Singapore Airlines

4.6 (29K)
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Current version
Singapore Airlines Limited
Last update
2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Singapore Airlines

4.59 out of 5
29K Ratings
1 year ago, ghaffar23
Singapore *always* gets me Home
It’s been now twice since US airlines have left me out hanging to dry — and each time, Singapore Airlines has taken Home and back. I’ve been making trips to my second home, Malaysia, since I was a child. It was only in the past six months in which a particular airline has either A., A poorly planned itinerary, or B., airlines tickets with myself and my 10yo son were booked on two different flights. For A, I received a call stating that I need a visa to enter Japan, so I had to burn the ticket. I used Singapore Airlines to get me Home the first time. For B, I got to Narita and had a transfer in Haneda. Got to Haneda and they informed me my son’s ticket and my ticket weren’t reissued at the same time, so my ticket was canceled and his we had to miss the flight. So there I was again, stuck — again, both times, I’ve used this phone app to make booking so painless and SQ was able to save my vacation. Nowadays, I don’t even care about the burned tickets; I will NEVER EVER use another US airline to get me to Asia. Thank you so much! Beautiful application with slick feel. As someone in IT with 10+ years experience — this is how it’s done. Everyone else take note, as all integrations work seamlessly. No lagging and infrastructure is tip-top.
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5 years ago, vickums
Mobile App is extremely buggy
I tried to check in on my ticket flight. First time app says my reservation is not ticketed, then I tried again, it says check-in cannot be completed, yet it sent me an email that check-in is confirmed. 4th time it finally happened - who has the time to fiddle with the app so many times? It does not give a clean and satisfactory user experience, Nor inspires much confidence for future use. And when I tried to generate the boarding pass, the app returned saying it had problems sending a boarding pass, yet I received an email with my boarding pass - what gives? This really does not inspire much confidence on the world’s best airline.
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1 year ago, lvic36
Singapore flight was fine but the way they handled us last May, leaves me selecting other airlines. We booked our flight through Singapore airlines. They put us on Alaska airlines for the first part of our trip. We were to catch a connection in California which was then to bring us to Singapore. Alaska was running 15 minutes late. I contacted Singapore air and Alaska air. They assured me I would make my connections. However, when arriving in California, both Alaska air and Singapore air did not offer any assistance in getting to our connection. We arrived to the gate 15 minutes before flight take off but because they closed the door, we could not board. Singapore gate attendant was rude and told us we needed to sleep in the airport and they would get us on a flight the next day. It was our 40th Anniversary and we were to be in Australia to care for our grandson while my daughter was in labor. Singapore air didn’t care. They refused to allow us on the flight, which sat st the gate an additional 10 minutes while we were sitting right there. They refused to assist us in getting a place to sleep. Finally, Alaska air offered to put us up for the night. We did not book through Alaska air but they were the one who came to our help. Singapore air, who the entire booking was through, did nothing. Gate staff was very cold and rude. We will not fly with them again
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11 months ago, China.Expat
1 star when it could be 4
The fact that their chat service doesn’t allow autocorrect and thus troubles you to correct spelling all the time is extremely frustrating. Despite having told their customer service to raise this with their app developers multiple times for the past 24 months, they haven’t done anything with it and it shows me, that SQ doesn’t care about wasting its travellers’ time and has no problem with this nuisance. It’s 2023, how can you not have corrective spelling on your live chat is beyond me. It’s the most basic thing. Additionally the app continues to crash when staying in the live chat for over 10-15 minutes. Had to start the same conversation over 3 times. Luckily I gave the last agent my number in case the app would crash (which it did!) so she could call me (which she did). Also can’t seem to login on the app since a few days. The Face Recognition gets activated, but despite it saying it’s OK, it not OK, as I cannot see my Account Details. 1 star for that. Otherwise potentially 4 stars.
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5 years ago, Rayzor15
Need to completely restructure the app
What is the purpose of the app, when every time I need to manage my bookings (as a Solitaire PPS member, I have multiple bookings), I am transferred to the local country website in the local country language where I have to re-login to the local website for EACH and EVERY request. My preferences are clearly in English so how am I supposed to understand the local languages of the local websites?!? This is ridiculous. Terrible experiences with this updated app.
