RV Parks & Campgrounds

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ParkAdvisor LLC
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11 months ago
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User Reviews for RV Parks & Campgrounds

4.61 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
4 years ago, West Coast RVers
Use it all the time
Great app for finding RV sites! We travel a lot and find the reviews very helpful. I also really like the map on the app which allows you to find various RV parks within a vicinity. Or you can just scroll through the map to see what is available in other nearby areas. When You click on the red park spot, then click on the “i” information area, it brings you to the RV site information in another screen. Photos of Park, reviews, website, phone number etc. are all available there. Also allows me to review the RV Park easily. I really like this app. The only complaint is that sometimes you can’t see the search box area up on top of the screen while in the map screen and you just have to click there and start typing. Other than that A great app.
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6 years ago, Russ Black
Great app
I rode my motorcycle thru all the lower 48 States this past summer and am glad I had it. I had a small one man tent and found that most "Campgrounds" cost almost as much as a motel and are really RV parks is disguise. If you are traveling on a budget and using a tent, this is a great app because it shows you were the dispersed campsites are. It is also handy for locating showers, laundry etc. at those RV campsites. Most of the dispersed campsite were accurately marked, a few were within a quarter mile of were the app said but there were a couple I could not find. 99% of the time I was looking for the sites in the late night/early morning so there is a chance that conditions prevented me from seeing them. 2 sites I had to use a real GPS to navigate because of loss of cellphone service. This problem is not the fault of this program, but the inherent problem of the mapping apps it passes the location to.
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5 years ago, Landfall2015
Go to camping app
Love this app. I use it all the time to plan trips. I have a plan of the route I want to follow and then look for campgrounds in the correct location. Then read reviews and zoom in on satellite view to see if it looks decent. I find ones that look good and plan my route. Then I make a list of alternative sites along the way so I’m prepared if something goes wrong. In an emergency I pull out my phone and look to see what is near by. Once in Kansas we went to a state park that sounded nice but when we arrived we found a deserted park with one old trailer and flooded floors in the restroom. I don’t know if the water worked because we were back in the car headed for the highway. Pulled out the phone and found a nice little RV park about 20 miles down the road. App paid for itself right there. Love it.
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4 years ago, TheFaustFlock
One of the top camping apps!
This app is great compared to most of the others out there. I love how you can have the fuel stations and stores located on the app. The app could be better if it had a option where you could plan your trip and route your destination from Point A - D, but were able to add the in between stops, as if you were using map quest directions. It would be great to have the full layout of a trip. In addition, if there was a area you could input your rig dimensions or height and the route would adjust due to your restrictions as a trucker app would do would be pretty sweet. I have used this app for my on the road and camping trips and it has got our family out of binds were the campground we pulled into was not what we expected and were able to find something better to accommodate us! Highly recommend this app to everyone.
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5 years ago, ckddww3
Trip Across America
We took a trip Across America in the fall of 2019 and used this app primarily to find places to stay every night! We have a fifth wheel and we were able to map our route and find a place along the route we chose! Very helpful app, it shows you all the information about the park, amenities of the park, and miles to the park! It also will show gas, rest areas, Walmarts, and other useful information! I would highly recommend this app if you plan on traveling to areas you are unfamiliar with! We went from Washington state across the Midwest, to the New England area, down the eastern border, and back across the south! We were gone for 2 months an this made our trip so much less stressful knowing where we would stay each night! Happy Travels to everyone!
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4 years ago, MacMomma59
Love at First Use
When trip planning with our RV, we’ve found that everything we seem to look at online is VERY outdated & generally misrepresented, probably being rated by family & friends. The accuracy just isn’t there. Before this app, we had to rely on the internet, no more. This app is fabulous because the campgrounds are rated by we the people who use it, with “real” pictures, not those from the day they opened the park 30 years ago. The first time I used this app I /we were so happy to find an accurate description of a park. I haven’t stopped using it to do my planning. Thank you to everyone who contributes & a big thank you to the creators of the app.
