Six Flags

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Six Flags Entertainment Corporation
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Six Flags

4.62 out of 5
164.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Florida Rowells
Florida family having fun
We suffered through hurricane Michael. Now at the end of the summer we are just about to have our home rebuilt and have our lives back. We bought platinum memberships to six flags and came here for an end of the summer fun before school starts family vacation. Six flags has been awesome. We got the platinum flash pass and the experience was improved 10 fold by having that added feature. It’s like having a park super power to skip all the lines and just say let’s go do that then go do it. Thank you six flags for letting us unwind and forget about the mess at home for a little while!!! We will definitely be back...
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1 year ago, Erik424
Not an intuitive app
I was using the app to find my way around as I had not been to the park in a decade. I wanted to try the new Wonder Woman ride, but could not find it in the map. I typed the ride into the app and it appeared, but there was no way to “find on map” or guide me to it. I scoured the map while waiting in line for Full Throttle and could not find it. After Full Throttle, I decided to wing it to try to find it. Luckily, it was right next to Batman. I thought “wait a minute, I looked here on the map”. I opened the map and sure enough, the map was still showing Green Lantern. It had not been updated since the Wonder Woman ride came out in July 2022. It is almost March 2023. I also tried West Coast which read “5 minute wait”. It said this the entire 70 minutes I waited in line for it. So one, this map is not updated with the correct rides which is ironic because I could not get a paper map either. If you’re not going to update your map on the app, at least offer a map? Common sense maybe? Also, when I scanned in with my Gold Pass at the gate I was told not to use the app and to use a newly printed card. It seems like the app is not cared for in any way. Also, funnily enough, on the way out I saw a couple struggling to find the entrance huddling over their phone using the map in the app. Six Flags Magic Mountain was really fun, but this is a review of the APP.
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3 years ago, Starving in Surprise?
Can’t wait until another water park opens in W. Valley
This place is a joke. . I understand being over crowded because there is no competition for the park to compete with. You can’t order chicken nuggets on the app because of a shortage. The park WiFi is terrible without them having their own WiFi for guests so the app is super slow to non existent. When ordering other food the time slots fill up too fast. Customer service is a joke. Good luck getting a hold of someone over the phone. I had issues with my membership post Pndemic which I kept paying even though there was an option to put on hold. My fault for thinking that they would be able to compensate you for being a good patron. This place needs a reality check which will hopefully come once the new lark opens by WestGate. I was excited when they did an in park survey so that I could give them some constructive criticism instead posting on a site like this. Unfortunately the survey was very controlled with just trying to find their demographic without asking for feedback or comments. This place knows it’s a joke and that we in the west valley are trapped. If you can wait until next year when the other park opens. Do it. Oh yeah, one more thing, they make you rent tubes instead of providing enough park tubes to service their customers. Terrible!!!
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10 months ago, E Chow
Not good
Six Flags encourages people to use their app’s meal ordering function. However it doesn’t reliably prevent you from ordering items from restaurants that are closed! We ordered lunch only to find out 30 minutes later the restaurant wasn’t even open. Worse yet they charged the meal even though we never got anything. Guest relations was completely unhelpful so now we’re hoping the credit card company will cancel the charge. The app also didn’t recognize our day pass had at least one meal credit, which we could only activate in person with a cashier. As far as rides go, the status of rides being open or temporarily closed was not very accurate on the app. Nor did the stated wait times match what was on the TV monitors in the park. These experiences are related to the Los Angeles area Six Flags so maybe that park is just poorly run. Finally the map function is helpful for telling you where you are at the moment although the navigation feature was not intuitive. An old fashioned paper map would have worked just as well but they don’t seem to have those around anymore.
