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User Reviews for Shop Your Way

4.28 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
5 years ago, TheJennerator
THIS WEBSITE IS AWESOME! $120 in 1 week! Delightfully shocked! Never in a 1 million years did I expect within the week of being a member would have $120 in FREE MONEY to spend. 😳 My first order/$60 was spent at Kmart where I purchased enough dog food to last me at I’m writing this review sitting out front of my local Sears. I didn’t give it five stars is yes it is a bit daunting initially figure out the system but once you do it starts to make perfect and is definitely worth the time I invested. I have one of my friends signing up as we speak. Most importantly drive for Uber or ride with Uber I think you need to join this club!! $2 back on every ride the take! AWESOME!
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6 years ago, Bren7726
Terrible app
When I signed up for this App. I was hopeful that I would be able to win and earn points to get what I wanted but once you finally build up the points which unexpectedly disappear without warning, it is difficult to find what you want. Once you find something, the price changes from when you look at it to when you place it in your cart. Free shipping changes each time you visit. It’s so confusing it is hard to redeem your points...I thought I was pretty computer savvy but after this experience...I was ready to bang my head against a wall...I finally found what I wanted and ordered it but found out the next day that they did not use my points. Tried to stop the order but I received an email that stated I was too late and directed to return it once it arrived. I received a refund minus over 8 bucks for shipping and handling...the return shipping instructions were so specific, down to the exact amount of tape to place on the box which was more then what was on it when I received it, along with adding padding that was not in it when I received it!!!!! Not worth your time!!!! I am deleting this app along with Winit! And I disconnected the gasbuddy card from Shopmyway. I would give it a 0 if I could!!!!!
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6 years ago, Chillytay
Shopping made easy
I can't remember ever having a app that gives you so many options for shopping and it's ability to be able to bring it altogether in a easy to understand presentation is amazing. For a less experienced user there will be no problem getting started and purchasing items. Those who have a little more interest and time will find that you can customize this app to make your online shopping experience much more relevant to your interest. Ohh yeah and there is a rewards program with some sweepstakes that truly gives you rewards. Not like others which always get you with the "should have read the fine print" trickery. I'm not one to usally give 5 stars because there is always room to improve. I can give this app 5 stars based on my previous experience with other similar apps and how far superior the experience is with this app.
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6 years ago, Pharm13oy
Points Expire?
What a joke this is. Their sister app WinIt! and the social community on FaBo Win Club are also jokes. You can’t post anything negative on the FaBo community. Kind of reminds me of the brainwashing of people leading them to believe that nothing is wrong with Sears and Kmart. The only posts you see are of people winning. Back to ShopYourWay. In the midst of a failing company, they have increased the free shipping threshold from $35 to $59 even for priority members. They’ve hidden the notification of when the points you win will expire hoping that they will expire so they get you to spend actual money. What a way to treat the last of your customers. Not surprising that Sears and Kmart are closing stores left and right. They just simply don’t care about their customers. Sad that I have to post it here because every time I’ve posted it on FaBo it’s been taken down. It’s like they don’t want to hear criticism and continue to believe that what they’re doing is the correct thing to try to save their company. Good luck Sears and Kmart.
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7 years ago, SattireSam
I love this app. Something for everyone
I love that there are sweeps to play for people don’t want to or can’t always shop so they can also participate. I love how quick to respond the app is while shopping and sorting items. The ability to make all the list you could want. The list goes on an on. Even though I personally don’t shop through other stores on the app I do see where I could be convenient to compare pricing with Walmart or target for example. I do wish there were a way to save your preferences, like I would like to search and get Kmart & Sears products only- by default. Or save my filters, I always sort the pricing, sellers etc. or to be able to save multiple searches would be great too but I don’t really have any complaints at all.
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5 years ago, dainy246
I’ve had good experiences with buying things through the Shop Your Way app and just a few months ago I made a purchase that unfortunately I had to cancel with Sears and I was told that within 7-10 business days I’d receive a full refund in points as it was from the beginning. I waited the 7-10 day and I received nothing and to this day haven’t received anything. Also, my account has stayed on 25 cents for a while now which is super weird considering that I drive with Uber pretty much everyday so I should be earning points at least every week and I haven’t gotten anything. There’s something seriously wrong with that app, their support (who by the way NEVER takes the time to respond to people’s inquiries and concerns), and my account. I have tried to contact support multiple times and even tried again with Sears and nobody responds or seems able to help in any way. I’m super disappointed and upset about this. Please do better in the future!
