sometimes won’t download at all, other times it’ll start but not finish, etc.) The RV GPS is another nice paid feature, but it’s buggy too - one time the route it generated made absolutely no sense, another time it stopped updating time remaining and distance to next turn while driving, etc. This would easily be a 5-star app but the numerous bugs, especially with a not-cheap yearly subscription, really add up.
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2 years ago, Marc2912
Application crash, routes are not safe
So where to start. Overall the way to create a route is via web which is dumb but whatever. Then you pull it up on a user unintuitive phone app. Now it supports car play but crashes... constantly... yes I have the latest version and my phone is up to date. That's not the worst though, I searched for a campground that was in their platform and used that pin to go to it. The pin was blatantly in the wrong spot (4 other GPS application have it in the right spot) The road it took me on was RV NOT SAFE. In fact it turned into a tiny, graveled private road with a extremely tight hairpin turn, something that would be tight for a pickup.... and here I was in a 43' class A. I wrote to them, the entire CS experience was abysmal, besides then saying they'd move the pin they didn't apologize or in fact care at all. I've never seen someone not care about their client or the fact that their application blatantly failed at what it charges for. No refund offered or even a credit, no apoligies. I filed for a chargeback.
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2 years ago, Marc2912
Crashes constantly and not RV safe routes
So where to start. Overall the way to create a route is via web which is dumb but whatever. Then you pull it up on a user unintuitive phone app. Now it supports car play but crashes... constantly... yes I have the latest version and my phone is up to date. That's not the worst though, I searched for a campground that was in their platform and used that pin to go to it. The pin was blatantly in the wrong spot (4 other GPS application have it in the right spot) The road it took me on was RV NOT SAFE. In fact it turned into a tiny, graveled private road with a extremely tight hairpin turn, something that would be tight for a pickup.... and here I was in a 43' class A. I wrote to them, the entire CS experience was abysmal, besides then saying they'd move the pin they didn't apologize or in fact care at all. I've never seen someone not care about their client or the fact that their application blatantly failed at what it charges for. No refund offered or even a credit, no apoligies. I filed for a chargeback.
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8 months ago, yet another user.
Not much better than Google Maps.
I don’t see how the navigation is much different from Google maps. With Google Maps you can avoid tolls and highways. It seems like the only other benefit to this app is that you can avoid tunnels, if that’s even accurate. I would’ve thought that there would’ve been a way for you to find gas stations that are friendly for trucks with travel trailers or large motorhomes. You could go to a truckstop, but I’ve been to truck stops that have spaces for trucks but then the fuel is diesel only. I don’t see much advantage in the reviews because they don’t get very detailed. And you can find many more reviews of whatever campsite you’re looking into on Google maps then you can on this app. If the app was free, then I say it was great. But if you want me to spend $65 a year you need to offer much more than Google Maps does. And this app does not.
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2 months ago, TlCyg
Very disjointed
I have tried to use RV LIFE between an iPhone and a Windows desktop. The instructions are not very straightforward. By trial and error I learned that you apparently set up a trip on the website, not through the app. You can then move that trip to the app for easier access from your iPhone. if you need instructions, you’re directed to Zendesk where you need yet another login. I cannot figure out how to add an intermediate stop after previously creating a trip. It is not obvious either on the website or the app how to do that, a serious deficiency. In a trial on a 7 mile course, I simply went from my office to Home, both of which are located a short distance off of the same major freeway. Rather than putting me on the most direct route via the highway, the navigation continually tried to put me on side streets making absolutely no sense. I am confounded by the fact that it seems to have so many high ratings, but that has not been my experience.
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1 year ago, daniobray
Not worth it
We got this for the free 7 day cause we heard great things about it. First day it took us 45 minutes out of our way, when we ended up exactly where I thought we could go… should of trusted myself.. and then it took us through 80 minutes of backed up traffic on the interstate. I had multiple gps going to see if this one was a great as they say and multiple times I could of went a different way and saved time and stress.. second day I used it we had to take a side road so we wouldn’t get on the toll road and it took us 30 miles out of our way cause we couldn’t turn around anywhere, when we finally got to a turn around spot it wanted me to go on a side back road rather then crossing over the freeway and getting back on the right direction.. it tried taking me around a toll road but the road wasn’t toll.. this made for a very very stressful 2 days of driving..