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2 years ago, Ironarmani
Horrible Customer Experience
Why won’t Six Flags honor its Diamond Elite Member benefit to purchase The Membership Flash Passes @ 50% off at anytime during their membership? A customer doesn’t know if they are going to need it until they actually go to the park and personally experience the 2 hour long lines for each ride. Last time I visited the park I only was able to go on 2 rides due to the long lines. Only allowing it at initial membership purchase is bad business. This practice has led to a dissatisfied customer. Why should I even bother visiting this park? I will be going a lot less than I would have visited if I were allowed to purchase the 50% off flash Pass membership. Magic Mountain corporate this means lower revenue for you. You will lose 10 times as much money as you would have were you to allow this purchase. Now I’ll visit 3 times vs 12 times during 2022 each visit is at least a $200 spend. $2400 for 12 visits $2150 with the flash Pass membership discount. Instead you may get $300 from me across the 3 visits. Do the math with your current policy you lose big time.
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3 years ago, Amandapandawhoa
App is garbage
A friend bought her ticket for one day and had all time slots open, I have a platinum member pass and no time slots were available for the exact same day. We did this at the same time so it’s very hard to believe the entire day sold old within one minute. So annual members don’t get the same days and time slots as someone who is just purchasing a one day ticket on the spot. Weird how these “benefits” are working. Also when you go to make a reservation it’s beyond glitchy half my page disappeared when I was trying to make the useless 4:15 time slot? (The first time buyer got 11:15 am ) made me type in my membership number about 5 times even tho I am fully logged into the app. Ive tried, multiple times, to speak to an actual human about the issues and can’t get through to anyone it had me waiting then the page froze and logged me out. You just get transferred to multiple robots that don’t answer your questions at all. I’ve had nothing but problems with this and regret buying this membership, not worth it at all.
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Not good
Do not download this app. It was very confusing and not high quality. I wanted to see the different food options at six flags, but when I opened the app it would only let me order food. I didn’t want to order food, I wanted to look at menus. However, this was not the confusing part. When I clicked on the order food button to try to look at the menus it gave me a bunch of restaurants. This was confusing and disorienting to me. It also wanted me to pick a time for when I would get the food. This was also confusing and disorienting. I feel as though the app was only made for a map. When I tried to use the map and look at the different rides, I did not get a description of the rides or good pictures. Plus, when I wanted to look at the gift shops, it wouldn’t tell me what the gift shops sold. This was upsetting, as I feel unprepared for my visit to six flags later this week. I am very disappointed in this app and it’s lack of helpful features. Do not download, just go to six flags and be unprepared.
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2 years ago, Charitydale
Benefits with our ultimate season pass
We have had major problems with the preferred parking, both at six flags and hurricane harbor . Also at hurricane harbor it would not let us reserve a seating area and the web site says it’s 1st come first serve. We get it and they still turn us away and there is no one sitting there. When we go to guest services at six flags and hurricane harbor it is more of the same. They don’t know what to do and how to fix it. Took 3 people at 6 flags and when I got home I find that they have deleted all our passes from the app and I had to reinstall everything. We have been supporters of 6 flags and hurricane harbor got a lot of years but this year is the pits. No one seems to know what is going on and keep passing you off to someone else who seems to know even less. This includes the managers. I hope you can get it fixed before you lose business.
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5 years ago, MamaJDon
Good but no way to check -in for rides at Darien Lake
We just got memberships, when asking at the guest services about how to earn rewards for rides I was met with “uhh, I don’t know really”. Basically told me we only earn when they scan out membership when we walk in, and that’s it. I know Darien is a newer addition to six flags, but if it’s going to be under that name, then maybe you should work to improve guest experience to be more in line with the remainder of Six Flags parks. I don’t see an interactive map, just the regular one. I would love to be able to earn all of the rewards for rides we go on. Maybe I can update this review, if anything changes in the future. Looking forward to the mobile food ordering, because yesterday’s counter experience was underwhelming. One person working at a stand on a busy, scorching Saturday. But overall, it’s a decent app that allows me to have all of our memberships in one place.