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2 years ago, JayR1234333
So done with shop your way
I am so done with shop your way, I ordered couches back in January, got the complete WRONG couches!!! Different colors and it was miniature! I have been fighting with the “merchant” through shop your way and it is a nightmare. I keep losing the dispute because shop your way is saying I still have the merchandise but I still haven’t received the return label that was supposedly sent months ago! The merchant hasn’t responded to my emails since I refused there offer for a discount. Why would I pay for something I didn’t order????? What’s so hard to understand about that? And shop your way customer service is the worse, automated system after automated system. The touch tone and voice response doesn’t work they’ll just end up hanging up in your face. This is literally a nightmare. Starting to look like I’m going to have to lay $1,300 for miniature play couches for a kid that I did not order. It’s been 4 months now.
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6 years ago, jeepgirl_jen
Cannot customize dashboard/tailor recommendations
Dashboard cannot be customized to view only what interests me or for things I would potentially purchase PLUS see more recommendations not only see to things I am UN-interested in but then can also see the interests of followers?!? Um, why do I need, have or want a follower(s) when I’m trying to shop for something? It’s a total distraction and by the time I get to what I was looking for in the first place, I don't even care anymore so I end up going somewhere else to shop. AND when I do finally sift thru all this and find something interesting, it takes me to an ‘error’ page when I click on it to see the details. There isn’t even a way to add an item to my cart at this point or a ‘quick view’ option. And why should the points I EARN expire so quickly? Both the app and the points system need a major upgrade...the old ShopYourWay was so much better!
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7 years ago, shadowwkinz
Shopping Simplicity
Great app, very unique rewards opportunities, amazing items for incredible prices, still needs some work but, has great potential! I love being able to shop online and choosing to pick up my items instead of shipping them.
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5 years ago, Str8g26
It used to be good but it’s just a scam
I used to love this app, at first I linked it to my Uber account and I would get $2 for every Uber ride I took, I was able to get a few items from sears and Walmart. Then one of my items I had sent to sears was either stolen or given to the wrong person. I complained to shop your way and sears and both said “well it shows it was picked up” and it wasn’t. I let that situation go because I got to frustrated with their lame excuses. Then all the sudden the program changed and you only got $1 per ride. 2x now when I’ve tried to use $40 worth of points it Kept telling me I couldn’t add the product. I emailed and called just to be sent in circles and get no response through email EVER. This is a scam app and scam company.
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6 years ago, Formosangirl
Game and Shopping In One App
The App is Kmart and Sears based, and we saved so much money with the sweeps winnings, bonus games, surveys and just generous amounts of freecash. Plus, there are plenty of users who have bonded on Facebook. The reward is better than any game apps out there. You also want the Win It App. The two are hand-in-hand in earning a lot of money. Lately, they have been giving out $5 or more weekly, and just today, $10 worth of points to use online or in store after a very short survey.
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5 years ago, willow the pup
Reward expires in a month!
It would have been awesome if the rewards are left to accumulate, but they do expire in a month’s time. I want to accumulate as much so I can purchase a bigger item hut they won’t let me do that. Instead, they require me to use the money each month otherwise they go pfft! I earned them so they should not be taken away. Crafty app! And for you to enjoy it you need to at least have an end balance of $59 (net of the rewards) on your purchase, otherwise the rewards will not be applied. It was not like this before! I was able to purchase a $105-airbed and only paid for the $5 shipping and handling. So what happened to this once great app?
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6 years ago, JerseyMomOf2
🔥Great App🔥
Love that I can do different things to earn points other then shopping. Best app still. Been playing for a few months and won a ton of points. And went shopping and paid hardly outta pocket. I’m still loving this App. Won a ton more points and went shopping and got work pants and shirts for nothing outta pocket plus other products. Thank you so much SYW & Win It with out this I wouldn’t be able to get a lot of the things I already got. Now I’m trying to win one of the prizes.
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5 years ago, FIN IV
Beware: No option to cancel your membership online or in app
I was signed up for this service when I bought appliances from Sears last year. I received an email on a Sunday informing me that my credit card would be charged $40 for this membership. It was obviously send on a Sunday because there is absolutely no way to cancel the membership on the weekend since there is no option available on either the app or the website to cancel the membership. The only way to cancel this membership is by calling M-F. I am currently waiting on a more than 45 minute hold to try to speak to a membership representative to cancel the membership. Beware, do not sign up for a membership with this service!
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5 years ago, Ceese369
I am starting to wonder!!
