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Sierra Trading Post
Last update
1 year ago
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8.2 or later
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User Reviews for Sierra Official

2.22 out of 5
591 Ratings
6 years ago, Tryintoshop
Many aggravation’s
I have written to Sierra’s IT Department about this software. It seems since the original owners sold the company to TJMax, Home Goods and Marshal’s, the program app has more bugs to keep you annoyed. 1. The pictures are way to small so you have to click on them to see if it’s an item you might want. No window shopping. 2. Now that you see the item, decode you will add it to your cart or just go back to the selection screen, be ready to click back four to ten times through products you didn’t want to see to get there. That’s EVERY time you click to see an item. Frustrating. 3. You’re looking at products and everything is fine, then bam program closes and returns to your home screen.
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3 years ago, LEHNYC
Wish list, cart update are excruciating; no joy for return customers
Sierra has some great deals, especially if you are a new customer. As a repeat customer, the extra discounts go away and you are subjected to insult after insult by this app. I usually shop on my iPhone. My wish list is unmanageable because this app is unbearably slow. The shopping cart I abandoned last time I tried to shop now taunts me with “this item has sold out and will be removed from your shopping cart”— the item is still in the cart and contributing to the cart total. Each item I must remove one at a time, with a painful 5-10 seconds and total screen rewrite after each deletion. I assume the “SHOP SIMILAR” button was meant to entice me to look at related items to the one sold out: epic fail. Clicking “SHOP SIMILAR” brings up the product detail page of the out-of-stock item with the apology “ we’re sorry, this item is sold out.” Duh, I knew that. Thanks so much.
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5 years ago, Gloria Khoathangre
Excellent App
After trying to shop via the website on my Apple iPad, I grew quite frustrated. I was really wanting to shop but didn’t want to go to a PC desktop. Now, my reviews on the App Store probably total 2 including this one. After reading the reviews on this app, I can only think they are older reviews. The app is flawless. I think the way they set up the filter menus is awesome. It’s just enough information to allow you to click further. Checkout was simple and I’m strongly recommending this for Apple iPad! FYI, not a shopper of this store often, maybe once a year, but I will most likely shop more now that the app is installed and shopping is a pleasure. Thank you.
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3 years ago, nonvenomous sn8ke
doesn’t work for me
This is the only app that doesn’t work on my iPad. After installing you click on the app icon to open it and you briefly see the Sierra logo type. Then a blank screen appears for about a minute and then it prompts your location app preference. I choose always when app is used. Then a blank screen appears again and nothing. The blank screen remains forever and you never get the interface for the Sierra site. I’ve deleted this app, restarted the iPad, and reinstalled many times and it still doesn’t work. I am experiencing what other reviewers have indicated. Also, the app never shows up on the iPad’s settings even when installed. This seems to be an o dictation of something definitely wrong as the iPhone version does have settings ability. From the App Store, I click the link for developer support and it opens up the Sierra app and I get a blank screen again. Not sure how to get any further support if it’s redirecting me to an app that clearly is not working. The Sierra app has stopped working for me since earlier this year and the app updates do not seem to make it work any better. What a disappointment that it seems they don’t check out to make sure that their app works on all iOS devices.
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4 years ago, Appleuser765338
Worst shopping experience
Wow, Sierra! I have been a loyal customer for many, many years. This app makes me not shop here now. It is infuriating how long it takes to do simple things. The way you have to filter like 6 times just to get to a category (say, men’s winter coats), and then when you scroll through many options and select an item, it sloooowwwwly opens. Then when you try to simply click the back button to get back to the list of items (that took you 6 selections to achieve), it does not take you back to your place in the list of items you were scrolling through. Oh no. It brings you through about 10 other items you have no interest in before bringing you back. Forget it. I would rather spend my money elsewhere. Your website developers truly did a disservice to this company.
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4 years ago, innisart
The only thing worse than the app is their website
Pages fail to load, particularly the shopping cart. You might try for hours to open your cart and edit items (including just removing items which takes several minutes each - when it works and when doesn’t just take you back to the home page). “Saved for Later” items which are sold out cannot be removed. I had failures happen at point of purchase that were so time consuming, I just gave up and purchased elsewhere. It’s a total mess. They’ve lost hundreds of dollars from me this year alone... multiply that by the number of prospective customers, and the company is losing quite a bit of money because of this terrible app. It really needs to be overhauled, but the company hasn’t prioritized it.
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4 years ago, Swim_r_mom
So annoying!
