Safeway Deals & Delivery

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Albertsons Companies, LLC
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9 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Safeway Deals & Delivery

4.75 out of 5
681.5K Ratings
9 months ago, AJo '509'
All We Need
Love our local Safeway on Leslie in Richland WA. I can always count on a clean store with fresh product and friendly helpful staff. If it's a busy week I can buy my fruits and/or veggies already cleaned and packaged, some with extras like whipped cream in some of the mixed fruit containers or flavored butter pats in the veggies. If it's a quiet week I can pick my veggies out from clean/fresh product and clean/prep them myself. The store packaged dinners are the bomb and the crab stuffed salmon is our favorite. The store brand choices are varied and I've never been disappointed when I try one and some have become staples. The bakery always has lots of fresh choices to tempt you with and the flowers are some of the prettiest arrangements in town. The meat counter has some of the best seafood in town and lots of bbq ready choices to pick from. All of this AND the single best Rewards program I've ever been a part of. The 4U coupons are always items I actually regularly purchase and also includes coupons for their brands AND brand names. The reward points given for purchasing groceries you are buying anyway are the cherry on top. Safeway is the only way to shop for everything you need. ❤️
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2 months ago, Snafu3d
The product filtering is broken or horrible
I am shopping for pickup, I have selected my store. Each time I search for a product, I get a massive amount of listing for bulk products “sold and shipped by” random suppliers. That would make sense if I clicked on the marketplace option, or was shopping for a shipped order, but not when o have pickup and a store selected. And the filter toggles “include out of stock items” back on for every search. So how am I picking up things at my local store tomorrow that are shipped by other companies, or out of stock? I can’t, and I can’t filter all the noise out, so there are hundred of extra junk results when I am just trying to make a simple pickup order. Either filter pickup shopping as only showing things literally available to be picked up from the store, or at the very least add Safeway to the list of “sold by” in the filter so I can choose to not see all the other nonsense. Please fix this or add those extra filters as a work around ASAP. Update edit: thanks for the response, I already contacted support through the app before writing my review, did all the troubleshooting they suggested including going to the website in the browser and seeing the same thing, clearing the cache! quitting and restarting the app, logging out and back in, and uninstalling and reinstalling. In the end the result was just “it’s a known issue, your name has been added to the list.” But I guess it’s more than just an app problem if it’s on the website too.
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1 year ago, AmberM1886
Really gone downhill.
Used to be great and functional, now it’s full of bugs, extremely laggy and very difficult to use because it’s CONSTANTLY “loading”. Often will display or input wrong number of items, sometimes deletes your entire cart. No longer allows you to include specific notes per item. Replacements cannot be listed as multiple, for example if you want one big item and two of the same thing in the small package would be equal you can ONLY select a direct replacement like “instead of one large you get one small” where it should be “instead of one large you get two small” but there’s no way to specify that. Buy some get some free is almost NEVER applied or picked up, if a melon is buy one get one free, you order one you will NOT get the free one and there’s no way to leave a note as a reminder for your shopper you get a free item, if you order two you will get two pay for both and not get two free. Unfortunately I’m stuck using this app as it gets worse and worse, hopefully they figure it out and get it back to how it was before. Also now they subsidize their driver with a tip, I already pay a fee for this service so between the fee and the new drivers tip you rarely save money, any money you do save is usually less than the tip they want you to give your driver, Safeway should pay their drivers fairly and stop asking customers to do it for them, when they already pay an additional fee for the service.
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4 years ago, Anita2LosAngeles
Great but could be better
I love a lot about this app and it’s so helpful and I’m so grateful they’ve made this. I use apps for other grocery stores too. So with that in mind, there are a few features I’d love to add to truly make this app a 5 star app. First off I think I should be able to look up items in the store easily using a search function in the app. I do like like how the app seems to change function a bit when I enter a Safeway or Vons store. Also when you scan a product there should be similar product recommendations that pop up as well, even companion products. Buying hot dogs? Suggest to me that I might need mustard and buns and what aisle in my store I can find those in. That’s extremely helpful. Also include the ability to add to my shopping list from the suggested items. Also club cards are connected to phone numbers. Usually a cell. Ask me permission to send text messages and offer me a dollar off coupon for signing up for texts. When I’m in the app creating my list send me a text message asking if I’d like to have those items delivered for free. That would be amazing. These are functions that would be helpful and also beneficial to both the customer and the store because it will retain better that customers business. Why go somewhere else when I have all my needs met in one place? It would be brilliant.
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5 years ago, Katrober319
Great except in store!
Yes I love the Safeway AP! And I purposely don’t use apps from other grocery stores because they are simply not user friendly and drive me crazy. But, of all things, the time it is most difficult to use their AP is when I am in a Safeway store. One would think they would make an effort to make it easy to use in store, but it is quite the opposite. Yes, I often spend time prior to shopping to look through their ads and make my list, yet I still want to use the AP in store especially if I forget to look for a particular item in the process of making my list. I am very annoyed and I know others with this same issue. When annoyed, it often means deleting the AP. I haven’t yet got to that point, but it is getting closer the more I struggle to use the AP while in their store. Also, just updated my Safeway AP and noticed I can no longer look at weekly ad in categories. It merely brings pictures of various flyers and when you click on categories, it plain doesn’t work well. Whatever rather update, please make it easy like before to view weekly ads easily by category. If this isn’t fixed, I will be deleting the AP, as this update seems insane. I do see the new stack coupon feature which is ok although the bright yellow banner is annoying. I was doing well before. I would rather have the stack feature taken away then to live with this update. Please fix!
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3 years ago, Momma25Boyz
The update could’ve been better!
