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User Reviews for ShopRite Order Express

4.77 out of 5
17.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Sicily832
Great deli app! Timesaver!
I ordered my cold cuts the night before I was to go shopping. I typed in my time that I would be picking up my order: 11:30 AM. When I went to the store I approached the deli counter and found a cold shelf with a sign that said pick up your online deli here. I found my order amongst a few other orders. It’s save me at least 15 minutes of waiting online for my cold cuts as there were at least four people ahead of me if I had to wait to be served. Update: Be sure to open the main bag to check all deli packs. Several times they have made a mistake and gave me the 30% less sodium turkey instead of the 30% low sodium ham.
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5 years ago, shelley92801
Deli ordering
The app is supposed to be an easy time saving way to place your deli order. More times than not it is not ready when the app tells you it will be. Today was the worse, I was told my order would be ready at 3:15 which was 45 minutes after the time I placed it. I then left my house did all my grocery shopping and still waited 45 minutes for my completed order!!!! I, along with a bunch of other people were standing there waiting for their orders. We were told two people called out sick and the deli is extremely busy. Fine, that happens...however change the time your order will be ready if it’s an hour, hour and a half or two hours fine just be honest. This was the Little Falls ShopRite btw. I had refrigerator items in the cart and I had to wait because what I ordered was going to be dinner. Needless to say I am not happy!
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3 years ago, loulou1065
Rarely ready on time
This application would be great except my order is very rarely available for the designated time I choose. I go to the store around the time that they first open and there’s usually no customers at the deli counter at that time. I usually go to the deli approximately 10-15 minutes after the time I chose for pickup and usually my order is not ready. Last week my order was actually ready but the amount that I had requested for two items was less than I ordered.
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3 years ago, Tam BG
cannot delete deli item from cart need the slice as requested
I would have given 5 stars but you cannot delete a deli item completely. Once its in your cart you need to go back and start a new order. If you add something twice by accident or decide you don't want something it cannot be removed. Fix that and you have got yourself a 5. My only hope now is the deli counter person slices the meat as you request it because last week when I tried this app in store my shaved ham was sliced rather thick and not shaved. My family was annoyed as was I. When you pay $15 for some ham it should be sliced how you want it. No one wants to come back to the store to complain just do it right the first time.
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5 years ago, Thugnerd215
Was going to join
I was going to joking this app since shop rite is the only Supermarket on Ridge Ave. There is Super fresh but I hate going in there no real saving or coupon. Time is tough. But as I read lord it like 90 % is negative. Mostly all the same issue. You order won’t be ready when you arrive SO WHAT IS THE POINT!!!! With all the money this place make can’t they hire real nerd to fix it. Com on we are in 2019. I remember growing up they said they could place a whole library in a single chip. I thought please a whole library. Yes they can cause it all stated with Kilobyte than Megabyte than Gigabyte and last Terabyte. So yes it was possible to add 10 library in a chip so why can’t do smart ppl fix a simple app. ONE THAT THE WORLD WILL FIND USEFUL. It will paid of in time and money. Until I hear or see more Positive feedback I’m not wasting my time and energy on something that they don’t want it to work. Bunch of IDIOT. BYE SHOP RITE.
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7 months ago, Jailowe45
Pretty Easy Ordering Experience
I ordered a cake through the app. It was easy. All my options were laid out. My only issue is when I was finalizing my order on the payment page it had my info from a previous order pre-filled and it didn’t let me edit it. I didn’t realize until after I selected my payment option that when I went to the final screen I WAS able to edit that information but I kept trying to get the text box to open on the payment screen and going back thinking that’s would allow me to edit when the edit feature is, in fact, on the FINAL screen.
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4 years ago, New Jersey 3
Deli Ordering Without the lines!
This is my 1st time using the app and I love it except for 1 thing. You can’t delete an item once it’s in your cart. I ordered cheese, the picture showed yellow so I added it to my cart then I saw one that said yellow and realized I originally picked the wrong one. I tried to delete it, edit it, and I even tried to start a new shopping trip. Nothiworked. I finally wrote a note on thin the cheese and store sections saying I didn’t want it. I haven’t picked my order up yet, but I hope it works.
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4 years ago, CanopyTrees
Very convenient!
