Sesame Place

4.9 (5.4K)
47.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Inc.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Sesame Place

4.89 out of 5
5.4K Ratings
2 years ago, Lauren dhdhdjdkd
Great app for the park!
I’m actually really impressed by this app! It told us the times of all events and the character meet and greets and even gives you directions to the characters based on your location! You can also have all your tickets in one place here. Highly recommend!
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1 year ago, Jerseygirl0186
The app is terrible, but daughter loves SP
So i was a season pass holder, but the way the app never had my information like it shows in the pictures that it should annoyed me. I couldn’t use any of my benefits due to the app never working and i wasn’t going to chance bringing a friend and then being told they couldn’t come in or having to pay when i planned on using my tickets. Even on the website it wouldn’t show my information. I contacted sesame place multiple times to figure it out and got no response. The website would show options from 2018 or something. So i decided to not renew my season pass this year and possibly try again next. Now my daughter loves going to sesame place, but the lack of response from anyone turned me away.
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10 months ago, DisneyDuo1626
Helpful while in the park
Overall, the app is quite helpful. However, the events for the day do not update until the park opens. This makes it difficult to plan arrival time when you can’t see what is happening until it opens. We drive 90 minutes to get there and we have missed a lot of the morning events because when we check it at 7am there are only a few things listed. The open and closed rides were also inaccurate over the spring.
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2 years ago, denisehahaha1234
Me and my family went there we had so much fun we love the characters the parade only thing the food is a little expensive and they need more full courts with different varieties but otherwise it’s a great place to take your kids
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10 months ago, Nurse9684
Love this place
I love everything about this place. My only small critique is that I do wish that the ingredients of the food that is available had more ingredients listed so I could be sure it was safe for my kids.
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2 years ago, sesama place review
Best place and app
I love these rides they have and I think it’s the best and the worker are really kind especially when your in the water rides and your a kid who can’t swim the life guards help you
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10 months ago, Aaronbohr
Don’t use app to order anything… $35 for max and cheese and 2 hours
They have no way to refund purchases in park and it took two hours of standing around waiting to get hungry kids food. App is fine for schedule but after we finally found the only manager in the entire park that can do anything they said they discourage using the app to order food because they always run out. Still no max and cheese. Sunk cost and sunk time. Leaving hungry hahaha.
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2 years ago, Bluebonney
I love this park but it is overcrowded and overpriced. I remember coming here years ago. It seemed better than now. I think the ticketing process should be by appointment only. That way it won’t be so much overcrowding especially at this time.
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9 months ago, claudlove
Very quick and good. I wish we can have a discount for people like us that walk around only. The ones with the app get a discount for fee. Thank you
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1 year ago, papaya_penguin
Very useful for the park!
Used this to get around through the map and check ride wait times. Loved it!
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9 months ago, Carmen Alex Ali Alana Albert
I love sesame place
It is so helpful my kids love seeing the characters and Sesame Street
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8 months ago, Jend18
Good app
It’s a good app, but it would’ve been better if it had Apple Pay. It would’ve made the checkout quicker since I don’t have to go look for my card.
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2 years ago, Kitty Pippy
Annoying functions
You are unable to “go back” to the previous screen; you have to start your search from the beginning on the app. A “go back” or arrow option for the pages will help a lot! Please look into this.
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7 months ago, Fun Mom mom
Happy Place
Always fun! The characters are great. The park is kept very clean and the overall park appearance is excellent.
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11 months ago, rosetm16
I am unable to access my ticket on the app. I purchased the ticket prior to downloading the app using the same email and it does not go over. Also unable to add the barcode which should be an option.
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2 years ago, Jon "loves Seaworld" Mejica
Just like Seaworld
Like the Seaworld app, it has all of the elements to make the day right
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8 months ago, Aimeetvtiana
Fast & efficient
Fast and efficient
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7 months ago, XMainManX
App and website
Both the app and the website do not work properly, sign in issues that won’t allow me to review previous purchases and redeem guest passes.
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8 months ago, Nereida P
Very nice!
It was very easy to navigate. The kids will love it.
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8 months ago, Peggy Fall
Peggy Fallon
Friendly cast members fast service … welcome show was adorable
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5 months ago, Htfifgggggggggdddddrrt
Five Star!!
Very easy to use in the park. Very helpful. One of the best theme park App!