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2 years ago, notafanofSIA
SIA is terrible
To whoever wants to read this: Singapore Airlines website, app, customer service, technology in whole are absolutely terrible. I truly do not even know where to begin on how frustratingly difficult it is to accomplish simple tasks like booking a flight. I tried to book on the website which did not work because there are continue buttons that do not work with no explanation why. So, I try the app and get to the payment option which did not work for my visa or Amex. So I try to Chat with Kris which gives me the message that I need to call Customer Service. I call customer service and the automated message tells me the hold is over an hour because of the pandemic and to chat with Kris. I don’t have enough expletives to describe how bad this experience was. Dear SIA - I hope you get your customer experience together. It is complete trash.
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5 years ago, drjoengUS
An App that was Just good!! better
Does what it says it will do. Some interfaces are still clunky, but good all round. Updating my review from before. I have high hopes for this newly launched app. Much faster, the interface is more consistent across pages and tabs, font style presentation has been cleaned up and overall has more slickness. Haven’t yet tried to book flights. Check is certainly much much much smoother and not even a little aggravating. Kudos SQ for catching up.
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2 years ago, kv755457754466456444
Customer service is non-existent
Seriously, non-existent. It’s not that their customer service is bad, it’s that they DO NOT HAVE customer service. My name is incorrect in some parts of their system. I’ve been trying for two weeks (via web form, chat, and phone calls where I waited on hold for 2+ hours) and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get any help. Singapore Airlines sells tickets and they have nice people staffing the ticket counter at the airport, but in between those two things is absolutely nothing. Now my flight is tomorrow, I’m unable to complete the online check-in, and I have no way of contacting anyone to fix this problem. I will never fly with this airline again.
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5 years ago, AWSSYM
Performance not consistent.
Sometimes the performance is so slow, it becomes irritating. There are some opportunities to improve user experience. Would have expected it to be upgraded after so long. For example, why do I have to enter the emergency contact each time? It’s the same people all the time.
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5 months ago, Zombie-runner
Horrendous waste of time - esp add bag and live chat.
Very clunky, especially parts that rely on website link. All kinds of gotchas re adding additional checked bags - forcing you to do it at airport for usurious blackmail prices. Chat support staff poorly trained, uninformed, powerless and slow. After over an hour with one got disconnected and couldn’t reconnect with her - next agent asked me to hold and disappeared for 40mins and never came back. Tried calling and agent incrementally better but still couldn’t resolve problem and promised call back before 7pm but now 8pm and no call back. SQ inflight staff are good but the rest of the company has withered, all blame goes to top management.
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10 months ago, Colvinang18
App needs work
Although Singapore airline is the best airline in the world. Even coming from a Malaysian. The app is missing some key things that other flight app offer. For one, boarding pass is only available 1.5 hrs before boarding. Why??? Many other apps provides them regardless. 2nd, the lack of implementation of adding the boarding pass to Wallet is annoying. I really hope this app can be as good as the food on the plane. Thanks.
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5 years ago, AKTACVIDOKOH
Bad Experience Design
First things first, I say this all as a designer myself. This app is badly designed. It doesn’t load quickly, there are many elements that aren’t properly scaled, the user interface is not completely intuitive. Beyond aesthetics and user experience though, the bigger problem is that it also doesn’t load quickly AT ALL and has glitches. I was unable to check myself in, and upon calling customer service they too were unable to help to figure out the issue. Additionally, the app does not display layover information, or how long each flight is, which seems too important to miss out.
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5 years ago, Bladerunnin
Sadly, the Best Airline has the worst App...
The UX design for this app is horrible. You’re better off just booking your flight directly from your laptop and not this app Very slow to respond. Though you are asked for your login credentials with in the app, when booking flights it redirects you to the website where you are asked AGAIN for login credentials. This is a hackers dream, a ‘redirect’. I would definitely NOT store my credit card or passport information with in this app. Very disappointed with Singapore, I would expect one of the best airlines, best customer experience to have one of the best apps providing one of the best user experiences.
