Shaw’s Deals & Delivery

4.7 (111.6K)
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Current version
Albertsons Companies, LLC
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Shaw’s Deals & Delivery

4.75 out of 5
111.6K Ratings
5 years ago, pinktech
Convenient supermarket list
This is one of the very few supermarket apps that has a functional shopping list. You can pull from the in-app weekly ad, special offers based on your shopping (ex, it knows I buy Outshine bars and often gives me a special for little extra off that other shoppers don’t get), or add your own items. You can sort by category or customize the list order, and check things off as you add them to your cart. It has the couponing you expect; just remember to enter your phone number at check out. There are also in-store coupons you scan with the app from barcodes (but you have to have signal in the store - please improve that, Shaws!!!). I even use it at other stores because it just works. It’s a little kludgy and could use a few helpful hints, but it’s the best I’ve found. (As of today, it was updated to include the Monopoly game; we’ll see). Update May ‘19: still like the app very much, except for one thing that drives me nuts. They often include specials that aren’t in sold at my store. You have to identify which store is your regular store and then you get ads and prices based on that and close by locations. For ex., there was a special on Method Laundry Liquid this week. The small store in town didn’t carry it, but neither did the regular size store, ‘My Store’, in a nearby town. If it’s not carried at my designated store, why am I seeing it? Why do I have to pick a store at all? The app still needs better matching to actual store inventory.
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3 years ago, Curious Cookey
Can’t Leave A Good Thing Alone
As others have stated, the update is terrible. I used to have ease navigating the sales items and special just for U deals. Now everything is discombobulated, confusing to follow and isn’t even functioning properly. Every time I go into my app it doesn’t recognize my account and shows I have no rewards or points added which I know isn’t true. I then have to either delete and restore the app or mess around with it in order for my rewards to even show up. When I try to use it in the store while shopping the same thing happens and I don’t have the time to go through all those steps. When I look at the updated version of the app, it makes me think this was thought up by a bunch of corporate people sat around a board room, patting each other on the back. There’s no empathy for the customer, only for their bottom line, the profit. To those corporate people at Shaw’s: Sorry drive up and go got launched too late and isn’t taking off the way you wanted it to. Stop punishing your customers for that and maybe go back to that board room and come up with some better ideas.
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3 years ago, Ol' Bugs
Helpful and convenient
I love being able to sneak peak the next week’s flyer a day or two in advance, and the personalized setting that give even just nickels off in some cases for stuff they know i buy regularly adds up. Even the rewards available often coincide with my preferences. One single thing that i would love to see in the future, that would grab that last star from my standpoint, would be to have available on the app everything. I do realize that saying “everything in the store” is not a small feat, but i’m sure it can be done. I often spend a little time cobbling together my grocery list before going to the store, and it would be IMMENSELY helpful to be able to have a complete grocery list right in the app, even for non-sale items. I, like i’m sure many other people, sometimes go shopping and forget the most important reason for the trip. The app already satiates the store’s objective of impulse add-ons with all the stuff in the “just for u” section, so also have a complete list to check off would just help make trips more expedient, which would be to everyone’s benefit. Aside from that, the app is marvelous, and even my little backwater tiny location has its own wifi to use while i check off my items. Very helpful. Thanks
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3 years ago, ladybird77777
Worse than Stop and Shop’s app now
I usually use the Shaw’s app in-store to look for coupons/deals as I am shopping.I really prefer the old version of the app. I can’t even find the place to clip the weekly ad deals and the Saturday Sampler. I have to search each item individually. I like that I can see what items qualify for a coupon but it’s not worth this app update. The app worked great as it was. My recommendation would be to have two arms of the app like Walmart does - one for in store and one for online. This app was honestly a huge reason why I prefer Shaw’s to Stop and Shop. Now it takes many taps to even get to my wallet. Everything takes up too much space and I liked the accordion format (vs opening a separate page for each category) on the previous app. I was actually kind of sad because I really like how simple Shaw’s made their app initially, but I guess everything is moving towards increasing profits from people who shop online. I would actually pay a dollar a month if it meant that I could revert back to the old version of the app.
