Saks Fifth Avenue

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Saks Fifth Avenue
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9 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Saks Fifth Avenue

4.88 out of 5
212.6K Ratings
1 year ago, horsetiger10
My feedback
I’ve used SAKS app now for several years, that’s why they had “pegged” me to do a review. I’m a loyal person here at SAKS because they’re good to me. I’ve been handed a hefty seven hundred dollar limit. I maxed it out but paid it down in time. I really do like the outlet store and they do offer quality items in my opinion. It’s actually not a far commute to hit the store but my preference is the app because at this minute I’m without a vehicle but I’ll get my item shipped. I hope you have good luck with the app, my issue was that one card had been paid off but it remained in the system and caused confusion but they did address the problem later on. All in all I love the app because it’s very easy to navigate and sift through and thanks for reading this!
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2 years ago, Ittyprecious
Worst functioning app. It’s embarrassing
Saks digital team, few things make me as frustrated and angry is attempting to actually use your app to shop. Despite every update that gets pushed, the result is always the same: 1) the search function takes minutes to actually load. I don’t know what integration you all have between the app and your inventory but whatever it is it needs to be redone immediately. It takes MINUTES and often doesn’t actually load. 2) if I use the navigation to shop instead of Search, and I filter it down to my specific size and color is that I’m interested in, let’s just say the app says 670 results are available. I scroll and yet I only get about 80 and then I have to repeatedly try to re-push the page to update to see beyond that. What in the actual world is going on with this app?? It’s heavy. It’s clunky. It’s cumbersome. And I don’t have any of these issues with the Mytheresa app or others. Please invest more in truly improving the shopping experience otherwise you will find people simply go to other retailers.
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2 years ago, Rainy126
Great products/Great Price
I’m so happy that I downloaded the Saks App! People told me that I wouldn’t see up to date products! How wrong people are! So glad I went with my past experiences from years ago, dealing with the store itself! The App is a terrific way to go shopping without everyone else touching or grabbing the same products that’s you wanted to look @ first! No grabbing/ just submitting your order and waiting for it to arrive in the mail! No tolls, no traffic, no drama! Excellent way to shop, at still, one of the finest stores, I’ve ever gone to! Now through the internet, yay, and the packaging make you feel like it’s Christmas! I like to treat myself well! For years I cared for everyone else! Now it’s My Time!!!! Hurray to Saks!! 💜☮️✝️
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4 years ago, Drag rile
Worst Shopping App
This is the only shopping app where after clicking on an item and then expecting to return to the same place so one can easily move on to view the next set of items, one is directed back to the very beginning over and over again instead of being redirected back to where one left off. For this reason, I never use this app unless my size is out of stock at the other luxury stores. This is the worst app for shopping the luxury market because a lot of time is wasted scrolling back down to where you left off after clicking on an item I am interested in. This does not happen with many apps at lower end stores so I am shocked at the poor performance of this app for SFA.
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4 years ago, Single Voice
Helpful text alerts!
Having left a charming little Michael Kors top in my Saks shopping bag some time ago, I recently got a text reminding me it was still there waiting for me. My first thought was that it was still there because I hadn't wanted it, but I checked anyway. To my surprise, it was very much to my liking. I probably hadn't purchased it when I initially found it because it was at the height of the winter months, and the top is more suitable for warmer weather. Now that Spring isn't so far off, the top is more appealing. I was grateful for Sak’s text and purchased the top straight away. Obviously, reminding customers that they have left an item or two in their shopping bag is marketing 101, but my item had been there for some time, and, in this case, it was the timing of the text that made it effective for Saks and helpful to me.
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4 years ago, GymratKittyKat
Easy check out
I enjoy the app given the easy check out. Saks also allows you to use/submit multiple gift cards for a single purchase. I ask for Saks gift cards every holiday and their app and even the website makes it simple to apply them. My only suggestion would be to make it mandatory to list the exact country of origin on every item, many times it just says imported. Given everything recently in the world I would like the choice of knowing this. Otherwise Saks is always supportive, and wonderful about returns, sales, promos etc. In general happy overall!