I liked the old app. It was well organized and easy to find what you needed or wanted. All you had to do was click the button and you got the coupon and it added it to your “shopping list”. You could easily add your own items to the list, which I can’t seem to figure out how to do now. The old app showed what aisle the product was on and I can’t seem to find anything like that on this one. On the old app, when you viewed the weekly ad, you could click on an item and add it to your list, but on the new one you cannot do that. It made it convenient because then your shopping list was all in one place. I appreciate that they added the feature of online shopping, but I feel like it could’ve been done with the old version. All that they would’ve had to do was add a button to each item, when you viewed it, that said “add to cart” right by the button that said “add to list”. Another negative is that Safeway has not yet added an option to shop with the state funded food card. Some people, unfortunately, are needing to utilize that program and without this option, they cannot shop online and do the pick up or delivery service so they are forced to go inside or not shop there at all. It just doesn’t feel convenient to me and I have been frustrated by it several times.
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8 months ago, KPM DC
As a pharmacy app, not very good
I only use this app b/c Safeway migrated their pharmacy app to their main app. From that perspective it’s not good. The setup and login are fine and you can manage family members prescriptions here which is good. However the core functionally is poor. The status updates are virtually useless. It take days for prescription sent electronically to the pharmacy to show up in the app and even then most of the time they just sit there showing “in progress” which means nothing. They could be ready, they could be out of it, or it could be waiting for pre-authorization. You basically just have to call the pharmacy every time to find out what’s going on which renders this app basically useless. You can submit refill requests but that doesn’t always seem to work either. Also it sorts with oldest prescriptions first and you can’t change the sort order. You often have the same prescription for the same med listed multiple times which is confusing as you can’t tell which is the “current” one and if you try to refill an older one nothing happens as they won’t do that for you but it doesn’t generate an error so you basically wait for days then have to once again call the pharmacy to get something refilled. All in all this effort is weak and they should try to at the very least replicate the slightly better functionality of their old pharmacy app.
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9 months ago, andysphere
SO Hard to Use, Especially Pharmacy Tools
This app is so hard to use—the interface is confusing, the functions are unintuitive, and the information a user would most want is buried or altogether absent. This is especially true for the pharmacy tools. It’s impossible to tell what prescriptions are ready to be refilled, are being refilled, are ready to be picked up, and are approaching the deadline by which they must be picked up. The “information” is just crammed into a jumbled, grab bag list that is indecipherable, and most of the most important or relevant information is entirely absent. The worst part is that the pharmacy info is flat-out unreliable, which is the worst possible defect from a user’s perspective. If I can’t reliably tell what’s ready to be refilled, what is ready to be picked up, etc., then I just plain can’t trust my prescriptions to the app, and by extension, to Safeway. The old pharmacy app may have looked a little dated, but it worked wonderfully from a user perspective. Please please redesign this app, especially the pharmacy functions, from the ground up to make it easier to use. It has become so hard to use that I may well have to stop using the Safeway pharmacy altogether because the process of requesting refills, getting notified of filled prescriptions, and figuring out the deadline for pickup has become all but impossible. The ridiculously poor design has made moving my pharmacy matters to online filling and shipment seem exponentially easier.
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5 years ago, rjmajlk1
Advertising digital apps = poor customer service
The digital app is so discriminating...if I’m standing at the register and my phone isn’t functioning and opening to the Safeway app with uploaded coupons, or if I’ve forgotten my phone, or if I’m being rushed by the person behind me this advertising app is not working. I have the paper ad in front of me pointing to the cashier and she says “sorry you don’t get this deal unless you go thru your digital app” then this is NOT good customer service. We live 1 mile from Safeway and Albertsons which are coincidentally across the street from each other, I prefer to drive 5 miles to Fry’s who make using their coupons customer friendly. Yesterday on one of my rare Safeway shopping experiences, the cashier actually suspended my purchases and made me go to a different line and start over. My cashier kept saying “I can’t help you, I can’t change prices”. The customer behind me was saying “lady just pay the difference, what is it $2 bucks? I’m in a hurry, go to a different line...” My app wasn’t coming up at the store even though I had previously registered and used it. I had to take all my items to a different register instead of the cashier finishing my transaction. I’m disappointed in Safeway for requiring everyone to use this digital app to get their advertised sale prices. I’ve heard a lot of other complaints from customers saying the same thing. For every written review there are thousands of people thinking the same thing.
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3 years ago, Reneeg91
Watch the prices on stud you scan.
I scan everything that goes in my cart. Basically today when I bought Safeway select buns I scanned the item and it said 1.79 on my screen but when I went through the check out it only deducted .59 making the buns 2.00 as they are regularly priced 2.59. Then I scanned a bolthouse farms drink which is in the produce section of the store. I clipped a coupon for $1 off any produce item and it didn’t take off the $1. I have tried to use the coupon for if you spend $50 in one transaction you get $5 off and I’ve had to tell the store several times that it did not remove that $5 from my total! One time I took my receipt back to the store and received over $11 that I was owed because it was not giving me the correct prices or the just for you prices. I feel like every time I’m in the checkout I have to be on my toes and take pictures of what the app says so I don’t get overcharged. I don’t know if this is just an Apple thing or what the problem is here but it’s SUPER frustrating that I have to keep calling over employees if I do self check out, am holding up the line if I go see a teller or I have to go to customer service to get a refund almost EVERYTIME I am there! If they are doing that to me….it’s probably happening to you too so watch your receipts!
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2 years ago, Momunster
Nicest people; unacceptable customer service. No bandwidth to deliver services it charges for.
