Scentbird Perfume Box

4.8 (57.2K)
83.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Scentbird, Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Scentbird Perfume Box

4.84 out of 5
57.2K Ratings
3 years ago, xokayleebreanne
Package late, problem solved
Just wanted to share my experience, originally my first package was a couple weeks late for whatever reason. I reached out to customer service who not only responded to my concerns within just an hour or two, but also handled it in record time. The package tracking info hadn’t updated itself in the almost 3 weeks since I’d ordered it — it was totally at a standstill, hadn’t moved from that facility or updated at all. After I voiced my concerns the tracking info updated, and I’m not sure if they upgraded my package to over night or what? But it came in around noon the next day. Im really impressed. Wasn’t too keen on waiting all those extra weeks, but it didn’t seem to be Scentbirds fault, and they handled it for me really quickly. Definitely will keep the subscription. Also, I’m on the 2 scents/month plan, and both fragrances I got were incredible. I can’t decide which I like better. Definitely don’t seem watered down so not sure why so many people seem to think theirs are? It’s only my first month though so we’ll see. All in all, my experience with Scentbird has been great, and if I’d have reached out sooner I’m sure I wouldn’t have had to wait as long as I did. If you’re still undecided about subscribing, I definitely recommend giving them a try. I’m glad I did.
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3 years ago, Sparklemom4
New Customer
I am so thrilled to be a part of the Scentbird family. Been curious about it for a long time. Finally able to join and I couldn’t possibly get any happier!! Just received my 2 new fragrances today. So exciting to see the package was from Scentbird! Opened it up like a kid at Christmas & I am very impressed with everything. From the outer container to the first 2 scents that was picked for me on the app. So satisfied with the color of my first 2 canister’s and how convenient it is to just twist and the vial pops up & sprays easily. Just like my favorite lipstick. Just twist again and it pops back down. No spillage no waste. No more spending a fortune to discover I wasted my money because I don’t like the fragrance after all. This is my new favorite purchase and it’s so easy with their app. You can pick your own fragrance or they’ll pick one for you based on your answers. Let me tell you they were spot on with their choices of perfumes based on my answer’s. I wasn’t sure it would work properly cause I had no idea before now what I even liked! I love the prices and they were so affordable I decided to get 2 fragrances a month instead of one!! Thank You Scentbird for being so affordable especially for someone like me who is on a very tight budget!! No regret’s here!!!
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4 years ago, Sara*C
So Cool!! Thanks Scentbird!!
I love this app!! It let’s you enjoy so many scents without being stuck with a big bottle of something that doesn’t mix well with your body’s ph. There’s an option to get a new case with your subscription monthly, it is a great idea because I’ve often upgrade so I can give great gifts to my friends & family (Men’s & Women’s fragrances). I do wish there was an option to purchase double qty.’s of fragrances during my monthly subscription. I gave my daughter-in-law a gift & I loved that scent, I think the option is only to wait 6mo. before I’m able to reorder the same one. When I pull one out of my purse, I always get asked where did I find a perfume that came with a really cool case!! I would like an option to somehow label the bottom of the case with what scent is inside, that way I would know right away what’s in the case before using it. You have to pull the whole bottle out to see what is inside. Maybe just having circle labeled stickers for the bottom of the cases.
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2 weeks ago, Nathaniel Mac
Under the impression
Highly doubt anything will become of this, but I was under the impression that the monthly fee will cover one sample. I don’t think that was the case, cause whenever I queued something it was like I had to pay extra for that sample. Let alone future months would of been paid in advance. My goal was to buy the actual thing if I liked it. Isn’t that suppose to be the way it’s? Plus, the app wouldn’t let me log out unless I bought something. Kept on saying my internet had a bad connection. Still let me navigate through the app without any problems. Thought the $9.00 promotion was good, but that was probably the hook, line, and sinker part of the deal. Wouldn’t surprise me if they sell my information. More than happy to pay the $15 a month for the one or two samples, but don’t see myself giving this another try. Just seems like one of those deals that your stuck paying a base pay subscription and then paying more for add on services that unfortunately the customer pays. Better off going to the store and sampling the product and buying on the spot. Sadly, I wasted $9.00 that I won’t get back. Luckily, the cancellation wasn’t so harmless. So I think.