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2 years ago, yesimthatmom
Very disappointed
The customer service call center was one of the rudest I’ve come across! Our order was lost in the warehouse it never left (which was an order of over $1,200) and it took them over 3 months to correct this problem and this was because we had to call weekly to push for them to help us! we were willing to take the product not a refund, we actually drove 2.5 hrs to the nearest store to buy the shoes. They were for a very important occasion. At the end of the day they sent us a gift card for the amount 🙄 instead of my original payment… my debit card, from my bank where my hard earned money goes. Now I’ve got to drive once again to the nearest store to spend this card cause I refuse to ever put myself in the position to have to call that customer service… on the other hand the Saks at the North Star Mall in San Antonio Tx has AMAZING workers!
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4 years ago, cheriwhitaker
The Shopping Experience
Just a note re the shopping experience. It would be helpful to have ‘details’ or ‘sizing’ reviews under items. For instance, for most shoes I’m an 8 1/2, but for some I’m a 9. I just ordered a pair of Rag and Bone high- tops and was contemplating which size. Luckily, I found them on the Nordstrom site (but in colors I wasn’t interested in). So I was fortunate to read their review that ‘they run small-order 1/2 size up). Came back to your site and just ordered them in a 9 rather than 8 1/2. Also, it would be SO helpful if you would go back to including a return label with purchases. My printer is often on the blink, and it would make things so much easier. I live in Santa Barbara, and since you closed my beloved Saks here, it is not convenient to return in-store down in Los Angeles. Thanks
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3 years ago, elEktr@¡248
Most horrible app & customer service
Worst shopping app amongst all the department stores. If your time is precious and want the basic quality service one would expect when spending thousands of $, Neiman Marcus/ Bergdorf Goodman do a much better job. This app either constantly crashes or freezes at any possible time - filtering searches is a literal nightmare cos it takes more than 15 sec, if not minutes when you’re lucky, to check one tab. Many system glitches in the past few months. All they do is that as if they want you to NOT shop here. Taking thousands of dollars from me and providing a customer service that’s not even as good as a random online store? Many, not just several, frustrating situations where I had to deal with their equally frustrating customer service. The wait took hours and sometimes the system fails to connect you when it’s you’re turn, and you end up having to start over again. Multiple representatives seemed as if they don’t even speak English or human words altogether - also passive aggressive, sarcastic attitude. What’s even worse if sometimes after all that unprofessional behaviors, they don’t get the job done. You end up having wasted hours and the issues remains unsolved.
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2 years ago, Give unloved
How is it THIS bad
Saks has been my go-to department store for years, but I struggle to wrap my head around how bad the app is. Yes, it’s slow and there are other grievances that many apps just have in general (not responding to…the buttons on the app 🙄, randomly unable to click, taking FOREVER to load when you click on an item to add to wishlist or are scrolling to another page), but Saks prices on the web browser vs. in the app are constantly different. I don’t get it. Sales are rarely reflected properly in the app. No other department store or brand’s apps have such a major app flaw. I’ve abandoned my Saks cart in favor or Neiman Marcus or Net-A-Porter because I just find it so ridiculous and frustrating to use. Please fix this. It’s embarrassing to be a brand of this luxury and tenure and your phone app is this terrible.
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2 years ago, ryannalrashid
Hands down one of the worst apps ever. It takes forever to load, every single time. It often takes ten minutes to view my past orders. I never used an app so slow in my life. Every time they have a sale and I try to buy the item., I purchase it and they come back a week later saying sorry it’s out of stock. It has happened to me over a dozen times. They need to get with the times with technology, online and customer service or they will go out of business too.
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3 years ago, New orchid
My feedback
I’ve used this app for approximately five years with little to no complaints. The product is laid out in a very logical way and other products are shown so you get a birds eye view of the different scents. I was about to click on something but another option came up so I clicked the section option because it was more appealing. I’ve gotten clothing and makeup on the app and it’s been, for the most part, perfect. I’d prefer if they would allow payment section and face recognition.
