Salvation Army Family Store

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The Salvation Army Family Stores
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for Salvation Army Family Store

3 out of 5
16 Ratings
11 years ago, Kellyjean1
Locations need to be updated/kept current
I suppose I should know by now to call before I drive, but I have found several locations listed in the locations section that are actually closed. The locations portion is the only part of the app I have used. It would be great if it was accurate.
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2 years ago, Demand_A_Republic
Cannot Create Profile
Apparently you can only create a profile if your address is within a pickup area. I live 1.5 miles from the SA in a major metropolitan area, but my address flags as unavailable for pickup. I don’t even want pickup services. I’m just trying to create a profile to track donations. Wish the app could actually do what it is advertising.
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1 year ago, Lili99999997979
Nothing works
I suspect the corporate office had someone build it and then forgot it existed. I downloaded it and nothing is functional. It also needs better instructions/explanations and a better way to contact them to inform them that its broken.
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2 years ago, slusaGam
Home full of Help
New and useful items to assist anyone with every day needs . Attempting to donate. No location available from Salvation Army through out my entire State! Help me help anyone in need
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2 weeks ago, kinonyc
Doesn't work
I just scheduled a donation online, then downloaded this app, which told me my location is outside the donation/pickup area! Clearly they need to update the app!!!
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3 years ago, Farid Ariel
Nothing works on this app. Can’t schedule and won’t show any center near me!!
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3 years ago, Megan_Danny
Love the cause but the app is very out of date and needs updates.
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2 years ago, rocketman20
Nothing works
This app does not work at all.
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7 years ago, A.M.dR.M.
No location found = no ticket for bags donated
I’m disappointed that this app hasn’t been updated for 2 years, after all the complaints. I have 5 bags to donate, but without the app registering a location, and no QR codes on the drop-boxes (I went to at least 2 different locations), it looks like I might have to donate elsewhere. It won’t let me create a “ticket” to show what I donated, and the website was not any better. I hoped I could at least let someone know I was dropping things off, but I had to make do with leaving a message. When the app still worked, it made donating easy. I hope it’s fixed soon.
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8 years ago, imkb702
Great app in theory
Won't let me do anything without updating my profile. When I try to update my profile by putting in the requested information and hitting the submit button the app closes and returns me to my home screen. No locations found when accessing the location map either. These are the reasons this is being deleted from my phone. Sorry. In theory this app would do everything I would want an app like this to do. Completely disappointed in its lack of execution.
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10 years ago, PaigeAKY
Useless App
I should've read those reviews in the first place before installing this app. It kept kicking me out once I tried to submit my profile to be able to donate. What a waste of my time. However, it shows that Salvation Army doesn't make profits as much as Goodwell does- enough to afford a tech-savvy staff to manage the app. So I am still going to find a way to donate to Salvation Army instead of Goodwell.
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9 years ago, julierabbit
Locater not working
I downloaded this app to find Salvation Army family stores nearby when I'm out and about. Nothing seems to happen when I hit the 'locations' button/tab
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5 years ago, sbundgaard
Great app for a great cause!
This app has been helpful to us in facilitating donations to the Salvation Army. It could be improved in a few spots, but with a small amount of patience, it’s so easy to use! Please support this wonderful cause.
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10 years ago, Greg2735
Please fix this app!!!!
It's called the family store app! Please fix this app so you can filter out all of the donation centers, drop offs, and rehab facilities! All I want to do is see JUST the family stores. It locks my phone up just loading all the locations! This is frustrating! Please allow me to look at ONLY the thrift stores! This has to be an easy fix
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4 years ago, SamerTa
Thanks for the opportunity to help and donate. This app was helpful to support the community. We have homeless people who need help and this was the way to do it by donating clothes and important tools. Thank you
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7 years ago, aforman1993
You have to create a profile before scheduling a pickup. I couldn't even complete my profile because as soon as I click submit, the app crashes and doesn't save all of your information that was entered. The whole reason I downloaded the app was because I experienced the same issue with their website.
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10 years ago, read'emandweep
To confirm another reviewer, nice idea but the app is literally useless. To use it you must fill out your profile which includes your state. BUT you can't enter your state! As soon as you get to the blank for state the app freezes and crashes. No amount of restarting or reinstalling helps. This is a basic glitch in the app and until the programmer fixes it the app is useless.
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9 years ago, lovemymusic!
Please fix adding a State!
App Developers: please squash the bug preventing users from entering a state on their profile. A white box partially appears, probably a scroll down box to choose a state, but then the profile is frozen and nothing else can happen in order to submit the profile. Please update this app.
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7 years ago, Dixielord
Horrible and useless
As other have said; it's useless unless you fill out your profile, but when you fill out the profile it crashes. The reviews are over a year old and it's still not fixed. All I want is a locator so I can visit and spend money when I travel. What a waste of space and loss of potential income
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4 years ago, Deni_Valcory
Donation only...NO STORE LOCATIONS???
Seriously??? An app to tell me where donation sites are all across the country ....but not where to go shopping at your stores?? I don’t need an app on my iPad to tell me where donation sites are.....that I know. But when I’m out traveling I do like to know where the stores are, and what days they are open and during which hours.
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10 years ago, Harrisondvd032
App continues to crash every time a try to submit my profile.
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7 years ago, Loblolly lol
Nothing works!!!
Would love to find a location to donate to since I just moved but the app keeps crashing when I try to create a profile as soon as I hit submit it just closes and erases everything.... Should've read the other reviews first I have no idea why no one has yet to fix this problem!!
