Scoot Mobile

4.3 (1.7K)
108.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Scoot Mobile

4.3 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
7 years ago, wl ho
Arrival times can be improved
I travel back and forth singapore - jakarta a lot and I'm frequently frustrated at the delay in departure and arrival times for this sector.
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2 years ago, MPR1582
Unstable Application- cannot book multi city travel
I found the application to be glitchy. Also, I was unable to book multi city travel on the application. This was frustrating because Scoot’s regular travel portal is beyond inconvenient, full of unnecessary security verification steps, which ultimately lead to site malfunction and cause great user frustration. And when you go the only application, the experience is just as challenging. Scoot needs to clean up the back end processes and conduct more user back test acceptance trials before rolling out website and mobile applications.
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6 years ago, Psychofinn
Latest upgrade made the app useless
The latest upgrade to the app, now version 2.0.1, essentially made it useless for me. It wiped out all my stored bookings and will not allow me to access or manage them through the app as the bookings are associated with my Kris Flyer number. Prior to the upgrade the app remembered who I was. Additionally when booking a flight the app does not allow you to select your extras such as baggage allowance, board me first, food, etc. or enter your Kris Flyer number before purchasing the booking. This app in its’ current state serves no purpose for me. Too bad as the previous version was quite good.
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6 years ago, Reithe
Terrible update
Despise the new update . When searching for flights , you are only able to see prices for the date you selected and nothing else .Unable to compare prices for different days. It use to be that after you make a booking, you are able to see your future flights under my trip .They remove that feature .Lastly when you click manage my booking , the App brings you to the website interface so there’s a bit of a waiting time to load .Terrible user experience .0/10
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6 years ago, WallaceAforethought
Serious back end flaws frustrates user
DON'T BE A HERO! DON'T BE TECHIE! Don't be cool! DO NOT USE THIS APP! It has serious difficulty processing credit card payments that leaves transactions hanging and incomplete. There is no way of undoing the transaction until you arrive at the counter and find out that the product that you no longer need (like extra baggage allowance) cannot be undone and that check-in is not possible until you pay up. I nearly missed my flight and had to make the extra payment in order to get on board. You decide.
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6 years ago, PY@US
Ask for boarding pass and get booking confirmation
Something is really wrong with your IT systems. I could not check in on the website after clarifying with customer hotline on the issues. Managed to check in on the app and when asked for email to post boarding passes I continued to get booking confirmation instead of the passes. Your system needs to work perfectly to evoke confidence especially involving flights.
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5 years ago, Duhh???
My Scoot mobile app seems pretty useless
My iPhone Scoot mobile app has been updated very regularly but it seems within the last 6 months every time when I try to search for flights to and from Adelaide Australia there are no flights available. This app does not even indicate what are the current promotions and special offers. I have to google at my safari browser in order to get that information. Is that the best that Scoot could do? Please wise up or you are to loose out.
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10 months ago, EmilyJWC
No Communication w Actual Account
If I’m able to log into the app with my account information the app apparently doesn’t even communicate with my account. It can’t retrieve past or upcoming trips and wants me to enter each booking reference. However, even when I jump through the hoops it can’t find my trips. How is this possible when I log in with the same information I use to long in online? I expect more from SIA.
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1 year ago, Scotterito
App keeps crashing
Made bookings for multiple cities in Japan & China trips- and app crashed many times during my booking. Unfortunately most of the time the crash happened during payment - which meant I had to start all over at the beginning. Very frustrating experience. If it didn’t crash - would give it 5* for ease of use.
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7 years ago, lajollabubmail
Horrible app
The Scoot app is complete unusable in the manner that Tiger's old app used to work. Buttons work only after pressing several times. By default it orders you travel insurance which is fraud by the way and also puts you in the back of the plane charging you to move anywhere. The Visa 3D verification does not work with US credit cards. Useless for my business. I'm moving business to Air Asia and the new terminal 4 at Changi.
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3 weeks ago, 爛Uber eats
Worst APP and airline company
Cannot log into my APP, and the agent suggested me to use another smartphone. What a joke. Be aware that Scoot often adjust their policies suddenly without prior notifications. For example, they do not allow you to change your flights by yourself. You have to contact them by making a phone call to change flights and pay much more ridiculous fees.