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4 weeks ago, NagleTraveler
Trip planner is fantastic but GPS is just ok.
The trip planner is a wonderful tool for planning out trips and ensuring a safe trip. Honestly, the trip planner is worth the subscription alone. The GPS is decent but we have begun to rely more on our RV's in-dash GPS (Garmin for Trucks/RV). The reason for this is due to 2 big shortfalls in RVLife GPS. #1 The GPS does not give exit numbers, just a street name. Great in some cases but not good in metro areas where there are a lot of exits and they don't always use the same street name. We missed two exits in the Atlanta area because the names in the GPS were not used on the highway signs. #2 The GPS does not give indication of what lane to be in. This is critical when you have a large vehicle and there is traffic around. Just saying exit on right or left is not super helpful.
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1 year ago, Ladie2K1
Not RV safe!
Downloaded two RV apps and compared the routes. They were both similar except for the final four miles of the trip so I went with RV Life since it was the more expensive of the two because you get what you pay for right? It said the route was RV safe and I unfortunately believed it. Well, this app had me turn onto an unpaved gravel road that got worse and worse as I traveled down. Eventually it led me to a small bridge and a steep incline that in no way would have been able to handle the rv going over it but it said that was the way to go. There was no way to reverse as the road was so tight so the only thing to do was to pull into a persons driveway that was located on another gravel slope and reverse back down their driveway and then return the way I came. After making it to the campground I looked at the other RV app and that one had the actual RV safe route. Lesson learned, don’t believe the RV GPS will get you there safely just because it says so.
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3 years ago, justsmilin
Am I missing something?
I was expecting a comprehensive database of RV friendly fuel stops and RV Parks, but many, many, many of both are missing. In trying to plan a cross country road trip, I had to switch between multiple apps and web pages to find the locations I needed to complete my journey. At best, this app is helpful in identifying some out of the way places, but I still haven’t figured out how to plan multiple stops along my route. I can only map out one stop to the next. Maybe it’s user error, or maybe the app isn’t user friendly. The traveler comments are helpful. A suggestion: I would like to be able to see all RV parks and fuel stops on a map along a travel path, e.g., on a map from point a to point b, please show all stops within 20?? miles of the travel route. Let a user then click on those locations to “add a stop” (much like google maps).
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3 years ago, HezBoo
Pretty good
So e we pull a big 35’ 5th wheel. There were still some road choices that scared the crap out of us! Man, I’d like to have an adventure setting for road choices. Such as highway 49 to Coloma, CA with a 13% slope and switch back... that’s a pass for us! But the notes section in the saved trip wizard app, I can’t add a note nor do the notes added on the safari Wizard show up. What is the “notes” for? I mean the next button for driving directions works but the notes seems useless. I have to go to safari and log in to the site like I’m going to keep working on my trip. I’d like to see my confirmation #, site #, hook ups or not, like get water before backing into the site cuz there are no utilities... Anyway, after a long 6 week tour and 21 stops, there are a few tweaks I’d like to see for the notes and navigation. Another thought on navigation, tell me WHY a specific route is in yellow and more details. A route we wanted but showed yellow was completely fine! It was a nice big tunnel that even 18 wheelers use. But the Wizard just wouldn’t tell me what tunnel or more details. Still love the Trip Wizard, just looking for more details.
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3 months ago, Run4fun121
Turn-by-turn is terrible
I have been using this app for just over a year and I really do like the planner/wizard. Easy to find places you are looking for, good at alerting where gas stops are required. Even the “how far I will drive in a day” areas are super helpful. But then there is the navigation when on a trip. Yes, it will give you a safe route. Yes, in general it will get you where you are going. This past trip, southbound on I-95, we got the “use the left lane to stay left…take exit on right in 550 ft”. That exit on the right was 4 lanes over, not possible. It’s one example but stuff like this happens all the time while using it. I still use it to plan but I manually add stops into google maps to track the same route. I hope the navigation gets better over time!