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10 months ago, Glen Anthony
Great app easy to use
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9 months ago, Jay Kresge
Doesn’t allow login
Can’t use the digital features since their login servers don’t work. This makes the app useless to me.
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10 months ago, Looper’s ghaye
Sesame place
A little too pricey
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9 months ago, jovanny2095
Fun for all ages
Love bringing my nieces and nephews for the summer
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2 years ago, Jaywool__
Amazing Place
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2 years ago, elmo's other friend
Awful if for San Diego
Maybe because the San Diego park isn’t opened yet? But totally worthless app if you looking to leverage for San Diego. Directs to Philly.
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12 years ago, Sangack
Best App
Well made app. It helped me lot to plan and attend all shows. The directions on the park map is amazing. Sort feature by timing is fabulous. Some improvement needed in the attraction height requirement. Few of the attractions are not updated. Overall it's a great app. It was easy to find a restroom, eatables and even parked car. Photo feature is also good. A must app for everyone.
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2 years ago, Robertrowe
Buyer Beware
Booked our entire vacation around Sesame Place, we did a vacation package which included a vacation pass, and 5 day hotel stay, and a dinner with Elmo. We got to the park on Friday May 27th at 10am, our 5th year anniversary with our 2 year old twin boys. By 1100 we had ridden every ride that was open in the park. There are maybe 20ish available rides, and only 4 rides were open, the “water park” was open but all the slides were closed. The park did not warn of staff shortages, and we were told “when the kids get out of school they’d open other rides” and “if you come back tomorrow most should be open.” They offered a pass to come back, but our vacation package included a season pass- which we didn’t plan on using for anything but 2 days at the park. I wish I had just bought a hotel with AMEX and used my 1 free military entry. Instead I’m out $300 or so, the park would not refund it after talking to 6 people, and because we did not fly to the park AMEX insurance could not reimburse our loss. I finally convinced someone to cancel our dinner with Elmo and got $100 back, we left at 1:30pm. I was irate, it took a lot to calm down after that experience. Other park goers were just as angry, and were getting the same run around. If you can’t staff your rides give me my money back. It wasn’t like a “rain or shine” and it rained, you literally didn’t have your rides open which I paid to use. Theft of service. If you’re thinking about doing this as a family vacation PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not do this. Even if the park was open and all the rides were available it was $20 for a cheeseburger expensive.
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6 years ago, skylinelver
Update is a letdown
Used to enjoy using the app in 2017 for show times, map directions and accessing barcodes for our season passes. Now it’s basically the website brought to the app with a minor map function. The map isn’t as easy to use as before nor are show times as prominent to find. Enjoyed using the saved card feature before but now that’s hard to find if it’s even there. Had issues as other season pass members in being logged in by barcode and it still asks you to log in again. Very difficult finding season pass exclusive discounts you need to purchase online. Unable to add passes to wallet as before. Very disappointed overall. With this rollout’s features I genuinely went to the App Store to see if there was a new one just for the park as this seems to no longer suit that purpose.
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5 years ago, Njguy5280
Not worthy of Sesame Street
Now that Sesame Place no longer offers printed maps and show schedules, this app is more vital than ever. Which is why it’s a shame it’s such a mess. Basic navigation is terrible, many functions don’t work, and the map is kludgy. Assuming they hired a professional app developer to build this, Sesame Place should demand their money back. The only reason I don’t give this app one star is because it does list upcoming event times, which is probably the one thing most people will use it for. Cmon, guys — you’re better than this! Park goers deserve a first-rate mobile experience... and this isn’t it.
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8 years ago, TRE J.
Not accurate
The tickets for shows or events never show up I. The app. However it shows what I bought in 2014! I continue to add my new passes and they are gone the next I open app. I have added a credit card to pay but it rarely works at registers. It seems that the conveniences added in app are not reliable so what is the point? I still need to print hard copies of tickets, have passes with me and carry cc around park. I have been told by customer service during times app not working in park it is because the park is crowded or busy and app is overwhelmed! What?!?!?
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5 years ago, LilxJ
I used to be able to have my passes on here to scan, but it doesn’t give an option to enter your new pass info. I tried to do it on the website and it doesn’t do anything. I’d rather save my passes on the app or Apple wallet so I don’t have to always have the pass on me. It would be nice to be able to have your annual photo pass uploaded as well. I have had nothing but trouble using the app and the photo key pass. There should be an option to use your fingerprint instead of having to log in every single time and half the time it doesn’t accept your password. The app needs to be updated!
