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SidelineSwap, Inc
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for SidelineSwap

4.86 out of 5
43K Ratings
1 year ago, Weather_Dawg
Good app and customer service
I’ve been using sideline swap for a while now and I have sold several items on here. I’ve never run into any major issues with the app, customer service, or anything. If this is a business for some people who sell lots of items the fee’s may be an issue for people who want to run their business only through here, but if you’re just trying to buy/sell sports items for personal use it’s a great app I would highly recommend. Theres been a few problems I’ve run into during swaps, and I would contact customer support, and they would respond to my email and often had a resolution to the situation just minutes after my email, so I really appreciate their customer support. I saw some reviews saying shipping was slow, that’s not a sideline swap issue, that’s individual seller, or the USPS. Sideline swap sends reminders to sellers who haven’t shipped in a timely manner, and I can say in my experience I’ve always had fast shipping from sellers, and often USPS, but the only time something arrived late to someone who bought something from me, it was during the pandemic and the USPS was backed up. Check out the app, I highly recommend it
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3 years ago, Grandma 1953
Satisfied customer
I was unsure about using sideline to purchase sports equipment. But I had ran out of options. I had to find a football helmet for my grandson. Local stores were sold out, online stores were sold out. When I somehow through my searches I found Sideline. Looking through the football helmet section, I saw it, just what I needed. I asked the seller a couple of questions, then I missed my chance. Someone else bought it. Turned out the seller came up with another helmet for me. To be honest, I was worried, afraid of fraud, afraid of receiving less than was advertised. Turned out, by the end of the total transaction, I felt protected by Sideline in the way things were handled, the seller was wonderful, and five days later my grandson had his helmet on the day of his first game. I will certainly use this site to buy more equipment, and to sell what he has out grown, to help someone else out. Five Stars from my point of view.
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5 years ago, 424242424242424242
Horrible communication and customer service
I made one swap that was completed but the item was not satisfactory, because the seller intentionally hid a major flaw by covering it up with a sticker. I filed a complaint describing the problem, without a photo because there was no option to submit a photo on the mobile app nor was there any notification that photo evidence was required during this process. I got an automated message immediately that the request would be processed soon. Because I had successfully gotten notifications for the seller’s messages in the past, and the “bot” was responding to me in the same chat as the seller, I made the assumption that I would get a notification when the request progressed. I did not. I had all notification settings on in both the app and my phone’s settings. By the time I checked the app again, I had received two messages: “photo evidence is required for this dispute. Please reach out to support by end of day” and then, after inactivity, “this dispute has been resolved”. The lack of notification is inexcusable. The lack of information, in-app, about requirements for a dispute (including TIMELINE), is inexcusable. Additionally the app will post an automated review of the purchase for you after a certain (undisclosed) amount of time. (Thankfully it at least is marked as automated)
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5 years ago, Jeff80pa
Terrible customer service
I placed my first order ( a wood bat) from this site it took two weeks to finally get when bat arrived it was not in a box and arrived damaged. I contacted the seller he agreed that the bat is damaged and was not that way when sent. Per the sites rules I had to dispute the item within 3 days so I disputed it the day after receiving when I found out the proper way of handling it. It’s now been three weeks with no response from SidelineSwap. I’ve lost all faith in this site. I’m now left with a broken bat that I paid for a usable bat. At this point I’d caution everyone to avoid this site. Update: Contacted SidelineSwap again a week after my first review. I was told they emailed me and I never responded so the dispute was closed. I responded with a list of ever email I received from them all promotional emails nothing about the dispute nor was anything in my spam folder. A day later I got a response that they were refunding me and to donate the batas it is broken and still can’t be used in a game. The bat was given to a Rec league to be used as a cage bat only. I know people that have had success with this site but with this being my first purchase and impression of them I’ll never make the same mistake twice.
