ShopSavvy - Barcode Scanner

4.5 (8.9K)
138.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
ShopSavvy, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for ShopSavvy - Barcode Scanner

4.45 out of 5
8.9K Ratings
2 years ago, RJF20
Watch out for unwanted subscriptions
I used ShopSavvy happily for a while, but after not opening it during the pandemic, the next time I tried to check an item the app automatically subscribed me to something called ESRTV for $9.99 a month added to my Verizon bill. I cancelled the subscription, reversed the charge with Verizon, and blocked all future subscriptions. Then I deleted ShopSavvy and would never recommend you trying it.
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4 years ago, Life Driven by Google
Always Updated & Reliable!
This app has helped me by saving money on every day items and weekly/monthly items that I abut regularly. I was spending monthly about 100$ on cat litter until they showed me a price comparison for a website instead of in store and it came with a ton of perks! Thank you for your hard work & consistency with keeping up to date sale price and the distance all offers in store are from my location at any given time! Just a suggestion to get some more traffic and downloads as I am always sharing your App with friends with the same interests and “ShopSavvy” money saving needs like me! You should come up with a referral system that would be fitting for those of us who are always looking for the best prices and can share feedback on the validity as well as experience within our reviews with certain items and retailers!
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3 years ago, 88piepie88
Gave it a try after reading mixed reviews
After reading some really great reviews and more recently some really poor reviews. All of the poor reviews made reference to a recent change of owners and/or updates, as the downfall of what early on seemed to be a really useful app. So I was cautiously optimistic when I decided to give it a try and downloaded the app... Unfortunately I was extremely disappointed to find the negative reviews were all pretty much spot on. When searching a product by name or scanning a barcode, there was long wait times 30sec-1min or more to get results. With the results being mostly online retailer’s. Even when testing a common product found at Walmart/Target the results were not reliable. There was also what seemed to be an excessive amount of adds compared to other free or non-premium versions of apps. And the adds wouldn’t even bother me so much if the app was functioning as described in the App Store. Unfortunately I have to give 1 star due to the app not having any real usable functionality. I had the same results when trying out this app on my iPhone 11, on my iPhone Xr(work phone), and also on my partner’s Samsung Galaxy s10.
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2 years ago, CarDriveRide101
My go-to scanner for shopping
I love this app! Anytime I like something I see and want to know where I can I buy it or for how much, just open this app and scan the barcode. Done! It’s so easy, very fast, and tackles a lot of headaches at Christmas time with having 4 kids and gifts galore! Need to know where an item came from to return it? Scan it with this app! Want to know how much something may cost? Or maybe where else you can buy it or if other stores prices are better?!?! Scan it, search for it, use this app!
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3 years ago, MrBiggles2007
Good But Pro Feature Doesn’t Work
I purchased the monthly pro subscription to disable the annoying advertisements. Unfortunately the ads continue to display across the Search, Saved, and More tabs. I emailed support but haven’t heard anything in 3 days. I’d gladly pay the sub fee if it would work properly but I will probably have to seek a refund because the developer support has not been responsive. Overall, the app is good but does have some bugs. Sometimes when going to saved and researching items the search gets stuck on the initial phase and doesn’t return results. Closing out of the app and doing the steps again usually fixes the issue.
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4 years ago, tapasos
Too many ads and doesn’t show all stores like it used to
(Update: Miss when it use to give ALL stores like major department and beauty stores. Now just gives a lot of online outlet/wholesale retailers. When I search Macy’s or Sephora, it will still have the product, even though it doesn’t show up on the list after scanning.) I loved when it was ad- free. And although I understand the need for them, the amount of ads is now excessive. And slows down the function of the app. I can google the product by upc by the time I’m done with a 30 second ad after every single scan. I’ve been using this scanner for quick use for my business for a while, but i’ve definitely been looking for a new app lately.