I love Sierra Trading Post but this app is SO annoying! As far as I can tell there is no way to sort products by brand or price. If you click on an item it can take a long time for that item to download, then if you click to go back to the list, it takes you to another item page. Click again and you will go back to yet another item page. Eventually you will get back to the list (usually). Then, the app will decide you have seen enough, and take you to a page that says you are not permitted to see the item page. The quality of everything I’ve bought thru Sierra has been excellent, but they really went cut rate on their app!
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6 years ago, sdwood
This app is frustrating enough that it’ll push you to shop on other retail apps! No idea why it continuously decides to show me 4-10 different items (that I hadn’t previously looked at) when I try to back out of an out item I’ve clicked on to check the details/info. It’s extremely frustrating and can be time consuming. Most people don’t have the luxury of just sitting around shopping online all day, they catch a quick 15 minutes here or there and do some retail therapy/pick me up. This app is definitely not up to par if they’re trying to reach the on the go, working, “I don’t have all day” to hit the back button on your app, demographic.
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1 year ago, KCkyky
Convenient Way To Shop
I use the app all the time to shop more often than my wife and bank account would probably like me to with that being said it is right on par with other store apps for shopping. I rarely have problems and when I do, like an app glitch, restarting the app always fixes the problem. All apps have problems here and there and Sierra is no better or worse plus you get amazing deals in your shopping adventures.
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5 years ago, MTblueslover
Filtering is buggy
I just downloaded the app. I filtered on the brands I wanted to look at; I filtered in my size both in US and Euro. I received 3 options in Romika. I tried endlessly to remove filters one at a time using the “X” in applied filters and that didn’t remove any of them. I attempted to remove all filters and that froze the filter page. Based on the other ratings, you need to invest some $ into app development or your sales are going to dive. It is an online shopping experience so that pretty much sums up where some real effort should occur. I will be deleting the app for now. I hope someone is listening. Ouch.
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5 years ago, RaucousRaque
Fix Your App, Or Continue To Lose Business
There is a special place in my heart for the TJX family of businesses. I want to spend money with them! This is however, hands down, the most frustrating e-commerce app I have encountered!!! And the mind-boggling thing is, it has been this way for over a year! Does this company realize how much business they are losing because they won’t fire/hire developers to fix this absolute mess? It’s holiday shopping time and your app won’t load product options, scrolls through random items, is totally bug-ridden, crashes, etc... I am literally forced to go elsewhere to shop because I can’t get it done on your app. There is a special place in hell for this app.
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5 years ago, lisa schauer
Great website, AWFUL app.
This is quite frankly the worst shopping app for a large company that I’ve ever used. As other reviews have mentioned, it’ll drive you crazy enough to go back to the mobile site or shop at another retailer altogether. The back arrow continually cycles through individual products instead of taking you back to the section you were browsing, load times are abysmal, pictures don’t enlarge reliably if at all...I could go on, but instead I’m going to delete this garbage and use Safari to browse the site instead. Shocked that this made it through any kind of product testing, also surprised that I’m making the same complaints that I’m seeing on year-old reviews.
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6 years ago, VinceLiguori
It is the best store I have a shopped in , I have saved hundreds of dollars on top quality items. I have recommended Sierra to all my friends and family and have encourage them to do so as well. The online experience has also been a pleasure. The ease and simplicity of ordering and having the ability to have the in-store pick up feature is a godsend. Hats off to Sierra and their friendly staff to making my shopping experience uncompromising!
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5 years ago, tolchocker
Super handy!
Lots of fun browsing through outdoor gear deals. I prefer this app experience over the web experience. The new update fixes previous bugs. ---- I love this app and have used it for years. However the most recent release is broken on the iPhone 8+. The primary navigation button that is supposed to take you back to the previous screen now acts completely arbitrary, taking you to items you've never viewed. Wait for an update.
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4 years ago, Blah bloopy
What Happened?
I have made many purchases using the STP app over the years. I’ve also been thrilled as Sierra has expanded their brick and mortar presence near my home. This is one of my fave retail outlets - online and in-store. My big question and frustration is - how do you take an app that worked reasonably well for many years and mess it up so badly that it won’t even load? I get white screens now on my iPad Pro, older iPad. And - it’s been over a month since the update that ruined the old app and no update? Come on guys - how much revenue do you think you are losing because you can’t get this right?
