Seat Alerts

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User Reviews for Seat Alerts

3.44 out of 5
113 Ratings
6 years ago, michiganconnie
Job not done? My fault?
I paid for a Seat Alerts on my flight and requested one of four or six additional seats if they opened. I checked myself every day and got the seat I wanted on my own. I did not know I had to check paid seats. Being a medallion member I don’t have to pay for those seats However I will try again and see if it works better.
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5 years ago, Sondre76
Good app, latest update made it slower
I’ve been a happy user for quite some time and mostly use it at boarding time to see the seatmap and then request a new seat either at gate or in the Airlines’ app. This means I can be checking multiple maps on different legs quite quickly. However there was a recent update that has made it more “clunky” to use. Where one earlier could start to type the IATA codes immediately there is now a delay of about a second before the cursor appears and let you write. This is the case for the airport field and the airline field, but the flight number is fast as it used to be. It’s not critical but it’s annoying to wait for the cursor when in a rush. I’ve actually used it as I was talking to Check-in to make sure he was telling me the right information. All delays in the app can make me unable to check concurrently with the agent. I’d appreciate a fix for this.
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3 years ago, mcedno
Mickey Mouse Programming
This app has no link to an actual by date database. In Seat Guru, all I need to do is enter the airline, flight number and date and the aircraft seat configuration pops up. In this app, you also need to enter the start and end airports! The graphics are kindergarten quality and difficult on the eyes. I deleted this app within a minute of seeing those graphics. It’s 2020, not 1976, so your graphics should at least be clean and easy on the eyes rather than pixelated nonsense that you have now. One of the worst apps I have ever been introduced to. I stand by my comments as they are accurate. Your rebuttal didn’t take into account anything that I said, other than counter-point it. The above is not an insult as you people call it but is an accurate assessment of fact.
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6 years ago, Asdf8374
Clunky interface
I bought a paid seat alert for specific seats. I never got an alert but I found one of those seats open checking the airline's app on my own. The developer said in addition to selecting specific seats, my alert needs to set specific flags for whether those seats are premium, paid, or blocked. I have no idea which seats are premium, paid, or blocked. I would think a modern app would automatically select the correct options if I request specific seats. But not here. Just be careful with the paid alerts. You need to have all the flags set magically to the correct settings for it to work properly.
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2 months ago, duncanthepig
Testing it out and unfortunately a no go
I wanted to set one alert after seeing this was a free tool on Geobreeze. Because I have 3 kids I have very specific days we can fly so the concept works for us. Setting my alert was not free. It would not allow me to pick seats by touching the screen so I had to agree to pay .99. Then it couldn’t access any of the cards in my wallet to complete the charge and wouldn’t allow me to add a card. Unfortunately, not a good experience and at .99 an alert I can just pay for a more expensive service and set tons of alerts.
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1 year ago, dare2burself4me
Got my window seat on a 90% full flight
I’m always skeptical of these types of apps working but I’ve used this a couple of times. I got a push notification today for an alert and was able to get the seats I wanted for me and my partner. I don’t care what the app looks like as long as the functionality works.
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5 years ago, TPoitevin
Not worth it
Downloaded the app, entered a flight I’m already booked on, and the app had the wrong seat configuration. I’m already in 13F, but the app didn’t show a row 13 at all. Plus, I need to select an option for “Windows in front of [my specific seat]” OR “Exit Row Window”. You can’t do this with this app unless you pay a buck to manually pick the seats you’d like. The app already has advertising, so why microcharge people? There are truly free seat finder apps out there that are better. I uninstalled this one immediately.
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4 years ago, Kytraveler
Very useful
As a travel agent, this is one of the most useful apps. It makes me look like a rockstar when I can get the seats my client wants. It really works! It used to be available as a RedApp in Sabre and now it’s not, so it’s a little less convenient to use the app rather than making a request directly in Sabre. But it’s still very helpful
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4 years ago, drflash71
Ok App, but not close to functionality of website
This would be a great app if it were closer to website functionality. Too limited, can’t search by origin / destination / date / airline without using a specific flight number. Can’t see award seat availability, or full routes with connections. Also, would be nice to see multiple seat classes on a screen. I’m a paid full subscription user, website is great, very disappointed with the app.
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4 years ago, Parker45634609
Really Basic App
Just not that great. Draws info from SeatGuru, but SG has much better visuals that show much better what the seat configuration looks like. Kicked me out for a day while trying to search my itinerary of four flights. Said I had done too much searching (for the free service) and I needed to come back tomorrow to put in a seat alert. I had looked at no more than 5 segments and it kicked me out for a day. Seriously! Uninstalling now, will explore other apps.
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3 years ago, Automation at its finest
Couldn’t give any details
Downloaded the app and created a free account and kept receiving an error that the flight I was trying to create a seat alert for was “too far in the future” (about 10 months out). Kept trying with shorter and shorter timeframes until I reached 2 months before the expected flight continuing to get the same error. Don’t know how I’m supposed to use this app if they can’t even give me details for something 2 months in advance of the flight. Will be deleting.