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7 months ago, jagmuff
Fantastic source for pre-owned athletic equipment
Can't say enough great things about SidelineSwap. Over the last 1-1/2 years, I've purchased 8 different items on the platform for my kids & I've had zero issues with any of the sellers or the equipment purchased. There is a wide range of gear on the platform at various price points, a lot of it being high quality endemic gear rather than the over-marketed junk often pushed by the big box sports retailers. If your kids are athletes, buying new sporting gear gets expensive as they can grow out of it quickly. Plus, it's often better to buy some equipment for kids used rather than new because it's already broken in & therefore easier for them to use (e.g. baseball gloves). I haven't sold any items yet but I certainly will once my kids grow out of any gear. I tell all the other sports dads about SidelineSwap. It's the best sporting gear resource out there.
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4 years ago, JPHABER
Awesome BUT.....
I have been using SidelineSwap for about a week now. It’s great! I already sold 2 items and bought one. It’s my go-to app if I need hockey equipment now. I only have a few complaints. My first complaint is the sideline swap fees when selling. I have sold 2 items which prices SHOULD add up to 60 dollars. I understand there is a sales tax, and I know sideline swap has to find a way to make money from transactions, but what should’ve been 60 dollars in my bank account is now 50. Secondly is the bumps. With such a competitive hockey market on the app, a product just put on the market will be overflooded by other products in a matter of minutes. This causes it to get lost in a wave of products, and cannot be seen unless specifically searched for. I understand you can buy bumps, but this is unfair to smaller accounts like mine who are just looking to get rid of some old gear, compared to some bigger company with all the bumps they please to buy. Other than these complaints, this is an excellent app. Keep up the good work!
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2 years ago, TH3DARKWINGDUCK
Perfect but missing one feature
I love this app. Have done plenty of sales and plenty of purchases. I love how you can rate the seller AFTER purchasing an item so you can warn other potential buyers from this seller. I only wish there was an option to rate buyers. Too many times have I dealt with buyers who were completely difficult either harassing me for an item they think should be offered for less or any other reason. Too many times have I had someone return an item I sold them simply because they found a cheaper option later or something in other colors they wanted. This wastes my time as a seller who might’ve had other buyers in the discussion who have since moved on after seeing it sold but returned later and reposted. This would warn sellers of any headache.
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4 years ago, brienne m
Poor customer service
I ordered something on a Sunday and immediately asked for an expedited shipping option because I needed the item that Wednesday. After contact with the rep, I asked for overnight shipping and, multiple times, made it clear the item was needed by that Wednesday. The rep generated the wrong shipping label (expedited rather than overnight). When I questioned him on it, he said the item “should be” received by the time I needed it and also said I’d be receiving a $5 refund for a shipping overcharge. Surprise surprise, it wasn’t received by Wednesday as requested. He ignored 2 follow up emails from me. A second rep argued with me on what I had requested although I had multiple emails proving otherwise. I had to again ask for my initial $5 refund. They refused to refund me for the upgraded shipping. I would have canceled the entire order if they had told me receiving it on time wouldn’t happen. Now I have an item I don’t need and I’m out the money. Glad I learned about their poor customer service though. Their name comes up a lot in the industry I’m in, but they’ll never get a good word from me.
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3 months ago, DrHockey
If your kids play sports, you need this
I have kids who play hockey. Outfitting them with new gear as they grow out of the old gets expensive fast. Finding secondhand gear to bring down costs is the way to go but has always been difficult and time consuming. Sideline has completely eliminated the hassles. Easy to find gear of all types, the purchase process is smooth and it’s clear Sideline has your back as a buyer. I recently had to outfit one kid with a full set of goalie gear. At his age, a full set of new mid tier equipment would be $1500 - $2000 that he’d largely outgrow in 18 - 24 months. Was able to pull together a full set of lightly used gear from a few different sellers for ~$500. Had everything I needed in less than a week.