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12 months ago, kusunokitsune
Barely works, not useful
App is hardly useful for anything. Won’t let me access anything without incessantly requesting OTP for everything, and yet the OTPs don’t arrive. Had to contact support to get information I should have been able to get with the app. Support was also unhelpful. Plus, errors when I tried to access or check my booking. Useless.
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6 years ago, D2Rhino
Doesn’t work and is missing destinations
1) Doesn’t work. Destinations are missing in the list, meaning I can’t book. 2). For existing bookings, says “unable to find bookings”. Yet the website pulls up my booking so I know the information is correct. 3). Scoot customer service is TERRIBLE. I’m unable to add on baggage online (website goes in a loop) or the app (can’t find booming) or via phone (I’m hung up on while on hold every single time).
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3 months ago, jfornies
Bugs everywhere
It’s frustrating to use this app or your web to do bookings with the new system. Full of bugs, airport lists not appearing, page keeps refreshing deleting all the information and forcing you to start again,… definitely someone has to look at this seriously
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6 years ago, Mingoperry
App crashes a bit and the silly verification with pictures is a pain, every time you open the app you need to verify again to check the bookings and it’s kinda slow moving back and forth through the same info
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11 months ago, Moogylo
Cannot log in via phone
The phone app is totally worthless. I can log in to manage my booking on my laptop, but not on the phone app. Every time I try to log in, the system throws an error message at me. Extremely frustrating. I have not had this issue with any other airline app. Disappointed.
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8 months ago, Terry flies
Poor Communication
You tell me to check, but when I get to your web page check-in is not available. You change flight times and ask me to confirm and when I try to confirm you tell me you have no record of my trip. Really difficult to get customer service help.
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1 year ago, 4no
Wasted so much time trying to book a flight. Haven’t been able to make it all the way through the payment process without the app crashing and taking me back to the start page. Only app on my phone that does this. IOS 16.5 iPhone 13 Pro Please fix your issues.
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1 year ago, Kenhhk
Keeps crashing
Very frustrating. It keeps crashing when trying to book a ticket and have to retry with entering all the info again every time. And sometimes it gets stuck and you can input details.
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6 years ago, Dan193874729372837428
100% utterly useless
Fire the current app developer and get a new one. The old version was a million times better. In fact. Fire the app developer. Reinstate the old version. Then hire someone who knows what the heck they are doing and try a new version again. Not even one star. Not even zero stars. Negative stars. Have deleted the waste of space app from my phone even
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8 months ago, stephen•ph
Useless app for the passenger
“that as a KrisFlyer Elite Gold or Silver member, the following benefits have been added to your booking… - Automatic assignment of the best available standard seat” Which seat did I get assigned? 38E —a center seat, in the middle row, in the middle of the aircraft. This app’s only purpose is to collect data about you. If you must fly with Scoot use their website.
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1 year ago, Angelnoah
Unable to retrieve booking!
I and my family were booked directly by Singapore air, and I was able to get a Scoot booking reference no. for a flight operated by scoot. However, I tried retrieving my scoot booking ref. after downloading the app and it says “unable to retrieve”. Your app needs a lot of upgrading and updating. Deleted it right away!
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5 years ago, jrknapp
Completely useless!
Wow, I’ve never had such a frustrating experience with an airline app. It’s impossible to login with KrisFlyer number, and without that critical feature I can’t manage any of my bookings. Huge embarrassment for Singapore Airlines and Scoot. Get it together! Why would I take the risk of flying an airline that can’t even manage to make an app that works??
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1 year ago, roaming_abroad
Crash Crash
It’s so disconcerting when an airline company who is in charge of flying you safely from one point to another can’t even build a simple app. I enter all my personal details including passport number, date of birth etc. and the app crashes over and over.
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11 months ago, daph_daph91
Close suddenly
I had to try 3 times to make the purchase, the app kept closing suddenly at different moment. It looks like you have a maximum time to wnter all the info before it shuts down
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2 years ago, aloha chinese man
Poor system integration and customer service
Krisflyer message mentioned on voucher to be used for scoot in Jul. But to-date, the voucher is still missing in the scoot apps and this got no choice but to book without the voucher. Tried calling Scoot just now and waited for about 1hr and 17mins before hanging up
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1 year ago, TravelYogii
Non-functional, cannot login
Booked my ticket on website but cannot access reservation on app, which refuses to let me sign on with my KrisFlyer account. Tried to set up new Scoot account, denied again. Hope they fix these irritating bugs soon!