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3 years ago, Disgrunttled
Worst day ever
I was excited for our first family outing to Hurricane Harbor, Jackson Nj since restrictions were lifted. My kids brought friends and we got to the park early. It went downhill from there. We are members snd the day before we tried to add our meal plans and it wouldn’t let us. We decide to do it at the park. First off we couldn’t get and season drink cups because they were sold out. Then when we went to member services we were told we couldn’t add the meal plans to our membership. They referred us to a number to call which referred us to the website which has been down almost all day. The other option was to cancel our membership, start all over and add the meal plans but they wouldn’t go into effect for the day. Which left us no option. To top it all off 1/2 of the rides were closed due to nit enough staffing. As someone who has paid all through covid monthly I’m extremely frustrated and disappointed with the service at this establishment.
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1 year ago, L&N’s Papa Mike
First time here in two years, all of which I have been paying for a Diamond membership. When I arrived at noon, Hurricane Harbor Valencia priority line was closed already and I was stuck behind a large group getting passes. When I went to Magic Mountain at 2:00pm, there also were no priority lines. One of the best benefits of priority entrance is (would be) midday when it gets crowded. It’s simple to do, just keep one priority line open all day and feed someone (one customer/group at a time) from the regular entrance line next to it when no one is in the priority entrance line. That way I always have priority entrance (as is implied in the marketing) but you don’t “waste” an entrance if no one is using the priority entrance. If it is properly signed and fenced as when it is currently open. And then my comment would be, “great, the lines were long and I was able to get in quickly because I have priority entrance. Glad I purchased a pass with that benefit!”.
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2 years ago, melahalan
You guys at the sixflags headquarters should really work on adding a tab in app to make payments directly from the app to your servers, doing all the transactions online on the website is really not safe. We are finding people calling us from different agencies trying to ask for payments telling us where we live and stuff, pretty much they got hold of all the information we in-trusted in your servers, as far as I know I’ve kept up with all the payments and there are bank statements that prove that. Luckily they don’t have any debit or credit card information but as this has happened more often, is starting to be of concern to us, and feel that this is something that should be looked into, so that all your guests can feel safe and know that their information is in good and safe hands.
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5 years ago, arroyo1390
Little disappointed
Went to New England six flags for the first time yesterday and have to say I wasn’t to much pleased with a few things. A few of the rides that I had wanted to go on which was a main reason for going were closed, when riding food it took an hour for me to get a burger and fries and once I did get to place my order they really weren’t organized with handing the food out in order. The customers had to hand their recipes to the workers and ask them for their food and if we didn’t we stood there lost with no direction. Also when ordering fried dough I asked for light powder and I ended up getting more then looked like cane on it if I would have just asked for it on normally. As this will not keep me from the park I found it a little disappointing for my first experience at the New England park.
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1 year ago, Leyphan75
Almost Useless App
The two main uses I want from a theme park app are to see wait times and to have a map of the park. Neither of these function well on this app. The map was oriented upside down, blacked out if I tried to interact with it, and just generally confusing. Many of the rides didn’t show wait times at all, but those that did were inaccurate. For example, the app showed a 20 minute wait for Superman, but we were in line for about 75 minutes. The only other thing we tried to do with the app was order food, but it wasn’t accepting any orders at the time. This was mostly frustrating because the stand we were going to order from said they were only doing mobile orders. This was our experience at Six Flags over Georgia.
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2 years ago, i live funmaite
Six flags a good place to go with your friend and family it’s various rides + for the young ones . Six flags is also very good when some of the employees well most . On the other hand you go to the boat with a pretty outfit it’s done for you 😂😂😂. I wouldn’t wear nothing white or that turn see thru when its wet . Only few kids can get lost at SixFlags and six flags members help them find there parents before they leave ! I’d Pefer season pass ! It’s affordable for some family’s . I only get season pass because I don’t go to six flags evrey week . It’s an all year around pass . So if your looking for places six flags is that spot to go but don’t stay to late ! The driving lines are longggggg 😘.
