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Sally Beauty
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1 month ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for SALLY BEAUTY

4.79 out of 5
55.1K Ratings
8 months ago, LookMissViva
Unfortunately unreliable.
The last few years I have noticed a massive problem with ordering for same day delivery. I would have thought that this would have been taken care of but I guess they don’t know how many times they have lost hundreds of dollars in just one order weekly. It literally takes about 2 hours for items to load into the cart and once you get to the checkout it’s almost impossible to get it in before the cut off time for delivery. This is supposed to be a convenience for the customers and especially for the pro customers that don’t have days to wait for product to be shipped and yet it’s more of a hassle. Unfortunately this has happened every time and this pro customer has lost the business of a 20 year customer.
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2 years ago, McDowellfive
Worst app ever
I purchase online often and this app is simply horrid. I had to resend password resets 4 times as it never arrived in Junk, Spam, or routine box. When I selected my items I decided to reduce quantity in one to purchase more in another. The plus sign was not updating. In fact it was flickering from 8 to 22 bottles. I removed the app twice then reloaded. I made it to the checkout after 40 minutes. Now I was annoyed and going to tough through this dreadful app to get the shampoo. At the checkout I again had to reset my password then for payment it said to save shipping address. Okay. My shipping address was listed but it required it twice. I named it “home” bc that too is required. Nope. So named it My Home. Next level in this game. Payment. Select type. It only allowed Apply Pay Gift Cards or Pay Pal. I had to delete my shipping then re enter. Now back to payment. I made it. Uploaded digits. Paid. Guys this is the WORST app. Ask Ann Taylor how to build a platform they know what they are doing. I should have gone to the store but one hour in I was fully invested in my four bottles of shampoo. Please take this feedback and rebuild modeling off other sites. I would love to use this app but frankly not going to again. Thank you.
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1 month ago, Sarah R 36
Extremely User Friendly
I don’t generally leave reviews for shopping apps, they usually either do the job or are horrible. I didn’t expect much from this, especially for in store pickup since many of their items are small and variable; it seems like it would be hard for them to keep track of inventory between in store and online. Leaving a review here because this might be the easiest to use shopping app I’ve ever used. I had mixed pickup/delivery items in my bag, and it was so easy to tell which was which and change all to pickup. One item wasn’t available for pickup, and the app warned me as soon as I tried to move it. More than just that though, I didn’t even have to think as I navigated around. Everything about it is intuitive.
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9 months ago, sunErae
Wonderful shopping experience
I absolutely love shopping at this location. This is my first shopping experience on the app and it was very easy. I prefer to go into the store because of the wonderful staff at this location. They are so friendly and engaging. They are always willing to help with whatever you need. When I shop this location it’s like I’m going to visit friends. Not pushy with upsells which makes me feel comfortable and not rushed, this allows me to explore and I always end up spending more than what I came in for. The staff truly makes the shopping experience fun!
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3 years ago, Cashbelle22
Done with Sally’s online
How many times am I going to have to get excited about my items that are shipped to only find out much later ...all out of stock!! You will not be charged!! However on my orders page low and behold all shipped... all items displayed... shipped to me it says with shipping tracking right there.....nowhere does it say items are no longer in shipment. As a matter of fact there’s a hyperlink to buy it again.....have to search around when items don’t get delivered to realize there are no longer available. I called about another order and have yet to receive a missing item ... and for some reason one box was returned supposedly for bad address or something when it’s the correct address I have to call again. Frustrating and you need to workout the kinks.. I don’t think I’ve been charged in the end for the unavailable items but I will be researching because nothing makes sense and it makes me uneasy now.
