Santa Biblia Reina

4.3 (442)
20.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Teofilo Vizcaino
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
7 or later
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User Reviews for Santa Biblia Reina

4.31 out of 5
442 Ratings
12 years ago, 07/23/12
Great resource
I like this app a lot. It is easy to find Spanish verses or passages. The only problem is the adds on the bottom of the screen. You can't get them off which is quite annoying. Also the screen does not switch and is always on portrait rather than landscape.
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4 years ago, bxmbe
It’s ok I guess
I really like the app, it’s great how you can use it offline to find Bible verses. But the only problem is that there are annoying ads and sometimes the ads show women showing of their body parts working out and i really dislike that because it’s ironic that this is a Bible app. I highly suggest you guys getting rid of these ads for money, the word of God is not meant to be sold, it’s meant to be given.
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4 years ago, Alex's1987
From this App we only have 2 to 3 options that helps a lot, the rest of the options only link you to the web to boring promotions, Please don’t use the Bible App to make business this is the book of God.
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4 years ago, kalley 5636282
Well I am disappointed
This is not the best app I try to read and there are ads you have to pay for there to be no ads some ads are inappropriate I am a kid trying to be more with god and this is for god there should no me profit the proof it is being able to bring people closer to god
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2 years ago, 06someone29
When I first downloaded it I was able to search through the Bible and read it….. a week later I’m trying to read and find something and it kicks me off
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5 months ago, Nando1124
Monetized the app with adds?
Really it’s unbelievable that you put adds in an app that should be given completely free. What a shame. It gives the impression that that’s what the church is after, just the money that they can get.
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4 years ago, Gina340
I love the app but for some reason the language on the Bible is English even if I select Spanish. The devotional are in Spanish but the Bible text are in English. Would like to read the Bible text in Spanish.
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6 years ago, Dadadanielito19
Love how I can quickly look up verses offline!
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3 years ago, Student900
Ads are horrible
Terrible experience with full screen Ads
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6 years ago, ImGoliath
I purchased this app to get rid of ads but ads are still popping up! I’m raging...not a big deal about the $0.99 but yes about purchasing something that doesn’t work!
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9 months ago, Shepherd David
Horrible App!
Full screen ads…just another money making app! Find something better that shares the true word the way God meant to share it…FREE!!
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2 years ago, fortnite lovee 223444
To much ads and it so annoying and you can’t click off them
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6 years ago, paolamanchame
Gambling advertisement on app
The subject line says it all, things of God and business do not mix. You should choose your advertisements wisely to say the least.
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5 years ago, La Fela
Really? Games in the middle of the service?
People thinks you are playing games because all the advertisements..
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3 years ago, lsfwyshc
Do not like the adds they are not good. Women showing off there body is not good in a bible app. This is not an adult website 😤
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6 years ago, isais stuffffffff
Trash app
Cant zoom in letters are already tiny and adds come out wouldnt recoment
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4 years ago, Diana Sarahi
size of words
i am trying to change the size of the words but it kicks me out.
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5 years ago, ajmarcs
Version for ipad pro 12.9
Make ipad proversion please .. God bless u
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3 months ago, kxkcfkif
C bfbdevbe
Very good
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2 years ago, mkdaf
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3 years ago, ice-2023
Umm .-.
Why the name is Santa Biblia.-.
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10 years ago, AuntieTelly
I Loved it!
It used to work great but after the update I can't even open it. Can you fix this?
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10 years ago, Eva Ramirez
Best Bible
For some reason I can't open this Bible app, although when it was working properly it was the best..
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9 years ago,
Im amazed right now, thank you god for everything you did to us.
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5 years ago, jonhbmusic
Santa biblia
La aplicación estaba funcionando bien hasta hoy que intenté leerla y se sale de la aplicación vuelvo a entrar y clickeo versículo del día se friZa y se cierra la aplicación
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10 years ago, Atfields
Put the real words please
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12 years ago, Cpt.Gamer
I love this app
Now i don't need to use internet to use the bible!
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9 years ago, Cookie.mon$ter!!!
It's lit
You already know. It's lit 🔥🔥🔥
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10 years ago, The only way truth
Nince version !!!
Nince version !!! 5stars
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12 years ago, Evimflor
Excellent app
This a great app.
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12 years ago, Bobby Soto
Santa Biblia
Great app
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9 years ago, Daosro
no abre
cuando le das click no abre
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7 years ago, Ballgame nameeee
Lol first review
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11 years ago, Ninha.Chloe
Ultimo update
Desde q hice la ultima actualizacion, la Biblia no abre. Favor arreglarlo.
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10 years ago, EJ2721
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2 years ago, Óscar riverita 123456
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3 years ago, luisypica
Muy buena
Muy buena app. La búsqueda funciona muy rápida.
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4 years ago, Vanessadulanto
No deberian lucrar con la Biblia
Deberia ser gratis, no cobrar ni poner publicidad. En el mundo las Biblias no se venden.
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4 years ago, m. amaya
Wrong 10 Commandments
Los 10 mandamientos están equivocados y pensaría que muchas otras cosas más. Me extraña no haya sido captado antes al tener buenos comentarios. Manuel Amaya
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5 years ago, migu3lcbn
Excelente app
Me encanta el app es la mas que uso. Deberían incluir la version reina valera 2000
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5 years ago, Dianaangeles57
Artículos Cristianos
Los artículos cristianos desfiguran y trasgreden la verdad de la palabra De Dios. No recomendable, confunden en especial a los que recién están aprendiendo.
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5 years ago, wicho0422
Me encanta la versión pero cada cierto tiempo no puedes usarla porque te saca completamente me a pasado demasiadas veces
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5 years ago, MAMAMAIAS
Saludos, seria possible incluir marcadores para uno marcar para resaltar algo y bookmarks para uno saber donde se quedó o si quite identificar alguna pagina
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6 years ago, lovecrist
Es una excelente aplicación te enseña mucho 👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️
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7 years ago, Cai7vid
No logro abrirla en el 5s después de la ultima actualización.
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7 years ago, Noé slifer
Noê S.C
Muy buena App, indispensable para tener a la mano la palabra de DIOS ;-) Sigan creando grandes Apps como esta! ;-).
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12 years ago, Johnny Cuc
Me fascina
Me encanta mucho esta aplicación enseña bastante y la recomiendo gracias dios por ser tan bueno con cada uno de nosotros q aveces no entendemos tu propósito pero sabemos q es tu voluntad gracias señor te amo dios y sigue bendiciendo a cada uno de de tus hijos dios amen.
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12 years ago, $moni$@500
La palabra de Dios es lo major que hay en la vids para guiarnos. Recientemente me bautizar soy una joven que desea tener a Crisyo en su corazón y llevar su palabra a otros con esta App se me a echo fácil estudiar la palabra de Dios desde my IPod sin cargar con el libro La Biblia. Aunque prefiero el libro porque puedo marcar textos y añadir notas me gustaría que añadieran una opción para eso en la App! Por favor y que Dios los bendiga por traer esta App que a sido de bendición para muchos! Gracias!
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12 years ago, Antmanrockz
Dios es bueno !!
Para aquellos principiantes como yo que no tenemos tanto conocimiento esta aplicación es excelente ya que con un versículo que te halla impactado y no lo puedas recordar con una sola palabra te ayuda a ir directamente a lo que uno busca !! 🙏 que bendición !!
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12 years ago, Hollywood#1
Amo esta application
Amo a esta application pero Amo mas a nuestro dios
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