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5 years ago, 27 ft Puma
This is a great App.
Don’t normally write reviews but this app is great. Shows all the typical campgrounds, but what I really like is the fact that it also shows all the state parks and campgrounds. Also shows all the National campgrounds, national Forests, National recreation areas, etc. Also shows county and city parks and whether or not they have a campground there. I’ve stayed in some nice county and city campgrounds that I never would have known about without this app. it also tells you the distance between your current location and the one that you are looking at. This is very helpful in planning what you are gonna do tomorrow, and the rest of your trip.
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7 years ago, Wordlytraveler
Time saver!
Downloaded this app after a friend of mine recommended it and what a life saver it has been since we had to evacuate out of Key West for hurricane Irma! I love that it even shows military base sites also. I'm active duty Navy so having that quick access to call and make reservation on the potential bases I'll be working out of until we are able to go back to Key West has been a major time saver! Helps keep me staying in my comfy camper rather than in hotels for several weeks. This will be one app that I keep for as long as I own a camper!
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7 years ago, @chasingtabor
Saved our trailer!
Not only is it a great way to find so many campsites, it shows low overpasses and actually saved us a few times from heading down a road we were no doubt about to lose the top of our trailer if we had continued! I've been trying to add as many reviews and pictures as we can from each stop to help the next camper along the way! Awesome app. Only wish you could zoom in on some of the pictures. Maybe that ability can be added?
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6 years ago, EOD-Tech
While no app out there is perfect, this app is effective in helping find cost efficient places to overnight. The low clearance notification is extremely helpful when planning a route. I love the public lands listings showing free places to stay overnight while traveling. It will remain in my inventory of go-to apps for route planning and destination searching. Cons of this app is lack of info at several of the locations and very few images. Overall a very good app. I travel for work all over the country and am a full-time camper resident. I use it often.
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4 years ago, RSC Travels
Great App for RV travels
We have used this app for the last 7 or 8 months and the accuracy of the locations for RV parks and services is great! It has helped in making last minute changes to travel plans and given us a number of locations to consider for future plans. We encourage all who use the app to rate and comment on the parks they stay at listing positives as well as areas for improvement. The parks need the feedback to improve!
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5 years ago, Ms_dub
Great for On the Go!
This app is easy to customize and then find the kind of RV places you’re looking for on the go. We used it to find places all the way back to Dallas from Maine. You can select what you want to display (Walmart’s, Cracker Barrel’s, Truck Stops, state parks and RV campgrounds.) Then you can look them up and/or call them for addresses, amenities and availability. (The url links don’t work most of the time, but it’s easy to just look up the campground after you get its name.)
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3 years ago, conrad spangler
Best camping app
I have 10 other camping apps and for me this is the best - primary reason is that each campground has the emblem of the campground, so it is easy to distinguish them from each other as in whether it is a state park, National Forest, BLM... it just makes it SO much easier while browsing to pick out which one you prefer without having to actually click on every single icon (which most other apps you need to) to know the land owner.
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5 years ago, 6 Ft Hare
We have only been out for a week, but have been planning for at least 6 months. I have found this app truly invaluable. We had planned to stop at a NM State park and learned it was full upon arrival, I quickly searched for another site within the area and found one that turned out to be smaller and more quiet than the first. Currently we are in a completely free site! Love this app and I highly recommend it to newcomers and novice RVers alike. Fair winds Y’all!
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4 years ago, ps47
Most useful camping App!
I’ve used this App in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indian and probably a few other states over the past three years. I find the campground ratings and reviews very useful when deciding where to stay and appreciate the pictures posted by campers. It would be nice if the app also included optional “favorites” or history so we could log personal notes to jog our memories for future planning.
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6 years ago, texaspattyjane
Great App
I haven’t been disappointed yet. I use the app to find safe places when I’m traveling in my Airstream Interstate 3500 on holiday. Prices are in the $35 range, as a rule. Parks can be more rustic but mostly they are run by nice folks who keep the grass mowed & maintain facilities. Some parks don’t have restrooms or showers, just electric, water, sewer for the RV, FYI. So tent camping isn’t always desirable. My advice? Call ahead. I’ve found that more people are monthly tenants these days which equates to fewer spots for overnighters.