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5 years ago, ReiningSunShine
3 Seat Finder Option Needed
Great app; I’ve used it several times when it was just me and my husband traveling but now with a toddler, the ability to set up an alert to find 3 seats together is not an option. Hoping that will be feature available in a future update.
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6 years ago, Bobtraveler
Very useful
App is easy to use and provides a great capability in providing updated seat information vs. having to return to airline seat maps over and over again. A must for business travelers to stay out of middle seats!
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5 years ago, jab233
No Alert Received
Didn’t work for me. Found the seat I requested the alert for on my own. Edit: 1 star to 4. I did just receive an alert for an available exit. Maybe I just happened to find the exit row I chose before the app had a chance to alert me.
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5 years ago, an iphone 10 user
Great app, no iPhone X UI support though
This is a very good app. I am able to preview seats before buying my tickets (some airlines don’t let you preview before you buy). The only issue I have is that the UI is not iPhone X/XS compatible yet, but this isn’t a show stopper stopping me from using this excellent app.
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5 years ago, Masterp43454
Works great!
Got me out of the middle seat! Just make sure you use the correct airport pay her and airline flight information. Their support is very helpful and replies quickly if you need help.
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6 years ago, RT9000
App is annoyingly slow
Typing in app is v e r y s l o w.
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6 years ago, Not the biggest fan
App saved me from a horrible middle seat
After the seat alert, I went back to the Delta app and was able to choose an aisle seat. That is worth real money to me.
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6 years ago, Gadget2044
I'd like to write a good review but...
Using the free service, I made an error on the flight number a couple times. When I corrected it I had exceeded my number of searches for the day. I'm sure it's a lovely piece of software, but an invalid responses shouldn't count against your inquiry totals.
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4 years ago, Ghyujh
For saving me on a 6 hour flight and hooking me up with a window seat. Wish I’d found this app sooner.
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6 years ago, Mawelsh
Got aisles!
Went from four middle seats when I booked CMH-LAX for Christmas to two aisles and a middle/window. Worked great! Thank you!!!
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1 week ago, mungeric
Can’t login
I used it before without any problems but was logged out for some reason and now the login button doesn’t work (no action) so I can’t login again. Tried to delete and reinstall with no avail.
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2 years ago, Nedatsea
Not a replacement for SeatGuru
Was hoping this app would be a suitable replacement for the SeatGuru app but it’s not, even though it seems to advertise itself as such. Is clunky and gives no insight into seats, riddled with ads and bad UX. Don’t download.
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2 years ago, i-phony
Travel app got Covid?
Last updated 2 years ago? Hello. Paid subscriber here, care for some GUI improvements and App performance and stability. Many thanks!
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6 months ago, omgitzron
App keeps crashing after it loads
App keeps crashing after it loads and there hasn’t been any new software updates.
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1 year ago, Picky Brian
Failed to work
Doesn’t seem able to pull delta seat maps
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4 years ago, Willnbjhfdryjin
No data for Southwest Airlines
Just paid for app to determine seat on future flight on Southwest. No go. Waste of money. Hopefully will be helpful on other carriers.
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7 months ago, ArmedLeftist
May be the worst iOS app I’ve ever had the misfortune of trying to use.
Not even worth elaborating on. Clearly a case of Agile generating other half-baked, fragile, and tech-debt-ridden pile of spaghetti-code. Worthless.
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6 years ago, Corky3615
So.....AFTER I have ALREADY booked my flight (WITHOUT any advice on which seats are preferable . . . . (Oh...Seat Alert uses SEAT GURU’s research to advise on seat it!) THEN, once, Seat Alert will send me a notification to get me out of the bind I’m in (from booking blind instead of using, say, Seat Guru when booking) if something better happens to come along. Um....don’t think so, but thanks anyway.
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5 years ago, guy23452
better using the airline app
better using the airline app only thing this app it might notify you but if you're looking to find seat together it will cost you on this app better to just ask the airline or ask the passages to trade
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4 years ago, Hrach
Almost all flights r in control of the airport and ar not being displayed here
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7 days ago, ohleg
Can’t sign in
App not updated and broke with iOS 17.
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10 months ago, kevinsticks
Great app
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5 years ago, Dimitris Giannidakis
Useless, it doesnt work at all. Waste of time.
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7 years ago, truemese
Has potential but....
Just downloaded this app to try it. I did 2 quick searches (same flight) to see what it is all about and now it won't let me do anything else until I upgrade or "wait until tomorrow". Said I did "too much" and was preventing abuse. Seriously pathetic excuse to try and get someone to buy it. I didn't even set any alerts. Definitely not worth the upgrade but may have potential.