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1 year ago, yo_gibby
Gotta be fake 5 star reviews
This is the most glitchiest app I’ve ever downloaded from the App Store, which is saying a lot considering I have been an iPhone user since their first phone. Lol Good lord this thing is bad. Screen freezes randomly. You add things to your cart, go to another screen and continue shopping… cart mysteriously empties. Who has time to research item, ingredients, read reviews, select a product and then it vanishes in the cart. I was adding several items and can’t even remember all the stuff I added. Then I get to the part where I’m like ok maybe I need to create an account and can’t accumulate a cart without it. Nope. The create an account screen comes up and then vanishes. Closed the app several times and it does the same thing. Sally’s isn’t ready for online/mobile yet. Stick to brick and mortar and die off like all the other retailers who couldn’t cut it with online. Hope Wall Street shorts the stock into an oblivion. 🗑️
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3 years ago, Mae987
App has annoying flaws
I have to click on the “remove from cart” option and the “yes” to confirm multiple times before it decides to remove the item. Sometimes I have to restart the app for it to work/remove the item. Also the “save for later” option doesn’t work at all. I have an iPhone 12 Pro so my phone definitely isn’t the issue, and everything is updated. The “try it on” option also doesn’t work anymore, but when it used to work the colors never showed up the right shade anyways. All around I love the app, it’s easier to use than going to the website every time I get hair supplies and I can browse as I please and it’s not like I’m always trying to remove items from my cart, it’s just kind of annoying.
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2 years ago, Kitty4571
Sally’s Review
I love going to Sally’s, the downfall is that I can never leave without spending a ton of money! Most of the items you can find a lot cheaper elsewhere! Unfortunately the other stores don’t carry some of the products I use religiously.. Customer service at the Sally’s in Pompton Plains could use some training in kindness, especially the older woman (possibly the owner or manager) that works the register at times. She definitely needs an attitude adjustment!! As for the other employees, they could use some product knowledge training.. Every time I go there with a hair issue no one has a clue how to help me! And god forbid you need to return something, it’s like you have to bend over backwards to get your money back! Oh and make darn sure you have the exact credit card you used to make your purchase or you can forget about getting refunded in any way, shape or form!!
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4 years ago, Cheatedbyshokick
Really bad communication and no help from CS
I submitted an order on May 6, 2020, there were 36 item and I only received 3 items. After a week I decide to call CS to find out we’re the rest of my order was. After an hour of wait for somebody to answer, I was told the rest of the order was cancelled because the items were out of stock. At no point did I receive a notice of the rest o f my order being cancel. I went back to there website and added the items back on to my cart and they all showed availability for more then one. I believe somebody at the warehouse is not doing there job and is just cancelling orders. I called back to tell them the items show there still available and the CS said yeah we re stock weekly and at the time you order they were out of stock. I order exactly a week from today. CS was no help at all, she didn’t even offer to help me resubmit the order for the items I didnt received. Very poor customer service.
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1 year ago, BrewNews
Wouldn’t let me pay
I’ve been trying to order using this app for days! No matter what card I used, and they all were well funded, it wouldn’t process the order & kicked me out. Did the same thing on your website. THEN, I tried going straight to the source. I called my Sally store to place the order over the phone. GUESS WHAT? The stores and the app are not connected! I wasn’t able to pay over the phone because that meant the person with whom I was speaking would have to gather the items, leave the store & deliver them to me herself. And I’d lose my online discounts. Sally Beauty stores have never been more than industrial, basic, spaces with minimal staffing. It’s also obvious the stores are severely under-funded. If you can’t take care of your stores & staff, how stupid of me to expect you can handle e-commerce, much less communication.
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2 months ago, vobk
Website is a pain to navigate!!
Every time I use the Sally’s website I run into issues. One of the issues is when I’m changing from in-store pick up to delivery or vice versa. I get pop-ups that show the change but the change doesn’t reflect what is in my cart. Then there is the issues with the Sally’s credit card. Mind you there is no outstanding balance on it, it is always declined. I was told to call there home office. I did and they found that it was on a freeze mode, I don’t understand why, but they supposedly fixed it. Not the case! I tried placing an online order this morning using the card and that won’t go through. I had to pay it through my PayPal account that went through. I give up on their credit card. I’m cancelling it. This has been going on better than a year now!!