I have been playing for a wee bit and have only won points (if I am lucky). So far I have gotten 850 points which is a big total of .85. I keep trying because I am hoping I win big one day. I am also hopeful that the point will add up. One thing is I get push notifications and answer then for bonuses and nothing happens. I am very disappointed in that. The first day it work but since that no luck. I wish the you all better luck then I have had have. Happy spinning. Don’t give up. Someone has to win, I hope!! ☮️
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6 years ago, KinG MykeL
Waste of time
Ridiculous. You spend forever spinning wheels, dealing with ads and answering polls and you win Points that don’t amount to anything at all, plus the points expire fast so u can’t even build them up long enough to accomplish anything at all. I am very dissatisfied with this, I was so excited to try it out but after doing it every day for a while I understand what this app really is and I am pretty mad that I wasted my time. I mean I am sure there are real winners to this but 99% of people will be losers who just answered a million questions to help the app advertise and get u to spend money with their partners. To me this is a scam to get your info and preferences
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5 years ago, dyrdjrty
I drive for Uber so that’s why I connected Shop Your Way. I think it’s awesome. I get $2 for every ride, up to $100 every 3 months, and I connected Pay with Gas Buddy to earn even more points. So far we have got 3 desks, a mattress, multiple items for my outdoor grill, blenders, a griddle, waffle maker, and a bunch of other stuff I never would have bought if I didn’t get the free money thru this app. I’m more than satisfied!
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5 years ago, mrsbellais
Best app ever
I just want anyone who reads this review to know. It’s so awesome I have gotten 11 different Christmas gifts from sears and they cost me nothing !!! Everything I ordered I got in store pick up from sears there was no shipping to pay!! . I picked craftsman tools and I have been ordering at least two things a week!! This is not a trick between the coupons and points I shopped for my sons and husband and didn’t cost penny out of pocket!!
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6 years ago, Saba Abra-Kadabra
Strong rewards program for Uber Drivers
This app makes it a breeze to buy everyday essentials like detergent, toothpaste, and soap for Uber drivers who cash in on points every 3 months. I am very happy to have a miniature mall in my pocket that is connected to my Uber account, makes money feel like it’s suppose to. Thank you, hope there are other awesome things coming in the future, I am very happy with Shop Your Way.
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2 years ago, Zoanthropia
App is useless
I use to be able to pay my SYW credit card through the app, but recently changes made it impossible. Go to the Master Card tab and everything but manage your account comes up. Now you have to hit 3 bars to the left below the title page and SYW Master Card shows up . You hit it and an option for manage card appears and then after tapping it a blank white screen shows up with no manage your account. I wish this stupid card had its own app to pay my balance. There are no Sears or Kmarts around anymore, what’s the use of this card?
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4 years ago, ShadyA45
I only downloaded the app because I couldn't get anywhere on the website. Cant get my points to show on Shop Your Way, cant get the email verification TO add the points, cant checkout when I put ANYTHING in my cart. But it doesn't matter because it wont show your points balance until you get an email verification which newsflash: NEVER COMES!!! Their points system, their website and their app is the ABSOLUTE WORSE! Ive had credit cards where you earn points and select from a wide range of merchandise or gift cards. And that was my other Citibank card. So it definitely has to be Sears thats the problem. SMH!
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5 years ago, MaryW1224
Most Efficient Way to Buy Everyday Purchases
I LOVE this app. Not only do I get everyday essentials (cleaning supplies, etc.), I buy furniture and clothes as well. The hotels are the lowest prices and I collect points on everything I was buying from other places and then redeem the points to buy more. I spend way less money now on everything and I wish I would have started using this app earlier!
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6 years ago,
Too Good to be True?
You’ve heard that saying before but this App is truly so good that it’s True! It’s easy to use, constantly being updated with more features, keeps accurate track of my rewards points, and so much! I love holing up my phone for cashiers to scan my rewards card! No more remembering PIN or providing my telephone number out loud! Love, love, love shopping with Shop Your Way and all their Partners!
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5 years ago, Jayalldamnday
Excellent for Uber driver
So I drive for Uber and was told about this app. In one month I accumulated $100 in cash. I found some shoes I liked and an electronic wine opener for my gf. I used my points. It was easy. It was was COMPLETELY FREE. All I entered was my address. Name and email. No credit card or bank info at all. And in two days I received both items. Simple. Easy. And free. Works for me. So far no issues.
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6 years ago, Gone to gd. cust. svc. co.
