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User Reviews for Sears – Shop smarter & save

4.02 out of 5
8.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Corinne Jacobo
Great Rewards Program, a Little Bit Rough Around the Edges
The Shop Your Way points are what keep me coming back to Sears. I bought a Washer/Dryer set when they had $100 bonus cash a month or two ago and since then I have made 5-6 purchases through the app because I can get things for cheaper than anywhere else by using my points, even if the initial price is higher. i.e. I got a Black & Decker toaster oven that retails around $60-80 for $40 shipped with my points. Because of that, I don’t mind supporting Sears and hopefully keeping them in business with other purchases since I’m earning points on those purchases that I can put towards something else. The app is a little clunky and you have to learn to use the filters to make sure you’re viewing only ítems sold by Sears or Kmart if using points (they’re going the Marketplace route a la Walmart and Target now) but once you get used to maneuvering a bit you can snag some pretty decent deals, and free shipping over $35 as well as store pick-up options make it really easy and convenient since the in-store line during the holiday season is not fun at all.
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6 years ago, SayJay5
Easy to use
Many websites claim to be “intuitive,” “designed with the consumer in mind” (who else would it be designed for??) or available for “fast and easy purchasing!” but turn out to be anything but. As someone who doesn’t typically shop for recreation nor randomly, it’s really frustrating not to easily find the category or item I want. Sometimes I wonder if the lack of clear direction is purposeful, so shoppers are forced to browse. It’s like being in a windowless IKEA where all you can do is follow the herd as it makes its journey from picking up shopping cart to forced progress through area after area of lamps and pillows and cutlery, finally exiting two hours later after buying $90 of stuff you hadn’t planned on. The Sears website is completely different: it actually issues built for the customer and is it straightforward and easy to use. Well-organized, its menus are presented as large buttons (APPLIANCES; TOOLS) that lead to progressively narrower sub-categories (REFRIGERATORS, DISHWASHERS, WASHER/DRYER BUNDLES), which in turn take you to the items you actually want to look at. Sears in general has been reliable and pretty transparent in terms of getting what you’ve asked and paid for. It seems like there are more and more sales and opportunities to save some money through cash points and holiday sales. There’s nothing frustrating here.
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6 years ago, Butchygirl
Bad experience horrible site!
I have never had such terrible experience on line like this before . It took me over 21/2 hours to do something that should have taken 5 minutes All that after leaving Kmart sites because it would let me have something delivered! It said free delivery over $30 and every time I hit the delivery button it would kick it to store p/u and tell me I could p/u at a store a hundred miles from my house! How convenient Drive 200 miles to bur a 18$ rug makes sense! I was going to by well over a hundred $more in shirts for my son but I didn't want to be up all night long! Seriously guys your stores are shutting down if you don't do some thing quick with your on line and your repair services you will go belly up! Last month I had to have a service man out here 4 or 5 times to fix the darn water dispenser on my frigI In the amount of hours needed to be here waiting for service men to come look at it I got cancelled once because a service man called in sick and cancelled once because they said they didn't think I had received the needed part even though I called a couple days before my appt to let them know it was here, I could have bought a brand new refrigerator!!! So darn frustrating! They didn't compensate me a penny , didn't even send me a coupon heck they didn't even apologize! In fact the man that helped me because I was frustrated was very rude and hung up on me NOT COOL YEAH IM PRETTY MUCH DONE
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5 years ago, TaaaylorSTAR
Worth it!
I’ve made several purchases from sears within the past year (due to rewards points uploading in increments, annoying) but all my purchases have gone well. The estimated delivery date is most likely when it will arrive, I haven’t received anything I’ve ordered early yet. It would be nice if there were some minor updates to fix little things when you’re entering search criteria, sometimes when selecting the filters there’s glitches. Overall happy with the products I’ve got so far. Love the rewards system, and love that as long as your initial subtotal is over $59, you’ll still get free shipping regardless of how many reward dollars you use and how much money you actually pay. It’s made me shop here vs other stores for that alone. Great job sears!
