SIMON: Malls, Mills & Outlets

4.9 (21.2K)
61.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Simon Property Group
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for SIMON: Malls, Mills & Outlets

4.86 out of 5
21.2K Ratings
6 years ago, Frequent painter
Great app
I read all the bad reviews, but I have no complaints at all. Perhaps there were some updates before I started using the app, because it works great for me. It provides all the information I could possibly need to easily navigate the mall and find everything I’m looking for. It has a great search function, detailed mall maps and even gives you advise about the best entrance to use to get where your going so you know where to park. Love it!
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1 year ago, Rancho Mirage Viking
Worst App Ever!
Yesterday I was at Desert Hills and needed to relieve myself before hitting the road. Logic would dictate placement of restrooms at the entrance from the parking garage, but this isn’t a logical place, so I struck out there. I looked for way faring signs, but this shopping center doesn’t have them. I walked all the way to the electronic directory, but one side wasn’t working, and the other side was monopolized by senior citizens searching in vain for “that twenty place[?]” Already exasperated by now, I pulled out my phone and launched the Simon app. It kept trying to get me to sign up for something but eventually I was able to find a way to move past those screens and find the map. I typed in “restroom” and the result was, “No Stores, Restaurants Or Amenities Matched Your Search” – so this huge destination outlet center has no restrooms??? Since there are no humans employed to operate an information booth, I gave up and figured I’d use the Caltrans rest stop a few miles away, but luckily an employee (that wasn’t there before) was smoking on a bench when I returned to the garage entrance and he was able to direct me to the unmarked facility. Clearly this app has major flaws and cannot be relied upon.
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3 years ago, thnyc
Rarely loads
The app barely loads or works. It takes several minutes to scan for a mall nearby - it should save your favorite or last used and go there first but each time you access it, you have to wait. Then it prompts you to join various clubs - each time. If you try to sign in but you forgot your password, the app hangs and you have to restart it. 20 minutes later I am still trying to get a map of a nearby mall. This app prioritizes advertising to you over the user experience of just wanting to see hours, directories or maps. Is it any wonder that malls that cater to last decade do not care about the online user experience even if that experience is mobile and walking around their stores?
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3 weeks ago, Simplejeff
Clients success is your success
Mall of Georgia is a great experience. Creating an app platform and making it a platform for your clients success is a strategic investment worth making. You should keep investing here and make it a platform where real estate meets virtual estate and make customers walk in not only from from US but from the globe.
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9 months ago, Soitsme
This app is rough on the edges. Needs work. Parts don’t fit properly on an iPhone 13 Pro. There are two Simon’s properties of interest the first is an outlet. It offer a “vip” sign up to get deals/discounts. Sign up was ok. Second property was a mall. Offers a be in the in to get sale etc notifications. Went to sign up. It absolutely requires an income and a day of birth not just month year, unlike the previous outlet sign up. That’s a no. You don’t need that info. Also, how about a dark mode. 2 stars.
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2 years ago, Long Tall Blonde
Top shopper
Living in Las Vegas is a shopper’s dream. Not just for me but those who I buy for. From age 1 month to 80 I can the perfect gift every time. And always find special things for me and other loved one. I feel safe there, great security! Love my time at Premiun Outlet. See you there!
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2 years ago, rodzryan
Slow, poor search results, and not friendly for mall workers.
The app loads very slowly. Search results are often very off. For example search atm, or Apple and you’ll see several results that are very off. I work in the mall, and only use this app to help customers, but I don’t find it very helpful. I wish there was a second version of the app for mall workers that could show me side entrances and exits. I understand that might be a security hazard, but would be super helpful.
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4 years ago, hehgdbdnckensoqppqpqpq
Overall Weak App
The app is weak as in many of the things you expect it to do it won’t. It only shows directions and doesn’t show you any of the products. Let’s assume you wanted a shirt from Levi’s so, you click on the Levi section and it only says what entrance is nearest and it gives you options to Uber or call the store. Images are blurry and everything is zoomed in. And the directions are bland it says something like “ near Starbucks” it’s kinda bad.
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3 years ago, JessJadeB
It the best app for finding your way through malls and to find stores in the malls using the maps of the malls. I also like the notifications about the events that are happening or the ones that are upcoming.