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3 years ago, huntere93
Programming issues needs fixed
The app does what it says it does it routes you around things that could harm your rv but when using connected to CarPlay it needs a lot of work the map isn’t centered on the screen to see a heads up of where your going it’s uselessly in the top left corner and if you unplug and replug the phone back into the CarPlay the app will not load properly just a white screen. you also can not use the app to check places or readjust the route once it’s providing directions to some place not everyone is using their phone while driving I have my wife check the directions and she can’t even get out of the app unless we unplug the phone this is all extremely inconvenient when traveling through cities needing fast and accurate directions developers feel free to contact me to fix this
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2 years ago, Ssaaddiieethedog
No basis for route choices?!
I’m a new app user and frustrated by the choices for “RV Safe” routes. Returning from Louisiana to Texas and wanting to avoid I-10, the app insisted the only RV safe route was a 2-hour detour in a 4-hour drive. It told us TX-73 was a car-only approved route. We’ve driven that road many times, and couldn’t think of any reason for this, so we took it anyway with a 37-foot travel trailer. The trip was perfect and much more low-key than semis screaming by on the interstate. WHY was 73 rejected as an option?? Even checking “avoid highways” only gave me an equally long backroad detour. My issue is that no reasons are given for route choices…are there low bridges, unpacked sections, steep grade? I need more information to make informed choices. Going to check out other apps, should be better for $60.
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3 years ago, Muddaubere
Great RV App that helps your plan out your trips
We got this app to help plan an 8 day trip across three different campgrounds and a 2000 mile distance. We did a lot of research, used the 14 day trial and decided to purchase the yearly subscription for the app. It’s very detailed, very focused on the places RVers look for most. They very Good Sam and KOI integrated but still plenty of private campgrounds and POIs on their map. I know where I’m going to stop for gas, to rest, to camp and how many miles per day I’m driving. Love this app and highly recommend it. What can be better? Adding the ability for apple/android car play: The app has a built in map that can be exported to google, however the app will download the whole route for offline use if needed. Not sure if google maps will do that. Still testing. Timing: The app tells you how many miles till your next stop, but adding in a departure time will help estimate arrival times at each waypoint. Would love to see this feature.
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3 years ago, nott0picky
Very poorly written
So many issues it’s hard to describe….sadly since I signed up for the subscription service (annual). I have since canceled it. While the campground reviews and information is somewhat valuable, just about everything else is close to useless. Let me explain some of the shortcomings. 1. The favorites list only recently shows the correct location. 2. When the application is updated, it requires that “all” the downloaded maps be updated. This would be fine if they updated in the background, but they don’t! The app is next to useless when the maps are updating. 3. Navigation….voice navigation rarely works, RVLIFE maps are very sparse and not trustworthy. 4. Apple CarPlay is a joke, locks up, crashes the phone, again, useless. The list goes on but my finger is tired. Anyway, you get my drift. For $50 a year, you(I), expect much better. I’m out.
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2 years ago, Venerable Vagabond
App and tech support becoming progressively less stable
I’ve been using RV Trip Wizard for years and have found the features to be top notch. Unfortunately over the last year and since RVTW has joined with RV Life, I’m finding both apps becoming more bug ridden and less stable. Coinciding with that, their tech support is becoming less useful. In my last interaction with support, I was basically told that the cause of my issue was that I must have changed the weight of my rig in my settings and screwed my routing up. Even after I assured the tech that I had made no such change and the symptoms of the error really weren’t even consistent with a weight change, she blew me off. This is absolutely NOT the way to handle customer support. I hate to give up on RVTW because it is so feature rich. But I have to admit that I’m losing faith in them.
