Sezzle - Buy Now, Pay Later

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User Reviews for Sezzle - Buy Now, Pay Later

4.89 out of 5
154.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Sandy 4 Brothers
One Word for This App.......AMAZING!!!!
Sezzle has given me the chance to be able to shop as if I were a “ Platinum “ credit card holder. My credit is less then desirable in this credit crazed world we live in. Nowadays, if you don’t have a wallet full of plastic, you better have a wallet full of cabbage (cash😊)and I know I sure don’t have either on a day to day basis but I have the closest thing to it.....and that’s S-E-Z-Z-L-E...!!!!! I have 8 kids that I have raised and now with all but my youngest child being grown up and four having family’s, I now have 12 Grandchildren ( Yes 12 🥰) and my youngest only 11 yrs old, well that equals lots of groceries, bills, clothes, shoes, coats, etc... Oh and let’s not forget the presents for birthdays, and Christmas, oh my!!! All I know is if it weren’t for Sezzle, I wouldn’t be the favorite Mimi and not only can I buy things I wouldn’t otherwise be able to, but I’ve been able to purchase things in an emergency with stores that accept SEZZLE, like Autozone for brakes..Twice now!!! THANK YOU SEZZLE!! AS if being AMAZING just for their program wasn’t enough, now they’re going to report to the credit bureaus which will help build my credit!! And all my payments are on time so I’m excited for this new step 😊
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11 months ago, Jbrinson76
Pros and Cons
I love sezzle!! It is a way to purchase items and pay on it every two weeks! That works great for working people! The pros are you can purchase items you might might be able to afford and pay it off while in your possession. The con is the app sometimes has glitches and will say you missed a payment when you didn’t. The customer service is not helpful in these situations nor is asking for a supervisor they will only email you. The con is if this happen they will adjust your spending limit. So I had never missed a payment and gained a credit of $1000 but the app glitched and said I missed a payment when the due date for that payment had not even came yet. It caused me a issue at my bank bc it tried to take the money out ahead of time then that cause a fee without me knowing. I went ahead and paid the payment before knowing about the fee and the rest is history as they say. Sezzle did nothing to accommodate me on this issue when it was there fault that they said I was supposed to pay and I wasn’t. So this is the only issue I’ve had with sezzle. Unfortunately my spending limit got cut back down to $500 and I never missed a payment. But I continue to use them when I really want something but I use other app before I use them because of that issue.
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3 years ago, Elm City New Haven
Shopping on line is my thing and I love visiting different stores online but sometimes don’t wish to come up off my Own Money do to whatever other obligations I may have that may compromise my financial resources and Sizzle definitely provides a alternative that doesn’t hurt my pockets. The monthly payment options they offer along with the interest rates NO WAY could I turn away and with each paid off completions I get increase in my loans and that’s the KEY here….. pay off your agreed amount earlier than expected and they don’t charge you the total interest rate who can’t appreciate that?? They increase your spending limit with a light credit inquiry the very first time you sign up. They take a chance of you and as long as you keep your agreed among payments up to date the most they extend the trust. Pretty soon I might be purchasing a car using my dynamic pay history with them lol. Just keep in mind this app issue only for good for people with great responsibility Finanical skills, so if you the type of person who lives for check after check DON’T mess around with this app.
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4 years ago, NostalgiaLadie
Caution!!! Sezzle seems shady👎
3. As I said, contacting customer service doesn’t help at all. I can’t converse with anyone personally. My needs were not addressed at all. I tried and now I’m done with Sezzle. I will be paying close attention to the info that I provided to Sezzle (in case any fraud turns up). I terminated the Sezzle account. There was nothing else that I could do. If you won’t even converse in any way with your customers, you don’t care at all. 2. Sezzle is scary. I just attempted to call Customer Service and wasn’t allowed to speak to a live person, but was directed to their email form service. Immediately I was emailed an auto response, with the same sorry excuses of why no one can help solve this. Unbelieveable! I deleted my financial info and hopefully can terminate my Sezzle account. I regret trusting Sezzle to handle my financial and indentifying info. I’m glad I didn’t give them my main finacial info. smh 1. Declined for a $3 purchase? Really? This is rediculous! I recently was approved for Sezzle, but haven’t been permitted to make any purchases. I’m not being given any helpful reasons to why I’m being declined other than the purchase maybe too much. I have way more than enough to cover $3! Why was I approved for a Sezzle acct, if they won’t allow me to purchase through them? The purchase process is not user friendly either. Too many security codes required just to have the purchase declined. smh...There is no point to this...
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5 months ago, Kzhai1909
Not worth it anymore
I signed up and used Sezzle since 2021. I mostly used it at Target and always paid every order off on time. It helped my credit score tremendously after months of on time payments being sent to my credit report. Now? They don’t want to help people unless they can pay for it. I can no longer use this app for Target orders. And the worst part is even after being one of the many folks who was loyal with Sezzle and made constant on time payments, they take us all down to a $50 spending limit. I had a nearly $2,000 spending limit that I never went over $250 on and now they think I am only worth $50. It says to increase it depends on making on time payments and how long you’ve been with them. So the years of loyal customers just get downgraded for no reason? What sense does that make? I use to recommend this app to everyone looking to help their credit scores or who needed to make a larger purchase and pay in installments. Now it’s just like all the other apps- eager to do whatever they can to make you pay for their service that no longer provides ease and convenience into making a purchase you can pay in increments. Very disappointed in Sezzle and what they have done to those of us who really loved their app and can no longer say that now.