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1 year ago, Pinkyj99
Most useless site
Every time I use this site to purchase anything it will not accept my card for payment. There’s normally a decent gap between ordering online because I usually just go into the store. But when I shop online and go to pay it takes me like 15 minutes to check out because of the hassle of it may taking my card. I always have to go through Apple Pay WHICH USES THE SAME CARD. God forbid my card expires and I have to update everything at the same time. Plus when I applied for a credit card it said I could A. Use my card immediately and B. Had a coupon for $20 off my purchase. When I went to check out I saw the -$20 at first but then when I went to pay it disappeared and went back to the regular price and I had not access to my new cc info to use it, and conveniently the site was down at the time.
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5 months ago, Krashtian
Checkout headache
First, I was using this on a mobile app. Everything seemed scrunched up on the screen - so that you couldn’t read or see everything the right way. My biggest problem came to checking out. If something was wrong - it didn’t tell you what was missing or wrong. It just indicated that something was wrong. You had to figure it out. For example- my gift card didn’t have the right amount of the total. Instead of letting my gift card pay what it could and then ask for another payment form for the rest - it just kept rejecting it. I tried to put a 2nd card in and it rejected that too. So, I finally just backed all the way out - deleted an item and finally it all fit on my gift card. It was a major headache.
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3 years ago, LilBea
Unfriendly Website
I’ve order online before. But for what ever reason, the website was changed to a more unfriendly website. I figured out that I couldn’t put an address in for shipping and/or billing at the order level. You have to have you shipped and/or billing addresses already saved in your account. It also takes a minute or two to save it. If you are not allowed to input a shipping address when you’re placing an order then there should be an error message that says so. I hate websites that don’t explain to the end user what the problem is.
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4 years ago, Not even worth it.......
Very wonky and glitchy app
I love Sally Beauty. I’m normally in in-store shopper, but with the current crisis, I’ve taken to online shopping. That being said, this is more of a time than any to make sure that your app is working properly. This app is so frustratingly glitchy that on multiple occasions I’ve just given up on my purchases. The amount of times I end up having to close and reopen the app is crazy. Deleting things out of your cart is a hassle, browsing products is difficult unless you search through their categories, reviews glitch so often so you end up reading reviews for one product that you previously looked at when you’re looking at a completely different product. Overall I’m super disappointed with the app. I expect a lot more from an amazing company like this.
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3 years ago, Leslie '
Clearance and Discount Items
I love the clearance and discount specials. Sally’s has really so much to offer for natural hair care, especially if you’re a curly girl. The curly girl products are usually more expensive than most natural hair products but I find them on sale a few times a year. The most recent “buy 2 for $12” was a spectacular special. I was able to stock up for the next 9-10 months. As a Sally’s shopper I always check the clearance and discount items to see if they have curly girl products. It’s definitely worth the time.
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4 years ago, Aliceg17
1. They bill you separately for each item that you purchase. So if you check your bank account you will see 15 different transactions. 2. When you go to see your past purchases it doesn’t show you what you actually paid for the item because it doesn’t take into account how much you saved with your coupons. So when you want to cross check each item that was billed to your bank and what Sallys has— you will not know what you paid for what. 3. I had to keep emailing them to tell them that they were not adding the points to my account even though I was purchasing a lot online due to the Pandemic. 4. Prices online are Much higher than at the Sally I used to go to in person. 5. I bought a box of gloves. Was billed. Waited a week. Then I got a refund. Then it showed that the order was CANCELLED. I did not cancel it. If the item ran out why did they let me buy it. Or why not just tell me in an email “sorry, the item ran out”. Instead of a random CANCELLED. 6. It’s been three weeks since my purchase and I had two UPS tracking numbers. I received the package today and there are three boxes of gloves missing. Why??? Why does it say items were shipped? And DELIVERED? I am missing items!!!
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2 months ago, IAmCry...