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3 years ago, ZolatheCat
Shipping delays
They bill you at the beginning of the month and you think, Great! I’ll be getting my new perfume! No. You’ll get it 3 weeks later. You get your perfume of the month at the END of the month. If you decide to upgrade to 2 perfumes, they charge you the SECOND you make that decision, not on your usual charge date of the 5th. So that’s annoying. I wish they didn’t hold onto my money for so long before shipping. With the new USPS slowdown I wonder if we’ll even get the perfume of the month before the next month! That being said, the app is very good at helping you find new fragrances to try. The quiz to find your preferences is clever and there are hundreds of perfumes to choose from. And the perfumes are seriously great. The descriptions are honestly works of art themselves. Oh another annoyance is that you have to wait six months to order a repeat perfume. If you find one you can’t live without, too bad. Buy the big bottle somewhere. But for now I’ve upgraded to two a month because getting new quality fragrances each month is really fun!
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4 years ago, COCOA STRONG!!!
I am finally upset enough to leave a review that is not 5 stars
I have never had this kind of experience EVER.... Let me start with I had a feeling this was going to be a negative experience. I was initially double charged upon registration, the transaction went through immediately and I received notifications via my financial institute. I called right away and from the beginning I was given the run around, I was told I did not have a account and asked if I was sure with whom I signed up with insinuating I had purchased through a similar company. I tried to communicate with the very unprofessional representative whom I had a terrible time understanding very broken English and what seemed to be a very distracted worker it often seemed as if the line had went dead to finally be disconnected after a very frustrating 36 min call. I immediately called back and I will admit I May have had mild attitude at this point although at least this time I was found to have a account but I was told no dollars had been paid 🤦‍♀️ I gave up and hung up am i suprised to say I have yet to receive my first months scent however I was suprised to see another months bill charged and withdrawn from my account when I’m having so many issues receiving 1 $15 perfume scent. I give up lol🤷🏼‍♀️
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5 years ago, Eclevy
It’s alright
I thought I would give this a try. I had a hard time getting my orders delivered to me for some reason for three months. I will admit that customer service was on point and bent over backwards to make sure I received what I ordered. But for some reason the USPS would not deliver to my home address without me putting in a request via the tracking number provided. They have a good amount to colognes to try. If you don’t make adjustments to your queue then you will have a bunch of cologne or perfume just sitting around. So, stay on top of it. The only thing that frustrated me was trying to cancel my subscription. They don’t make it easy at all to cancel. You have to hunt and peek to find it. Once you do, you have to hit cancel subscription and then go another page, then you have to give a reason, then you think your done, wrong. You have to find it at the bottom of that page. You have to keep playing “find and hit the cancel subscription button” game until you have confirmation page saying you have canceled your subscription.
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1 year ago, Djörn Björnson
Customer Service are Real People, and Really Helpful
I had a package get stolen, in fact it was my first ever package on my subscription. And within 45 minutes of it waiting on my doorstep, it got stolen. I was furious. I’d thought that I wouldn’t be able to get any help because usps, let’s face it, is sub par in handling package theft at best. At least with my experience. So I’d hoped that Scentbird had a way to report this, reach out to someone and receive help. And help they did. I was greeted by an associate named Andrew, and he was incredibly polite, talked me through my situation, and had reassured me that he’d send another one to a new address where I knew it wouldn’t be touched. I did not think a service like this including such hospitality, and I am anything but disappointed. Although my package was delayed, I am still happy with my subscription, and can’t wait to get my first package!