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1 year ago, ItsMumuPlayz
Six Flags App
I really like this six flags app. It keeps me updated on all of the new things and discounts, it shows me where to go so i can get to places, it shows the wait lines, the schedules, and its just a fun place to be at. Also with this app, i linked my gold membership card to it and a couple of others so if i ever lose my card, I always have it on my phone so i can get in whenever. This app shows all of the buildings and rides listed so i know where they are and what turns i need to take. I have always enjoyed this six flags app and I will continue to use it for a very long time.
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4 years ago, Teeshan&Cody
This is really worth it. We have the Diamond membership and we get a snack a lunch and a dinner. The only way to get the second meal is to wait three hours after receiving your first meal. Paying $40 for two diamond memberships and have gone two days this far and it has already paid it self off. The diamond elite (which is one membership higher than the diamond membership, and the one we currently have) is only good if you’re purchasing souvenirs and/or trinkets because that Membership gives you up to 50% off of store purchases. The average discount is 35% off though.
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4 years ago, YoloPrincess44
Not user friendly
You can tell Six Flags is a big company who is TRYING to keep up with the times-making an app for the park. However, the design is not user friendly. Also, a peeve of mine with this app is that I am a seasons pass holder so it updates in my app that I have a seasons pass. When I need to reserve a time that I’ll be visiting (because of covid protocols) the app brings you back to the Internet, you can’t make it through the app. The reservations don’t automatically get your info from the app, so you have to do everything from scratch, including entering the long seasons pass number (which is inconvenient when the card is not on me). It’s somewhat informational, but they should really invest more into designing this to be user friendly.
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3 years ago, Tyui of Waifuism
App review not park review
The app is mediocre at best. You can’t look at FULL menus, only some items, for the different eateries offered at your park. The maps are either going to be interactive or not, depends on how long your park has been in the six flags franchise, the ride times are almost always grossly inaccurate, I’ve walked into rides with a supposed minimum wait of 55 minutes. If the device you used isn’t to the size they did when designing it, some icons and buttons are inaccessible. In short while some of the features do work, and some don’t, most of the variables are a by park issue. My home park has minimal issues for the park specific features, but my iPhone SE does make me have issues with UI scaling
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3 years ago, BLacK-HaRTz
No covid policies no mask requirements
At the CA discovery kingdom This app was worthless and didn't work right. Map was not accurate and gave wrong directions where it was closed at some areas. Lots of attentions closed that wasn't on the app. Hard to find those "tall souvenir drinks" filled with coke and had to walk all over the park to find food or drinks. No security. No covid restrictions, everyone not wearing a mask and their website shows they are abiding by cdc restrictions.. I sent a complaint to six flags and they responded with "our website shows we are allowing anyone without a mask and who are vaccinated. We are not liable if you catch the covid virus at our parks since it's your discretion to visit the park, " I wouldn't go here at all and I'm filing complaints everywhere as much as I can ! Like everyone said , "app is garbage" and it truly is!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, merob1'
Buggy app
I like the park, no issues with the park. But as a Six Flags membership pass holder, I have a couple of issues with the app. Namely when trying to access my benefits. Every time I try to open “My Rewards & Coupons” under My Six Flags, the entire app shuts down. I can’t access it from the app, haven’t been able to for months. Also, while I have all of these Member Points, I have zero clue how to redeem them, and the app does not provide any reasonably accessible instructions on how to do so. And lastly, when I go to make reservations to the park, even though I’m logged in to the app I still have to manually enter the entire membership pass number which is a dumb amount of digits, at least 20. The app could use some work.
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8 months ago, bobbyhsg
Terrible update
I’ve been a season pass holder for magic mountain for over 3 years. I love the park and understand basic business. This new app update has been terrible. I use to find the app useful but since the update it’s been nothing but a pain. First of all it’s not intuitive at all, I go twice a week and still am not used to the new update. Secondly the rude wait times are not accurate at all and I don’t understand why, before the update they were pretty accurate. Mobile ordering is now a joke, I had to wait an hour and a half, and there’s no way I see to know whether a resturaunt is open or not. Also, when I first updated the app it lost my pass and I had to deal with membership services for 30 minutes. On behalf of all of us, PLEASE SWITCH THE OLD APP
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3 years ago, cmurbanski76
What’s wrong with this app?????
