Skechers: Shop Shoes & Clothes

4.8 (10.7K)
41.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Skechers USA, Inc
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Skechers: Shop Shoes & Clothes

4.77 out of 5
10.7K Ratings
4 years ago, home sweet home 2018
Love my shoes
I needed a pair of shoes for my vacation. And I needed them now. I ordered online and picked them up in store. I was going to Vegas and I needed a good pair I read the reviews I decided on trying a pair!!! I have a hip problem and back problems. I am so happy that this is my only shoe I will buy!!! I can’t say enough. I enjoyed my vacation and I could walk around Thanks !!!!
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12 months ago, aska0123z
Ridiculous payment problems
The worst app and web site ever! I wanted to place an order but they didn’t accept my card. Wait, no, FOUR different cards! Just to be clear: all the cards work perfectly everywhere online (except Skechers app and website), all the information was provided by me 100% correctly, I rechecked it million times but it never worked. So I reached the customer service and you know what they offered me in the 21th century? They offered to place an order by phone! They didn’t try to figure out what the details of the problem so they would be able to fix it in future (because the problem is obviously on their side), they just didn’t care at all. And the cherry on the top of the cake: they told me to call to some other company (Zappos) to place my order by phone! But Zappos doesn't even have a half of all items I wanted to buy! And (for sure!) their prices are higher and they don’t provide Sketchers’ promos and discounts, so my order (if I was ever able to make one) would be at least 20% more expensive. Such a great quality of products but such a poor technical part and customer service!
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4 years ago, Smtcookie
Don’t use this app not accountability or service
Go to Zappos to get sketchers. I only tried this twice but it has been a nightmare. The first time I needed to exchange for a larger size. They said to do that you have to buy a second pair and send back first. Only there is no method of getting the return shipping label off the app to be printed. (Tried forwarding to email to print). The second pair that I ordered came as the actually wrong shoe in every way. It was a total mis pick from their shipping department. So I have a pair of shoes that I have no record of buying since they were wrongly sent to me. When I tried to contact customer service and sent pictures of the received shoes that are in no way a match to the documentation, they offered no replacement or way to return the wrong shoes. I am on my way to sketchers store an hour away, fingers crossed they can sort this nightmare created by the app out!!
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4 years ago, sklogan92
Impossible to order from app/website
The navigation of the app and the products are SO NICE, but there are so many bugs when it comes to checking out that it makes it impossible to actually purchase from the company. I get “transaction failed” messages every time I try to place an order despite my cards being in working order/not expired, plus it takes my rewards I’m trying to redeem even though the order never went through... I have tried contacting customer service multiple times and have yet to receive a response— they don’t have phone lines open due to the pandemic or else I would try calling. Just really disappointed because I am a huge fan of the shoes themselves.
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4 years ago, D Town Rider
No $10 off coupon
The Email I got stated $10 off if you purchase through the Skechers app.I downloaded the app and proceeded to look for the $10 off coupon that was supposed to be in the offers section of the app. To my surprise there was no offer section in the app. The app itself was kind of buggy. There was a statement on the app saying that there will be a update to the app soon. So I am guessing that a lot of people downloaded the app received a $10 off coupon and proceeded to use it. There were probably so many people that downloaded the app that Skechers deleted the $10 coupon off of the app. I kinda wanted a pair of sandals. Oh deleted til they fix it!
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4 years ago, Sarah Knoop
Great but needs some updates
I like having the app on my phone because it’s easier to just open it rather than getting on the website. That being said, it could definitely use some updates to be a bit more user-friendly, like the website. The app doesn’t have the option to view out-of-stock items, whereas you can see them on the website, and well as save them to a wishlist and have them email you when your size is back in stock. Otherwise, it’s been very useful.
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2 years ago, Hein Vy
App issues
Sketches app should be fixed. I missed some good deals because of the app issues. I added some shoes in the card, but when i went to check out, there was completely blank and nothing in the card although the shopping card icon showed 3 items. I went to my wishlist, and it was also completely blank. I have been having this problems many times with my previous old iPhone and iPhone 13. My ios is up to date version as well as the sketchers app.