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7 years ago, Kappstarr
So sad
Isn't even deserving of one star unfortunately, but you can't choose zero. This app literally does nothing. Can't do anything without a profile and you can't make a profile because it crashes as soon as you click submit. I was excited to try anyway but very disappointed.
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9 years ago, Jon 4576422
Needs filtering
Please add an option to filter the map based on location type! I don't care about drop boxes or corporate offices when I'm trying to find store locations...
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9 years ago, sassymomma2028
Not working
When i try to enter my profile, it messes up when i go to enter my state. It looks like they intended to let you scroll and tap on your state, but when it pops up it is tiny and you cant scroll. I used to love this app to get my donations picked up, but not anymore. Please fix this problem.
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10 years ago, Lanceck1
App freezes when you get to the profile question of what state you are in. Since it appears most of the functions or features of the app won't let you proceed without first entering in your profile, it makes this app totally useless. This app doesn't deserve, in its current state, any stars
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7 years ago, AnastasiaHTBB
Nothing works
Map to find locations doesn't actually show anything and the rewards page is completely blank even after updating my profile. So the two things I downloaded the app for don't work. Will be deleting the app ASAP as it's useless.
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9 years ago, prilbert
Crashed every time when trying to save profile information. Filled it out multiple times and crashed each and every time without saving info. Cannot do anything with app unless a profile is filled out so.... it's useless. Deleted.
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10 years ago, amoicani
Frustrating & Mon functional!
Should have looked at recent reviews before wasting my time. This app sounds like it used to work but now it's useless bc all it does is crash after u spend the time to try to upload your info. Annoying. Frustrating. Useless!
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10 years ago, Jlkjkkllwertuioccbjfd
Needs improvement
Markers should be different colors for different type locations.
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9 years ago, BellyDancerJazz Singer
Doesn't work
I really want this app to work! However it keeps crashing before I ever finish logging my profile in. The location part of the app also doesn't work it appears blank or give me a flash of thousands of red dots that aren't possibly stores
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10 years ago, MissileChicago
Not Operable
This happen should not have been released. Nothing works. Locations do not appear. When entering your profile information the app locks when trying to choose your state. Back to the drawing board for you as this is completely unusable!
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6 years ago, Cheknitout
Needs Work
Would really be handy if you could use it to edit or update a pickup. At present it lets you see your scheduled pickup and lists all the contents, but you can’t make any edits. Only option is to cancel.
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9 years ago, bselby
Doesn’t Work
Diddo on some of the other comments. When I try to set up my profile and enter my state, the whole app freezes up. I’ll love to donate a lot of goods but I need this to work. I hope you can fix it.
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10 years ago, Geek1951
Salvation Army App
Great app if you donate or are looking for a store. Love it that you can actually track your donations all year!
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6 years ago, GraceOM
Info harvest
I don't see any reason to give my info just to find a drop off location. Just an info harvest. Besides the map doesn't show any locations - not even in a large city I picked. Locations, policies and hours would make this worth using.
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9 years ago, FloridaGator1Card
Buggy too
This app crashes when trying to enter profile information. It appears that this occurs if you are entering an address outside of their support network. The app is useless due to this error and will need to be corrected.
Show more
11 years ago, Deenjas
So far as I can see so far, this app is useless. I was hoping for help with value of and receipt for donations. It won't let me do anything without setting a location or adding specific items, but I see no way to do either. Deleting!
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10 years ago, mordel
Profile Submit crashes app
Can't use the donation tracking feature because it fails to submit the profile. More annoying since it forgets your info and you need to re-enter it all again.
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8 years ago, Robbama1963
Nice app
App makes it very easy to find locations.
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11 years ago, ArchieAlex77
Great app
Love this app! Simple, intuitive, and smart. Makes giving an even greater joy!
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9 years ago, bschendel
I agree, doesn't work
Seems to be a bug in the profile entering screen. When you try to enter the state, it goes dark and an odd little box appears instead. Haven't tried other functions.
Show more
10 years ago,
This app used to work easily, now it freezes when you try to input your profile, and it never remembers your info. Totally annoying since I loved the previous simplicity of the app for making donations. Uppppppdate please.
Show more
10 years ago, ElviraFan666
Downloaded the app for the locations part, but it doesn't work for me. I live in the NYC area so it may be overloaded and freezing cause of the multiple locations. Either way, I can't really use it for what I downloaded it for.
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6 years ago, Romosucks
Simple to use
Does what it says it does.
Show more
8 years ago, DesertTeacher
After "submit" it crashes
I keep entering my profile info which is required before you can schedule a pick up and every time I hit "submit" the app crashes.
Show more
8 years ago, MichelleKaye
Every time I try to use the map or 'I'm at a dropbox' option, it asks me to update my profile. When I submit, it throws me out of the app. Sorry. Really wanted this to work but it just doesn't. 😞
Show more
8 years ago, MACIntyre61
Horrible App
Is always asking to update profile, when I do it simply closes the app. When you hit the locations button, nothing but a blank world map. Deleting
Show more
8 years ago, Davidatlantaemory
Doesn't recognize location
I'm at a drop off and my phone can scan the symbol but the app doesn't do anything and says can't recognize location
Show more
10 years ago, P0sitiv3l3ctr0n
Consistently Crashes
Crashes every time I enter profile information and app cannot be used unless profile information is entered. Please fix!
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