Shoe Carnival

4.7 (12.2K)
12.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Shoe Carnival
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.1 or later
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User Reviews for Shoe Carnival

4.71 out of 5
12.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Xxckxxx
This app doesn’t work
This app needs so much work it doesn’t let you stay logged in and it’s just so messy doesn’t even have a feature to be able to save shoes u want to buy when you get paid and if you put shoes in your bag it will automatically disappear after a couple bourse please fix this thanks I’m not rating shoe carnival bad I’m rating the app bad I love shoe carnival and I literally get the best deals here so please don’t get this rating wrong it’s for the app.
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2 years ago, Maverik72
Why is it here?
The app will not open period. I’ve attempted to use it on an iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and a 2021 iPad. It just shows a white screen with shoe carnival and the spinning wheel at the top. Before you blame anything on my end I work in IT, every device is up to date on software, the app was loaded, then deleted, cache/ memory wiped, and phone restarted 3 times. Please don’t have the nerve to blame my internet, cell service in my area averages 80mbs download, and my Wi-Fi is far faster than I need in my home i.e. I can run security system, streaming on 3 tvs, iPad, 3 phones, a laptop, and a switch & Xbox at the same time with no lag. But I don’t have all that running now, my kids are grown and gone so I’m by myself with a tv and a phone. If you aren’t going to have an app that works why do you have it?
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2 years ago, MiraLeah ;)
App needs work.
Overall i’ve had a pretty bad experience with the app, it has terrible graphics, it lags, it looks like a huge scam when you open the app. Its very sketchy. I hope to not have any purchasing problems because I spent over 100$ on this app and i’m waiting for shoes that are supposed to come in tomorrow or the next day. If they don’t come in i’m getting a full refund and contacting someone so my information doesn’t get leaked, I feel like this app just has many flaws and definitely needs a TON of work. My mom is going to kill me if something happens to the shoes or her money. Please let me know if anyone has had purchasing issues and if it involved not receiving shoes or just having issues purchasing in general. Hope this app gets fixed!
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10 months ago, It is Kelly
Great store but laggy app
My order arrived literally at my doorstep the day after my purchase! Great experience. But I had a lot of trouble getting the app to work I had to re open then open numerous times. It would freeze or just not let me scroll through options period. The app needs a little updating in that area but overall the store is a great place to purchase from.
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4 years ago, Craig4529
Worst App I’ve EVER Used!
I love Shoe Carnival & I’m a frequent shopper in their stores, but their app is by far, the WORST I’ve ever used! It’s always extremely slow to load, kicks me out repeatedly while in the middle of shopping, freezes up constantly, & there have been several times in the last year or so, that I haven’t been able to open it at all. It’s beyond frustrating. And I’m to the point where I think I may just start shopping elsewhere. I don’t have any issues with the DSW or Famous Footwear apps. Shoe Carnival is cheaper, but I think the few extra dollars I’ll have to spend at other stores will be worth the frustration I’ll avoid using the Shoe Carnival app in the long run.
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6 years ago, Ty_Aaliyah
Needs major work!
This app needs major work. Every time I go on the app I have to sign in (even after pushing the “remember me” button EVERY TIME). Not only that but when I sign in (again for the millionth time) the items that I saved in my cart, are no longer there. So therefore, I have to find the shoes that I put in my cart and put them back in my cart. And since I wasn’t ready to place the order, whenever I closed the app and went back to view an offer, my stuff was gone once again. It takes the images forever to load and whenever I’m trying to scroll (especially in my cart) the page will get stuck 🙄. Please fix these issues!!
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7 years ago, blued00r
Decent update
Beautifully redone with updated graphics, but of course with any overhaul there are a few bugs. When browsing through the shoes and scrolling too quickly the pictures sometimes fail to update and show the wrong picture, i.e. A vans for a converse. Another bug I encountered is the hide card button under shoe perks crashes the app when pressed. Huge step up from previous update.
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6 years ago, Aliciona
Awesome !!!!
I got my shoes pretty fast I’m very happy with them plus I ordered from another website with 2 day shipping and they have not came in yet I thought my shoes would come in last but they didn’t
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4 years ago, caryballard
Terrible app
This is the worst app I have ever used. I kept getting logged out and my bag kept getting emptied. There’s no way to easily filter anything, one choice and then you have to go back into the filter instead of just selecting all of the filters at once. By far the most frustrating online buying experience I’ve ever had. I bought 5 pairs of shoes and it took over 30 minutes to complete, that was after no telling how long to find the shoes I wanted. If not for my pride, I was not going to let this stupid app defeat me, I would’ve given up long ago. Crap app, pure crap. No reason for buying shoes to be so difficult.
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6 years ago, Llove2001
Dear Shoe Carnival...
