4.3 (1.1K)
31.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
WSS/Eurostar, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for ShopWSS

4.32 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
6 years ago, KNIGHTFURY_2K18
Good but needs some stuff
It’s a great app, I love all the difference variations of shoes they offer. However it can get really annoying if, let’s say I see a pair of shoes I like, I’ll click on it and look at the shoes no problem. Now, the problem is going back, let’s say I want to go back to my previous page and continue shopping, THERES NO BACK BUTTON! So what do you do? You have to start ALL over again and try to find where you left off. That little thing can become quite frustrating. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app about seven times simply because I get tired of having to start over ALL. THE. TIME. Please fix this. Please add a “back button,” so I can continue shopping from where I left off. Thank you
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4 years ago, HAHAHAHAHLOLZ
Irritated with this store
I ordered a pair of shoes a while back from the actual website, not this app, & i haven’t gotten them yet, which is fine. But i wanted to check the tracking, so i tried logging into my account, but it said that my email/password was incorrect, which it shouldn’t be, because i had it saved on my phone, so all i had to do was put in my fingerprint. so since it wasn’t working, i tried to reset my password, & i did it MULTIPLE times. i didn’t get one email, except for the ones they send out. i’m wondering why i can get those emails , but not my reset password emails. i’m very disappointed & i’m worried my shoes are not going to come, so i feel like i won’t get my money back, bc i have no confirmation email that i bought them, i have no corder number, nothing. if SOMEONE could help me with this, that would be great. otherwise i want to get my money back.
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5 years ago, Kmillions
Beyond Annoyed!
Why is there not a Back or Continue Shopping button on the app?! When you view an item or Add to Cart, you’re trapped on that page and have to start all over with your search by going back to the menu. When you’re in the pagination 6 or 7 pages deep, it’s beyond annoying to have to start all over again ever single time you view an item. What’s the purpose of a personalized app when it doesn’t secure your shopping cart items?!?! I had to step into a meeting and came back to check out only to see my 8 items gone?! I spent three hours putting them in because of their stupid app that doesn’t let you go backwards. They need to sue their developers for damages because I can only imagine all the money they are losing by this wonky app. This is actually the first time I have ever written a review in the App Store or even Yelp. It’s beyond annoying to see such poor programming and user testing.
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5 years ago, intersectional-feminist-
Back & Better!
Finally! This app is way better than the last one. You can finally shop in the app and track your own loyalty points- which is super helpful. This app looks so much more professional and user-friendly than before. Thanks for the update!
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5 years ago, Ilyleli
Needs work , I WONDER WHEN ....
ARE THEY GOING TO UPDATE IT!! It needs more work if you try to shop on the app you can’t go back to your previous page. So you are basically stuck looking at that page or starting from zero. When you click shop it’s not even aligned with your screen it looks smaller for some reason. The last thing about this app is that IT NEVER UPDATES THE POINTS IN YOUR REWARDS and that is so frustrating because you go shop thinking you have points and you don’t and the. When you actually shop it’s stuck and doesn’t update from your last purchase. So, finally why am I buying from you guys if I’m not accumulating points to get $10 off many next purchase. In that case I can go elsewhere. Bye.
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4 years ago, Shannon rye
Online ordering with this company is fraud
Ordered shoes and they charged me when I went to track them nothing!!! I did a live chat with Nancy which by the way is a total flake. Told her I was charged and could show proof and she lied and said it’s preauth when clearly it’s not when it was taken out of my bank so I told her I’ll send you a picture and told her the exact charge and where it came from and then she says we don’t ship on weekends and ends the chat I’m so beyond mad 😡 not one place I’m the site does it say we don’t ship on weekends long story short if I don’t get my shoes that we’re well over $140 I will be contacting a lawyer!!! This is not how you do bossiness!!!!
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4 years ago, DA76outtaSF
Poor app and website integration
App allows you to shop but account information isn’t shared with the website. The requirements for registering in WSS’s site are different from the app. I changed my password several times before realizing that the website requires different password parameters. As a result of this oversight my points and address book aren’t shared when attempting to login an shop from a PC. There’s absolutely no recognition between the app and website. It’s as if I had never made a purchase. I’m stuck shopping on the app only because of a lack of website to app optimization.
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5 years ago, XGP15 A-II Outlaw Star
This app is terrible.
Shoppers beware: just use the desktop site or go to the store. This "app" is nothing more than an embedded browser of the mobile site. I'm already signed into the app and just tried to do some shopping. When I tried to look at my cart, it took me to the login page. I put my information in, redundantly, and it didn't work. Now when I try to even look at my cart, the subwindow doesn't even load. Clearly this app is not maintained at all so can you guys hire some people to build an actual application to replace this mess?
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9 months ago, ToyFan18
App is fine - dealing with them is a hassle
Usually I buy in store from WSS. Ordered a pair of soccer cleats. As soon as they were put on something didn’t feel right. Compared them to the same model, smaller size and there was a seam in the shoe that caused discomfort. An obvious defect. Didn’t have it at a local store, and can’t return to the store…Come on, it 2023. Every other major retailer allows in store returns. Then I’m asked for pictures of the defect. Oh really? A shipping label must be worth losing a customer.