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6 months ago, BaeNextDoor
Closed my account, deleted the app
Just closed my account and deleted the app after using Sezzle since 2019. Over the course of me using their services, customer service always left a ton to be desired and it was always evident that they do not read because they are consumed with the need to stick to copy and paste scripted responses. When I did have to reach out to them, it was not unusual to get a reply that had nothing to do with my issue which just created circular conversations I ended up abandoning. Sezzle was my preferred method when making larger online purchases at Target and I was confused as to why an order I attempted to place did not go through since my last order in September went through with no issues. I ended up using an alternate payment method, but noticed Sezzle sent me a text message stating I needed to subscribe to their premium service in order to complete my purchase. Did some digging and read the other reviews here and noticed they have now changed it to a subscription based app where you have to pay a monthly fee to even use the service at stores that once did not even require such a thing. Has to be the worst decision ever, but fortunately there are better apps out there that don’t put stores behind a paywall at whim just because they feel like being a little more greedy. So long Sezzle and farewell.
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1 year ago, Ash_a_boo87
Early loan repayment decreased spending power
I’ve had Sezzle for several month and I even joined Sezzle premium. The initial loan and repayment went smoothly, however the subsequent loans thereafter did not. I recently made several purchases through Sezzle for items on a upcoming trip so that I had extra cushion money while out of town. Once I returned from my trip I decided to begin making payments on all loans early, and my spending power decreased or remained the same (did not increase towards the previous spending power limit). My spending power eventually decreased to $0.00 (zero dollars) after paying the last and final of all loans in advanced. I reached out to customer service and they offered absolutely no explanation except this same automated response: “I am sorry to hear your Sezzle limit has decreased. Unlike a credit card, your limit with Sezzle can change over time as we look at various factors, including your repayment history with Sezzle and available payment funds when determining your limit. Currently, we cannot manually increase limits. Just so you know, your spending limit may vary by merchant. You can see your spending limit at each merchant within the Sezzle app.” Which is completely useless being that it’s not applicable and completely contradicts what I just explained and the information marketed in the app.
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1 year ago, Shundy10
I have been begging for assistance on this matter since Dec 2022. Sezzle has not corrected my issue and has stopped responding. I was told that a supervisor would reach out to me. No one has. On Dec 8th fraud was committed on my account in the total of $550. They charged Target gift cards. I was found not liable by Sezzle. My bank refunded me. However Sezzle has my account as though I owe them money, although it also says there is no money due. But those charges are still there. I can’t use Sezzle because of this. Why won’t u guys assist me with this? It’s been 4 months! My next stop is to take it to social media to see if anyone knows what other measures that I can take. Also that auto generated response in the comments basically saying that Sezzle is fraud proof is an absolute lie! I’m living proof. The moment that I put that virtual card on my Apple Pay my account was compromised. For the ones paying $10 monthly for gift cards… Go to Zebit where it’s the same thing minus a monthly fee. Afterpay doesn’t charge a fee either. Sezzle you should be ashamed at what you have done to me.
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1 year ago, April:)123456
This app is awful now.
I went from being a huge loyal customer since 2020 loving the app and everything about it to now absolutely hating it. I have used this app for over 2years now, I was able to purchase without issues, reschedule payments weeks out if need be, use my debit card without any problems. Now I cant use my debit card to pay on an existing order with out being charged a fee, if I reschedule a payment it will basically put my payment I reschedule on top of the next order payment and it never use to be that way. It use to push all your payment dates out with that reschedule. Also if your card declines even if you have money in your account(due to not liking cash app cards or certain bank cards) it freezes your whole order. That meaning they wont allow a rescheduled payment for not just that order but your other orders also it makes you pay everything owed on that whole specific order or you wont be able to use the app, again it never use to be this way. The customer service through the app basically copies and pastes whats in the fact sheets. Which is super frustrating and you get no where talking to them. Sezzle is great but don’t expect actual help if something messes up on your account.
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3 years ago, RenCarDuB
Sezzle Review
Excellent App, I have very much enjoyed having and using Sezzle!!! As well with the added credit line this has made Sezzle 100% BETTER than before!!! The only couple things I would suggest to make Sezzle the over all number 1 app across the board would be just a few minor things which would in my mind take Sezzle to the very TOP!!! 1. Easier to reach Customer Service ( I was charged all 4 payments for an order that I never even received) I placed an order with a company Caravan comfort which turned out they didn’t have the product so Caravan Comfort refunded back to me the cost of the product however Sezzle continued to charge me all 4 installments for the product I never received. I tried to reach a customer service rep from Sezzle and unfortunately was never able to do so there paid for a product I never received. I was extremely disappointed and hesitated in placing another order. 2. Allowing the Sezzle Credit line to be attached to Apple wallet and available to use for any purchases on any items any place or perhaps anyplace over the cost of $50-$100
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3 years ago, Gracies Eunni
Best Pay Later App On The Market
I have used Sezzle for over a year and have made several large (over $1000 purchases). I have absolutely NO complaints! I tell everyone I know that Sezzle is the way to go if you need to make a fast purchase but would rather not pay the full amount up front. As you make in time payments your available balance will go up. There are no interest, no fees (unless your late), no hidden charges (it’s the EXACT same price if you weee to pay by cash or debit card), and you can easily reschedule your payments on the app. You don’t need to speak to a rep or feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, you can handle everything yourself on the app- returns, payments, rescheduling, etc. There are a lot of stores that accept it (more than the online list) and more were added over the past year but my only wish would be for even more stores/businesses to accept it. No shame!, especially in these crazy times, it’s nice to be able to make 4 payments for a vacation/cruise, furniture, hair :) or when something unexpected pops up.