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11 years ago, HNJJ
Downloaded this app a week ago, logged in and set an alert for a specific set of seats (aisles near the front). I selected multiple seats with the one alert and today it alerted me. I immediately went to the airline's site and sure enough, one of the seats I marked was available, and I was able to book it. Well worth the 99 cent alert fee because now I'm close enough to the front they might not run out of the chicken dinner option, leaving me with the deliciously disgusting option of pasta or pasta! Well done "Seat Alerts!"
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11 years ago, boston jake
if you hate middle seats . . .
then get this app. I became a fan of seat alerts when I first heard about it. Been using the web based version and waiting for this iphone/ipad app to come out. I have used it and few times. It looks good and works well. Seat alerts allows you to set up special alerts for seats you want. I used it a bunch of times to get out of middle seats to an aisle seat and also to move up closer to the front. It's one of my travel most valuable apps along with seat guru, kayak, and flight update
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11 years ago, Nocal Don
Very impressed
Use lots of travel apps, tried this about 2 months ago where I had booked a flight and only had the option of a middle seat from Chicago to San Francisco...airline was no help, so I set up this app to let,e know if a window or aisle became available...and today I received an email alerting me that seat 22a a window became available...I called the airlines and sure enough that particular seat was available and it was the only option...very impressed!
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10 years ago, staton23
I needed another feature
I would have gladly paid the $0.99 fee for an alert that matched my needs- one option is to alert when any two seats together becomes available, but I'm traveling with my two young children and I need three seats together. Seems like it would be an easy fix? Also, after checking my seat map three times, it asked me to upgrade before being allowed to check it again. Good idea though. There's nothing else out there like this.
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10 years ago, Chow-lee
Had a middle seat for 10 hr flight. Heard about this app and decided I need to give it a try since I travel a lot and have had to endure long flights. Leg problem requires aisle seat. Signed up and w/in a week was alerted to an open aisle seat. Immediately viewed reservation and made seat change. Flight was almost sold out (3 seats left). Highly recommend this app for everyone except those taking same flights as me!!!!
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9 years ago, Dchames
Fun for the traveller who is seat obsessed.
This is a great app for those who travel, love airplanes, and are always looking for the best seats to maximize the mini-vacation that occurs in the air. The pricing, though is hefty and annoying. $4.99 for one month BUT with a cap on the maximum number of searches. Totally irritating. The next option is a $100 yearly subscription. This needs to be better thought out.
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10 years ago, Gjwhf17
Excellent app!
Love this app! Since so many airlines block out seats until the day of flying it gets very stressful worrying about getting a seat. Instead of checking the airline every hour seat alerts lets you know when they unblock the seats. I just got a window seat on my flight to Nashville tomorrow thanks to this wonderful little app.
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11 years ago, bahstahn guy
Whoa it worked!
Searched seat upgrades in the app store while I was waiting at O'Hare. Found this app and setup an alert for a seat on the flight before mine (I was on standby). It actually worked! About 20 min later I got an alert and beat out everyone else to get to the counter. Will definitely use this every time I fly!
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8 years ago, 完滿人生
It Found me an Open Seat on a full flight
It works. This app found me an open seat on a full flight and saved me from upgrading my booking and regularly checking the airline website for open seat. One key feature is missing, no text notification; only email (I thought this is a Mobile App).
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10 years ago, HarryNose
Couldn’t get it to work
Great idea in principle. From the online help: “To set an alert, select any Occupied or Blocked seat from the seat map, give the alert a descriptive name, then click Save.” Alas, I could’t get it to work. I tried to create a seat alert for an upcoming trip on Delta from SFO to DTW. Neither the app nor the web page let me select any seats from the seat map. Of course, I couldn’t save the alert, since no seats were selected. Just waisted an hour of my time :-(
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8 years ago, Abflys
Almost useless
I got it because I wanted to track one flight where a last minute ticket gave me a back middle seat. I was ok with only one alert but just now with the flight 20 hours away it found a seat I didn't want. (I'd already got out of the middle but not to a desirable seat). It said I'd done too many and to buy up. I thought I was limited to one at a tome but it made no mention of a limit on total number. Bad business since I was considering maybe buying a subscription for other things.
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8 years ago, TheKlop
No more middle seat!
Awesome app! I was stuck in a middle seat on a 5-hour cross country flight and this app found me an aisle seat. Clean interface and very easy to use. Would highly recommend! Thanks ExpertFlyer! Update: Found another aisle seat for a long flight. Really great service!
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10 years ago, NatQue412
Thanks to this app!
I would have been stuck in the middle seat for 12 hours on my way back from overseas if it weren't for this app. I was skeptical at first, but this app sent me a notification when an aisle seat became available and I was able to get the seat!!!
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10 years ago, Mike and Joy
Works Very Well
Have had last minute trips where only choice is the middle seat. Usually once the frequent fliers get upgraded, aisle or windows open up and this app will find and notify you. Worth it if you fly once or often.
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7 years ago, Swmkkpa
Works Great
This app has worked for me every time. I'm hoping that it will work on my next flight. I'm on a Delta flight in the comfort section. I'm really hoping to get an aisle seat but I know I have a limited chance.
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