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3 years ago, Nana Speakman
We love Skechers shoes. We mostly wear Skechers, however no matter how many times we try, it tells us the “rewards amount has been applied at checkout” and then it doesn’t deduct the amount. I spent about an hour on the phone today with customer service only to NOT apply the amount on two different attempts ordering (first order was cancelled by customer services) only for it to NOT be applied a second time!!! Paid for shoes in full when I should have been able to deduct $35. I don’t think their rewards program works! FED UP IN KENTUCKY
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3 years ago, AZ_Doc
Great app. Could use iPasOS version landscape mode
Great app but for those who shop using an iPad in landscape mode (I would guess almost everyone) it would be easier if the app would open in landscape mode instead of turning a large iPad into a large iPhone and navigating with one hand while the other is holding up the iPad. Maybe they can ask Apple for assistance on what changes are needed to create an additional iPadOS version. Thanks
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12 months ago, FoxOnTheRun7
Terrible app. It’s very difficult to search for anything without being interrupted by security settings set up within the app itself. At least on the website (when I haven’t even finished typing, mind you)I don’t have to hold my finger down on a bar to prove I’m not a bot while trying to search for something; which I am then told doesn’t exist in the app and I know for certain that there’s plenty in stock on the website. Do you really expect me to believe you have NO shoes available on this app?
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4 years ago, you are faking
Bobs For Dogs
Love all of my Skechers, my husband loves all of his, but my Bobs For Dogs are my absolute favorites! Can’t get enough of those with a dogs face on them, just ordered the pink ones with a cats face on them and am looking forward to getting them! (Don’t tell my dogs! 😉) I really appreciate all of the cloth/canvas and man-made materials Skechers uses to make their shoes! Keep it up SKECHERS!
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4 years ago, hellkitty69
Sketchers site
I have been a long time Sketchers customer, user but I’ve never bought them at the actual site, only at shoe stores. The site had cheaper prices and I git a 25% discount on my first purchase! And shipping was free!! Definitely purchasing from the site again!!
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5 years ago, PollyHammond28
High Tops for Women
Why can’t we have some ankle support with bringing high top shoes back? I have looked everywhere and I have not found what I am looking for. Please Skechers make us women some nice white high tops that have great ankle support and a memory foam foot bed! Just White like back in the 80’s. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Gecryan
I feel like some sketchy sketchers practices are going on
Prices in sketchers App are higher than in stores…for the same shoe… including Amazonia, but you get emails every day for 25% off that makes it close to the same. Did I mention EVERY DAY with the emails? Why not just have a comparable price to start with? Instead of messing with promo codes? Have a slogan “Buy them from our app for the same price we sell them to the big box store” Rarely they have the shoes I want in the size I need to wear. Always out of stock or not available. But when they do they fit correctly. Unlike Amazonia who has sketchers shoes that are too wide and loose. App works well when I use it.
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4 years ago, Phillippians448
I love them, trying to find nice looking shoes, with comfort this is awesome. Very lite not like years ago, too heavy. Great for person like myself who just had knee surgery. Likes to walk, can’t tell if you have them on so lite and comfortable. Will purchase more.
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6 years ago, NorthVAResident
App works fine
Have no problems when I purchase for myself. Sending the shoes to a different address and a different person sometimes end up in an error in the transaction, (50/50) on sending to another person as a gift.
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6 months ago, zzzz90
App keeps crashing
I’d like to use the app however it keeps crashing when I try to open it. Only way to get the app to work is to reboot my phone, then I get only one use out of the app before it gets stuck when you try to open it again. I’m running the latest version and my iPhone is running 17.2.1.
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6 years ago, carissa cichacki
App is upgraded!
After the upgrade, the app is much easier to navigate and keep up with what is on the site. Thanks for improving! Much better
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1 year ago, MrsTjD
Problems with the app
I’m having problems with the app I tap on it and it goes to the Home Screen, I’ve reinstalled it and still having problems. I have reset my phone, that isn’t the problem either. Please help with this matter. Thank you!
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4 months ago, Cindy in Gresham
Constantly getting stuck
Over the last few months, every time I’ve tried to filter, or save, the app gets stuck for very long periods of time. This is not conducive to a good shopping experience and is terribly frustrating.
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2 years ago, 🔥🤬🤯😤😝🔥
Just downloaded your App. I started searching for wide shoes. I have difficulty finding wide with Arch support shoes. I see my size in Medium with. I Tried to contact Sketchers. The app’s Help section or the home page doesn’t provide a phone number or a link. Furthermore, It also doesn’t provide whether the app credits or applies to in store purchases to my account.
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5 years ago, Lady Colonial
Amazing Shoes!
I have had three back surgeries with pins and screws, I’ve also have a screw in my right foot, and nothing is more comfortable than Skechers shoes! Thank you for making a comfortable shoe that looks cute!!
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2 years ago, Pblackhawk
App does not display the Oder tracking number
I could not find where the tracking number of my order in the App. When I login to my account via the web, it displays the tracking number at the bottom of each order.
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4 years ago, Bessy1225
Getting help
I was not able to purchase any of my shoes in my cart yesterday or today Kept saying it couldn’t take my coupon which I never had. I sent an email to customer service requesting help yesterday. I have not yet received a response. Do you know how frustrating that is for a customer. Beth Semilof
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4 years ago, P pro
This is a wonderful app, have been ordering from them for about 5 yrs, have not had a problem. Wonderful to work with. Love the shoes, like walking on air.
