Yelloh Delivery

3.7 (1.1K)
100.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cygnus Home Service, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Yelloh Delivery

3.67 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Lyd.riverdale
I love the way you went up on your prices, then put a dollar off, on sale! Prices are getting ridiculous! You don’t have yogurt type ice cream any longer! I used to get coupons in the mail! Not any more! What’s the problem? I have nothing to order. I’m lactose intolerant. The quick meals, would be nice, IF they were good! I tried the fish, the spaghetti, really don’t care for any of them, except the sweet n sour, which has too many peppers, hard chicken, so I’m at a loss, as to ordering! Beef tips n gravy aren’t bad, but really expensive. Add to your menu, but keep the pricing affordable. Your veggies are great, as is your chicken.
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2 years ago, chicagoheather
No customer service
This review is not for the app, but for the service. super disappointing first order with you guys! First there is only one day a week in my area to choose for deliveries. Fine, I’m in a rural area I can understand that. So I place my order with a full weeks wait for delivery, on the day of scheduled delivery I get an email that delivery date has been change to two days later. Call customer service to find out why it was changed and they assure me it is loaded on the truck and will be delivered that day & that the email and app were both wrong. So I wait all day, you guessed it. No delivery. So I wait another two days to when it was supposed to be rescheduled to. Finally comes at the end of the delivery window but two of my ordered items are out of stock, no notifications, no emails, no communication whatsoever. Mind you, I have the app, text and email notifications enabled. The driver was about the only good thing in the whole experience. He also told me that one of my out of stock items has been out of stock for two weeks so I should have never been able to order it it the first place. Seriously what is wrong with your systems that you are letting people order stuff that has been out of stock for 2 weeks and your customer service can’t accurately tell people when and why a delivery has been rescheduled?
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2 years ago, Nutritionally Disappointed
Too much salt!
I have been a customer for 20+ years, as my mother was before me. But that may be coming to an end. It seems that most times I review Schwann’s foods individually, I am asking that the sodium content be reduced. I’ve been pleading for years with the chefs and nutritionists: PLEASE REVIEW AND REDUCE SODIUM CONTENT ACROSS THE LINE OF PRODUCTS! Most of the prepared items would put even your average american diet eater in a HBP emergency. Really, no flavor would be lost…and most products would be much better, much tastier, much more palatable and overall improved, if the sodium were reduced BY HALF. Plus, Schwann’s would keep it’s faithful customers and likely gain many more. I have never received specific feedback and do not know if my … and many other customers’… comments, specific to sodium count and over-spicing, are even read or considered. Your nutritional statistics are UNHEALTHY. With this generation’s focus on and need for better nutritional health, responsible food production demands that Schwann’s take action. Sure, convenience and freshness are great, but unfortunately, the lack of basic healthy nutrition in half the offerings (the prepared foods, coated meats, etc..) outweighs the benefits. Thank you if you have read customers’ comments, considered them, and acted upon them.
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1 month ago, vinnyvic
Buy the Best!!
If you go buy ice cream at the grocery store, even Ben and Jerry’s first product listed is SKIM milk! So, production then uses dry milk solids and lots more sugar, much cheaper! My dairy farmer Dad would only request vanilla ice cream, I unknowingly do the same to avoid extra sugar. You couldn’t make ice cream a with skim milk, with home ice cream maker if you churned all day .. it is a high fat product to be creamy and have true “ yum” tadte! I have had only Schwan’s vanilla ice cream in my freezer for last decades and taught my children and friends and now grandchildren, what a high quality ice cream tastes like, by letting them have a dish,cone or malt upon visiting. It is far from the high sugar fast food shakes and the Dairy Queen blizzard, that is a blizzard of sugar!! A small amount of a high fat product is more satisfying, than a of large amount shake with lots of sugar. Our children are getting too much sugar and salt and don’t know what unprocessed food taste like. Last week headd report 2/3 of food kids are eating today are processed foods.
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2 years ago, Laya1218
Delicious Food!!