Order placed for a friend while she’s COVID+, quarantining, unable to leave home. Safeway sent messages that Ordered was received, assembled, ready for delivery, then *on the way*. Then simply received a new message that order would not be delivered. I called, they had no explanation, order was rescheduled for next day. The next day there is no mention of the order. It simply does not get delivered. Again. I again call and after holding for 45 minutes, customer service recommends I either cancel the order or pick it up myself. If a store does not have the bandwidth or services to deliver orders then it should not offer that service. It is unacceptable that a customer, quarantining & sick from COVID, has not received food for two days in a row because Safeway promised something they could not deliver. Twice. And their resolution is that I pick up the order myself. Unacceptable and extremely disappointing, especially from a store that I love.
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3 months ago, Sabrina Chandra
App is okay, but FreshPass is terrible.
There are great deals available on the app, you can save up to 70% on items. There’s also perks such as $5-10 coupons and free items. The customer service is slow and awful compared to other corporate companies. I ordered delivery twice and had issues both times. The first time, half the order was missing. I understand that items can be out of stock, etc. However, it was ALL the meat/dairy items that were missing, which made me suspicious. Not to mention the fact that the delivery driver was trying to flirt with me, which is very inappropriate. I’m not sure who does the delivery (third-party or in house), but it’s an awful service. Getting a refund for these items has also been a pain. I requested a refund the same day, and they denied it because they said that they were processing a refund already. However, a week later, I learned that they processed the order and I received no refund. I contacted customer service and they said they would escalate the situation. I asked for email receipts for all these refund requests and they failed to provide them. It’s been more than two weeks and I’m still fighting for over $100 in refunds from groceries that I never received. The deals you get on FreshPass vs Safeway Member is not much different. Overall, FreshPass is overpriced, overrated, and in need of major improvements.
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2 years ago, Talon999
Ridiculous for a grocery app
This app starts by outright telling you that Safeway/Albertsons will be keeping track of your devices/personal info that can be obtained and presumably selling that info elsewhere to generate profit from our private personal details, as if literally taking our actual money so we can avoid starving to death isn’t enough. To ensure that Safeway and Albertsons can squeeze every drop of info out of you, you’ll have to make an account before any practical usability of the app can be achieved, even just for things like saving/redeeming a coupon. There is no reason at all why that couldn’t be done without an account. I’d just like to point out this app is for a grocery chain, them even asking for info like they do makes me frankly uncomfortable and appears by all means to be entirely unnecessary. This goes quite disconcertingly with the revelation that Albertsons has confirmed it uses facial recognition technology in many or all of its stores. Being owned by Albertsons, I can’t imagine it’d be any different for Safeway. I remember a time when the stores we shopped at weren’t literally tracking us in every way conceivable. This app is just a thinly-veiled attempt at extracting that data from its customer base. Safeway and Albertsons should both be ashamed for this disgusting attempt at a corporate panopticon.
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7 months ago, Jax760304
Hate the Pharmacy “Update”
The pharmacy app integrated with the grocery app is not helpful. It only makes it an extra step to get into my pharmacy app and I still have to log in separately. The new pharmacy app is far worse than the old one. There are too many messages that are too verbose and still I cannot get to the information I actually need. For example, I am traveling, one of my prescriptions is on automatic refill. I have received multiple, lengthy texts that it is ready to pick up. They do not say when I need to pick it up before it will be restocked. I log onto the app and still cannot find that information. Another example, I tried a new medication that did not work well for me. I got a text from the new app saying they see I have no refills my options were to have them call my dr office (yes), handle on my own (no), or stop all communication from the app (no). I replied “no” that I would handle on my own as I would no longer be taking the medication. A week later, I received the exact same lengthy text message. 😣 ?! Why bother asking if you ignore my answer. Or give me a fourth option if that response is not good enough for you. Let me keep “shopping” and “healthcare” segregated in my personal spaces. And go back to what worked. This new version is clunky and trying too hard!!
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10 months ago, NotoriousMLE
“Linking Pharmacy Account” Misleading
I’ve been using the Safeway pharmacy app and the Safeway app since they were made available. I really liked the Safeway Pharmacy app & was very upset to learn it’s being discontinued at end of June. I received the notifications to switch over, but the language is very misleading. All of my prescription histories are gone on the new app. There is no “linking”; you have to create a new pharmacy profile to use this. I really wish there were a way to simply transfer the features and my account history into my profile. Also, the layout only shows old notifications and not any list of my current prescriptions or refills or purchase history. I just spent over a hundred dollars on one prescription yesterday and I have no credit of the points ( maybe since I didn’t create the new pharmacy profile until after? Even though I’ve also used the phone # linked to my regular Safeway account for all pharmacy purchases for years.)
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12 months ago, cactusscribe
No longer usable!
The functionality of the mobile app has degraded to the point it is no longer usable! I’ve been trying all day to get through my Buy It Again lost. The app loads a handful of items and then stops and “loads”…. Almost every time it’s upwards of a minute of loading, then you get a few more items in the list, and b it loads again. Awful! I shouldn’t have to log on via computer to order. You also can’t reduce the number of items in Buy It Again. You used to be able to. I reached out to tech support as I’d like to remove items I buy once and not have to see them again even time I order. The directions I got didn’t in any way match the functionality on the app. Can’t be done. Even from the computer. And don’t date click on to see details on an item! You can’t go back to the same place you were on the Buy It Again list, you start over. Then when you are able to scroll it’s very slow and jerky. Today despite having updated the app I had to close and reopen it several times. After having to abandon ordering I finally logged on via my computer. That isn’t sufficient in 2023! This app was great before Safeway became Albertsons. Since that change it’s gone downhill steadily. Awful.
