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User Reviews for RV Parky - Parks & Campgrounds

4.05 out of 5
355 Ratings
11 months ago, dsws97
I ❤️ RVParky, but…
I seriously love this app. My husband and I are RV travelers, and spent a couple of years traveling through all 50 states and all but the two northern-most Canadian provinces and territories. I plan our trips with this app. I don’t mind adding in sightseeing stops or RV campgrounds I find elsewhere via addresses. I do, however, mind that the map is not locked with north at the top of the screen. I use the app in my iPhone and iPad, and it’s frustrating that the slightest touch sends the map spinning. It’s a glitch that irritates me every time I use the app, and with over 45K miles under our tires, I use it all the time! Can this be fixed? Also, can National Parks with campgrounds be added? They appear on the map, but are not hyperlinked to add to the list of stops.
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3 months ago, CGJ295
Now must pay OR limit of 3 stops AND ads
I’ve used this app 3yrs but recently ads have appeared, which I understand and have tolerated as that is great way for developer to earn $$. However, now developer locked app features and warned (with big red ugly banner located at top of each trip) that app will not work for more than 3 stops in addition to ads for non-payers. WTH. I would gladly pay a one time fee to eliminate ads like other apps offer, but it’s irritating developer is severely locking down the app, therefore forcing people to upgrade if more than 3 stops are needed. What a hassle to limit to 3 stops on trip! That might work for weekend warriors but probably not for longer trips. In addition, there is NO way to save trips and notes as PDF. The only option is to log into website (not app) and PRINT to a printer. How many RVers travel with a printer? AND you may only pay the fee on the website, not through the app via Apple. That is so developer can avoid the fee Apple charges for in app subscriptions. Really disappointing.
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2 years ago, StaceySeeksTruth
Pretty good BUT..
There might be a bug...the mileage from our location to a possible site is off. Way off! For example RV Parky says it’s 288 to a site we were looking at. When we cross check on Google, it was 350 miles. Kind of a big deal. Especially after driving for several hours. This seems to be a new development in the last couple of weeks. Otherwise this is our main navigation app. It has all the great resources and details we need. If only we could get road conditions (how curvy the roads are), elevations and wind conditions, 😆🥰this would be my only app. Period. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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3 months ago, Alc-65
Love Your App, I have a suggestion
My husband and I love your app however, we would love to see a second app available that is for a membership that allowed you to have more than three stops on a trip . membership app would make it easier to choose to pay for your app. I understand the backing up peoples trips, cost money, and I don’t have a problem paying a membership, but I found it difficult to be able to find a way to pay for the membership to have more than three stops. I would also like to see peoples reviews show up faster so that we can make a good decision on where we’re gonna stop.
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1 year ago, Sdwood00
Great for Cross Country Trip Planning!
RV Parky App is terrific for cross country trip planning. We have used it for several long trips up to 3 weeks and 3,500 miles with hardly any problems. The pandemic caused one campground to close, but we easily found another close by using RV Parky. When driving I cross reference our destinations with Google Maps because I am very familiar with it. The campground reviews are usually helpful, but sometimes people get picky about amenities. I love the map view, it allows me to find interesting side trips along our route. I won’t take any long trip without using RV Parky.
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5 years ago, Miss.bennet
Vital to our travel adventures
Used the app for the first time on a recent trip, and we will never travel without it again. We had to make a lot of last minute adjustments on a trip we had been planning for months, so I searched for an app to help find campgrounds. We were able to search and read reviews within the app. We made all of our last minute arrangements through the use of this app. The trip planning features are awesome, and I will definitely use them in the future. I love that we can save favorite campgrounds, and keep track of things like gas mileage.
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4 years ago, GRRRR32
Great new app for RVers.
Really like the app and it’s interface. Will become my main app. Some improvements would help. First make the address selectable. Not all of us wish to use the default map as our travel GPS. For instance I can select & send addresses to my vehicle’s GPS. We also like many travelers keep a log and cut and paste would be appreciated. Finally, it’s been our experience that street addresses are often misleading. A set of GPS coordinates have always been more accurate.
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6 years ago, Louis0118
Easy Peasy!
Extremely user-friendly and gives you all the information you want and need when planning your trip. I've used it for planning a multi-state two week vacation that was planned from home base months in advance, and most recently on a cross-country no-plan trip where we didn't decide where we would stay until we got tired of driving. RVParky worked perfectly in both. Great filters to show only the parks with the amenities you just can't live without. HUGE time-saver!!