My Sunday was ruined because the website on Google kept trying to recommend I use the app the last time I tried to order. I downloaded it today to order hair dye that I needed for today and unlike the website, the app DOESNT tell you when a store is closed and still lets you process an order. It was super glitchy and loaded extremely slow trying to navigate the app and I spent my afternoon waiting for my order to arrive. When I checked Google, it ended up saying that Sallys was closed. You also can’t access customer support in the app. I went online to cancel it and they told me (which at least they were nice and helpful) that it can’t be canceled until tomorrow because the store is closed. Just go to the store in person or order somewhere else.
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1 year ago, Lupe's Back!
Glitchy site
I love shopping at Sally’s. I always have a great experience in store, but the online is always so hard. Sometimes it takes me an hour to check out because of the site. It crashes, or doesn’t register information so it has to be put in again, or the payment processing will just keep spinning. At first I thought it was my Wi-Fi but everything else works fine. It’s every single time I use this site. Not to mention that every other order comes in wrong. I ordered red dye last month and got some blonde boxes. Yes, easy to exchange in store, and friendly, but defeats the purpose of ordering online for the days that lack of mobility keeps me at home.
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4 years ago, MMMLLLLLCCC
Frustrating, wasted too much of my time!
I log in just to get a blank screen. When I do get the products to come up and add something to my cart, the whole cart deletes if I search for more products. So I start over, have to search through products again to add to cart, and again deletes everything. I finally gave up with this app after 20 minutes of trying and pulled up the site on my laptop. There was a sale 4/$20, I assumed it would be any 4 products included in that sale. No it was for four of the same product, who needs 4 bottles of the same product unless you’re a hairdresser. After reading these reviews I really regret ordering online, as it seems many people are not getting their orders. I can’t even get logged in to find my order.
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4 years ago, lazy person times 20
Just use the website
This app is aggravating. While I appreciate the ability to “try on” the hair tints before purchase, the app itself functions poorly. For example, when hair tints, should you choose to pick a specific item to view, there is no way of continuing to shop the hair tints. When you press the back button, you are sent to the home page. This makes comparing products VERY FRUSTRATING. Also, the cart doesn’t update well. The feature to remove an item from the cart was not working. It did work when I subtracted the quantity but would not let me just delete item. Also, I would continue to shop and come back to see the item back in my cart. Finally, I closed the screen for a moment to look at a text message. When I went back to the app, my cart was empty.
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8 months ago, PsychicDoobie
BEWARE!!! Scam Charges!!
Anytime I tried to place an order through Sally’s it kept saying “could not process payment” even though every piece of information was correct and thoroughly checked as I had to re-place the order multiple times (never ONE worked). Yet for each time I tried and it says it didn’t accept my order it still charged my card each time draining my entire account as it was a large order amount. Now I have 0 funds until my bank can dispute it (in 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS!) and 0 items were actually ordered…No app or website (as that was also the same issue) of a company should be that difficult to place a simple order. After a LONG work week to finally place a self care order I literally feel ROBBED.
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2 years ago, m.anaya.5
Contact next button
I’m SO Frustrated every time I use your app. When placing an order it takes forever to get the next button to not be covered up by the “dial” pad. For every order I’ve placed. I’ve quit and ordered from Somewhere else times 10. Please get with your app developers to get this corrected. I’m using an i-phone. Also there’s a bundle deal which did not work. I paid and extra $4 and didn’t get the free bowl, color brush or step 1. Not a happy camper!
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2 months ago, spookysavannie
Disappointed and Frustrated - First Online Order Nightmare
Extremely disappointed with Sally Beauty's online ordering experience. I was eagerly looking forward to trying their same-day delivery service for some much-needed self-care supplies. However, my excitement quickly turned to frustration when I was charged three times without any order confirmation. To make matters worse, it was only after calling customer service that I found out they don't accept unemployment cards. As someone facing financial hardship, this was a significant inconvenience. While the customer service representative was kind, it doesn't excuse the company's lack of transparency and the hassle it caused. Sort out your payment system, Sally Beauty. 0/5 if i could or -1/5
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5 years ago, Shawnymarie
I received a coupon in my email, went to Sally’s to make a purchase and was told the coupon had to be in my account in order to use. I verified that the email I received the coupon matches my account info. They told me I had two profiles neither had the coupon. They proceed to tell me they can’t scan the coupon even though there is a scan bar on the email. Then I go home very frustrated and download the app and there is a coupon. Please pull it together, why send emails with coupons if they can’t be used. Tell us to only use the app. This would have saved me some embarrassment. There is no place to report issue in the app. Which could have saved you this embarrassing review.