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1 year ago, durxiut
Credit hit/cancer/ rescheduled Worth representative
I recently I’ve been out of work due to cancer related illness. With that being said, I reached out to Sezzle for help. I spoke with a representative and we came up with a solution to extend the payments out. A payment was made on the account and I said I’ve been checking payments have been adjusted accordingly. To my knowledge everything was was good. However, this morning I received a hit on my Trans Union, Experian and Equifax as a late payment.. within our correspondence in the email this was never discussed. I’ll attach conversation: the payment adjustment was for relief it did nothing to contribute. If anything I could have waited that time and did my own adjustment. There was absolutely no benefit . Athena (Sezzle Shopper Support) Jan 21, 2023, 1:41 PM CST Juan, Thank you for reaching out to Sezzle shopper support! We know that life is unexpected, and sometimes difficult circumstances arise that make it straining for individuals or families to make payments. Here at Sezzle, we want to do what we can to empower all our shoppers to make sound financial decisions. So, to allow time for you to focus your energy on what is most important, I have rescheduled all your payments by 4 weeks from their previous due dates. Please be sure to review and confirm the new due dates on your account.)
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2 years ago, BrilliantMess
Love it!
If your looking for an app of this type absolutely give this one a go. I went through just about every app offering this type of service and I only have three. Look, I’m gonna be honest I don’t even have a fico score so loans, line of credit etc is not gonna happen. But Sezzle is an absolute gift! To my surprise they said yes and for me, the $450 limit was higher than I would have imagined lol. I’ve been using this for almost a year, they have a program that helps you build your credit which I think is great but I’ll have to update once I know more on that. It’s easy to use online and in store. The only con I really have is them having more Stores to chose from but I’ve noticed they seem to be working on that and have already added new stores. (If they’re store selection is an issue I do recommend Zip Pay (Quadpay). Soon to leave a review for them as well.) Sezzle is one of my top three in this category and will continue to use it for the foreseeable future. :)
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2 years ago, mrsSdH
Poor company and service
I used to like sezzle but I will not longer be using it after my final payment. I can’t even use my account half the time despite having plenty of credit available. When I have been able to do orders they take payments whenever they feel like it or show that I have a late payment even when it doesn’t. And don’t bother trying to get help with your issues. The customer service is almost nonexistent and when they do reply to you they go around in circles and make stuff up as they go. I have chat transcripts that are comical. Now they want to charge a monthly fee to use the service at stores you can shop at for free through other companies. That’s just sad. It’s no longer worth the hassle. In response to Sezzle’s comment on my review: I am aware of what Sezzle is. I said nothing about interest rates. I said nothing about late fees. I said my account will show a payment is late even when it is not. And you are now charging people monthly fees just to use your service at “premium companies” that are available free with other companies that are far easier to work with. Maybe instead of trolling through reviews you should work on your direct customer service and fix your system.
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3 years ago, lisaLashay
Absolutely Legit
I’m so grateful for the Sezzle pay option. It has allowed me to treat myself recently, during a time where I haven’t been able to really do anything beyond pay bills because money is too tight to make large purchases. I also was able to get my son a very nice electronic item that he would not have been able to get if I had to pay full price up front. This card/acct is soooooo easy to use. All I did was pass my phone by the card reader machine at the store...via Apple Pay and boom purchase complete and I make my 4 small payments over the next 8 weeks. I definitely would recommend this to anyone. Not to mention All of the small businesses you get to support and help keep afloat during this crazy pandemic by shopping with them thru the app. So many stores to shop with that have awesome quality items made by hard working people. Now that I’ve paid my first purchase off early I’m most excited that Sezzle gives me the option to have them report positively to my credit. Great pay option !
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1 month ago, CurlyFry03
I have used Sezzle in the past, but recently when I made a purchase through them I was charged for the premium membership. When I specifically unchecked that box at checkout. So I immediately cancelled and said I didn’t sign up for it to begin with but didn’t make a big fuss about it. So my next payment date comes around and they notify me that there was an error processing my payment. I go in and manually pay with no issues, on the same card they attempted “multiple times.” So, this time I email explaining that I manually made the payment with no issues and asked if the tacked on fees could be removed since it didn’t seem to be an error on my end at all. In response I was told that this was an internal process done by an automated program and that’s who assessed the fees and they had no way of removing them. This is when I was told the system tried to make the payment several times and it was rejected and that’s why the fee was applied. There was not a single issue with my card, I didn’t even have to re-enter the details when I went in manually. I will NEVER use Sezzle again because all they seem interested in is charging unnecessary fees and then claiming they can’t do anything about it.
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12 months ago, Hgtfj
Cheated me out of a subscription
Company is goodish when i comes to just using them. Don’t for anything use there Sezzle card or subscribe to it. I purchased the subscription and went out and grabbed a product from a company using it. The company ended up contacting me a week later and said due to the product not being in stock they would not be charging my Sezzle card till they had the product so I had the company cancel my order. I went back to the company for a product that was in stock and little did I know Sezzle had locked the card and told me I could no longer use it. I talked to the customer support thru both email and phone call and was told there’s nothing they can do and was basically told to kick rocks. 10/10 would not recommend anyone using the card. The company can yank it out from under you any time and the customer support was far from being useful in the situation. I’d try and go use affirm instead. Have been using them for over 2 years now and have never ran into a problem with them like this. Will be possibly reporting the company to the better business bureau due to how dumb this whole thing was and the fact they won’t give me a refund for my subscription
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3 years ago, Freemee! 88
Great way to get things
Hello everyone I just wanted to share with y’all that this app is just great! Sometimes we don’t have the entire amount for things so we just end up not getting them. That sometimes results on missing out on some great sales and it stinks. With this app it’s helped me get stuff I need without out breaking my wallet. It’s a great way to get what you want with 4 easy payments. I love it. I have my own business and sometimes I need stuff for my shop (A little bow shop) when I’m in need of some supplies I’m able to get on here and make that purchase it’s great. But also you have to be responsible you cannot just get stuff and not pay. You have to make sure you are able to make the payments. It’s every 2 weeks. So if you get paid on the 1st or 15th make your purchase where it won’t be an issue. I usually pay it off on the 3rd payment to be done with it. If you don’t have the money that week you can always move your date about 7 days out. So just work around your payday.