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8 months ago, japon7899
Bad changes
What have you gone and done with the app? I can’t even get things to pull up, it’s so unresponsive to my fingers touching on sites and the map in general. It used to work great. I could lightly touch a tiny sign on the map and it would open it even when I couldn’t see the site. Now, even repeatedly over and over touching on a place won’t open, won’t do anything. And the map itself won’t stretch out half the time, pretty much ignores basically anything my hands do. I’m so disappointed, I use this as I travel all over. I’m on an iPhone. Please try to get your iPhone app system so it works again. :( I’m so grouchy about this.
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6 months ago, News Veteran
Now featuring annoying ads
Being a full timer in the RV life, this was one of my most used apps. I can count on it for information on nearby, RV parks, Walmart, and other places where RVs can park. Now, since I updated, there are annoying ads that pop up on every campground that I look for information on. I have never, and will never, go running off to a store, and buy some thing that I see on a pop-up ad. They are intrusive and a total waste of money and time. Shame on you RV Parky for sticking these annoying ads in what was one of the best apps in the App Store.
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4 years ago, Belting
So simple, yet powerful trip planner
For years I used the Good Sam trip planner. I was very disappointed when it was discontinued. My sister-in-law told me about RV Parky. This years trip was centered around a festival four days travel away. I picked the campgrounds along the path. Unlike the GS planner, all campgrounds were listed. Then I filled in the dates for our festival stay and worked my way out from there. At each campground all I need do I’d put in the number of nights, the dates were filled in as I went. Easy-peazy
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3 years ago, benthru
Pa to Ca during Covid.
We used this app to travel across the country during the Covid Shut down. Able to log, the trip, find spots when we should have planned better, find Fuel and avoid low clearance spots. The location reviews that people put on are extremely helpful. They really inform about things not listed on websites. Pricing info is updated by users so, while not 100% accurate, gives at least an idea of price. It’s my Go to app for traveling with the RV.
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2 years ago, BRZed
Functions well, data needs update
This is my go-to app for finding parking. BUT, the info is seriously outdated and needs a serious update. Every Walmart is listed as “Allows overnight parking,” but read the comments to see if that’s actually true or not. Half the time it’s not. I’ve gone many places listed where overnight parking is listed as ok, only to find it’s not, or the place doesn’t even exist anymore (that happened to me twice this week). So take the info with a truckload of salt. With updated information, I’d give it 5 stars.
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4 months ago, Jefgene
Update paid subscription
I have been an RV Parky use her for a couple of years as I travel in an RV a lot. I have recommended RV parky to many people. Recently, my parky limits me to three stops and tells me I need to update my subscription to a paid account. I have no problem doing this however, there is no option on my account that allows me to update and pay, any suggestions on how to do this?
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5 months ago, kjjohnson447
Used to be great
I’ve had this app for several years, and it used to be a great app to research and plan RV trips! Recently they added ads (which is fine), but now have switched to locking down the app even further and hiding all the necessary features behind a pay wall. I’m all for app developers making money through ads or premium subscriptions that grant you BONUS features, not lock down necessary features that are integral to using the app in the first place. Locking features like over 5 stops per trip to only be for paid users makes the app pretty much unusable for free (ad supporting) users.
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4 years ago, Grandma.7
Great app, one request
I love this app and have just finished a 4 month trip. This app was a great help with planning the distance between stops, number of days to reserve and the day of the week that we will be arriving and departing. My one request would be a way to print my entire trip when finished. It would give me info for next trip and would allow me to journal as we go and retain a copy for my records. Please!
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5 months ago, Wircunrfouvnfjdjvbmdjsbxn
A great resource!
This is our “go to” navigation source for planning our trips. Hasn’t failed us yet! The one minor flaw is that it seems to be missing a lot of campgrounds—especially national and state parks—but over time, it seems like this is less and less true as more get added. We really rely on the reviews and links. Makes planning super easy!
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4 years ago, CharlieInReston
No support...
True, this app will allow you to create a trip. But there’s no (obvious) way to add a location / waypoint / whatever. I have sent 2 emails asking for help and have not received any response whatsoever. Yep, it’s free. And it’s great if the places you want to go to and endpoints are in the database, but if it’s not, you can’t add or find info. I’d love to keep using this app, but I find myself flipping between this one for routing and others for stops and such. This would be a 5 star app if the developer would respond to questions. I’d even be willing to pay a stipend for a “pro” version with support.
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6 years ago, Debadoo13
I could not believe I found this site don't know how long this app has been available Iam just a ole fart traveling getting on board with 2017anyway sure wish I had this all the past years excellent for traveling and able to locate camp sites I did not know existed and the reviews are very helpful I have been showing this app to everyone we meet traveling Iam on board with this app thank you
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5 years ago, Rufishng
Best app for finding good information on campgrounds and boondocking.