Dear Shoe Carnival, This app is a waste. Not only does it not look like a app but more like your website (which is pointless as to having an app). It doesn’t work like it should. Why say “remember sign-in” when it doesn’t and keeps bugging you to sign in each time you use the “app”. Where is my Shoe Perks Card- oh right nowhere to be found. Your “app” keeps crashing or either freezes. Wasn’t your job to make it easier for people to shop online or have ready access to the Shoe Perks Card? Well I hope this “app” gets the attention it needs and gets fixed. Sincerely, Everyone
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4 years ago, VirginianGirl86
BIG Waste of time & Money!!!
I ordered a pair of Shoes for a Friends Birthday which never got put in the Box by Incompetent Person in the Warehouse and then I asked for a full refund since I didn’t have time to wait for a replacement and get told the Credit Department is backed up and My refund won’t even get processed until 10-15 Business days, that is majorly unacceptable especially since I had to take more money out just to get a replacement of My Own for My Friends Birthday elsewhere and really need the Money back ASAP for the Shoes I never friggin got, so first I get screwed over with the Order then Refund.
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6 years ago, Noelmel123
Broke again
The last update broke the app again. You have to log into your perks everytime even if the "rememeber me" box is checked. Nowhere to view your perks points history and transactions like you used to be able to. There is a barcode to use your certificate but its misleading if you actual have a reward coupon (both barcodes are needed to redeem in store). Also the website and the app made everyone reset their passwords to log in again.
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1 year ago, idonotcare1
No diversity of shoes for girls.
Disappointing and unfair. The app shows the same repeated rows of the same shoe(s) like that’s the only shoes they have. And apparently there aren’t any other colored vans for girls. They only have the basic ugly ones with flowers and checkers for girls. The red & black vans and blue & black vans are only available for boys and it’s ridiculous. Like girls don’t only like shoes with flowers and light colored ones? They need to do something about that. Disappointing for vans and this site.
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6 years ago, zhaomin_he
Still much to improve!
Very user UNFRIENDLY! (1) The HOME tab does not have the navigation button, have to go to either SHOP or PERKS to get to the menu. (2) And this menu is. It fixed on top. Have to scroll up all the way to get to it. (3) The menu cannot move the live CHAT button, so annoying and stubborn when login or scan things. Just downloaded it today and haven’t checked other things yet.
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4 years ago, Fanci2448
Worse than the website
To have such good products this app should be ashamed. First the website kept erasing my shopping cart (3x), then when I download the app...the filters aren't even working. I don't have time to go thru over 5,000 shoes because the filters(sort) option doesn't work. Guess someone else will get my business. Yes I am willing to shop elsewhere because the website and App is not user friendly.
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5 years ago, JameshaS.
Good app just has issues
Graphics are good BUT if you close out the app the items disappear from your cart, you cannot view your cart due to the background scrolling down instead of your cart, the app as a whole need an update because it’s very hectic to try and show shop with the app as of now.
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7 years ago, Belieber_girly
I found the shoes I want except for the fact every time I go to check out it won’t let me put in my info. And every time i close the app all my items leave my basket.
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4 years ago, heathergomez
Love them, always the right fit and styles . We are always satisfied with online service
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4 years ago, Riza27
Slow moving
This app is slow... I love the site but I have to sign in every single time I go in even if I put remember me... also when I'm trying to get to another page it moves at a snail's pace!!! I have no issues with any of my other apps this one is by far the slowest
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3 years ago, KellyMaxey
I’ve tried to purchase shoes on three separate occasions and when you select Klarna at the end it doesn’t let you advance to complete your order. 3 times now the shoe has been sold out or back to regular price by the time I was able to get it to allow me to pay. THIS IS NOT AN ACCIDENT!! They clearly want you to pay all upfront rather than the convenience of spreading it out. BOGUS!!!!!
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2 years ago, Kellebelle9391
Not efficient.
Would be a 5 star rating if it offered a “favorites” or “save for later”. If you put something in your cart and go back a few hours later to buy it, it will not be there anymore. Which nobody wants to have to go searching all over again. It also signs you out.
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4 years ago, Hilldog2
Very buggy
Every time I hit the back arrow after looking at a pairs of shoes it will either take me back to the home page so I have to start all over or take me back to the very top of the page I was looking at. Occasionally it will take me back to the same exact spot I was just looking at (which is the most ideal) but it only happened a few times. THERE NEEDS TO BE A WISHLIST OPTION OF SOME SORT, PLEASE.
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1 year ago, NotABeaner
App doesn’t work well
The app usually works well but then when u want to see some shoes it just wont let me scroll anymore and then sometime the buttons don’t work either
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6 years ago, Nicolle86
The website takes forever to load and when you hit the back button it takes you back to the top of the list. This is VERY frustrating and and ends up leading to me going to another store and paying more money for the same shoes.
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7 years ago, Coco D.
Shoe perks rewards?
I can’t seem to be able to pull up my rewards certificates as easy as before. Maybe I’m looking right over them, but I haven’t been able to pull them up to use them in store from this new update.
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3 years ago, AshG12345678
Waste of time! Terrible app
! The app Gives you the option to check out through paypal but then doesn’t let you check out with paypal. I love shopping at their stores but a majority of the time they don’t have the sizes I need for my kids. This app was a major disappointment today!