Trying to get help from customer service is a BIG-time wasting experience. All reps are foreigners with English definitely NOT being their first language. If you ask for a supervisor, you get hung up on!!! I would have loved to have made a major purchase, but needed help in ordering-I was unable to get help during my several attempts and several hours that I needed for ordering so.......SEARS is the loser, since I made my major purchase from another company who DOES offer good customer service!!!!! Even attempting to enter a nickname is a joke, since I unvalued, unappreciated, ignored, etc., have already been used.
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6 years ago, BradV0879
Excellent app with minimal choices
If you love waiting a very long time for your order fulfillment, this is the app for you!! Finally decided to use my points before they expired, and 10 days later I am still waiting for my in store pickup to be ready!! The app is awful to navigate and confusing at best, then when you finally figure out what you can actually use your points on, it takes then 2 weeks to fulfill your order!! Steer clear of this horrible app and their horrible interface!!
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3 years ago, MikeWilliquette
Cannot redeem for gift cards any longer
I have for a long time gated this app. It is nit user friendly, provides search results for pay-for shipping even though you specifically choose only “free shipping.” Now, I cannot purchase gift cards though I could when I set up the account to do so. A few months ago I had to go through their customer service. Tried again today… and another error.
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6 years ago, BVS34
Difficult to navigate/won’t update info
Just installed, pulled up my info I guess based on my email linked to my card. Tried to update my home address and the page is so odd..... says “type answer” to put in your address. So I did that, hit save, and not only did it NOT save but a prompt came up at bottom saying “your anwser saved”. They can’t even spell “answer” correctly. And the choices of what you can buy with your points are strange, plus they expire. Ugh.
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2 years ago, D-marvelous
This is practically a scam
I have about 27,000 points earned over the years with my Shop Your Way Card. The website does not allow me to redeem my points. It doesn’t allow me to click the “Send verification email” button anymore. When it did finally work one time, the verification email never came, I checked every email folder in existence. They will not let me redeem my points, so what exactly is the POINT!? This is a scam. I’m going to cancel this card soon and never look back.
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6 years ago, cmedrive
Love this app
I linked my Gas Buddy card to this app and it gives me spend able cash everytime I buy gas. Then I can use the cash to buy things on this app. Since May I have gotten back over $180 that I used to shop on this app. I have to buy gas anyway so why not get something back for doing it.
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5 years ago, Sdgjklyffjkusfjkkvf
Very terrible experience
I hate Shopyourway, it wasted my time every time I tried to redeem my points. I filtered redeem points and free shipping eligible, but they changed when I was checking out. You are going to lose money on shipping if you don't check the total fee carefully. It must be the worst online shopping site of the world! Don't think you are going to save money as they say, they won't let you redeem your points easy. If you have to redeem, be careful, make sure you won't pay the expensive shipping fee.
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6 years ago, Katekit34
Great rewards membership
Love the rewards program and the app, however have one huge issue with the app. It will not allow me to use my show your way rewards points or my base points on my app when comes to payment options. So I am obligated to call in every time to place an order over the phone to use my points. Please fix this issue if I am not the only one who has it.
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2 years ago, eugene1969
Customer Service
I recently applied points to a walmart gift card and was told i would receive an electronic gift card via email . Nothing came through and i tried contacting a customer service . Which does not exist. If someone is actually listening please advise how i can follow up to get the the very hard earned points back or my gift card ?
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6 years ago, Jimvis626
Don’t get your hopes up
When I first started using this app it worked beautifully. Now whenever I click on a product it gives me an error message. It then states that the error has been recorded for investigation but yet nothing has changed. This has been going on for weeks if not months. Have to login on the website which is not the end of the world but we all know apps make it easier. Hopefully a fix soon.
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5 years ago, Jj583858
I use to love this app, I had it connect with my Uber account and bought so much through SYW in points. For some reason now I don’t know if it’s just my account but now I can’t buy anything because any time you click on anything a blank page with “error” occurred pops up. I’ve tried updating and restarted the app. It’s been 2 weeks already. The promise of free shipping on eligible items also changes when you get to check out so my last few orders I have had to pick up.
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4 years ago, BusyBusyBee2
Click to redeem points only shows ads and chat bot
I was looking at redeeming my $5 freecash for my birthday in an older version of the app. The app was slow so I just downloaded the new app. Now when I click to redeem my $5 freecash it just keeps showing me 2 ads and a chat bot. It no longer shows me the details of my $5 freecash that I have to spend $15. Just sits there showing the ads and that chat bot. I should have never upgraded the app to this terrible new version that only wants to show ads.