This is the best way to order deli items. It’s a great service for ShopRite to offer now during the Covid19 pandemic. Even after this is a distant memory, the deli ordering app & easy pick-up should remain. I’ve passed by the deli because of having to wait in line, but now consistently place orders because it’s so easy. The items are kept icy cold in the former salad bar station. Just find the label with your name and order # and off you go! Love it!
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4 years ago, jen tredici
Was a 5
Well I’ve preordered on the deli app get to the store to pick it up and was told we don’t carry what you ordered even though it says that we do. Ok so the next couple of times I notice the switch to turn on substitution... so I did as well as write in the comment section please substitute as needed and my husband went to pick it up along with other groceries and was told we don’t have that. Don’t have what I thought. I ordered 3 things and asked twice for substitution on the app. My husband was then told if you want to wait 20 minutes I can slice you something else. Ummm why wasn’t it done to begin with. I asked for substitution. You just lot a customer. I’m going back to price chopper.
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2 years ago, Dallas Jersey
Easy Peasy
I placed my first online catering order. I had a couple of questions and Jessica at my local West Caldwell ShopRite catering department answered my questions, provided some suggestions and said if I had any other questions to feel free to call back. When I went back to place my order, it was easy peasy and my mind was eased once I saw how simple it was with of course great selections. I really like my local shop rite.
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2 years ago, buttersgal
Not as convenient as it could be
I used to be able to store my information on the app. Now I have to put my name etc in every time I order. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but you would think that would be the whole idea behind the convenience of an app. Another issue I have is that you can’t remove an item from the cart. I have, on occasion, had to write a note on the order. Sometimes they read it, sometimes they don’t. Seems like you should be able to remove something that you don’t want.
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3 years ago, roreann
Computer problem.
This works very well until computers go down. Last week my order was accepted and I was given pick up time but when I got to the deli counter at my assigned time I was told my order did not come out yet. Then all at once about 50 orders came. The people serving the customers were going as fast as they could but you lost a lot of business that day. When the computers go down do not accept the order until the are back.
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4 years ago, selake1
Kiosks installed during covid
The kiosks at the deli are a breeding ground for germs. Installing them at the Cinnaminson, NJ Shoprite, during covid, is the work of a complete moron! I am now required to touch an entire screen for about 5 minutes to place an order. According to store management, they are wiped down after every 5 guests! So I have to share germs with the 4 guests before me? I have yet to witness anyone wiping anything down. Lines get backed up. The elderly are confused. The machines malfunction. I have to wait 30 minutes for my order. When I pick it up, it is placed in the bin where the olive bar used to be. Now I have to touch everyone’s bags to look for mine. Thanks shoprite for INCREASING my chances, and everyone else’s, of getting covid!
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3 years ago, LC1167
There needs to be a way to tell if your particular store is out of something. I ordered ham and turkey from the app from my chosen store yesterday, got to the store to pick it up and my order is not there. Ask the guy behind the deli counter where my order is and he tells me “oh we are out of those items”. I was VERY annoyed to say the least. That is just down right ridiculous that I would not have been informed by the app that those particular items were not available. I know it’s possible, i’ve seen other apps that will say not available or very limited supply available. A total waste of my time.
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2 years ago, always shopping.
Love the app but….
The convenience of ordering deli on line and it being ready is great. 5 stars. The new app has some glitches (or maybe me?). Login and the the always stay logged in option do not work, says an error and I have to cycle out and back into app and it says I am logged in. Some of The categories are missing items I know are available in store and were available in the old app. Who cares about pictures of the deli item? We know what we want. Takes up screen space and bits to download.
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3 months ago, Meri0300
Easy to use when working-Difficult logging back in
This deli app should use the same log in credentials as the ShopRite app! This one logs me out so often it’s ridiculous. Resetting the password the last time took weeks to receive the email so I had to manually enter everything each order. I kept selecting to reset my password over and over again after waiting a day or two for the email. It shouldn’t be this hard. Maybe integrate this into the other app?
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3 months ago, Do Not Censor Me!!
Prompt and accurate
I have used this app since covid and in the last 3 years have had just 1 glitch but they quickly corrected it. My order is always waiting for me to pick up and saves me an incredible amount of time. I don’t miss the days of waiting for my number to be called and then getting the slowest worker. I highly recommend.