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4 years ago, EnterCleverUsernameHere
Doesn’t work
First off, the app literally emulates the mobile website exactly as is, so there’s no point in downloading it. Second, it’s glitchy, it can’t execute simple commands the minute you first open up, I can’t even view my account. That’s it really, I’m literally trying to give them my money for shoes and I can’t even do that.
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1 year ago, AJ8542
Slow Clunky App 3rd party pay NOT working
The app is sooooo incredibly slow! And your website is no better! I don’t know what’s going on. None of the other websites or apps I go to/use lag this much. Also, no matter what I try to purchase, Klarna NEVER comes up as an option to pay.
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2 years ago, cheyex3
Slow app
The app is so slow when I try clicking on things sometimes it will take almost a minute to change the screen so I just sit waiting on a frozen screen
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7 years ago, Awebby
Show shopping
Great place to shop in Bowling Green KY friendly staff and a variety of shoes to choose from
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5 years ago, Nikifuz
Needs more work
App is basic. Would like a better search function, ex. Barcode scanner. Does not link perks. Have to type the number in at checkout. Would love to get rid of the card. Please have a place to have a mobile card.
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2 months ago, SteelGuinny
Fails to Load
I open the app and the welcome screen just sits there with the loading wheel spinning. It’s constant for at least an hour. This has been a persistent problem that has been going on since I installed the app a few years ago.
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2 years ago, kush813
App never works
I can’t even open the app much less use it to make a purchase. So many fixes are needed. How about you just make it functional, then you can make it look pretty. I’d rather have a plain Jane app that works well over an app that looks good.
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4 years ago, winterwoods40
I’ve been trying to buy shoes for ten minutes and can’t make it to the last step before the app glitches and makes me restart.
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5 years ago, Ben15784
Slow with bugs
I want to buy some shoes today tried us using the shoe carnival apt had a very hard time get it to work and they seem to out of stock on everything so I will be going some place were I can get shoes with out trouble FYI fix apt and maybe free ship to store and keep stuff in stock
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5 years ago, -A 58
Fix It
I thought downloading the app will make it easier and faster to access instead of having to go to an actual store... instead I’m upset with the app. Every time I open it I wait and then it just crashes. I get nothing but a white screen.
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6 years ago, sweette82
Not user friendly
I would like to see my points with always having to log in I feel if you have the app and select remember me it should allow you to be signed in.
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5 years ago, CourtABee
Lots of app issues
Never keeps me signed in even after selecting it to do so. Doesn’t save my shoe selections. Couldn’t get my account to take card information or pay pal. Had to purchase as a guest which didn’t save my points for future coupons.
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4 years ago, Treadway69
Received our crocs today and absolutely love them! Nice sales prices too! Thank you😇
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2 years ago, comando82
Shipping socks
Don’t pay the fastest shipping. I did I paid for 24 hrs delivery and I have it almost 3 days later. They just stood your money.
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4 years ago, mrsmalriley
I have trouble with this app loading all the time. I opt to use your website instead.
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4 years ago, 05181027
Set up is terrible
The way this app is set up is terrible. You can’t find anything like where your orders are or where and how to return something, organization is terrible.
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9 months ago, manateesnme
App crashes
Lov Shoe Carnival but the app lately just locks & nothing works to reset except shutting off my phone.
Show more
6 years ago, yakshpatel1502
Every time I have to type my email
Whenever I open the every single time I have to log in no matter if I already click remember me or not. Please fix that issue.
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6 years ago, The Bishop of Boone Street
This cannot be considered an app - it's merely a portal to the company's website. You're required to re-enter your login information on every visit and navigation is neither user-friendly nor intuitive. Simply lazy development without any purpose.
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4 years ago, gvgrghbbj
This app does not work
I made my order me pressed submit I got charged four times for the same order and the worst thing is that there is no one to speak to about this issue costumers service does not answer
Show more
4 years ago, millenial customer
Doesn’t deserve one star
The app has zero functionality. Loads slow, you have to login every single time. Never remembers my cart. The app will close out on it own at any moment.
Show more
6 years ago, Teyanna
Hilarious that they call this an app
This is not a true app. It's a web browser, and brings up SC's mobile website. Pointless to download an "app" when it shows you mobile website. Don't waste your time downloading this.
Show more
6 years ago, Camryn V
My items leave my basket each time. Every other app is fast, but this app is slow. I can find many variety of shoes which is good.
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4 years ago, Jaxxonian
Utter Trash
This app is very frustrating. It’s interface is old and not intuitive. It’s very jumpy and floaty which is very reminiscent of sites from late 90s and early aughts. You have to login every time. Most apps will keep your account signed in, unless you specifically sign out. Someone in marketing needs to update/give app facelift. I want to like, but I can’t. Shoe Carnival has a lot to improve on, or they will go the way of Circuit City, Blockbuster. Fix this crap!
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