I have been a faithful happy customer for approximately 5 years! The food has been top notch high quality & very tasteful on the ones that you seasoned. I am of advanced age of 62 young 😉 and we happen to like your seasoned meats & grilled salmon & the pork chops are to die for. So please keep seasoning! There’s only been a few times when I’ve ordered an item looking forward to getting it only until the driver to tell me that you just ran out… but then offer something else on his truck… and in those 5 years is when a driver has forgotten a couple of thing’s but when I call guys you promptly turn the driver around to retrieve the items or item. So your customer service is fantastic. And your drivers has always been respectful and polite! I don’t write many reviews but I just had to give you a pat on the back!
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10 months ago, nabfitness
Can’t please everyone.
I am surprised at some of the negative reviews. I think some people expect the same variety that they can get at a big supermarket in n a small truck. If you do not like salt, there are other options. As a senior citizen, I have been a customer for almost 30 years and have been able to purchase items that fit my diet. Yes, there are products I wish they had not dropped like sugar free ice cream, but they are a business who is trying to make money. Their trucks can only store so much and are not here for each individual’s tastes. There are things Schwan’s sells that I can not get at the grocery store. I love the service.
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11 months ago, Ice Cream Avenger
You changed my vanilla.
You have changed my vanilla flavor from #251 to #250. I have been a loyal customer my entire life, as has my family. One of the things we always talked about is how Schwans vanilla is the absolute best. That is what made us loyal customers. I have been on auto-delivery for roughly a year now, buying a gallon every two weeks. And suddenly, out of the blue, you think it is acceptable to change my favorite flavor without my consent? Did you think I wouldn’t notice? I eat your ice cream every single day. Even before the ice cream hit my tongue, I knew simply from the way the spoon cut through it that something was off. My tongue confirmed my fears a moment later. To say that this is unacceptable would be a tremendous understatement. I have canceled all my orders, and I am telling my family to turn your truck away should it ever dare to enter our driveway again without the correct vanilla. Which corporate bean counter thought this was an acceptable way to treat your loyal customers? I even bought your overpriced salmon fairly regularly just because it was convenient. No longer. Frankly, I am curious for an explanation, but that is not enough to rectify the situation. I want my vanilla back.
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3 months ago, Yelloh.scks
No longer a customer
Long time customer but no more. We’ve been a long time customer for over 20 years. I remember when the drivers would bend over backwards to ensure we would get what we ordered. If they were out of stock, they would make an attempt to stop by in the next couple of days to drop it off. This was 10+ years before the name change. Over time, we found the quality of service went downhill. Certain items we liked were discontinued or the quality went downhill. We continued to do business with them up until they decided to leave our area. At this point, we decided it was not worth it to continue business with them due to the high cost of shipping and concerns about the frozen food making it through the mail.
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2 years ago, FITT123
Loyal customer leaving
I’ve been a loyal customer for at least 3 years now, plus around 15 years ago I was also a loyal customer for several years. I’m leaving. You discontinue too much of what I enjoy. This started back before Covid and Biden’s administration that makes things hard to obtain. I get that. But give us notice. Plus I feel sorry for the poor employee that comes to my home and has to say “No we don’t have that either,” to most of my list. I’m going to have to just shop at my local stores now. It’s a shame. Notice is what helps. If it’s mo longer available than give us a heads up or get substitutes. More choices. It’s a shame because I always loved Schwann’s.
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3 years ago, tsmooth2022
Broke pockets
I absolutely love the food presentation and freshness is always great!!! being a single mom of six kids I have to buy several items to make one meal it would turn to amazing if you had larger portions for big families. There was a couple time food was freezer burnt but customer service handled it without any issues… prices are crazy high yes and it’s difficult but the food is amazing would shop more if prices was lower this is a treat to my family some ppl go out to The restaurant we ordered from Schwans
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4 years ago, Steph mom of three
App works perfectly fine
Just downloaded the app this morning. I looked over at what everyone was reviewing and I can’t seem to find the issues. The app works perfectly fine for me... if your new to Shawns yes they are a little more pricy at times and there maybe foods your not a fan of but it beats going into public to shop! I love their meal ideas and our Shawns man Steve is the best! He suggested we start preordering so that we can reap the benefits to ensure we get our favorites and also get all the points and rewards! I can’t find a single thing wrong with the app... that’s why I’m giving them a 5 star!