I have been using this app for over two years now and lately it has been impossible to use. I have uninstalled and reinstalled thinking that maybe it would reset the app but nope. Now I can’t even add my membership cards on the app to use in the park or use mobile ordering. It keeps telling me that I cannot use the cards because they are not correct. Yet these are the cards I got from Six Flags. Not quite sure what’s going on but I hope it gets resolved soon!!!!
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2 years ago, Piggiechow
Arlington SF
Man, after hearing people talk up SF for YEARS I was excited to finally go. I’m from up north and usually visit Cedar Point. We went for the first time to SF today and had a horrible time. Half of the rides were closed down and the app was awful about keeping you updated. Walk all the way from one side of the park to the other to get on a ride that the app says is open when it’s actually closed down. The app is unreliable for everything, wait times, ordering food, etc. It’s really only useful for finding restrooms. I won’t be coming back for a long time. Especially in the summer considering there’s barely anything there that is indoors. 50% of the park is just carnival games you have to pay an additional price for. Overall I just don’t understand the hype.
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1 year ago, Long 008
Nothing but problems no way!
It's frustrating I'm a good paying patron. I live in southern California. I just recently moved here Magic Mountain about 10 minutes away. I lived about 30 minutes away for the last 27 years and I've always had a pass in the last four years. I've had multiple problems related to my online passes I've been invested hours in time talking to customer service, who seems unwilling to help or unknowledgeable, it's very difficult to get a hold of anybody they don't willingly post, their phone numbers and the online chat is absolutely horrible. It disconnected me and then made me start over wasting even more of my time, and I was not allowed admission to the park the last time I went with my two young children for this reason.
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3 years ago, six flags member 2021
Map is difficult to use
It great to have a our family members’ passes on one app and not have to carry our cards. The map falls short though, in that landmarks are not labeled. You can select to show restaurants, rides, etc, but they are represented by icons so you have to tap each one to find the destination you’re searching for. Also it would be great if the map could be interactive/real time while in the park so you can actually see where you are located. The app also should have a link to the member portal where you can reserve parking (I don’t know why this needs to be on a separate site from all other six flags info). This would make the app a more comprehensive tool for visitors to the park.
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3 years ago, Rmclean177
Unethical Business Practices!
Do not buy tickets!! You are not allowed to reserve a time to go prior to purchasing tickets. Once you purchase the non-refundable tickets (They are very clear on this), you can then check for a reservation. However, not a single reservation time is available. Not ONE!! They are selling non-refundable tickets to people who cannot use the tickets. There is no way to contact them in advance to see if reservations are available. There is no place on the website that says they are currently sold out. They have no customer service number. It’s posted on the website and in the app, but it’s 100% automated. No human interaction. No way to contact anyone about this unethical behavior. As this affects children of all ages, I find this even more sad.
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7 months ago, Zaxstar Kaijein
Good rides, difficulty with food and drinks
Tried getting in line for something that said it was “accepting mobile orders”. I was told after waiting in line and making the order at the counter that I had to make it on the app. Meals are nearly 20$ and fries are 8$ on top of that. Drinks are ridiculous as well for 5$, given the chance to suffer hypothermia or have a heat stroke. Same thing happened to my brother once at another park, where he fainted onto our mom, and the people who were running the food/drink stand said it “wasn’t their job to help.” Thankfully staff ran up soon after and got him somewhere cool and helped him feel better.