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3 years ago, goldenchao
Strangely complicated
This app just had updates and it is strangely complicated. I’ve “clipped” coupons that end up not working and no one at my store who I’ve asked understands how the app works. In the past I had to clip coupons but then separately add them to my basket for some reason. It was confusing but I got it to work. Now they updated the app and I dont trust that the coupons will work, because they didn’t last time, and so I am going to avoid those situations where you buy something you only half want based on the sale. The design is a bit confusing to me as well, with a lot of things to look at and sort through. With the update the graphics are nicer but the user interface is not, and may even be worse. Things I like are that you can look up coupons for past purchases quickly, and you can search for coupons easily enough. When it works, Ive saved a lot. Best to look at it before you shop though, because sometimes it is slow on my phone unless I am near the front of the store. Maybe just a bad reception issue, or maybe the app is data intensive. Not sure.
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4 years ago, L.maui
Price errors
As a loyal customer of Safeway for over 30 years I have become both disappointed and angry in recent months at my shopping experiences. As many, I live on a budget and look for sales and coupons to determine how I will plan my week. Especially living in Hawaii where food costs are very high. I began noticing errors on my receipt about 8 months ago. At first I thought it was just that, an error however I was upset that it meant another trip to the store to get credit and more upset when after waiting in line for customer service, that I was challenged to prove the error, which I always was able to do with their sales paper. In the last 8 months I have NEVER found zero errors , having been overcharged, for one item $12, on a visit. Now after checking out I stop before leaving and review my entire receipt and inevitably then get in line at customer service for a refund. Each time challenged and never receiving an apology for their error! At this point the only conclusion I can make is that this is a ploy to overcharge customers, most who probably do not take the time to carefully review each item on the receipt. With the new system at checkout, it is impossible to follow and check for accuracy. CUSTOMERS AT SAFEWAY, BEWARE!!!! YOU ARE BEING OVERCHARGED!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, RescuednCA
Good but app is buggy
We love ordering while watching TV and simply driving to the store and having groceries delivered to the car. The app, though, has issues almost every time. Main ex: you get a text saying your purchase is ready for pick-up. It includes a url to tap before you leave the house to let them know you’re on the way. Instead, that url takes you simply to the app with nothing evident regarding letting them know you’re on the way. It never works. Instead you have to drive there, call the number on the sign and wait. So, they come, it’s just unnecessarily a delayed process because they don’t know you’re on the way. A less significant issue with the app is when you’re in the selection process, the app keeps going back up a page or so from what you just ordered. So, you have to constantly have to page down to get to where you left off. Neither of these issues are huge and thus the 4 star rating. Oh, finally, I see no way to provide this feedback directly to Safeway and thus this review vs. direct feedback.
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3 years ago, Ck1122334
Love app and the deals but the Deli in our home store is horrible
I truly appreciate the Safeway app and savings. The cashiers and self check assistants are all very nice. I would have given 5 stars if it were bit fir the poorly managed Hot Deli in this store, it simply the worst I’ve ever encountered in a Safeway store. Chinese food any time after lunch seams as if it’s been sitting in the hot case all day! Same with baked and fried chicken, very hard and super dry. They can’t seem to keep traditional chicken strips in house to save there lives! Always out during peak hours and busy days, dinner hours and weekends, especially Sundays. Not just none in the case, every time I ask, they do not have any to cook. The large cold French bread sandwiches, in the deli case are just thrown together and sloppy. These used to be my go-to for dinner when they didn’t have strips. None of this would be an issue except we live in a small town with limited options for quick substantial dinner options, so when I have to constantly turn to pizza or fast food to fill this need it’s extremely disappointing.
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5 years ago, Philipm717
App isn’t working
I would give the app 5 stars but it hasn’t been working for over a week. When it was working, right before it started crashing every time I’d try and open it, I had multiple experiences where the deals I’d loaded didn’t take affect when I was checking out. It was really embarrassing having to tell the cashier that I didn’t have enough money for the purchase because a handful of the coupons weren’t working. Not only did I have to put things back because of the app malfunction, I was also completely embarrassed. Now, an app that I used to love, has me terrified of using it. How am I supposed to know whether or not it’s going to decide to work this time or crash? My family and I have been shopping at Safeway for over 25 years. I’m really disappointed in the inconsistency of this app, and the awkward situations I’ve been put in because of it. I spend easily $10,000 a year here on groceries, and sadly I’m probably going to take up shopping somewhere else such as Raleys instead.
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2 years ago, Jennipurrneko
Great app to save
There should be a tutorial or something to help you navigate the app and explain how to actually use the coupons during checkout in store as it’s very simple once you figure out but quiet confusing when you just download the app and are trying to figure it out on your own. For anyone who was like me you must add the coupons to your list prior to shopping this may take a while if you have just created your account for me it wasn’t working for a while when I first made it but a couple hours later I was able to add coupons to my list. If you’re doing self check out there should be an option on the screen to enter your phone number. Enter it and then scan your items and you’ll see the coupons being applied if they are valid. Overall I really like this app I just wished I wouldn’t have had to spent a long time having to figure this out as it’s very simple but wasn’t made very clear on the app.
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2 years ago, IG: Live2dye_tie dye
Must Do!!!
This app has been amazing! Saving while using my rewards card/phone number, has always helped and the savings on gas are crucial. DOWNLOAD the app and choose from multiple coupons and even 2-5x rewards points on some products. Not only have I built up my rewards while saving, I’ve realized that you can use your rewards for more than just gas. I can select the offers that best fit my budget… $10-30 off your groceries, free products(valued +/- $30) and many more. I know this probably sounds like a “bot” review but I promise I’m just a regular person. I prefer spend my money having fun in life, not paying an arm and a leg for groceries, just to exist and put gas in my car. Take a few moments to select you coupons before you arrive at the store or even look them up while shopping. Press “clip coupon” and you’re done!😎 Just make sure to enter your phone number at checkout or scan your barcode.
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8 months ago, lawmeander
Totally bogus in practice.