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3 years ago, AMHuff
Needs and Update
This app is CONSTANTLY slow, doesn’t work, etc. Trying to make a purchase through the app? Forget it. Needs an update or reconstruction for sure. As season pass holders, it’s extremely frustrating!
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12 years ago, Daisyjo_04
Well Done!
Thank you Sesame Place for this app. Enjoyed the park today and was able to easily find everything with this app. Was able to sort the shows by time and quickly find a bathroom for my little ones. Had a great day!
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12 years ago, bessbird
Well thought out
This app contains a really well thought- out set of features. There is a small issue with seeing the top of the map when zoomed in even a little. Keep up the good work!
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7 years ago, jennypah2c
App half works
I've written to support to no avail. I can't attach my season passes nor will the past purchases look up work within the app - just tells me "Error. Something went wrong on our end. Please try again later." When really later means never. I try to update my information and the app just spins and spins. The only thing this is good for is a map of Sesame Place (when there) and the day's schedule of events. This has to be improved for a care taker's convenience.
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5 years ago, Yonafin
Wrapper around the website
Skip this & go to the website. Can’t leave a short review, so... went to map function which opened the web app which told me to download a pdf. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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5 years ago, fletch622
Cannot add to Apple Wallet
Since the app looks more like a port of the website, there must be some link broken with the Add [passes] to Apple Wallet feature, because nothing happens. The busy gears spin for a second or two and then.... nothing. Please fix. Additionally, it would be helpful to engage iOS’s Shared feature for the downloadable park map, to let the user truly port the map into an offline application. (iBooks, Acrobat Reader, etc.)
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4 years ago, Mindy Skrbin
User UNfriendly with functions that never work
This app will cause you and your family intense frustration!! This theme park basically forces visitors to use this app for things like a map and show times, BUT it’s a real pain. Also, forgot trying to make any purchases on the map. It never works and then you have to go to the website on your phone. Seriously, Sesame Place, step up your game! This message is brought to you by the letter F and the number 2.
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12 years ago, Phillyfan1288
First class App
After several years with an iPhone, this is my first app worth rating. It is by far the best theme park app out there. Take me there feature was perfect. If you are going to sesame place get this app. Outstanding job Sea World Parks!
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6 years ago, PusheenDeliveryServiceErica
Great For Kids To Learn 😻
It has a map with all of the rides and attractions on it! Pretty pictures so kids know what it looks like.
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6 years ago, Pixieyelsraek
Doesn’t work
The big draw for this app was the ability to use it for your tickets. Doesn’t work, always says there is an error. The contact information on the app is wrong - the phone number leads to a “no longer in service” message, and is different than the number on the website. The app becomes pointless when nothing on it works!!!!
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10 years ago, Zia428
Not user friendly at all! Waste of time! The weather portion has so much nonsense you can't get to the 10 day. Who cares about the earthquake or weather blogs. And everytime u try to scroll up or down it gets stuck. The rides portion not good, top banner/map is stationary making it difficult to see the rides itself. Too many and too large graphics for the app to be functional.
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11 years ago, shelibeli
Ok....but no show times!
I have yet to see show times working on this app. That is really what I use it for as a season pass holder who pretty much knows the small park like the back of her hand. But it always says n/a next to all the shows. Fix that and it would be great.
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5 years ago, ACBMCD
Poor Quality App
This app is basically a landing page for their website. There is little to no information on the app and every button just links you to their website which never loads. Both the website and app are clumsy and information difficult to find. Completely useless app.
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10 years ago, Britbabi24
Photo issue
Loved this until I used it to take photos at the park. They said they saved to my photos but are nowhere to be found.
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9 years ago, NukePharmer06
Fix it
Can't log in, tells you password is incorrect when it isn't. When you are logged in you can't send your pass to Passbook. The event times are almost always wrong. Don't waste the space on your phone.
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10 years ago, Fozzie Balboa
Stop deleting my passes upon update
I'm starting to hate this app since in the past 2 months they have updated it twice and each time it loses my passes and causes me to have to re add them. Please save the passes in the app data so you dont screw your customers.
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6 years ago, Mjw484
Absolutely worthless
The app is basically what you get from the webpage. What it should be is a tool to use while you’re at the park. The map doesn’t tell you what anything is and there’s no search function. Not having a back button is frustrating. Overall, it’s worthless.
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