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5 years ago, mbbrock
Food service represents need some customer service training
My experience at Six Flags White Water was less than desirable but only because of the food service representatives. I will not go into great detail because I did go to guest services and discuss my concerns with the representative. My suggestions are to have just some kiosks for DRINKS ONLY, designated cue lines for all restaurants, an ordering system that helps the food service employees deliver food to the customers in the order that they were in line. There is apparently NO system in place now to fill customer orders. If Six Flags White Water will fix their food service problems, they will create a much nicer experience for their customers.
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1 year ago, Fusionbomb1247
New Update June 2023!!
Yo!!! The new update fixed almost all these losers problems in the reviews. Some complain about the time, we’ll that’s likely not changing. But if you’re wanting things such as map fix, wish no more. They finally added Wonder-woman courage of flight, not just that, they gave the map an entire new design. It almost felt like getting a new map on Fortnite. The app now shows prices of variety of food… it’s less complex now. Nice job app developers!!
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2 years ago, Sprouts Seeding LLC
This app is very glitchy. It stalls out and you have to continuously reload it. Because of this, I ended up purchasing extra tickets that they won’t refund. Purchase attempt 1: add tickets, stall out and reload. Purchase attempt 2: cart empty, add tickets, stall out and reload. Purchase attempt 3: cart empty, add tickets, make purchase only to notice at the summary screen that my order was doubled… Contacted support through the application, chat stalls out and disconnects. Took four attempts to complete my request only to have the agent say they submitted a request but didn’t think my double order would be refunded. The tickets I purchased on the computer will not load in my app profile either… All around, bad initial experience with the app.
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3 years ago, Alex Sabry
I’ve been to six flags for almost my entire life and i’ve never experienced what has happened today. Ever since covid started we had to make reservations to able to get in, there was no events or anything, today took a twist, we made reservations for today and were very excited, we drove 3 hours and those 3 hours were excitements, when we arrived it said that there was a event going on to ride the rides, we said we payed for it and still didn’t let us in, honestly i don’t know why they didn’t let us in but we’ve cleared so much on our days just to come and enjoy today. We’re still waiting for our money back. I hope this never happens again because honestly this is unbelievable.
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1 year ago, sfga spholder
Meal pass
They really screwed the park goers. First, they dropped the meal pass all together. Then the brilliant minds brought it back late September by DOUBLING the price, not including a drink cup(which they had the balls to charge $40 for the all-season), they took away the snack that was always included, and they make you wait 3 hours between meals. Can’t tell you how many times you will get screwed when you come to the park and they close for bad weather/LOW ATTENDANCE and you can’t get your second meal because you haven’t reached the 3 hour mark. Why is it when you enter the park NO RESTAURANT IS READY FOR BUSINESS. You can’t get food for at least 1/2 to 45 minutes from when the park opens. THIS HAS BEEN THE WORST SEASON FOR SIX FLAGS AND IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE IT IS GOING TO GET BETTER ANY TIME SOON.
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2 months ago, Bigaldiv0569
Worst app ever
I mean the title speaks for itself. Let’s start with ride times which half the time the app doesn’t show if rides are open at all. Then one of the worst parts is ordering food. If you ever been to six flags you know they have some of the worst times ever. On average on a slow day your going to wait almost an hour and the worst part if you actually wait in the regular line it’s actually faster than using the app to order your food. I get it this isn’t Disneyland but when they say why is six flags losing guest their are so many reasons why and it’s going to end being free to get people to come into the park. It’s great when the park opens at 10:30am everything else opens an hour to two hours later.
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3 years ago, BKSheridan10
Rides closed
Once again as an annual membership owner we arrive for a day at the park and most of the most popular rides were closed! There needs to be announcements being made to let visitors know before they decide to take a trip which rides are closed and why! Also restaurants that are online only before standing in line to be told after waiting they are only taking online orders… we have diamond elite memberships and didnt cancel during Covid. Feel there needs to be better communication and service to all visitors but more so to those who keep and pay for membership.