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2 years ago, 5😱😱😱😱😱
Search results include phishing websites
I have been using this apps for years and use to love it. Recently I scanned a kettle I saw in Costco and savvy showed me a website with better price. I order the kettle from that website. However, that website just disappeared the next day. No order confirmation or shipping information. My email started getting tons of spam and my credit card detected a couple of unauthorized transactions in the other states. Be careful don’t ever order from small/ weird websites. It’s a good app for price comparisons tho.
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2 years ago, honman39
Works well, when it's not constantly crashing
At least 95% of the items I tap on to view price details cause the whole app to crash to my iPhone's home screen immediately after the "Searching for prices" screen opens. This happens both when searching for products and, on the rare chance I can get a product page to stay open long enough for me to add it to my watch list, when I tap on products from my watch list. If the app is this unstable when manually looking up prices I'm not sure how much I trust it to send me notifications of price changes when it's running in the background.
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3 years ago, Peanut7469
Used to love, now not so much
I have had this app for a few years and every year it provides less and less. Used to love using it when I was out shopping to compare it won’t show me any local stores. The only results I see are online. I can be standing in Walmart, target or Lowe’s and scan an item and it will show me items online only. Frustrating and a waste of my time. Due to this...I don’t use the app anymore. Plan on removing it unless somehow the developers surprise me and fix the issues I have and many others have stated in their reviews. I will be looking at others out there.
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3 years ago, Ms A. the Science Teacher
Two hours after download and I’m already lacking an ounce more of patience waiting for product results after I’ve used the app to search for a product. Almost completely defeats one of the sole reasons that the app exists. I’ve tried searching for 2 different products at 2 different times and have tried both with WiFi & with cellular data. In each situation the ShopSavvy screen stayed on the “searching” screen for so long that I eventually closed the app with fury (and still no results). Such a waste of time & energy invested in searching for an app and trying to use this one. 🙄
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4 years ago, Dee🌸⭐️💪🏾
This is my favorite app. For saving. I go in all my favorite stores and start scanning for. Saving. I actually had a price drop as I walk to the register in target. Will legit find the item and. Cheapest to you. I like the fact you can see you scan history. It lost one star because of the weird ads and my pervious scans were lost. I had some great finds there. I totally love this am
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4 years ago, W.J.K.
Unfortunately ShopSavvy has been ruined...
ShopSavvy used to be one of the absolute best (if not thee best) barcode price scanner Apps available! Unfortunately, after the original creator(s) moved on/sold the App, ShopSavvy has gone severely down hill in recent years due to “someone” adding adware bloat & a painfully inefficient slow and overly bulky search experience - RIP ShopSavvy :’(
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4 years ago, TR23455
Wish I could use it
I have an iPhone11 and can not use this app because it won’t let me add it to my camera permissions. It comes up on the app and I click “enable barcode scanning” but it just turns opaque for a second and doesn’t actually do anything. Same thing for location services. I tried doing it manually going into Settings > Privacy > Camera but the app still does not show in those settings. Really would like to use this if you can figure out how to fix it I will surely change my review
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4 years ago, cardanne3
One small change would be a 5
actually shows you what you scanned. So many apps can not find the barcode or to see it you must upgrade after downloading the app and scanning the item. Good thing: After scanning the item it shows you the stores that carry it and prices so you can compare.
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2 years ago, 4ladymax
Find an item
When I forget where I buy an item I can find it here and that’s major because I don’t have to go to several stores looking for the item, thank you with the gas prices now.
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2 years ago, Santa Cruz Joe
From useful to bizarre
Back around 2015, ShopSavvy worked pretty well: I often used it in stores to compare prices, and it almost always returned results of a useful range. Cut to 2022. Hadn’t used it in years and had a need to try it again. I scanned a UPC for wine labels and got back a list of results… every one of which weee for spark plugs! I scanned a UPC for something else and got results for businesses that no longer carried the item. Sooo…. I think we’re done here!
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4 years ago, Crotch rot
What happened?????