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1 year ago, tryppin
bought skis from here, had a good experience
i was in search of a particular pair of skis secondhand. i looked on ebay and found potential listings but they felt suspicious, so i tried to look for other options. i found sideline swap from google shoppings results and downloaded the app after seeing good reviews of the app and the ski store/seller within sideline swap. As a buyer, the purchasing policy is also comforting. After looking at their other listings, along with sideline swap’s other offerings, I went through with a purchase and the received item was in better condition than expected. I’ve recommended this to others; this app is definitely more trustworthy than ebay when it comes to purchasing sports gear.
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3 years ago, bkovolyan
Great way to get rid of outgrown equipment
I was skeptical as to how easy it would be to actually sell some of my son’s outgrown equipment. We had bought a bunch of things for his hockey on SidelineSwap but had never sold anything. I posted my first ad last week and kept adding a few items as I would find things and get them cleaned up. Already made three different sales and have made almost $75. Today’s technology makes taking pictures and posting things to sell extremely easy. After 10 seconds printing the shipment label. Shipping takes a quick trip to the post office to drop off your package and that’s it! Very happy with my experience and I will continue to use and promote using SidelineSwap!
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5 years ago, purpleandgray
Updated review
I previously reviewed this app and give it a lower score. However I have used it more now and have gotten used to the format. When compared with eBay, this app is much easier for people who like to try new gear all the time. The main thing, though, is that you need to have access to a printer for the mailing labels. On eBay you could in theory sell something then hand write an address on a box and go pay for shipping at the post office. Printers are not that expensive, I guess. This app also takes the guesswork out of charging for shipping, which is nice. Combine that with the built-in offer and messaging features and pretty much every transaction is smoother than eBay.
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3 months ago, Braydenstinks45
Good deals👌
App is legit and includes many items from many sports that are new to used, but the best part is how big of a deal you can get compared to the retail price of most of the gear you find anywhere else. I bought a used baseball bat for $90 that had an original retail price of $300+ dollars and it came barely damaged at all and looked like it hadn't even been used even though it says it has. This app isn't a scam at all is all I can say and it's really amazing for athletes not wanting to spend a fortune on high-quality equipment that usually would cost 100’s to afford.
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9 months ago, Jon Sig
It does the job
I’ve used the app for several years to see my sons outgrown goalie gear. It has always resulted in more money to us than trading those items in at the shop. It isn’t without frustration. Each year when I look to withdraw the proceeds I need help from customer service for some reason. The layout could be improved, organized better. I do like that they have the products in the app to pick from, it does help I use the app, I would have tried another app had one been out there. My boy just graduated high school this year so I’m selling the last of the stuff we bought and don’t need to see if better opportunities exist.
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1 year ago, Mooremp
Terrible Customer Support and Dispute Resolution
The only safeguard this app provides to a buyer or seller is shipping and tracking. After that, the support group is unwilling to do anything. I had a damaged item with clear pictures showing damage yet they did nothing to help resolve my issue. They clearly just wanted their fees and were not interested in helping their customer. Furthermore, they have some deficiencies within their app to even communicate with support. There is a messaging system, but all you get is an automated response. Once I was able to open communication, they explicitly stated they were not interested in communication with me anymore regarding my problem. It’s hard to imagine in the 21st-century and all we know about customer service that a company would just completely ignore you. Terrible business!
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3 years ago, RedKeys33
First place to go for gear
SidelineSwap is the best! I’m just now getting into a sport I've always wanted to play, and sideline swap makes it so easy for someone with relatively little experience to get exactly what I was looking for, and on such short notice too! You can even find some new gear as well! There’a great filter system as well to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for if you need to be specific. Overall, I've been thrilled with the experience so far and look forward to growing as an athlete and being able to find the equipment I need to move forward.
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2 years ago, mhopkins2174
Great website with a little bit of everything
I bought a few things at first mainly of items I had a hard time finding locally. I’m patient so the week wait or so for things to ship and arrive is worth it since the cost is great for quality equipment I’ve received. Decided to put some items I have that is no longer used and all the transactions have went very well and the compensation you receive is triple what I’d get from bringing same item into a resale store. So far it been a great go to site to find what we are looking for.