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3 years ago, McPepos
All good until they added sezzle up
Been using Sezzle since they all started I have placed tens of orders always paid them on time, then they started adding premium retailers like Lowes among others and for me to get access to these retailers I needed to my bank account and I did, so I placed like 2 orders in the amount of $600 or more than that and paid on time but then they removed these retailers until you they have your SSN, I tried to use my ITIN instead, the one that use for my regular needs like apt and car leasing and even my credit card from Amex The app says invalid SSN because obviously I entered my ITIN and now I can’t just validate it and customer service wont help you at all takes like 48 hours to reply your message just to say nothing can be done, Sezzle team is this the way you deal with loyal and great customers like me? You’re acting like “is just one of our thousands of clients say bye to him” Before the last update you were all good but now it’s a shame guys.
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4 years ago, CiIHcC99
Fraudulent merchants
I order about $300 worth on a boutique call “Wild heifers boutique” that works with sizzle about two months ago I never received any of my items I contacted the merchant just like sizzle suggested but nothing the owner never contacted me back then she send fake tracking numbers and she ended up blocking me on social media because I tried to get a refund, I went back and tried to contact sizzle to report this merchant and guess what I got ignored as well I send emails with proof of the scam, I waited on the phone for hours and nothing I wasn’t able to talk to anybody and I haven’t heard back from them but now they charging me late fees for that last payment I never made because simply I got scammed by one of they’re merchants, I had to go thru my bank in order to get my money back(the first 3 payments I made) and sizzle it’s now threatening me to pay them back and still haven’t heard anything about the scam and what they’re doing to fix it what a trashy company, if I keep receiving this type of emails I will be obligated to take legal actions i know I’m not the only one how’s going thru this same situation with the same merchant. I’ve talk to about 200 people on social media that is goin thru the same situation with sizzle and this merchant Wild Heifers Boutique.
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2 years ago, SandBizkut
No customer service support
Right now I’m sitting on hold been on hold for over an hour I’ve spent over 10k with Sezzle only time I had payment issues was on their end I NEVER missed a payment I also pay for premium and have a 3k limit right now my account is not letting me make purchases because of overdue payment but the app literally says I’m current in fact the dates haven’t even come up yet and it say overdue payment I checked my bank and seen all the recent Sezzle payments were successful no issues and I even paid one of the false overdue payments and it still says overdue before the “Developer” comes under this and says some generic response YES I DID PAY NO I DID NOT HAVE INSUFFICIENT FUNDS I’ve had Sezzle for 2 years same cards why an issue now keep in mind while I’m typing this I’m still on hold this company would be perfect if the customer service cared about it’s customers I’m gonna pay off my balance and I’m done with them imagine if you get scammed? How would you resolve it? Customer service and the developer responds up here quicker than the actual app lol if we can resolve this cool if not I’ll just pay my orders off and go to zip there more clear cut and professional
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3 years ago, indiana jomes
My only issue is that I have made a purchase in the amount of $125 with a company called Klase. This company states that they will issue a refund if needed and provide a return label. I did not order a custom piece however the items do not fit my daughters neck they are too large she’s a teenager therefore I’m returning the pieces. They also send another email asking for pictures of the items they sent to me. They also state that you can return the items and they will provide a return label. They have been difficult and every email is less helpful and final than the first. I have stated that it’s a return and they ask again if it’s a replacement and send me photos of options. This company is extremely difficult to deal with and I will not make another purchase with them also they will not provide a return label and they are charging me a 15% restock fee. I am forever a sizzle customer but I will no longer patronize Klase.
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1 year ago, Crow jewels
Ruined my credit-use at your own risk
I used Sezzle for years and it was fine, I always paid on time but mostly I paid early. I decided I’d be a part of Sezzle up when they offered due to the fact that I could use the good report on my credit. I had a limit of $700 I paid all my purchases on time, around Christmas I made the biggest purchase I had ever made using Sezzle but paid it off like 2 payments early. I have no clue why but after I did this they just dropped my limit down to like $300!! For absolutely no reason, it still hasn’t gone back to what it was an it’s April now. But my credit dropped because of my lowered limit. There is no way to opt out of credit reporting unless you close the Sezzle account. I paid these people for years without a problem and this is how they repay me. Horrible mistake I made signing up for Sezzle up, I worked too hard to get my credit right for this to happen. Go with Afterpay or Klarna, they have never done this, they only reward me with higher limits due to my payment history. I have a limit of $3000 with Afterpay that I’ve earned over the years with the same type of payment history I gave Sezzle to get screwed over.
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2 years ago, Bbykarri
Helpless customer service app
I used too love sezzle to make Target purchases. I’ve used this app for months and never had issues until now. I’ve always made my payments on time. I use the app a lot to shop and one day I had an available spending balance to use and then next minute went to $0 without even making any purchases. I’ve reached several times to customer service but it’s like they don’t know how to read because they would response with a whole complete answer that has nothing to do with my questions. Feels like I’m talking to a robot because they just repeat. Well one day a guy Alvin on customer service said they were experiencing a globe system error that had affected all shoppers and they were working on the problem to resolve it. It’s been 4 days now and I still can’t make any purchases even if I have paid off some orders. I only have 6 active orders open and they’re saying that’s too many open orders but I’ve have 30 orders in the past and that never stopped me from shopping as long as I was making my payments. This app & their customer service is getting very annoying because they don’t help at all.