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3 years ago, you are an idiot sears
Getting the run around
Went into Sears to pick up an order, that I had placed the blind. While I was there I saw a couple of socket sets that I wanted, so they had them online cheaper than the store has them and placed the order online. The order was in paced on hold because it was a Sunday past 3:00 pm. When I left my wife noticed the socket sets online even cheaper than they had showed earlier and I could actually get them from a store closer to me. I went online and canceled the socket sets that I had previously ordered, and called Sears on Monday to make sure they were canceled. They told me that the points would be returned to my account within 24 to 48 hours. That was 3 weeks ago and they still have not put my points back. I keep getting a run around and I was told that the store’s system has been down. I called the store and they told me that the system has been down for the past week. This is unacceptable and I want my points put back. With all the LIES and AGGRAVATION they should put extra points on my account. Sears has been a pretty decent company up until now . Very dissatisfied and disappointed
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5 years ago, Best Reward Member
Sears App
App does is slow, sluggish- if you place something in the shopping cart an then want to continue shopping where you left off, the app will take you back to the beginning each time you add something to the shopping cart- meaning you would have to enter each time again and again what you are looking for-size, color, ect. - very frustrating and waist of time. Also, had 11 items in my cart- at the time to check out - had to change each item to the closest store for pick up- should have a drop down where you can choose all or multiple items for pick at the same time- instead you have to go through each one and wait - slow...thinking..slow..... then it changes to pick at store - NOW do the same thing for all items in your cart. App is extremely slow - browsing the in the app is good but everything else is not. Just to get it out there -it’s not my internet connection - this app has so much potential but people instead leave the app without buying anything because of how frustrating it is
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3 years ago, Dawnyell Henriques
2nd attempt trying to purchase an appliance from Sears
Next time I’ll just go with Home Depot or Lowe’s. Im upset because sears in misleading customers by allowing you to make a purchase of an item set up a delivery date and without any notice inconvience the customer by repeated dates changes without ever contacting the customer. People take off work etc to be available for a scheduled delivery that never happens. Then they offer you some weak excuse about the factory. The first item a refrigerator after 7 months of delays I never did receive it and was refunded my money. The second item a double wall oven I’ve had 5 schedule changes and they haven’t once contacted me by phone or by email. They just change the date without ever knowing if the customer is available, if your out of town, if you can take off work that day. These continuous unannounced delays make me think they don’t value me as a customer and I don’t think I will try and purchase anymore appliances from them. Stop advertising the item if you can’t deliver!
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3 years ago, sdmjuly
Sears app is really fast and efficient easy to use you can find what ever you need
Sears is my favorite store from Jewelry to car supplies it’s fantastic I still go to the one in Livonia Michigan I love the bonus points I was able to buy a kayak two years ago for a 1/4 of the price at every store on line and off they have the best priced furniture and high quality plus outside rattan beautiful beautiful outfits they beat even Costco I bought a outfit for my daughter room a swing plus a couch that was like a day bed it came in over 10 colors plus they work with you if there are any problems not getting a item it’s never happened to me my friend they gave her the idea plus extra points customer service is A+ and Fraud alerts they are on it so I am very happy with Sears thank you all , sue in Michigan
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6 years ago, GdShephard-Vic
Online purchase issues with Sears App & out of stock items
Things started out very well, but then my cart wouldn't load. I could still look up other items, but couldn't get my cart. So I restarted the App, but then all my "sale" items were gone from my cart. Then (after finding & loading 2 of my previous items, I got an "Invalid cart ID" error! Very frustrating to deal with the Sears App! Restarted the App and finally was able to get everything back into my cart, but...then I had issues with not being able to load "online" purchases. It seems some items were out of stock (even though they were still advertised) and I couldn't order (or back-order). Tried to choose pickup locations, but nothing was available anywhere around me. Talked with Chat, and they said the items I wanted were sold out completely. They offered me a similar item. Got so frustrated and almost gave up, but finally placed my order ; still have to go pick some items up.
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6 years ago, Rezz4Prezz
Garbage app
I really like sears as a store. They have good deals on tools and clothing and with the shop your way perks, I find myself spending much less than I’d expect. That being said, this app is horrible. It doesn’t matter how many updates they provide. It’s slow. It doesn’t have the ability to filter or modify searches without having issues. Wether crashing or just showing me a white screen, I can’t seem to ever have success with this. If you’re wondering why they closed so many sears stores, I’d say it’s because of lack of effort in a modern world to keep up with the times...and this app surly falls short when talking apps in 2018...especially when everyone including my grandmother uses apps. Hire some people who know what they’re doing and get this thing working for once! Seriously. Stop slacking. It’s a joke. Very disappointed in whoever is in charge of running this ship. You’re sinking quickly and I’m about to bailout on the sears boat. How many customers do you need to lose to open your eyes!