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5 years ago, LonSig
Stayed here in a 40’ Motorhome. Park is older with many RV trailers that stay here full time and are used mainly on weekends. Quiet park and does feel very safe. Limited number 50 amp services. Lots of cabins used mainly during football season. No wifi or tv cable and no antenna reception found. The property manger Susan is outstanding and more than helpful however the park will be under new ownership first of Aug 2019 and Susan will no longer be manager so not sure what will be the “ new normal”. Easy on and off Hwy 322 and only minutes from State College . All in all we would stay here again if in the area.
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4 years ago, velvy
Awesome App!!
This is a very awesome app that’s saved our hiney more than a few times as we head from PA to CA and back again. I can’t say enough good things about it. Couple of cons - I need to have at least 2-3 bars of cell service to utilize it fully. And I wish more people use it and leave their comments and reviews. We’ve chosen places to boondock based on the reviews and I love the $$ signs on the campgrounds so we know if it’s expensive or not.
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4 years ago, Load me up. Let's roll!
Excellent app!
We traveled from the Arkansas/Missouri line all the way to Vegas and back. We wanted to take roads less traveled and this app was so very helpful! The information is submitted and updated by users, so a few places needed a refresh of details but if we all do our part... you get the idea. The map and icons have always been hugely helpful both on the road and when I’ve used it locally. Big plus for wondering feet like mine!
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7 years ago, the summer nomad
User friendly to say the least
Traversing the country we used another app for finding a safe and easy way to get some shut-eye get some fresh supplies and continue to move west ... But once we reached our beloved Rockies and desert states beyond, this site has it all for us. Easy accurate and just so user friendly it's by far our house to app for this category of searching. Kudos and thanks for providing a greatly needed service.
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4 years ago, Tillertoes
Best camping app out there !
We use this app to plan our weekend getaways and our cross country trips. The information in this app is up to date and the reviews are very helpful and fairly accurate. (seems like there is always someone who has had a bad experience). We love the fact that contact information and website links are provided.
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6 years ago, Nola Pelican
Extremely Helpful
We are relatively new to the RV experience, but have traveled almost monthly since summer of 2017, and I use this app EVERY time we plan a road trip. This app has proven to be a keeper for locating and selecting both one night stop-overs and week long visits. Best: obviously easy pins show locations for camping, state parks, and RV resorts. Worst: keeping the pins updated for locations that may no longer be available, and reviews are often sparse.
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5 years ago, Leila914
This is one of the best apps I’ve got, I love that you can post about A place , safety is one of my main concern because I travel with the family and also you can Add a new place.I am a big-time Rv’er And now I can drive at night not having to worry where I can stay. I have recommended this app to my friends my father and I even recommended it to “traveling Robert “the you tuber which I had the pleasure of meeting
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5 years ago, macsrwe
Support is poor
For what this app does, it's great -- I use it religiously. But the developer absolutely does not want to hear from you. Do you have a map correction? Absolutely no way to report it. Do you want to report an app bug? Tough beans, Charlie. The release notes mention a "Suggest an edit" feature -- it's nowhere. Their website has no "contact us." Note to developers: your stuff isn't perfect, listen to your users!
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5 years ago, Modified Wayne
Happy Campers!
We recently used this app when we left Nova Scotia early due to Hurricane Dorian! We figured to get inland as far as the Woodstock, NB / Houlton, ME area. My wife was checking on the app for campgrounds in that area and found Birch Point Campground in Island Falls, ME! This turned a disappointing situation into a great experience! We also found another absolutely beautiful campground, Moorings Campground in Belfast, ME, using Park Advisor! We have recommended this app to numerous other campers.