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3 years ago, LisaVKT
Too slow
Also, I have logged off this site several times in the middle of shopping because after one views an item (in a list of items), the App/site does not return you to the spot you were viewing! Both App & site returns viewer back to the top of the list, not where you were looking at the item! One cannot just “resume” scrolling. You have to re-scroll down to the item you just looked at to look past it. Ridiculous. Fix this problem!
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2 years ago, RSK848
Saks Shopping On Line, with the App:
I have always loved to shop at Saks. Now I have discovered how easily I may shop from my home at Saks, on line. I downloaded the app from the app store to my iPhone. There are plentiful choices to make once one logs into Saks account. I just used a Mothers’ Day gift card I had received and my credit card to pay after I ordered my choice of clothing. Everything appears to me to be convenient and safe, easy to order and to choose a shipping method. I love using the Saks app!
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3 years ago, lara atasi
The new app is very slow
I usually never write reviews, but I’m very frustrated with the new app. The newest Saks app is really slow and it does NOT sync data from saved items in the cart easily. Also, it’s hard to go to the wishlist or search items through the new app. The old app version was much better and much faster! Bring back the old app or improve this one!!! This NEW app DOES NOT WORK!! It’s impossible to do a search in it. I’ll stop shopping at Saks until it gets fixed. It keeps lagging.
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2 years ago, iBuds
Where is the Search Button
I’m actually kind of surprise that a luxury department store still can’t get its act together when it comes to building a viable app. The search feature doesn’t work. Every time I hit search the only thing that appears is “recommended searches”. In addition if I click “Designers” you have to literally scroll down until in order to find the brand. I wish Saks would look at Bloomingdale’s app. It is by far the gold standard of retail apps.
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2 years ago, Bianquiluli
Saks App
I’m very pleased with my experience today with the Saks App. I had not used my credit card in two years and was trying to make a purchase online. I called Customer Service and was directed to go to the app to apply for a new card since my prior account was closed due to inactivity. I was able to make my purchase, obtain a new temporary card and complete my purchase. The Customer Service Representative guided me through the whole process. Excellent service and love the capabilities of the Saks App.
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2 years ago, eriberry0606
Make “fragrances” it’s own category
There’s no good way to just look for fragrances, which is strange considering stores have a fragrance department so naturally you should be able to filter via that as well. I tried searching “eau de parfum” and it included some perfumes and then some random things that were not perfumes. I tried looking through the Beauty section but there was too much I didn’t care about. A frustrating experience when you’re just trying to look at fragrances, I deleted the whole app because I don’t care to sift through hundreds of items that I’m not looking to potentially buy.
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2 years ago, DrBarbTV
Love SAKS app love the service!
I normally shop at Phoenix Biltmore but had knee surgery and realize that the Saks app is so convenient. The items are delivered right to the door; packaged so professionally on a hanger with tissue paper. The app offers the opportunity to view items that might actually get re-inventoried so they are available for purchase when I thought they were sold out ! I can find items without looking through racks of clothing in person-while following doctors orders! Thank you so much!
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3 years ago, SummerGulfCoast
I enjoy using this app because it saves me so much time to shop online. I feel Saks has by far the largest selection over its competitors. The ease of return/exchange system is why I docked one star. When I do have an occasional problem with the quality or dislike of an item Nordstrom has made it so simple to return with prepaid shipping labels/receipts inside box and never any hassles. If Saks adapted this business model I believe they would become the #1 online shopping platform.
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3 years ago, jsuttonshopping
Easy shopping
I’m a personal shopper for others as well as myself. I find myself spending too much time organizing my baskets throughout my shopping apps and then loosing pieces quickly then I need to hurry myself to make sure I got it right and of course I make mistakes. Saks is one of my favorite apps, it’s user friendly and I don’t lose pieces as I do with other apps. My shipments arrive in a timely manner and in pristine condition. I can call the store for help and everyone is helpful and kind.
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2 years ago, gira111
This app used to work well. It has features that are better than other shopping apps, but the features don’t work anymore. Search function is buggy in that it shows results but then it resets the results every second. If the search function actually lets you scroll, it only shows the first page even though you see a search result of hundreds. The notify back in stock feature has not worked in a long time. It used to be great. Now it sends you a notification that your size is back in stock as soon as you register with your contact info.. and the item, of course, is not in stock. Best to use web interface if you want to buy anything.