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5 years ago, SheRunsFar
This app continues to disappoint
I have never liked this app, and I keep trying to use it because I love Sierra Trading Post. The app makes shopping so cumbersome that I don’t ever end up buying anything. If you click on an item to view the details, you get stuck either not being able to go back to the page with item thumbnails or when you do finally (mysteriously, because it isn’t consistent) get back, you’re at the top of the search again, even if the item you clicked on was several pages from the top. It’s a total time waster and it makes me angry. I give up.
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2 years ago, AbbeyJKW
Love, love, LOVE the store but not the App!
I love everything about Sierra Trading Post except the app - and quite honestly, their web page isn’t any better. Very long load times and navigation glitches. More often than not, I see something I’d like to buy and by the time I shop to get my cart to the free shipping amount I’m so annoyed I just give up on all of it. It’s unfortunate. But, I e never been disappointed with what I buy and about 1/4 of the time I actually make it through to check out.
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6 years ago, MsMagpie
I wanted to like this app
So many bugs. The back button instead of taking you to list view, takes you through several other items (really bad form for suggested selling? Well, I hate it). The app will close randomly. You can never tell why or why not your discount has been applied. The shopping cart loads weirdly on screen and so many other shopping prohibitive bugs that I most times I just leave and go shopping on an easier app that offers the same product but without the same bugs. I love shopping with STP, but this app makes it difficult.
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6 years ago, tickle torture tortoise
Not working well
I have had their app for years. This version is not on par with the previous iterations. Freezes up. Crashes. When trying to go back it will be in a random item detail page. Sometimes you have to back up 6-7 times before you are back to the page you were at. Long time Sierra customer. Not really happy about it but I will continue to be patient while they sort it out.
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6 years ago, SJ95125
Why did you change the surfing in the app?
I loved the consolidated view of Women’s or New for example. When surfing those items you could go back and for to the consolidated view or if you selected filter ( women’s/ footwear etc) back to that specific consolidated group viewing. Now when you hit the “back” button it takes you to the previous item that you were viewing in the consolidated view. An item you may have passed over and not wanted to see at all. Very frustrating as you need to set up the filters all over again to get back to your original place. CHANGE IT BACK!! I love STP but hate this bug!
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5 years ago, @Edie
Gave up trying to shop STP for the last year.
I have been so frustrated by this discouraging website that I have just given up. I have come back after a year, and it is worse than ever. The site shuts down, flips back to the first page, or just plain stops working. When I start again I have to fill out the forms all over again, wait for the downloading process, and for it to find the products that I want. Each time I want to see a different item within the same brand I have to start all over again. I’d love to buy a down coat, but once again I have given up. YOU JUST DONT WORK ON ANY OF MY DEVICES. GOODBYE. S. T. P.
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8 months ago, GG245777543236
Ridiculously bad
This app and the website are embarrassingly horrible. So. Many. Bugs. It takes literally minutes to do anything even delete an item from your cart. 85% of the time I give up and buy the item elsewhere. I know there are thousands who have done the same. You’d think by now the people in charge would make improvements but it’s been years and the app and sites of all TJX companies remain notoriously horrible. Almost makes you wonder whose daughter (or whatever) got that job. I mean WHY not want to improve? It’s simple business 101 (??)
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6 years ago, Selfieonthemoon
Truly Awful App
I can’t even believe this app went through any testing. It is horrible. Pages take forever loading. When pressing the back button, it doesn’t return to the previous page. Instead, it will bring up items that were never even viewed. There is no rhyme or reason to the back button, at times I have to push the back button upwards of 15 to 20 times to finally land on the original viewing page. And it seems that the more the app is used, the worse this problem becomes. Please fix this. Until then I’ll be shopping elsewhere.
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5 years ago, lamespice
This comes and goes every other upgrade. I will search for something and it will never load and the app will crash. Or I will click on cart and it will say loading loading loading and then just sit on a blank page or crash. One thing that bugs is when I do search for something and click on an item, when I click to go back to the search results it will take me to another item in the search but I have to hit back 10-20 times and go through a bunch of items before it will take me back to the search results.
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3 years ago, BIgT1976
App has quit working
I have used the STP app for awhile, but recently it has completely quit working on my iPad. When I open the App, I get the ‘Sierra” logo, and then the screen just goes white. No gestures, tapping, closing and reopening, or anything else will bring anything but the white screen. Deleting and reinstalling the app also did not correct the problem. The app failure seems to have coincided with the installation of iPad IOS ver. 14.2 on my gen 5 iPad. I do not know whether that is just coincidence, but the timing is suspicious. The website still works fine, and the app continues to work on my iPhone, just not on the iPad.