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7 months ago, 🙄😣
Shaws company
The app is fine, they’ve had some updates that were horrible but fixed them. However the store itself has really declined. I used to shop Shaws every week, I found the prices fair and the sales excellent. In the last 18-24 months they have jacked their prices so much I rarely even enter the store. I understand prices have increased every where, however when their sale prices are still more than the competitors everyday prices, that’s not a good sign. I have gone from shopping every week to going in once every 3-4 months. Only when there is a sale for something I need and the price is comparable to where I now shop. It’s cheaper for me to travel over an hour round trip to shop than it is to go to the store that is 500 feet from where I work. Very disappointed that you feel it’s ok to gouge your customers. I know many elderly shop at your stores because of limitations on other options, shame on you for taking advantage of this and making their life even more difficult. Many have to choose between food and medications. Definitely have become a chain with no care or consideration for your clientele. Thankfully Market Baskets are popping up in more locations, they have been a great place to shop for years, their prices are great, customer service is excellent and great quality products across the board.
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9 months ago, KST654
Clip My Grocery Bill on 1/3
I love the Shaws app. i also love Shaws. Flocked by a multitude of grocery stores there is no beating the selection of produce, including very reasonably priced organic. The store is well kept and the staff are kind and helpful. clipping “ coupons” is easy and the app is intuitive. It does a nice job featuring the foods I buy. I go to the Shaws in Berlin. “Art” despite working all the time , takes the time to order a case of my favorite Gelato. The staff really know their departments. I can’t stress enough the produce department. Such an amazing selection. As a vegetarian it is so nice to have a stocked freezer of “ Beyond Beef” and the frozen fruit and veggies are always well stocked, the apples cold, no little bugs i. produce, and if you can’t find something help is always close by. I have saved SO much money with the app only using reward points and coupons for the items I buy. Clean, Professional, knowledgeable, there is pride in the staff. The only place I shop.
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1 year ago, S.Yenco
I think the overall access to Shaws App, and the freedom of shopping is great. I am grateful for being able to do pick up shopping opportunities and having someone bring it to me/us (so thankful for your team for doing that) One thing I would suggest though for your customers. Is to notify us if an item isn’t available at the time you pick up our groceries. In the past I have placed orders and when I come home some items aren’t there because they became out of stock at the time of putting my order together. When I called customer service simply to ask about it, I was just told that this happens, and there’s nothing I can really do about it. The items selected and purchased were readily available at the time of my order therefor I’m under the impression they were available. The response to that, was well again this happens. I only ask (and maybe there’s a way and I’m not aware of it) that you just notify me that an item isn’t available so I can either choose something else or remove my order entirely because that one item is what makes the meal I’m making etc. I know having this feature is incredibly helpful and easily accessible…I don’t want to sound privileged by my request/response because I know that I could not have this feature or not have food to purchase. But, it’s more of just being communicated to when things aren’t available. I hope this is helpful. -Shannon
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1 year ago, Shaw's in HANSON
Customer Service Employees GREAT 😊
I am loving the new free items! Shaw’s in Hanson, Massachusetts is the only grocery store I do my shopping. There are a few employees I like to mention my name who give always excellent customer service. Hope in the deli department knows me by name Susan and knows my order of selection of meats. She always very pleasant and extremely hard working. Cashiers: Maureen, Pam, Sue always friendly and helpful!! ❤️them Customer Service Desk: Lynette, Pam, and Zack and Anthony always helpful with my free item’s and customer service. Manager: ❤️Anthony and Meghan both very harding working. On the floor: ❤️Judy she always says hi to me. She used to work in the bakery know on the floor. Charlene does stock! She always says hi too All very harding employees due to themselves and Management Anthony and Meghan Please recognize all these employees Today it’s hard to find great help and employees who CARE!
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3 years ago, Debbadoo60
Old app worked great! New one not so much!
