2.1 (106)
100.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Iteris, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for SDDOT 511

2.09 out of 5
106 Ratings
5 years ago, Eteyemd
Needs improvement
Overall not too bad but surrounding states have much better apps that are easier to use. This app has no easy way to see a legend at the same time you are looking at the road conditions. So if you don’t happen to know that a pink road with black dotted line means “whatever” you are out of luck. You need to go through several menus to get to actual road info in text format. This app could easily be improved dramatically with just a few tweaks. Our neighbors in Minnesota give a good example of an easy to use 511 app.
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4 years ago, Wife123456789
SDDOT 511 needs improvements
I have seen WYDOT 511 and they are much easier to use/access.. when I click on road conditions and it takes me to routes.. the list is blank but there are stars and each one of those represent one route (I.e. I-90 from Rapid City to State Line).. you cannot see the name of routes unless you click on the star so it is annoying I have to click on each star til I find the route I want/need to know conditions for. Same for Legend.. it shows the colors but does not show what it means even if I click on it. This needs a lot of improvements. On the Map.. showed 3 different colors (assuming it’s the snowstorm and the severity that’s coming tonight through Sunday) is not labeled or say what the colors mean. I am not impressed.
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4 years ago, Sunthebun1
I like the fact that you don’t have to dial the number to check road conditions. The voiceover reads every details just as you hear on the phone. However I would recommend if you could have notifications on changes like if no travel alerts. Send notifications on the road conditions when winter weather hits the area or when road constructions are going on in any area near our locations. I would like to get the information without opening the app.
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2 years ago, bhess86
The 17+ rating needs to change
The app is rated 17+, but that rating is normally reserved for apps with adult content. If an adult wants to limit their teen’s access to such apps, they also have to limit the teen’s access to this app. This app should be rated 12+.
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3 years ago, Zach 1892
Usability Greatly improved with latest updates
When I first got the app a while ago it was handy but clunky to use. Now that they have updated the interface and made the map key easy to access I can’t complain how easy and accurate it is.
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7 years ago, dasprague
I had such high hopes
While the map is similar to the website and the tools are all there, the data is OLD. The cameras show the correct time, but the pictures are from a night time view when it's 2pm. If I can't trust the data, it's useless. It's extremely clumsy on a phone as well. I also have the same complaint about the map: no key to tell you what the various colors are. Worse, if you zoom in to look at an area, it makes it smaller and smaller, not bigger.
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1 year ago, CardinalEd
Can’t shut off
App provides good road info but legend can’t be viewed at the same time you are viewing map. Can’t figure out a way to turn off from running all the time in the background. So far the only method is to reboot phone to turn off.
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4 years ago, Cajuntransplant
Better than nothing
Map is awful to use. Route is only slightly better to get info. Surrounding states all have better and more easily viewable and usable apps. Only reason for one star is because it does allow a quick route view summary. Otherwise it’s terrible. Please, please, please.... link up with surrounding states and get what they have and use. Could be so much better.
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5 years ago, PrintLives!
This app is a wreck
Map doesn’t load properly, zooming rarely works, and it’s not possible to see the map and the legend at the same time. Utterly unusable—worse even than the website, which is quite bad as well. Nebraska, Minnesota, and Iowa have nearly identical apps. Please contact your neighbors in one of these DOT offices to get the vendor’s name and move SD 511 to this same user experience.
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4 years ago, Black Hills SD
Needs another update.
Needs another update. The saved road camera location titles are not showing up unless you tap and hold the column so you have to hunt and peck to find the right location. I have IOS 13.
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3 years ago, Truck Driver USA
Terrible road reporting
The problem with the app is it doesn’t show the correct road conditions most of the time and at night time they stop updating it. Anyone who drives at night cannot rely on this app. Again it’s been raining and snowing in areas and this app still showing dry. The update every 30 minutes is a lie
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3 years ago, nichesco
The updated app is awful. Not user friendly at all. Can’t read all of the road reports when you click on a road. Can pull it up but not far enough to read everything. When I let go, it goes back to the beginning so I can’t see all the segments of a particular road.
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4 years ago, vkedeker
Needs a bit of work.
Need to update, in dark mode the legend shows icons, but you cannot view the words. Would be nice if you could see the legend and map at the same time.
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3 years ago, macike
Took a poorly designed website and made it worse.
This is a bad app that has to many options. To confusing and does not work well on a phone. The website it is based on is not as confusing. I am so glad tax dollars are used to make poor products.
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5 years ago, Mcdoogal1967
I like this app. I like that I can see the roads and read the data. Recommended it to all of my family members.
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5 years ago, Concerned Travelrr
Update your app
Would you update your app to match Minnesota and Iowa? Yours is so difficult to read. You have to switch between map and legend to see what things mean. When you zoom into the map, it doesn’t zoom correctly. The bordering states are so much more user friendly.
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8 years ago, BeccaKC
Could be better...
I was so excited to find this app, but I can't find anything to tell me what the various colors mean for the roads. I turned on "show legend" but that didn't seem to work.
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4 years ago, Bunkomatic
Overall decent app
Current version doesn’t display highways or camera names in their respective screens when in dark mode on iOS.