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4 years ago, Mmmgayyboii<3
Excellent payment option by far
I love how easy and transparent the whole process is. The payments are reasonable and there is no charge if you need to reschedule an upcoming payment for whatever reason. I love how after paying my payments on the day that it’s due my credit limit increases. You don’t have to have good credit to even get approved, actually you don’t even need your credit at all which is really awesome. They have a plethora of different stores that have partnered with Sezzle so you just browse through the stores and if you find something you love no matter what the price is all you do is chose Sezzle at check out and your 4 payments are laid out very clear and simple and the item is shipped right then and there instead of having to wait to get your item after all the payments are paid. I recommend this option to those who have a love of shopping like I do. You save your money longer then just spending it all at one time it’s amazing.
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4 years ago, AngieAss709
So far so good!
I used them and got the virtual target card too. I first added two debit cards for payment but then I was reading about Sezzle up , in hopes I’ll get the option to “Sezzle up” I went and added my bank account too and set it as primary. Praying they give me the option to Sezzle up ASAP. I pay on time on all my accounts and I wish I would I have added the bank first maybe I would have got the Sezzle up option right away like I see many others saying. I’ve also seen some say they got the option to Sezzle up After they added bank account within a few days later after adding it and making it primary for payments. Fingers and toes crossed they bless me with the options to Sezzle up. Lord knows I could use this especially this time of the year. PLEASE SEZZLE IF YOU SEE THIS PLEASE OFFER ME THE OPION TO SEZZLE UP!!!! You all are awesome. I appreciate you and this is a huge blessing to a mommy of two like myself. I need this! Thanks a lot. 💫😘
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1 year ago, London1124
I will probably close my account…
I liked using this service until I had issues with the website when I tried to reschedule my payment. I thought that it had rescheduled my payment and everything was fine but then I noticed that they had charged my account on the original due date. I tried to contact customer service ( which was a complete waste of time) and I was told that there was nothing that the could do to help. Mind you, I’ve used the service several times and NEVER missed a payment. Since the system didn’t change my due date, when they tried to pull it out of my account, the payment failed because I had been off of work due to medical reasons and didn’t have the funds to cover the payment. As a result, even though I made the payment shortly after all of this , they reduced my spending power to almost nothing!! In closing , I think I will close my account after I pay my last payment. Customer service was horrible, the website didn’t work when I tried to reschedule and I was punished for their system error. Sezzle has lost a loyal customer and I will now return to using after pay.
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3 days ago, LatinGuy007
Sezzle Needs A Hostile Takeover
Been a loyal Sezzle customer since it was created. Every evolution of its business model means less value or value in exchange for a monetary fee. Sezzle, your competitors with each enhancement add more value to their business model, not less. Walmart has now entered into the buy now pay later field which adds a new competitor, Walmart has extremely deep money reserves which makes it a formidable foe. I understand subscription fees are completely optional for consumers to agree to. The biggest downside to Sezzle is requiring a fee to use the service with the largest retailers when it was not a requirement before. Having consumers pay a fee to use Sezzle at favorite merchants is not the best way to differentiate from competitors. I have stayed with Sezzle because of loyalty but once I pay my final purchase. I am separating and giving all my BNPL business to Zip, FOUR and Walmart. It’s a shame when a business hands over a loyal long term customer with excellent payment history of almost 5 years. I’m sure your competitors will embrace a customer who in the span of almost 5 years placed almost 400 orders. It’s Sezzles loss for a bait and switch business model.
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1 year ago, Mari5231
It has its pros and cons
I been using sezzle for over a year and a half, I have a love and hate relationship with it. I use to recommend it to everyone but with all the changes they have made, I stopped. There are alot of cons to this service. Like paying premium for you to be able to shop at a lot of well known stores when it use to be free. They also change the rescheduling, they use to give you 3 reschedules per order and the payment also moved all the other payments but now when you reschedule it lands on the next payment. It’s only beneficial if you are rescheduling the last payment. On top of that they changed it to, if you reschedule a payment then you aren’t allowed to use the app again until you pay it off. There are other apps you can use like Zip Afterpay and Klarna that offer almost all the same stores as sezzle for free. And you can still buy things even if you reschedule something. The only benefit that I can think of is that it builds your credit if you are a sezzle up member.
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2 years ago, Yessis423
Why fix something that isn’t broken?
I used to love Sezzle but recently the main reasons I loved it have changed. I used to be able to reschedule payments two weeks out (until my next pay period) and it would allow me to reschedule all future payments as well. Now it will only allow me to reschedule one payment a max of 13 days out and which for me falls within the same pay period so it makes no sense and the next payment is due the very next day. Also, we used to be able to make purchases even if we had rescheduled payments (who h as a single parent living paycheck to paycheck came super helpful in case of emergencies) and now you can’t. It will decline your purchase. I made a mistake of rescheduling a payment that wasn’t due for another 2 days and because I rescheduled it, now I can’t use sezzle even though the original due date wasn’t even due. Customer service is horrible. You can be on hold for hours on the phone waiting to speak to someone and their twitter team is even worse just giving generic answers. Honestly sezzle was great before and didn’t need any of these new changes.
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3 weeks ago, Eileen perez m
Need option to make multiple payments at once!