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4 years ago, MissMaeT95
This is an amazing way to try numerous name brand perfumes without breaking the bank! Often times we women spend $200 on one single bottle of perfume. Many times we find it old after a month or so and let it age on/in our vanity's. Therefore this genius product gives us a perfect sample sized perfume that we can even pick ourselves, lasting for a month or longer for a great price at only $10. Women can determine if they absolutely love it or they do not at all. Meanwhile our new perfume is already on its way, if not already in our mail boxes! ScentBird has many positives such as: a low price, most popular name brands, perfect sized and makes great gifts for your girlfriends, wife’s, friends and family ETC. ScentBird is a present women look forward to every month! 💝💕
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4 years ago, Former Verizon FiOS Employee
I really enjoyed Scentbird I think the concept is great and I’m slowly seeing a lot of perfume outlets turning into a monthly subscription kind of thing. Now I do have a few complaints and I’m the customer who NEVER writes reviews or barely have time to sit and read comments, but I’ve been a customer little over a year now and the selection of scents has depleted DRASTICALLY!!! When I first signed up they had so many different brands but now for months all they send is Burberry and don’t get me wrong Burberry smells great but I would like some variety. Now again, I had a great experience but I felt it was time to part ways with Scentbird. Cool, cancelled my subscription. It’s now been almost 2 MONTHS AND IM STILL BEING CHARGED AND SENT FRAGRANCES! That makes me really upset because I never had any problems or no serious complaints but they literally make it so stressful just to cancel your subscription and you think you have but it’s not actually canceled! I will never join Scentbird again! I’m going to FragranceNet! They have better selections anyway. Really dissatisfied SMH
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4 years ago, Crisg1212
Really disappointed
I started in early June and was excited to get my first scent but after a month waiting the package never got to my house. Contacted them and they stated it could have been lost in the mail. I got the tracking number but on the website it never showed that it shipped. The customer service contact is the worst and can only be reached by email and their turn around time says 72 hours but they took almost a week to contact me back via email and the email got sent at the most random times (2am PST). Then after they sent me a replacement scent and they gave me a $5 credit towards my next month to make up for the first mix up. Well the replacement package was supposed to come and again no package. Now I have to wait 3 plus days to tell them about the second missing package. My experience had been extremely disappointing from the start. Almost 2 months in and not one single package. If they see this review I would highly suggest for them to invest in a online chat service for their users and to switch carriers from DHL to something superior.
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1 year ago, PJuggle
Formula has less potency than from Tommy Bahama
I ordered the most recent Tommy Bahama Maritime Voyage and was impressed by the presentation of the container and how quickly it arrived but unfortunately the formula is not as potent as from the bottle. This particular scent I usually only have to apply once or twice per day but from scent bird the allure is gone in about an hour of use. In the end this is a more economical solution to wear colognes and perfumes but you get what you paid for. I’ll stick to original and pay the full amount. The company did reach out an assure me that they sell all original scents, and I believe them, but a chemist just educated me that any cologne, perfume, eau de toilette when transferred from its origin may lose some of its potency. Heat, humidity, and bright light will break down cologne faster than anything, so it’s possible that what I received lost it’s original integrity.
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5 years ago, Blupup
Love the concept, but the execution...
I am and always have been a crazy perfume woman. Accordingly, when I heard about scent bird I could not have been any more excited. I have been a member for over a year now and I have loved it the vast majority of the time. The only thing I wish would be better is the app. The service is fun and exciting but the app is horrifying, confusing and tiresome. When I first joined, I assumed it was merely the initial app that would soon be fixed, spruced up and made wonderful. However, after a year I have yet to see it. I truly hope that you update this app soon, because the only reason I have not left yet is because I have never had a major problem with the service. If and when that were to happen, this app would be entirely in adequate to assist. After a year, I still struggle to navigate the app and put the perfumes in my queue. Please fix your execution, because the concept is just spectacular.
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4 years ago, Nik Scentbird
Terrible customer service
Horrific customer service. This company allows almost 0 outlets to get in touch with a customer service rep if you ever have an issue. I was mailed and billed for things I didn’t order and emailed them (their only form of addressing a complaint) never responded. Their website informs you to reach out to them through social media, which I find insane I have to tweet or post on a companies wall to address an issue I have with their services but none the less did both of those things as well. After a week of trying to reach out on 5+ different platforms with zero responses I just ended up cancelling my subscription. Was a customer for 2 years super sad that simple issues cannot be addressed with customers that have been paying for their services for years and not even the basic package but the upgraded version of their services. Terrible business model would not recommend unless you want to roll the dice on never having a billing or shipping issue ever with those company.