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2 years ago, jaebat
Used to be the best now it’s infuriating to use
It won’t let me check out, no hint as to why just has the button darkened. Wont let me order a specific item though I called the stores in my area and they all have the “out of stock” item. Wont let me simply ship my order to my house. I vote you change the app back to the way it was when you didn’t have to select a store and if you’re gonna do the ship, pick out, or two hour delivery let the person pick those options FIRST before forcing them to choose a store. I’m ready to throw my phone I just want my freaking hair care products I’ve used this app for years with no issue what’s y’all damage now? :/
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2 years ago, Goldengirl80
Wrong Shipping Address No Matter What Avenue I Take
I have tried to update my correct shipping address online when I place my order, personally at the store, today through a phone call to customer service when my order was not delivered to the correct address and I thought FINALLY it had been resolved. But no. I just went online to replace my order and physically went into my shipping address, saw that it still was incorrect, made the correction, placed my order, only to see in the order confirmation that Sally’s STILL had my incorrect information for my delivery address. What does one have to do with this company to update their address and get their delivery??? If anyone knows, please let me know so I can correct it.
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4 years ago, butterflybby5
Not ordering from the app ever again!!!
our local store was "temporarily closed" and i really needed to redo my hair. they told us to go on the app so i thought i would try it. i ordered all the stuff i needed. BUT it's not clear when it will get here and how to track. it gave me 3 different shipping tracking numbers and i'm so confused. i hate it. it's not clear and it says it won't be here for another WEEK. it's already been a week. so i'm very disappointed. i don't understand why it's taking so long! it said 2-3 business days but i guess that's 2-3weeks instead!! i'm very upset with this purchase. UPDATE: i received one thing from my order and i have to wait 2 more days to get the rest?? i ordered all together ! the store has opened and i can't believe i just waisted money and time.
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2 years ago, Rippedoff17
Stay away! They stole my money….
I placed an online order & the store is closed during normal business hours with a sign not saying a return date even. I’m highly by the entire experience being so unprofessional here. I called the 800 # listed for customer service and they weren’t able to assist me, because for some strange reason they had to contact the same closed store supposedly before a refund could be issued. He supposedly couldn’t find any supervisors for me to speak with either. So instead of trying to make up for wasting my time & gas money like a normal business; they refused to even give me a refund! So, I’ve filled a report with BBB to fight them stealing money for items that I couldn’t have possibly even received!
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4 years ago, Taticat9
Love Sally, Meh App
I think Sally is great, but the app, not so much. There’s a LOT of lag (for the record, I have a brand new iPhone and the latest OS, not even a quarter-filled memory, consistent LTE and WiFi signal, so it’s not my phone). Adding items to the cart takes forever. It’s easy to end up with twenty of something because you can’t tell if it’s taken your tap or not. It’s hard to see some item photos; mostly because they are too small. Trying to move things from your cart to the Save For Later list doesn’t work. Please, PLEASE do some usability testing on this app. I want to like it; it is probably going to frustrate casual users too much to use.
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2 years ago, hmvhjjwbhh
Slow or doesn’t work
This app rarely works correctly, and when it is working properly it’s sluggish and buggy. When i click on any categories to view products it says “Sorry, something went wrong try another category.” but, for anything I click. It’s been like this for a week, I figured there has to have been an update by now to fix it but no. But even before this the app has always bugged out like not updating the My Store, or randomly not adding things to cart/erroring out. It leaves products out if you change your view from price
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3 years ago, IP89
Years ago, I was recommended to Sally's by my hairdresser. She would say how much money she would save using products that were similar to named brand items that were much more money. I have been using Sally products for years, and I love that you earn rewards with your purchases. I’m constantly getting money that I put towards my purchase, and I always get free shipping. I highly recommend Sally’s to anyone who loves their hair, but also loves saving money.