Safeway Just For You savings is great in theory, but you will rarely get the savings you spent a half hour clipping on the app. At the store, the digital coupons I have clipped most often do not show up on the checkout machines. I have to ask a cashier to manually input each digital coupon. Occasionally, some digital coupons will show up, but never all of those selected in the app. Unless I have time to notice that I did not receive the promised discount and then wait for a cashier to assist me, I just have to accept that Safeway does not wish to honor their Digital Coupons and I have to leave the store without receiving the promised discounts. Today at the register, I received ZERO of the 7 Digital Coupons entered on my Safeway Just For You app. The cashier was able to correct 4 of them, but there wasn't time to go through each item to obtain all the promised discounts. Today's experience was extreme, but I never have a shopping trip where all the Digital Coupons so carefully entered are actually honored. Although, Safeway is the closest supermarket, my response to their not honoring their Digital Coupons is to do more of my shopping elsewhere.
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3 years ago, Toledya
You’ve taken the joy out of grocery shopping!! First and appears that the complaints are all the same....too many steps to get coupon credit....for the past 2 years!! Why can’t we just click on the product and it goes into the shopping basket?? Why make us take extra steps to get it there?? Why can’t you make a separate list for weekly coupons and Just4U instead of making us go through list after list to find them!! And the worst.....being overcharged at checkout!! Every single time I shop here, I am not credited for a sale item. How frustrating to go home, read the receipt and have to return to the store and have to ‘prove’ the error!! I’ve even had your employee go through my phone insisting I must’ve done something wrong. NOT!! Or how about the time you had a clerk go down the aisles with me to find the price I was supposed to get....just to prove I was right!! Such nonsense. Fix your app and train your employees ....the customer is always right!
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3 years ago, shayes5973
Hire new IT team
This is one of the worst apps I have to use. Items from the weekly ad show up in wrong categories. I.e. can goods under deli or frozen items. After saving to your list half the time you can’t open the item to get the price or see if there is a limit. Some items on sale or just for you are not the correct price when you check out. I check my receipt and get money back almost every time. For a multi million dollar company I would think you could get a computer program that worked correctly. You are stealing money from people who don’t check their receipts every day. I got a reply to contact you. I’ve done that to no avail. I have called your corporate office and spoke to the store manager and nothing has changed. I have confirmed with staff at the multiple local stores that it is not just me but the kind of thing I see even happens to them. I check my receipt before I leave the store and almost always get money back before I leave the store. Those who don’t check their receipts are being deceived and ripped off. Test your own system, talk to your employees and fix the system. The burden is on you to fix it.
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1 year ago, honeypwease
New grocery store
I am from SoCal so I don’t have a Safeway. But after going to the University in Norcal, Safeway was basically the new Winco. at first I was going to the grocery store naturally, but then I realize that they have an app which helps when it comes to accessing the deals and coupons that Safeway provides. but the app makes it so convenient to pick up groceries. Since again, I live in the dorms, I don’t think it’s wise to have them delivered because groceries have been getting stolen. I also like how there are timeslots for you to pick up your groceries. And depending on which Safeway you go to the pick up spots are right in front, but there have been some Safeway’s where is the pick up spot are behind the Safeway. if you do go to Safeway on a daily basis, I would totally recommend using this app and preparing your groceries the night before so you can pick them up early in the morning.
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3 years ago, MarSue1
Major problems with the APP!
II would like to be able to add all the offers at once, instead of one at a time. I can’t use the APP within the Safeway stores. the offers, it takes a long time, often cannot bring them up. The Safeway stores that I frequent do not have wifi and I cannot load the coupons or look at the app on my phone. Should I wish to click on the coupons, I can only click on about five in a row before the app says it is backed up and cannot load them. I would like an option to load all at once. Takes too much time! The scan does not work in SAFEWAY if they do not have wifi for their customers! I am sitting here in a laundromat trying to bring up the app, and the offers will not download, so it is not my wifi! It is problems with the app! The checkout lines are long. I have a friend from out of town who says he won’t ever shop at this Safeway again. He expected to run in and out, instead it took 45 minutes.
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4 years ago, TrashKeeper
I only rated the 5 stars due to how I use to be. The Safeway Store at Ray Rd and McQueen is always under stock and short of help. I got up early for the senior shopping hour at 6:00AM and wanted meat on sale and waited 45 minutes and no butchers. I finally found a manager and he did not know when they would come in. He came back and says they come in at 8:00am. I call Albertsons and they had butchers and the Ribs roast I was looking for at Safeway. I been shopping at Safeway from the time they open. The Fry’s store is next door to us but I like shopping at Safeway. I had made many friends at Safeway but I will not waste my time at Safeway anymore. My wife go to Fry’s and they are fully stocked on everything. I guess I will have to make a change. Albertsons appears to be a better store to shop. I would hope you would think about the old customers that been shopping for YEARS.
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1 year ago, bellybuttonchronicles
Great for coupons but…
Unable to redeem rewards at any point. Super frustrating. Safeway is a nice store, more expensive than others but always has a better selection of meats, veggies, etc…I use the coupons often to try to save but the rewards system never works. The cashiers are unable to assist and customer service counter isn’t much assistance either. I have redeemed rewards countless times but they never work and the employees can’t explain why this is the case. When you buy 2 bags of groceries for $200 it’s important to be able to spread the meals and essentials out. I have found myself shopping at other grocery store chains as I seem to save more money during this inflation esp when you try so hard to clip and save, earn rewards to no avail. I give Safeway 3 stars because it’s always a clean store with easy to find products but take off 2 stars due to the ridiculously expensive prices and the inability to redeem rewards and often times clipped coupons do to apply.