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6 years ago, Shaybay1221
Not recommended (unless you want to waste your time)
If I could give zero stars to this app I would, for such a big organization this app is terrible!!! First of all purchases made on the app without an account are a coin toss to depend on if it is going to arrive or be correct. I own a Sears credit card and was eager to use this app, almost a year later it is still a struggle to use! In Addition:: If you plan on setting up an account for online shopping through the app make sure you have several minutes of free time. The beginning process is the same as most are, putting in your first and last name, address, email etc but then you get to a link stating you are not a robot, after that you play a 30 minute matching game of pictures to prove that it's a actual human trying to make an account. After several attempts I still do not have an active account set up!!! I am definitely disappointed in the registration and with Sears Mobile app and the lack of improvements all this time later!!!
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6 years ago, bwr9425
Changes my mind
I hadn’t thought about shopping at Sears in years. My mom always shopped there but ever since I moved out on my own I don’t think I shopped at sears once. Then when I would search prices online I would find that sears usually had the best value or one of the best values out of all the retailers. So I decided to download the app and give it another shot. Thank goodness I did because they have an unbelievable rewards program! I have already purchased a garden hose, nozzle, countersink bits, and a router from them and each one was the best price I could find and the garden hose, nozzle, and countersink cost me a combined of $2.08 because their rewards system basically paid for the items themselves! I definitely would suggest giving sears a shot if you haven’t shopped there in awhile!
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5 years ago, LucasRanger
So frustrating
This app needs a lot of work. It takes forever to load anything. Every time I added an item to my cart it would take me directly to checkout and I would have to restart my search if I wanted to go back to the page I was just on a moment before. Most of the time I had trouble accessing my cart so I would have to shut down the app and hope that reopening it would let me see my items. I would click links on the home page such as “home, clothing, clearance” and 70% of the time I was redirected to an error page because the link wasn’t working. Checking out was a huge hassle because I had to select my shipping preference per item but any change I made took the app about 20 seconds to recognize. I had about 20 items in my order which mean the app was buffering for at least 5 minutes just to set the correct shipping day. No it’s not my internet, I like shopping with sears but this was the most frustrating online store app I have ever used.
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4 years ago, Sallyannaaaa
I used the Sears App for a 10% discount on my purchase. Still not sure if it was worth the $150 savings. Super glitchy and time-consuming. I had to go through the checkout process nearly a dozen times to get my order to go through. Each time availability and delivery date options changed dramatically. I got error messages about items being out of stock or unavailable for delivery when I got to the end of the checkout. But the website still showed the items in stock so I tried again, and Surprise! They were available. It did not recognize my address as deliverable until I re-entered it each time. When selecting installation options for the appliances I ordered sometimes install options would show up for both appliances, sometimes only one would offer install and I would have to go back and begin checkout again. Eventually I ended up talking to customer service for a while. They told me they could honor the app discount if I ordered through them, then after a long chat that ended up not being true. Luckily I kept trying to checkout in the app while talking to them and eventually my order went through. I did nothing differently. Frustrating waste of time. Maybe the website is just as terrible as the app, but in my opinion this app isn’t worth using to purchase items unless you’re getting some type of incentive. Maybe not even then.
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5 years ago, manzilla229
Sears is awesome
Sears is my go to app for shopping! They are an American icon & sell high quality goods at an affordable price! They have excellent customer service which is rare these days, I will continue to do the majority of my shopping with this fantastic store that years ago offered flexible payment plans and mailed out catalogs to people to make shopping easy, oftentimes it was many many peoples only way to buy on credit. I believe that has been lost to history but Sears just continues the great work they have always done from the beginning. I was not paid in any way to write this review, I simply love USA stores & Sears — GOD bless us all & if you haven’t tried Sears lately you have been missing out! GOD Bless America - you - me - our friends & family and SEARS!
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3 years ago, pmdino1
I know nobody will care too much but I needed to VENT! Everyone is out for themselves but this app n delivery chargers omg .. not fair for spending over 50$ .. ANYHOW Out of stock should tell ahead time that it’s gone! Instead you have to click on item only to then find oops .. out of stock or bc sizes aren’t always listed you have to hunt for size under product of bathing suit top! Smh! Terrible. More time wasted than shopping! Need to get more stock updated that you have! Not that you don’t have! Checking out was awful! If I didn’t need an item I would’ve cancelled all. Then every other stores (Amazon,Walmart) spend 50$ or more free delivery! Not with this app Sears!!! 18$ for shipping n delivery. I had to keep removing items to afford my purchases! Covid is with us. You’re using this excuse so we have to pay delivery. I’ve ordered on line for years with Sears. This is it. My 1st time ever paying fees bc of Covid-19 THANK YOU BC I HOPE THIS WAS READ AND ACTION TAKEN!