This new app is of NO benefit to me! Barely any just for U deals. Digital coupons are NO where to be found, so unable to clip! I have spoken with service desk people at the 2 Shaws I shop at-no help at all. Have deleted & reinstalled app numerous times. Have spoken to Shaws IT person & also no help. Also STINKS that in order to get ANY deals at either Shaws I shop I must change my store location every time or NO DEALS. App & sales should be the same across the boards. I used to be able to breeze thru & make my list-now it’s a time consuming test! I find myself shopping less & less at Shaws. Bulk of shopping now being done at competitor Market Basket where every day price is what is considered a sale/deal @ Shaws (just minus the bonus points). I’ll never understand why when something isn’t broke & works great must be replaced with new & not improved….I guess some IT person needed to verify their job. I am not the only one who feels this way as others I know with the app are having the same problem & both service desks say all they are getting is complaints about the new app!! SAD as I have enjoyed shopping at Shaws. Oh well good by Shaws & hello Market Basket!
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6 years ago, Kelleyp321
Live two seconds away from a Shaw’s. Talk about convenience. That’s all they’re good for now. If you shop on a Sunday, the sales items are wiped out. The eggs are never stocked. A lot of dairy items are always close to out of date or are out of date. The place is a mess and items not where they should be as marked in the shelf. I used to use the app to get my MyMixx deals. Then the new app roles out. Can’t sign in. A pop up with a phone number to call to fix the sign in problem is given. Lol called the number. It’s an emergency call center. That isn’t working. I emailed Shaw’s. I was told, very snidely “we called the number and it works very well for us.” Needless to say. I’m done. If I need something quick, I’ll stop and grab it at Shaw’s. My weekly grocery shopping.....I will travel out of town to anywhere that’s stocked, cleaner and cheaper.....and not so rude. Oh and btw....funniest thing. At Christmas this past year, they had a “find the elf in the shelf, go to customer service to get your prize”. I found the elf on the shelf. The boy working there said hey go get your gift card at customer service. lol I went to the customer service desk...they handed me a baby candy cane. 😂. Ok. Lol whatever
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4 weeks ago, Lancingtrumen
App works until you need support
Grocery side of adding things to cart works ok, some items that store consistently carries(not seasonal) just aren’t available which defeats purpose if I have to make trip to store anyways for a necessary item. Where this completely falls apart is the delivery portion. To start, the gps location of my home is wrong, so if someone is illiterate and just following the gps ( which is most of the time) they go to the wrong house. My store relies 100% on third party ( think doordash) which has 0 accountability. 9 out of 10 times the driver has to call me because they are lost and can’t understand where to go due to language barriers. The real kicker is when they deliver it to the wrong house you are in for a massive headache. Had a $200+ order that I never received, talked to 5 different people, 2 on their chat service and 3 on phone, and still no refund. I eventually just did a charge back as it’s been over a month of radio silence and just promises of someone will call me back since the support team can’t do refunds.
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7 years ago, Exqisite anomoly
Our local Grocer!
My husband and I love this store it is close to us and we can run in and get all the things we need also the staff are so friendly and helpful and you feel comfortable shopping there! The store is always clean and there are always smiling faces to greet you and say hello! One of our kids even had her first job there when she was younger!! I also love this app I can clip the coupon right here and I don't have to remember any papers or cut anything out!! It's great and it saves us money on gas too!!! This app has kept me from going to another grocery store because they do not offer the same services at there store!! We just love you guys thanks for saving us money and being there for our late night gotta have a snack right now and oops I forgot to get moms flowers for Mother's Day needs love the Coombs's
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3 weeks ago, JimVec
Edit: I had resisted updating, but in March 2024, it forced me to, sort of. The app would function for a few minutes, then display a message that I had to update. Updated version does not appear to be any different… same bugs that I mentioned, as well as what others have mentioned. That leaves data mining… Shameful! ********* The October ‘update’ has failed to address any of the problems: - demands an account - demands 24/7 location info (Both of those are HUGE privacy concerns, glossed over in the ‘disclaimer’ ) - forces user to constantly toggle ‘show out of stock’, misleading users to think an item is in-stock when it is not. This alone is an unfair trade practice - illegal and just plain slimy. - the alleged description of updates is laughable. As an app, this is junk. As regards the stores themselves, prices used to be decent, and no longer are… items constantly out of stock (probably why they bait-n-switch in the app) The combination suggests either a company on the verge of collapse, or a company being run by greedy, sleazy executives.