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6 years ago, Um, Megan
Melvin Washington
The customer service as it relates to waiting list and availability of items following notification is superb. I shop with a larger and most noteworthy company and it is almost a joke in this regard. I have in the past attempted to purchase an item only minutes after receiving notification; and, every single time, the item was still unavailable. Yet, there was always an offer to purchase a substitute item...NOT good. Thank you, thank you for your expert customer service.
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1 year ago, cazile
Annoying quirk
I haven’t gotten as far as buying anything off the app because I get so annoyed with the experience. Visually, everything looks great. BUT when I’m scrolling down through a list of products, please do something how touchy the product-specific scrolling is. Something catches my eye but I’m suddenly looking at a zoomed in view of the product and it’s a struggle to intentionally scroll back the full product view. Ugh.
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4 years ago, Deijalee
Shopping is easy with the app, especially since the only Saks in Illinois is opening and closing due to looting, I have to shop online & I’m afraid they will shut down the only store in IL completely. I purchased a purse for 50% off in person prior to closings and was on the waiting list for another color (same bag) & as soon as I received the email that my waitlist item was back in stock I jumped on the offer! I’m so happy I purchased two of the same bag for the price of one! Couldn’t be happier.
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2 years ago, wowmebyurewords
Constant pricing issues
As others have mentioned, this app is absolutely horrible when it comes to pricing discrepancies. You will add something to your cart that’s on sale & most of the time the price changes to full price. It’s insane to me that this is still an issue & their app developers aren’t addressing this. Most of the time I get so frustrated, I just buy the items somewhere else. As a longtime customer, it’s just so ridiculous the app is this problematic with what a lot of people spend with them.
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1 week ago, Owini
Extremely Disappointed with Hidden Fees and Return Policy
I am utterly disappointed with my recent experience with Saks. While the email made it sound like they were doing me a favor by accepting my return, they failed to mention the $9.95 return charge upfront when I was purchasing. This fee was only disclosed after I initiated a return, which feels deceitful and underhanded. Additionally, their return policy is overly restrictive, especially the stipulation that returns initiated after 14 days incur a fee, and the unacceptable policy regarding furs, watches, and jewelry which cannot be returned after 30 days. It’s clear that customer satisfaction is not their priority. I expected more transparency and fairness from a retailer of Saks’ caliber.
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2 years ago, DN198018
App hardly ever works!!
For such a high end store Saks has the worst App I’ve ever used and I’m not even exaggerating! No matter what day or what time of the day I try and use’s always w problem. It never wants to load, gets stuck, etc…I would rather use the app then go on the website, but what’s the use when your app doesn’t provide ease of use for the customer because it’s never working right. I definitely wouldn’t recommend to anyone else using it! They should just go to the store or use the main website unless by some lucky chance the app decides it wants to work all of a sudden Lol. Get it together Saks and try fixing whatever problem is going on!!
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5 years ago, love to shop from home
Made for on line shoppers
What I love about this app- when something catches your eye as you're scrolling, you can select to look at that specific item. And when you’re done looking at it, you can press the back arrow and it brings you back to where you were at before you selected to look at it. I don’t like apps that make you scroll and scroll until you get to the spot where you were at, right before selecting the item you wanted to look at.
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3 years ago, shopdroproll
New web & app design lacking
The app previously worked like a dream, but recently Saks redesigned their website & app and now it’s terrible. Difficult to navigate. Takes too long to process requests, performance is lacking a great deal. The account favorites page does not save and delete items as you request. Not user friendly. Do not recommend unless they go back to old app design.
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7 months ago, Reviewer judging honestly
Huge flaws
Sale items once gone into your cart revert back to MSRP and even process full price.. unbelievable. Huge delays and loading times, and freezing. Apparently it’s after the major app overhaul over a year and change ago and being still this bad after all this time, NO tech fixes have been done. Not to mention they mixing up orders and sending them out to other people that were yours, and once returned by the incorrect other address person, you cannot locate them on the apps and "re-purchase" your clothing you tried getting sent to you. For mainstream luxury, it’s beyond bad.. as many have said..embarrassing.