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4 years ago, Rascal lishous
No wonder they are going under
Been trying to use my points on Kmart. Says I have no points to use. Yet they send me an email saying I am going to lose points. Not the first time. Tried 100s of times to try and place orders to use my points. Have been unsuccessful. Lost many points and hours of frustration. Today spent an hour with customer service. She told me she could see my points. I asked her to place my order. She sent me a link. To the app where I have been unable for ever. So she was no help. Then I go over to sears. They are. Worse I go to my account has an old number from years ago Shows no points. I edit the number to the same one I was just using with Kmart. And it says I am not a member. So in the past few month. I have lost over 45$ in points. And the other points I still have won’t let me use. I will say when the Kmart and Sears were open the points were easy to use. But it is messed up and Customerservice can’t provide service
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5 years ago, rjbouttesr
Free cash bait and switch
Lately Sears has been offering free cash promotions if you make a purchase of a certain amount. I recently tried to take advantage of 2 of these promotions and I got burned. After adding items to your shopping cart, the app will display in a large font the Shop your way (SYW) points/cash that you can use and it will also show you the promotion free cash that you will receive when you place this order. The app never tells you that if you apply your Shop your way cash to the order that your new total may no longer be enough to allow you to receive the free cash. After I applied my SYW cash I missed seeing on the order submit display that the promotion free cash was removed because unlike what was done when I first viewed my shopping cart, the revised free cash amount that I would get was displayed in a very small font at the bottom and I missed seeing it. If this happens to you, don’t bother calling SYW customer support since all they will say is that you did not get the free cash because you did not spend enough money via your purchase. Sears needs to do what Kohl’s does for their cash promotion. Kohl’s will tell you before you submit your order how much free cash you will receive and how much more you need to spend to receive more free cash. This is shown in an itemized summary and not in small print at the bottom of the order summary page.
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4 years ago, 82948294
Looks good, but . . .
I don’t think I’ve found anything on this site that is sold by Sears, let alone could be picked up at the store. Apparently Sears has been taken over by something called Shop Your Way. Unfortunately, when they took it over, they copied my email wrong so I couldn’t buy the things I had in my cart. After struggling for hours, an agent said he could take the order over the phone. I had at least a dozen items, so it took some time. A month later, having gotten nothing, I wrangled with a few more agents, and finally established that there was no order. The promised to try again to sort it out, but I’d already spent too many hours on it with no results. In addition, the Sears points is separate from Sears, so when I updated my email at Sears, the points remained under a now defunct account. So that’s a third email and I’ve lost all my points. This is ok if you’ve never had an account, or maybe if you close your Sears card and open a new one — but you might lose any points you had — but if you try to use an established account, make sure it actually works before you put too much effort into it. I was trying to use it to find what was the nearest, but not terribly close store. Nothing, apparently.
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6 years ago, AnnoyedSpouse-1hr
Fix your automated Address editor
Spent a whole hour trying to figure out why my order said failed. 😡It only said failed. Didn’t say why. Just failed. I had to manually go in and edit everything and keep placing the same order after each edit just to see what it was. To single out the problem. I kept trying to fix my address but it kept adding two cities automatically to my address. After 3 tries it finally showed up accurately. 1)the automatic address thing doesn’t always work well for certain locations and when trying to manually type in the exact same thing they suggest it gets denied so it’s a fight with the automated address seeker 2) I would’ve saved a lot of time if the system would have announced that it was a problem with the address vs simply saying order failed.
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5 years ago, Jayjaybeebee
Improving and ok app but has a couple issues
Overall, I like the Sears app. I get my dress slacks through Sears, and this app is much better than shopping in the Sears stores, or at least the one nearest to me, which always feels cluttered, and the free shipping on $35 orders is very convenient. However, although the responsiveness of the app has improved, it still has some annoying issues. Some parts of the app will occasionally freeze for a couple seconds, such as changing the shipping option in checkout. Also, today’s “FREECASH” points on the order that I’m trying to place do not appear to be correctly applied, and the app does not clarify what these points will actually count toward. I’m hoping to resolve it with Sears’s customer support to avoid heading to the Sears store.
