Shop LC Delivering Joy!

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SHOP LC Global Inc.
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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Shop LC Delivering Joy!

4.28 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
6 years ago, First boomer
Great addition to the LC shopping experience
great new features: You can look back 24 hours to see what you’ve missed! There are additional look-back time periods. The organization is different and I use the phone and laptop together while at home to manage an auction, look-up comps, buy over the phone or be on hold while watching the show or doing something else at the same time. I haven’t discovered everything yet but it’s already proven very useful, not to mention being able to watch ShopLC any time, anywhere. I ran into some glitches, like getting my shopping cart with 21 items dumped suddenly for no apparent reason when I went to check out OMG!! But, that’s happened on the website too. Be sure not to wait till the last minute to check out because there are often glitches in the process, you never know why, but you get “whoops” notices, which don’t help except to let you know whatever happened is not your fault. I always give it 15 minutes.
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5 years ago, kindly old lady
Rising Auction.
The products are fine the workmanship is not as well done as could be. I choose jewelry most often. The pieces are bought for others as gifts and I always check the settings BECAUSE I have more often than or been told at great embarrassment to myself that the items look nice but can not be worn without getting caught on clothing due to prongs. I've had family and good friends tell me they've lost stones and I can occasionally get my jeweler to set another gem for me but it then nullifies the savings I may have acquired. I also have tried to get a supervisor to come to the phone, to register a complaint and I've been told no one is available. I will get a call back within 24 hours. I tried to get a call back at least 6 different times, with no success. "How can you provide a joyful experience?" Don't offer what you have no intent to deliver. I at one time ranted about the great values I got when I first discovered LC. Again not so any longer. I've been badgered by some of your customer service personnel when I ask for help paying for items purchased on rising auction. Ap difficulties. Ap stinks. Trouble paying. Rising auction is a joke. Installed uninstalled and reinstalled at least 20 times. Too much hassle. Worth the trouble? You judge. And try to get someone to listen. Yeah right!
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5 years ago, kaelangma
Mel Wilson
I agree with narcisse 100% I have the same problems with the stones falling out! A few times I have been able to return, but is usually sold out, so I am disappointed. I have so much jewelry from LC that I don’t always get to wear the items right away. I’ll cut off the tag and wear the ring, and countless times the stone will fall out on the first wearing, of course after the 30 days! I also have Tanzanite, Ruby, Orissa Rhodolite, Sapphires and more.. I have suggested a couple times, why you don’t have someone there that can replace the stones for a small fee? It’s very aggravating when this does happen. I hope you will consider an option that will benefit all of us! Thank you!
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3 years ago, clairewardkatz
Breaks all stereotypes!!!
I have always ascribed negative stereotypes to products sold on TV whether through infomercials or on networks dedicated to selling. In the most obvious way, the ShopLC app helped me to eliminate the negative stereotypes I held by offering the opportunity to shop on-line for anything offered on TV and even more since the app offers auctions, clearance, and the opportunity to purchase items never offered on TV. Without the constraints of having to purchase during a time limit like there is on a network— which often makes me feel bullied or manipulated into making a purchase—using the App, I feel completely comfortable that I am using my money in the way I should because I have had time to think, and when I feel necessary, I have had time to do my own price comparison and/or research of the product.
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3 years ago, lou in ohio
Couldn’t get answers
I called personal shopper to try and get an answer on a product I just ordered three days ago , because now it was offering a buy one get one free. But first she went into another deal offering me 100$ voucher I listened to her for ten minutes agreed to deal. She now told me to call a number for the help I needed I called it was disconnected! I call the number in which to order sited to talk to an agent ten minutes he hooked me up to customer service again more waiting no answer. Called back ordering agent told him my problem he couldn’t go back to my order couldn’t connect me to manager. Do I ask what if I order this product now and send back the first order no he says we’re all sold out! But the product is still on tv! I hang up call again order the product which they still have! This took all of an hour to do I’m very disappointed in this company now they only want to talk to you if your gonna order if you need customer service good luck and pack a lunch you’ll need it by the time you get any answers or help.
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6 years ago, NotHappi3
If i could give 0 stars, i would....