This app used to give the lowest price on items and I don’t k ow what happened! But it doesn’t work that way anymore! I often find the same products lower on price than what the app finds. The way I see it you were purchased by a company that doesn’t believe in doing that anymore. They must’ve changed the algaeythum ( spelling bad) to make it only show a couple of prices and Walmart is always on the list near the top and they aren’t the lowest price on the items. What changed that the app is now geared to these big box retailers that are more costly than other vendors!! Please, fix the app I used to love it now it’s just like doing a google search with the exception that it doesn’t show the lowest cost prices for the items. Thank You... RC
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6 months ago, TechMahn
I love this app
I love this app, not only for when I am shopping in stores so I can price compare but also when I’m at a garage sale and item is still in the box. I can get the current price of anything just about.
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2 years ago, Ouchitnowork
Wants to install Google, grab location data, didn’t work well for me
Thought this might be helpful, but was not. Wanted to download Google app first, bu why? If that’s how it works, or there’s some reliance on Google, why use this app? Not well explained. Then it wanted my location….okay, no. If the app found results and wanted to narrow results, I might have obliged. But, tell me why you need it and that you’re not going to use it against me somehow (spam me). In the end, it found nothing.
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4 years ago, Wonder WomanPR
A faithful user! Go for it!
I have had this app since it came out and loved it. It has helped me a lot on doing good saving shopping! I even share it when shopping with other customers! Wonder Woman13
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4 years ago, Good articles
What happened ???
Honestly. This used to be the best app. For the past few months, it has gotten worse on every update. I dont get results on most of the items i scan. And now the font is black in dark mode. I cant even see anything. Please go back to what it was a year ago. Otherwise i have to find another app to use.
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3 years ago, FezTech_Durrani
Dark mode issue
This app doesn’t show text on iPhone dark mode. There isn’t any setting in that app where you can turn off dark mode specifically to the ShopSavy app.
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2 months ago, robjuan00
Used to be good
For a long time, this was my go to app saving money however, something happened about six months ago to a year that completely changed this app for the worse. it went from being my go to to getting deleted as the searches take forever in the results are rarely accurate or even there. It usually can’t find any items that are scanned.
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1 year ago, Merhlyn
Hard to use
The app seems to be a very interesting, and I think that it might be good to use. However, they have so many ads in it that it is hard to see what you’re looking for. It’s possible that the paid version is much better but without seeing what it looks like it’s just too difficult to even use.
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3 years ago, D87S
The app doesn’t work
App keep browsing looking for a price and doesn’t show you the comparison. They charged me already and couldn’t even use it.
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4 years ago, turmoilone
App need some serious work
Had to revert back to free version because the App is not working like before not finding prices etc
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6 months ago, Liminalia
Has Stopped Updating Automatically
Initially the app worked great, but for the past several months it no longer searches proactively for price updates or gives me any notifications. It will only work I I go to a specific item in my search list and force an update for each item.
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12 months ago, Rose goryoka
Good luck
I love this app just scan the barcode then it shows multiple result, and which store they have the best deal that’s why they deserve five star.
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2 years ago, smittyken12
Clunky & doesn't work
I’ve tried to like this app however anything from sharing products from a website to figure save list or searching them-unnecessarily complicated, doesn’t work and you’ll find easier solutions with apps like Pricepulse for websites like Camel Camel Camel so much simpler easier and they actually find the products you’re searching for
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5 months ago, Roberto2024
Not what it used to be
I dodged a billet. I had heard such great things about this app. It’s clear from reading negative reviews that new ownerships need to make a quick buck had transformed the app and diminished its value and functionality. Apparently ‘sponsored’ sites are now mainly online retailers, and few hits are for brick and mortar. Shame. Many poor reviews go unanswered by app developers. Avoid installing it!
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3 years ago, Manifesting_Miracles
It’s working a bit better when installed in Safari, but…
However, the iPhone stand-alone App leaves a lot to be desired. Please improve the App, as I think this App has a lot to offer. In my opinion, It’s a stand-alone App, meaning I haven't found another like it. With improvement I would use this App regularly.
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3 years ago, natewebb77
Awesome app
Very functional nice interface saving me a lot of time between going to each proprietary site when you can do most of the work in one spot
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3 years ago, ORHobbes
Only missing coupon codes
The new updates is awesome! I love the browser extension, widget, and price drop alerts. This is easily the best price comparison app out there. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to automatically add coupon codes for specific retailers when you tap to go purchase an item. Apps like Honey have that feature and it helps you save even more.