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4 years ago, Bwarlick
Awful App
Yet another reason TJX ruined Sierra Trading Post, this App! Previous reviews are correct. When you select an item to view and want to go back to the main search screen you have to click through 4-7 items to get there. Not sure who’s the brain surgeon is that thought anyone would actually find this helpful to the user. It is just straight annoying and loses sales as I exit due to the frustration. That could be time spent for me searching for what I want. Also, I miss the Top line brands that STP used to offer and the coupons you got to go with them!
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6 years ago, Jfdtijctkng
So buggy
I love Sierra Trading Post, but this app is such a pain to use for browsing products it's almost not worth the effort. The main issue I've encountered is that when you click on an item to view it and then click the back button to return to the list of products to browse, it instead takes you through items you never looked at one at a time in a semi random order and eventually takes you back to the browse list. I hardly want to click on anything due to the frustration.
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5 years ago, Don't Worty
Terrible Awful Horrible Annoying Frustrating
This app is the absolute pits to use. It’s incredibly slow and when you click on an item to view more details, you can’t use the “back arrow” to return to the main shopping page. The back arrow takes you through 20 other items that you never viewed before. The absolute beauty of this garbage app is other customers like me will give up trying to shop the site and those who have all the time in the world can score the better deals.
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5 years ago, No Name 3399
Love the merchandise, terrible app!!!
I am a technology expert, and I could write an entire essay on how abysmally bad this app is... but it is simply a completely untested and bug-ridden amateur product. Almost nothing works consistently, navigation is terrible - gets lost and stuck all the time, app freezes and crashes constantly, saved account information gets messed up and corrupted weekly, and I had to completely remove and reinstall this app 4 or 5 times in few weeks, because it just plain stopped working. Disgrace!
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3 years ago, lorkybrd
TJX Rewards Certificates Aren’t Working
I’ve been trying to use valid TJX Rewards certificates on both your app and website for months now, and have even contacted Sierra, who told me to contact Synchrony, who told me to contact Sierra again who tells me to contact TJX, back and forth nobody helps. $400 in rewards will expire and be completely lost. I only opened the TJX account to shop and earn rewards through Sierra, so as a very long term and great customer, I’m very’s prevented me from spending on your website and will until the certificates work.
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5 years ago, Ronald Neub
This app works well to search for items. It really struggles to set up an account, or add a payment method. When typing in a box it will seemingly at random remove the keyboard and not let you type anymore. When adding payment options you hit submit, it refreshes the page and deletes all of the information you just put in. Had to redo the whole order through the computer.
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5 years ago, Mercurial
Never works
Update for v3.0: Still broken. I’m firmly convinced you don’t actually want to sell anything as neither the website nor the app EVER work. The cart will NEVER load in the app. And the website is so painfully slow and impossible to navigate I haven’t shopped with you in over a year (and it used to be monthly) because life is too short to waste on crap websites. Get it together, man!! Previous: Impossible to buy anything if the app is so painfully slow and the cart never loads. Well done.
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1 year ago, SkyEditor
Still a pretty bad app
Yeah, it’s still too often either buggy or it won’t take you where you want to go. Been a loyal, frequent customer for over 20 years, but wow they’ve started letting things lapse - both this app and desktop browsing, trying to track your orders for instance. If I see changes for the better, I’ll for sure put an update here. I used to love these guys!
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6 months ago, Greatbbeett
The App is no good
You can spend hours searching for items in the app, adding it to the cart and then when you go to check out, there’s nothing in the cart. If you are lucky enough to get something in the cart, checkout is also difficult. I sometimes have to checkout several times before I receive confirmation. It’s scary because it leaves you unsure if you will be double charged. Too much work. I’m moving on.
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4 years ago, Solstice Sun
Great store, terrible app
This is not an intuitive app at all. It’s difficult to see any products - you have to click on the pic, but when you go back, you’re not taken to the previous screen, you’re taken to all of the previous products. You have to close the app, reopen, and try again. I shop this store often, but have avoided it lately due to the irritating format they’ve created.
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6 years ago, Mr. Jiffy
Nice idea, but bugs, bugs and more bugs
Nice app idea, but it keeps freezing and not loading information on items. Also, the app lags behind your scrolling through items. I’ve emailed the development team to give them feedback but haven’t heard anything. Have uninstalled this app several times, but now is off my device until the bugs are resolved as it is very annoying.