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2 years ago, Paul•E•Hogg
Quick replies and action.
I originally ordered the wrong bat. Realizing it was a mistake, I sent a message to seller through the app. They canceled right away and the money was instantly credited to my account. Painless. Knowing the seller does not get paid until I receive my item is a relief. Sometimes the refund process can be maddening on the other sites. My first experience went smoothly. The seller replied quickly when I contacted about a shipping delay. He then gave me a date it would be shipped and kept his word. My experience so far has been positive.
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4 years ago, LaDreezy5454
Many features don’t work properly (FRUSTRATING)
I keep trying to list items but the app won’t list my pictures, and I’ve tried multiple times. If this is happening to me I know it must be happening to others as well. I’m pretty sure these kind of glitches will keep most users away as no one has the patience to keep trying over and over again with an app that just won’t work to allow you to list your items. It’s incredibly frustrating. Also, the feature to find new equipment is also very non-intuitive. I can’t find anything I want because the parameters to choose what I need aren’t available like gender, brand, cost, and things of that nature. I hope the engineers who designed this get their act together or this app will fail like every other great idea that isn’t properly executed.
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2 years ago, boltzrat
Customer Complaint
My first time selling an item was complete disappointing. For one, I lowered the price for a buyer and thought I done him a favor. I really don’t care much over the funds due to having so much equipment and need to get rid of it. After I received notice that the buyer received it, I asked him a question on releasing the funds and the guy gave me a speech about his personal life and that I harrassed him. This is the first time I contacted him and lowered the price for him. I’m never going to sell stuff here again too many people with personal issues
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5 years ago, hockey and baseball guy
Good app bad users
While I have been able to sell on the app here and there the people who use the app, in my experience are awful. Many messages from people who only lowball by 100+ dollars. Many many MANY messages about only wanting to trade for their items that are no where near the value of mine to the point where I put no trades in the titles and still get kids asking to trade. Only thing I don’t like about the app is the money not being available until the buyer says “it’s as described” witch I have found some just forget to do so. Also wish it was comparable with PayPal. Would make everything much easier and smoother.
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1 year ago, hsteshte
Good deals from other sports parents
I have bought 4 used bats and a used softball glove through this app and been very happy with the app and the purchases. It is easy to ask questions, make and accept offers and track my purchases. I also like the added protection that you have to accept or reject the item once you receive it. So far the items have been exactly as represented and my kids and I have been able to find used but very good condition equipment.
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3 years ago, Kazoo82
Lots of bugs
This app used to be great. Now it’s just riddled with bugs and leaves a lot to be desired. I currently have five postings that won’t come out of “draft” status, even after trying to list multiple times. Total number of item views are way down compared to what they used to be, and the app repeatedly logs me out without knowing so I don’t receive notifications about people favoriting an item, etc. Not great. PS how does this app get so many good reviews? Five star ratings when stated that the used can’t even post an item for sale? Or load more than two items at a time? Lol what a joke. PPS I was able to finally post by drafts by using the actual website, not the app. So again…unacceptable.
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5 years ago, JM1572
Excellent Customer Experience
This site is a great way to realize the value of used sports equipment that is still in good condition by matching motivated buyers and sellers around the country. The world is full of high quality used sports gear that is looking for a new home. My son was able to get a high quality catchers mitt for a fraction of the new price that does not need any break in time and performs great. The experience from negotiation to receiving the item was seamless and efficient. I would recommend this site to anyone looking to buy or sell used sports equipment.
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4 months ago, Coach January
Amazing site!!
I’ve only been on this site for a short while. So far, it has been amazing! I’m a high school softball coach and a player myself. I’ve been able to fully stock my team with equipment for more than half the cost it would have cost me retail. Every time I receive an item, it’s been exactly as the seller described it. Way better than other sites where sellers try to deceive you with doctored photos. I’m really pleased and highly recommend shopping here first.