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5 years ago, Bee.rhea
Used to be worth it
When I first started using this app I really liked it. I use Uber a lot so I was always earning a good amount of points that I could redeem for things I wanted. Now, they’ve changed their shipping policy so if you want to redeem your points, you have to spend a minimum of about $50 AFTER you redeem your points in order to get free shipping. Basically, you spend money to get points, but then you still have to spend a significant amount more to not pay $20+ in shipping.
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6 years ago, BCFDHammer
Save yourself the headache
This is a horrible company. I ordered my wife’s birthday presents from them, paid extra on shipping to get them on time and two days after they were supposed to be here they emailed me to let me know that they discontinued half the order. I had to call their number to even get my money back which was really just a way for them to try to sell me other stuff. I will never do business with them again and will actively dissuade others as well.
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6 years ago, Arae69
Shop your way
I love this app gives you great deals .. and you get to see the product and what they have and how much and what stores has it .. love it great app everyone should get it .. also it helps u buy stuff and get better deals
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4 years ago, HB Seastar
Hard to redeem points
Almost everything you want to use points for isn’t allowed for point redemption! No wonder these stores are going out of business. I can’t redeem any points unless I get junk I don’t need or want. Items are way overpriced on same exact items I can find elsewhere. Why bother anymore. I wasted hours trying to redeem points and couldn’t use them for anything useful to me. I’m paying off my SYW card and getting rid of it! Bye Sears and K-Mart!
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5 years ago, Shop your Way Superfan
There are so many great things to buy. I have won so many points and used them for everything from clothes to shoes and items for my home. I highly recommend Shop your Way!
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6 years ago, Cfamily1
Best app on the internet
You have to be crazy to not do shop your way. I’ve earned a bunch of stuff free. You just have to play games to add up points to purchase a selected item. It’s time consuming but worth.
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5 years ago, just_being_honest_1212
The “4 & 5 star” people are LYING
App is stupid. Waste of time, your points take FOREVER to add up, you can not buy multiple things, the wheels are so rigged. The bonus games are just waiting to disappoint you. You only get 50 points with each “point space” you land on, which is 1 out of 100 times. When a DOLLAR is 1,000 points, which you would have to make in seven days. It’s unreasonable and full of disappointment and let downs. It’s really complete trash.
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6 years ago, Eben Ze'ev
iWallet feature missing
The app is nice, but the Walgreens app, Walmart app and now the JCPENNEY app are better. Where is iWallet feature? Why I have to tell the cashier my phone number if I can do it wirelessly and secretly like the Walgreens app does. This app needs to be updated. I want to pay for my purchase at store using this app, like the other store apps do. ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 weeks ago, PixelRo
Can never get help….
Calling in wasted hours of phone trees, automated systems not understand what people say, pinch number sin phone going no where m, automated disconnects. Eventually got so frustrated I reached out to another Citi card number..much of the same but I eventually got to a human in another country…who insisted a transfer was no Ed no phone trees and warm transfer but alas not sincere as is the patten…back to automated madness and disconnected.
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6 years ago, linok21
Great app for both in store and online shoppers
Absolutely awesome app for playing for points, watching products, comparing prices, accessibility to other platforms. Overall great app for many things all In one place
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3 years ago, Zakkery25
Not happy with app.
I’m sure the app is good for shopping, but you should also be able to make a payment for your Shop Your Way card. It’s inconvenient having to call or go online every month to make a payment. Most credit cards have an app to make it easier to make a payment.
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5 years ago, me_saran
Disappointed with the sweepstakes
I won a prize in sweepstakes in the month of June 2018 till now I did not receive my prize. When called to shop your way customer care they said sweeps are different they can’t help or do anything on this and there is no contact number and only have to mail them. I have mailed to sweeps n number of times but there is absolutely nil response. It’s waste of time and nothing else. Very very unhappy
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3 years ago, dddddlllllcccc
Can’t redeem points
App has an error when trying to redeem points for gift cards. Must use points for Sears sold products, but they are out of stock on all items of interest. They keep reminding me my points are expiring soon but they will not let me use them. There is no contact information to try and fix the error for the gift card redemption.
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6 years ago, (Lylyflower879)
No More Expiration Dates
I understand this is a new strategy they’ve implemented in the hopes that we will lose track of when our points expire before we use them, and I must say I’m disappointed. It can be confusing when you only redeem some of your points during a trip; how do you know when the rest of them will begin to expire??? Please bring that feature back soon.
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