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5 years ago, Bus1ne55
Improving nicely
Im a very active and loyal sears/kmart shopper and shopyourway member. Ive experienced every bug, glitch, and crash from the sears app, kmart app, and shopyourway app (and websites too) over the years. On my iphone, the shopyourway app has been more reliable than the other two apps but recently I have noticed some nice improvements in the sears and kmart apps and I'm confident that there are more improvements in the works. I prefer to place orders in the sears and kmart apps because the related email receipts and shipping/pickup emails that follow are better formatted and more informative than those emails from shopyourway. So sears and kmart app teams: just fix the "empty cart / login to see your cart" glitch. shopyourway app team: reformat the order-related email template to be like sears and kmart emails. :)
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6 years ago, gathermewool
Looks and works well, most of the time
I’ve purchased a half dozen items using the app, and haven’t had any real issues. The only recent issue I’ve been experiencing, is that items can’t be removed from the cart. I have to “save for later”. It would also be nice if Sears included in item descriptions or, better yet, as a filter option, which in-stock items points can be redeemed on. By trial and error I’ve figured out only items sold by Sears/K-Mart are eligible. Not a huge deal, except when the app shows dozens of options, but filtering by “Sears” and “K-Mart” results in zero products or out-of-stock...
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6 years ago, Molly&lilysmom
Sears app review
I use the app pretty often and there was many issues in the past. The last 3 orders I placed were seamless . The navigation to what I was shopping for was excellent and the checkout that was always a disaster was smooth as could be. Once u logged in the appropriate discounts on the items and shipping were displayed immediately and my previous method of payment was saved properly so I can say that the entire process was fast and professional . I have been a craftsman tool user for many years but ordering in the past was a nightmare, especially getting the discounts I was entitled to. I am very happy that the issues have been ironed out and hope they stay ironed out.
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4 years ago, Lovetateach
At first blush, the app seems easy to use. I’d read reviews about how glitchy it was but it wasn’t until I was trying to have an appliance ordered and delivered that I experienced that “glitchyness”. But the worse thing was that I discovered that the so called customer service wasn’t “customer service”. I wanted a fridge to replace the one I had. I thought it was simple enough. The rep told me they were out of stock. Silly me, I assumed she’d understand that I wanted the same features that my old one had since I was requesting a replacement. The old one had the auto ice cube maker AND a deli drawer. What I paid for and what was delivered was NOT what I had hoped for. Again, it was my fault for expecting that a customer service rep would make sure the customer was getting what s/he wanted. Nope. So I’m greatly dissatisfied with what we have. I was duped. Lesson learned. Next time I’ll brave the pandemic and go to the store myself. And it won’t be Sears.
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5 years ago, Blazek47
No tracking for appliance delivery
Shopping and filters work well. Annoying that you have to start from the beginning for each new item, but good categories. Once purchased, no way to tell when it will be delivered. I purchased 3 appliances that all said they were available for delivery on Monday. 1 came as planned (their message only mentioned the stove, so I wasn’t surprised). On the app on Tuesday, all 3 were still showing “scheduled for delivery” for Monday for an address in Chicago (turns out to be the Sears Outlet) instead of my house in Michigan. None of the order options work. Delete, reschedule, return, change address: all give you the phone number to call. After being on hold for 40 min (of constant ads telling me look online), I find out they’re planning to deliver Thursday (which neither the app or website showed) but at least they had the right address listed on the website.
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6 years ago, Bitsey 68
Took 45 min over 2 days to check out
(1) So many “continue” steps do not work efficiently even when all items have been filled. (2) Some options are not working properly so that shipping is awkward. (In my case I could get 2 items shipped but a third item I was only able to indicate I will pick up the item at a store 11 miles away. Also a store that was knocked down 2 miles away is still shown as a choice.) (3) Also my SEARS credit card that has been updated by SEARS a long time ago shows up as the previously expired card, so I had to add my updated SEARS card as a new card. It would seem that SEARS would have up-to-date records of its own cards. (4) The 8 nicknames that I provided first to send my comments were already taken. Time is money and my time was wasted.