I wanted to use this app for their $1 auctions only. I greatly dislike their website because my screen remains grey for 10 minutes before it brings up the page ive just clicked on. When i tried to look through their $1 auctions on the app, i couldnt even select my ring size (size 5). It only had 0.00 and 10-13. THATS IT. Not only that, but i prefer sterling silver as my metal of choice. That also was not on their list of options to sort by. So i went to search through their gemstones. I only found 8 i could search for. Granted they were the most popular. Diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire....etc. The bulk of their items i imagine. But not what i was searching for (gimmie some chrome diopside plz). But then finally, on my last attempt to sort through their $1 auctions, i went to look for rings only. But alas, it was not on the list to choose either. Necklaces, earrings, sets was, but no rings. No rings. Fix it LC. And your website too.
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5 months ago, fish-bones
great products app is so easy to use
I have never had any nice jewelry or natural gemstones throughout my life. I was recently promoted to a position where i could now wear jewelry. In the last year I have easily purchased a few thousand dollars worth of stuff from the site. Everything from bracelets to necklaces to rings even jewelry boxes. I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of every single piece and have not had any issues with anything I have bought and would recommend this to anybody looking for great quality at even better prices! Moissanite and Morganite have to be my most favorite 😃 $1 auctions can be fun to here and there!
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4 years ago, pecantan56
Winter wonderland poncho
I just ordered this poncho and can’t wait to get it for the winter months ahead I live in Florida and I hope it gets a little cold 🥶 for me to showcase my variety of beautiful gorgeous ponchos that I have purchased from Shop LC Craig and Jessica is absolutely right about the price comparisons I don’t know of any store here where I probably could purchase a beautiful gorgeous poncho as this at these affordable prices and well made I hardly shop in the stores most of my items I have purchased have been through ShopLC. Thank You 🙏🏼 and please continue to bring me affordable high quality merchandise with budget pay. Stay safe and well and Happy Holidays to you ALL ❤️
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4 years ago, Collapse addict
It freezes up!
I was offered a 30% discount for giving my phone number to receive text communications, which I prefer, and I had a little bit higher amount in my cart than I would have liked. I was trying to add my email address to get the discount and it froze up the app each time I tried to open it! I was very frustrated because I had something on my “Wish list,” that I would have bought with the discount too. I also find that it doesn’t do an adequate job of describing the way to make the bids properly. On the other hand, in general, the app seems to get me through the items I am searching for. I am fairly new to the site and I don’t know if I see everything in the category, but it seems like I get a good selection.
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5 years ago, tae kwon do bb
DO NOT BUY FROM Shop LC as illegal transactions are taking place!! If you choose to do so anyway then I encourage everyone to take pictures of every auction win. You will see yourself that auctions will indicate you have won & they take them out from under you & sell them to a higher bidder!!! I turned proof of 3 pictures of my wins that were NEVER awarded to both the supervisor Mr. Gomez & CEO Mr. Agrawal. Neither care to address the issue & I am a brand new customer to ShopLC. This has happened to at least 6 rings including a morganite. Your picture of “YOUR WIN” will NOT matter!!! When you call customer service to address it they will tell you that it went to a higher bidder even though your picture indicates you won it. Also the list of complaints at the Better Business Bureau is long & wide. I’m adding to that as well. 😡😡😡 I hope they get caught & get shut down!! A pathetic business for sure!!!
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4 years ago, witabobo
Hello shop LC This is new for me I had to send in my phone for a replacement it kept messing up and I sent it back 3 times to be repaired so I had to borrow a tablet and that is what I have been using to communicate with the outside world but I have to say the experience has been easy and I am NOT tech savvy! Haha, everything has been easy to find and I have enjoyed browsing thru all your categories of merchandise. Thank you for everything you do with charities and hopefully all of you can and do stay well and we will get thru this crisis with God’s help. Stay strong and continue with all of your wonderful products. Take care
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3 years ago, Whites92835
Best jewelry app I’ve found!
I will admit, when I downloaded the app and created an account… I wasn’t expecting such beautiful and high quality jewelry for such amazing (and cheap) prices! I’ve ordered several items from them (mostly jewelry, but some yard and house items as well), and everything has passed my expectations. All jewelry (sterling silver, gold plated, etc.) that’s been worn since ordered, around 2 weeks since arrival, and have not colored my skin, broken, or shown any issues. I WILL be a repeat customer!!! Holidays and birthdays will now involve “BLING” for our families and friends!!