I am getting a little used to these new updates for Sezzle. I have been using the service for a long time. One thing that would be very useful is the option to make multiple payments at once. I hate doing them one by one when the payments are due the same week. Takes a lot of time. Sezzle give you the option to reschedule payments but * WARNING* if you use that feature, you get punished by them reducing your Sezzle spend. It goes down everytime you reschedule something. Why even give me that feature if you’re just going to punish me for using it??? All of the stores that you were able to use on Sezzle from a website are now only available on Sezzle premium. You can’t even shop online. It’s ridiculous. Only good store on Sezzle is Target and I’m surprised they didn’t add that to the premium service. Good thing all the stores on Sezzle premium are on Afterpay for FREE. I used to love sezzle but not so sure now. I don’t like the changes.
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2 years ago, ALK2014
Great if you want to pay for extras
The app itself is wonderful, the company in the other hand…I understand it’s part of doing business, create perks (to make money), change the way payments are handle (just to make more money), reschedule payments (also just to make more money if you do more than one on the same payment plan). I really do understand it but having to pay extra to use it where it used to be free. Enough is enough. There are plenty of other businesses just like Sezzle that can be used. Every since they started charging extra fees for rescheduling (instead of letting you move them all at once) and then charging extra to use a debit card instead of bank account. Its getting worse and worse and I’ve definitely started using other forms of buy now pay later more than Sezzle. Not to mention, the company does not like to send out any notifications when they do have changing which would be nice if they did.
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1 year ago, J Bizzle 480
Unethical - Bait & Switch Operation
For $9.99/month, Sezzle will charge you for a premium service which reports payment and balance history to credit. Currently they’re reporting inaccurate information. They’re reporting a specific dollar amount as being my credit line, and then they’re reporting my current balance. The problem is, the difference between those two sums is not equal to my available line because sezzle has restricted my ability to access use of those funds. They say I have too many outstanding orders. I have two, each of which have a single payment remains. I either have an available line, or I do not. Hopefully I get some answers from the CFPB after I open a case. The app showed I was able to spend, so I made two early payments to increase my buying power, and then my ability to access any funding was restricted. Just in time for Christmas. Thanks Sezzle. So much for getting $60 to stretch into $240 at Target - a premium brand for which I pay a monthly subscription, yet am not able to access. Thanks, Sezzle. Maybe next time you guys can use a little Vaseline before screwing me.
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2 years ago, Rxv81730
Horrible App
Let me start off by saying. I started using this app before it made you pay a premium fee of 9.99 monthly. I did not have an issue with the fee because it was very helpful for me. I had a great spending limit and consistently paid all payments on time if not earlier because I understand that that is obviously how your spending limit works. Well there was an update and all of a sudden my spending limit went to zero. I reported this to help live chat and they are absolutely no help all they say is we apologize and then tell me how spending limit works. Their response I the same copied response to use for everyone. I guarantee that there is no issue taking my 9.99 monthly payment. Please makers of this app do not respond to this with that same message cause then we all know that you just have a bot answering these reviews. I am very disappointed because I was consistent and to go go from 1000 limit to 100 and you can see my history that I clearly had a spending limit over 100 with the amount of pitches that have been paid off. Dissapointing Sezzle. People stay away. Go to ZIP instead!
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2 years ago, MkMommy0226
I have read this among other reviews. This app is AWFUL since updates “recently”. Additionally, I reached out to customers services multiple times and was treated like complete GARBAGE. They basically gave me instructions on how to close my account. Mind you I have been a FAITHFUL customer for about two years. I have always paid & I have ALWAYS recommended them. I will never use them again and I will never recommend them again. I am disgusted with their customer service and ignorance. As stated in other bad reviews - you can’t only have 2 gift cards they say - but you can basically only use gift cards for any normal stores. Because that make sense right? My limit is over $2000 if that proves what type of “loyal” Sezzle customer I was. I’m half tempted to change my cards and say screw this debt and app and they can legitimately shove it. What an awful way to treat “loyal” customers. There is no incentive to use this service anymore and I will take my business elsewhere since I was instructed to do so by customer rep Zoe today. Thanks sezzle. I wish I could leave 0 stars.
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7 months ago, Mlg4241
This is actually my first review I’ve ever written, and that is because I never wanted to take the time out of my day before. I wish I could say that this app is amazing, because it truly has potential. You have access to use this payment platform for so many great stores and websites. However I made to very big purchases with Sezzle, and paid them in full to build some kind of “trust” to the app. I log into it and my limit is only $300, whenever my purchases tripled that limit I was dumbfounded. “Oh well I guess it’ll do incase I want something small” I thought to myself. I went to make a purchase for $220, and it went thru, so no worries and I went ahead and payed off three of the payments to purchase something else as well. Then they dropped my limit to $100. Absolutely insane, I haven’t had this app for long, but in that time it’s crazy to think that they don’t even trust me with more than a $300 limit so they had to drop it to $100. Like I said it has potential, but I most likely will not use this app ever again.
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2 months ago, phk101
what a shame
it could be so good; Do NOT make payments on time or you will be penalized, denied use of services, your account will be locked or closed or when going to use available spend, they will say ‘unable to verify your identity’.. huh?? (this is all AFTER you’ve used their virtual card before and have verified all your info lol). It’s like you are penalized for making your payments ON TIME; as others have stated - it’s just truly mind boggling. Their AI model just randomly closes accounts - it’s just so strange. I had to ask for a refund of their premium service as after the first time I used my available credit for gas, successfully, (twice mind you), I was locked out of using my available spend with two payments on time. It’s As if they WANT you to be late with payments,, so they can make more by selling off your debt if you DON’T pay the money you owe them! Just bizarre! NOTE: Seems a trend with BNPL- that often you ARE penalized for actually making on time or early payments or paying balances in full. Someone needs do a model report and research on this across the BNPL apps! Just bizarre!