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5 months ago, Izzy415231
Needs an Update
A lot of the time I want to go in the app it never works. I click in the app and the Skechers Logo is there and never goes away. I wait and I still can’t get where the shoes are. The other version was better. I love buying on Skechers but the new app isn’t so great for me. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Kina626
Fast and easy
Everything is made simple enough to check out as quickly as possible....LOVE THE APP!
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1 year ago, CSL802
New Version Doesn’t Work
The app is helpful when it works, but this newest version will not stay open on my phone when I try and sign in. I have deleted and reinstalled it more than once without success.
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5 years ago, Lincolngal
First time using the app
The app is certainly easy to use but the whole idea behind getting it was so that my rewards points would automatically pop up at check out. No such luck.
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4 years ago, Walrus50
The filters function on the app works poorly compared to online. I can only pick colors from beginning of the alphabet and couldn’t find how to get more. I find the website more consistent.
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2 months ago, Dinb
Cannot use the app!!!
I downloaded the app and all I get is “could not connect to server” so I can’t use the app. I have great service where I live and great WIFI and still cannot use the app. It won’t allow me to connect. I tried deleting and re adding the app and still get the same issue :(
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4 years ago, xxbeach123
Could not use my credit card
The app would not allowed me to use my credit card with an expiration date of 07/23. I had to use another credit card with 12/23 as the expiration date. Also I did not get my $10 discount for a first time user of the app.
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5 years ago, skechnes
Eli May
I wouldn’t wear anything else. .Ive got at least 15 pairs .i have 2 pair on their way to me. Every time I get them it feels like Christmas. Happy shopping👍Skechgirl
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4 years ago, Abigailisrandom/Daddy O
Problems ordering
My one card would not work then I would have to email someone? I just used another card!!!!
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8 months ago, Savannah Grdn
Automatically scroll
When I am browsing through a category the app automatically scrolls me back to the top of page.
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4 years ago, oks2101
Don’t like
Every time when I pick the shoes to watch details about it and go back to see others the app asks me to sign in ... that’s so weird to identify every time I wanna go back on the page I was one step before. Please, fix it, impossible to use the app. Thank you.
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11 months ago, Dislike New App
what is this with bot on your app? I’ve never had that. And I’ve had an account for several years. Put my finger on it to prove I’m not a bot that I’m human really! I don’t know what’s wrong with your app but you can’t even get in there to use it. Yeah, lose some money. Guess it might need an update.
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5 years ago, hcnv
Great shoes
I only ever buy sketchers now. No foot or back problems since I started wearing them. Have even brought their sandals too.
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2 years ago, N. Celebi
Purchase is canceled
I purchased two pairs of shoes and my payment went through. Then they canceled the other because of unavailability. Now it takes 7-10 business day to get my money back. I also don’t see any pending. Big disappointment!
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4 years ago, Dpfsf
Great merchandise
I love your products and the fit me great and they wear well. Will definitely be ordering more, next time for my wife
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6 months ago, rak21940
Trouble finding style
Want to order hands free slip-ins for men! Only 10 non hands free come up. On website wide widths not available, just medium or extra-wide. Would like to place order so you can ship when it arrives
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2 years ago, SH87624
Landscape Mode?
Would be helpful if the app turned to landscape (horizontal) mode for those of us who like to browse using an iPad. It’s very hard to use when the only option is portrait mode.
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3 years ago, Mendoji
incompetent customer service
I tried multiple times to add my in store points with no avail, read their entire “help” page but nothing, contact customer service with all the details and my issue never got resolved, spent over $200 on shoes and 0 points THANKS!👍
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4 years ago, townut
Snickers. Casual shoes. Work boots
I’ve been long fan of Skechers brand. Thank you for great service and high quality made shoes. Way to go 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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4 years ago, sushiroll1
Customer service is HORRIBLE
Been waiting for over a month to hear back from them sent three different emails!! If they can’t get back to you in a timely manner it either means that the company is so bad that they can’t keep up or they just don’t care. At least I know the shoes are good.
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5 years ago, israa23ns
Coupons are not really worth it since they don’t work on the sale items!
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4 years ago, danielleCarrin
The App
It says to put in the month your card expires and it won’t let you put a 0 before the month. Just be aware. Otherwise the app is okay.
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5 years ago, Mteel
After 3 attempts I was finally able to place an order after the app crashed twice.
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3 weeks ago, 5rtt5r
Can’t Make A Purchase
Tried multiple times and have been unable to make a purchase. Tried the chat function and told no agents available. Tried email and no response.
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4 years ago, xistemidevice
Nice working shoes
This are the second pair of shoes I bought, I like the memory foam sole when I’m working my feet don’t hurt me.
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