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3 years ago, Jordan_sky1111
Honestly I’m an employee and I find a lot of people getting frustrated and yelling at the workers because the app doesn’t work which isn’t our fault. It makes our job 10 times more harder having to deal with frustrated and unsatisfied customers. Not that we don’t mind fixing things or helping in anyway we can it just makes it a lot more stressful on us as well. I’m very good at explaining things and even I have stopped using the app myself as it’s 10 times more complicated and confusing and I didn’t like either version but I would’ve rather of had the old version versus this new one and I don’t like the combined shopping. I also can’t get it on my sister phone who shops here. She has a samsung galaxy J7, but she can get the shopping app? Makes no sense. With all love and respect please fix this up and make it a whole lot more easier on everyone including your employees who have to go through the stress of being yelled at over the app not working.
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3 months ago, KevinKostner1
Food shopping a good experience
I have generally shopped at Shaws in Easton for many years since I’ve lived in this town I realize it’s very difficult to hire people today, but the majority of the people that I have interacted with at Shaws are pleasant they smile they actually speak to you and help you when you have a problem with the app as I do on occasion (teehee) I feel the produce is great, and the pricing is fair as well. Very happy with the set up of this store, and I know it like the back of my hand and it’s always a pleasant trip to pick up the necessities. I love the new baskets that hold cell phones while you shop as my list is generally on my cell. Thank you for making this a pleasant shopping experience!
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3 years ago, EbenB
Update makes things more complicated
Sorry, but the upgrade to the app has been horrible. Can’t find ‘just for u’ deals since they seem to be embedded in “sales for the week” whenever trying to search. For example: Searched Oreos today while I was in the store bc the sale sign stated there was $1 off on ‘just for u’. Every time I did a search for Oreos on the app (while I was in the store shopping) it wouldn’t give me the ‘just for u’ coupon, but instead just showed me the sale price of the product. Really frustrated and disappointed. And I really don’t even care for oreo’s! Was just trying to get a special treat for my kids. The only reason I shop there as my main store is because of the sales and coupons (especially with monopoly). After I have redeemed my monopoly “rewards”, I will be going to Market Basket from now on. I have always loved and been loyal to Shaw’s, but this app has made it really difficult and frustrating to shop lately.
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7 years ago, Aster
Too much fluff, not enough functionality
I honestly don’t use 3/4 or more of this app’s options. I despise having to laboriously scroll through endless product offers, only to be punished for accidentally tapping on a little, teeny arrow for that item’s detail- which takes you aaaallllll the way back to the top of the list that you were endlessly scrolling through, when attempting to go back by clicking the arrow again. And that’s not my only problem. It’s difficult and time consuming for the cashier to go back and allow you to enter your mymixx account phone number when you’ve wasted your time bagging your own groceries and couldn’t beat the cashier to the punch. I do want to state that this app has saved me a little money here and there, but it’s been such a hassle. There could be vast improvements to make it more effective, user friendly and more efficient.
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6 years ago, M_daniela
Worst “update/upgrade” ever...
I am very tech savvy, so maneuvering an app is not hard. The problem with this is that it is, in simple words, a complete mess and waste of time. Where are the flyer views?? This is not user friendly for anyone as I don’t think anyone has hours to just look at the specials!! I am very disappointed. The previous app was wonderful, it did have flaws, but minor to what they were. Shaw’s, you are no longer a supermarket I wish to shop at, starting with your prices skyrocketing. You have lost one of your most loyal customers that spent at least $100/week. If you fix this, I might consider you again.
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3 years ago, Shaw's buyer
I enjoy shopping at Shaws in Medway. I really appreciate the wider aisles. I also like that they are not working in aisles to put product up while the shopper is there. I do miss the one way aisles. They really helped during the pandemic. I wish they still required masks since the delta variant is still out there and no one is requiring evidence of getting vaccinated. I wish the workers that are dealing with open product like meat and cold cuts were wearing masks still. I enjoy the promotions you have. I really liked the old Shaws app. The new one is very confusing. It isn’t user friendly. The customer service were not alerted of change in timely manner so it was difficult for me to get answers. I enjoyed Monopoly but was only able to use one Shutterfly coupon even though I had twenty or more. I enjoyed getting the products but they were not always available. Never got nail clippers, food, and water, etc I wish you didn’t always have to buy five to get the same price I can get at other stores without buying five. Hopefully my suggestions and comments will help you to fine tune your service to customers. Overall it’s a great store, but may need to resume shopping there only for the sale items I use
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2 years ago, 🗿👉🏽👈🏽
Frequent issues with both real life staff and app
It’s not uncommon that the app gives everyone involved a whopping nothing burger of frustration. If you don’t clip your rewards and coupons 24+ hours in advance, you will have an issue with getting them all when you check out. In addition to this, a corporate member of staff at the store 1214, John, constantly makes this even more difficult by making up rules about the app when he doesn’t feel like giving you your coupons. Such as claiming you’re past the expiration date, despite it clearly being for two days in the future, or about how your coupons are not compatible with each other. If they aren’t compatible to be used in the same order than why would the app allow me to clip both of them using my rewards? It’s a ridiculous app with constant struggles when attempting to apply it in real life.