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4 years ago, Randi58
Convenient but Flawed
Overall being able to order in advance saves a ton of in-store time. It would be nice if the machine in the store was down, that the user get notification about that, so we know the order never went through. Also, some of the deli staff need to stop complaining about having to process these orders. Finally, if the application saved our login it would be even more convenient not to have to login every time we want to place an order.
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2 years ago, KN95WOW
Great service
I needed to contact the store for help with using the website. My City would not register, so I was told to abbreviate my city (Point Pleasant to Pt Pleasant) I was further told to avoid special characters; (no period after Pt). Once this was accomplished correctly, I was able to move on. The representative stayed on with me throughout my attempting to fix the issue and was patient.
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3 years ago, Jen from Long Island, N Y
This would be a great idea!
My dad is 83 years old, and he practically likes to go to the store every other day and you can’t really stop the man from doing that cause he likes to have Chopped liver from the deli counter and they don’t always have that all the time! So he has to go there to check! If we could check it for him ahead of time that would be a great relief to me as well as him would be great! But I just checked the app and the Chopped Over wasn’t one of the items on the app? So I’m not sure if that is the actual store as well? There’s no way of knowing unless you call them maybe?
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3 years ago, MeMeYouYouToo!!
Needs some work
The design is much nicer than its predecessor but the app needs some improvements. The deli meat ordering is very inconsistent. Sometimes, you can choose the weight and thickness, other times you can’t. The preferred thickness selection is randomly missing on certain meats/cheeses. You can’t determine if you’re ordering by weight or quantity for others. There is also less of a selection of items that are routinely available in store (and were present in previous version). Hopefully, there will be an update soon.
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4 days ago, L at LNC
When I received the text I went to the store in Mt Pocono. I looked around the deli counter for my order which had a number. All the cold cuts were in this little fridge but not together. I had to call the deli man to find my packages. This order should have been put in a bag with my name or order number on it for easy pickup. The cold cuts were correctly sliced and everything was neat but the order was mishandled in my opinion. The workers were helpful but the person who completed the order should have kept it together. Thank you Laura Bacon
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3 years ago, Pee See Dub
No way of tracking modified orders
I have mixed reviews on this app. I realize a chunk of my issue with it is probably due to my specific store. My order is almost never ready for when I request it, sometimes taking over an hour+ past my requested time. But today, I placed my order (well in advance, I’ve learned my lesson) and shortly after I received a “your order has been modified” notification. Clicking on it launched the app, and NO WHERE in the app does it tell me what was modified or how.
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2 years ago, Tired of Chasing App Troubles
Close but Needs Some Tuning
The order completion and scheduling is confusing. Scheduling doesn’t appear until after payment method is approved making it hard to determine when the selection will be ready. I almost decided not to order. Also confirmation of selected store should be given prior to finalizing the order. Otherwise this is a very convenient way to order.
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11 months ago, They Should Be Ashaimed
App is terrible
Your app is horrible! I am a first time user in f your app. I entered my information numerous times because it wouldn’t accept my information! Finally I got an accepted note then I had to go to my email to get final approval! Yah! Approval for use. I go back to your app by way of link provided and my Order Has Disappeared!! So then I have start over again. Something that should have taken me 15 minutes took over 2 hours. Being handicapped I thought this would help me by being faster and easier for me. Boy was I wrong.
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8 months ago, OCD about prices
Shopping on the deli online before going to the store
This is the best way to shop for the deli there is no waiting, which could take a long time waiting in the store. Just check your prices compared to what is on the app and to what is on the tag in the store prices can be different I go to the courtesy desk and have it adjusted.
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6 years ago, Jhart923
It’s ok.
I’ve been using this app for a while. My issue and I would love for them to fix is to add an option for paper thin. When I put sliced thin it’s rarely sliced as thin as I want it. Also when you add a note I’ve been told they rarely look at the note because it doesn’t pop up on their end easily. And I have 3 shoprite that I use and all have the same issue. I only continue to use the app because it has made things easier for me to get lunch meat with my crazy schedule and not needing to wait in line but might just find a regular deli and call my order in.
