SAS – Scandinavian Airlines

3.1 (335)
147.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for SAS – Scandinavian Airlines

3.08 out of 5
335 Ratings
3 years ago, Pw95
Absolute minimum viable product
Why add things like pre-booking the gym in the lounges? There are much more crucial stuff you apparently don’t manage to add. Such as changing your booking currency. Somehow you can show USD but can’t book. What about adding eurobonus booking options? Every serious airline in StarAlliance (such as Lufthansa or United or ANA) let you purchase mileage tickets in the app. For some reason SAS doesn’t. Also why can’t you cancel or change youth tickets in the app but have to call customer service for that? Why can’t voucher currencies be converted automatically given the last official exchange rate even if you book in a different currency than what the voucher was in? United lets you do that. If voucher is in USD but you are booking a ticket in EUR they’ll convert the voucher into Euros for you (at reasonable FX rate). You can add extra luggage, meals and all sorts of stuff to your booking in the app. Why can’t you add fuel CO2 compensation? Why can’t you add wifi access there too? Lots of things SAS really really has to work on that might not be relevant if you fly once or twice a month but for EBD and other higher tier StarAlliance travelers these things are crucial and make the difference of choosing SK or someone else. Hoping to see some improvement. Thanks for taking my feedback into consideration when improving the app.
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2 months ago, Upappneedshelp
A few things
Calendar selection is messy Does not auto populate your Eurobonus number and you can’t go out to look it up either And even this feedback text is showing black text on a dark gray background so I can’t actually see what I’m typing
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2 years ago, Smoov danger
“WhAtS a UsEr ExPeRiEnCe DeSiGn!??” –The Devs
I’ve flown with SAS a handful of times and not once have I been given points. The app is absolutely worthless and I’ve had to go through the website. The website is useless besides the Turi chat bot, and if you’re lucky enough to get connected to a human, that human can’t help you either! Need to buy extra baggage before you get to the airport? FORGET ABOUT IT! Want to earn points for flying as a loyal customer? Don’t be a fool like me and expect anything out of them past the third, fourth, fifth and sixth time! The app seems to be more of a prototype than an actual functioning and productive tool. They get low ratings because they don’t take feedback and try to fix anything. Terrible terrible terrible crazy knuckle headed terrible
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10 months ago, Madsimilian
Completely Dysfunctional
So, I have an account on the SAS website, but apparently I am not registered for the Eurobonus loyalty programme, so I cannot login to the app. No problem, I will sign up for the loyalty programme. After going through a password reset process and entering all my info (including date of birth - why?), I am told there is already an account registered to my email address and I therefore cannot register for the loyalty programme. Are you kidding? This is without question the most useless travel app I've ever come across. I am now going to check in via the web site and print my boarding pass on good old-fashioned paper. Welcome to 1999 courtesy of SAS.
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2 months ago, Sally87
Worst app on the planet
This is truly the worst app I have ever encountered. I have gotten 5 error messages today alone and I tried to upgrade my seat without success for weeks. Until it suddenly worked, but now I can’t change it. It changed my seat all of a sudden away from my kids even tho I take screenshots of every change I make so that I have proof. I am fuming while typing this so I can’t word myself well enough but this app is absolute garbage and so is customer service when I try to call for help. And no, it’s not user error as I am well beyond computer savvy.
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3 weeks ago, rssorensen
Bookings are not listed/found
When I log into my account either on iPad, phone or even the web-site none of my bookings are listed. I can add them but next time I log in they are gone! And if I add them one place (example on my phone) they don’t automatically show up on the iPad! That lack of functionality makes this app useless. Besides that it lacks the ability to add frequent flier information and adding friends/family passenger information in your profile
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5 years ago, ElPhiablo
This app is terrible and useless. It does not provide any additional functionalities that I do not already get with my boarding pass. I would suggest the developers have a look at the United app to better understand what is possible and helpful these days. Just as an example, what is helpful is a seat map and the functionality to change seats. Also, flight status and seeing where the airplane is coming from are functionalities they need to add. This inability/incapability continues with the flight attendants. They have no way to upgrade you (for a charge) to their SAS Plus seats (equivalent to economy plus). Again as a reference, this is easily possible on a United flight where a flight attendant can do this on their handheld device. Clearly, I will not fly on SAS again and will delete this app ASAP.
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2 years ago, bigmad! huhuhuh
It’s really good for checking in and checking flight information. It serves it purpose for a basic flight itinerary. You want more most time you’ll need to go on the website.