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4 years ago, jsndrht
This should not be difficult, c’mon SD. App had road conditions on map but good luck trying to figure out what they mean. No legend!! Leave it to government. Do yourself a favor and skip the app go straight to the website!!
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4 years ago, urmom6942069
Awful app
The app is just awful. It looks like it hasn’t been updated in years. It doesn’t work well for newer iPhones. I deleted right after I tried to use it the first time. Not helpful what so ever. If I could give it negative stars, I’d give it a negative five.
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4 years ago, dhfhjsdbrk
Absolutely Terrible
Not even worth the download. Old interface, nothing loads, and hard to read if it does work. Clearly, neither time nor effort seems to be put into creating or improving this app.
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4 years ago, 57501
Great idea; wish the legend was with the map
Like the app. We live in rural area so knowing road conditions is important. We wish the legend would be on the same screen as the map.
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5 years ago, MississippiMudrat
South Dakota needs to look at Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota and redesign their site. When you try to look at an area close-up, it shrinks again. Requires a magnifying glass to see anything. The color coding for road conditions needs to be simplified. Site needs an overhaul
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4 years ago, PierreHome
Map fails
I just installed update. Now when try to open the map the app closes.
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5 years ago, ronbulk
App user
this is the most worthless road conditions map of any state. What a sad waste of taxpayer money! Don’t waste your time waiting 5 minutes for map to download. Maybe they should call Fred Flintstone to update this app for them!!
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4 years ago, 60536home
App crash
Since update crashes when I open map.
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7 years ago, Red & Gray
This is a great app, but due to it being listed as for mature users, my content filter will not allow it to be installed.
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4 years ago, 2jon425
Doesn’t work
I had the app and it worked okay but I recently updated the app thinking it would make it better and now the legend doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, Grindstoner
The 511 app went from being easy to use, to basically unusable. The easy to use list of road condition cameras was replaced by a confusing menu.
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4 years ago, fjdvnj
Not compatible with dark mode.
Please make app compatible with dark mode. (Road conditions and road cameras)
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7 years ago, Riley1911
Close to useless
Lines scale so fine it is difficult to see. No towns, just road numbers. Legend is difficult to find. Red/black is no travel advised while pink/black is just icy- almost impossible to discern
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4 years ago, South Dakotan
Where’s the legend?
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3 years ago, See USA
Not impressed. Surrounding states have better unfortunately. Did not seem intuitive at all.
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1 year ago, JaysonRL
Battery Eater
Don’t leave it open or it will eat your batter faster than Cookie Monster can go through a bag of chips ahoy.
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4 years ago, xqzmepleze
Needs work but better than nothing
Quits when trying to access maps IA much better app
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8 years ago, Lance Richard huls
What do the colors mean?!
This app is supposed to tell me road conditions based on the colors of the roads but nowhere in the app does it tell you what the colors mean. How is anyone supposed to know what pink, red, blue, purple or any other color means?!
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4 years ago, cardeadcallfred
Up date to nearby states view
This app is terrible!! Department of transportation needs to get it to look as Iowa and Minnesota apps. Your state looks rural and small minded. Get with the program
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4 years ago, JD605
Barely functional.
On ios13 it is useless. Can’t see the words in lists. Can’t click on anything on map. Literally garbage.
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4 years ago, BusserBrown
Complete junk!
This app is barely usable. Other states (Wyoming, Montana) 511 app are so much better. Please check them out and make South Dakota’s app more like those.
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4 years ago, Grilledcheese92
Take note
Please take note at wydots app. Works with dark mode and the legend is much easier to understand/access.
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4 years ago, $&;",@:&.@:9-&,&;@.4)
Could you update the app looks like it came out with iPhone 2. Not good information. Slow to load. Look at IA511 and MN511. There app are great
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5 years ago, Flustorm
The app gives errors and won’t open about 40% of the time!
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5 years ago, Dr infrared
Useless app
This app is so small on the screen that it is not usable. Just a waste of time downloading it.
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4 years ago, m12@%cxzaq
Pretty sad
Absolutely horrific. Look at how surrounding states (like ND) does theirs and make improvements so it’s easier to use.
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6 years ago, shebapixie
Hardly accurate. Need to update more often. Fake like CNN.
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4 years ago, P12football
Other states are better
The ND and Minnesota apps are a lot better. Hard to tell what is going on with the SD app.
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5 years ago, Pjostpjost
Not Good
Hey SD DOT. Check out ND’s app it actually works. SD 511 is garbage. Can’t even see the legend to know what the colors are!
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10 years ago, TylerNettestad
Basic. Lacking efficient controls.
App is very basic looking and aesthetically unappealing. Difficult to control zooming and road selection on the map. Some roads do not show updated conditions unless you zoom in. Needs improvement.
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10 years ago, Heather-Ru
Map doesn't update
I like having the road conditions in the palm of my hand. However, the map showing the road conditions does not update. If I want to see the updated map I need to delete and reinstall the app. Although, the text stating the road conditions does update.
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8 years ago, mrskvall
Not compatible?
I have been using this app for over a year and now when I attempted to update it, I get an alert that my phone is no longer compatible. The update says it requires iOS 8.0 or higher software, which I have, but I am unable to install an update for this app. What a disappointment.
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