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3 years ago, Steevie Kicks
I opened the app when I got to the park and it asked me to rate it. Glad I didn’t and waited until the end of the day. Wait times for rides were off all day-some longer some shorter, food ordering and pickup was a nightmare-pickup time availability constantly changing causing me to have to reorder, received notifications that food was ready after pickup time, buying add-ons to season pass-it doesn’t automatically add to app (worker in park took my phone behind the counter of food establishment, out of my sight, bc only they can add apparently), open dining locations were not up to date. Biggest issue was phone service availability in the park, that’s not an app issue but makes USING the app an issue. FIX THE ISSUES SIX FLAGS
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5 years ago, KevtheWiz
Kevin Review
I like the app but I did notice that there are two issues with it. When checking in for rides for the rewards some of them don’t even work. Like I’ll be right at the gate for the ride and can’t check in. The other thing that I noticed is it’s really hard to find out how to reserve parking. This is on the app and even on the website. It took me like 15 minutes to find the reservation button. Other people reported the same issue. Other than that, great app!
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3 years ago, FromBenjamin
Almost worthless
Despite having decent cell signal, the app map took forever to update with any change to the map. Zoom out a touch? …time to reload… wait five minutes! Move the map to the right a smidge? …time to reload… wait five minutes! The wait times for the rides never refreshed unless I closed the app and reopened it. I wasn’t able to “Enable” my dining pass, so I couldn’t order anything ahead. We spent more than half of our time in the park just trying to stay hydrated! 45-60 minutes to get our “all you can drink” cup refilled. No plans to return to the park (or any Six Flags) or use this app ever again. Deleting it.
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9 months ago, If hes Toph I am Sli
Miss the old app
The new app has a few things about it that were not issues before. First, if you have a pass with coupons, it will appear as though the same coupon is on there many times but AFTER opening the coupon you will find that they have occasionally have each site separated out. Would be easier on the user if the site was in the header and/or we could filter the coupons by the park. The biggest challenge I’ve had with the app is searching park and event hours out into the future.
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10 months ago, Gryfflen
Liked the old one better
New one has better graphics but maneuvering the app is hard and clunky. I think there was an attempt to simplify but failed terrible. Have taken away options. I just ordered my food to pick up but it didn’t give me a time frame to when I pick it up. Didn’t give me an option to order ahead. Maybe it was there and I missed it but old app was easier to select. Also the map is harder to use but when you search for something and use the walking map, that part is better. But to just use the map and try to walk around doesn’t work well.
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2 years ago, heindke
Terrible app-do not mobile order
Mobile food ordering experience was useless and confusing for everyone. You order ahead using mobile and it say your food is preparing we will let you know once it’s ready. Well it stays that way forever until you go up to the pickup window and then they get your premade food and give it to you. The pickup window is just as long as the other lines if not longer. If you stay there waiting for you’re food to say ready you will wait forever. Everyone was confused and led to a huge disaster. Mobile developers should make a way to at least notify the users of what to do and not have it stay stating incorrect info.
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5 years ago, MomOf2Onthespectrum
Not working
The app is not letting members login. There’s an error scanning a pass or doing order lookup. Members will not be able to earn points because of this. This is one of the busiest weekends at Six Flags because of the Memorial Day Holiday and no one will be able to earn points which is unacceptable. What happens if you forget or lose your lanyard with pass, you can’t scan passes on phone!?! Then you have to have to go through the hassle of going to member services to get a new one.
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4 weeks ago, chrisalan9
Poor performance
App is too glitchy and has trouble loading Passholder benefits most of time. Map is also very slow and throws up errors when trying to get directions. Staff is not trained to process mobile food orders. App never tells you your food is ready. You have to go to mobile pick up window and wave someone down. They refused to open window at food place with boneless wings at White Water Atlanta. New computer system is slow and has too many glitches. Six Flags really should have tested the new system before and staff in maroon shirts: Nylah and Maddy were just standing around at the front gate not helping the 2 employees working the ticket counter. I asked Nylah to speak to park management and she only said she would relay a message. Seemed like it took 10 minutes per customer. My son and his friend waited 45 minutes to get a discounted buddy ticket. I tried to purchase online (not in app) and there was no option to purchase. Six Flags has got to do better with service and prices or face the consequences in this economy.