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2 months ago, KrysM157
Changed for the Worst
Sezzle USED TO BE GREAT, but with all their changes and them pushing their new Anywhere option they have become greedy with fees. It’s really sad to see companies become this way, they add a fee for every little thing now. Before if a payment failed on a card they would automatically use the backup card on file, now they let the failed payment sit there and charge you a $5 fee (even if you pay it immediately) then $2 for everyday it’s late! That’s insane! I have a credit card I can add immediate funds to that gives me points and helps build my credit so I use it for the initial payment most of the time and then my usual debit card for follow up payments so normally it was never an issue, now they make me feel like I’m someone that can’t manage my bills and so they need to “punish” me for it, like calm down Sezzle you are not a credit card company…although even they would give more grace. I’m so disappointed in this company, I’ll just stick to Klarna, at least they only added a $2 service fee I would much rather deal with. Do better Sezzle!
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9 months ago, SugzFromtheUnderWorld
The worst
Sezzle is literally the worst payment service you could use. I bought some things off of a website that had the option to use Sezzle, so I decided to try it out. I seriously regret not just paying for the order directly through my bank. The shop AFL never sent my merchandise out it’s been almost two months. I disputed with my bank the first three payment from Sezzle a few weeks back and my bank gave me back my money. The last payment was never processed out of my account due to my debit card being canceled because this was considered fraud since i never got the items. I opened a dispute with Sezzle to get the last payment taken off the account because I refuse to pay for merchandise I did not receive. Sezzle has made me jump through hoops trying to get this handled. All for my dispute to be declined by Sezzle. Their customer service is the worst because you can’t talk to anyone. Everything is very generic. If you aren’t a detailed person you will get stuck paying for items you didn’t receive. All and all use a different payment service.
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4 years ago, just a person who wanted music
It’s okay but..
It’s okay and it does do what its supposed to do but I can’t mess with this app anymore. You guys always make the excuse you only get charged the extra $10 if the payment fails due to inefficient funds or misinformation. But there’s money in my account, my payment methods are verified. I even have the same card listed TWICE and even a third different card just in case. I have more than enough money in my account and this is the third time you guys have charged me extra for a failed payment with money clear as day in my account.. Only to get the same excuse when I asked for the $10 to be removed. Fix your system. You guys are not about to keep robbing me of Ten extra dollars every purchase. My next payment for an item was literally September 30, it’s September 29. I was getting ready to pay ahead of time so you don’t do this sneaky stuff again but you guys already have it preset as a failed payment. Fix your system or at least give people a grace period before getting charge happy.
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8 months ago, cpi12345
Thanks for nothing
Been a customer with yall for roughly 4-5 years. Yall used to be good till you recently did this upgrade to spend anywhere. I had a nice amount for a spending limit always paid my bill on time and yall kept raising the limit. Recently when yall did that upgrade to your company you took my limit and threw it in the trash!!! So this is the thanks I get for being a loyal customer?!?!?! Thanks for ruining my credit with yall for no reason and without any notice! I no longer have any reason to use yall. You want my money or me as a customer you can return my credit limit I used to have. The second I see any adverse reaction to my credit due to this move of yours you will be hearing from my lawyer! WHY DID YALL SELL OUT AND SCREW OVER SO MANY OF YOUR CUSTOMERS??????? You did the same thing to everyone I have referred to you too. Waiting to see one of those lawsuits open up against your company. You deserve everything that yall gonna have coming to you. Thanks for being so wonderful to your customers. Your customer service is absolutely no help either with this situation!
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1 year ago, ChrissieA79
Have been using Sezzle for a few years with no problems. This week, they suddenly dropped my limit by $300, and took away the virtual card option. I have no late payments and often pay off early. Received canned responses from support, saying it’s all automated, they can’t do anything blah blah. Even the responses to bad reviews on here are canned, and don’t address complaints. Not happy right before Xmas. Will pay off my remaining and stick to Zilch/Afterpay. Update- I think if you connected your bank account using Plaid, they are basing your limit on your bank balance. The fine print on Plaid says you allow them to share this info. So if you are sick of the yo-yoing of your limit, add your bank account manually. Also- don’t sign up for SezzleUp unless your credit is desperate for a boost. They don’t update it frequently enough. Am currently trying to prove I have a zero balance while applying for a loan, it shows over $500 owed on my credit report, which I haven’t had in months.
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2 months ago, Taihatesbanks
Sezzle use to be one of a kind!
Sezzle use to be one of a kind. I had the highest spending limit the ability to use anywhere at any store with just a tap. I stopped using AfterPay and Klarna and just used Sezzle. They recently changed their pay anywhere process where you have to now get every purchased approved. So the convenience factor is gone. They approved me with the highest spending limit even though my credit was not that great. introduced a tier based system that really doesn’t give you anything to want to spend I completed that tier with 20 on time spending streak within a couple of weeks and instead of any type Of reward my spending power was dropped even though there have been no late payments, my credit is higher than it was, and I use the card continuously. Now my spending power is less than what I owe and every payment I make does not allow me an option to spend bc I’m over. Just like I did with AfterPay after paying and Klarna being unprofessional I’m done with the Pay-in-4s and back to credit cards. It was good while it lasted!
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10 months ago, Ap121477
Bad service
OK where do I start so I’ve been loyal customer with Sezzle for five years now had a really nice decent spending limit with them. I was taking my honeymoon this year June 2023 and we scheduled and use their several travel and we got a hotel room and decided that that hotel room was just way over price for what they were offering so I went ahead and I was able to work something out with the hotel to cancel it with no penalties not only did it take them almost 3 weeks to figure out what was going on but they double charged me so they refunded me the first charge and got that squared away, and I noticed my limit had gone down and when I say it went down it went from 1100 to 750 OK no problem. They finally refunded me for my first original purchase that they were in the wrong for and they took me down to a $350 limit not ok this is not how you treat your loyal customers never late never missed a payment after I’m done with my last purchase I will never ever do business with Sezzle again I will stick with Afterpay and Klarna….