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2 years ago, LacrosseHomie35
This app is great!
This app is just awesome! They way the app is set up makes it so easy to shop and find what you are looking for! I love the swaps chats as well, I have made some great purchases through them and even gotten to know some really cool people through them! Whenever you receive something you need to take back for ever reason the process is easy, safe and secure. Many times I find myself always coming back to app to get the stuff I need always for a great price.
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2 years ago, omgicantcomwupwithaname
Overall happy but…
I gave it 4 stars was thinking maybe 3 stars, only because the app determines the shipping cost which is crazy! $19 to ship something from NY to MI, but $40 to ship in the same item within the same state??? What’s that about? Shipping from Canada to the US is bananas, they should give the option to filter out products from Canada since shipping cost more then the items I was interested in. Other than the shipping cost being totally inconsistent, I think the app is great!!!
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5 days ago, Sportsseller
Sideline Swap
Pros: I love how easy it is to list an item for sale. Literally can post several items in just minutes. I enjoy getting the feedback when someone favors one of my items. Cons: Immensely dislike that I am asked to offer a discount on my items when someone favors one. So either I mark up my item in order to mark it down, or post it as my real price and not offer discounts. Why can’t I just post a fair price and not be asked to offer a discount? Low ball offers, why do they allow annoying low ball offers to be submitted? Charges, 10% plus a cc processing fee is a bit excessive. Wouldn’t mind it as much if I wasn’t constantly asked to offer a lower price, or got constant low ball offers. Given all of that, I have managed to move quite a bit of items on Sideline. With a few smart improvements it could be the best selling site around.
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2 months ago, KRY$T0FF3R
Good and bad
They have EVERYTHING you could think of ANY sport love that you can like items to keep and eye on love the tracking of the packages and you can communicate with the seller.. now with that being said I don’t like that some post have been up for over 1yr then you buy it for them to give money back cause they can’t fine the item or it will take a month for you item to show up or the picture will not show the bad just the good over all I LOVE this app I have gotten all my gear plus my kids gear on here
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2 years ago, Offbeat BareAss
Overrun by Play It Again Sports
I used to love this app. I’d check it multiple times a day to look for equipment, and I had good exposure for the stuff I was selling. Now it’s been overrun by Play It Again Sports who dump 10-12 PAGES worth of garbage almost daily. The gear I list gets buried by their constant listings and all I can browse through now is pages and pages of equipment that looks like it should have been thrown in a dumpster. SidelineSwap should consider giving Play It Again Sports their own section because the rest of us occasional sellers cannot compete with a brick-and-mortar store chain that also has its own retail website. It’s an inequitable situation for sellers. And it also makes shopping on the SLS platform miserable.
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2 years ago, Crican506
Will not well on here again!
For one, they make it sound like it’s easy to sell and ship. I went all over town looking for a tube I could ship the bat I was selling. This app do not pay for shipping, so any other packaging was $25 and up (no federal did not had any). Than, I was hoping to sell my item for $400 since it was a pretty expensive item but I end up getting an offer for $315 and I accepted. Once I got paid, I only received $253, which from what I had read they were suppose to keep 13%. I go and read the terms and conditions again and it says that they are subject to change the amount they keep… I say all of this to say. Thank you but not thank you! I lost money big time.
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9 months ago, Ninknametaken
Great App
Sideline Swap is tremendous for anyone looking to resell items that know about sports equipment. Especially if there are no good shops in your area. Fees may feel a little steep but they are worth it considering they make it as easy as possible to sell your items. You just have to list the item, print and attach the shipping label (that they provide) once sold, then drop it off the shipping location. And hey, 85% of something is way better than 100% of nothing. Their systematic follow up is great as well to help ensure you stay on top of the little bit of work you have to do selling the item. The only con I have would be that there are scammers, but SidelineSwap does a pretty good job of advising how to spot them and things to avoid regarding scammers. Overall a great, easy, sports equipment selling experience.