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2 years ago, christineyxd
Love the concept, needs improvement
I order pickup all the time using the app and it’s very useful. Pickup is so easy and it has saved me so much time. I also really like how there are meal prep ideas in the app. However, several things have made it difficult to make my orders. For some reason the app is extremely laggy when I try to search. I’ll type in my search and it takes 5-10 seconds for it to appear in the search bar. Another thing that confuses me in the app is when I’m trying to buy produce or fruit. It only shows price per item, which is super weird when you’re buying things like bananas. My last complaint is the coupons. It seems to only work sometimes. If there are multiple deals for the item, you can’t seem to pick which coupon to use. Sometimes I’ll add something to my cart which meets the requirements but the discount doesn’t apply. I shop at Safeway all the time and I love how much time this app saves me, but please fix some of these bugs!
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5 years ago, Fullcart
New Stackables Don’t Work
Your new system of stacking the coupons sounds good, but in the end doesn’t work. I just bought Crest toothpaste and it was $4.50 and a one-time offer price of $2.99. Then, like in the past, there was another special offer of $2 off. Therefore in the end, it should have been $.99. Not the case after I found it on my receipt at home. Changing the way to find the coupons is good, but that also needs to be reflected in the application of those coupons. If a coupon can’t be stacked with a one-time offer, then it shouldn’t be put together. A frustrating start to your new system. Plus, I’m finding today, once I add the stackables, the individual offers still appear. If I hit the add button, it should remove the other variations from my options list. Your coupons and offers are listed as options of variants of similar-branded items, but perhaps this cross-over if multiple items is the problem. It’s not pulling all the options, but I’m assuming if I go to use these, that I will only get one option of them. I like the Safeway app and love the special pricing options based on what I buy, but honestly I liked it better to find the additional coupons and choose to implement those as I wanted. I also greatly appreciate the rewards and how easy they are to use. Overall the app is good, but this new stacking option either is not fully implemented yet or just complicating things more.
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3 years ago, Sm safeway employee
Don’t like the update.
It made it more complicated to look at and they got rid of the category’s when searching through the coupons. So I takes longer to scroll down and check which items you want to clip. I’ve had customers walk up to me and say they didn’t like the update. Older folks were still trying to understand the basic app before hand , but this update makes it even difficult for them to understand what is going on. And the scan button doesn’t even work. I’ve checked on my app and on a customers when he asked me for help. Either update it back to make it more simple again , or atleast update it again to have the app working like it should. It was fine before , I don’t understand why you had to change everything. You’re lucky some older folks even download the app , and it’s sad to say , that with this update , I’m sure more costumers would be upset and probably won’t use this app. Thank you for taking the time in reading this , and I hope it gets better after this.
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5 months ago, MelissaMarquardt
Improvement needed, but not bad
This is one of the only grocery store apps I’ve used that doesn’t indicate what aisle to find the items you’ve added to your cart and/or your shopping list in the app. This is frustrating for me because it’ll often indicate an item is “in stock” at my Safeway but, whether or not it’s one of the items that shows what general section/area it’s in, I often end up searching around the store not finding it and feeling like I’m on a wild goose chase to find where they’ve randomly placed it or moved it to. I also have to eat a gluten-free diet so it’s also frustrating to find items in-stock that are gluten-free in the app (thanks to its helpful diet preference filters) but then not be able to find 80% of them in the store, especially since their gluten-free items are sprinkled throughout the store (for the most part), with the exception of a tiny un-signed gluten-free frozen items section in one of the frozen areas. Other than those lacking points, it’s a great grocery app, especially with their “meal plan” feature where you can browse recipes based on diet, preferences, meal type, etc. and then add all the needed ingredients for the recipe you’ve chosen to your Safeway app cart. Always lots of great ideas/inspiration in the app also and tons of helpful filters. If they just made the mentioned improvement to it, it would really be a great app and make me want to shop there solely for all my groceries.
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5 years ago, blahblah_blah564+564+564
Could be better
This app is easy to use and I can keep a running list of groceries until I place my order. I get coupons that I wouldn’t have seen if I were in the store and I still get my club card savings. The Safeway people pick better produce than I do and I’m saving money because now I see the prices in the app and it’s easier to compare them side by side. What could improve: 1. the default “item preferences” are “same brand different size” which no one wants, at least I don’t. Upon picking up my first order, the Safeway manager explained that it is a hard for them to get another size in the same brand because they don’t always carry it. I got a ton of chicken that I didn’t want but didn’t realize there even were item preferences. Then I said that those are the default preferences and I didn’t actually make those choices. Then she said “ohhh that makes sense because we thought everyone was choosing this option and we couldn’t figure out why.” A different default would be good like “different brand same size” every time. Or “no substitutions”. Or let us choose the default we like most for our orders in the whole with the option to change other individual item preferences on a case by case basis. 2. It would be nice to see the item preferences when looking over my list, having them be visible without opening each one up. Just small radio buttons with the options but no drop down. Use the drop down only for comments.
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6 years ago, Kj Seattle
Love app but wish had few improvements
I absolutely love the Safeway app though I wish that the developers would make a few changes to make it more user-friendly. The fact that you have to go to two sections to get offers is quite confusing to some I know I’ve had to explain it to both my mother and grandmother so I can explain why it is the way it is. It just makes it confusing for those individuals that are Ness text savvy as some of us. My favorite part is at the end of check out in the store when they hit the balance due and all the minuses pop up and start deducting from my total due. That’s win this girl does her happy dance in the middle of the grocery store and get laughed out but I don’t care saving money is what it’s all about. Thank you Safeway after years of shopping elsewhere due to high prices I am back and will be a loyal customer as long as you keep it up.