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4 years ago, markiebaby14
Tired of getting charged.
This app is a great concept with great products, so I’ll leave a good review on that part. However, I been trying to cancel my subscription, and I did. For some reason I’m still being charged monthly with random selections of perfumes being sent to me when I have purposely removed all perfumes and products from my monthly selection. I even removed my card off file and somehow it’s still being charged. I know the card is removed from the app, but it’s not removed from the database. I have been trying to get a hold of customer service and it’s pretty hard. At this point I will have to get in contact with my bank to do the permanent cancellation for me. My main complaint is that this app needs to have better customer support, and make it easier to stop a subscription !!
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2 months ago, the ad is trash
Amazing app
First, the customer service is fast, helpful, and awesome. I messed up making my account because I typed my email out wrong, and within two days I had my account back and plenty of communication from customer support. They were really nice and professional and responded really fast. Secondly, the scents are perfect. I’ve bought two colognes so far and they are great and exactly how they are advertised. The information they provide you on the cologne/perfume you want to buy is detailed and amazingly helpful in making decisions. A lot of it is customer-rating based so it’s very accurate. Lastly, the cases they send you are really nice looking, high quality, and easy to use.
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3 years ago, busbyf01
This subscription is amazing!! I was kind of skeptical at first because it seems too good to be true, but it really isn’t!! This is the real deal! I’m a middle class man with expensive taste so when I saw the ad and the price I decided to give it a shot. And it is perfect! No bulky bottles, no expensive commitment to one cologne, and a wide variety to choose from! My first order was Versace Eros and it turned out to be everything I hoped it was! I’ve already filled my queue with fragrances I want to try for the next year!! 5 out of 5 stars! And shipping is fast too! They were off by one day on the estimated delivery day but that’s not too bad right?!! Definitely worth the $15 a month!! I won’t be canceling this subscription any time in the foreseeable future!!
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5 years ago, tuberose_girl
Pretty good so far
Not bad. I enjoy how quick the interface loads. It’s simple and to the point. Like most apps it’s set up differently than the actual website, but that’s perfect. There’s a time and place for everything and apps should be able to load fast. I do crave access to their blog as I do read that often enough to miss it (wasn’t there last time I checked—which was a while ago) and I do like seeing the entire list of perfume notes but it seems the list is only partial. These two things, the access to the blog and then the perfume notes I wish could be built into the app. However, if it slows the app down then don’t bother—I’ll just go to my desktop.
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3 years ago, RI sound sleeper
Great idea! Nice convenient perfume size! Poor performance
I love this idea! Its clever and fun and provides nice small perfumes in perfect size for travel or work or purse! This company is very poor about shipping on time. I signed up for a monthly subscription. First shipment arrived February 1st, second shipment was March 28 even though i prepaid for it ahead of time?! April shipment claims it was shipped via DHL on April 8th and DHL still doesn’t have the product yet 🙄. Why is this company incapable of sending out a simple tiny product to arrive on appropriately the same date every month??! Is the office a giant mess and they lost my package since the 8th? Do they lose it every month so my monthly shipments keep arriving late every month? Im about ready to cancel and go to Ulta to buy perfume when I know i will actually get it! My advice to company is treat customers properly if you want to have any customers!
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1 year ago, JayTi1100
Love the products - frustrated with the app
I love Scentbird and have no issues with the subscription service, but I’m always frustrated with the way the app doesn’t easily allow you to move around objects in your upcoming orders. If you have a ton of different items you want to try and a new one drops you have to drag it alllllll the way up to the top just to get it next. I suggest adding a “move to top” button or a numbering system so you can easily move positioning of your choices. When you have 30 items and you add one to your queue but would like it in the next delivery it’s exhausting dragging multiple things all the way through the list 😩, especially if you change your selections often.