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2 years ago, Janay Willis
So slow and multiple cancellations
I tried to place 3 orders yesterday and each was cancelled. The customer service rep said it was an issue with me, but it was 3 cards used and I know it was not on my end. He finally said it is a system error and to keep trying. I tried the next day and I was double charged this time. Items are so slow to add to bag every time I use the app. It also says available on items to fine d out upon checkout, they are not and I have to start over. Hopefully the issues get iced. Makes me not want to order when I spend 24 hours trying to get a few things.
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2 years ago, pantelaki
I haven’t ordered for a long time so they had my old credit card and old address and everything so I call the 800 number for someone to help me they couldn’t help me I tried to put my credit card and the way they have the year expiration date on the card I was trying to put the expiration date by the way they have it on the app it’s like weird I never saw that before I mean sometimes you do you know they try to make things easy but it’s not easy and then I had to do it about three times to get it right Thanks
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1 year ago, sherbear22195
App issues
I love Sally’s, I appreciate that there’s shipping and delivery options. My only complaint is that the app lags and glitches so much. I just had to make 5 attempts for an order because the app kept glitching when I went to place an order it would go back to my cart without placing the order. I almost gave up on my order, but tried one last time and it finally went through. I’m sure I’m not the only person frustrated with this and could result in Sally’s losing quite a few sales. Please fix the app glitches.
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6 months ago, Chemical capes
Chemical capes
I don’t mind ordering online the chemical capes that I need but it would be a whole lot easier if you would stock your stores with the items that we know we need as hairstylist an salon owners. When you don’t keep your store stocked, we turn away customers, and that is potential money lost for us, and as this is our only income, it can potentially produce a catastrophic effect on our business. Thank you
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4 years ago, rosacalaveras
Don’t order sallys. Just go to the store
I placed an order over a week ago and nothing’s even been ship despite it saying they ship the next day. No confirmation, no tracking nothing. I should have received my order by now. There is no way to cancel and order once sent either. There’s a way to click on refunds but when I click on it it says I can’t bc my items haven’t been delivered yet. What a waste of time. I’ve emailed customer care 3xs and haven’t heard back yet either. Never purchasing online ever again. Just go to their store and get your items IF you absolutely have to. Going to be looking for a new beauty supply store now.
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3 years ago, Jackie Coudare
KAYTLIN is a star!
Just wanted to say that I worked with KAYTLIN and placed an order online. She was excellent, very thorough, as well as very patient! An item was out of stock and even though I could not order it at the sale price and they weren't able to give a rain check due to new company policy, she made me feel better about missing out on the sale price of the item by giving me a discount on my total order placed today.
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3 years ago, DW41878
App never works
I’ve tried numerous times to shop using the app. As soon as I pick a category, nothing shows up except “Sorry. something went wrong, please try another category.” I cannot get ANY items to show up. This has been happening well over a year and numerous app updates in between. Get your act together Sally. Your app developer isn’t doing their job and the app is annoying.
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4 years ago, Necole85
I recently discovered this app Dec 2019 and I love it! The rewards program is awesome and I’m already at Elite status. Not to mention that in addition to coupons I’ve received the weekly sales are amazing. And on top of all the great benefits I always receive my orders within 2 business days for purchases over $25. I’ve purchased all my hair care needs from Sally’s and will continue to be a loyal customer.