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5 years ago, StretchyTurtle
Chiming in on a recent review. I am a StarAlliance member with Lufthansa and have no intention to create another profile. Without it it seems the app doesn’t do much. Shows me a check-in button although I am checked in for almost 24hrs. Does not retrieve my boarding pass. Seat selection transfers to web. Where is my bag track? How do I add in-flight wifi? I have over 10 airline apps on my phone and this one lands - sorry - last place
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4 years ago, The_Mad_Scientist
Not loading bookings
I have used this app for many years while living in Scandinavia. Now back in the US and the app is not updating already made reservations nor allowing new reservations to be made through the app. Cannot do much more than check my points balance....
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1 year ago, Mick128635799
Worst airline app ever
This is, by far, the worst airline app I’ve ever used. It consistently gives error reports whenever I try to check in or it randomly dies not accept any changes to a reservation, such as changing a seat. Very buggy. Why doesn’t SAS some real developers to make a useful? I often resort to logging into the website. However, that is also very buggy. What is going on?
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4 years ago, swaggyp123
What’s the point
I use SAS literally once a month and it’s crazy that you can’t book on the US version of the app. Don’t get it all. What’s the point then. Might as well just do it in your browser
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1 month ago, LMB66
Please fix the app
I’ve used this app for a few years now and have never had any problems whatsoever. However, since the latest upgrade, I can no longer book flight. It times out, saying connection to server took too long. Please fix ASAP. It’s ridiculous that an airline as big as SAS does not have a properly functioning app.
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4 years ago, Lulu in Chisago
Useless as it won’t log me in
I have an SAS account and can log into the web site. The app tells me I need to sign up for Eurobonus before it will log me in. When I try to sign up, it says “this user already has an account.” The web site sent me my boarding pass, but I can’t view or send the passes for my traveling companions. The Delta app is not good, but at least it works.
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4 years ago, DMista
International checkin and boarding pass worked super easy. Was able to check in while in my Uber to the airport. No account or login required. Went straight to security at LAX. Nice!
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1 year ago, Bkr75
Can’t check-in online using app
Every time I have tried to check-in online using the app, I enter all the info, go through all the steps, only to get an “Oops our bad” error message and have to redo it. Use the website not the app to check-in.
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5 months ago, kingdumcome
App no longer works on iOS
The app won’t open anymore. I keep getting a failure message saying “something went wrong, please try again. I’ve tried deleting the app and trying again, to no avail. I need this app to work in two weeks when I fly to Copenhagen. And yes, my iOS is fully up to date.
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1 year ago, Rc3p0
Can’t even login
This app makes you opt into something called EuroBonus in order to use it. I opted out when I registered because I have no idea what EuroBonus is and this is the only time I’ve ever flown Scandinavian. I’m just trying to check into my flight but this app is making it impossible. Thanks for the convenience.
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7 days ago, Why no expansion card slot?
This App is useless, don’t waste Your time
The app prompts to check in but won’t let you complete check in process. It also doesn’t show which terminal to go to and does’t update flight information. It also doesn’t allow for the purchase of flight tickets.
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5 months ago, educator1000
Broken app
App is unusable. Nothing works. Error message for everything. Cannot log in. Cannot search. App doesn’t even load. Nothing works even after upgrading iOS and updating, reinstalling app, accepting all cookies. Disaster. Terrible UI. Embarrassing and unprofessional. Reputation of SAS airlines down the drain. Why is this app even on App store?
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10 months ago, Andy80-nor
Login -> Status error 404
After a recent app update it is no longer possible to login. after a successful login the app simply states “Status error 404”. Lots of pages on the sas website are in “airplane mode” (an attempt at a fun wordplay I guess) so perhaps it is related. Unable to use the app so cannot rate it higher than one star.
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2 years ago, ehsndofmcjsjbs
The app can’t even take your money for upgrades
Tried to add checked luggage due to their extremely restrictive carry on weight limits, prompted to pay with a card only to enter my info and be told we can’t take your card info. I’ve never seen an airline app this bad.
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5 years ago, HankKnerrME
Among the Worst as an App
There are a few good to great airline apps. This is definitely not one of them. It can’t convert to US dollars, can’t give you a true round-trip quote, and cannot do multi city. There are probably other things that it can’t do, but there was no reason to go any further. If you must travel SAS, stick to the website.
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4 years ago, S12k3hj
Very updated app
The app is very up to date and in sync with all of your information once you login in.
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8 months ago, ABR3434
Don't trust it
When I first downloaded it, it just gave me 500 errors when trying to log in. Now it works, but I added the boarding passes to Wallet because the app might decide to glitch at the airport.