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2 years ago, rbr0912
Has some good functions but…
I have really wanted to like this app because it has so much potential. Unfortunately, it falls well short of good functionality. The trip planning wizard is nice but it often won’t pull up military campgrounds, and if I stay at a Harvest Host, adding the stop is a pain. I like the GPS/navigation well enough until it crashes…which happens often especially with car play. I also find myself overriding it in areas I know because it sometimes plots some very strange courses. Makes me wonder if the course it plots in areas I’m not familiar with is the best in terms of efficiency and safety. I’m using it for now but often frustrated with it crashing and all. It has so much potential - it would be great to see it realized
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7 months ago, ChanaBear
Buggy, useless, over-hyped, steep learning curve
This is one of the worst apps I have truly ever used in 25 years as a traveler and software engineer. It bounces you between the web and the app and often freezes in the process. The password management is atrocious. When they can’t manage correct credentials- they simply lock you out and tell you to setup another one. The mobile app (which I am trying to use as a Pro member) is worthless. I am using Google Maps because the RVLife interface is cluttered with useless features that simply get in the way. Don’t even get me started on how difficult it is to set up a trip! These people advertise aggressively and everywhere and I fell for it. Just simply a frustrating, buggy timesink of an app with slick marketing. I wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy. (Actually- I would. It would be amazing revenge of a sort.)
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2 years ago, HRadioMatt
Problems with spotty data and wish for landscape
My first trip using this app was a 3500 mile trip. I love having the ability to create the trip on the computer and using my phone as the GPS while traveling. The problem came when we were in an area that had spotty data for my phone. I had downloaded the maps for such an occasion. When the phone thought it had data but really didn’t, the route directions never updated. I found that I had to put my phone in airplane mode to get it working. Later, I removed the ability for the app to use cell data, which also solved the problem while driving. My big wish is for landscape mode. I have a larger phone and it takes a lot of space on the dash while traveling. If the maps could switch to landscape mode, it wouldn’t block so much of my view over the hood; it would block part of the view of the hood, which doesn’t help me drive. I will most likely still do the subscription because I like knowing what bridges are too low for my RV. 5th wheels can run tall and I can’t go lower than 13’ 9”. I consider 14’ safe at a slower speed.
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2 months ago, GMoney 05
Navigation troubles
There are features I love and some I detest and can be unsafe. Today, we prescribed a specific RV safe route to avoid Baltimore, coming from coastal NC heading north. The trip planner is terrific and locating fuel, etc. We were heading to our next stop and preferred to use the Chesapeake bay bridge tunnel. When we started we selected to follow the designated route, do not make changes. It was fine until we stopped at a rest area. Little did we know when the trip wizard “recalculated” it defaulted to what the app chose as our best route and we took a circuitous route through the Norfolk area when we realized. We corrected and then going through construction when we crossed directions following construction zones it recalculated again and tried to get us off our route. It was terrible. The trip wizard should ALWAYS return to my original requested route if we stop or get off course. Final note of disgust. Using Apple Car Play, the screen exit naming conventions do not align to the road signs. Why can Apple, Google, and Waze get this right and you cannot when we pay for the subscription. Also add exit numbers to the screen not just the audio. Whew.
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3 years ago, Kayakermanmike
Switched our route without us knowing
I punched in our destination and picked the route that would take us cross country rather than the first one which was all highway. As we headed out it became evident it decided to take us the highway route and had changed it without telling us. The directions it did give were excessively long. Like we began joking “take a left onto NH 16, Portsmouth, Atlantic Ocean. Ferry to Europe, Germany, Russia, China. Turn left turn on signals.” Good lord. Take a queue from a real fps like Garmin. There’s the right level of detail, and then too much. We used this for a total of 30 minutes. Wish I hadn’t paid for it at all. Gave it one more try to get directions home and despite having downloaded offline dat for all of the trip it couldn’t do anything on one bar of service. Every screen locked up and crashed. Pointless.
