ShopDrop Sample Sales

4.6 (118)
41.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
ShopDrop, Inc.
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for ShopDrop Sample Sales

4.57 out of 5
118 Ratings
5 years ago, shopping in nyc
With ShopDrop I don’t shop in regular stores anymore
After downloading SHOPDROP and getting into the sample sale groove, I’ve stopped going to regular stores like Zara & H&M. This type of shopping requires work (like not every sample sale is cheap) but once you get into the hang of it - you get designer clothes for prices that are REALLY LOW - so it doesn’t make sense to pay retail ever again. I also love ShopDrop Instagram stories bc they show real merchandise and prices from the sale
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4 years ago, Jojo Mageezy
First Time Customer (Love)
My first order was for a Retrofete Sample sale, although the items did not fit and I had to sadly return, the process of everything was so incredibly easy! Through email I had a response within minutes, someone even sent me a text to make sure my refund was processed right away. Can’t wait to order again!
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5 years ago, FranciskaMusic
Epic Sale
Just got back from the Bonobos sample sale ran by Shopdrop, it was by far one of the best sample sales I have ever been to. The staff were genuinely there to help, the shopper experience was far superior to other sample sales that I’ve been to. I highly recommend following the sales on this app and keeping track of which sales they are running.
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6 years ago, Cristina M. Class of 2010
Obsessed with this App!
I found them on Instagram and downloaded the app immediately. They literally list every sample sale in NYC. I used to go to a few that I would hear about randomly and now I can choose from a list. So happy with this! It would be cool if they can add the price list on the sales listing.
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6 years ago, Meyer_away
Excellent for gift hunting
As my wife's birthday was near, I installed thi s app out of curiosoty to see if I could hunt a discount for something she'd like (she's obsessed with anything fashion related), and boy, I'm glad I did. Got a couple of items she loved (and saved a bit or money, which is the best part), so I decided to keep it for future gifts. Good performance, no crashes or lag and lots of brands and options available. Recommended!
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5 years ago, MichelleL27
The best app for anyone who loves a deal!
This is the best app to keep you up to date on sample sales. I go into nyc at least once a month and get the most amazing deals on clothing, shoes, even my beloved Hanky Pankys all because I found out about the sales from ShopDrop! I recommend it to people constantly.
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6 years ago, theartofthedealhunter
Emptying my pockets
This app has made spending money so much easier. Great app that lists all current sample sales in NYC. Officially used as my shopping guide. As a deal hunter I will never pay full price and this app helps. There should be a better calendar in the app.
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6 years ago, Tonenerish
More outstanding than the others
I used this app, shopdrop at least 4 or 5 times and I love it. The shops I went in, their prices on most items are good compared to other and the quality is great, too.
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6 years ago, Harkinston
I'm pleased
I usually can't get to my email to see the coupons but this helped me so much. It sends notifications when a certain store(s) have deals or coupons
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6 years ago, CoolBoySSC
Perfect for shopping deals
This is the greatest app! It lets you know all the deals going on! You can choose your favorites and keep up on all the ads each week!
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6 years ago, Micheals_Stest
Love this app
It has saved me tons & I love that you have coupons when shopping, only without the extra papers to carry. The store ads are in one place. Thanks!
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6 years ago, MrHoppe1989
Had an awesome experience with the app
And the best value by far! Been using the app for some times and I recommended it to many friends. No real complaints and I will discover it more!
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6 years ago, ingridosbes
Thank you so much for good experience
I have no problem with shopdrop and I think having this app is a pleasurable experience for me. Continue to use it and always will
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6 years ago, WessLoss
Would use again
Shopdrop is great and I am able to use the app to search for sample sales. They works really fast and effectively. I recommend it to everyone.
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6 years ago, roxista8719
It’s the best choice for me
Come on, get this app now. You cannot find any apps better than it. As people reviewed, it always works well and no problem happens
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6 years ago, Rwings1993
Very informative
Been loyal to this app because it's a great way to save money buying the same things I normally buy! Definitely advise everyone downloads this.
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6 years ago, Ninffer9018
Great selection of me
It’s actually good to me! I often use it to find more sample sales, most of them are good. just give it a try and you will see how incredible it is.
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6 years ago, L-MsTing
So far it is good
vShopdrop really doesn't need a review. Everything of it is without hassle. Thanks to it, I could easily find out some sample sales nearby my location.
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6 years ago, coward57
Satisfied with it
My family and I have been using Shopdrop longer than I can remember. It is always great. Get it now to find more sample sales for you.
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6 years ago, Scromonster
5 stars app, very good experience
I agree with the previous comment, this app is the best one. I have just tried it, they list some shops that I used to go in, they are actually great.
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6 years ago, Crazanbento
Very good app for me
I just wish they would show exactly the price list of the items, which would help a lot of people. Anyway, it would be great.
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6 years ago, Msicycyata
You should try it as well
Thanks to the app, I found many good shops with reasonable price and high quality too. if I were you, I will download the app right now.