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6 years ago, kethna
Easy to use
Great app, easy check in also, saves time in booking
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6 years ago, BGhows
Doesn’t update for return flight
I just returned from HK. Tried to check in when I was in HK for the return to SIN via and app (and online) but was unable to do so. The app only showed my upcoming flight from SIN-HKG which had already been completed. Strangely the app updated itself when I arrived in SIN but it was obviously too late.
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2 years ago, Grindawit
Almost Useless Scoot App
One example - they send you security codes to your email, but you cannot paste into the app on your phone. The poor performing scoot app does not retrieve upcoming trips You can chat w customer service on here
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12 months ago, Hiyallfoin
Can’t even login to Krisflyer account
Ensured I’m using the correct credentials since I’m able to login on internet browser just fine but this app gives an error. Cannot use app to manually retrieve bookings either as it asks me to login…
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6 years ago, talonr88
Can’t check in online
You can’t checkin online, except for only 2 departure locations. This airline is from the STONE AGES! What airline doesn’t have online checkin???! This one! Never again. I know it’s suppose to be cheap airline, but at least have online check in!!! Even Other no thrills airlines know this.
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4 years ago, tan sh
Scootalingo not starting
Nothing seems to happen when I click the button for Scootalingo... the popup just dismisses and nothing else comes up
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6 years ago, Flying high 69
Business Owner
Very easy to use App. Tickets booked in a few easy steps.
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2 months ago, MoseoC
Check in page does not work.
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6 years ago, Yoterry
Multiple error during final booking
I have to type same information due to the app error. It just took 10 more minuets.
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2 years ago, S HAN 2022
Crappy app. Backend broken
I am a Krisflyer member and the backend integration is so broken that i chose to wrote review just to express my frustration. The app doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. It is not responsive. I would rather call someone than use the app.
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7 years ago, Arsgamer
Works well
Didn't have any issue getting tickets. Good UI.
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5 years ago, Hawaii8080
I had this app about 2 years ago and when I first searched for flights, Honolulu was on it. Is there any way Honolulu might be placed back on?
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2 years ago, pm.thanh
Going downhill
Since when they turned from TigerAir to Scoot, this airline has gone downhill. Customer support is terrible. They may refuse to fly you to save them money: look up how they refuse to fly their customers from Singapore to JeJu.
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7 years ago, Cookiehustler
The stupidest airline app I've ever used
Can't check in, keeps prompting me to update even after I've done so, have multiple itineraries on file that I can't click through. Sad that the budget airlines (nok, airasia) apps that are far better than a Singapore Airlines owned company!!
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1 year ago, salt lake city lady
This app is terrible
I can’t log on and I know all my passwords. You can’t find flights. They think you are an idiot if you can’t work something that doesn’t work!!!
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6 years ago, kazakhjoe
Crashes when sending boarding pass
Pretty crappy when it crashes when submitting the email address to send my boarding pass.
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1 year ago, v no jc
Worst app and worst airline
Cannot log in, customer support not working. Total disaster. How is this airline still in business? I wish I could give it zero stars.
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2 years ago, acelordsg
App with false promises
This is one of the most crucial app but with each iteration either from back end pov or setup etc. It always disappoints. Come on Scoot/Singapore Airlines you can do better.
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1 year ago, RMvalues
Unable to select payment
Keep giving me error what a lousy and also cannoy redeem krisflyer miles such a poor apps
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5 years ago, hstnasia
Kind of useless app
Enter my booking reference number and my email, got message mentioned about insiders booking please log into portal... but there’s no login option whatsoever inside the app hence the app render useless.
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3 years ago, Pilotoa300
Slow app, it requires login every time, touch password not working. One of the worst app ever used. It locked my account 2 times. Very kafkian app
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1 year ago, SexyMummy
App doesn’t work!
I could not get the app to move on from automatically trying to find my location so I couldn’t search for flights. I updated my personal info and it couldn’t save it. I clicked on Help for the app and got an error message. Nothing seems to work on your app!
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5 years ago, bbkevin
Worst mobile app for booking
Really embarrassing app for booking. If they run their flights like they run this booking app, I would not set foot on one of their flights. Try’s hard to be cute but misses horribly.
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