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8 months ago, Smarter than ever now!!
So I just started to use this app today, and instantly I got recommendations from my favorite malls special discounts, information for specific stores, and more things from my most favorite mall. Prepared for when I leave to head there tomorrow is great
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2 years ago, OnceRndomalwaysRndom
Very seldom do I find a shopping mall app that is actually useful. This makes finding deals and discounts super easy. The purpose of it is to make your shopping venture easier and it definitely delivers.
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2 years ago, Philly Girl 55
Simon Says Shop!
This is an excellent location! Although the Allen location is outside, this allows you the opportunity to enjoy fresh air breaks. The deals are steals and worth the search. Bring your eye for finding the Best Buys and be patient to enjoy this shopping experience. If you get hungry, there are fantastic restaurants all around the Allen Premium Outlet. Take a break and get back to the outlets, refreshed, fed and ready to shop til you drop!! I love it and I’m sure, you Will too. Happy Shopping!!
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1 year ago, Wjqmichael
Impossible to search for deals
The filter and the search box for deals are not working. Not sure if I am using it in a wrong way, but the result simply doesn’t show up. The only way to find the deal for my target store is to scroll over a really long list…
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2 months ago, novak djokovic 2.0
Simon App
This is the best app I have for shopping because whenever I am traveling and looking somewhere to shop. I’m always looking at this app to look for malls to go to. 5 out of 5 stars worthy!
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6 months ago, Zelda3d
Simon app
The Simon app very useful easy to use love where it tells you the store is great the developers were great Friendly would recommend to all
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3 years ago, iNexxFear
Please update
This app while functioning and works really needs an update to support the larger iPhone screens, and fix issues accessing the bottom of the lists and probably a few other advanced features available in the new operating systems. Being 4 years old I think it’s time for a refresh!
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3 years ago, Kleber Maia
Be aware
The deals in the app are way worse than the ones found on the website. They probably think that’s a “fair price” to pay for convenience!? On the website, searching for my preferred store, I see 20% off on purchases of $100 or more, while on the app, that’s only an underwhelming 10% off on purchases of $100 or more. That’s dishonesty, pure and simple.
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7 years ago, xgh
Not worth much
If it's running properly on my iPad mini 4, iOS10.x, then it's a very poorly designed app. The only way to locate a store on the map is to call up an overlay. After requesting directions, the overlay does not go away. It covers the route and location. Dismissing the overlay, dismisses the store you're looking for as well. I can't figure out how to work around this absurdity.
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6 years ago, Brandon Franco
Optimize for iPhone X and iPhone Plus
Please optimize your app for the larger phones. The colors and features of the app are pretty good. This app looks it hasn't been updated since the iPhone 5S.
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7 months ago, AlishaD.
Truly useless map
I wish I could leave 0 stars for this app. I downloaded it to use the map. It doesn’t tell you where you are so you can’t figure out how to get to where you need to go in relation to your current location. Also the Deals button did not work. It simply looped me back to the original location.
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1 year ago, Intelligent mom
Map improvements
A feature should be added to map to flag the stores I want to visit. When I open the map it should highlight all the stores I flagged that will help plan the route to follow.
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2 years ago, Bless bang
Mr. boulos
Rose field Simon shopping center is a great place for shopping and dinning In Nassau county . Hope businesses gets better so the shopping center would thrive more for the good of Nassau county
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2 years ago, 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚒𝚢
Love it!
This app made it so easy to find coupons navigate and so much more!
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1 year ago, Ash251712
Easy to use
This app is super easy to use and saves us money and time at the outlets!
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3 years ago, Mr Roger22
Great app
Great Application easy to navigate super helpful lots of great coupons
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7 years ago, Hand1701
Horrible app
His has to be one of the worst apps out there. When you look for deals, they are not listed alphabetically by store name but by coupon. You got me right...COUPON. E.g. If one store has a Buy 1 get 1 free, this will be listers before "discounted by 50%" because wait for it....B comes before D. Who lists deals but the description of the deal. Asinine.