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4 years ago, RyanGuyinDenver
Latest update camera access issue
Home page directs me to go to settings>privacy >allow camera App doesn't show under Camera. When I select "Go to Settings" it doesn't appear to be an option there. This is on iPhone 11. Thank you!
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3 years ago, divifold
Doesn’t Work
I downloaded this app and tried several different barcodes and even tried to look items up, but the ‘searching’ button never went away. After about 10 minutes I uninstalled. Not sure how the app seems to work for some people, but it did not work for me at all.
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2 years ago, Liz511
0% scanning success!
I’ve scanned many things from several different stores, both brand new and older items — it finds NONE of them. Just keeps popping up with adds and wanting me to pay to upgrade. If it worked well, I’d certainly consider that. But it doesn’t just not work well, it doesn’t work AT ALL :/ 👎🏼
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2 years ago, CarMarMom
Great for saving!!
I love this app to help me save $$$! Also to find out where to buy a product I see at someone else’s house!!
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11 months ago, WPjamesWP
Paid for Pro and still has trouble showing results for anything
I made sure to disconnect from vpn, completely disable ad blockers/content blockers, and try searching multiple items. Still does t show any results like it did right before I bought the pro subscription!
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2 years ago, Sherlocknet
Not so good anymore
This app was wonderful a few years ago. Now it is below average and very difficult to use and get reliable information. Sometimes is it good to leave things alone and not try updating and making the app useless
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4 years ago, wtfgroupon
Cuts out
I loved the convenience of this app however when they started with the ads, it’s been messing up . I scan a barcode the ad comes up and plays . If I try to get out of the ad after it’s played, the app cuts out.
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3 years ago, Polski38
Warehouse check in and PriceScanner.
Helps make my job easier and the customer gets the best deals.
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2 years ago, bugmee11
This is a must!!!
Great service that provides the exact cost if items!!!
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4 years ago, 092789
Full retail list
ShopSavvy doesn’t give a full list of retailers. Things like Dollar general and family Dollar don’t pop up when certain things are cheaper there. It is nice to see prices at Walmart, but if I can get things cheaper somewhere else, they also should be listed.
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2 years ago, Wendyannh
The app seems to work all right - but none of my local grocery stores are included, including huge chains like Whole Foods, Aldi, or Trader Joe’s, so it’s not much good for grocery shopping. I also haven’t seen Costco as an option.
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3 years ago, Shelms488
Does what it should, but dark mode is poorly implemented.
The app seems to work better than others. However in dark mode it’s almost unreadable as it’s a black text on a dark gray background.
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4 years ago, Drl621
Ok app
Sometimes this is helpful to find a product, but often I just get “Product not found.” And now, with their free version, it makes you watch an ad first, to then get “Product not found” screen. Awesome...
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3 years ago, _KEM_
You Pay to be Bombarded by Ad's
I subscribed thinking this would be a nice price tracking tool but I have been subjected to so many Ad's I had to cancel my subscription and look for an alternative app. Save yourself and just go find something else yourself, there is nothing you want to see here
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2 years ago, alchst
App shuts down
When reviewing “watched” items, and upon refreshing the individual product, the search restarts, and the app shuts down and returns to my iPhone 12 PM home screen. Fix that, and I think the app would get a higher rating.
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1 year ago, Hooz-Fooz
WAS my goto app for all shopping
This USED to be the app that I looked at for everything I needed (I loved the scanner option), but they stopped updating their resources so all prices show from three years ago. Now it’s NFG. I’ve put off deleting it, but if they haven’t updated it by now, it’s history.
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4 years ago, Hamden resident
Same as almost everyone else - just keeps searching - never completes. On rare occasions when it does find pricing, it’s online stores only. Used to be a great app-used it at Staples for comparing ink prices. Now a full cartridge would be used up in the time it takes for the app to “search”-LOL! Seriously, used to be great, now worthless.
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