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3 months ago, Zissee
Search bar leaves screen before you can select
I have to keep tying in search items when I hit the arrow to go back and look at rest of items in my search. The computer needs updated to keep the search item the same till I type in new search of different type item. It’s takes too long to find the items and the spelling has to be exact and discount codes. Your losing a lot of sales till this is corrected. Otherwise I love my ShopLC app and my items I have collected from your company but the app has problems Thanks
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6 years ago, Winona56
Shop LC
Love it, it's so much easier to order then using the phone. I don't have to worry about losing the item waiting to get an agent. I can watch the TV and order online. I also would like to say that it's hard to get used to new host. I love all but one and that's Kim, she talks way too much and repeats ok all the time. When she was with Brody she wouldn't let him talk about the piece, the other day, I can't remember the gem but the first piece was at a low price then when the matching piece came up she said match the price. I heard it but you didn't lower the price. That wasn't right. So I shut the TV off when she's on.
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1 year ago, MrsGoggin
Ok not great
I do shop quite a bit but the pagination in the app is messed up. When you go to page two in last 24 hours it keeps you at the bottom of the next page. At the top there is not a next page control. So either have it refresh the next page to the proper place - the top - or put in a control at the top so when you scroll backwards you don’t have to go all the way to the bottom again to hit next page. That would make browsing more efficient and way less annoying. The app and the website lack this attention to basic user controls.
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4 years ago, SweetAllison
So far, so good....
I ran across SHOP LC, by accident. I was immediately hooked on the entire site. I received my first order yesterday & was pleasantly surprised to see that even the very low cost items, were of decent quality. Where else can I find a genuine leather satchel with a unique print for $30? No where but SHOP LC I’ve spent hundreds already and look forward to each order. For all you Shopaholics...SHOP LC donates meals from our purchases. Who else does that? No one that’s who. Can’t go wrong here. If your on the fence, I would say give it a try. It has a 30 day money back satisfaction too.
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2 years ago, Lindsay Cotton
Shipping is outlandishly high…makes it seem like a scam when it’s really not.
Since they (so sneaky) removed the “free shipping” as a HUGE PERK for using autopay - they’ve lost a fortune in money I would have spent - but I REFUSE to pay the absurd shipping prices. The majority of what they are shipping to me weighs mere ounces and we’re not talking about a bunch of packages - maybe 1, 8x8x8 box with 50 items and it weighs less than a pound at the usual snail mail speed - and they want to charge more than it cost ($8-$15 per item at times!!!) - they just make themselves look like a scam when they do have some quality buys - some not. Just pay attention and be choosy.
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5 years ago, debbow days
Frequent shopper
Too slow to check out!! Errors out most of the time. Phone orders are the only way to finish a purchase in a reasonable time. Come on guys, it’s 2019! I just read the last review and must say I also have stones falling out of my jewelry!! It’s so frustrating because how could one ever find a cut and color match?? I buy a lot of bracelets and will have to stop if I have to rely on GLUE rather than a longer lasting prong setting. I’ve lost 2 opals from rings in the last month. The opals are shade specific to the other stones in the rings which will make it impossible to find a match. PLEASE listen to your loyal customers and help us with this ongoing problem!!
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2 years ago, MomsterPie
Not user friendly
I didn’t realize I would have to pay shipping and handling. I try never to pay for that. I had a difficult time trying to find where the items I had won the bid for were located. I had bid on 2 things. I finally found it and it only allowed me to checkout one item at a time. When I went back to pay for the other item I couldn’t find it again. That is ridiculous. It should not be difficult to find and pay for items bid on. I even signed out and signed back in thinking it would remind me to pay so I could find my item but it did not.
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5 years ago, ddhaynz
Pretty Good, but...
when I’m about to go to the Pay Now page, it will total $ one thing, & then when I go, the $ total increases, by just a little.. then when I go back, & go to Pay Now, it changes $ again... not by much, just a few cents. I had to go back & forth several times to get a consistent total. I finally did, but it’s a little nerve wracking... PLUS, the Wishlist is very hard to pull up, what with all the steps & all! You have to go to Other, type in Wishlist, login again, etc etc etc. ... way too much trouble.
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3 years ago, OES Star Love
Auction Shopping
I find some very good Quality items in the Auctions. Many items under HOME is a lot of fun seeing what is available besides jewelry. Some items seen can be gifts for special friends as well as items you can donate to people who have lost everything during FIRES or FLOODING. As I did do during the MUD Slides in California. By doing this made me feel good that I could share the JOY OF LC to people in need of help. Even though they didn’t know who it came from was a reward to me in my heart of giving and share LOVE to Another.