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2 years ago, sunsetpt@lake
Long time customer
I recently deleted my account because, 2 things, truck doesn’t deliver any more and second, my last order was not delivered on the day it stated, I called and was told it was not always on that stated day, but it Always had been so then I talked to someone that looked up my tracking number and said it would be delivered such a nd such a date , which was not correct because that date was Sunday, so I called again and was given another date. finally I got my order only to find it was not packed neat & orderly as always and also had packing that was two colors like it had thawed and refrozen. The food did appear to be ok, but what a hassle. I miss buying from you and would like to join again and hope I won’t have these problems again. Thank you, Jo Ann Jewett A customer for many years, 20 years or so in AZ and now 20 in NC.
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10 months ago, LeahLee881906
Good app
For the amount and prices and taxes and delivery could get better deal at local grocery store. Other than that the app loads find and have a category section when doing a search for items. Maybe add a zero Sugar or salt free section for the people with health issues who is upset about the amount of sodium they're intaking. They do have number listed for help which is good got to tap on few areas in setting to get to it I think.
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4 years ago, Lakajin
Previous review
The lady before me that is also disabled said it all for me too!! My complaint if you want to call it that or maybe a suggestion is a better word would be to LOWER YOUR PRICES AND LOOSE THE SALT SHAKER!!!! Larger portions when you have single serving items so we don’t have to fix 2 of whatever it is. I know things are expensive but look for those of us on Disability our checks are just not enough to support your prices We love you guys and hate to leave you but y’all need to help us disabled ones out a little. Thank you. I hate to sound grimy but I’m only telling you guys this for your own good.
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3 years ago, clj1008
We ordered expecting delivery the next route day. The delivery wasn’t made that day and when I called customer service the first time I was told the delivery person had two deliveries left and mine would arrive in a half hour. Two hours later it hadn’t arrived so I called again that person told me the order was definitely on the truck and would arrive in one half hour. 2 hours later no delivery so I called again and was told that my order wasn’t going to be delivered for two weeks. I explained that if it wasn’t delivered the next day I would cancel the order and be done with Schwan’s. To their credit it was delivered the next day. This isn’t the Schwan’s service I have experienced in the past
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4 years ago, Sassarras
Out of everything
I had high hopes for doing business with you. Alas, I made several orders, only to find out you cancelled many items AFTER confirming you had them at the time of my order. I never would have squandered my first-order discount for 3 or 4 items. By the time you finally shipped my food, weeks later, you had run out. It was only after you shipped that I found that out. Besides that, your frozen fudge pops are terribly low on flavor. Are you sure they’re chocolate? Whole experience was very disappointing. Each of the three times I tried to order. Mojo
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4 years ago, bobbytew22
Down hill
I have been a Schwanns customer for several years. The app is bad the old app was better. I need a delivery receipt, I used to get a email receipt, now I am told that has been discontinued, my delivery has been changed from a different city . My new delivery man hand led me a bag and said my order was complete with one exception ,however I was short another item I ordered 2broc and cal and only got 1 . Was I charged for or two? I emailed a question and was told they no longer answer emails. This company must have changed management. Not the same company nor the Same services .
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1 year ago, Hommy 306
French toast sticks
I love the French toast sticks but you have changed them now they have to match cinnamon on them but I am going to try one more time to see if they any better I hope they are better I really like them I also look forward to you getting back my favorite ice cream the summer dream orange ice cream I just can't enough of it I buy a lot of it please don't change it it's amazing just the way it is
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2 years ago, i font havf obr
I also am not happy with sone of the Spicy foods you offer. I have crossed several off my list as “ never buy” because of the spice in the food. Like another customer said “ us old people can not handle spices , hot , pepper or anything like it on our food and I am sure most of your customers are elders ! I enjoy and appreciate your food and service but please take the “ hot” out of some of your foods ! In all fairness you do have excellent foods ! TAKE THE SPICE OUT PLEASE!!