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6 years ago, old blind guy
Best app for me
Tried several others, but this is the best. I love maps and I just follow my route and check this app for the best RV places to stay. Reviews by folks who use are are pretty spot on and honest. Has some RV parks need to be updated. Shows those that are closed down too. Also shows state parks as well as Walmart, Costco, Camping Worlds, and many gas stations and several other places that are needed along the way.
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5 years ago, Billy the Kid98
Pretty well done
It’s a great layout and the parks are where they say they are. (most of the time!) However, I have noticed that not all campgrounds and every parks are represented in this app. Some are, but often I’ll be on my way to one that I found with the app, and go past 2 or 3 that I didn’t know about because they weren’t even on here. Just a small complaint I guess, but it gets frustrating after a while. Overall a nice app, helpful tool.
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5 months ago, Mid gilb
SO useful
Love love love this app! It’s been so helpful in finding places to sleep on our trips! One note for the developers though, for some reason it’s no longer showing dates for reviews of parks or anything, just a question mark where the date should be. Would really appreciate it if you could get it to show the dates again!
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12 months ago, 17C7
Great app
I have used this to plot my route to several sites. Now I see that when you enter the app it tells you how many camp grounds were updated and how many new camp grounds were added. This is a great feature. The only thing that would make it better is to give a list of the updated and new camp grounds. Keep up the upgrades.
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3 years ago, Baseball Traveler
Baseball Traveler
We have used this app for several years on multiple trips throughout US and into Canada a couple times. I can’t add much more to other reviews other than to say we use it to preplan trips as well as while on the road to make daily destination decisions. We love it and consider it a must have tool when traveling!
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4 years ago, paintwithlynn
First place I look
My wife and I have been camping for years. Last year we moved up to a motorhome. The information we find on this website helps us know if a campground has sites big enough, services and amenities. We go here first and then pull up the campground website if we want to make reservation. Thank you to my our friends who told us about the app!
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5 years ago, traveling DB
Utah trip
Pulled my camper from South Carolina to Utah. Used this App there and back. I liked the map, the reviews and mileage from your location. We would drive until lunch then look about 230 to 250 miles down the road for campgrounds. Used the App to call the campground and make reservations. Made a very memorable trip easy to plan. Highly recommend using this very good resource while traveling.
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6 years ago, Lil_Lily14
Great app
Just did a road trip and couldn’t have done it without this app. Very useful and a ton of great features for free. You can see how much campsites cost and what amenities they have to figure out the right campground for you. Only downside is that information at some sites needs updating, but for the most part it’s pretty accurate. Other user reviews helped with that though!
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4 years ago, greg's Vectra
My go to RV app
I have been using this app for years and it’s very good and easy to use. What I like best is the fact that this app has two different views map and satellite. I use the satellite view to look at the campground and the intersection for when we are traveling and also to look for fuel stops because it can be hard to get in alot of places with 40’ class A and a toad.
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6 years ago, Jurisdictionary
Almost perfect!
All we could ask is to add the price per night as one of your competitors does, however that other app otherwise falls far short of your great features. We’ve been RVing for 8 years and like your app the best. Just wish it told us how much we can expect to pay without going to the camp website or phoning. Thanks. ... The Graves Family
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4 years ago, GViper72
Few missing
Let me start by saying that I absolutely love this app! The design, the set up, the user friendliness, little icons.... With that being said the only flaw I see is it’s missing the county parks and city. Not even sure if it’s the apps fault or the park’s fault but I wish they were on here. Other than that I find this app not only useful but it’s my only go to when it’s camping time!
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6 years ago, bambi blondie
13 States in 13 days....
This is an awesome app. We did 5,000 miles in 13 days and we just used this app. We have a Diesel 40 foot RV and we were able to maneuver truckstops and RV parks along the way, making reservations hours before we camped. The campsites were awesome and the people were very nice. would recommend this site if you were going on this type of vacation or trip.