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2 years ago, Dariacool
I am so tired of this app that is so undependable. Frequently a sticker will showing on the shelf for on an item in the store as “U-Save”, I’ll look it up on the app, and it is not there. Other times I find the item in the app, I select it, I go to check out, (and it’s on me for not checking my receipt before I leave), I get home only to find that I did not get the savings price. I don’t think I should work so hard having to check everything that this app is supposed to do as well as what Safeway should be in putting into their own system, I’m tired of always having to go to customer service to get things straightened out, as well as just eating the cost once I get home because it’s not worth driving back to the store. It takes a lot of energy and effort to make sure that everything is done right to save a buck. They really need to step up their game on this app.I miss the days (and that is a long time ago when I was the kid) when I remember checkers would call out the price as they rung up items. It really helped to catch things that were mispriced at the time.
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5 years ago, Dave R 50
I’m disappointed!
I have LOVED the Safeway app. and I used it every week, until recently! Of all the store apps I have used I like the Safeway app best because it was different than most it was simple and easy to navigate, with one touch I could add an item to my list. with this latest version 7.5 now the "Weekly Adds" it displays a newspaper ad so I have to skim through the whole news paper taking even more time making it even more work, and if I'm interested in an item I touch that item then when that window opens up depending on the quality of my service I have to hit another add button to add it to my list. Again adding to the time and energy it takes to make my list. Your making it less easy to use!!! And it now looks like the many other store apps that I don't like. A few versions ago I had 3) three easy options. 1. to "View all offers" I liked best, because in just a short time I'm able to look at all the offers in one pass-through. 2. Choose the "just for U" or 3. the "Weekly ads". All in the same good simple format with one touch add to list. So with the new Version 7.5 I have to look separately through the "Just for U" then again through the "weekly ads" newspaper add making it a lot more work. I'm definitely not in favor of this new version and would prefer to go back to older version if I could.
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8 months ago, aloha is my life
My Safeway is 888 Kapahulu Avenue, from the management to the team workers, which are the cashiers this is the best. The people here give you a feeling of gratitude. They are happy to see the regular customers and are happy to see the tourists. The lady cashiers are very helpful, I’m not saying that the men aren’t, they are also. Mr Bill is always such a great person, he went to retrieve the products from the shelves when I was not able to reach them. Ms Misty has been a big help to me on several occasions, very nice lady. Ms Timmaree is really nice too. I can’t say that anyone that works at my Safeway does not go beyond their normal job. They all do a great job keeping the store clean and stocked and I have never asked a question or for help and never got it. They’re a great bunch. Thank you, please give them a raise and I don’t mean two feet off the floor!
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8 months ago, popsonna
New update is awful
I have used the Safeway app for years now. While it was not perfect (the aisle feature never worked at my local store) I would have rated it four stars. However, the recent update makes it very hard to use. This week I tried to make my list as I have for years. When entering an item, the earlier version would add a general item (like scallions or Mac n cheese) to the list in its proper category. Now it shows you a bunch of items to buy online first, then actual items on the shelves that you must search through to pick one. If your item is not there, you can add the generic item, but it is not categorized. If you choose an actual item that is on sale, but the sale ends before you go to the store, that item disappears. The only positive addition in the new version is being able to build a list based on things you have recently bought. As a loyal Safeway customer for over 25 years and app user since it was introduced, I am very disappointed and hope the new version will be fixed quickly.
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2 years ago, prettymsdance
Wish it had more
Update: The new app update doesn’t recognize Essentia Water. Now I can’t see if the store has it in stock or on sale. It’s not on the app at all. When I search for it, it brings up Vitamin Water and only one flavor of it. I don’t know what was updated, but it definitely doesn’t recognize certain waters now. Old: To make this 5 stars, it should allow receipts to be automatically added and also manually scanned or typed in after each purchase when we type our club number in. Walmart seems to have the perfect app now that they fixed the discrepancies with online and in-store stock. Please take notes from them. I would also like to know what aisle numbers items are in for each store, since the technology is there. I love Safeway, but I hate ordering something that was in stock, and then all of a sudden I get to the store and it’s not in my order. Many times I have found that the item was never an item that was sold in that particular store, so I got my hopes up for nothing. Please make this app as good as the Walmart one! Thanks!
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2 months ago, RunLevelZero
Slow to clip coupons once again
January 2024: Stop slowing us down please when clipping coupons. I don’t understand why this continues to happen over and over. Updated august 2022: Thank you for making the app responsive even with haptic feedback. It’s very quick to clip coupons. I can do it in less than a few minutes again. I love how it brings the deals to the top as you clip. That’s also a big time saver and makes it easier to find and clip the coupons. Nice work! Previous review: The haptic feedback is so annoying. Please at least provide an option to turn it off. The app takes so long to use just to clip coupons. Please allow us to quickly clip coupons again and a visual indicator of what has been clipped and what hasn’t. The app is useful and I use it once a week but it’s just so frustrating to tap, wait and wait, then tap another coupon because the haptic feedback is so slow. It doesn’t change the way I clip coupons AT ALL. I don’t mind the game. It’s kinda fun and you can exit out if you just need to clip and go.
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4 weeks ago, Nonna5388
When will a tipping option be added!
Never thought I would shop for groceries online. But Covid changed everything. I love shopping Safeway online. The whole process has improved immensely from order placement to the quality & correctness of the orders. However, it is still frustrating that for delivery in the San Jose area (where I live) & the store the delivery comes from there is no option for online tipping. It is frustrating to always have to make sure I have appropriate denominations so I can tip by cash. Walmart makes it so easy. Not only can you leave a tip you can increase or decrease within 24 hrs of delivery. This is a great feature for when there are issues or when driver goes above and upon. My understanding is it is offered in some places, not all. Is there something in the works to include this for all locations? Thank you. Only reason it got 3 stars. This is a big issue for me. Fix the tipping an it’s a 5.