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7 years ago, Bob1115
Free Items
I do most of my grocery shopping at Shaw's and am mostly satisfied with the Shaw's App itself. But, I have two complaints. The first probem is that I can seldom find the free items. When I ask the staff where to find them, the staff doesnt seem to know what I am talking about. The few times I have been directed to the correct area, there are none of the free items left. This makes me feel that this is just a ploy to get people in the store to spend money. Why not either have the free items in the same place each Saturday morning or if they have to be kept cold at least direct shoppers as to what aisle they are on and keep them stocked. I don't believe the staff does an efficient job of checking the areas to see that the items are adequately stocked. My second complaint is along the same lines. When you have items on sale for just the weekend, be sure to have enough so you don't run out, and make sure the shelves are stocked frequently. I don't want the item tomorrow or next week, I want it now, and many people live in the country and do their shopping on one day of the week. I like clipping the coupons and saving money. Thanks for giving us this App.
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3 years ago, inprofessional
Updated app garbage
This new updated App is aweful! I still can’t sign in. I have called Shaw’s, spent so much time on the phone with their IT dept. and no one can seem to get this to work. I have the iPhone 11 and software is up to date. Plenty of storage to download and nothing. My rewards don’t update when I sign in through their website, my just for you doesn’t work even after clipping the digital coupons. I have to scrutinize my receipt every week before I leave the store after I shop and go to the service desk, show them I clipped the digital coupons and they have to reimburse me manually. My receipt this week said I earned 5 rewards points, yet my account says nothing. I spend a large amount of money every month at this store to have no app help and going through their website is just as bad. Very disappointed customer.
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3 years ago, jack in Lynn
Can’t find the specials
I generally have always found shopping at Shaws satisfying. Since I have downloaded the app, the “chase “ to find sale deals is extremely frustrating. This started with Monopoly wins. It was rare I could find instant winner prizes. Do O Organics crackers even exist?? After getting the app, trying to find advertised specials became a fruitless exercise. This weekend I could not find a lactaid milk or paper towels that were advertised. When I asked an employee, they said he didn’t think the store carried that brand. Very frustrating to say the least. At this point I’m ready to give up the chase. I’ll still shop at Shaws but the app has left a bad taste. Thanks for asking input.
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3 years ago, ashleyg9984
Stop changing it every other week!
For the love of God will you please make a decision and figure out what you want do with this app and leave it alone. You are literally changing the format and name and everything else about it at least once a month, it’s getting old. And every time you do an update and change it, it’s more difficult, has 100 more steps to get there, way more time consuming and always has way too many glitches. Stop it.A lot of your customer base is elderly people or older people who aren’t that tech savvy. It’s like you’re trying to make it so frustrating that we don’t bother to clip the coupons, so we don’t save the money and you make more money.
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2 years ago, dendenfd
Shaws is Awesome!
Shopping at Shaws is a great experience. The store is consistently well stocked and clean. I believe they have handled the Covid 19 crisis admirably. Some claim that a nearby store is superior in that prices are much lower. I don’t agree and am pleased with the opportunity to save via the on line membership. Not only do I save at Shaws but the savings on gasoline are incredible. My Shaws has a great group of friendly and helpful employees. From the deli to the meat department to grocery clerks to register personnel and those in the service booth, all have been wonderful to deal with.