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4 years ago, Rijoro
Less useful than what I expected
This app was okay but I wonder if I were mostly on back roads instead of the interstate if it would have been accurate for things like overpasses. The highways were not clear as it would use a name such as “general John Doe highway” instead of simply stating I-78. Even worse, upon approach of a highway it would say to enter but not specify something like I-78 north or south until you were already on it! Also would be nice if instead of stating “keep left” it lets you know to stay in the left two lanes. When one does not know the area one gets all the way left only to soon realize that I was okay in 3 out of 4 lanes and pushed my way over for nothing. Not ideal in an RV. A list of RV friendly gas stations would have been a nice feature to have. Dump stations would also be a nice list to add in especially if they are along/on the interstate instead of having to drive with full tanks until getting to a known area that has one hundreds of miles away. Bottom line is it is an okay app with plenty of room for improvements and left me skeptical of its actual accuracy and reliability.
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3 years ago, Beckyasu
Love the app but it needs
We use this app to navigate us in our 5th wheel between destinations. It would be extremely helpful if it would be compatible and play up on our CarPlay screen like google maps and Waze does because it doesn’t and we have to try to balance the phone while we follow the gps which is kinda old school. We use the RV trip wizard that ties into this app to plan our routes and stops but wish it wasn’t only a desktop site, it would be nice if it was a mobile app at least. We love the app for finding Site and campgrounds too. The reviews of people are extremely helpful. We love the app but the few changes we think it should make.
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2 years ago, GrannytheQueen
River Ridge RV Resort
River Ridge RV Resort Stanwood, MI Terribly Greedy Owners...won't return deposit. I broke my back. We had reservations at this so-called resort for July 17 - 20. We did not stay here because I recently broke a vertabrae in my back & am suffering from a lot of pain. We called to cancel our reservation & asked for a refund of our deposit. We were never told "no refund..no matter what reason you have" I read & reread their website & nowhere is this divulged, I never received an email confirmation. I had to call a few weeks ago to get a verbal confirmation!!! I am furious that a park who claims to be Top rated would do this. They have my money & I Have nothing !! Isnt it Fraud to take someone's money snd not provide the service? Im very sad that this park, who call themselves a luxury RV resort would treat their fellow camping friends in such a selfish,self-,centered, & greedy manner.& nowhere in their ads is there any mention of a non-refundable deposit. My conclusion : they don't care about people..Just the money. Stay anywhere else people. If this is how they treat people..,stay clear of their greed!!
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1 year ago, Nail-04
Klunky at best
A hodge podge of poorly integrated web based tools and app. The web based planner user experience is not that intuitive. Changing trip set up is such a chore it’s almost easier to delete a trip and start over. There is no reporting function I know of that can aggregate total costs and mileage across multiple trips or timeframes. And the data is right there. The maintenance tool is so rudimentary as to be virtually useless. If it extracted mileage from the trip tool you wouldn’t have to hand jam numbers and do the math yourself. Or have a report in the trip planner that calculates total miles over a period to gage intervals for maintenance. A lot more could be said but at this point I’m not likely to renew subscription if it does not improve significantly.
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3 years ago, NanaJudi
Great features, but not comprehensive
The features of this app are sorely needed by folks who travel in large RV’s. Combining RV-specific GPS, campground directory and fuel stops all in one app is very beneficial. Having the ability to set motorhome parameters, length, etc, so it filters to only the places that work for you is a great idea. Unfortunately the database they are using is not very complete or accurate or something. For fuel - It does not show me many truck stops that it should. For campgrounds - it does not show me many that it should. So I still have to use other apps, such as Campendium, to find what I’m looking for. For $50/yr I expect much better. Will not be renewing unless improvements are made
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1 year ago, JManalac
GPS is scary and frustrating
I use this app often for tracking and planning, it’s great for that. It is also my go to GPS bc I trust that it is truly providing RV safe directions. However, the GPS is slow to keep updated and often the map is not correctly matched to the road I am on causing incorrect turns, late turn notices and altogether sending me in the opposite direction that I intend to be traveling. And it is incredibly frustrating that N/S/E/W are not indicated. In these scenarios I can’t be sure that I end up on RV safe roads when I am misguided.