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5 years ago, deanb 123456
App doesn’t allow returns to happen
I ordered some things from Sears there is no local store within 25 miles an hour and of course I receive them and one item was absolutely nowhere near correct in size so I went on the app to initiate my return because it tells you right in the sales slip pricier than dishy return and the only thing that comes up as a pop-up dialog box it says you have to go to a desktop site in order to do so well who is using desktop sites when they have the app when they’re on iPhone when they’re on iPad if they don’t have a standard Windows computer what kind of a system is this you can order but you can’t start a return or exchange so I either have to go to a desktop site which doesn’t seem to handle it in Safari Or I have to drive 26 miles to a Sears store to return an item
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6 years ago, CashDude
Cart is broken
The cart is completely broken. It keeps giving me “problem with the current session” error messages and telling me to login when I’m already logged in. I can’t buy anything without switching over the the SYW app. It also keeps switching my default location back to Illinois which is so GD irritating. I’m convinced these developers are incompetent hacks. Also, PLEASE add a search tab already. The way it is now, I can run my search and filter how I want it but one wrong tap and it's all gone! It's happened dozens of times to me. There's no easy way to get back to your search results if you click "back" an extra time or accidentally hit one of the tabs at the bottom of the screen. Also, leave the search term in the box so I can make minor edits to it without having to type the whole thing out again.
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5 years ago, Anth R
Consistently misleading ads
It seems almost every time I make a purchase from Sears, there’s an hour long fight with customer service because they continue to find new ways to be dishonest in their selling practices. Tonight, I was offered to use points to pay for part of my purchase, “plus” (their word, not mine) $50 in cashback points over two months. Except, it’s not “plus.” It’s “or.” If you use points towards the purchase, there is no cash back - despite the clear words on the page. Then what should have been a simple click on the chat screen turned into an employee who didn’t know what they were talking about telling me they would place the order for me. After 45 minutes, as I was entering my payment information, they told me I wouldn’t get points back. You couldn’t have told me that 40 minutes ago? A supervisor didn’t help, despite now twice having been offered $50 cash back. Total of 55 minutes wasted. Another time, an ad didn’t specify that the points would be spread out over 12 months. I’m aware that is what is offered sometimes, so I read everything before purchase. That was not mentioned. That doesn’t matter. Sears thinks they can say whatever they want and then do whatever they want, and not keep their word.
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4 years ago, Tbertran
I guess if you persist enough they’ll take your money
The browsing experience isn’t completely terrible even if selecting a different color on a pair of pants to check availability meant re-selecting the size every time. I mean, it did add stuff to the cart okay. Then to pay, no way to paste in a credit card number because it’s still 1999 over at Sears I guess and no nobody uses password managers on mobile. After I entered it like an animal (by pressing number keys ONE BY ONE), it told me they were unable to add that credit card and to try again later. Because “later” fixes everything I imagine. Well a few minutes wasn’t later enough it appears. Anyway, PayPal worked, they finally relented and accepted my hard earned dollars. Thanks Sears.
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5 years ago, Israel C Maldonado II
Sears App Review
Personally I love this app... unfortunately I was in a Traumatic Brain Injury which left me almost paralyzed because the injuries occurred in my brain damaging the fight or flight function but one of my favorite things to do with my dad was go to Sears and look at all the tools growing up. I continued that tradition until I was no longer able to because of my injury. Now we are both able to find great deals and the tools he needs because of the app. Not to mention all the great savings and Shop Your Reward Points. Totally love it! I’m still in a way able to carry that Craftsman and American legacy and tradition with my son. Praise God! Blessings!
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6 years ago, Leah<3sGio
Sears A+
Great store love shopping online through my mobile app very convenient! great deals great prices! If I had to write one negative thing it would be that unfortunately there aren’t many stores close to where I live (otherwise I’d prefer to pick up at the store a lot quicker than shipping) otherwise no complaints!!! Very reliable place to shop and always have had a positive experience including speaking to GREAT customer service representatives. I find that very important today, a lot of different businesses’ customer service is horrible and makes me really rethink about shopping there again. Very happy to shop at SEARS
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5 years ago, Yeah, I'm THAT fabulous!
Happy Sears Customer
I just ordered a set of new bath towels for myself today. Using accumulated “Shop Your Way” points, it was like getting the purchase for FREE. Placing the order online through the Sears website was very easy. I’ve been a loyal Sears customer for many years as it is a convenient “one-stop-shop” experience because they seem to have virtually everything I want. There is no need to drive around to other stores, wasting time and gasoline. Sears has frequent sales. I never seem to ever have to pay full-price for anything, and the “Shop Your Way” rewards program is an extra incentive to shop here. I sure hope Sears can survive. I’ll certainly miss it if they should be forced to liquidate and close. Online shopping is alright, but there is certainly something to be said for brick-and-mortar department stores like Sears where I can actually see and feel the merchandise in person before I buy it, and have a real salesperson available to answer any questions.