Love this app. It is in my opinion, the best app for finding RV campgrounds and boondocking sites. I find the app very accurate in its reviews and recommendations. Hasn’t let me down. Easy to use and understand. I frequently contribute reviews to expand the database. The developer has always answered my emails when I’ve sent him recommendations or comments. Commendable!
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4 years ago, scampercamper
Over Rated Reviews
I have used and relied on this application for many years to find campgrounds while traveling. However, after posting only favorable campground reviews that immediately appeared once posted, my one negative review has yet to appear after trying twice now to post it. That leads me to conclude that negative reviews are censored which greatly screws the information being presented. The result? Reliance on review information is greatly diminished. User beware: reviews tend towards being over rated.
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6 years ago, Faithgaskin
My favorite CG app!
We travel all year for work, and have been for 3 years. This app beats ANY other CG apps, even the ones I have memberships with. It gives you the nearest CG in your area, or wherever you are going. Plus, it gives the CG website, phone # , reviews, and what amenities they have. It's frequently updated and has not let me down yet. It also lets you do your own filters for the CG that fits best for you.
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1 year ago, Cookie's adventures
Useful planning app
This app is very helpful planning trips. Just be aware that this app or any of the other camping apps don’t have all the campground listed. Some of the website links for booking are outdated or broken. While the app works well for the most part, it could use some updating or refreshing.
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7 months ago, RetiredVSMBiochemist
Great for planning and storing cross-country RVing trips
I have used 5 other RVing apps, and only one compares favorably with RV Parky, and that one requires a yearly subscription. We are traveling with our 25’ travel trailer several months at a time now that we are retired, and RV Parky has been our primary “go to” app to plan and organize our trips. Thank you for an easy to use yet sophisticated RVing app.
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5 years ago, Ron Owen
Great App for planning a trip
There are many features with this App that help you plan a trip, like Walmart, Fueling location that Friendly for RV's and many other places along the way. When you e-mail their App developer like Lenny you get your questions answered in a very professional and courteous way and also you feel like he is there to really help you with your questions.
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1 year ago, AK9071961
Can’t Write a Review on iPhone
Many of the reviews on the app are at least a year old. I’ve been able to submit two reviews but I can’t submit any more on my iPhone. I have been able to submit on my computer but that isn’t convenient. It would be great if this was fixed and the reviews were more convenient. Otherwise, the app has been very easy to use and helpful in planning our route.
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3 years ago, gdc0473
My number one app!
Love this app. It is now my number one app to use. It used to be RV Parks Review until they made a newer version and made is so hard to use. R V Parky don't change a thing just keep doing what you are doing and you will always be a winner! This is from a camper since 1992 when you could only use a computer or printed books to locate campgrounds.
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1 year ago, Florida*Joy
Used to love it :/
Started rving in 2018 and downloaded this app from a recommendation. It was good for us new comers with no experience. But 4 years later its really old reviews and out of date information it has become untrustworthy. Reviews from 5 years ago do not help. The system is easy to use, that’s why I keep the app, but I would use it more if the old info was deleted. Sounds like a refresh is needed.
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5 years ago, Cslcs
Used for 15 day trip with great success!
We took a 15 day trip from SanAntonio to Buffalo, NY and back with no reservations. Used RV Parky each day to find a campground. Very accurate in info and locations - not to mention it was sort of fun "living on the edge" not knowing where we would end up each night. Update. The newest version stinks. No longer intuitive. Very cumbersome. Too bad, they had it nailed with the simple version. Glad I have not updated on all of my devices as I can still access the good version.
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5 years ago, Overland Express
Excellent RV park finder
This is really a great app. lots of great information about private parks plus state and federal campgrounds. another great feature is little caution triangle To warn and tell you low bridges. a very very good app for motorhomes and travel trailers. All the information is at your fingertips, the amenities, websites of campgrounds, lots of information including Walmarts. A must have app and it’s free
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4 years ago, DMS and DWS
Best free app out there
I paid for Allstays and now regret it. RV Parky is so user friendly with all information up front, no extra clicking. Great for short or long trips. Quick access to reviews helped us sort thru the good bad and ugly stops along our routes. No wasting time guessing which station has what access. Thank you RV Parky!
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8 months ago, "Devoted" Fan
Great Features
Lots of great features not offered by my other RV apps. This one is very different. Can often find RV parks not in the other apps. To be able to find places to stay along a predetermined route is a plus. Hope this one doesn't go away!