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4 years ago, z_hayes
GPS not helpful
I tried using this app’s GPS functionality several times to disappointing results. One time the directions were to go down a scenic loop road in a large state park, then turn down a 8 mile long dirt road. The better option would have been to go 10 more minutes north to a large highway. A second attempt to use this app provided no route, despite removing all avoidances. Google Maps easily routed me down a safe route instead. A third attempt routed me down several small state highways and would have added an hour to my trip. All in all I’m disappointed with this app as I had high hopes it would be my go-to GPS while full-timing around the US. I emailed support asking for a refund and was told I could cancel my subscription through iCloud subscription settings but was not offered a refund.
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3 years ago, Vsmith1814
Great App with continuing improvements
This is a great app and the developers are doing their best to include new features and updates. It appears that this version works with Apple Carplay as it showed up in my Ram snd Mercedes Sprinter CarPlay. Love RV trip wizard as a planning tool then being able to access these via the GPS that takes in to account weight, height, etc for safe routing. I also like the inclusion of Blue Beacon Truck washes. It appears any crashes I did have with my iPhone 12 Pro are being resolve. Quick response from developer on any problems
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3 years ago, DebraGeister
Paid for this app and I wish I hadn’t
I downloaded this app and tried it as I liked the concept of a GPS for my RV. Typical GPS does not take into account towing a large trailer when routing. I use Campendium for selecting campgrounds so that function was not as of interest. The execution of this app does not match the concept. I work predominantly off my phone as we are full time RVers. The app is glitchy, hard to use and does not work correctly on my vehicle display. It simply shuts down in the middle of the route. I did not cancel the app in time before they charged me from the trial. I don’t feel the app is worth the price until they get the issues resolved.
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3 years ago, amaising1
Good app but GPS needs work
Planning for a cross country trip, this app was a great help. We are FT RVers and really wanted this app for the RV friendly gps. I lowered it one star due to the navigation piece. As someone else mentioned it doesn’t work well with Car Play. You only see the route in the upper portion of the navigation screen & couldn’t see what was coming up. We had to go back to google maps, after paying for a year subscription. Please fix this issue or we will not be renewing our subscription.
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3 years ago, WmGiat
You can’t make a u turn when pulling a 36’ trailer
Liked design of app. Was initially impressed with ease of rv configuration; it knew all about my 2021 Imagine. So I set it up for rv driving directions after I signed up for annual subscription. We wanted to leave my storage lot to go to a local campground. Out of the gate the first instruction was to make u turn at the traffic light. Really? A u turn with a 36’ trailer? I found a grocery store to turn around. But later during same trip it told me to make 45 degree r turn. Again really? Do you consider these rv friendly directions? For free maybe but not for $49 annual fee. I’ll give it one more chance but please! Start thinking like you hv an rv instead of just pretending.
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9 months ago, Songbird 47
After testing and comparing, pick you poison
My wife has had a subscription for two years and like the planning tool. That is it’s strongest point. While she has used Trip Wizard, I made plans via our Good Sam membership using their planning tool. Both are web-based. TW tries to estimate fuel points. GS doesn’t. TW works with their smartphone/pad app. GS doesn’t work with any I know of. So far, TripWizard wins. I have used CoPilot’s RV capability with great success since 2017. Routing is reliable with great voice prompts very much on a par with Apple Maps or TomTom. Visual clarity with respect to exits and turns is superb. TW comes nowhere close to being competitive. CP wins, hands down. So, plan your trip with whatever you like but don’t count on RV Life for excellent audio guidance. You have to really focus on the screen more that the others to make the right moves. For shear driving, CoPilot is superior. Keep at it, RV Life, and your attempt to be “the only tool you’ll ever need” may be OK in a few more years. Until then, dream on.
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10 months ago, kimbosadventure
Travel time WAY off
The travel time stated in the planner is WAY different than the navigation portion. Our leg of our trip yesterday was stated as 8h 37m in the planner. When I hit navigate yesterday morning to my surprise it said 10h 44m. What a way to start our 2 week road trip. That is a huge difference! Our under 9 hour day ended up taking us 12 hours… and that was not due to stopping. You would think since this is a RV trip planner it would calculate using RV speeds. For $60 a year it should!! Why else enter all of your RV specs. Severely disappointed! I have since gone through and every stop has the exact same issue. One even went from 7 hours to 17 and some change.