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5 years ago, pseudodante
Takes forever to check in
Processing passengers’ information takes too long. Keep asking for same information for the return trip even though the same information was provided for all passengers during the first check in. For whatever reason, the algorithm to calculate 12 years old passenger age does not understand a 12 years old boy is still 12 years old until the 13th birthday causing all kinds of check in problems. Customer rep cannot help with check or explain why this the problem. Fix the speed and check in process. So frustrating.
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5 years ago, David Calypso Phuket
Check in online awful
I tried checking in on my Mac via the official website. When it came to giving passport details, it didn’t have the United Kingdom as an option. When I did the checking via my iPhone 6 on the official APP with a good WiFi connection, it was very sluggish each time I tried especially when trying to input my emergency contact country and phone number. The whole experience was horrible. I suggest you look at the online APP of Air Asia which always works smoothly and easy to use. Come on Singapore Airlines!
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5 years ago, Quotelover123
Web Apps don’t work
Singapore airlines new site is extremely slow & unresponsive. And one can easily guess, they just wrapped the webpage in to a web view, which is even worse. The new website (guess it was react based SPA), is super slow. Looks like either they pulled the app or the A/B test, but I don’t understand why big companies cut corners to save a few bucks at the expense of great customer experience- a responsive website wrapped in a mobile view can’t equal the slick experience a native app can give. And all the hype about native apps in JS is BS - review from a web developer who writes JS framework based web apps for a living.
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5 years ago, Sailormoon!
When it comes to booking a flight, its browser website hasn’t been the smoothest. The load is slow. Now the “enhancement” to the mobile app is just plugging in their browser website. It makes the mobile app experience even worse. Additionally functionally it is super buggy. Trying to redeem a flight. I searched for a flight. It brought me to the browser page within the app. I clicked on “check availability”. The page becomes non-responsive. I never got to be able to search for a flight. This is unacceptable! Please fix this!
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5 years ago, Big Mac guy
Worst app ever
First it’s slow as a sloth, then when I search for a flight it takes to other areas it made no sense! I used it for at least 20mins to find a flight from sfo to Tokyo and could get the info I was looking for. Absolutely worst app! This should make things easy for us to search and book flights but it is the complete opposite!! You might have great service on the plane but it is very difficult to get us on that plane! Hope you will fix these issues quickly and make it more user friendly like the other airlines have. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Pro_dinko
They canceled my flight and wouldn’t give a refund. It’s now 10 months I been desperately trying to get my refund for the canceled flights. If you go with this company just know when they cancel your flight you won’t get a refund. They will delete your e ticket number when they “escalate” the matter... they said they have processed the refund, but now after 8 weeks later they said “we never processed the refund”. SCAMMER BEWARE. Edit: It has now been 1 year and still NO REFUND. You won’t get one from this company.
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5 years ago, singaporechuck
eLibrary keeps crashing the app
I hope this gets fixed soon. Not only did I lose so many magazines previously downloaded into the previous app over several trips, the new app crashes every single time I try to open the e library
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2 years ago, Unhappy Customer - 2
Regular Flyer
The App check in is cumbersome. It asks for all the details again like Address, emergency contact, visa status etc - even though all this was entered when the ticket was purchased. It also asks for this for each passenger. Linking details to the first passenger doesn’t work for a child. Also it makes the man the first passenger. In our case I made myself the first passenger (female) when we made booking. We are a family of three. I also have a higher reward profile. Yet after the tickets were issued it made my husband the first passenger. This is annoying as I do all the admin with flights - and therefore would like to use my contact details not my husbands. Lastly with the App and website - the performance is unusually slow.
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7 years ago, winterjane
Freezes all the time
The app freezes all the time. I’ve upgraded to the latest version on iOS 11, and it hasn’t improved. When it freezes, the phone can’t be switched off for a short period of time. Not sure what’s taking so long for the SIA tech team to improve the core user experience. It’s been rounds of new updates since I wrote the review above, but nothing has improved. The app freezes and crashes upon launch. I love you SIA, but your tech team fails to meet the standard you set for your competitors.