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3 months ago, tjane08
Crashes often
I love using this app to clip coupons and create pick-up orders because of the convenience of doing it from my home versus shop in person. Unfortunately, my virtual cart has been emptied multiple times due to app crashes, or my coupons “unclip” that I clipped because when it crashes it doesn’t keep the info. It keeps forgetting my store so I have to keep resetting it as it selects a store further away from my location. Also, it seems that the really good coupons (like $10 off grocery purchase this week) are hidden versus advertised, which makes good business sense, but it makes me feel tricked when I find it toward the “bottom”. The good: shopping history is nice to have, getting to see the itemized amount in your cart (some stores don’t have that), and overall it makes for more mindful shopping and I am grateful for the service…even though it’s a sticky app that could use improvement :)
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6 years ago, SKirtonBear2
App is worse than ever!
Been using the app since its first arrival. I’m ready to use another store whose rewards card doesn’t expect the user to spend a half hour filling it up with coupons, while eliminating their own gas rewards with useless grocery rewards that expire. It has undergone many changes, most of them forcing the user to work quite hard to fill their rewards card with savings. Lately, it now causes unaware users to use up their gas rewards with grocery “rewards” which really are coupons you may never redeem because the item is out of stock, you weren’t aware you had to pick up the item when your family sent you and now it’s expired, or you weren’t aware that you are taking your gas rewards away with a grocery item you didn’t really want or need. First they removed the Shopping List and after many, many complaints and requests from users everywhere it took two years before they put it back in only to change your options so that you couldn’t add only items you planned on purchasing, but every item you had added as a coupon. After the developer claimed to have fixed that my family gave up using the app, though I continued. The store staff is wonderful. The app is a terrible way to force its customers to view every item individually that has a sale price to fill their card up with coupons. It doesn’t always function properly and it expects you to spend too much time working for your shopping needs.
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1 year ago, Bethiness
Mostly good
For the most part, this has been a good app. I’ve used it for years. The part that really, really annoys me, is that when you’re in Safeway, and your about to go check out, only to find out the app has been updated! Grrr. They disable the old app, so you have to stand there in the store looking like an idiot, cause you can’t get in line to check out yet, since you don’t know how long it will take to download the new version on the store’s WiFi. Once you download the new version, you may or may not be able to find the same saws. This last time, I opened the new app to find the discount on the vegetable broth I was ablout to buy was GONE!! I’ve had this happen more than once, and it’s pathetic. It doesn’t have to be this way Safeway!! Why disable the old app, especially when people are in a hurry?!?!? Do you honestly think I have time to make sure I have the latest version every time I go buy groceries??
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3 years ago, Simplemom 2012
New Updated App Lost Features
I’ve been using this app for years and I’m disappointed in this update. The recent update makes things harder to find like current rewards. If you click on a deal, like a $5 meal deal, you can’t click on the offer to see what the specific items are like you used to. The app also won’t enlarge photos or text if you pinch them on your screen so you can look at the product. The coupon barcodes that are attached to shelf tags for you to scan with the app are so tiny they don’t easily scan like they used to. If you get one to scan the click to add button is hidden below the image so you think by scanning the coupon you’ve added it but I’ve lost out on over $20 if savings because the “add” button wasn’t visible and the store told me they can’t refund the money because I didn’t have the coupon scanned at the time of purchase. There should be an add all button for coupons available like other retailers have. Disappointed!
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2 months ago, Wildchatt
Clunky & sometimes useless
Other stores’ app’s tell you what aisle a product is on, not Safeway’s. This one also is hard to use when forced to scan/clip the digital coupon, especially on the top shelf. It forces us to snap it off the shelf so it can be scanned at the proper angle w/o glare interfering with clipping the Just For You “coupon” App also doesn’t work for grocery pickup. The sign says use the app to save time when alerting staff we are there. Finally went in-clerk told me to always call-the app doesn’t work🤦‍♀️ How about don’t have that on the sign? Thankful they finally made my rewards number once again able to be read on the app when using self-checkout. I only bring my phone to shop so I don’t have to worry about my purse being stolen. I like the app, but it seems like it’s been made deliberately clunky to keep us from getting the discounts.
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11 months ago, PoohBear39
Great Saves, not so Great App
I’ve been a shopper at Safeway/Vons my whole life and have always liked their deals. Even more so when Just4U started. Want to start by saying the deals on this app are huge and helpful however the app itself needs tons of work. For starters half the time it flat out doesn’t work. I try and clip a deal and it shows clipped but when I go to my list it shows nothing and says there was a server issue. Ironically enough the only time I get the app to properly work and allow me to clip deals is in the parking lot of the store. My biggest issue is one I just experienced for the first time. App said I had a deal clipped in the “deals” section but when I went to “my list” it was no where to be found but I trusted it saying it was clipped. Fast forward and I end up paying $8 instead of $2 for 2 dozen eggs cuz the app flat out lied to me. Didn’t notice till I got home and looked at the receipt.
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8 months ago, Lmcade
Just keeps getting worse and worse with every update.
I used to use this app all the time, with these last few up dates the app has become increasingly worse. You can’t add more than 5 things to your cart without it freezing. Then wait for it to be able to relaunch and then none of your items are in the cart that you just looked up. If I wasn’t Covid positive, I’d go shopping myself. Also, does Safeway/Albertsons usually discriminate against those less fortunate? Because for some reason, your EBT card never seems to be working. And then I read from other reviews that the coupons from this app that you are required to use to be able to get any discount rarely actually get applied. This seems like some pretty serious fraud and I might forward these comments to the BBB and our attorney general. Discrimination is against the law and people that either can’t afford a smart phone or have disabilities and can’t use a smart phone should still have the same access as all financially and physically able people.
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