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3 years ago, xenabear845
Surprisingly buggy for such a big company
The app for six flags is generally a good app with lots of helpful info about the parks and rides and attractions, but for my device (iPhone 12 pro) it has been troublesome in the some aspects. I made sure my location is set to “always” allow and all the right settings seem to be set but the app won’t let me see pertinent ride info, claiming that I am “too far away” from any said ride to access better detail. This is while I am physically standing on line. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownloading, force closing it and re opening it, and even attempted sacrificing a lamb but to no avail
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3 years ago, tyjl8
I love Six Flags and have had a season pass since 2015. That being said, I thought it was unbelievable how bad their customer service was. I tried to simply add my gold plus membership to my six flags app. I entered the CORRECT information and it said error. When I tried to call guest services, it sent me to Coaster Bot which was no help what so ever and did not know any answers to any questions. It sent me to a call with a real person which was never picked up by Six Flags. When I called the Guest Relations phone number, and pressed “1” to talk to Customer Relations, it told me to check the website which I previously did and it showed nothing. Just wasted 2 and a half hours.
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3 years ago, Emleecam
Horrible access to “benefits” of membership
This place really wants to prevent you from actually using the benefits that you pay for with your membership. I have been trying for 30 mins to reserve a “preferred parking” spot that supposedly is included with my membership for every visit (and they specify “reservations required”); you are then led to the web site which has nothing on parking and nowhere to reserve this mythical parking spot. If you drive there and try to park in the preferred lot, you’re denied due to not having reservations, which you can’t make. If you try to call the park, you can’t get a human being on the phone and there is nothing related to parking in the robo menu.
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7 months ago, Milkman027
Nice, but wait times are very inaccurate
Got the app for our trip to Magic Mountain. It was convenient for the map and directions to some rides. However, the wait times were wildly inaccurate. Half the rides like X2 and Tatsu showed 1min wait times when they were 1-2 hr waits. Other ride wait times displayed were also inaccurate. I had to cross check wait times between multiple websites. Additionally, the map doesn’t have any labels on the rides. The map should show the ride names without having to hunt through 40 icons.
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4 months ago, tC Benz
Unable to add to Apple Wallet
In the past, when the option was available, the option to add my pass to Apple wallet was an option and it worked. Now that I’m trying to add the passes to my family members Apple wallet, it will not work as the option to add it will not display! I even tried it on mine again after making sure everything was up to date and I still am unable to add the passes on neither mine nor my other family members Apple wallet. I don’t know what happened but this extremely handy feature is not an option at this time, please correct this and I will be able to update to 5 stars again.
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3 months ago, Jessamine77
Devs need to do some work
First off none of us could add the pass to our Apple wallet. That was 4 different iPhone users unable to add to our wallet. Secondly when I wanted to upgrade/purchase the dining pass, it opens a new window with the only option to purchase VIP experience. No option for a dining pass. Why can’t we have the wait times for the rides on the ride tiles? Instead we have to click on passes and the flash pass to see current ride wait times. I’m sure that was intentional so people will be more likely to purchase a fast pass but why not have it on both?
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3 years ago, mvmoore1968
So many attractions were closed!
I was at White Water on Memorial Day and there were so many attractions closed including the little hooch. I brought me grandkids a week later and at the activity pool there eight sides and only one was open and the Little Hooch was still closed! My grandkids are 6, 7 and 9 and we played at Skull Island when we first got here, we went to ride some water slides and Skull Island was closed! This is the first time my grandkids have been to White Water and there is not much they can do, so they were very disappointed that Skull Island was closed! Needless to say, although they did have fun, it was very disappointing that so many attractions were closed! DO BETTER!!!
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