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2 years ago, RV Rockingchair 1
Great planning tool, not much help when traveling
We continue to enjoy this App for planning trips. Often that is where it ends for us. Example from today. Before we left home we printed out on paper the Turn by Turn Directions and put them in a folder. This morning it took 20 minutes to find the address of the next park we are traveling too. Trying to put it in the dash gps. Why don’t you print the next location address at the breaks of the Turn by Turn information? Also, the GPS in this software is very poor. Example, we were in Florida traveling to the Midwest. Almost no matter what, we avoid Georgia, specifically Atlanta. The trip from Chattanooga to Atlanta for an RV should be avoided. Have to use multiple way points to get it to work. Wish someone was actually working on improving this thing…. Don’t get me started on actually moving the file over to the GPS….. Press On…. Mike
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4 years ago, Minerd
A software company that actually understands the needs of travelers who use their product. Nice!
I recently downloaded “RV Life”, and fell in love with it! It works perfectly with their Trip Wizard web based software. The app uses the GPS function on the phone for step by step directions that you mapped out on the web platform. My use of the app goes beyond planning trips for just my motorhome. I’ve planned trips for my motorhome, car and also my motorcycle. Finally, I can create a trip on my laptop or iPad and then follow it on my phone while on the road.
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2 years ago, af24j
A tremendous time saver
We started planning our National park trip last fall. My usual method was to determine how far we could travel and then search for a suitable campsite. Then I found Trip wizard, what a blessing. It made it so much easier to plan a route and find campgrounds that would work. We then use a hard copy of our itinerary as reference as we make our way from park to park. What a time saver. Just downloaded the GPS program. Can’t wait to see how it will make our travels less stressful
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8 months ago, pita thi is
Route messed up after update in middle of trip
Updated app while on way home during trip. It changed next route and added almost 200 mi to next destination but cant figure out why. Customer service was not of any assistance. They did mention that some people were experiencing difficulties after the update but did not offer any compensation for the extra costs we incurred on our cross country trip. We also had prior issues where the gps did not route us on safe roads. Unfortunately we have loss faith in this app, their customer service and their developers. Because of this and their no seeming to care attitude we will be reviewing other apps and programs and not renewing this subscription.
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2 years ago, bringbacklandscape
Navigation Function via Apple CarPlay Needs Improvement
This App is very frustrating to use as an in vehicle navigation tool. The app has a horrible time functioning with poor cell coverage. Even though I downloaded the maps to my phone via this app. If I attempted to launch the app with poor or no cell coverage then the app either would not launch (black screen or blank screen) or took an extremely long time to show up. Several times even when the app seemed to launch and be happy when I attempted to use an RV Trip Wizard route or use a destination the app would not display the route or show or say the turn by turn directions. I found using the app in the vehicle via Apple CarPlay was essentially useless. I would give the browser based trip planning a 4 star. The only thing I found frustrating here was filtering and showing POIs was clunky. The campsite info was outstanding. I really wanted to use this app to replace a standalone Garmin GPS. At this point this app is no where close for navigation.
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2 years ago, twotreeses
Awesome app for traveling
This is a really great app for traveling. The map is great and it gives you all of the campsites on your route. POIs gas stations in Moore along your route you also have the rig and truck information entered in so that I can tell you when you are going to be close to needing gas also reroute you around areas that your RV will not be able to safely make it through. We have tested it against Apple Maps Real time and it always finds a better route. We are loving it.
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2 years ago, jessicalrabbit
Terrible App, Unreliable, Buggy in the Worst Ways
This is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used and unfortunately we paid for the pro version to have this experience. The app crashes without reason and routinely when we’re out of service or at a pivotal moment when directions are needed. It doesn’t give you consistent directions or it has you avoiding obvious routes that have literally no reason to be avoided, giving inexplicable 2hr detours down roadways that would be way worse to take your RV down. We’ve used this app on and off for about six months now and I am completely over the wild goose chases and anxiety this app brings to our travels. Save your money, don’t even waste your time downloading it.
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