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6 years ago, SB805cali
When it works 5 stars BUT that’s WHEN it works!!
It just seems to have this stupid rate limited error and you have to wait like 5-15 minutes and then works fine again till it does it again, and when it does it in app it doesn’t say anything but logs you out and you try to sign back in and basically nothing happens so you try again and nothing, so after so many times of this whole issue happening I was able to figure out has to do with the whole “rate limited” situation which I don’t understand at all, all I’m try to do is shop at your store online via app so what’s the deal!! But like I said other then that, WHEN it works it is a 5 star app for the most part, as it makes shopping easy!
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3 years ago, Verminath
Website Navigation issues
Site navigation left much to be desired. The “Return to Shopping” button always directed me to the top of the list rather than where I had left off. After adding an item to the cart, I would be directed to the cart for cart review. Once finished with the cart review and pressing the “Return to Shopping” button, I would then be directed to the top (beginning) of the list from where I had been scrolling on my iPhone. I would have to scroll back down through several pages in an effort to get back to the item I had added to my cart. This process is very annoying and tedious. If there had been a brick and mortar site in my area I would have chosen to fight my way the the Black Friday madhouse rather than use this virtual mayhem.
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6 years ago, Bobbiebun
Review of App
I wish I could say my experience ordering was without trepidation. I had coupons that should have been applied and I’m also SYW member, but saw nothing in ordering process regarding those issues. Also the Sears credit card I intended to use was shown as “expired”. According to my card it is active until 01/21. I believed my order qualified for free shipping, but there is a birthday gift for my grandson that would arrive too late for his birthday so I needed to select an option that charged over $7 in shipping charges to get it to me on time, that is, barring no U.N.-foreseen circumstances. I am not satisfied the way this order worked out for me, so I will be very cautious in the future of placing an order in this way.
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6 years ago, paul185
Has potential, but for now it's slow and buggy.
To put it simply, it's unstable! The app freezes and crashes often. It is also slow. It doesn't keep me signed in. Manual sign in attempts turn up errors. Touch ID rarely works and when it does, it asks for an "I'm not a robot" confirmation which is EXTREMELY ANNOYING!!! Unable to click on products that are listed in my "orders" page or in the "saved for later cart", wish I could click on them and go to the product page. The cart takes too long to open with a circling wheel moving.. Product reviews are usually shown twice which is annoying and misleading. Just try to use the app in various ways and you'll see how limited, slow and buggy it is.
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5 years ago, cdr789
Not impressed
Not awful but so far from great. Don’t even think about switching to another app mid search. You’ll go back to the Sears app and have to start over again. Somethings are laid out a bit illogical. It can be navigated but with practice. And I haven’t been impressed with the 5 min pickup in store. I placed multiple orders over a couple weeks and went to pick them up, took 40 minutes. And I was handed five $5 coupons to use in store (one per purchase) for each order they didn’t deliver in 5 min to me at pickup. Well that doesn’t get me my 35 minutes back and I prefer to shop online and pickup. Not walk in and browse and use five coupons on separate visits or purchases.
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6 years ago, Big rich 21
Great Customer Service.
I as a kid, my dad always bought his things from Sears. He was always proud of the Customer Service. Now that kid is 47 and is still shopping at Sears. I Love your products, and the tools that I always buy from you. My son went to school and graduated and have bought all of his tools and toolbox from Sears. I truly hope that you will find a way to stay in business. I like going to the store, but I will try it this way. Everyone is doing it this way now, so I will order everything I need online. But I Love going to the store more. Thank you, for everything.
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3 years ago, Pamkv
At least still have the app
Still wish we still had a Sears store nearby that I could shop at. Seems there are no where near the options on the app that I used to have in the store. It’s hard to find things that I like in the app. Used to go to the store and find a whole new wardrobe regularly. I’m older so I remember when Sears was the best place to shop. So sad that it’s hardly even a blip now. I’m shopping to try to find replacements for things I bought there a few years ago that I loved. Unfortunately I’m not having much luck. Wish y’all would at least bring back some of the stock/brands that y’all had in the stores.
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5 years ago, NineOneJuan
3* for now...
I’m gonna rating the app at only 3 stars for now. This is based on problems that happen all too often. The app is often quite laggy. And a lot of the time when I try to sign in it just loads and loads and loads indefinitely until I lose patience and give up. The good thing though is that you can just as easily switch to the sears website for pretty much the same online experience. Although sometimes the website is quite laggy as well. I often find myself switching back and for between the two. But always keep in mind that you also access pretty much all the same merchandise (and more) on the Shop Your Way app!