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2 years ago, moj36
Sometimes order get done, sometimes they don’t. I’ve gotten notifications that my order is done and… nothing - nobody at the deli counter knows anything. They also all leave completed order in different areas. Sometimes sitting on the counter, sometimes in the pickup area sometimes behind the counter with no real rhyme or reason as to why. Actually my order has never been in the pickup area despite always being told to check their. Nice when it works though.
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2 years ago, LoCuillo
Great app BUT..
Love this app BUT it logs me out often! Then when I try to log back in it says my email or password is wrong and it is not! Now this last time it won’t even send me a link to my email at all. It says it has but I have no emails because I tried several times and NOTHING! THEN I try to reregister and when I get down to where I have to pick a home store it doesn’t have the option of any stores in my area like it used to! WTH is going on here? 🤦🏻‍♀️
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4 years ago, not very happ
ShopRite in my location (Bordentown)
App was good but.... The first time. The very first time!! Went shopping at my store (Bordentown) and was waiting for my notification (that I never got.) So I decided to get the rest of my items in the meantime. Before I left stopped at the deli to see if my order was ready the woman said we are so sorry but our internet is down so we never received your order. Of course I was super upset since I was shopping on a Sunday (like a fool). Now I have to goto the Acme to get my deli items. Not sure why ShopRite said they never received my order I got a confirmation #
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2 years ago, rm1smooth
Online ordering (DELI)
You have to double check it when you pick it up. Make sure the label is what you ordered. Last week I got charged for an more expensive cheese, it was Provolone, I ordered American cheese from a totally different brand. I didn’t notice it until I went to use it a day later, and I had thrown my receipt away.
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3 years ago, 1231986Jan
I tried using order express last Friday and when I went to pick up my order it was not ready, even after I gave 2 hours to complete. When I asked about order they knew nothing of same! So I had to wait another 30 minutes for my “order express”- what a joke!!!!!!
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8 months ago, Travfun
Thank you ShopRite for creating an app that makes placing a catering order quick, easy, & extremely convenient. I love the wide variety & creativity of foods, as well as the reasonable prices for the number of servings. The turnaround time is also fast, which I greatly appreciate because the gathering we’re hosting is last minute.
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10 months ago, Mariechiz
I just used the app for the first time to order cold cuts, they were ready when I got to the store. If I had waited until I got to the store to use the computer at the deli, as I have in the past, I would have been done shopping and had to wait for my order.
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3 years ago, Mils Segarra
So disappointed!!
I’m not sure who told your company that this system works. It’s the worst. Second time I try it and both my orders have been botched. First time, someone actually took my stuff from the fridge where you place the meat that has been ordered. The second time I traveled from Monroe to Chester to find out that what I ordered was out of stock. So now I have to reorder and go back to monroe. Horrible system!!! I rather wait in line with a ticket for my turn. Get it together Shoprite. With the high cost of food and this new deli system I’m about to give all my business to Aldis!!!!
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4 years ago, Lavender5311964
App is great, workers- another story
The app is great and very user-friendly. They even give you a place to write in special instructions about how you would like your order packaged, like in half-pound packages rather than whole-pound packages.... I’ve use the app twice now and both times I ordered asking my cheese to be packaged a certain way and it was not and both times I ordered more than just cheese and when I picked up the order all that’s there is just cheese. No ham! Both times! Ugh. Why can’t the workers read the special instructions written in by the customer and follow them? It is not rocket science.
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7 years ago, vivapd
Thought this was a great idea and what a perfect timesaver. I ordered my daily from the phone as soon as I entered the store. Never received a text as I requested and went to the counter 10 minutes after the time my order should’ve been ready. There was a small line but I was able to ask someone where to pick up my order. He seems surprised and then told me that their computers have been down all day so they were not aware of the order. They offered to take my order then but the stares I was getting from everyone in line made me choose to forgo my deli order.
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2 years ago, KandiJnRl
Issue with custom cake orders
I’m just writing this review to hopefully inform one of the app developers that when trying to place a custom cake order it only shows two fillings (strawberry or Bavarian cream) I called Shoprite to ask if there are other fillings and they informed me there are many others. This is an issue on both the mobile app and the website itself. Would be nice if it could be fixed to display all options.