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3 years ago, hawmhawm
Better late than never
I had account before with scentbird, I had to deactivate it for certain reasons. I have signed up again, impulsiveness I guess. I should of thought about it first. I have read everyone’s thoughts, an they love the scent’s. That tells me they are not messing with the scents, I always wonder. Watch now, mine will start coming weak 🤞🏼I hope not. Anyhow, I am still waiting for my scent, an I wonder if it will be the date that they said. Is there problems in there distribution department. It’s been going on one month since I joining, an I think could this be because I left them that they are putting me on the pay no mind list. I would not be surprised if they had something like that. I will pray an see what the universe has in store for me and my decision to try again. I like to smell good though, decisions, decision.
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3 years ago, cjyedjkitdvhheshk
I wish more scents were available
The shipping takes a little while but I am always updated through email when it’s on it’s way and have never had an issue of it not coming so I don’t really mind. My biggest thing stopping me from giving 5 stars is.. I wish there were more scents available. I am always given recommendations on high end brands and wish I could try them but 90% of the time it’s either “out of stock” or not available at all. Honestly sometimes I hate a scent it’s first day and then it grows to an obsession for it. So I love the size samples you get so I really can try a product! Hopefully more partnerships will happen in the future because I love getting new trial scents every month before purchasing a full size bottle!
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2 years ago, loyergr
Not bad for newcomers to perfume but needs imrpvement
Pros: Im a newbie to perfume so this app is perfect for me to try out different fragrances and figure out what I’m into. I’ve been a subscriber for about 3 months now. They have a great variety of fragrances and companies! You can smell rich for a reasonable price! And they swap out some fragrances for new ones every so often. The app is also easy to figure out and use for anyone. Most of the perfumes I’ve had delivered to me have smelt pretty good. They also reply quickly by email, sometimes the same day! Drawbacks: 1. I will say though that your parfums won’t get scent to you until mid to late of the month, not the beginning like you would think for a monthly subscription. So if you planned on trying out specific fragrances for a month or event, I’d suggest queuing it a month ahead so you will have it in time. 2. Many of the fragrances seem to have an “older” aesthetic to them which can be a problem for some people. Recommendations: I do wish though that there was a wishlist or something where we can “favorite” parfums for a later time we want to get them, but don’t necessarily want to queue them at the moment.
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2 years ago, CombsC99
Great Idea and Great App!
I love ScentBird! A perfume subscription service is a great idea for those of us who love perfume and don’t want to blind buy. The app is also so easy to navigate and really fun to explore. You get to build your queue of perfume for the coming months and can select for many months in the future if you would like. This is one of my favorite parts of ScentBird, since I get to choose what I want to try, and I can plan in advance. I can’t wait to continue to get perfume every month. I imagine ScentBird will be able to grow their portfolio of fragrances even more, as they get more members.
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1 year ago, Reviewer105645
The app is terrible
I cannot comment on customer service, as I’ve not had to interact with them. I’ve been a subscriber for a year now and I find the product itself satisfactory. Great way to try out scents. However, as far as the app itself goes, save the trouble of downloading. There is no need because there is no way to log in or browse. The “login” area does not allow you to input your password and instead sends you a login link via email. Once you click the link in the email, you are taken to the browser version with no way of getting to the app. It basically sends you on a loop. Again, the product itself is fine, just don’t download the app. (Disclaimer: I’ve seen a good amount of reviews regarding the difficulty of canceling. I have not tried to cancel, so I cannot comment on this. The one-star rating is for the app, not the products.)
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5 months ago, Cultureflop
Shipping delays, Increasing prices
I’ve had the app for about a year now and initially I was impressed by the overall concept as well as the range of perfumes. Now, however, I’m ready to cancel my subscription when and if I ever receive my order. I’ve had multiple orders get lost in the mail with no resolution from customer service beyond a very polite ‘just keep waiting’ even after requesting a refund. Basically, it doesn’t matter how long it takes (2-3 weeks even when it’s not lost) they have your money and now that’s your problem. The prices have gone up as well. Designer or niche fragrances that may have cost an extra $5 a year ago will now cost you an extra $10 or $20 per sample. Save your money and order samples through lucky scent or twisted lily.