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9 months ago, JusticeIam
SS is good and could be great.
I love the app, and the service is great in a non-asap situation. My problem is the 12 days to ship rule. I learned about this when I had to wait 12 days to see if one seller was going to ship my purchase. I couldn't cancel until 12 days so I was stuck waiting on him and I couldn't buy another alternative, unless I wanted to risk ending up with two of the same thing. I would suggest letting the buyer and seller agree on how long the seller has to ship the item, and if the seller doesn't ship within that time, then the buyer can immediately cancel.
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2 months ago, Hockey#32
So easy to use!
We have made multiple sales over the past year. They’ve made selling so easy! No need to worry about shipping cost, they have it already figured out for you! Just upload some pics and add a description. When your item is sold just print out the shipping label, package up your item and drop it off at the post office or ups/fed ex drop off for easy prepaid shipping. It really couldn’t be any easier!
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3 months ago, JJMalone80
Weekend Warrior making upgrades without spending an arm and a leg
I’m a weekend warrior hockey, baseball, and sometimes basketball player, and Coach. I have enjoyed this app tremendously. I’ve enjoyed searching the app and finding the right deal to help me upgrade my personal equipment and training equipment for the teams I coach and my own kids. I find myself checking with Sideline swap instead of going to stores and paying the price for this years newest item!
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3 months ago, Wolf Blitz
This site is legit!
I’ve bought as well as sold. I’ve even ran into issues with being sold stuff that wasn’t up to par with what the seller had said. Sideline was there the whole way and made sure I got my money back! Any issues I’ve had they’ve been quick to respond! But I’ve had a lot more positive experiences buying and selling than what I am telling you. This app is legit and I 10/10 recommend!
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1 year ago, laufjunge
Two main gripes
I use the IOS version of the app and the two biggest gripes I have are 1) I'm constantly having to re-log in to the app. Seems to happen with more frequency lately, more than once a week. 2) Almost as frequently as the above, the app will freeze when trying to access some of the features . . for instance, my favorited search items or, as was the case today, my inbox. I couldn't add tracking info for an item I sold so I had to wait until I was in front of a desktop computer and add it there.
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2 years ago, M H Schambach
Bad experience so for
Sites seems great but my first purchase, I’m still waiting for seller to send (and even feedback from seller) but the site gives them 12 days if shipping label is generated until order gets cancelled. So I’m 0 for 1 on first purchase. Also App will not let me log in. I’ve reset password multiple times but the app will not recognize my user name/password. I can log in to the site on the internet each time I change my password so it seems to be an app thing (or maybe it’s just me….). Wanted to really like this site as I think it’s a great thing but so far have had a bad experience.
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1 year ago, Nerdta$ticcccc, :)
If I could give 0 stars…
If I could, I would. I sold a bat last week, using my own shipping label from USPS, the seller offered me a price, which I accepted and said I would cover $10 of the shipping, which, of course I would not know until I actually shipped it. When my bat arrived at the buyers home, they sent me a receipt (after 72 hours per agreement) and instead of crediting me with the $10 in shipping charges (which I already paid) they charged me, on top of their ridiculous fee to sell. So now I have paid over $53 to ship the bat and there is no easy way to communicate with them…I will never use this service again and will advise everyone I know to do the same.
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12 months ago, Deon Hymes
Its honestly a pretty good app
I hated my terrible school issued gloves but was not tryna pay $130 for lacrosse gloves so I when I found out about this app I gave it a try and if you look hard enough there are really good deals, you can find expensive items at around half of the retail price but the only bad thing is that the shipping costs are usually like $14. Planning on getting a new defense head soon and already found some steals.
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3 months ago, hitheredude
I primarily use this platform for hockey gear - goalie gear in particular and just made my first purchase this past week. Sideline swap is so simple and seamless to use as a buyer and I look forward to utilizing it as a seller as well. The selection is fantastic and the way it’s set up makes navigating to whatever you are looking for a breeze. Wish I started using it sooner but look forward to utilizing it moving forward!