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2 years ago, 2busyrunning
Love the airline, Not the app
Liked being able to check in early & meal & seat selection, but other things are not great - Problems with passwords, separating out adult travelers traveling together but having separate Singapore customer numbers…, re-entry of data such as home addresses (which seems like it would have been saved for duration of 10 day trip),
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5 years ago, narayanjr
Singapore Airline website
Even though we enjoy logging in SQ website there are certain issues or information are not displayed or not live for example 1 we have booked wheelchairs for two for our return trip too but information 2 the meals we Selected doesn’t display 3 The email response is too slow
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6 years ago, oberon77
Can’t even start the app
Ever since I moved to iPhone X the app has been hanging most of the time. On the rare occasions where it worked it would suddenly freeze mid transaction and I have to do it all over again. The straw that broke the camel’s back is this: I’ve not been able to start the app AT ALL for the last two days. Nothing new happened all other apps work fine. SQ, please attend to this as it’s really annoying that I can’t check and book my work flights on my phone and have to do it on the laptop. Thanks.
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1 month ago, CareSee
Good app though not perfect
I like the Singapore Airlines app. However, it’s not without bugs. Wanted to report a problem but couldn’t since it’s a free app and they are not accepting feedback on the app, hence this review. I used the live chat functionality right now and I just couldn’t see what I was typing. The message window does not resize so I can’t correct or see what I have typed. The message is seen once I hit the send key I’m using the latest version on a iOS platform Thank you
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5 years ago, Selby Sutherland
Issues: App would not let me add my frequent flyer account to my trip. When navigating there were times that it would reset. Realitively easy to navigate but bugs need to be fixed.
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6 years ago, thedons_rnm
Frustrating App
The app has not been well designed and is difficult to complete basic things like online checkin. When I select a field it takes a few seconds to respond so I assume it’s not working. It’s just very slow. Then once you’ve checked in you can’t use an electronic boarding pass and add it to your Apple wallet. The app also wouldn’t let me change seats. There were seats available but it just wouldn’t select them. Don’t know why but it’s just a frustrating app to use.
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4 years ago, Dušan80
Utter rubbish
This app is so embarrassing for Singapore Airlines and with every update it gets worse. The flight booking search is very broken and often results in an empty web page that is suggesting me to install the mobile app while I’m using the app. The old app was actually better and at least semi-functional. Trying to find a redemption flight using this app is as a special kind of torture. Stop investing in this unfixable webview-based garbage of the app and PLEASE build a proper NATIVE app and fix your backend search capabilities!
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1 year ago, M1T2F3
Performance could be better and not that user friendly
Some of the tools that are available in the app are not user friendly. For instance, the seat map for small flights loads in portrait mode. However for bigger flights, you just get a blank screen. Took me a couple of attempts to figure out that I needed to flip my phone to landscape mode to see anything.
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6 years ago, FantasyFeaster
Mobile App Needs Improvement
Tried checking in using the mobile app. The whole process took more than 10 minutes. It’s very slow.
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5 years ago, Struggling students
Suggested improvement
Love the AP only suggestion I would make is to allow it to save the last flyer reward card information. Obviously leave the option to change it but have it auto filled like all the other information. Other wise very handy application.
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3 months ago, Something Improbable
Airlines great, app subpar
Have zero problems with the airline, but the app is embarrassingly subpar. Why bother if the website is better, and the app reaches out to the website more often than not anyway? Take a look at the Delta app where the app is better than the website. Only case where this app was useful was letting me know about the carriage carousel. Come on, SIA, I know you can do better here.
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1 year ago, Y. P. K.
Not a world class airline
I booked my ticket online with an obvious mistake with the dates, leaving Singapore within one day after arriving from New York and traveling 24 hours to celebrate Chinese New Year’s. When I tried to rectify the error, I was charged a penalty for it. Being a Gold Krisflyer member was pointless , I tried to speak to the manager/supervisor to make my case but was refused. Would definitely think twice before booking this airline again.
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4 years ago, Jimito1969
Great app, every feature you need
I flew Singapore Airline for the first time from Seattle to Asia in Feb 2020, I am very impressed with all the functionality of the app. From seat map, meal ordering, checking in, it has everything you need and is easy to use and navigate.