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2 years ago, affogatoallday
So buggy. Infuriating.
The app crashes frequently. I was not able to filter the friends and family sale by product category type - I’d get to the page and then would jump me back to the homepage. I was so discouraged I stopped trying to shop the friends and family sale. It didn’t matter if I was logged in or not. App was practically unusable unless I wanted to view a specific brand by name. Outside of the sale, odd things happen when I try to apply filters, like I can’t select the “mid heel height” filter but could select other heel height filters. I have an iPhone X with up to date OS. I never leave app reviews but this was so bad I felt compelled to.
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1 month ago, MrsS96
The best with a caveat
Saks has everything…which can be great but that’s also a problem, because finding something if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for can be a challenge. When you search for dresses and the number 29,530 comes up it’s hard to even face the idea of refining. The good news is when you do select /buy it later suggests things attuned to your taste. And love that it pops up things I’ve considered when they go on sale.
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6 years ago, arleneacocina
Worst app ever!
Very difficult to place an order. When I click on an item I want it tells me the page is not available or some other “whoops “ message. If you are lucky enough to get something into your shopping bag they say there is a problem when you try to checkout. I have tried and failed to get someone to respond to my emails to Saks about the problem but to no avail.
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2 years ago, DropItLikeItsHotSpot
Great store, app functionality needs some work
Saks is my go-to, whether it’s for in person shopping or in app/ online. With that being said, the app functionality is terrible. The UI is fine, I enjoy the Home Screen layout as well as search functionality, but the app CONSTANTLY times out, freezes, etc…. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat there waiting and waiting, or eventually had to reboot my phone over and over, or had to make MULTIPLE attempts at checking out. If I wasn’t such a brand loyalist, Saks would have lots a lot of money on me. I hope they allocate some resources to burning down their technical debt.
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3 years ago, cArLlOuiS07
Slow and buggy
I refused to update the app due to unknown changes/updates that occasionally makes the app worse in terms of performance and this version is one very good example. The app that I had before Saks forced me to update it was smooth, responsive, and it just worked. Now it's super buggy where it logs me out constantly, forget my searches, can barely view my past purchases, and I can keep going but the app is just disappointing at the moment that it has pushed me to shop/browse elsewhere first. 2 stars because of the effort made to overhaul aspects of the app but it's just soooo buggy. Smh.
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2 years ago, Honestly70
Terrible search experience on app
The store itself is fine, the app is awful unless you know exactly what you are looking for. Searching for something or just browsing to see what you like is just unnecessary frustration. I don’t know why this app cant seem to handle searches. Nordstrom is amazing, their filtering categories really detailed, and they work. Saks app search can’t be more than 50 items or so because it freezes, crashes, or items don’t load. On the bright side, it’s prob saved me from spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Thanks for keeping me from spending my money, Saks!
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2 years ago, A.Bokhari
Better off Using the Website!
This app is full of glitches. Search function will take forever to load up and good luck scrolling through the search results without having to repeatedly refresh the whole thing to basically force it to pull up more results. And God for id if you ever clicked on an item’s link in your email, this thing will make sure never to load up! The back-in-stock item will go out of stock again and this thing will still not take you to the item’s page from your email! Needs lots and lots of work! Current status: absolute garbage!
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2 years ago, Tokyo89
Worst app- horrible customer service
Why are you selling luxury goods on a crappy app. The screen hitters constantly, if I click an item the screen keeps reloading over and over. Get it together, you’re losing customers. I want convenience and speed when I shop. Not a blinking screen. The fact that the app has been like this for at least a month and your team has not fixed it , is ridiculous and horrific customer service. Is your tech team not shopping the app? Are your buyers not shopping the app? No one has noticed this? Catch up with the industry around you or be left behind.
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12 months ago, kamdc
Great check out
I love that I have 15 minutes to change my mind after checking out. It’s reassuring in case I change my mind about a product or the charge card I want to use. Items are saved in the cart easily for a significant period of time and the wishlist option is convenient too. Who doesn’t love a good sale with free shipping? I’m a Saks fan!