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7 years ago, KingPBP101
The app blanks out to much and I have to close out and restart it which is annoying seeing how the only thing I need is the map. And not to mention the layout of the keyboard and everything gives it away that the app really isn’t that up to date with the current IOS
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7 years ago, AAAlove1016
Impossible to maneuver
Ugh I don't know what happened but I was in the rewards program and this app makes it impossible to find anything. I cannot find my account anymore can't even find where to log in. I am pretty tech savvy but this app is just annoying and frustrating.
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6 years ago, Bumble_Z33
Not for directionally challenged person...
App requires you to pick the mall you want the map of. Should be automatic when you are IN THE MALL. It does not show the direction you are facing so you have to know where you are facing. Other that that, the map is helpful.
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2 years ago, Therese 4 Jesus
Not user friendly
Worst website, hard to use, and is difficult to find coupons.
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2 years ago, Racesor
Bad App
You get bombarded with “JOIN THE VIP CLUB” and when you finally do. The navigation is clunky. Once you get enter your email, password, first and last name. As soon as you click the date of birth field, the ENTIRE APP CRASHES. Please fix this major flaw with your app.
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4 months ago, Yubav2
W app
Gives you hella discounts so use it
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2 years ago, jsjsjcjxj
Love this app
Helps a lot at navigating in my local mall! (Haywood Mall Greenville, SC) Would definitely recommend!
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6 years ago, AliceMichele
Doesn’t work.
I tried their WiFi and my cellular and it kept saying to not be frustrated, lol. I wasn’t frustrated. Just wasted time and my battery downloading an app that won’t show me the map of King of Prussia Mall. Try it at home, not at the mall. I have an iPhone X. Maybe it’s an iPhone XI version?
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6 months ago, Consinho
Great gift ideas
Enjoying very much! Yeahhh
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2 months ago, Lih8
Does not sort stores alphabetically
When searching for coupons you have to eye ball numerous stores. Please sort them. Not user friendly. It should be an easy fix.
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3 years ago, Royalstream
You’re better off just using the web and google searches. This app is slow to load and the interface is just cumbersome to navigate.
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3 years ago, Another, not VIP
VIP Club redirects me to website & logs me out
Just used the app yesterday in Wrentham. VIP Club access redirects me to the website & I need to logjn there too. After maybe 60 minutes I need to login again to VIP Club. Extremely frustrating.
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2 years ago, bluecruiser
Still mutes my sound
Not sure why this app needs to mute my sound when opening. Plays video ad upon opening but there’s no sound in the video. STOP muting my sound unnecessarily!
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3 years ago, bb_photos
Doesn’t work on iPad Pro 2021
Doesn’t support rotation or keyboard input. Most recent review posted is 3 years old. Really? Decent and helpful app for iPhone, though.
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6 years ago, Megacycles
User Agreement
Way to excessive for me to read the entire document but from what little I did read is that you the consumer have no rights and Simon has every right. I ended up deleting the app before ever using it.
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7 years ago, Paulo DaSilva C
Good start
Adding multiple languages and user friendly route finder options would be welcome.
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11 months ago, Cbobyack
Doesn’t work
This all is crap it doesn’t work will not let me sign up for vip rewards and keeps freezing on sign up page. What a waste
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1 year ago, Jehan fahmy
Chicago premium outlet
It’s a wonderful mall …I like it soooo much
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2 years ago, Quadband
Doesn’t load
It took four restarts of the app to even get the TOS to load. Bad design; it’s a web app in a wrapper. Standing in the middle of one of your properties, allegedly with full 5G signal, and nothing will load.
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12 months ago, user19273651836
Not customer friendly
This is the worst app ever! Not at all customer friendly! Very difficult to search for or find a store offering VIP deals
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3 years ago, GixerEd
Luxe? VIP?
Seems like Luxe and VIP Club are separate logins, but they are both on the SPO website and not explained anywhere. This app adds no benefit for Woodbury Commons which is the largest outlet. Store search is horrible and poor AT&T service.
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7 years ago, J Stoltzfus
Map search useless
You had one job, mall app. Searching a map and starring a few stores to plan ahead where I’m going to park is the only reason anyone downloads an app for a shopping mall.
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2 years ago, ktraegde
Mall Return
It’s great to see that people are packing the Mall again! Love Pheasant Lane Mall!
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7 years ago, PaolaO.1030
Worse app Ive had
It wont even give you the option of sign in on your existing account, it doesn't have a search option, its TERRIBLE and useless.
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