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2 years ago, Lynn Troy
Food not dated:
I don’t like the idea of no dates on food, or where it comes from. I order your meat loaf & potato’s only ate it twice both times has stomach issues, also I had 1 beef Patty with cheese again very disappointed. The ice cream cups were fine along with the broccoli: The delivery was fine & the person that delivered is Great just your product isn’t like it used to be. I will give it one more try, but can’t afford to throw my money away on food I’m not satisfied with and can’t eat. Thank you for your time.
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2 years ago, Mommy 90210
Very Happy
So far I am impressed. All the food has been delicious. My delivery was on time and delivery person was very respectful. For those looking for lower sodium, this is probably not the food source for you since it is not geared to those with health problems. If you have a large family maybe Costco or Sams would be a better choice. For a widow, retired RN I am very happy with the food, portion, and variety.
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3 years ago, pgrundmeier
App Suggestion….
We are retired and live at 3 different locations during the year. Why not allow me to change the delivery address on the app? Also, I would like to buy a gift certificate and have the Schwan’s truck schedule a delivery for the gift recipient. Could this be done on the app. Good food! Don’t mind paying a higher price for quality products! Thank you!
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10 months ago, rlcombs
Love Schwan’s!
Schwan’s has amazing food! I have been ordering from them for over ten years. It has been hard lately with inflation (i.e. our government blowing money left and right causing prices to skyrocket), but when I can order I do. To all the people complaining about sodium content…it’s a PRESERVATIVE!! Make your own food at home with whole food if you want to control the salt content. Geez.
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8 months ago, Senior 70
Since you became Yellow your delivery service is lousy. Should have had a delivery but no one showed up. Look on your website and be here 11/3. Been a satisfied customer for 15 plus years, but not happy any more. I am cancelling my order, and will not do business with you any more. Changing a name should have nothing with your deliver service, but when you take on other investors outside the U S that is something I can not understand. An American business turned over to foreign investors. You can say that is,not true all you want, but try and be honest with your customers.
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10 months ago, Foxy trader
Love schwans. Hate new name. WYY?
I have got schwans for probably over 40 years on and off changing when we moved to different towns. We have been a customer now for about 14 or so years. We love the ice cream especially the new flavors. I miss the yogurt with the strawberries and chocolate bits. We buy mostly the vegetables besides the ice cream. We love the green beans and broccoli. The small packages are great for three people. The French fries and chicken Pattie’s are great. We also love the small one person meals. Spaghetti, Turkey, sesame chicken encrusted fish etc. Love your food. Use the app all the time to order. Shows when something is out of stock. I prepayand he drops it off. VERY SATISFIED WITH EVERYTHING WE ORDER. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BUT CHANGE THE NAME BACK
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2 years ago, tmscrafts
Chat feature of no help
You can change day of delivery but not the time of delivery. My work schedule has changed and need to change time. Told last driver he did not change it. Tried the chat feature. Get someone who can understand English! You can tell by what they type they cannot read English. Also tried calling company that was a waste of time as well. So I guess I am done with this company. Don’t need my food sitting outside.
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7 months ago, shortywolfe
This whole new thing you’re trying to do I believe will backfire. Not only changing the name from a well known and recognized one to one that doesn’t make any sense. No personal service at the door. No wonder you’ve lost so many employees. Now if I want someone to stop I have to respond to a text? How tacky. I’m pretty much finished with whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. You have totally missed the mark. By the way what the heck is Yelloh? Just dumb. Sorry. I’ve been a long time customer but I think im at the end of even caring. Good luck. I feel bad for your employees.
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4 years ago, Garciaa3
Always a Fan
My mother and wife were long time fans of Schwanns. After they died, I lost interest in continuing but my daughter in law gave me a package of Chicken Florentine during this COVID crisis and I was amazed at the quality of the food. Practically every spoonful was packed with a large piece of chicken. The flavor and sauce were outstanding. Truly worth the price. Needless to say, I downloaded the app and I’m a customer again. Thank you, Schwanns!!!