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1 year ago, DarbiA
Horrible App
Spent forever trying to place an order on the IMPOSSIBLE app. Finally placed it for the “awesome” advertised free 2hr deliver. After wasting all that time I never got my order and didn’t realize it had been cancelled until hours later. Had to go in and completely reorder everything. I’ve now spent probably 4 hrs trying to place an order that should have been convenient from home…store is down the street. Should’ve just gone. Teaches me to try to stay home on my one day off I guess 🙄😑
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2 months ago, Barkocyda
App slow and incorrect
I tried to order multiple different ways and I wa stole I could do two hour delivery then at checkout that didn’t work. I then had to move everything from 2hr and in store to all shipping to save frustration. Checkout as well was a nightmare as I tried using my husbands card under my account name and that just caused so many complications. The app said I changes the address but I only changed a name. Please make the app more user friendly and faster. It took 1 min every time I made a change for it to happen.
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4 years ago, Jahhjah bless
Not worth it
The only thing this app is good for is pulling up coupons. It stopped letting me add things to cart, some of my coupons stopped working, it doesn’t show everything that Sally’s sells, and recently I tried ordering from the app where I used two coupons that covered my purchase and I’m elite so I got free shipping. After putting in my order it charged me for shipping despite being elite, I had to cancel and call to get my coupons back. This whole app is a joke you have better luck going to the store hoping all your products are there 🙄 You should also work on showing whether or not a product is in stock at the stores online and in the app.
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2 years ago, ArtistX_77
App is not working well
The app doesn't let you purchase anything. And if you try to remove the items from the cart it gives you a hard time. I had to uninstall the app for a while and when i tried to log in the app kept saying my password was incorrect (which it wasn't), so i clicked forgot password and when i write my email to get a link for a new password it just keeps loading. This app has been giving trouble with everything. Please fix it because i would like to be able to use it.
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3 years ago, eruca jusdo
Online pick up in store
I tried placing my order online for the 4for $20, site kept telling me one or two of the items not available, went to the store items were fully stocked there. Employee Victoria at the store recognize the error, apologized for the mishap, which was not her fault! But I appreciate her recognizing the issue. Victoria helped me get the items I need. 5 Star performance for Victoria excellent customer service! 4 star for the app!
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4 years ago, deffgghyrf
All items on website not on app!!!
Downloaded the app to use instead of the website that I normally order on. My first time looking for a few makeup items that I use, I could not find what I normally buy. I referred back to the website to make sure it the items were available, and back to the app to confirm the absence of said product. Typing in word for word the item and did not show in results. How hard is it to have your website and app mirror the products and inventory. Pretty annoyed that you folks want people to use the app, but have a website that works better and has a full inventory, that makes your app worthless.
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3 years ago, Sandy Clary Davis
Sally’s Customer’s Opinion
I rated Sally’s 4 Stars instead of 5 because I wasn’t able to order my usual Orly nail polish that I’ve used for many years. Sally’s must have discontinued it. I was forced to order from EBay. Also, prices have jumped much too high now. Had to order my Shaper hair spray from EBay as well just to keep from paying a huge increase. Prices are still the same on EBay.
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2 months ago, Aysajoy
Inaccurate Inventory
I need the app to accurately sync with store’s inventory. The last time I ordered I already drove over 20 miles because it was the ONLY store the app said that had all of my items…to find out upon arrival that they did not have all of my items. Of course considering I was bleaching my hair…this is NOT a situation you wanna take a risk in simply buying another brand you’re not familiar with or have tried. That wasn’t cool Sallys🤦🏾‍♀️
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3 years ago, jillianbougie
Glitchy app
Love sally beauty, nothing against the company. The app however could be better. It’s basically unusable, every time I click on a product (literally any product, tools, color, etc.) I get a white blank screen and have to restart the app after waiting a few minutes in case it decides to work. But unfortunately it happens every time so I cannot view any items or add to my cart. Just stick with the website, it’ll save you time and the headache of constantly restarting the app until you realize it just won’t work. But again, nothing against the company at all, it’s just the app that needs some work!
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2 years ago, LovemyR
love it love it
i love that they have the 2 hour delivery and they don't even take the 2hrs they get to my address less then an 1hr and its amazing i don't have to worry going to the store waste my time waiting on line super awesome. Which they had gifts rewards too that they can put in the bag for the time we take to shop in their store just saying would be pretty awesome too 🙏🏻😇😍❤️
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