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3 years ago, Superflyninja22
Mobile app needs work
App purchases are difficult to make at times. Gives multiple error messages at times and doesn’t always update online merchandise in cart. Sometimes it shows zero items my cart when I actually have multiple items to purchase in cart. The have at time emptied my entire cart out frustum and foregone purchasing at all. I enjoy the the items that I have had an opportunity to purchase. Personal shoppers and customer support have been very very helpful during limited inventory purchases and door busters when the app is not functioning correctly.
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4 years ago, Dragonflylily27
Not user friendly
The App does not give us an easy way to look up our own account info, such as purchase history. It brings up only the last purchase! What if we want to see our purchases by month? As a former computer program writer, I suggest you add the profile history to your app. As it is written right now for phone apps, it focuses all the attention on auctions and inventory! How does one check the status of their purchased items using this app?
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2 years ago, Kbeav2015
Love the deals!!!
I am in love with the auctions and clearance items. I have bought 90% of my Christmas presents from Shop LC this year… across different categories of products. When I received my first few items I was in AWE of the quality. I didn’t know what to expect, but was blown away by pieces I purchased and how well made and beautiful they really were. Can’t wait to see the smiles this Christmas… thank you for making it so easy.
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4 years ago, Kittylover+2
Your awesome..
I think you folks are awesome! I’ve been buying jewelry with you for probably 7yrs or so and I have not had a bad experience yet. Every piece I own is beautiful and well made the stone are gorgeous and I can’t believe the cost is so remarkably inexpensive compared to regular jewelry stores where you pay 3-4xs as much for a similar piece of jewelry that’s usually not as pretty as what I’ve purchased with you folks. Keep up the great work it well worth what you do! Kudos to all the Hosts they are awesome as well!!
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6 years ago, candid text freeze
Website not working
I love the products but have a terrible time with the app freezing. I’ve had this problem for way too long. I reloaded the app and I’m still having problems. I shutdown my phone for a few minutes and even that doesn’t work. I’ve tried repeatedly to pay for a purchase on the app and shop LC website. Neither is working right. This is truly very frustrating. I’d appreciate any help you could give me. I talked to Jose and Melissa and they did not help me fix the problem. Jose seemed to have a better feel for the fix. And both were very nice, but I still can’t pay for my purchase off the rising auction site on LC app. I think my app is frozen! Please advise and thank you. Rhonda 5117
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4 years ago, luckylady20
ShopLC APP review
I love the App bc of the Fast Buy button. But there’s also a problem with the Fast Buy button. If you hit it, you bought it and I’ve done this twice while scrolling. I hit the button by mistake and had to call ShopLC to cancel the order. Suggestion: when you select Fast Buy, a button should come up that reads “Are you sure? Then a Yes box and a No box. That way, when my big fingers hit the Fast Buy by mistake, I cancel it without having to call. I love ShopLC and the fact that you feed the children. That’s awesome. I love to feed them too - just look at my purchases - LoL. I hope you take my suggestion in the spirit it was given - only to be helpful. 😀 Be safe Dee Dee DeLeon Ps. Plz send 10 business cards with my purchases so I can hand them out to people I meet. Word of mouth is the best advertisement!
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3 years ago, Willis2195
Amazing app
Best place in the world to shop for birthdays and he got a gift that you could possibly imagine what greater gift than a gift of jewelry and freight price that everybody can afford I’ve been shopping with them since 2017th and everybody who knows me who is friends with me always get the jewelry for their birthday or and just because they’ve done something special or need encouragement thank you Lc for being there for me and helping me bring joy to my friends and family
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6 years ago, rosetreegrove
Love the company, app is improving
Live TV feature on fullscreen is still touch and go, crashes often, but app overall easy to navigate, pretty user-friendly when it comes to searches. I have noticed that occasionally when I can't find something on the app, I will be able to find it on the website. I'm a big fan of this company, and I don't shop with any other networks anymore. They're getting better and better. And they're extremely entertaining to watch!
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7 years ago, jamie296
i love it! ok my original review was great till i actually received my items an i should waited to receive one of my eight items before ordering 7 moor an giving great review! i received my first a watermelon "quartz" ring let me rephrase that my plastic watermelon quartz in some kind of cheep medal not sterling silver! i received 5 moor of my orders today witch same some kind of PLASTIC if i'm lucky mabe glass stones in each ring!! the tag said from china or Thailand not these "precious rare Russian" stones they claimed!! BE WEAR THIS IS COSTUME JEWELRY!! NOT WHAT THEY SAY THEY SELL!!! not even walmart sells such crap im very very disappointed an i have 2 moor things to still receive. look up this company with the better business bureau there have been hundreds of complaints! look for your self!