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10 months ago, Demon5263
Tons of error messages with no explanation
Simple tasks like getting your boarding pass or selecting a seat on the flight will lead the app to throw error messages with no explanation of what went wrong or what you can do to correct it. Buggiest flight app I’ve used thus far
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1 year ago, BroderickOc
Terrible airline, even worse app
The app has bugs where you cannot check into your flight, and the airline all around is a terrible experience. I highly recommend literally any other airline because atleast their app works!
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2 years ago, undertuscansun
Easy app and friendly airline!!
Love the ease of this app and love how very friendly and kind the staff are!!
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4 years ago, WillieSwede70
Look at American
Fairly useless app. Doesn’t really add anything to ease my travels. Have a look at American Airlines app - that’s really good! For instance live tracking of your bags making it into the cargo hold of the plane...
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1 year ago, friedolin2
This is the most frustrating app I’ve seen in a long time. It won’t let me do the most basic things Locke checking in or retrieving a boarding pass. I hope the airline is better than their digital team.
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10 months ago, dalagatan
Love the new app
So much progress over the previous version. Well done, SAS.
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4 years ago, Shane_cowboy
Convenient app!
The app is very great and easy to manage. Gives alert which is an awesome factor and I love it.
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2 years ago, Jackbnielsen
Entertainment part is a joke. When logged in I can see some old newspapers from last year but nothing new loads. My iPhone can download them, but the screen is too small for newspapers. Ridiculous.
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1 year ago, jayzjenny
Tsa pre check status
The app doesn’t display TSA pre check status on the boarding passes, nor on the boarding pass exported out to wallet. I had to use the boarding pass generated on the browser at the airport.
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4 years ago, embarsed member
Shame and SAS don’t care about
I cannot believe this kind of unfuncional app still exists in 21 centuries big airlines. I don’t believe they have no money to develop this app. They do it in purpose to not to function. They don’t reed comments how bad this app is. They don’t improve it. They don’t care.
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4 years ago, ClassCAir
Trailing the pack
Probably the worst app for a mainline airline I’ve seen. Looking up flight status alone is terrible. Can’t even enter a route or get more than departure updates or arrival updates for a flight. Not both. Makes me think SAS doesn’t care.
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5 months ago, 八萬一。
Glitching glitching glitching
The app has been showing error message for about 3 days. I tried to redownload the app again and now I can’t even open it. Please fix quickly.
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4 years ago, Abartur
It is really painful process to book with you . You partnered with Lufthansa why don’t you use their app it is very good and I am sure for a price they will share it with you. You will have many more happy customers need them .
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8 months ago, Jmw99ttu
Nothing Loads When Opening App
I’ve downloaded and deleted a few times now. Every time I open the app it just stays on the splash page. Completely useless.
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4 years ago, almare2
Can't retrieve my booking
I made a booking yesterday online. Now I've tried to sign in to the app with my EuroBonus details and also use my booking number and last name to retrieve my booking. In both cases I get an error message. Terrible app.
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2 years ago, sendintheclowns
Pretty useless
This is the worst of the flight apps I’ve seen. It has virtually no useful information, no live updates, terminal and gate information, extremely limited.
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2 years ago, Sammy5282
Can’t even log in
I have an account and have signed up for eurobonus, but the app continues to say it can’t log me in and to try again later. Beyond useless.
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4 years ago, Sas Plus
Scamming you for points
Horrible interface and it won’t automatically insert your bonus program number even though it’s right there in the same app. Dishonest practice
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2 years ago, TheJensman
Mediocre app
App is pretty useless. A big international airline from a region known for great design should be able to do so much better. Please up your game SAS.
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4 years ago, Almitra_yes
Please fix
I can’t book fights from the states on the app and Its not updating my changed my booking. Why even have it then?
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4 years ago, Anthony Casanova
Only good for check-in
Seriously, can’t book with it, can’t change anything about your reservation with it. All this is good for is checking in and getting an e-ticket
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5 years ago, Squidink75
My Booking feature doesn’t work in US
If you’re based in the US this app is useless. You can’t do anything with your existing bookings as the app says it doesn’t this feature for US users.
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1 year ago, fcsoccerrocks44
Bad App, Bad Airline
Horrendous app with extremely difficult to use User Interface. Basically mirrors SAS as an airline overall - poorly run, underinvested and not designed for the customer.
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4 years ago, Ericmercapto
Flipped app.
The app on the iPad appears not to know what is up, down, right or left. A cardinal error! With the consequence that the calendar stretches and, and, and. Bottom: it doesn’t work
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4 years ago, Genesinho
Always says “internet check-in not possible”
What is the point of this app then? Other serious airlines all fixed check in by 2015.
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