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3 years ago, erickcorral
Get new app developers
Wow I’ve never seen an app so horribly designed in my life. Even while creating my account who would choose to have light gray text on a white background. Then the no back button issue. I tried entering a sweepstakes through the app only for it to tell me google hasn’t approved signing in through app and I can’t go back to click the other option. Crazy stuff never thought an app would get the green light with all these flaws.
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5 years ago, rorox28
Finally. I used to use this app before the update. Thank you so much for making this app so much easier. I have already bought several clearance items and the new Jordan’s. Thank you!
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3 years ago, aurra f.
Beyond frustrated. This app is a scam.
I made a purchase and didn’t get a confirmation email of any sort! On the “my orders” tab I only have a previous purchase made last year. I do see WSS charged My bank account for 110 dollars. I still haven’t received any confirmation email. The app is faulty and will rob you. So far I have not gotten any feedback from customer support. It’s not even a weekend or holiday for there to be any kind of delay. This store is a scam I need my receipt or my money back ASAP!
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4 years ago, Juarez00
Not letting me log into my account!!!!!!
At first I thought I forgot my password then I requested a password change then did the whole process and tried to log in again and it still wouldn’t let me. Then I took it to the reviews of this app and saw that some people have the same problem as me just please can you guys fox this glitch or something because I’m really starting to get irritated with this whole situation. 😡
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5 months ago, DJ Vib3zzz
Can’t log in or buy anything
I’ve sat there for two hours, trying to sign in and yet the app won’t even allow me to sign in after I put in my credentials so I can’t even use my gift card becasue the closest store is three hours away from me, anytime, I tried to use my gift card without an account. It still wouldn’t work and not allow me to buy the shoes using my gift card. i’m very upset.
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6 years ago, tmunny22
Great app! Can’t wait for more....
App is great. People say the points are misleading but it does say 125 points which is $5 the point program is cool so can’t complain really easy to use. True sneaker head so points come in handy.
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5 years ago, CeceBlue90
Fix this app!!!!
Fix this app or stop telling people to download it!!!! This app does not update points. Shopping on it is awful because when you view an item there is no back button so you have to go to the main page and start all over. I never got the $5 credited to my account when I downloaded the app. In a world where technology is such a big thing this app falls extremely short.
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1 month ago, Blackjack fanatics
Terrible app
First, you can’t even sign up and set up an account. Second when you go to filters type in gender and size apparently there’s zero products even though I have a common size 2nd the top left three lines drop-down menu is also not working correctly as every time I would go down it says there is no shoes available.
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5 years ago, Nil2thebrain
I agree with the above.. plus when u sign out, u basically lose your whole cart— I came back after running an errand and my cart was empty- then U gotta hand pick all over again ONE BY ONE BY ONE= ANNOYING Because as the last mentions- no back button !! So I’m pressing settings-then men’s-then clothing- then shirts -then then then then all over again... I’m deleting and just goin to Footlocker for this point alone. #badCUSTOMERservice
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6 years ago, Dizzled137
About time!
I’ve been waiting for an easier way to track my points WSS. Thank you for this.
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3 years ago, Angel6248
Can’t sign back in
I have lots of point saved on my account but I don’t know what happened you day when I checked my phone to see what new shoes where was put it logged me out of my own account and couldn’t log back in and kept telling me username/password invalid when I never change my passwords or gmails also it would even let me reset password I never got emails.
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4 years ago, 07032015
My order Got Cancel By WSS
I bought a pair of slides and shoes. As soon as I bought it, it said my order was cancel due to miss information on my debit card. I call customer service and they said my money should be back in 3-5 days is been a week and I haven’t got either my shoes or money back. How did I input the wrong card info but still manage to get my money taken out ? I need answer or my money !!
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4 years ago, 101527BSP
Over the App
I have had this app for a whole month and I have not been able to login in the app or view any shoe selection not even to look at my rewards points. I have been in contact with their customer service and I am not sure how many people I have talked to and no one can do anything. I have never dealt with any app issues this server before.
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3 years ago, Baybaycool
App is slow
Im basically trying to sign up and everything is fine except it keeps asking me for A VALID NAME!!! I put my name which is Mekayla and its still asking the same thing , makes no sense , dont know why it takes a lot of time just to make an account
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6 years ago, tripp818
Buggy & Crashes
Trying to do a specific search today. Everytime I out in filters and find the specific shoe I want to see, the app wipes out the filters and returns to a general search. Needs an update to the new iOS.
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2 years ago, Bnoteb
Fix the App! Order page not Working
I have ordered numerous times on the app, when I go to check my orders I just get a page that says reload and that I have no orders! So frustrating as I can’t even check my orders and not getting my points to get a reward!! Please fix this!
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5 years ago, johanix28
Easy and Simple to use!!
Such a great app making shoe buying simple! Easy to navigate through and a sleek design! Love the app!!