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4 years ago, jaye kp
Kept crashing, giving false notices
Bought a washer & dryer bundle. Told me it could be delivered in 3 days, but when I went to buy it, it said it wouldn’t be delivered for 6 weeks! Told me this AFTER I spent an hour doing research on the items and filling in all of my shipping and billing info and credit card info. Chose a new bundle, filled out all of the info, told me the items were no longer in stock even though they were. Had to re-do the order 6 times because the app kept crashing. Lastly, when trying to use my Sears Credit Card, it kept telling me not to use special characters in my name ... my legal last name is hyphenated! A hyphen shouldn’t be banned when it is part of my legal name. Very frustrating!!
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6 years ago, Fashamfashamline
Smooth, convenient app
The app is smooth and convenient and makes shopping a truly a pleasure. If you are on the go and need to order something in an instant, this app provides that efficiency. It connects to your shop your way rewards program and earns you points that can be redeemed instantly. It also reminds and tracks your order so you know when to expect delivery or pick up. There are times that the app gets hit with ordering or store availability glitches, but overall it is a pleasurable experience that I would recommend to everyone.
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4 years ago, Zack Tucker
The app is just as incompetent as the company itself. For instance, I have a notification on the app asking me to review the washing machine I recently purchased. When I click, it takes me to the orders page. I have paid for the washing machine in full but when I didn’t receive a call the night before delivery, I called Sears only to be transferred to multiple departments that couldn’t help. I’m out $600 with no washing machine and no idea when it may get here. My advice is to stay as far away from this app and company as possible. I won’t compare them to the Keystone Cops because that would be insulting to the Keystone Cops. When I am at work and someone fails to meet expectations, we refer to that as “pulling a Sears”. Inadequate would be an improvement for this bunch.
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2 years ago, sweetpe333
Terrible experience!!!
Password reset is not working. After several days of trying to reset my password I never received the promised password reset link via email, although I received the security alert email immediately. Repeated calls to customer service and a promised return call from tech support (still waiting after two days) have not resolved the problem. I tried again to reset the password today and finally received the reset link via email, but when I clicked on it immediately I was sent to a page that no longer existed. I did this three times with no luck. What good is an app if you can’t enjoy the benefits of signing into your account to place an order.
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5 years ago, momfullofjoy
Needs some improvement
I like the idea of having an app to use but this one frustrates me often. Often when I try to view my cart it doesn’t open - it just shows a blank white space (with the heading of “cart” at the top). I have to open and close it and sometimes add extra items to get it to show and then delete the extra item. And sometimes the items in my cart just disappear. It’s a little difficult to navigate as well. One other thing that is frustrating is when you click “continue shopping” it takes you back to the home page, losing your search results. I usually want to go back to my search when I “continue shopping”. If I want a new search, I would click the search icon.
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4 years ago, Fatina sk
Worst experience ever
I just spent 2.5 hours on your ridiculous site trying to use my shop your way points and it was the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had using any shopping website ever. This was a complete waste of my time. I have over $125 in points to use and in 2.5 hours could only find $60 worth of eligible items that weren’t out of stock or ineligible for point redemption. Of course your site didn’t give me any indication these items were unavailable until I went to purchase them. To make things worse, just to be able to use some of my points I had to pay $15 in shipping. I will never recommend your company or site to anyone. I wouldn’t wish the torture of trying to use the points that I earned on anyone.
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6 years ago, clavier223
Credit card info doesn’t work
Every time I enter in the credit card info and then press “submit order” (or whatever it is), it says to select a payment option. In other words, the check mark on the right doesn’t show up, even when I enter in all of the correct information, for some reason it thinks that I have nothing selected. I had to force the order through using PayPal and it actually worked. Waste of time. Plus, I couldn’t use any coupons (I’m trying to exchange something, but it’s costing me more “exchanging” it than if I had just bought the correct size to begin with).
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4 years ago, AmarilloLesa
Still Love Sears
This time online was easy, as usual, but checkout was crazy. During checkout a Market Place item had sold out. Went back to a different seller, added their item to the cart, hit the checkout button and after much spinning it showed my cart. This timed it showed my Grandson as a billing address. No one is authorized to use my card but me! Of course I’ve shipped to him before but he shouldn’t have been a billers address. Process took much longer than It should have. Really need to have their IT people look at their check out process.
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