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3 years ago, robinhoodsuxdix
Good product, MAAD ethics
The Scentbird brand and product is no doubt good, however if nothing is queued in your next month order on Scentbird, it seemingly picks your next number of scents at random. Meaning that if you don’t queue anything for the next month you could be left with a perfume you didn’t even want. It’s odd because you’d think they would just notify the consumer of an empty queue so that they may choose a new one or cancel. Just unfair to the consumer to be honest. Did I mention no refund can be made or processing stopped! So the moment you notice they picked a random fragrance for you, you unfortunately can’t cancel. So if you do use this be on top of the the orders monthly, or you’ll be out 30 bucks and have three cheap perfumes or colognes that aren’t really your taste. :))
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3 years ago, Unhappy app banker
New subscriber!
Wow this is fun! I received my first sample fairly quick and they notified me throughout the process to keep me updated! The sample is from France and then sent or sold from New York, so it’s a VERY high quality and expensive perfume, the real deal!! I love the sample sprayer bottle which came in a nice black bag and a sweet note that called me beautiful, making me feel very appreciated! It’s obvious they are all about their customers! I’m surprised at the negative reviews bc I’ve had nothing but a positive experience! Oh and the perfume smells really good and it’s strong and lasting so you don’t need to spray too much!
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4 years ago, Mr.Mista
Not a bad service
Like the subscription a lot. Only gripe is on if you have a cologne subscription and have a new holder for the cologne as part of the subscription they shouldn't send you a feminine color like pink etc for your cologne. It's cheaper to have a new holder as part of monthly subscription but it is a random color. Should be based on cologne or perfume sub. So guys aren't getting girly colors for their cologne. I'm writing this because I got a pink one that I'll never use. Customer service said they would add a color my choice to this next month but we'll see what comes as part of my sub. Maybe let subscription holders choose those colors of it's part of a monthly subscription.
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7 days ago, naalllllllllllejejdjs
A little confusing, but pretty cool.
Let me start off by saying, I do like scentbird, and I enjoy being able to try different fragrances. But, I’ve had a couple problems. My first order was late, but customer service was awesome. I got my order when I emailed them. Then I had a problem with the payment on my next order, and it was never shipped, it didn’t charge me again or anything. Again, customer service was amazing and charged me manually, which seemed to get it shipped out and paid for. But now I have a fragrance queued for May?? It was last month, I’m not sure if I’m gonna have to email again to get my order shipped out or what, but I’m kinda confused.
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3 years ago, Ashlinntm
Gave me a refund within the HOUR!
I was a bit skeptical about this app at first, because in my experience, subscriptions like these can be so incredibly hard to cancel! This is absolutely not the case with Scentbird, It was so easy to manage my subscription that I didn’t cancel it, I just put it on hold for a few months, and requested a refund instead of receiving my monthly scent. The refund hit my account within the hour, I’m shocked! This app doesn’t try and cheat you out of your money and it’s easy to navigate. I love it!
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5 years ago, CranjisMcBasketball
Much better, but lacking just a bit.
This app is SOOOOOOOOO much better than the browser-based queue, I cannot stress that enough. The ease of use here dictates that I will be using the app to manage my orders every time. However, the main app page feels like it is lacking. I would recommend including the monthly scent, as well as the current offers marquee on the main tab. I currently allow the default scent to ship because I like the excitement and exploration of trying things that I may not otherwise order, but you cannot see the upcoming monthly scent through the app. This would easily be a five star app if they found a way to include that.
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5 months ago, ThatChefAl
You should pass.
I have been a 3 scent and a new case every month member for about 6 months now. The concept is great, this companies execution is terrible. For example…It’s the end of January, I still haven’t received my December order and my January order hasn’t even begun to process. It takes about 2 weeks under perfect circumstances to get your order, from the time it begins to process. Like I said, great concept, terrible execution. I would gladly move my 3 scent plus case, which by the way is on average $50-$60/month with and upgrade or so, to a new company if the operation was better than this one. Such a shame, this could be so big; I would personally recommend to everyone if it wasn’t such a bad experience. As
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4 years ago, Slu C
Subscription Dieter gets most bang!