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7 years ago, hooked on Singapore
A snap to use
Whether searching for a revenue or rewards ticket, it's easy to search and book, totally through the app. Starting Dec 7th., we will supposedly be able to view and book partner airline reward tickets as well.
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4 years ago, Christao408
Wonky functionality
This version of the SQ app has some wonky functionality. For example, during check in you can only edit frequent flyer info after you have checked in - not with the passenger information as you would expect. Hen you go to enter the frequent flyer program, before you can enter your membership number, the fields disappear! Not what I would expect from this airline.
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2 years ago, Mossyhairundys
Weird bugs
What’s the point of making the app when I have to end up using the website to do all the things? I feel like the app still has bugs and some stuff don’t show up. When I tried to check in, I had a “sorry something went wrong” error
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5 years ago, harishiva
Worst website for an airline
The fares does not update. I tried freaking 100 times and spent tons of hours booking online, still could not do it. I heard lot of good things about the airlines and wanted try this for the first time, but the website tanked its impression. They need to work on updating the price list. I don’t think I would spend more time to book this flight. The fare difference is huge for the website and the Singapore airlines customer service.
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5 years ago, Cpstan
Lousy app
Very slow. Often hangs. Not user friendly for navigating the options. Very often when I click for purchase options to get the price of tickets, I get redemption miles reflected, even though I am clicking through from promotional fares page.
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5 years ago, SurenderAireddy
Pretty straightforward and Easy
It is to check in online and straight forward!! I only got last row no other options are available that is only complaint..
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6 years ago, hsr no
Not very user friendly
I can’t add some boarding pass to my Apple wallet. No way to choose my meal preference from the app. Once I add the boarding pass to my Apple wallet, it doesn’t update boarding gate! Pls look at other airlines app, super intuitive
Show more
2 years ago, _mkumar
Best travel experiences
I’m not frequently travel to see my family who’s living in Indonesia, when i does I always choose Singapore airlines because of safety and comfortable
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5 years ago, lsdm!
Singapore Stop Over Holiday
Was a bit disappointed that though my reservation said Singapore stop over holiday and paying close to 220 dollars there was no clear details on my holiday reservation. When booking travel all pertinent Singapore stopover holiday details should be shared so customers do not face the same issues I faced with regards to my package. The details need to specifically cover information regarding what the package offers. This should also reflect on the App.
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7 years ago, heartprettythings
App needs an overhaul
The app freezes. Usually when I’m in a hurry and need to book a flight or check in on a flight. Causes my phone to crash. I have to force shut down my phone otherwise my phone just won’t work because of the SQ app. I’ve sent reviews and comments and suggestions many times through different channels. I still don’t see any improvement despite the updates. Please get this fixed.
Show more
4 years ago, Yury_A
What happened to ability to add meme bet ship card to Wallet
The app is getting better comparing to the utter crap it was 12 month ago. Still it rules too much on loading external web pages in embedded web browser. Also, what happens to the ability to add KrissFlyer card to Apple Wallet? Was the feature removed?
Show more
5 years ago, Karen Kit
Check in difficulty
Experienced some difficulties while checking in using The apps You cannot save information anytime you get to leave the site you have to get in and start all over again
Show more
7 years ago, Moogleii
Crashes. Information out of sync. Print doesn’t work
Crashed more than a few times. Data doesn’t seem to match what’s shown on the website. No e-ticket option presented to me. When I tried to print my ticket, it doesn’t actually let you scroll through the pages to see what it’s going to print. To top it off, it doesn’t actually present a print option. So “print” is just a broken pdf viewer.
Show more
6 years ago, xrmontana
Disappointing experience
Being a Singapore Airline product I must confess my expectations were high... but we’re ultimately disappointed. Passport scanner is very clunky, the check-in function displays an error message ‘on-line checking cannot proceed’ whilst generating a boarding pass anyway, which unfortunately can not be used to create an electronic Apple Boarding Pass. Could do better ! (From an otherwise fan of the airline)
Show more
5 years ago, Jibberer
Not an improvement
The new UX is not good. No ability to link to Apple Wallet any more. Hard to work out the Kris miles statement. It was all much easier before. Not an improvement, needs rethinking
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