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4 years ago, 666deviIL0ver#not Realy
A sham business
They are taking advantage of covid by sending people cheaper/wrong items then what was previously bought, and when you ask for a return you will be promised store credit and get nothing. If you return your item they will send you the same item back or blacklist you. I’m surprised the things they have been doing hasn’t caught up with them yet. Most immature business I’ve ever worked with. Please just keep your money instead of going through the hassle of dealing with a poorly run business. And if an employee or anyone that represents saks can explain to me why these things are going on than please do, im all ears.
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4 years ago, Zooberry
Love the app, but needs a little tweak
After applying filters and viewing the results, 50% of the time when I would try to go page a page, I’d end up pressing the Safari go back button. This was awful because it would automatically delete all the filters from my search. Please put your go back a page button somewhere else on the page so this doesn’t happen.
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3 years ago, Snzna
Scam or what?
So idk if this should be about the app or about Saks itself. But I have those notifications on where I get to know if something I was interested in is back in stock again. But there is no way, someone else purchased it in ONE SECOND. Like that’s not physically possible even. The whole checkout process itself should take like 20 seconds minimum if anything. I think they just put stuff on sale then just have resellers for the items or something. Because this is just insane, and it happens EVERY TIME.
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5 years ago, VBeshay
Best store shopping App
Saks offers the most user friendly shopping App. It is the only store App that breaks down fewer then any other. And I shop online exclusively. I am comparing to Nordstrom’s, Neiman’s and Macys. Saks saves passwords, does not continue to ask the consumer for it with every tap. This adds to the convenience of online shopping. Have been using this about 5 years or a little longer and have been loving it.
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6 years ago, jleidl
Finally an App that has Good Suggestions
It is my first day using the app but after viewing a few items the suggested “Items for You” section was very accurate and that is something I don’t see a lot with other company’s. Usually the suggested items are things I would never buy. Looking forward to this relationship with Saks and using this app to make my purchases.
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4 years ago, Orjalo c.
Good quality
I love shopping and the style and quality of your designers are the best. I’m not a rich women, but I get good sale at times.. I was just disappointed because the pre order pants from Cinq I choose my size when I’m about to checkout it was not available anymore.. I saved it for later but I hope it will give me the same price.
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4 years ago, PrettyWoman92
Great but needs a little work with customer service
I love how it’s quick and simple, the only downside is trying to cancel the order without the card company holding the money. I ordered a handbag and my funds were frozen. When I tried to order again, since I accidentally chose the wrong color, it wouldn’t let me. Called the Saks credit card company and said they could help me. Was on the phone for HOURS, finally, after two weeks, I was able to order again.
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7 months ago, Aiyo
Buggy app / terrible customer service
Long story short, I was unable to cancel an order within their (ridiculously short) 15-minute window. The app button to cancel the order didn’t work (clearly a bug), and I was abruptly disconnected during my chat with customer support. By then, the 15-minute window had closed and the next service agent said - about 10 times - that there’s nothing they can do, and that escalating this issue was impossible. Remember when Saks was a true luxury destination? Now you get better service in a dollar store. Shameful.
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1 year ago, slt19901208
When will they fix the bugs??!
It’s been over two years since they overhauled the app in an update that made it so so so buggy. Filtering is slow and glitchy. Searching is slow and glitchy. Payment is slow and glitchy. Account and hearts are slow and glitchy. Did they fire all of IT?! Update: still one of the worst apps out there. I used to shop via the app almost exclusively compared to other high-end retailers and now, because of how terribly buggy it is, I’ve probably made 2 purchases in an entire calendar year.
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2 years ago, Yun K.
The upgraded Saks app is So so bad. It’s worst App ever among high-end shopping apps.
Since Saks updated their app since 2020, the upgraded/ updated Saks app is completely useless and unusable. It takes so long time to open or find merchandise or browsing different departments, and most of the time, if I look for a specific designer or specific product to filter, the app just go blank. This is just ridiculous and I can’t believe Saks has this Stone Age shopping app and doesn’t even bother to fix the issues. And the online chatting for the customer service is as terrible as their App.
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