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6 years ago, Indy Janet
Every time you update the web site, it gets better. I would like more options for the sort options. Perhaps a way to also type my iwn search field. If it does nothing t match your search keys, then suggest the nearest option and ask if that search would be acceptable before the search is initiated. It took longer for me to find what i wanted, but previous app browsing helped. I did get exactly what i wanted. Thank you for your continuous efforts to improve. Janet Cooper.
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3 years ago, Horse Racing from Ky.
I love SHOPLC I don’t have cable or satellite just digital TV and one day it popped on 5.3 out of Cincinnati Ohio. I never knew you existed but I’m sure glad you do. The deals you have areHorse truly amazing. I can’t get out and around to the stores so you are a God sent to me. God Bless you all for your wonderful service. You all are so entertaining! Great job! Thank you from a very Thankful Customer! Sincerely, Jawan C.
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5 years ago, Loving Great Choices
Best costume jewelry anywhere!
This is my go-to place for jewelry, no longer to an expensive jewelry store. And nobody can tell the difference between the “real” stuff and what I win for pennies on the dollar here. Of course you can also buy more expensive items, leather bags and other wonderful items. I have seldom needed to call them for an issue, but when I have, they have been great at resolving any issues. Great service, great prices, unique items. Love it.
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3 years ago, hawntutu
Not very joyful
I am usually very satisfied, however I am not happy with a green jade bracelet that I bought. I loved it & wore it for a week & the elastic broke & I cannot restrains it!!! I bought a full length massager but there is no plug included to use it. I do not have the proper type for it so it’s useless. Some time ago I bought 3 massagers, 2 for gifts & 1 for me which didn’t work after just a few uses. The ones for gifts were not received in joy as they did not last very long as well. I may have to stop shopping Shop L C 😂😂
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4 years ago, Chris5/30
Not user friendly
You try to login and let me explain my passwords are all saved so I do t have to remember them. It tells me every time I login that it is wrong so the. Rather than the app I have to go to the website. My orders are large when you go to look at what all you have won it says you have one number of won items but you can only see like 25. This is very annoying. The system glitches you go to scroll up on the page and magically you are bidding on an item you did not want. I love the products but not the app.
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4 years ago, angrydude1234
Customer Service
Horrible services , I called ,waited in que a long time . Finally a representative came to assist me placing an order we started with my name and information , phone number then all of a sudden while I am speaking to him a recording comes on top of our call and asked me to complete a survey I had to press 1-5 in order to move forward I pressed 2 I should have pressed 1 he cut out right in the middle of my placing my order and then I went right back into the que forever , he ever came back after waiting another 15 min I hung up ! I better get my order quickly or I will never come back to order ! My first experience was and is horrible!! No thanks
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5 years ago, Sginfb
Not pleased with app.
It’s very slow when switching between different pages. Sometimes it never gets there. The search is very frustrating. It will say there’s 200 items in that search but yet it will only show you 20 or 30 then won’t load anymore. I will put something in my cart and it will say cart is empty. Lost many potential sales do to that problem. If I try to remove or move something to wishlist it takes forever. And speaking of wishlist. Can’t find a way to few it. I’ve been happy with the things I have purchased but the app doesn’t make it easy.
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4 years ago, Jodi Trometer
So thankful!
My husband is an essential worker (truck driver) and I, myself have a weaken immune system. Ordering the essentially needed items from you guys has not only protected my husband while out at work but also gives me more peace of mind when he does come home. I am so very thankful that you have been able to provide these items! They were ordered and shipped very quickly! Peace of mind is priceless nowadays! Thanks again.
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4 years ago, Blueeyedtango
Glitches with cart! If you change your email issues!
I miss so many items due to constant glitches in the cart when trying to put items in. I signed up with another email that we closed and your system does not recognize my new one! Glitches galore especially if you had to change email or adding a new credit card! Also with your people taking things out of my cart when I’m trying to check out but can’t because there’s a glitch!! Frustrating! Your hosts should NOT call people out to close their carts! It’s not always their fault they aren’t able to do that! Shawn and Karen are down right rude about doing that!