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3 years ago, like to cook 15
Destroyed a good app
This new and”improved” version is terrible. The previous version allowed me to make a grocery list and organize it. Then as i picked up the item, i could click and it would go to my cart. I could then see what i still needed. Also i could click on an item in the weekly flyer and it would add to my list. I could also type in an item then click on related deals and if the item was on sale of if there were any Just4U coupons it would show. The old app was wonderful and made my shopping experience enjoyable. Like other reviewers have said, if this is how the app will be, i will take my business to other stores that have a much more user friendly app. As they say, “ if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I would say management did not listen.
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3 years ago, Lucciamariachristina
App no longer works
What happened to this app? I’ve used it for a couple of years and it was fantastic. Last month or less maybe I cannot add any items to my list from the flier like I always have. Also, some JUST4U items are not being loaded with the message that CANT LAOD OFFER AT THIS TIME. More frustrating for me is not being able to add items to my shopping list. This is how I’ve shopped for years. It’s helped me be organized and much faster when I do shop and suddenly the option is just gone. I don’t want to shop there anymore if it’s not gonna be as organized and quick as it’s been in the past. These shopping options available to me in the app was the main reason I shopped at Shaws and I’m just not interested in shopping there anymore after my organized routine is now no more. I’ll shop elsewhere instead
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5 years ago, dndrewardsaregreat
The old app use to work great. Looks like shaws management must have cut all the user experience qa people. The new app is very user unfriendly and difficult to navigate. Example: when you look st weekly ads you need to click a page, scroll down to bottom, click an item, and then scroll back down to bottom to select the next item, scroll back up to see and add to list if you want it. You should be able to review one item full screen and add if you want. If you know want swipe left or right to the next item. Rewards are also way to complicated these days as well and even more difficult to figure out in app. The only part that actually works are the discounts sometimes come off at register once you type in phone number. Improve user experience with your app.
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2 years ago, Soitsme
It’s takes quite some time to get through the app to find and apply various savings. There are deals and coupons and then you have rewards. Why have separate deals and coupons. Merge this feature. Then trying to apply these features or use the rewards required an additional step of typing your phone number at the pin pad. But I’m guessing there’s another step the cashier must do after all that. My last visit after doing all the steps I needed to do. I still didn’t get the deals or got my rewards applied. Now my rewards have expired. And if forget to do this prior to getting there ends up being a big time waster. This process is the worst for busy people.
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3 years ago, ebujo
Four stars for fixing app issue
I originally rated this app one star because it wasn’t working at all as it was intended and the website wasn’t working at that time either. I was unable to log in and the automated response on “Contact Us” wasn’t understanding my question as it had nothing to do with the options I was given. I appreciate the developer’s response and understand that sometimes updates go wrong. I noticed that others had problems with this update as well. It seems to be working normally now, so I’ve updated my review to 4 stars. Thanks.
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6 years ago, cresrnce
For those not so computer savvy, I thot I had signed up for my mixx/savings, but cannot locate it. So I am hoping that, as I was able to ‘get’ my Shaws page, I will be able to get the my mixx pricing shown on this week’s flyer. My mixx was not honored in the past and I did not understand the blah blah explanation as to the why nots. ( the closest Shaws to me ALways causes me agida and I rarely shop there any longer for that reason. Just the 3day orbither sale items are often worth the risk...IF I can reach home so I can relatively relax after medicating for trauma ... always xsuffered at this Shaws... and sometimes others!!! I go!!!
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1 year ago, Mercoeur
Paula -Sales Associate
I would like to give a 5 star review for Paula in Mansfield,Ma. She helped me so much this past Saturday morning. I did not have any idea how to get the app on my phone for Shaws digital U I am really glad I asked her if she would help me. Paula could not have been more helpful! She set me up in no time-she even gave me a quick lesson on how to use it. This pandemic has put a hard strain on those who are working in the grocery stores. Paula did not hesitate to help me in these days that’s a rare thing. Thank you so much Paula at Shaws in Mansfield,Ma. Kelly Bouras
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2 years ago, Robyn Sunshine
All around helpful
I have a busy schedule and it’s great to have an all in one app. I can add to my grocery list during the week as I run out or know I need something. Sunday mornings I can review my list at home and submit the order for a pickup. The addition of meal plans was amazing so now I don’t have to do the work thinking about food for the week, and it’s super easy to adapt the recipes to my calorie needs. (Hint hint Shaws, add a search for lower calorie or GF options) I love this app and it one I use the most often!