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3 years ago, Lekfx
White screen, zero functionality.
Ive shopped STP for decades, saved thousands, and now I never do. This app opens from any email they send and it is COMPLETELY messed up, since over a year. I get a WHITE SCREEN with NO graphics visible, and it wil not change no matter how I click, keystroke, etc. iPad Pro2, latest OS, works fine in every other way. Ive deleted the app and reloaded it many times now. They seem completely numb to this problem. I miss when STP was not owned by Marshalls.
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6 years ago, NoOutlanderForMe
Back button dirty tricks!
This version has much better display on iPad but it infuriatingly messed with the back button so if you tap on the item details and try to go back to the list, it forces you to look at the detail views of ten other items before you go back to the list you were looking at. HATE HATE HATE HATE that. Much rather use mobile web.
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4 years ago, DirtyDann0
Doesn’t work...needs to be fixed
There is almost always glitches with the app but since the last update it does not work at all... I love the store STP but the app makes it extremely hard and annoying to shop there. Seriously if the company is reading these reviews at all, my advice is to spend a little bit of time and money on putting out a better functioning app, so that we can buy your products!
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4 years ago, Eyal Salseroshtein
Annoying app
This app starts very nice but then as soon as you click on an item to see its details and you click the back button to go back to the store, the app forces you to look at 5-7 items of its choosing. This happens every time you click on an item. This is annoying and I dread using it. I will do my shopping elsewhere. Who knows what OTHER shady and unethical features are buried within this app. Stay away.
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7 years ago, Lisasport
Much easier to shop now, just wish it would automatically add my most recent coupon. That being said, I have shopped the app regularly for my summer wardrobe and gifts
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3 years ago, TJD100
Doesn’t open on iPad. Works poorly on iPhone
The site used to be reasonable, before it became a part of TJMAXX. Even back then, you had to do a lot of work to filter a search, one element at a time, then back to the results. Now it won’t even open on my iPad. I have deleted and reinstalled the app in every way possible, to no avail. From reading the other reviews, it is clear that the company has not prioritized fixing this.
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5 years ago, valegirl23
Impossible to shop from app
Horrible app - great place to shop..App lags when you choose department to choose from on phone and tablet. Once you select item to look closer or add to cart, it is impossible to get back to your place in the previous page. App makes you go back through tons of items to get back to original page with many listings. I love to shop here, but app is causing me to stop.
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12 months ago, AprilDames
Impossible to open shopping cart
Sierra needs to fix their app—since there are years of complaints, apparently they don’t care that they’re losing a LOT of business due to said app issues. Says volumes about how highly they value their customers. Since the app won’t let me access my cart, I have no other choice but to shop elsewhere. What a shame.
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2 years ago, Rangerman22
Absolutely awful. You are better to login from the website to place orders online. This app is crap. I could not even complete my order or edit online.I finally had to call to place order. The employee could not even log into my cart and see what I had. I had to read to her all the item numbers and start over. Pathetic.
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6 years ago, macljackl
Make it user friendly, not capture more $$$ from me
There is no reason to have to skip back through items I don’t want just to get back to the previous page. Takes away goodwill that Sierra has built up over the years. Shortsighted money grab to get you to buy more things but just a turn off!
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7 years ago, Jsieb
Current version 2.0.4 crashes constantly
Previous versions of this app were great. This one is full of pretty significant bugs. When browsing items searched by brand or type, the app will crash almost without fail when you scroll more than a third down the page. Just searching some terms will make the app crash itself. Checkout seems to be broken and when I go to the cart and click checkout it processes for a moment but doesn’t advance to the next screen. New layout isn’t as good, uses tiles instead of rows. Customer service has been bad at helping. Best solution they offered is to reinstall the app, which I did, but made no difference.
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7 years ago, CharlieCQ
Easy to use
Have used this app for over a year and have had no issues so far. It is easy to use and makes shopping quick and simple.
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3 years ago, Staple10
“Remove all out of stock” button
Please add a “Remove all out of stock” button from your cart. It should not take me an hour to remove each item I carted that sold out. This is soooooo ridiculously slow on your app. I can not explain how annoying it is. I don’t order because it takes too long and I give up. This is dollars lost!!!!!
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7 years ago, Meganthegreat1
New version crashing
Have loved using this app for a while now. The latest version however has had a lot of issues with crashing during searches and clicking on various parts of the app like store locator. Please work to fix this soon for the holiday season!!
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