I have been on a subscription diet so getting a new subscription was not what I was looking for when I got the Scentbird offer. I have always thought that a signature scent was the icing on the cake of the impression that you desire to make. I have always had a signature scent which I would switch up each Spring and Fall. Burberry scents have usually been my go to’s but I have always found several scents that I absolutely love but can’t afford to purchase, now I can. Thank you, Scentbird. You brought me a reason to fudge on my subscription diet.
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9 months ago, ssulliv123@@
95% not worth it
sure smelling good can come at a cost and you may think that you are saving money using this but in all reality you are actually spending wayyyy more on it. they only thing Scentbird is good for is discovery . even then you can go to the store and smell for free without the ridiculous shipping times. there stock is mostly filler and if you want a smell that is actually worth it they charge you 5-10$ extra for the 10 squirts . id recommend buying that smell you heard of and cant find anywhere (if they even have it) to try out but beware once you go past the first discounted subscription it’s completely not worth it. there profit margins are so large they do not insure there packages.
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3 years ago, Khaminova
Sanctuary red panda.
I’m very new to this website. I am usually very hesitant to try something new from online. But I’m so glad I’ve made this choice. The service is absolutely amazing , quick, easy, very friendly. The perfume I have chicken for this month is amazing. It smells very delicate, elegant. Even my teenage daughter liked it a lot. Thank you so much for what you doing, and the price is very affordable to try new scents. And, I feel good about my little contribution in conservation of red panda.
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3 years ago, ECarp 1151
Scentbird is great, shipping is not
First off I want to say that I love scentbird and the fragrances are amazing. The only issue I have is shipping. I’m currently waiting on my 3rd shipment ( I’ve been a customer for 3 months ) and every month the shipping is the same. It takes no less than 3 to 3 1/2 weeks to arrive. By the time I get my package my card is being charged again for the next shipment. I try being patient but I get really excited when I see it’s in transit, then I still have to wait nearly an entire month. Maybe scentbird should switch to a different courier.
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3 years ago, NightWolfJones
It’s amazing
I’ve been seeing ads for a good while now for this subscription and I always thought it was just too good to be true but I was so wrong I finally broke and tested it and at this point I have no negative comments on it you get more than enough in the vile you get in a month and I think this would be a good thing for a teenager to try to figure out what colognes they like and not have to worry about Rolling the dice and buying a complete bottle of cologne or perfume
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4 years ago, jinxaful
Love the subscription, hate the app
This review isn’t about the subscription service itself. It’s about the app: the clunky, glitchy, difficult-to-manage app. I tried to leave a review for a past scent so I could remember what I liked about it, but the app said ‘something went wrong’ when I tried to save it. I tried to submit it again, and it told me I ‘can only review a scent one time’! Meaning it registered I’d submitted a review but something had gone awry in the system so that I couldn’t see the review and my app didn’t register my star rating. This isn’t the first issue of this kind I’ve had with the app, either—it’s just the most recent one. I love the service but PLEASE fix the app.
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2 years ago, CiBe09
It started out nice then quickly fell.
I’m quite displeased and borderline irate about my last subscription order. My June fragrance was missing from the empty carton I was delivered. I jumped through hoops to find the support email and was told a replacement would be shipped. Now my account is falsely stating the replacement was delivered but this time I didn’t even get a package! When I finally received a response the rep attempted to sell me different subscriptions and completely ignored my statements about my missing order and refund. I won’t be suggesting this app to anyone. It just isn’t worth the hassle.
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2 years ago, @druckenmaster
So easy
They make it a breeze you get 2 to 9 ounce bottles with a perfect container and you get to exotic fragrances a month on time every month they last you a whole month perfect by the time I'm done with my last squirt another one comes in if you like one like it take a picture of it put it in your cart and you'll get more like that it's so crazy how many different colognes I've never even heard about that are absolutely amazing thank you scent bird
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3 weeks ago, dysonsarah
i just absolutely love this company!