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6 years ago, NoSignal201
I enjoy it
I would recommend this useful app to all of you, just try using it. Through the app, you can discover many sample sales in NYC with much ease.
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6 years ago, Death_Kirasan
Great app. Easy to use and saves me money. No coupons to clip or carry. I saved over $45 my first time using on what would have been a $130 purchase .
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6 years ago, CureliaPr0nk
I’m so glad to use this app
I want to thank Shopdrop for the great customer service they provided for me great service and very prompt couldn’t ask for anything more.
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6 years ago, elveerang
One of the most wonderful apps
Nothing to complain about it because it keeps its work quite good. I can make sure that it’s the best choice for fashion lovers.
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6 years ago, BossTed_Chik
This app is GREAT ❗️ it gives you all the prices of the merchandise & it also tell you about the sells & you get to ask questions & other can answer.
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6 years ago, Coffeeh10019
LOVE this app!
This app is amazing I've found so many deals that I wouldn't have known about, super easy way to find out what's on sale at your favorite stores.
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6 years ago, DANTINY
Very convenient app
I am very happy that I discover some sample sales which are very excellent. I recommended it to many people, I hope you will have good experience with it.
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7 years ago, Fashionista WT
Great experience to work with ShopDrop!
I'm a brand owner from NY Charisma and I love ShopDrop! I ran a collaboration with the app. My business model is wholesale - I sell through high end boutiques. Because of ShopDrop I can now sell directly to consumers!
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6 years ago, Antonoto009
It’s interesting to use it
I frequently use the app to look for some sample sales near my location. And of course, it never disappoints me. Try it now.
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6 years ago, ShimolaMoto
Most definitely worked for me
I love Shopdrop more than any apps I have ever used. This couldn't be easier for me, plus most of shops are affordable! Great experience.
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6 years ago, UIMEMO
Would recommend it to anyone
This is the best app for me. I never had a problem with Shopdrop. If you haven’t still got it, try it now.
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6 years ago, Suli_Sharichiki
Quick Customer service Response Tome
Sent an email about a new Tanger Mall in my area and received a real person/personal response in less than 24 hr. Very cool!
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6 years ago, Wiggin9999
Wonderful I have to say
I will continually keep using this convenient app. Thanks to I, I found our many good sample sales. If I were you, I would take it.
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6 years ago, CasperWYOG
I was really contented with everything it gave to me.
I absolutely love Shopdrop. The shops listed are great!!! High quality!!! Customer service is great!!! I never had a problem with them.
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6 years ago, P.Chansung
My thanks to this one
I have been shopping at shops listed by this app for several times, they are really cool. The app is so convenient for me. I will keep using it.
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6 years ago, liconDucaty
I like how every time I am out and about I can see where the best shopping deals are! It is very easy to use and saves borne time and money. Love it!
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6 years ago, kitty_slimV
Wonderful app I think that
It is a friendly-user app with excellent customer service! I am so satisfied. I rated it as a 5-star app. Give it a try now.
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6 years ago, BookAdinLove
An interesting app
Everything has been great. No complaints. Recommend. Download the app and search for amazing sample sales for youself. You will be pleasantly pleased.
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6 years ago, Soctfi_Filde_Mike
This is the best of all
This is one of my favorite apps on my phone. Using it to find sample sales is so convenient. I would recommend for fashion lovers.
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6 years ago, BlueBerrior
Really perfect for you
I have nothing but good things to say about shopdrop. My experience with it is good. if I want to find a sample sale, I will certainly use it.
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6 years ago, GoongZoo
Can’t stop using it
From now, shopping becomes much easier to me. By using this app, I can discover more sample sales. Try it now, guys.
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6 years ago, TobannyKalisn
Never regret to get it
Since I downloaded the app, I have never encountered any errors. Use it now if you are looking for a sample sale app. A good one to consider.
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6 years ago, Unothekitten
Perfect for any NYC fashionista!
I love the shopdrop app, I was introduced to it by a friend and fell in love instantly. Living in NYC, it helps me track down the perfect sample sales! Great idea for an app, I think it’s the only one of it’s kind!
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6 years ago, XXXDrJean
One of the best apps
I used this one, my sisters used it and my friends used it too. this app really made all of us much surprised. Come on, use it now.
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6 years ago, Boxbooxvita
Awesome app!
I never write reviews, but this app is awesome! Very well organized and user friendly. I will be received recommending it to friends and family.
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6 years ago, oBorgGhi129941
Great app!
This is a great app for saving everywhere I shop. It lets me know the sales and offers discount the moment I pull into the parking lot. Easy to use!
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6 years ago, Moris-K
Why don’t you give it a try?
Usually, I go to the sample sales that I saw on shopdrop. I am happy that all items of the shops are reasonably priced and high-quality .
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6 years ago, Kingdomestartwhat
I am really enjoying it
This is one of the best app I’ve ever known. I saw it on Itunes and got it immediately, it works well and I never encounter any glitches.
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