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4 years ago, Reenee17
It’s OK. Be aware if you carry propane.
Trip planner does not take into consideration if you are carrying propane. Nowhere in settings does it ask if you are carrying propane. We are carrying propane, and it gave us a route through a tunnel. Also, not showing any diesel fuel stations along route through RI, when there are some. Was hoping this app would show stations other than Pilot J (we use their app for their station locations), to fill in the void.
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6 years ago, Lol omg tlp
Love this APP!
Just planned our trip using this APP for the first time! Love to be able to read reviews of real campers and see everything available in the area....even just truck stops if just needing a place to stay for the night. How much fun and informative planning this trip has been thanks to the APP!
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4 months ago, iris30
Review area
Please fix it so you can get in to the “review” section to leave a review even if the “name” of the location is extra long. On places with a long name, you can’t scroll down enough to type or copy and paste into the review area. Please fix!! I try to leave reviews for every place but I’m hindered by this issue. I’ve tried looking for an email address to send a screen print of the issue.
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6 years ago, Terri-Dave
Best App Ever!
We just completed a 14,000 mile RV trip around the United States. We found this to be the best app to help us decide where to stay. We especially liked the fact that you could link directly to the website or plot your route. Definitely recommended!
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6 years ago, Jaxom711
We became full time RV'ers earlier in 2017. We've used this app over and over again. We had a few issues with WalMarts that may or may not allow you to stay overnight. It's all about due diligence and everyone taking the time to update the app
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6 years ago, TD926
Time Saver App
This is so much user friendly. We love all the features and how easy it is to use. We've been using another app but since we've found this one, we've deleted the other one. Moving forward, this is our go to app.
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6 years ago, Love to TripIt RVFamily
Love the map filters!
The app is simple and it works reliably. Find a WalMart to safely boondock for a night. A Cracker Barrel when you're hungry. Locate convenient gas stations where RVs can fit. Locate the right campground with favorite features (like pools and pets). We use it on every family trip!
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4 years ago, Pirate1980
Best app for long trips
I’ve been using this app as I travel across the US. It has been amazing!! I can’t say enough good things about how it allows you to create trips and find all kinds of places to park. The reviews are super helpful in making decisions.
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6 months ago, e.normus
What Happened
RV Parky has been our primary tool on our iPhones and ipad to find overnight stops since what seems like forever. After updating the app last week, we have been inundated with pop up ads. What happened? Never had this before. The apps are now deleted from our phones
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3 years ago, Peat Cooper
Favorite app
Use this app every day. Love the trip features that allow notes. I do wish that I could add an address as we like dispersed camping and these sites are not listed on the map. We use campendium for that. Also use that app everyday.
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5 years ago, pneth
Sharpest tool in the shed!
Planning our 9 month trip I used 3 apps suggested by others. RVParky was by far my go to. It’s easy to use and 98% of the parks are there with many reviews as compared to the other apps. My only ask would be to include max length for state/national parks.
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6 years ago, Rohlwithit
I love RV Parky
I have been using this App for a fe years, even in Canada! The only negative is not the fault of the App. Occasionally someone will post a park review without giving any specifics . That is not helpful! This is a must for travelers! Excellent! For planning I recommend roadtripper but on a full size screen.
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6 years ago, jillian3754
Love this app
I use this app ALL the time. Super easy to use. Love the map portion, you can easily see all available camp sites in a map format. We can choose a site based on location. So nice to tap a site and get all the info we need, including avg prices.
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4 years ago, BigApple4
Not for navigation!
Enter your starting and ending destination. See a little blue line pop up but PSYCHE!!! You cant actually use the route because It puts you on parkways with low clearances!!! The hell man?!?! Needs to allow for truck routes or even manually manipulate the route. I can use it for whats near my current location and thats prob all it was intended for.
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3 years ago, oldbiker1
This has become my favorite app.
A few years back I didn’t really like it, but it’s the first place I go now to see what’s in an area I want to visit. The developers have done excellent work here. I highly recommend it.
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4 months ago, deercreekfarm
I have searched everywhere on how to pay for a membership. Nothing has it on any site. Can someone send me a link to it please. Thank you
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5 years ago, Arc Angel 2336
I want to give 5 stars
Lots of features with this app, the only thing holding it back from be 5+ stars is the fact that I cannot figure out how to start the route. I mean figuring all these things out, the route, the stops, the mileage, and it doesn’t give turn by turn directions? Or partner with another app like wazes?
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3 years ago, Sweetcash
Exactly what I wanted
We love this app! Most apps ask you where you want to go before they show you locations. this app lets you see all locations and you decide where you want to go! Love it!
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