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1 year ago, Madi77777777777
Random credit reduction
I used to really love this app but it’s severely gone downhill. I had a credit limit of $500 or $600. Never missed a payment. Haven’t used the reschedule payment option in months, and noticed about a month ago my total spending balance was reduced down to $250… weird. Then just the other day I went back on and saw that my spending balance was reduced down to $150! It also takes FOREVER for payments to post. It will prompt you to “pay down your balance,” or “pay off an installment,” to increase your spending balance / allow you to create another order from that merchant, but it doesn’t tell you that even if you do it that day you still probably can’t use your balance for another week. I have 1 more $17 payment with Sezzle and then the app will be gone for good. Customer service is also trash. You cannot talk to a real human, and I’m sure whatever bot responds to this will give me a bogus reason for my spending limits being reduced or tell me to contact their trash customer service. Done.
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8 months ago, Hello kitty cat 13
This company has given me more trouble than they are worth. They are always messing up and I’m always having to message them. It’s really stupid like they give you a virtual card with a limit saying you can spend with a certain company and then you get in and go to check out and it says you can’t use this company was sizzle. even though it’s in their app as being able to be used and even has a thing where are you check out that says it can be used. I’ve contacted them with this issue a gazillion times and they said they can’t even help me and I even pay for a premium account so I can use more. Stores but now they’re saying oh well, you used to be able to, but you can’t now what do you mean I can’t now I pay for it don’t know they say I have to wait for a different plan but they don’t know when it will be offered to me and they can’t just give it to me. What kind of company is this? So no I do not recommend sizzle at all. I am going to delete them myself. They are too much of a hassle to deal with.
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3 years ago, Bgrizwell
Sezzle kept saying I owed when I paid
So I recently deleted sezzle due to them not letting use the app after I paid off all my payments. Had a payment that was late but when I paid it off i could no longer buy anything even though I still had a $1000 dollar limit with $0 balance. I emailed shopper support over and over getting the same bot response. My wife had the same problem when she emailed shopper support they fixed hers and said their was a glitch. She used half of her balance then it locked her out again!!! You can not actually talk to people and get a real response so if something happens you are screwed. You take a big risk using sezzle. It’s nice for awhile until you have a problem. I ended up getting an email from my creditors saying I needed to pay on my Sezzle account when I owed nothing and had proof. Was forced to dispute the charges all because I couldn’t actually talk with a person. Now when I leave this review they will say email shopper support! What a joke. Sezzle is not worth the risk
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2 months ago, F*** You.
Been with them since 2020
Honestly used to love Sezzle. They’ve never taken my limit down and never overcharged me. It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve started hating this app. I can’t contact customer service and then come back like they say. The conversation disappears. I receive emails but can’t seem to send anything back to them. Seems really terrible for someone just trying to get some help. This is a major flaw and honestly enough to make me not use it anymore. If I can’t contact customer service and stay in contact after I leave to app like they say I can, then what’s the point in “support”. Took the associate 4 mins to respond to me and by then the conversation was gone and had started a new one. There was no way for me to get my questions answered, no way to get help. I email back since that’s the only option I had and apparently that didn’t work as she emailed me back saying she’s stepping away as I hadn’t responded. Seriously a big let down. Would give it no stars if I could right now.
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9 months ago, ParkerB8122
Reduced Spending $100 After Two Early Payments!
I would be writing a five star review if not for this issue and if Sezzle addresses it I’ll change my review but this is ridiculous. I work in card services and know the pros and cons of these types of apps and do see a lot of fraud going on but Sezzle isn’t one I see often so I tried it. Spending limit of $250 made two separate purchases and liked the app so much I made early payments on both and planned on continuing to use it. The DAY AFTER I made my payments my spending power was gone, reducing it to zero. I went from $93 to zero and got a notice to pay my balance to increase spending power. I paid for premium, I paid 2 out of four payments for each purchase and in return my spending power was reduced by $100 they couldn’t go lower than that as I owe $160 but no doubt they will take that too once paid. Customer service copy and pasted their terms stating it can be reduced anytime and the day after making early payments an agent tells me in order to increase spending limit make payments on my balance. What the heck?! Bad business and discouraging for anyone trying to learn to keep on track. Why would you use an app that punishes you for paying early? They say that wasn’t the reason yet won’t give a reason. It’s sad because I liked the app but I’ll go elsewhere if this is how they do business. Everything else was fine. I feel I was tricked, once hooked I got shafted.
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3 years ago, KendellB84
I opened the account and was told that I was approved for 100 dollars and would increase after first purchase. I use after pay all the time and thought I would try another one because you could add the virtual cars to Apple Pay. So I added the card to my Apple Pay about an week ago… haven’t heard anything from Sezzle. Today I went to dicks sporting good to get some shoes and used Afterpay and target was right beside. Went in to get some AirTags and went to check out and got declined. Then I received a text saying they couldn’t approve me for the sezzle credit. So long story short… I had to spend money I didn’t have because they didn’t send me a notice before trying to use sezzle. So instead of spending 15 bucks on a 60 dollar purchase, I had to pay the entire amount or be embarrassed at the register. Im what society considers middle class and could have done without this stuff or ordered it off Afterpay. Make sure you are approved before going into a store cuz you could be disappointed
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