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2 years ago, Betty_b23
Awesome app!
I never knew this app existed until I went to hockey world in Indianapolis Indiana and they told me about this. I am so excited how fast my items have sold. It’s so amazing that they give you a shipping label and all you have to do is print it out. Then you drop your package off at the post office. I couldn’t believe how easy this was. At first I was like, this is too good to be true. I will definitely keep selling items here!!!!
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2 years ago, chickenfingers9
Love it
I recommend Sideline Swap to every single locker room I’m in. As a beer league player you always want to try out the newest and coolest sticks/skates etc but don’t want to pay the astronomical prices that go up every year. On sideline swap you get the opportunity to get those same items gently used for a discounted price. At this point I’ve replaced every single piece of equipment I had from college with gear I’ve gotten through swap.
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6 years ago, TheMickVet
Essential to a disabled veteran nonprofit
As the Director of our disabled veteran nonprofit, I can attest to the quality of people who are selling their items on SidelineSwap. We have purchased several items for our organization and have successfully negotiated to meet our very tight budget. Without SidelineSwap and the high caliber of people on this site, we would not have found the small successes that we have had in getting our program equipment.
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5 months ago, Sexybrunette13
Could not be happier!
I love using this app it makes it so easy to buy and sell gear! We have 3 hockey players, one is a pint sized goalie and another is a pint sized defensemen, I snowboard and all 5 of our family ski. When the kids grow out of their gear before it’s even broken it used to be a pain to find someone who needs it, this made it so simple! I recommend this to all my friends with kids in sports it’s the best!
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6 years ago, Augusta2222
Easy Money
Super easy to list items, and mine sold within a few days. You’ll get more for the items than you would selling it to a used equipment store. FYI- if you use the postage label option they give you, make sure you ship it that day, or the next. If you don’t, they might not take it because of the date. It happened to me. Even if you re print it, the label still has the old date on it.
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6 years ago, La zaga
The selling fees are too high
If you’re planning on making a profit of anything as a reseller do not come to this place. Their selling fees are outrageous, after selling your items you have to wait till the buyer receives it and accept as advertised, if by any chance the buyer is a dishonest or scammer you can easily lose your item and the money. You can send anything to anyone and if they decide they don not want to pay for it, they can claim it as “wrong item” “defective” or “not as advertised” and send you a piece of brick back that weights the same as the item you’ve sent him and thats it because the buyer always have the right for sideline apparently. A total waste of time and money👎🏾
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2 years ago, Sleepy1800
A few tweaks would help
I buy and sell a lot with the app. It’s got some great features, especially the ease of shipping when you sell something. It would be nice if the buyers were incentivized to accept the item they received as quickly as possible. The issue is that a seller may package and ship the item very quickly, but once they receive it, they don’t bother accepting it. This means that the seller must wait 72 hours to receive their money.
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3 weeks ago, Sammyb17
Great Site
This is a great place to buy and sell used sporting equipment. Sideline has it all figured out. You just have to fill in your details and box up/weigh your packaged item. Then, take it to the post office once it sells. I love that you have options for payout. You can choose gift cards to places. Some even give you a boost. Sideline has really helped me clear out some usable sports equipment.
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3 months ago, ejtanz1
Bat lasted 2 games
I bought a bat from this website thinking I would get a quality used bat. I get the bat and cosmetically it was pretty rough and looked like someone used a cleaner to try to make it look nicer. I was considering returning it, however my son’s season was getting ready to start and I didn’t hear a rattle, so I kept it. I regripped it and found a Play It Again Sports label on it under the old grip. Long story short, the cap cracked and there was a rattle after 2 games. Unfortunately, the 72 hours that you get to return it does not afford you enough time to see if the bat is going to fail. Over $100 down the drain.
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