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4 years ago, Mia @ Rockport
Shaw’s in Gloucester on Eastern Ave.
This Store is my favorite because of customer service! It’s clean and all of the food has been delicious. I love that I have choices like Chicken. I don’t have to buy a whole one. Bakery items are fresh and delicious. I have asked for Pumpkin Muffin only 1 even if 4 pack is on sale. Here you go with a smile. Young man there is always ready to serve. Sale items have been very good too. I even buy cereal to donate to our Food Pantry. This store is well managed. I just wish butcher would be more available. Thank You Marianne
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2 years ago, kay jayc
Faulty updates
I rely on the app for my weekly list and to clip coupons for deals. Sale prices are often offered with Just for U or whatever they are now calling the program. The app does not refresh to the new week as it has it the past. Therefore, I cannot clip the coupons for the new week, unless I delete and reinstall the app. Soon I will delete and move on. Give fair pricing and skip the games! The app was fine until recent updates
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11 months ago, Nicky0348
Poor quality, multiple functions do not work together
Ever since trying to link pharmacy with grocery have had numerous issues, including loss of data!! Written to customer service, received response to first email but subsequent emails have gone unanswered. When I had only grocery app was ok, not best grocery app but worked ok. They offer incentives for having pharmacy and grocery makes the fact they don’t work / link even sadder. :-(
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6 years ago, 784575782544
Bad “update”; get new developers
This app update was designed for an older version of iOS... You can tell by the keyboard and how the app generally wastes pixels. It also doesn’t show coupons for sampler free items. I also think it would be more helpful if the phone number used to lookup mymixx is visible when you open the app, rather than buried in My Store then My Account. Many have a hard time navigating apps so the more obvious the better. There were already frequent complaints about the app not working, now they’re worse... It’s usually the $5 off $50 coupon that just doesn’t work, but many others don’t either. This update has cost you more customers than the cost to get developers that know what they’re doing.
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2 years ago, trs7781
Great Experience
The application is easy to use to combine my coupons order and have grocery delivery to my front door. Helps immensely to save money in OUR HOUSEHOLD and allows me to save time going to store myself. It really helps to have so many features in one place. Not to mention the four to five hours potentially one can gain back by queuing up a grocery order for pickup or delivery. The savings turn out to be incredible as well. Very pleasant experience indeed.
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2 years ago, drawing 1282828
Love Shaws
Love shaws they have many deals have seen many new stores built feel bad that so many have closed shop all Shaws in North Windham in summer I do wish they could go back to the last register tapes It was real good before It was easy to read I still love Shaws but there are many many mistakes on the cash register tapes now not the fault of the cashiers and Shaws does have the best deals still and that is sure a bonus
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2 years ago, SsophiaH
This app is such a joke. It used to be ok but ever since they updated it it’s been really confusing to navigate and recently I’ve purchased hundred of dollars worth of groceries and am still at 2 rewards. It hasn’t gone up and when I went to check my receipts list, I found it never registered my recent purchases even though I make sure to enter my phone number every time. Just another way to scam people I guess. I was actually happy they came out with some sort of rewards program because shaws is outrageously over priced but I should have known it was just another corporate tactic to play games with us, making us believe we are saving money when I’m actuality we are not.
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3 years ago, ER337
Some improvements but has bugs
The old app was very slow and annoying for that reason but the functionality was pretty good. This seems faster. My biggest complaint which is a bug I believe is that you cannot view more than 2 items in any category of coupons you have clipped so you don’t know what offers you selected. I have 20 “special offers” and 4 in bakery but can only view the first 2 which makes the list somewhat useless. You also cannot email the list which would have been a workaround
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6 months ago, John Doodle
App is super buggy
The app when it works is perfectly adequate however when the app doesn’t work properly it is incredibly frustrating. The app sometimes goes into an endless loop where you keep selecting a saved payment method and it keeps having you select it over and over again without ever letting you actually pay for the order. It doesn’t matter which saved payment method you select. Also the app frequently allows you to select items that aren’t in stock and then when you review your order it won’t allow you to remove the item.