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6 years ago, nbqy
Gem in Southern Ilinois
We stayed here 3 nights. Beautiful setting. Large trees, very clean facilities. Their saltwater pool is open Memorial Day through Labor day. We had a large pull through that was very easy to pull in. The owners are very friendly and helpful. While we were in the area we went over to Rend Lake golf course to play. 27 hole course. Fairways and greens were gorgeous and the cost to play 18 was reasonable.
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4 years ago, OMmylove
Great App for RoadTrip
Like other viewers this was great to see where locations were along our route. The ratings and photos really gave me a good indication if it was what we were looking for. Every place we went to seem to be spot on with the reviews. Friends recommended other apps, but I kept coming back to this one and used it all the time.
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7 years ago, dcrispin1
Very useful app for traveler
For an RVer traveling and looking for gas stations and overnight stops this app is very helpful. Well laid out, simple, easy to use. The app quickly shows distance from your location to any stop you pick. Great. Benefit when looking for a stop down the road without extra steps. As user add items and stops to the mapping it will make it even better. Worth the cheap cost for the premium app!!
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5 years ago, Fully Secured
No Way, Honest and Accurate
What more can you say. When you’re looking for a good campground, this is the only app to use. I have used it for three years now. Everyone has been very accurate in their descriptions, campgrounds have been true to form, and most of all everything is very accurate. Especially the pictures.
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4 years ago, Trÿdįå
Great app but not 100% accurate
Just a heads up to the users- this is a GREAT app. I live in RV full time & this is the only app I use. Just be aware it’s not 100% accurate. There have been times I’ve been going down the highway & pass several parks that were not listed on the app @ all. I’m assuming it’s because people like me just need to add them ourselves. (?) not sure. Anyway don’t rely 100% on it. Other that that it’s very helpful.
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6 years ago, Lilred924
Best app I’ve found so far!
I think this app is fabulous and it is my go to app to find campgrounds or even overnight Boondocking sites. I love that you can go directly to the websites from each information page, know the amenities, see pictures and I love that it can show me navigation instantly so I can see how far away I am from any site! Great app!
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5 years ago, Tow Baby
Our #1 trip planning tool
This app is where we start to plan our next RV adventure. We have found the reviews to be full of information that helps us with our decision to try a campground. We appreciate the info for Pilots and Walmart’s along the way. Several times we have greatly appreciated the warnings for height restrictions. Great app.
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4 years ago, cubkat
This app has been so helpful. When I’m on the road, or looking & using in my home it’s helped me a lot. It seems to be accurate to the map , locations, and people’s reviews. I hope that other campgrounds jump on board to use and add their campground to this app! We need all the campgrounds we can get w/ camping becoming so popular!
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6 years ago, CamiK00
Traveling around US and Canada! App has saved me a few times when I didn’t have a plan for sleep. Some places aren’t perfect but the app shows you all your options even parking lots that are okay for over night parking! I highly recommend and I hope people keep reviewing the places too! Thank you
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7 years ago, Joupityr
Great !!!
This is a fabulous app! I have found so many hidden gems with this that I would have never known where in existence had it not been for being able to crack this open and just look. Fantastic app without constant ridiculous updates to "make things better." Worth the download!
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4 years ago, Capt JGW
Go to App on the Toad
This app has proven to be so handy while traveling to National and State parks over the last two years. It has never failed to find me a spot for an over night stay, in the smallest of towns. People’s reviews of said parks help me stay out of super tight, worn out parks. Solid interface to the various park websites and contact info. Works great!
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5 years ago, Lgmcgill
Best App for RV Touring
We just completed a two week trip that included a few changes in itinerary. We used The RV Advisor App for several bookings. The reviews were spot on and the web site links made communications and reservations easy. Love the app. Tried others, but will stick with this. Easy to use and accurate ratings.
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4 years ago, 40 ft rver
Using this app more than normal & finding it pretty easy to use. Thanks for providing info making our travel easier. I wish apps were more specific about the size of the spaces & which rvs fit. I guess the reviews is actually the best place for this. Many people say they camped in their Rv but don’t give their size. Makes that info rather useless.
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