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4 years ago, CableConvert
Completely useless
UPDATED. I’ve already deleted this app 3 times, might go for #4. They fixed the sales prices, so now they’re listed & not the same price as the regular price (for the most part), but: 1. It doesn’t remember the filters or the sort, so you have to constantly start over. 2. After entering all the items to the cart and tapping checkout, an error message pops up that the store isn’t accepting orders. Why not put that message at the front so I don’t have to fill the cart and wast my time? I tried three times over 6-7 hours to get it to work and got the same error.
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3 years ago, Shouldhavetestedthisapp
Good but could be better
The app is easy to use and great to order and have my order ready when I get there. However there are some issues. First you can not delete an item in your cart. You have to write a note to delete. Second is to back out to the Deli menu you have to selected the root Headings for each selection to back out. But otherwise app is really useful and helpful. Thanks!!!
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4 years ago, fat dizzle
Very slow and not user friendly.
I just downloaded the app and it appears to be very slow and not very user friendly. When going from one screen to the next, it seemed to take forever. Also you can’t tell what brand you are looking at until you select an item. Lastly, you aren’t able to delete an item once it is in your car. I normally just order from my local store’s website but I thought the app would be easier. Boy was I wrong. One more thing, the password shouldn’t need to be so complex. This isn’t my bank, I’m just grabbing some luncheon meats.
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10 months ago, Bella 10🌺
True convenience
This service is phenomenal- in this busy world we live in, this is so wonderful to be able to order ahead and your site is easy to navigate - have used it many times and have not encountered any issues - thank you and keep up the good work!
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8 months ago, VinCarol
Love this application. It makes planning for my family gathering so much easier. Using the online catering gives me the time to review and consider my menu with options I would not otherwise thought of. Thank you for providing this service, a great convenience for Seniors !
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4 years ago, sueg4
Love the deli app
After years of standing online finishing all my shopping before my number was called I am so glad there’s a deli app. I love the fact I do not have to wait at the long line. Great idea wish they had this sooner. Will definitely do all my deli ordering here everything comes out perfect on time.
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2 years ago, nhovan
App is never up to date
First problem the app never lets me log in so I always have to start a new order. The app is never up to date with the items that are in stock and when you pick up the cold cuts something is missing and you have to wait in line to get something to replace it. There should be a notification that lets you know an item is not available. I don’t allow substitutions because I want to decide which brand I want . There is plenty of room for improvement of this app.
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4 years ago, ShadyA45
Not Gonna Even Try It!
Was excited when I got an email about this app. Of course my usual Shoprite doesn't offer the lunchmeat pickup option, only catering and bakery. Not surprised! Can imagine what THAT meeting looked like when they told those employees about this app. LOL! So anyway after reading all the complaints I decided to pass. And trust me I do realize apps have issues but what's the point if in the store you’re still gonna have a problem. Ill just wait 20min like usual and hope to get out of the market before sundown.
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4 years ago, buster0104
App order
In the past I never had an issue. Placed my order and it was waiting for me at the store. The last three time not so good. Once the order was never done. Next two things missing. No reason as to why. Another time my order was given to someone else
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4 years ago, tlmc17
Bring back the old app!
I hate this new app. I gave it a couple of weeks to get used to it but it is just bad. Not intuitive, items are not well labeled (for example Boars Head Muenster cheese is under an icon of a Shop Rite bag 🤔). I could not figure out how to change my pickup time. I couldn’t even see it! I had to actually sign out and start over. Horrible update when nothing was wrong with the old one. I do love the concept of ordering ahead but this takes so long I might as well just stand in line.
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4 years ago, Gibwel98
Deli App
I have been using this for weeks now and it is fantastic. Save time when shopping. Easy to use. If I had to say one thing negative is when I check out. It’s would be great if they just had 1 scannable barcode so I did not have to take everything out of the bag at the counter.
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2 years ago, Jetcleaner
Used to work smoothly
Ever since the app was updated to include Fairway markets, it stopped functioning properly. Can’t save password, can’t log in. Do a password reset and it takes you to a Fairway site which doesn’t seem to connect to the deli express app since it won’t let you log in. Still am able to order using the app, but have to type contact info in each time and can’t access order history that way.
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