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6 months ago, louielouiethe first
No more
It seems as though they are going downhill, we have been ordering from them for the pass three years , when we order we don’t get everything, and the prices are getting ridiculous . They are going to UPS for shipping now, they used to have there own trucks if you wanted something else they would just pick it for you from the truck , and now they want to charge for delivery, it’s to bad because they have some very good tasting stuff. I’m done
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11 months ago, Manju's
Can’t go back to page I was viewing
Refuse to use the APP as there is no way no go back one step to see the page I was viewing once I selected an item to look at. I have to go thru all the categories and try to find the section/subsection I was viewing (if I can remember it’s name). It’s just easier to use the WEB where I can just hit back and not waste so much time to get back to where I was … with the APP, I get frustrated trying and just close the app with never placing my order.
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1 year ago, KHM RN
Love this company
I’ve been a Schwanie for years..started back in the nineties. Excellent products but you have to try for yourself. Read the reviews, pick higher star items and best quantity for your family. The mini pot roasts are great..flavorful and lower calories. The potato nuggets allow for portion control. I love the microwave brownies..Delicious corn! Makes for fast and tasty meals.
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3 years ago, mama sonn
Thank you Schwan’s home delivery..
We so appreciate Martin, he always has our order! or will make sure he has it for our next delivery, what a great young man! Hope to keep him in our area for a long time, He’s always happy to see us, always makes us feel like family, very happy he is apart of our Community... Sincerely Miss Kim an the office of Dr Dan...
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2 years ago, caseyc420
Unusable app
The app is completely broken and not usable to place orders anymore. I have an iPhone 11, latest iOS 16 software installed, every single other app installed runs the Internet fine, loads within seconds. Schwans app has the loading icon as soon as you open the app, and takes over 30 seconds to just load to the main screen so you can shop. I’ve turned airplane mode on for ten seconds then turned off to “reset” my phone, I’ve tried wifi only, cell only, it’s the same. You guys need to FIX THE APP. It is YOU, not me .
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2 years ago, Mmerf
I love most of your products but the sodium levels are very high. I am a senior with high BP and can’t eat many of your products. We can always add a bit of salt but can’t take it out! Also what is with the broccoli? How about putting asparagus in some of those creations it would be a pleasant change and would go well in some of the alfredos!
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4 years ago, DontnoD
App Review
This review is strictly about the app itself. Not your service or your food which is actually pretty great. Please invest some time into making a quality app? This is just a wrapper for your website and it functions poorly. There are times when I attempt to add things to my cart and it does not work. By contrast, I open Safari and place my order quickly. I realize this is not where you may wish to invest your dollars but this is the future of the supply chain process. Meaning if I cannot order the food via the app you will have less customers due to the perception of the quality of the app, as it is customer facing, reflecting on the quality of the business overall. If you prefer not to invest in the app, then consider removing the app from the storefronts. No presence is better than poor presence.
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3 years ago, lady_Elk
I'm disabled and with CV19 still a threat going to the g.stores here, Schwann's is the best possible All-Around solution! With the best ice-creams on the planet they also have the best veggies selected right from US producers that are brimming with nutrients and pop with flavor! My delivery person T.J. (Hamilton, MT reg. Route) is kind and respectful which is very welcoming too. A win-win all around, best of all they take EBT
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3 years ago, mik9742
Good food if you can get it.
This is the third time in a row that I’ve not had a delivery on the scheduled date. I have called the other two times and complained that has worked well I see. Is the date just a guess on the delivery date? Do you not a good driver pool to make all deliveries and pick and choose the deliveries? Is there a limit that must be made to lock in the order to make sure you get a delivery? Could someone explain this please. Thanks for the help with this matter. If you do get the product it is good but not sure it’s worth it anymore.
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4 months ago, Nick 987654
I’ve have had no problem ordering on line actually very smooth. Delivery guy has been great. My only problem is out of stock. Items that are on sale. Kind of a disappointment. I have been told I can get the sale price later. I still haven’t figured out how to do this.