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6 years ago, Moody Blue peace
Candy Store
I’m like a child in a candy store!! 🍭 The beautiful rainbow colors, from the simplistic design to the most elaborate designs, are just a couple of reasons I shop LC. The values! And let’s not forget the hosts and comedy to boot! I never thought I could own some of the rarest and most beautiful jewelry in my life. Thanks to you I can. My heart is full of joy knowing you’re using part of your profit to feed children and help many more charities. Thank you Shop LC!
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4 years ago, hdtyvcgh
10 Stars
I purchased 8 gorgeous beaded boxes for jewelry! I’m going to order some more! I thought they would be junky for $11 and free shipping! To my suprise these boxes are gorgeous, sturdy make great stocking stuffers for women or using it to gift someone else no wrapping paper needed! Beads don’t fall of just Excellent quality product! If you dont have their App on your phone you are missing out they also have very unique one of a kind jewelry super quality! Jacqueline
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3 years ago, Sparkle1959
App not letting me login
I loved the app and enjoyed using it for the convenience. All of the sudden it want let me login. It keeps saying something went wrong try again later. I have called customer service and they said that they would report it. Been a week or longer. I have tried resetting my password and deleting the app and reloading. Please help me!!!!
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4 years ago, Sherrybell6
Everything is wonderful!
I love to look and enjoy everything you have! It’s fun participating in the live action! I have a few new things, great quality! What can I find next? Thanks!🌸 I do have one big problem, I had to return a pair of earrings because I lost a stone after wearing then one time. I returned the earrings but no one will ever get back to me about them. I have sent quiet a few e mails. I sure hope I receive a replacement.
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5 years ago, Vivian LaRue
All products
I love everything I’ve purchased from LC. The makeup is exceptional. I was. Skeptical to order make up from LC. I have sensitive skin and wear contacts. When I wore the makeup I was blown away by the quality!!! No negative reactions from the makeup and it has ‘superior’ staying power yet at a fraction of the cost of other makeup that I’ve purchased either online or in store. I will definitely order makeup again from LC.
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5 years ago, woody2158
Problem today with CHECKOUT.
Shopping has been pleasurable, with efficient responses & attractive presentations; but, oddly enough, CHECKOUT function "hung" for hours so that I couldn't review my selections or pay for them, frustrating me terribly as I tried using my iPad, iPhone, etc. to get it to respond since one of my purchases was the diopside on sale that I had planned for use as a birthday present -- took all the joy right of my shop LC experience today, but as it's the first time I've had such a problem, I'll give Shop LC the benefit of the doubt with 3 stars.
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6 years ago, fire_dncr
Needs Improvement
While most of the app is functional, there is a serious lack of functionality when it comes to the payment screen. I am unable to pay for my items when using the application as it always tells me it cannot perform the action and to try again later or it just gives me an error outright. I always have had to log into my account from the website in order to complete a payment transaction. This area definitely needs work.
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5 years ago, aldeela
Sukriti leather handbags
If you are lucky enough to get one before they sell out, go for it! If you are use to paying $50 to $125 more on another shopping channel for genuine hand painted purses you won't be disappointed for the price. The inside has a zipper pocket and 2 slip pockets. I have 47 of the other brand and when I saw these on the LC I tried one. It was so nice I ordered 6 more. All great. Price for quality can't be beat.
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5 years ago, AngryCustomer W
I love it! I've only had 1 ring I never got from ups ground. That's great odds when you shop a right much! I love my family @ ShopLC! They treat me good! They make me feel good too! I love the little papers that tell you what you can see coming up that next week or not even next month!! I love all about them so far! I wish my ShopLC Family to have a wonderful time of the year for celebrating Christmas! Peace Joy & happiness!
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3 years ago, SandraJoV
Almost stop watching Shop LC
When going to the next grouping of items, most of the time, the items do not appear with the right description. I have to scroll all the way to the bottom and go back to the top. It is then the item and description are in sync. Also, there are times when trying to pay, it will not connect and goes back to previous screen. Very frustrating as more than once the items goes out of stock. Ridiculously slow.
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4 years ago, EnjoysProducts
Worst APP
Cannot log out anymore. Now have to delete entire app each time purchase any item, wait, then re-enter the app. Prior to this problem, could not use “Fast Buy” without purchasing an item TWICE each time - having to call customer service each time and having them cancel one of each order - now I just check each order to make sure how many have gone through - thank god, a “cancel order” sign has finally been put in place!!! Now I can’t put in an updated credit card to spend money on their app because OF TECHNICAL PROBLEMS - yes, this has been going on for days.
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