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5 years ago, grocery bear
This app is just awful, and the developers inattentive to user necessary fixes. Three times I have reported failures of the app and the issues were not addressed. Not sure who determines number of stars but from reading others input, they feel same. So whoever is using this app and granting five stars please let the rest of us disgruntled consumers in on the secret to this app actually doing what it is supposed to do. I just quit going to shaws. As has been stated, sales products sold out, 3 day sale items never enough stock, expiration dates passed on grocery items. Just for you doesn’t always ring true then have to go to customer service. I’m sure the employees get tired of it as well. I did, and had enough.
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6 years ago, Jhermano
Big step backward
What happened to the graphical flyer? It is nearly impossible to take a quick view and see what’s on sale. The list or column approach in mobile is soooo old school. Who has the time? Not me. I’ll shop elsewhere. This app must be the brainchild of someone who wants to copy others who do similar garbage. Let’s not get started with coupon issues either, the lack of rewards availability on the website and overall inconsistency between the two. Bottom line, this app consumes more time to use vs the previous app. I don’t have time to waste like this. Thanks for keeping the website with the better tools (but no rewards info) If I really need to look, that’s where I will go and delete the app.
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7 years ago, Grannietwin
Keep Your Shelves Stocked!
It's upsetting when you go weekly grocery shopping on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday and when you get there many of the specials are sold out and they answer by saying "we'll have more tomorrow." We'll, I'm here to shop today and not tomorrow. I don't go back in cause then you end up having to buy more to get the deals. Someone needs to order more or plan better to serve the people and I know there are many customers out there that feel the same way I do. I'm a professional who works full time with a family and only likes to shop once a week!!
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10 months ago, Thehiltyfamily
It’s a poorly executed app
Mediocre app, plus it stands between typical sale prices at my local store and the paper advertisements they use to promote sales. You need this app, plus a phone number, to get the sales, and this means it’s a hassle to wait for the slow load times every week and then “clip” everything you want. I’d add a star if the app did anything but try to get me to buy things. Update: this is non-user-specific feedback; the app is functioning as intended and designed. I still dislike how it functions for me, but I put up with it. If you change the app, I’ll gladly update this review
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1 year ago, ketoverlock
Horrible shopping experience
The app is almost impossible to use if you’re trying to shop weekly ads & deals. The coupons will show you the eligible items and you can add them to your cart, but if you’re just trying to shop a regular sale item the only option is to “add to list”. So you add it to your list, then view your list, and you STILL can’t add the product to your cart. You have to search the app for the product you want, hope you choose the right one to add to your cart, and constantly go back and forth between the List tab and the Search tab to actually do any shopping. Horrible UX.
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3 years ago, MARS-327
New is not always better
Do not upgrade your Shaws app with the new version. It is awful. The list features to create a shopping list is gone. The digital coupons load in another place. The items with their sales price can’t be found. Items placed in what was the list show the full price, not sale price. Thus the total at bottom of what your spending is incorrect. Once a digital coupon is selected it can’t be removed if it was mistakenly selected. I could go on with issue. I just can’t seem to find any improvement in this new version. Just don’t upgrade or you will be sorry. You have been warned. 👎
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2 years ago, massman2
Can’t add items to shopping list
Update: So I talk to the customer service representative who was very nice and we went through the app. Sure enough when you browse items you can only add them to your cart and items in the deals category you can only add them to your list. Two very different functions and very awkward to try and access while in the store. So as I said, what were they thinking? In their rush to create an app for the pickup market they have a shopping cart and a shopping list like what Stop and Shop does, but Stop and Shop let’s you add to one or the other, Shaws doesn’t. What were they thinking?
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5 years ago, Irritated123456342
Work our the issues
This is the third month I’ve had an issue redeeming my rewards at the end of the month. I was just making my list to go to the store and was double checking what I had seected for a reward and it didn’t show one, but yet now that it’s the first of the month my “rewards earned” are gone. I shop to get the rewards and had never had issues previously but now it’s all the time. A few weeks ago something that was on sale in store if you clipped the reward wasn’t working either even though it was clipped. I’d give this zero stars if I could given store staff is of no help and there seems to be no contact us option to get help.
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