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3 years ago, did sumon say somtin?
High prices
For you who complain about the high price of food, think about this. Do yo have any idea what that truck costs and how much it costs to run and keep that food frozen? And how about the packaging and shipping shipping? How about the storage until you decide you want it? And how about the family he has to take care of? I think we would all agree that Schwan’s is quality food, but it is not the food we are paying for it’s the service of having it brought to your door. So enjoy your meal and forget when it cost ten cents for a quart of milk or a loaf of bread! John Labrum Lynden WA
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2 years ago, EG too
Great service
We have had several delivery people. All were courteous and helpful. My favorite is Jack. I loved his humor. I still miss seeing him each month. I have stayed with Schwan’s for over ten years. I love the convenience of the food coming to my house. The individual meals are tasty and filling.
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3 years ago, Heîdï
Absolutely love ❤️
I am of a family of four, Schwan’s is the best way to get absolutely delicious food at home. The prices are perfect some people aren’t looking at the gas saved nor the convenience of not going out to the store. Everything is as it should be don’t change ☺️
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5 months ago, R H-C
Bring back the drivers!!! The app is not reliable
Customer service has been the WORST since you got rid of the delivery drivers. This app is not working properly. I have had to submit my orders several times and only received one order since you changed the delivery method. The food is good but not worth the hassle of having to submit my order several times. We have been customers for 20 years and this has been the worst service experience ever.
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10 months ago, iMikal
Long time customer disappointed
I’ve been using this service for years. Also been watching the quality drop considerably since about 2020. Prices up, portions down. Poor ingredients make bad food. We don’t even bother to order the pizza anymore because it’s so bad. So they introduce the new name “Yelloh” with a new app that I can’t even log into. That’s probably the sign that I need to discontinue my relationship with them.
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10 months ago, Mess up 2 many timed
Extremely disappointed
I have been a customer for over 3 years and the quality of product is low, the quantity is low. I get charged for items I never receive!! It is a very unpleasant experience in the last few months. It is shameful! I was promised a credit for items paid for and never received, never happened!!!! No longer using. This service it is NOtT worth it!!! Better options that will stand behind their service
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4 years ago, joesplus
Drivers a no show
I’ve been buying from Shwans because of the Covid 19 came out. Have a big problem with delivery driver not showing up on delivery days. I usually order over $200 worth of produce but for some reason I see him drive by and not return with my order. I have found they have great stuff and not so great just depends on your tastes. I can’t count on this guy showing up so I’m dropping them.
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3 years ago, sunset_11
Worst ever
Don’t get me wrong, I like Schwan’s food and I like our driver, but I will NEVER use this app again! I placed an order with a coupon and it charged my card. When my driver showed up, he knew about the order but only had one thing from it. I showed him my receipt and he went and got the items and wanted to charge my card agai without the coupon. I called customer service and they wer ZERO help. Get your system straight Schwan’s or stick to the old school way. Terrible experience!!!
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1 year ago, Feli19!
Great service, terrible app
I love Schwan’s, the food is great, and the customer service is amazing. However, the app almost never works. I have gone to order so many times but the app just keeps freezing. After trying on and off for a few days I just end up going to the grocery store. Please fix the app so I can order again.
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2 years ago, Giothepro92
So we ordered last Thursday the 18 but we had to leave so we told our neighbor to pick it up when they arrived so we left and after the time the delivery was supposed to arrive we called her and she said they never came to deliver so we called the company and they said they never went to the house to deliver and we tried again this week but they never came either. Horrible delivery service
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3 years ago, Codysoma
I’ve been a fan of Schwan’s for over 20 years..
Best fresh frozen food ever. I’ve tried just about all of Schwans products and have loved them all. Love the home delivery.. always on time and the delivery man is always polite and friendly. I highly recommend Schwan’s..
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2 years ago, pagiat
Mrs A.
I love Schwan’s The food is excellent. A variety of food is offered and it has served me well over the years. The delivery and courtesy and kindness of the delivery drivers is exceptional. Sure there a few items not to my liking just as in the grocery story but your food is terrific
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