Not only do they have affordable prices but excellent smells and good quality travel size bottles i just love all of mine! not to mention how sweet and understanding they can be on things if u mix something up or have miscommunication they helped me out when i was the dummy for not reading about add ons how they come with ur subscriptions if u buy them two days of ur monthly subscription being shipped out ! thanks again!!
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2 years ago, Roni#5
Smell fantastic everyday!!
It’s almost like Christmas, getting my little package every month, I anticipate what scents, that I picked, and wow!!! I now know which fragrances, that I would like to get full size bottles of, in the future. This is a neat way to enjoy smelling good, and save you money, so your not buying full size perfumes that you aren’t a fan of. Definitely try.. it’s not that expensive, if you don’t like, which you will, just cancel?! Nah. You’re gonna love these mini cologne sprays, fit right in your purse, smell good on the go!!!
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2 years ago, Das_It!
Best customer service out there?
I love this concept, sampling new perfumes at lower prices than even the travel bottles of any given brand. Plus I then have various scents to fit mood, event, season, etc. But I’m really prompted to write a review because any time I’ve ever needed customer service, they make it so simple! You can email back and forth and the reps are ALWAYS friendly and helpful. Issues are always solved speedily and kindly ❤️ Please never change.
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2 years ago, Neli9956
Scentbird ghosted me…
I’ve been trying to log into my account for the past 5 days and have received no help from the team. I sent an email as soon as I realized it wasn’t able to log in and didn’t receive a response until the next day. They told me they had an overwhelming amount of emails but would try to reach me within 24 hours… It’s been 3 days since I last heard from them. I still haven’t been able to log in or manage my subscription. As soon as I’m able to log back in I will be unsubscribing from this service. It’s unfair that I’ve been trying to reach the team and have basically been ghosted, terrible customer service :/
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2 years ago, redecorplayer14
I went on the website to see if they had the brands I was looking for and they were displayed as an option. I decided to sign up but you are required to pay before you can pick. After I signed up I found that the scents were not really an option and others were up charged and didn’t show that initially. Reached out to support ten minutes after setting up to cancel and requested a refund since I did not order anything. I was told that I will be charged regardless. Save your money and time and go with scentbox. Also the only way you can cancel is through email in attempt to make it more difficult to do so.
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2 months ago, sobelowp03
Great for the most part.
Extremely happy with the small tester bottles to find a new scent for the season, however I did end up purchasing the full sized bottle elsewhere due to the price being $40 including shipping, versus the $60 price before shipping that Scentbird had listed. I will probably use Scentbird in the future for the tester bottles, but will check all my options for the full sized bottles. My delivery came four days earlier than projected, which was a huge plus as well.
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4 months ago, CJ123456783
Good service but questionable results
The experience with the company as far as the amount of cologne selections, delivery and cost were fine. My issue with the service came down to the colognes themselves. I’m not going to say I’m a cologne expert/connoisseur but I’ve bought enough over the years to know what I like . My issue is that I really wonder if they’re sending real scents by the brand advertised or if it’s a knock off. The reason for the suspicion is that out of the 6 scents I received not a single one keeps its scent for more than an hour or so unlike colognes I’ve purchased elsewhere by the same brands.
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1 year ago, TorTor7up
I hope my sub is better than this app
From the title I meant what I said. I decided to take a chance and subscribe bc I love fragrances. That went well, I decided to download the app to keep up with my subscription. It asked me to enter my email to get a secure link to confirm I’m me. I did it and got access through my browser but when I came back to login the app, it wouldn’t allow me. It just kept wanting me to send the email. I guess I am going to use the browsers version because I have already deleted the app. Hopefully this review is seen and the problem is corrected. Also they are not 100% clear on subbies so read carefully when signing up.
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2 years ago, Eye Movies
Not Accessible
I am a blind user and have been hearing about this service for a while now. I love different fragrances and trying them out, so I figured this would be perfect for me. When I downloaded the app, I found that it is not accessible with my screen reader. This made me super sad, because I was very excited to try everything out. Please make this app more accessible. It Will be great for me because I can try out all the fragrances I'd like but, it will also be great for you because I'm not the only blind person who loves smelling great.
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