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3 years ago, Jessicaluz
Horrible app
WSS needs to hire no app programmers. This app is horrible. When I try to search by available show size it says none available. I tried a multiple sizes and it says the same thing. All the kid shoes are put together and it is hard to try and find the shoes for my sons size.
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3 years ago, Rnd921
Yes good sales but holy ba Jesus this app makes me loose brain cells. How hard is it to maintain an app? I had a pair of shoes on my cart that I get delete & I can’t add anymore shoes to my cart so I have to physically go the web & in my cart it shows nothing. The phone app is a waste to buy anything it’s only good to show you the shoes that’s it.
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4 years ago, remingtonleesharpfamily
Customer service started out okay....
Needed to exchange the shoes I ordered and needed to get a return number as requested in what I read to return items. Never received and never have seen any replies back on multiple emails I sent.....pretty disappointed
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2 years ago, Josue_Valladares
Logging in Issues
I just tried to look for the price of some converse. Download the app. Got to the sign in screen, put my info, tapped sign in and my screen just went blank. Please fix the app!!! It might be constraining issues. I’m an iPhone 11 user
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4 years ago, jess910188
Not useful
I’ve had multiple problems with this app. It’s always logging me out, doesn’t keep track of your points, and says invalid email/ password even though I had just logged in with it, I know it’s correct. So many bugs. Don’t waste your time with this bogus app.
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7 months ago, big lopp
Shopping cart empty
I fill my shopping cart with a bunch of shoes and I come back later to see that my shopping cart is empty. I lost all the shoes I wanted to buy
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8 months ago, SuperDuPas
My Wishlist Glitch
When I leave the app, my wish list is deleted. This makes it difficult to buy shoes when the shoes I have lined up keep disappearing. Please fix in next update.
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6 years ago, ajenea
Great app except for the rewards points portion.. I’ve ordered over $400 worth of shoes/slides & didn’t receive not one point. Better off shopping in store where I can use my rewards card. Please fix that #WSS
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1 year ago, Lisa Jon
App review
The app would be better if you could give a review on smiths shoes you purchase here.
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4 years ago, 14bab
Old app
I had points with the old app, with this new app I cant sign in it said my email is invalid. How do I get my points back? I try to reset password but cant since its says “no account found with that email” cant do anything
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5 years ago, Clopez_xv02
This app and site needs a lot of help
You can’t go back and their pick up at store function doesn’t even work. You guys put out this app too fast when it wasn’t even ready. I’ll have to shop elsewhere since it’s too difficult to do it here.
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5 years ago, Kellso 6913
There is no “back” button. Once u put in a search and click to look at a particular product you can’t click back to your original filtered search. You just have to start all over with a new search. Annoying!!!
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6 years ago, Bchaqueco
I got an email to download the app. It said as soon you downloaded the app you will get $5 !? Where’s my $5 ?!😡🤬 Overall, it looks a good app to use when you shop at WSS and store locators. Also the rewards card on it. But there is not $5 reward.. ripoff 🙄😡
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4 years ago, qercvh
Customer service
Your customer service is terrible I ordered shoes but something went wrong with my payment and they told me I would get my money back in 3-5 day it’s been 8 days and I have emailed and called them but they never answer any of my calls
Show more
4 years ago, BigCali
Their iT dept needs to be fired!
Not only is the mobile app buggy...but so is their website too! Can’t reset my password nor can I add an address to my account either you’d be better off going into their store and purchase. Needs a new webmaster QUICKLY!!
Show more
4 years ago, _cherrypop_
Trash!!!! 🤮🤮
Guys please don’t download this app! It’s just a waste of time, at first it seems cool you know the app works great and all. Later like a day or 2 the app doesn’t work at all!!!!! So disappointed!!!!! Again don’t install!!!!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Show more
4 years ago, manuelittooo
App doesn’t WORK
I absolutely love shopping here. However I wasn’t able to open the app because it continues to say my info is incorrect. Could you guys possibly update the app and have a better functionality
Show more
5 years ago, brebee85
App never worked since I downloaded it. Kept saying I was 140 points away from the rewards no matter how much I bought. Doesn’t work at all there should even be a star for this app
Show more
6 years ago, Dave186
Not working!!!!!
Doesn’t update points. Still don’t have my points from my purchase last week. Also error message keeps popping up when trying to save address.
Show more
5 years ago, Jessica 😂
Doesn’t let me log in.
Doesn’t let me log in, it says the number is not found in the system but I’ve been using the same phone number in the store for the past 5 years!!! 😡
Show more
4 months ago, Tim Doe
Unable to sign in to app
I created a new account on the website, but unable to log into the app. It is stuck on the spinning wheel, or goes to empty page.
Show more
1 year ago, lizz1987
The app jus doesn’t work
I reinstalled it 1k times updated it another 1k and still can’t add more than one item to the cart or take out the only item I’ve got in the cart 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
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4 years ago, sears new addict
Flaws flaws flaws
I went to the store and my account information is in the system. The app does not reflect any current information and has a lot of errors
Show more
5 years ago, Mrs. Gigi Ayala
This Website needs a lot of work
The features are horrible. You can’t even go back on previous page or forward.
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